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Best Giants Quarterbacks Ever

May 29, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 130
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Best Giants Quarterbacks Ever
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In this special installment, Drew and Rob pay homage to the iconic quarterbacks who have left an indelible mark on the New York Giants franchise. From the Super Bowl victories to the memorable moments, these quarterbacks have etched their names into Giants history.

Eli Manning, a true Giants legend. The hosts delve into his illustrious career, recounting his two Super Bowl wins, Super Bowl MVP titles, and his remarkable durability and consistency. Get ready to relive the iconic Manning moments and gain deeper insights into his impact on the Giants' success.

Phil Simms, the quarterback who led the Giants to their first Super Bowl victory. Drew and Rob discuss Simms' precision passing, leadership qualities, and his role in the Giants' rise to prominence during the 1980s.

Y.A. Tittle, whose tenure with the Giants brought excitement and success. The hosts explore Tittle's accomplishments, his Hall of Fame career, and his impact on the Giants' offense during his time with the team.

Fran Tarkenton, a dynamic and versatile player who brought a new dimension to the position. Drew and Rob discuss Tarkenton's remarkable career, his improvisational skills, and the way he revolutionized the quarterback position.

Charlie Conerly, whose leadership and consistent play propelled the team to multiple championship games. They delve into Conerly's contributions to the Giants' success and the way he earned the respect of fans and teammates alike.

Kerry Collins, the quarterback who led the Giants to Super Bowl XXXV. They analyze his role in the Giants' playoff run and his impact on the team's success during that memorable season.

Jeff Hostetler, the unsung hero who stepped up during the 1990 season and guided the Giants to a Super Bowl victory. They highlight Hostetler's clutch performances and the resilience he displayed as he filled in for an injured Phil Simms.

Also Norm Snead , Earl Morrall, Craig Morton & Kurt Warner. 

Whether you're a passionate Giants fan or an admirer of NFL history, this episode of "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" is a must-listen. Expect an engaging discussion filled with anecdotes, highlights, and lively debate as Drew and Rob celebrate the best Giants quarterbacks ever. Tune in now and join the conversation as they honor the legends who have donned the Giants' jersey!

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Music] a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax W that person driving set up and ice on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

[ __ ] fellow goofballs the two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always bye Army I arrived and let's talk about it I got five cool bees we're gonna talk about all the QBs all the cuties oh so many QBs and so guys we're gonna be starting down going through some Giants history this off season for y'all because let's be honest there's not a lot of stuff currently going on and we're never going to be that that you know podcast that likes to talk about oh well this person tied his laces yeah like so let's keep it real so we're gonna start a new series for you guys going over greatest players position did you hear this do you hear this Daniel Jones tied his shoes today oh my God breaking news I thought they had a Velcro honey over bunny ear loops so let's go over the top quarterbacks here so we're gonna give you guys the top five quarterbacks of all time to ever play for the New York Giants because let's be honest here this is a position people tend to play for quite a while with the franchise if they're good we are going to give you guys though first before we do that some of the the others yeah the honorable mention yeah I mean the people who you know maybe three doesn't make the rank or even sometimes just Legacy Hall of Fame style quarterbacks you'd have a long career with us per se but still put on a Giants uniform at some point which brings us to our very first quarterback oh my segue yes oh yes the bagging boy from il-3 [Laughter] Kurt Warner who obviously is a Hall of Famer played with us in 2004 had nine starts as a New York Giant so obviously he's nowhere near the list of greatest quarterbacks to ever play necessarily for the Giants but because of the fact that he was a Hall of Famer who did have at least a part of his career even if it was a smidge a small part so yeah let me talk to that I gotta talked about it he'll be forever known as a Ram uh you know people will talk a little bit probably about his Cardinal days in the Super Bowl as well his best years were the ramps but he did star for us and he did also help Mentor Eli Manning in his rookie campaign so you know as much as Eli grew up around NFL players because obviously his dad played in the NFL uh for for many many years uh obviously Peyton also played in the NFL for years before he started keep in mind Payton I believe is six years older than Eli I think he was drafted in 98. So yeah so he had already connections but having a Hall of Fame quarterback in the room with you your rookie year when you're learning that is so valuable so invaluable and I'll always remember myself flipping out in 2004 we took the reins from Kurt Warner and gave them to Eli because if you remember that year we were doing well enough to be in the playoff hunt the second Eli got in that was over that was over and I do still think that the Giants did that on purpose to prevent the QB controversy which obviously was the right move long term and worked out in our favor I don't think anybody is complaining about that move whatsoever now but at that time giant fans were all like well what the hell we're giving up on the season we could get in the postseason here but it was all about 2004 was all about getting Eli Manning going who of course may come up in conversation later on who knows maybe um so Kurt Warner overall like I said played played for us there at 04 played overall 98-09 was a four-time pro bowler two-time first team All-Pro one-time Super Bowl winner three-time Super Bowl starter so keep in mind he got in twice with the Rams once with the Cardinals that's a pretty impressive career he had considering how 80 started after finishing his uh career at the Piggly Wiggly remember what grocery store he was a he was a cashier Bag Boy at I forget what the story was all right fantastic next up we have a guy that we have to mention again because of his career elsewhere he was a Star-Crossed quarterback for the New York football Giants Craig Morton so all right now for those of you who are younger than even us here at that point keep in mind I'm 40 I'm not gonna give Rob's age yet but it's a few years younger than that we weren't even around we're Craig mortens so it's I wasn't even a wet dream yeah so it's it's interesting to look up the history of some of these players here so the Giants had a a time period obviously they went from like the late I said from the mid 60s right around like actually like 64 around there too early 80s where all of a sudden they were just basically for 20 years they were basic crap let's call it what it is they're basically crap and one of the things they did was they kept trying to cycle through quarterbacks and get new quarterbacks in that had a history in the NFL this is one of those guys so Craig Morton was the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys he almost won the job from Roger Staubach when they were both competing for the job so that's you know considering Roger have what three Super Bowl wins had a uh a two super one sorry and had a basically a Hall of Fame career there I mean yeah that's that's pretty good if you were keeping up with him the Giants traded away a first round pick and a second round pick to the Dallas Cowboys to get him an interdivision trade and his entire career with the Giants basically was 33 starts because you can never get everything going could never get fully healthy because he had the same type of line that Eli Manning had in his final years he had no line he had no help whatsoever and no blocking couldn't stay upright and could never get it going so he started with us he was a with the Giants from 74 to 76 in just three seasons played overall from 65 to 82. so pretty long career one time Super Bowl winner two-time Super Bowl a player after we get rid of him we trade him to the Denver Broncos which is where if this name sounds familiar to you it's probably where you know him from we get rid of him in the off season after 76 77 he becomes the UPI AFC MVP and the pfwa comeback Player of the Year and leads the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl they of course lose to the Dallas Cowboys that he used to play for that was one of the one of the Rings that the Cowboys got but yeah he goes from a crud player with us to all of a sudden an NDP caliber quarterback in the matter of one-offseason because that's just how bad the team was around him with the Giants we were crap back then let's call it what it is yeah so there's no eye in team if there's an m and e but you have to play as a unit in this uh League oh yeah so we also have next up on the list Jeff Hostetler the Haas

