2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Update from OTA's: The First Three Days of OTAs

May 25, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 129
Update from OTA's: The First Three Days of OTAs
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
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2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Update from OTA's: The First Three Days of OTAs
May 25, 2023 Episode 129
Drew & Rob

Welcome to "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" hosted by Drew and Rob! Join these dynamic hosts as they bring you the latest update from the first three days of OTAs (Organized Team Activities) in their newest episode, "Update from OTA's: The First Three Days of OTAs."

In this highly anticipated installment, Drew and Rob provide an exclusive insight into the Giants' OTA sessions, focusing on the notable performances and key developments. They kick off the episode by discussing the progress of quarterback Daniel Jones. Get ready to hear in-depth analysis of Jones' performance during the early stages of OTAs and insights into his growth as he takes command of the Giants' offense.

But that's not all! The hosts turn their attention to rookie wide receiver Jalin Hyatt. They highlight his promising start in OTAs, evaluating his skills, speed, and connection with Jones. Listen closely as Drew and Rob share their observations and projections for Hyatt's potential impact in the Giants' receiving corps.

The conversation continues with the discussion of newly acquired tight end Darren Waller. As a key addition to the team, Waller brings exceptional athleticism and versatility to the Giants' offense. The hosts analyze his integration into the system, exploring how his presence can elevate the passing game and provide another weapon for Jones to utilize.

Additionally, Drew and Rob shed light on the impact of free agent pickup Bobby Okereke at the linebacker position. They delve into Okereke's fit within the Giants' defensive scheme, discussing his skill set, experience, and the potential he brings to the linebacker corps.

Whether you're a passionate Giants fan eager for the latest updates or an avid follower of the NFL, this episode of "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" is a must-listen. Expect a comprehensive breakdown of the first three days of OTAs, with detailed analysis of Daniel Jones' progress, Jalin Hyatt's promising start, and the impact of key additions Darren Waller and Bobby Okereke. Tune in now and join the conversation as Drew and Rob provide exclusive insights from the Giants' OTA sessions!

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Show Notes Transcript

Welcome to "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" hosted by Drew and Rob! Join these dynamic hosts as they bring you the latest update from the first three days of OTAs (Organized Team Activities) in their newest episode, "Update from OTA's: The First Three Days of OTAs."

In this highly anticipated installment, Drew and Rob provide an exclusive insight into the Giants' OTA sessions, focusing on the notable performances and key developments. They kick off the episode by discussing the progress of quarterback Daniel Jones. Get ready to hear in-depth analysis of Jones' performance during the early stages of OTAs and insights into his growth as he takes command of the Giants' offense.

But that's not all! The hosts turn their attention to rookie wide receiver Jalin Hyatt. They highlight his promising start in OTAs, evaluating his skills, speed, and connection with Jones. Listen closely as Drew and Rob share their observations and projections for Hyatt's potential impact in the Giants' receiving corps.

The conversation continues with the discussion of newly acquired tight end Darren Waller. As a key addition to the team, Waller brings exceptional athleticism and versatility to the Giants' offense. The hosts analyze his integration into the system, exploring how his presence can elevate the passing game and provide another weapon for Jones to utilize.

Additionally, Drew and Rob shed light on the impact of free agent pickup Bobby Okereke at the linebacker position. They delve into Okereke's fit within the Giants' defensive scheme, discussing his skill set, experience, and the potential he brings to the linebacker corps.

Whether you're a passionate Giants fan eager for the latest updates or an avid follower of the NFL, this episode of "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" is a must-listen. Expect a comprehensive breakdown of the first three days of OTAs, with detailed analysis of Daniel Jones' progress, Jalin Hyatt's promising start, and the impact of key additions Darren Waller and Bobby Okereke. Tune in now and join the conversation as Drew and Rob provide exclusive insights from the Giants' OTA sessions!