not to be confused but the Huff

so so Jeff Hostetler obviously didn't exactly have the most Stellar career overall with the Giants but he makes this list because of the fact that he was the starting quarterback for the New York Giants in a Super Bowl winning performance you have to give it up to the guy for that alone taking over for Sims when he gets injured finishing the job in in 1990 going to the Super Bowl on 91 and beating the bills so he played overall for the Giants 85 to 92 had 25 career starts uh was a two-time Super Bowl champ because he was obviously still in the rosters the backup in 86 as well after playing for us goes to the Raiders makes the Pro Bowl also in 1994. so again not the Hall of Fame kind of career but you gotta bring him up just for that Super Bowl win alone there's not a lot of guys who can go in when the starting quarterback gets hurt and still lead the team to a Super Bowl win that's impressive that's a thing that will always go down in giant's lore and should so next up we have Earl morale who listen I gotta be very Frank with you guys I knew the name because he was he was he was a quarterback for the Giants I didn't know the full history necessarily Earl and it's insanity if you actually look at the the whole career this man had so he played for the Giants from 65 to 67 had 21 career starts basically could not stay healthy at all see a theme going here battle offensive line yeah like a theme for the New York Giants threat basically um he played overall from 1956 to 1976.

21 years in the NFL so starts off number two overall pick in the in the NFL draft in 1956. the guy who was picked ahead of him was a punter that's how messed up the NFL was back then a punter was the number one who drafts a punter this is like a Raiders move

So within 12 months of being in the league he's traded twice including to the team that passed up on him to draft a punter then he overall he goes to the Colts as his third stop uh sorry fourth stop in the league becomes the backup to Johnny Unitas that name obviously rings a bell mostly all football fans here so he ends up starting in for the uh for the Colts in the Super Bowl against Joe Namath and the Jets so Johnny Unitas was out for the whole season because he hurt his hand he hurt his arm with some kind of football the NFL was trying out that was different and it's heavier and he hurt his arm somehow with it and he had to play for the entire season basically crushed it the Colts did Miss A Beat it's talking old school John Don Schuler Cults back in the day they don't miss a Beat and he goes in gets him in and then just poops the bed doesn't Amber Heard in the Super Bowl against Johnny Depp that's fantastic so literally he played so bad they had to get Johnny Unitas who was still not fully healthy into the game to try to pull something out that's how bad it was so then he goes and plays for the Miami Dolphins and he's a backup in 1972. does that year ring a bell for you guys that is the only undefeated season in the entire NFL history and Bob Griese the the uh the quarterback gets hurt theme going here who has to go in and play for him Earl morale and what happens do do do do do do that's them to the Super Bowl again plays like crudden gets pulled against the Super Bowl and again the Dolphins still win so just I had to put them of the interesting history the man had in the NFL So Not only was it 21 years in the league but 21 eventful years in the league two-time pro bowler two-time All-Pro uh three-time Super Bowl champ 1968 NFL MVP and the 1972 AFC MVP that's pretty damn impressive overall alrighty we got two more players for the honorable mentioned here next up we have Norm Snead which just sounds like it sounds like a made-up name like a children's book the next door neighbor was sneeze all over the place yes Norm Sneed played for the Giants from 1972 to 1974. actually was traded halfway through the season in 74. so we played like two and a half Seasons then we go ahead and get them again in 1976. 26 starts overall with the Giants four-time pro bowler in his career so not a Hall of Fame career but four-time pro bowler is a pretty impressive resume to end your career with yeah his best season was with us in 1972. where he was not just a pro bowler but he also led the NFL in completion percentage and was second and Pastor rating overall so had a really good year for what the numbers were back then it's funny when you look at the numbers like oh he's like 100 2500 passing yards so but like I said with just you know a very impressive career with a couple stops with the Giants including his career best seasons he got a good Norm they're playing what 16 games back in the day now you're looking at 18 14. 14 games yeah yeah yes remember that was one of the big things that we're talking about when they raised up to 16 was to the records even count now we raised it to 17 so the records even count so next up we have one last guy here who I think a lot of the Giants fans will remember because it wasn't too long ago he played this is one of the two people on this list that Rob and I actually three people on this list I should say that Rob and I are young enough to go ahead and seen play and most you all probably have as well Carrie Collins so Collins played with the Giants from 1999 to 2003. obviously the Giants went to the Super Bowl and lost the Ravens in their one loss ever in the Super Bowl uh that's the end of the 2000 season in 2001