#giants #nygiants #nfl

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are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excites and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

well goofballs two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew and joined as always by e let's go over those summer trading practices OTAs OTS organized team activities we should also say voluntary oh yeah not mandatory yes not mandatory suggested just a suggestion just like are you the diversity Sports hey it's the off season you don't have to train but

I'm pretty sure the NFL you have to train

you do but if you want to make it get into what I'm getting at before if you know sometimes star Varsity players didn't show up to that track field when they need to run that 100 yard dash yeah I feel like there's a story coming here

I guess not

but they were a player's obviously foreshadowing oh so there were a few players that did miss the OTAs again these are voluntary workouts guys I don't want anybody to blow up with the fact that a couple of the bigger names weren't there it's not a big deal it happens all the time keep in mind these aren't even full on like offense versus defense there's no it's seven on sevens they're doing basically the entire time

yeah if you play offense offensive line or defensive line you can do drills but that's about all you know you can work through schemes and practice together as a unit that's about all so the big names that are missing are saquon Barkley who of course is not under contract therefore he is even if he was under contract not required but even he can't even go if he wanted to right now he doesn't have pen to paper and the other two big names wenner Williams and sexy dexy again two people in corral two people who can't do much because you can't actually hit it's not that kind of workout and two guys that I'm not concerned with I think it's pretty obvious if you look at that he signed when he signed that contract extension he don't think he's in pretty damn good shape I'm not worried about that at all no and Leonard Williams has been in the league now for what seven years probably around there so yeah I'm not concerned probably eight maybe I'm not concerned with him either I think the two would never both be just fine um one player who did miss one day of training camp so far Deontay Banks missed Tuesday because he was attending college graduation how dare he how dare he he has a new system to learn and he's graduating the most prestigious institution of his life you know that most prestigious institution of his life is still the New York Giants training camp

touche honestly I I didn't hear one person yeah I didn't hear one person bash him for it was really weird within Giants fans and Giants media and all uh but you know I graduated graduation like that's okay four years earning that damn piece of paper go get it listen parents take off well take down the parents but there's big deals now about apparently you know kindergarten Graham School graduations I've heard that that's ridiculous I got way more than like what it was for us like Oh Hey listen you pass fifth grade high five everybody congrats to the people who have passed the first semester yeah the first marketing period's over let's have a party you guys could put the triangles and triangles and circles and circles and put the blocks on top of the blocks kindergarten over you have graduated from the day of May 25th 2023 school yeah uh it's insanity but again not a big deal I I didn't hear one person make it a big deal and I'm kind of glad and kind of shocked uh other good news as far as the rookies though before the camp even started here before the OTAs began all the rookies are all signed not a single holdout not a single issue contract wise granted I mean it's not like it was you know five ten years ago where there was all these things to figure out now it's pretty much cut and dry you got drafted here you got this so you show me that money show me the money show me everybody I'm gonna play for you who's coming with me the goldfish is coming with me

so again good news we don't worry about them that means they can be there for everything including these OTAs unless they're graduating college it's allowed so firstly was Monday that was the very first day of OTAs there so the big news coming out of Camp I think is that multiple players took punt returns excuse me so yeah I'm already blessed I'm here

the big thing is Dory Jackson was in that group you want lighting up the Twitter talk and ticking off giant fans Brian dabel the man who can do no wrong has done that who sneezes are going here you know what we got a lot of storms brewing in tonight in the Tampa Bay area we actually had hell yesterday we had hail makes no sense to me how in the summertime in Florida there's ice cubes falling from the sky do you want me to teach you a little bit of spirituality right now maybe on the two giant goofballs a meteorologist podcast [Laughter]

it's so cool that rain turns to ice and the way down Loop sleep ice rain hail it is so windy up in the after atmosphere that when that raindrop comes down it gets pulled back up gets colder drops down gets pulled back up drops down pulls back up gets colder and eventually turns to ice and boom we got hail depends how windy it is that's how big how how big of the hail you get yeah that's why in the that's why in Jersey and the northeastern area when you get sleet it's only like think think think all of a sudden the floor you can get like golf ball size freaking hail Source it's weird always to me this this still makes no sense all I know is you know it's colder than ice it was colder than cold ice cold baby ice cold I messed it up High School