yeah interesting was I remember Carrie Collins the Kerry Collins years as being better than they were to be very Frank with you it's one of the things kind of shocked me to the research Rob and I talked about this last night he had a 35 and 33 record overall with the Giants it must have been like after because like I felt like he played way better like you said in stats show like and it looked like you know you would think he would be like a 700 record kind of person not even that I could I feel like I uh I just remember him being better overall and then what that the one a record-wise than what that was so maybe it's because they got the one Super Bowl but you know it's nice to see you know I guess that I remember him finally because he wasn't as his time with us wasn't as productive as I remembered it being at that point now keep mine you know this was like my college Years basically he was the quarterback so you know it wasn't like I was seven um but you know it was one of those things where I just for some reason remember it being better and I think you all always got to remember that NFC Championship game against the Vikings because the Vikings just got oh absolutely trashed absolutely Trashed by the uh by the by the uh the Giants there that year uh so average season with the Giants here this is going to be the last of the guys before the big numbers really started popping up here in the last you know 20 years or so he had a 58.5 completion percentage three thousand thirty three 375 yards it was his average passing numbers with 16 TDS and 14 interceptions it's amazing how just 20 years difference in Stateline yeah like that would be like an okay quarterback whereas net yeah like so and and I think if we were extending it to six I probably would have been really tempted to put Kerry Collins at number six in the quarterback list yeah I mean

it it's it's hard to judge three decades ago two and a half decades ago yeah NFL play oh just wait to get the next guy yeah so like yeah there's two passing yards per season yeah the today's dinner it's like it's it's absurd because like the game has changed that much so you really have to like we did a deep dive on this we really had to go back to the time of play yeah and how the game was actually played to actually stack these guys properly a lot of what we did was we looked at not just you know their numbers but how did their numbers stack up against the other people of that generation and that's how when I don't care what football what website what sport we're talking about football baseball basketball whatever that's how I like to judge like in basketball obviously the big thing I know the last five ten years has been you know LeBron versus Jordan and it's the same as I look at it that way like I don't care what the numbers and the stats are Jordan was the best of his era by far there was no second LeBron has always had a curry a Durant or something like that that's been even with him you know uh Kobe someone who's been at his level the just the other person at this level has changed over the over the years whereas Jordan was that guy it was crazy doing that analogy not that I'm fake NBA player like some people like talk to her like well obviously trying to be a player I'm not player but like I'm not even a big like Watcher of it but like I did I was around for the Bulls in that time yeah and someone brought up like

he's saying trash he said MJ wasn't even a good player I didn't even hear that part but like yeah he gets he gets talked about like yeah he wasn't that good of a player like dude have one how many rings like he was a backup to MJ yeah of course like I mean he was the ultimate Robin yeah he was he was the Nightwing he was he was the Batman when Jordan had to go play baseball because the rumor was you got caught gambling I'll say that because that was the rumor I don't know I was kid at that point so yeah I mean and I don't follow NBA that much nowadays but and we're ready for that yeah we'll have to go see a man about a dog okay go see a man about a dog while we look at the comment because we do have a first comment here from Deb Atlas saying I can't wait until you get to Dave Brown listen I think it's safe to say Dave Brown is going to be nowhere near this list um you know Danny Canal Kent Graham uh you know a lot of the guys who started for the New York football Giants in that time period here so let's get into our top five now for number five we really gotta enter Mr Peabody's Wayback machine here which is just aging myself here because anybody under the age of like 40 is probably not gonna know what I'm talking about do you know who that is Rob right okay okay making sure old cartoons as a kid I love old cartoons so we'll do number five Charlie Connolly and for those of you who don't know who that is off the top of your heads because the guy I played from 1948 to 1961. we're talking this was like my dad's time most likely this band is put it on your age he's the age to be my grandfather like he would have been my grandfather my grandfather's age so yeah that's what the age we're talking about here and actually one of my grandfathers would have been younger than him

so yeah I mean so now it's your age I was saying the footballer down the fields the girl pigskin here's the thing I when I when I was looking up about Charlie that I thought was really really interesting guess where he played college

was it Duke uh old missed so it's a thing with the the New York Giants these Ole Miss quarterbacks here I think we might have a second one on at some point in this list who knows who knows this is the dog's trying to chime in Spanish he's a big Charlie Connolly fan here he is since you brought his name up now what's interesting as well is Charlie didn't get a chance to play the NFL until he was older than your typical Prospect he he made um you know Hendon hooker like a young rookie because he had to go off to war so we're talking it's that generation he had to stop playing college football and join the Marines so see look I told you the dog is like a big fan of this here he he he lost he loves those stories yeah he watched The League of Their Own the other day and he was all about it wasn't quite the same thing there was no clue um

kick him out here uh so yeah so Charlie again he played with us um from 1948 to 1961 uh had her overall record of 57-31 and one as a quarterback so guess at any time you end your career 20 games over 500 that's pretty impressive two-time pro bowler 1950 1956 uh was the uh NFL MVP of the Nea which was an alternate MVP back in the day basically NFL Rookie of the Year in 1948 161 games played overall with the New York Giants 105 starts at quarterback 42 starts at punter also kicked four extra points and returned for kickoffs his rookie year 1948 as well

it's funny you mentioned that because he actually was when he retired one of the original Marlboro men he's looking legitimately he was like they had they had uh ad campaign with him at Yankee Stadium because keep in mind the Giants played the Yankee Stadium back in these days and you can see him to sit there smoking the cigarettes walking over the field talking about the smooth Taste of Marlboro menthols cigarettes and it was just it was really really weird to see because it's like you couldn't imagine like Patrick Mahomes doing no you know Daniel Jones wouldn't be like let's talk about Newports

oh you're so smooth but yeah I mean enough the he was the starting quarterback for the last of the non-super bowl era championships for the New York football Giants in 1956 went to the NFL championship games not just in 56 but also 58 60 and 61. so think about that we just said a minute ago he played for what I turned the math in my head here we're talking about 13 years five of those who went to the NFL NFL Championship only won one but still this is like it was right there in the The Taking of it all this is like Buffalo Bill kind of like stuff but at least they won the one it's like you know what is the giant I'm gonna wear it this way the Giants were the Atlanta Braves in the NFL in the late late 50s ring