mix it up again anyway along with the Dory Jackson also took him taking putter turns darney Holmes Jamison Crowder Jalen Hyatt Darius slayden and Jaden minkins and yeah why do we need to worry Jackson in this mix when there's six people taking plant returns I'm just saying yeah and I almost wonder to a certain degree of Brian diebel is trolling us it might be yeah is he just [ __ ] with us he might be he's like you know what drop the mic yes you know what really kick off the fans let's have a Dory Jackson do punts again Dory go over there listen those are gonna hit you hard go it's gonna hit you it's the OTAs you're good she's gonna take everybody off to be hilarious uh so we'll have to see I mean I'm telling you right now if Dory Jackson's returning punts you're gonna see like a fan Mutiny like crazy flipping out over that that has to be the most stupid thing they could possibly do yeah walking up to every F-150 it's a color blue every time a short bald guy with a beard comes out with a briefcase yeah with a cigar yeah I mean I think the weird thing is Brian dabel still has never said it's a mistake that he did that to begin with and it's quite obvious that it is and was a mistake back there so on the good news though Colin Johnson was back in the field and even caught a touchdown in the red zone seven on sevens they did on Monday because the seven on the sevens they did a Monday were 100 Red Zone Red Zone and Red Zone which was nice to see because the Giants were very good at the Red Zone last year but we talked about it how they excelled against some of the weaker defenses it's a tougher schedule we can still need to get better so wake up schedule yeah way way way tougher uh during those drills Darren Waller also had two TDS also possibly even a third but it was too close to call it was like one of those if it was a game they probably would have gone back to the tape and watch it but since it's OTAs no one gives a damn anyway maybe who knows who knows but tight ends were definitely a theme in the drills Daniel Bellinger got two TDS Dre Miller got a TD so yeah you're talking about yeah that's good no it's funny what have I been saying since we got Waller and his team it's me Rob it's it oh if it's a way before that our tight ends are gonna be a number one receiver yeah we've been we've both been singing that since day one I mean and I mean just I mean even if water never came to this team like Ballinger cage there were going to be a big part of this offense yep

not just because it has to be I mean yes they have to be but you have to be I mean Kafka you know David both had star tight ends and their offensive schemes yep why won't you go get one the best out there there's love a good tight end who does it yeah so the other thing is all three QBs and yes I said three remember we signed the undrafted free agent there Tommy Boy so we got all three kills who were willing to work outside the pocket uh when need to be which was something that was notated there uh TDS were created by doing so for dirty asleep and Jalen Hyatt and David Sills uh javarius Owens also deflected a pass that landed in Timon Fox's hands which accounted for the only turnover of the entire seven on seven drill it's also noted that Nick McLeod had a pair of past deflections and Deontay Banks The Graduate had a nice pass breakup as well um now it should be noted all these notes because I don't want to take credit for stuff that's coming from elsewhere all these notes are coming from giants.com because in the end this was not an open practice the next day too also not at open practice so he said I want to be that guy to claim like oh I was there and I watched this and I saw this and I this is based on what I saw on the tape now this is just where we're being fed by the Giants so again I use that verbiage very clearly very obviously this is what we're getting fed by the Giants take everything you read with a grain of salt because in the end the people who signed the checks dictate what goes on the paper yeah people who signed the checks are the same ones who are putting this team up there for everybody to watch so therefore you know I'll take the notes and I'll I'll you know say okay but yeah I'd be open practices matter to me more than anything else day two though also not an open practice on Tuesday seven on seven drills run from the Midfield only TD of the day was Tyrod Taylor to David Sills it's a David Sills thing there two days in a row uh off-season thing that's Ohio yeah he's great until the regular season rolls around no one receiver you need someone to really really look good in the off season he'll lead the wide receiver for you um Paris Campbell was a frequent Target of Daniel Jones on the day uh during the drill Jameson Crowder Jeff Smith Jalen Highland Isaiah Hodgins Khalil pimpleton Colin Johnson and Darius Slayton all had catches and of course Darren Waller also had a nice spinning catch in the air from Jones as well but no turnovers in the day darney Holmes had a couple of past deflections Bobby o'cara Kay also had a past deflection and looked good in coverage again this is all stuff that we're being fed from the Giants take it for what it is yeah I don't want to make it seem like somebody sat there and analyzed hours of tapes and this is the notes we got like no this is what the Giants beat writers are giving us there I should say Giants beat writers the giants.com writers are giving us correct and I'm uh I'm gonna add to your day one notes over there from here but I'm gonna wait to after day three oh you want to wait till after day 30. well actually I want to wait till we're done off it okay so day three which was today because they took yesterday off yeah um it's a media slash OTA day meaning that a lot of people had to get in front of a bunch of mics there was a mic for all the New York networks that's there's a PIX11 CW you see uh the the CW there um there's a CBS so the ABC 7 picks 11.