but they're doing the dance the whole time yes and that was it was the was that um so as uh as your dad chimes in there also he's saying hey guys hey what's up uh and beef white says what about the Hefty Lefty Listen Hold Tight he might come up you never know [Music] here's another interesting thing is you know Rob I brought this up many times and I still think we plan on having this episode eventually at one point probably maybe in this off season about how in my mind there's a lot of giants who are not in the Hall of Fame that should be in the Hall of Fame this was one of the guys that doesn't get talked about it that respects come do it it's like listen it'll be the the podcast about the gripes I mean literally could you imagine a quarterback nowadays getting his team to five Super Bowls and not getting in the Hall of Fame could you imagine Jim Kelly not getting in the Hall of Fame thank you like he was a dominant quarterback for what was it one of the more yeah I think about it five five years of what you said 11 13 Seasons yeah forty percent of the time he was in the championship game and his time as tender as a quarterback and he got the one ring at least too so yeah so like yeah like I said nowadays you get two rings and certainly 15 years you're a fantastic quarterback yep and this was one of those guys that the mara family loved too as well up until when this man died they'd bring him back non-stop to the game and stuff like that they had a lot of respect for the fact that he was the one who either that era basically is what elevated at the start of the elevation in their eyes that the Giants doing very well for a good amount of time um came from a small town in Mississippi and when he retired actually he went and and started a shoe store of all things and people would come in he would just sit there and chit chat with them but football for hours on end they said like he he was that guy so you know kudos to hit the the him for having that kind of mentality to sit there and chit chatting whoever asked him to talk about football you wouldn't you wouldn't see somebody can you imagine nowadays you walk into like I'm trying to think somebody who picked equivalent to him back let's let's go let's go with Jim Kelly no but let's go with Jim Kelly we were talking about the comparison before in comparison someone Works can you imagine someone to go to Jim Kelly and he's just like running a shoe store in this little little town in like you know Wisconsin or something I don't know and if someone just sits there and he just sits and chips with a football for an hour like that would never happen nowadays yeah never would so so kudos to him for keeping himself you know back in 1949 when they were in the Nickelback all right so it lost a little bit look at this photograph

y now his eyes get so red like I said to me it should be in the Hall of Fame he's gonna be he's definitely going to be on our list of people what we have in that episode one day Along With You Know Carl Banks and somebody else who might pop up in a little bit as well and you know possibly you know we like I said we've talked about players before like that next up

number four somebody who did make it to the hall of fame oh yes oh yeah as it sounds like you have rabbits humping in the background

I just have a very excited washing machine well [Music] there is a plug for that

uh number four Fran tarkerton who was the third round pick for the Vikings back in 1961 played for the Giants from 1967 to 1971. had just a 33 and 36 record remember we talked about this before how the Giants kept on picking up veteran quarterbacks and it just never seemed to work he was one of them but he had some damn good years it wasn't because of him that the Giants weren't successful then so he was traded in 1967 for three picks and the player to be named later his first game as a New York Giant was against the Minnesota Vikings that's like Revenge game says one thousand yeah that's that's like um I think the equivalent of like when they brought back DeShaun Watson this year and he had to play the Houston Texans first um yeah it's just it's just crazy like and the thing was it was also a comeback win so in the end

in the end it was like you know he came back and was kind of like yeah you don't want me anymore there you go so yeah so in the end again he had a couple good years for us he was a he was a four-time pro bowler with us in five years he uh finished third overall in the MVP voting in 1970. his average season with the New York Giants 55.4 completion percentage 2781 yards um 21 TDS 14 interceptions again we're talking about the difference in the time period here because 2781 yards was his average season and he was a four-time pro bowler in those five years if that doesn't tell you the huge difference between the game back then and nowadays that's that's like half a season's number for some of these guys this is why Drew preach it's like hey it's not the running backs of the league anymore because that's what it was back in the day like you gave the ball away it was that it was short passes it was things of that nature there uh you know it's it wasn't like it is now where you throw down the field like like it was all Tink and dunk passes back then that's what the game was um you know it was run short Pass Run short Pass Run short pass that's the kind of stuff they did um that's all about the have knockers now it is so okay that makes that washing machine just sounds like it's very very excited I'm just saying oh so so excited [Laughter] uh let's see here so we had he when he ended actually um his career with the Giants he got traded back to the Vikings so for those who don't know that's what it was we were kind of like a pit stop in the middle of Fran targeting on his career and we when we traded him we traded him back to the Vikings for Norm Snead we talked about earlier quarterback wide receiver Bob Grimm running back Vince Clements and a first and a second so we gave up a ton I got a ton back I should say that if I can give gave up a ton to get him and that's what then started the Purple People Eater days for the uh the Minnesota Vikings that are back in back in the 70s was getting him back but again five years with us only but four Pro Bowl seasons those five years getting close to an MVP one of those years as well that's enough to get you in the top five quarterbacks to ever put on the New York Giants uniform there um next up we have y a tittle yell Burton Tittle Jr Hall of Famer again six overall pick six overall pick in 1948 but oh I got 1940 1961 so I got the wrong year on there 1961 by the Baltimore Colts he went and played for years for the San Francisco 49ers was thought of as being washed up when we got him so when they traded him in 1961 we gave up a second year guard for him that's it the guard still yes he was considered washed up didn't he want to play for the New York Giants he wanted to play for the of Los Angeles Chargers who then needed a quarterback he could have stayed at the West Coast which is where he preferred being and instead he goes to New York Giants was originally brought on to be just a second option at quarterback along with Charlie Connolly we talked about earlier because Charlie was now 40 years old at the time and wyattita was 34. he was younger at that point but he's good six years even though obviously 34 is not a young NFL player he took the job over by week two after being hurt on week one and then just never looked back and won the job out right so he played for us from 61 to 64. had a 32 13 and 3 record as a New York Giant let that sink in for just a moment there because that's goddamn impressive of a record in you're talking four years 32 13 and 3. and I'm not just saying it's impressive to get three ties in four years because that's pretty impressive too but that's a hell of a winning percentage guys that's one hell of a winning percentage um in his Seasons as a New York Giant he was the uh the East Champs of the NFL in 61 62 and 63. he lost in the NFL championship game to the Packers twice and then to the Bears and they always keep on the 14 teams back then so it's basically like the same size the NFC now is what the NFL was back then but he got to three NFL championship games in a row and lost them all yeah so in his time though with the Giants

he was uh two-time passing TD King one time he led the league in the completion percentage one time in passer ratings he set NFL records in 1962 with seven TDS in one game against Washington he also set an NFL record in 1963 with 37 touchdowns that's a good season by nowadays standards he did that 60 years ago folks 60 years ago we were just talking about how like 20 touchdowns is like a really good number back in those days he did 37.

and then who's the next person to do seven touchdowns in the game was it Peyton Manning I bet it's like there's like four guys I think that did it overall like that is the NFL record still to this day but I think there's like four guys who've done it so his average season with the New York Giants 55.9 completion percentage 2 610 yards 24 touchdowns 17 interceptions like you're getting close to Modern numbers here in a guy that played 60 years ago when he retired which he did retire when his last game was with the New York Giants he was the NFL leader for his career in passing yards touchdowns attempts completions TDS in a season TDS in a game and games played this man was our Tom Brady a little impressive he was an art he was our Tom Brady where we got that day we got the goat of the NFL at the time at the tail end of his career yeah so

so really it's like that's what it was for us and we got who was at the time the best guy to ever put an NFL uniform on and you could even argue still that he is in that conversation as one of the best guys to ever put an NFL uniform on in fact he probably deserves to be more in the discussion as one of the best quarterbacks of all time because of what he did against the competition he had if he had played his whole career with us honestly we'd probably be having him number one probably yeah dude he you know it was a lot of years he had in San Francisco and that's what kills it because he only played for us for Four Seasons now one thing he's also known for is there's an iconic photograph and for the people who aren't aware that it's him you'll see a giant player who is Bloody on his knees in the dirt in a game it's an iconic photo if you don't know what this photo is just look up bloody why a tittle it'll come right up immediately and it's one of the most iconic photographs ever taken in the NFL and that was him he had a concussion and a cracked sternum and had blood coming down his face after getting an interception against him that went for a touchdown in his last season as a New York Giant but just the look that this man had is what it's so iconic they captured a perfect look of frustration basically and like I said when you talk about classic football that's one of the top pictures ever in NFL history now the other thing that he I think you got to consider with him as well we talked about that stretch of getting bad quarterbacks that's where it ended with him that's where it ended um you know in the end after he retired the New York Giants had only two winning seasons from then until 1980. so you're talking a stretch of 16 seasons with two winning seasons kind of like the stretch we just had yeah yeah

which is a nice save Agency number two yeah so yeah number two who does number two work four who does every two or four so number two I gotta be honest like I kind of had an internal battle in my mind when we're talking about this list on this man in Hawaii tittle I really did because as good as a career this man had why a tittle was so dominant for us in that time period whereas this guy's not thought about as dominant necessarily but when you look at his stats against the people that played in this era he actually Stacks up really really you know well

um so Phil Simms when we grew up was the iconic New York Giant along with LT I think that's what the two were LT and Phil Sims that's who it was so Phil Sims the seventh overall pick in 1979. played overall with the Giants from 1979 to 1993 for a really long career with us and that's part of what also put him as number two for me it was the longevity 164 games overall

2576 attempts 4 647 completions 199 touchdowns on his career a 95 and 64 record this is the Golden Era of New York Giants football here so two-time pro bowler two-time Super Bowl champ though I will say this he didn't play in the Super Bowl that second one there but we there's no way in hell we get to that without him no we talked about before a Hostetler did a great job stepping in for him but in the end

we had a great start to that season too as well thanks to him one time Super Bowl MVP and that's just an absolutely iconic game we got to talk about that the Rose Bowl game as I remember always calling it as a kid there because this was this game was played in the Rose Bowl against the Denver Broncos and John Elway and it was John Elway was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL at that time this was obviously a very young John Elway at this time we think of him as the older one you know going this one's for John with the owner and everything you know like this was keep in mind this was like we're talking that was the 86th season that was what 97 so you're talking this was like 11 years later he started winning his Super Bowls so this was a very young John Elway in that game Phil Simms stats 22 of 25 for an 88 completion percentage literally setting Super Bowl records 268 yards three touchdowns so yeah that's that's goddamn impressive and after that game he was the first player to ever say I'm going to Disneyland after winning the Super Bowl no but you got to consider part of that because part of what's interesting about Giants history is not only have we had some really good players over the years because we have let's be honest we've been blessed as fans to have some really good players some really good times as a giant fan but we've had two pop culture things that really popped up as well the first one was the whole defense chant that's the New York Giant thing that's who started that the second thing is I'm going to Disneyland

no I go to Disney World touche I never been to Disneyland yet I really want to go to all to all the Disney's really well Disneyland's way smaller than Disney World I know I don't care I still want to go I want to go to the Marvel game they have there um I'm actually I'm actually going to uh I'm going to uh Magic Kingdom on Sunday actually to go ride the new Toronto there we go oh yeah so you know and we talk about I think like and Deb just put the comment here I'm gonna put this up because I think it's interesting as well Sims wasn't a popular pick was he she says and he wasn't a very popular pick and I think that's part of the stigma we have with him overall is he wasn't a very popular pick for the New York Giants at the time when they made him um you know people kind of look at the team and go it was a defense team it was a running team with you know Rodney Hampton Joe Morris Otis Anderson all these great running backs we had back in those days and they some people kind of thought of Phil Sims as being along for the ride well I have to highly disagree with that and I gotta say like I don't think I appreciated that really until we build one of these these stats and everything and that's one thing I love about doing the show here because we get a chance to dive into topics that otherwise I probably would never go this far as the weeds with would be very Frank yeah that's it's called what is like I mean we're we're going to talk about someone else that was probably not a public pick yes I think oh he's a popular pick I think but now but when he first came around there were some discussions out there always is discussion but so in the 1980s which obviously we're talking Phil Sims heydays here

he had the fifth most passing yards in the league the six most passing TDS in the league in the 1980s so was he your top three MVP caliber quarterback no and I would even try to say otherwise but he's definitely in the next tier rate below and he probably just for the time period the Super Bowl is alone should have been considered a little more for the Hall of Fame than I think he was yeah he's another guy that probably should be in the Hall of Fame because of what he again five quarterback let's name five quarterbacks right who's the top five quarterbacks right now let's go let's let's do this let's start from last season because I don't want to do projections so the top five quarterbacks last year I think it hurts well hold on let's say Mahomes I think would definitely be there um you get hurts you're saying um you got um Joe burrow yeah I mean you know we got three stars it's in the conversation but it's probably out of it but I'm saying we still have Tom Brady in the league as well you know we still have Jesus