UPN No No Yeah Dave am I out there if Bill said PIX11 was always Pix 11 even when I was a kid you watched like Robocop and like die hard on there as a kid no it was the what are you talking about it was like the WB 11 and then it was DW WB PIX11 is the WB

it was it used to be UPN 9.

go Google it while I give the notes here you'll see what I'm saying just look at one of the videos from today you'll see it it's all right there it's though it was it was the microphone and stuff I'm talking to New Jersey areas by the way yes I know and this is my weird memory it was the microphone all the way on the left in the video look at it you'll see it you had enough guys we're talking before the show all right so we had a lot of people sit up in front of all these microphones including the pixel 11 microphone anyway the first one I would go over here Brian Gable um one thing I loved about his interview and it's not much I can ever love about these interviews let's be honest their stages can be they never give you a ton of information you can read more things even than based on tone and body language and you can't actual words Brian people the very first you did was give congrats to the uh Deontay banks for going ahead and graduating college which you know if you we talk about things that matter that are very small things as a coach and for anybody who's a boss as well in their occupation as well the same kind of thing this is a developing relationship move this is a I want to acknowledge this because it was important to him move let's be honest Brian dieable couldn't give a damn if he graduated college or not years ago oh I'm so glad to be graduated we got this guy to graduate college he doesn't he did so well he doesn't give a damn but this was a move it's for him to signify hey I recognize this is important for one of my employees so I want to recognize that it happened it was important to him and acknowledged that first off the bat to show that it's important I said classic boss move classic these bosses that I should keep employees and care about them so I was right you were wrong but I was also wrong myself what the hell

it is now my nine yes that's what you said no UPN is the actual okay there's a signal there's a station name and there's a public name there same as ABC is WABC not ABC WABC and it's still the CW yes but it's PIX11 is the name of the other thing if you look at the microphone and everything it says it