Jones is Not number five you gotta probably Justin Herbert it's like towards the end of the uh towards the end of the season like maybe you go with um what's his face from the bears but you're probably gonna go around I mean who would be in there I'm just saying like you would probably have to be like he's number he was number 10 number 15 like an average Quarterback that's still a damn good quarterback who won two Super Bowls you know it's like to say he wasn't Joe Montana or Dan Marino you know like to use a little more modern terms he wasn't Tom Brady or Drew Brees I mean so I mean we say Joe Montana like how much rings does he have oh that Joe Montana sorry uh what are you talking about damn Marina like who brings to the CF like Phil Burns but Mourinho basically broke every single one of Y A tittle's records yeah well uh so that's okay like but you can't but what I'm just getting at is you put the two together to have a two-time you know two two Super Bowl ring player who literally broke basically every single record for you know the Super Bowl in in 86 and just killed it and then it's still a top five quarterback from that decade you know yes still I still I think goddamn impressive so I I don't know I just feel like the conversation wasn't heard enough and I think if you throw in his contributions post to football career as far as post playing career I should say and what he's done as far as being an analyst overall as well the man should be in the Hall of Fame I'm sorry he should be yeah and I don't know if you want to include him as just being a player or an overall contributor to the game or whatever the case may be but he should be in the Hall of Fame Point Blank um you know two-time pro bowler uh you know the 86 Nea which we talked about that before it says the newspaper Enterprise Association MVP um you know again with an alternate MVP there but still it's kind of like back then they had a couple options for it so to me again he should be in the hall he's the number two quarterback for us overall I think of this board and I think and I think honestly I think maybe it's just because the fact we hold this guy in such high regard because of how we grow up we grew up in new New Jersey area obviously we grew up idolizing the 80s 86 and 90 you know teams there the the big blue Wrecking Crew back in the day yeah and this is one of the faces I mean hell if you look behind me even you'll see Phil Sims on the board twice I got Phil Sims right over here I got Phil Sims right over here by the way we've also got a couple other guys like Fran Target in Hawaii Tittle in here and some of the guy we're talking about in a minute um but like I said it's just he should be it and I swear I'm the more and more we talk about these players that should be in that are not in and then the Jimmy pattons of the world that I I feel like the Hall of Fame hates the Giants I do I feel like somebody I don't know Wellington marrow like kicked the the guy who started the Hall of Fame of the balls at one point he just refused to apologize there's something definitely there so again Phil Sims Hall of Fame giant should begin the NFL Hall of Fame he's definitely the Ring of Honor he's definitely somebody I think that'll be remembered very fondly by Giants fans for years and years to come but yeah I mean like you said let's get two of our rings two rings next up number one no surprise here Dave Brown okay

and it's funny how how uh Dev said first said Dave Brown because that's like that's like the crappy quarterback of my childhood basically my middle school years when I you know first started getting big into the uh you know New York Giants before we we let him go for Danny Canal but oh here she goes CS6 everybody loves so you know Dave Brown talk uh but yeah no obviously I think there's no doubt who number one was gonna be overall uh you know it's it's it's definitely Eli Manning and we got Tommy G chime in as well what's up fellas that's up Tommy hi Tommy we're gonna start talking Eli Manning number one so hey Tommy if you want to pop on too number 10 actually left there then what number one overall yeah but but yeah Tommy if you want to even pop on too feel free I can send you the link too so but again the number one quarterback for us has to be absolutely has to be Eli Manning who you know beyond being just the greatest quarterback ever to play for the New York football Giants is a guy that to me has to has to be the next Hall of Famer the New York Giants and if he doesn't get in oh my god do you think I'm mad about Bill Sims not getting in like if this man doesn't come you know into the Hall of Fame in a couple years I think he's eligible in two years I want to say if he doesn't pop on to the Hall of Fame I am gonna flip out like you would not believe because yeah that is just an absolute travesty that it's still a discussion yeah shouldn't be a discussion it's still discussion oh he said he's in bed relaxable let's do something soon yeah anytime Tommy man you got a you got a uh an open invite whenever you want to come on man um but yeah like I said I think that you know we look at some of the stuff on him that's not the best necessarily uh you know the 500 record he has overall 117 wins 117 losses you know he not only LED in a lot of very good stats but obviously he's the leader in a lot of very bad stats for the Giants as well for the course yeah and that's part of what it is but listen the guy still holds some really impressive numbers overall um so obviously first overall pick in 2004 played with us for 2004 to 2019 Giants leader in games played attempts completions yards touchdowns also has the it also has the the longest pass in in Giants history as well as also NFL history at 99 yards four-time pro bowler two-time Super Bowl champ and a two-time Super Bowl MVP yeah that's that's pretty impressive we got uh Joseph Clark on what's up man he said fans and columnists from other areas don't respect or appreciate Eli as much as we do it's insane and it really is it really is because you know we talk about the downfalls of Eli and the stuff that you know well I mean he also played with some like at the time like when he was active right he got Drew Brees you got Philip Rivers you got you got Tom Brady like you got Brett Favre or if you got the Aaron Rodgers all these guys are coming up they're putting up great stats you know it's just been all those players and they beat him by one Super Bowl that's where I was batting sorry did I beat you to the punch eat it well Tom Brady it's got a little bit more but like yeah big band yeah like big band was in the league like these guys are all like Monsters and like that was that was the dynasty of QBs and you know NFL almost