this is probably the most time we ever talk about microphones guys by the way ah so it says CW tonight does anything webpage no no look at the ding video from today that's what I said look at the video I'll say that I'm just saying different networks for different areas but if not let's talk about four we are yes and that's what I'm telling you when I when I watched the local news in my area it says CW does the same pics I know that but look okay here what does that say right there Giants next to the Giants channel two another side is this fix but I can't make out it looks like it says PIX11 New York it's very own that's what it says oh so it's a New York Channel A New Jersey Channel awesome it doesn't stop I'm done not with you Eddie hey anyway moving out to root matters maybe show The Jersey state birdier anyway in a way oh really treat the lines so anyway Brian diebel stressed that he thought strides were made um during the practices this week here stressed that it's a learning camp and no one will be make the team based on this Camp which again he's giving all the corporate speeches like everybody has a chance we love everybody here blah blah blah um he refused to talk about saquon before questions were even beginning this was in the very intro he gave he basically said to keep it in-house and keep the perspective you know keeping that Pride between them and saquon um and also again refuse to ask uh talk about when he was asked later about it and I think it was Jordan Ronan of ESPN that uh was the one who went ahead and asked him the question it was hard to hear because we talked about this before the show started but if you watch it on Giants the app or the giants.com you can listen to the questions when you watched it on YouTube they didn't give a question a mic to the guy asking the question or the person asking the question so because of that I couldn't really hear the questions of the versions that I I watched they were they're very muffled for shame Giants if only you weren't a multi-billion Dollar business you can afford one more mic here you want to borrow mine yeah here you go you can borrow a mic so uh he also refused to talk about specific injuries just said this is what he said and I quote they are all at different stages that was his answer anytime he was asked about any injuries that are all at different stages he did mention that beavers was in rehab and he has done everything they've asked him to do that's the only individual he would talk about as far as that uh he was also asked about Waller which you'll see is a theme by the way in these interviews every single goddamn player was asked about Daryl Waller and I I almost wonder if the Giants asked the media to ask questions about wall or to build him up because it just seemed a little weird that everybody like even Andrew Thomas even Xavier McKinney was asked about Darren Waller of all people

I mean he he is an explosive player he's going to be our like no one receiver I get it but I hear what y'all saying as well so I could hear about the hype because like

about him

yes but does he like does Waller take the spotlight away from Barkley is that what the media is trying to twist we don't know like okay okay it's gonna be like what if it's probably our best off-season pickup I think while we're actually of healthy is the best off-season pickup it's healthy it's weird if healthy that's it but he also has nobody asks it nobody asked everybody about Bobby O'Hara guy I know that's what I'm saying himself that that's why I'm flipping around saying okay okay like by be our best off-season pickup because like he's been healthy and he is a solid player who doubled what our defenses did uh or interior defensive done uh live and done in the past year by himself like and then you got Waller out there when healthy puts up more yards and all the receivers together yeah well not together but individually but okay okay did that for the rest of his spot yeah like it's like it's not like Wallace going out there putting up 5 000 yards

in the end the big thing is going to end up being if Walter is healthy he's the better of the two pickups but it's just the hype train about every single player being asked about him and it really makes me think again that this was kind of planted by somebody within the Giants organization to keep on asking questions about him because keep in mind the media never wants to admit this but they do favors for the Giants they do because it gets them ins and it gets them stuff later on that they need so it's like hey remember that time I asked that question about Darren Waller can I get five minutes with Bellinger you know that's the kind of conversations that happen so like I said I just think it's suspect that every single player had asked about him but anyway when Brian diebel got asked about him he said he called him a true Pro he said he is being good in meeting rooms and has uh true leadership skills and then I know this would be a big one for you here Rob Dabo was asked it was talked about he in fact he's going to the Taylor Swift concert those who don't know Rob is a big Swifty I love stuff I got Swift on the vinyl so uh he was going to Taylor Swift concert with his daughter at The Meadowlands which is tonight uh so guys I gotta go we're missing some people in the chat room that's where they're at they're at The Meadowlands so uh but yeah he said he uh when he's left the presser even said he might even play one of her songs at practice which he did and then video showed him all joking around with the team and everything while he while it was playing they were kind of stretching on the field he also played a version of uh Tina Turner as well it's celebration of her life there she's passed I was about to say yeah so they did Simply the Best which is I mean if you're gonna play one of the Tina Turner songs during a practice Simply the Best is probably the best one I mean I have to go with and uh let the screaming goats Will Always Love You Whitney Houston I mess up the wow are you from Jersey I am from Jersey doesn't mean I always listen to Tim Turner so yeah no Tina Turner was um Tiny Dancer no that's that's Elton John yeah that's what I said wow [Laughter] no Simply the Best we don't need a hero um Proud Mary she did that Creedence Clearwater Revival song uh she did um what's that one for Mad Max she did it was for the the third one I I know what you're talking about I can't think of that but she did the song for Thunder Road or not Thunder that's thunder Garth Brooks Thunderdome that Thunder Rolls is Garth Brooks by the way wow what is with you today Rob I am way off all about my music box says what up guys what's up Mark what's up guys and he says Waller's the biggest signing because of DJ's contract which I I say this you're not wrong yeah a good collaboration to put there uh Deb also says holy [ __ ] Rob Connor says I miss the media days of Bill Parcells he gives them looks like are you an idiot like like Drew just gave Roberto for not knowing that wasn't a Tina Turner song LOL oh my gosh uh I love that one Tina Turner song that starts oh say can you see forget what what song that was called