all these guys had one ring that's it yeah you know Philip Rivers you mentioned him he's got no rings no and he played you can easily argue that Philip Rivers had better teams around him than Eli did 100 he did Eli had a really good pass rush around him and and you know during the Super Bowl year specifically he had a solid really good offensive line but you can't sit there and say this team was stacked yeah he had three running backs besides Antonio pierce the linebacking core wasn't really spectacular this the corners depended on the pass rush preventing them having to cover too long you know the why the wide receivers were really good but we've talked about this before in the show there's not a single wide receiver that was successful after leaving Eli

not a single one you know you talk about the running back wise it was a running back by committee it wasn't like there was a stud running back with him either at that point again no disrespect to guys like Bradshaw and Jacobs at that point who we may talk about on the next episode

they didn't Elevate this game that much people act like Eli had stacked teams and was just along for the ride kind of like the same thing we talked about a minute ago that Phil Sims had that error air to him as well but here's the difference you can make that argument with Phil Sims and you could say he was on stacked teams because he was these are this is one of the best defenses ever he had you know Pro Bowl running backs all over that roster you know a lot yeah he he literally played with three guys that we'll be talking about tomorrow you know I mean it's a Wednesday when we do the running back episode here you know but Eli didn't have the same Talent around him he didn't no he definitely told me it's a talent writer and but he did he he was the leader especially the second half of his career the Giants to be very Frank let him down let him down by never building properly around him and again he's got to be the next guy to be in the Hall of Fame as a New York Giant um you know four-time Pro Bowl like I said two times Super Bowl champ two times Super Bowl MVP is still and I looked at current records to verify and he has the 10th most passing yards and touchdowns in NFL history still top 10. third longest consecutive star streak by a quarterback at 222 games and do not even get me started on the GPS

started on that this guy was as Dependable as they come for a quarterback and don't get me wrong it wasn't he lucked out and avoid the injuries he just played through them you had no clue what he was injured or was injured he would never say it he would never use that as an excuse he would never give the opportunity for the defenses to know his left rib was hurting and to hit there he was a lot of people when he played was upset because he never showed emotion but that was also a perk to Eli because he never showed emotion you never knew if he was flustered you never knew if he was excited you never knew what he was feeling people just went oh look at him he's just walking up field he doesn't really care about the game no he kept it all concealed so no one knew how to play it yeah exactly exactly so we got a couple more comments here before we continue talking about Eli uh my dad Pops in it's up there says getting a late start and listening tonight did you guys talk about uh targeting we talked about him uh I'll say this though neither one of us were or you know around to watch him play so feel free to share notes on some of the guys we talked about there to sort of recap we had Eli number one Phil Sims number two why a title number three Fran Tarkenton number four and Charlie Connolly number five we also mentioned you know briefly about Carrie Collins Norm Snead Earl morale uh Jeff Hostetler Craig Morton and Kurt Warner just to bring up some other notable names that also played quarterback for us at times but again top five we got Eli Phil wyattittle Fran tarkinson and Charlie Connolly um Tommy uh says when it comes to Eli it's important to remember he played his best when the lights were the brightest also important note the roster construction failed him the last four or five years of his career yeah exactly he's built for the postseason this man was built for the postseason because hey frankly you had no clue when he was playing whether it was a preseason game a Super Bowl he you know he he didn't also know um you know it's like you didn't even know if we were winning or losing based on how we talked that was just his Persona he was like robotic in the fact that he just didn't care and Washington didn't care is that he didn't care about the spotlight I should say specifically um and the craziest thing really was is that you look at his personality and especially now that he's retired you see him on these TV shows and you know doing the Monday Night Football with Peyton and everything this man has a personality he was the biggest prankster in that giant locker room like it was like a race passage to get pranked by him and he's full of Charisma you just see it when he talks when he like is around other guys but oh yeah could you tell that on the fields hey you never you never heard anybody keep in mind we're talking about a guy who played on the biggest you know stage and I mean the Super Bowl I mean New York City and he played there for 16 years without a single without a single comp point from another player without a single issue with him getting in trouble off the field what these guys are looking for let's be very Frank the New York media looks for it and I'm not knocking them when I say that that's part of their job is to find news and report it it's amazing they like to report that stuff though not other things we like to know going on but still like still like unless the Pikachu Pokemon cards worth but I I would still love to hear this the full story of Blake Martinez and him getting cut I only heard bits and pieces of it I still want to hear the whole story but like I said it's a guy who let's be honest New York media would have loved to find something wrong with him because he's been a huge it would have been a huge to get for them and they couldn't find it in the era where you had guys like Derek Jeter in New York basically man whoring it up for like how many years and here's Eli actually like the guy going door door selling Bibles basically yeah

it just it was it was his his thing though he was just clean cut kept out of trouble and he never really got to know the real him until after he retired from football we all knew it was there because enough people told us it was there but he kind of kept it to himself there you know yeah you gotta praise him for it yep and then Tommy says what's up Joe and then jokes that comes back with Tommy I like I do I love it when people are back and forth it's really cool uh my dad says how many skilled position players that played with Eli were pro bowlers or Hall of Fame players I can't think of any and you're 100 right on that except for one thing which we talked about this a minute ago because I know he got a legacy Department here at this portion of it we're talking about players that should be in the Hall of Fame that are giants that shouldn't that aren't and I can give you another guy who's in that category that Eli obviously played with and that's Tiki Barber because that man should also be in the Hall of Fame Point Blank I'm saying it I'm calling it right now should be in the Hall of Fame and obviously he'll pop up on the next episode on Wednesday we deal with the greatest running backs of all time so I don't want to go ahead and talk too much about him in this whole thing but he should be in the Hall of Fame and that's probably the best player that Eli played with you know skill position wise yeah so especially because keep in mind Tiki was best lead in his career in the last five six years and that's when Eli would have played with him so let's see here we got a couple other comments here Joe comes in with well I think Eli played on very good teams when he won the two Super Bowls but no quarterback ever won a Super Bowl on a mediocre team I know that's right don't get me wrong I'm not sitting there saying that we were crud but we were like sneak into the back of the playoffs kind of teams

the first time we went to the Super Bowl with Eli like everyone was talking about filing uh firing Mike Coughlin the time go off from wow I could really bring up names today but everyone was talking about firing a Coughlin that year yeah and lo and behold that all came out and Eli came out John's blazing yeah and a lot of the story that year when L4 we won that first you know I started 07 when that first Super Bowl with Eli was that Coughlin finally learned to loosen up a little bit show everybody who he was as a player um you know it is you know it was a huge change for him because before that he was like this drill sergeant that nobody seemed to know who he was and they kind of got to like see the lighter side of him and for those who watch a lot of the behind the scenes and press conferences and stuff like that Tom Coughlin also has a sense of humor and you wouldn't think that you know he you can see Batman loves a good joke and loves to laugh and he cares he does a lot of charity work and everything obviously him and his wife have have the uh their own charity they do as well do they still do up in the New York Giants you know area and all as well so it was definitely a part of it but Eli is getting hot at the right time and not caring about the stage was a big reason why we got two more Super Bowls in the last 20 years it's a huge probably number one reason on both times you know you can talk about the pass rush which was you know again you got straight hand OC Justin Tuck Matia Kiwanuka um you know obviously for the second Super Bowl you take a stray hand you put jpp in but again it wasn't a stacked team I can't sit there and say the Giants were a stacked team when we won those two Super Bowls as Joe said here Eli had ice in his veins that's what he was that's what he was as my dad all says I think this was talking about the Fran Tarkington and all that probably the Giants were never set up the showcase at cubic which is what we talked about battle offensive line they had all those days and they kept on just trying to put veteran quarterbacks in to glue it back together and get back to the winning ways and just never worked um so yeah I mean like I said I think it's pretty obvious to everyone when we started even that ey was going to be number one yeah was there a doubting anyone's mind yeah I think I think that's I think that's probably the most obvious part of this entire show um so I know we talked about it you know before there as far as you know number six and that kind of stuff there um I I think Rob wants to give a whole segment though on Jared Lorenz the Hefty Lefty I think he does oh yeah

uh the biggest quarterback to ever play in the NFL he probably was I don't even know I don't know if that's a legit thing or not I shouldn't say anything because I don't know if that's legit or not but that man was so Hefty he had to be he had to be the status he was definitely the fattest quarterback like the high like the highest uh body mass index or whatever hard to sack it's like a balloon yes I think he said heart attack at first because I expect to be here pretty much high cholesterol

alrighty guys so appreciate everybody coming on uh here tonight so we can talk about some QBs and you know listen I hope you all learned something as well with as far as uh you know Giants history overall because like I said I think for us it was definitely even a learning experience learning some of this stuff here uh like I said some of these things we you know we know the names but sometimes you don't take the time to dive in and learn some of this stuff here as far as the the full numbers and where they are uh you know some of the names even like Norm Steed I knew about him before but you know I didn't realize he had that one really good year with us in 72 again it was 10 years before I was born you know you know Craig Morton I always you know you always hear nothing about him and then I didn't realize it was right after he left us that he goes the Broncos becomes an MVP caliber quarterback it's like yeah the Giants left back so so again Wednesday guys we're gonna have for you um the greatest running backs to ever play for the New York Giants and this is a really impressive list that we're gonna have for you guys spanning years same as that we had this conversation here we're gonna have guys in the 50s as well listen it's coming the 50s are coming man we're going like we're doing a sock hop and everything we're talking about these these things here um we're gonna have that for you guys Wednesday on Thursday we're going to go ahead and give you guys another update on what's going on with the OTAs like I think it's going to be pretty much a weekly thing as long as OTAs are going on I said I don't want to make it a daily thing that I want to bore you guys with the details of how Daniel Jones ties his shoelaces as Rob said but we do want to give you guys the update as things are going on and see if we can kind of pinpoint some finer points see if we can see anything about how the rookies are doing because that's that's a big thing for me with the OTAs um but I said we'll be back with that on Thursday for you guys again appreciate everybody coming on here so as always we are live every Monday Wednesday and Thursday on Facebook YouTube Twitter twitch and my LinkedIn profile of all things fantastic view it is spectacular uh at least I got like 10 000 people and I might as well use it um we also have of course we're on every single podcast platform known to man as well that usually is up about an hour after the the video uh is is done with the live feed there so that'll be up on like I said Apple podcast yeah Spotify Amazon I Heart Radio Deezer all these different you know platforms there check us out because you really like me you probably like to watch some videos like this if you're sitting around the house getting a little time to kill you're probably listening on the ride to work as well so subscribe to both hit the Bell on YouTube hit the Subscribe hit the like on Facebook hit the subscribe on your audio podcast platforms and if you prefer the video and you're not able to make it alive keep in mind you can watch it afterwards whenever you want really um you know YouTube's probably the best place for that because usually within 24 to 48 hours I can cut out the the uh the five minute coming soon that we do and that kind of stuff and make it a little quicker like that for you guys uh fast forward through Julie's rents I don't know what you're talking about yeah I don't rant at all no [Laughter] so okay guys appreciate all listening in appreciate it if you guys taking the time to listen to these two goofballs talk some Giants history here uh like I said we're back on Wednesday for you guys talking about running backs of back Thursday again talking about the OTA update and then next week we'll play it by ear but listen we plan on going through each of these positions for you guys here at Giants history overall so buckling it's going to be a fun ride here it's gonna be some names if you've probably never even heard of before to be very Frank with you if you're depending on especially depending on your age here and it's gonna be a lot of fun learning about this giant history thrilled roller coaster oh yes the good years the bad years we've had them both that's for sure so far as as always giant fans targeted


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