it's gonna be a running joke now like well can a Rob remember which one is a Tina Turner song which one is not a teen intern song here you're muted by the way Rob you're muted can you I can I can I said I changed myself within five seconds you were like oh yeah you're like singing this song as if she's all right I gotta accept that scream goats I'm sorry next it happens to the best of us I've seen you in yoga oh

so next up was Daniel Jones uh and DJ didn't give a lot of information out as you kind of expect again um he said a lot of nice things about there Waller again because he was aspect Daryl Waller the big thing takeaway for me was he seemed a lot more comfortable in front of the media than he had in the past I don't know if this is because this is his first time coming off a winning season I don't know if it's because you know he got paid and he's like to the bank basically but money bags he's like Monopoly guy there was a different like I don't want to seem like like one of those like uber hippies but it was different like Aura to him you know what I mean like there was like look he had the Monopoly mustache mustache that was you uh yeah but it's like I said I think that it's it's it's a good thing to see out of him you want a confident quarterback in the end you want a guy who's going to be a true leader and that's part of it you know you never really I mean question that Eli and Eli wasn't the like guy who commanded the stage either necessarily at the press conferences so it's not the end-all to be all but I like the fact that he was more confident yeah that's the word not ego not cocky yeah I'll get to that in a minute oh oh I will oh foreshadowing foreshadowing oh yes God we were just talking about beavers last night now we're talking about cocky uh

yeah let's see we got a couple more comments here Connor says Whitney's in a Westfield Cemetery well thank you Connor in case you're wondering where she was we're just where did Whitney go I'll go drive there yeah 30 miles yeah for me it's about 20 hours yeah about half an hour for me exactly um did DJ say um um LOL possibly I say it a lot uh he says what Mark says he is very manning-esque 100 percent comfortable and relaxed see what I mean I thought we all joked about when he came up to like that that was Eli's stunt double but he has a lot of similarities with his mannerisms Eli had a child at 15. what I'm guessing the age difference I don't even know

maybe I don't know you say baby yes he's a baby he's a Batman that's better alrighty so like I said that's all the notes I had for DJ because most of it was more like the I'm gonna I'm gonna ask you an easy question I'm gonna give you a soft rebound answer to this like you know DJ's been around this long enough he's not gonna be stupid and tell people things that yeah he he I mean he's always kind of been that guy that's he's made for New York media he really is sure sweet he's going to give you the answer like and he's going to take credit for you know the wrong turns and he's when he does right he puts on the other players yeah that's the leader that's what you want to see yeah 100 of Eli all right so next up was Andrew Thomas so he was asking this is one of the very few questions I was able to audibly hear thanks again Giants um Pat trayna asked him if uh despite being so good last year if there was anything he felt that needed to work on this off season he immediately immediately pointed at a flaw in his footwork that's one of those such a minor things that you wouldn't even notice it yourself unless you were the guy who like studies play that position exactly or play that position like non-stop what I loved about it was the immediate part he didn't pause he didn't have to think about it what does that mean that means he's he knows better and it's been it's my back of his mind since last season that's really easy to get better so to me it's more the mentality like he's sitting there saying yes I'm second team All Pro but I still could have done something better and I'm still looking to improve my game a lot of guys would rest on their Laurels and say okay I'm done I'm not changing a goddamn thing it worked well that's that changes you know from the average the above average to the lead players yeah people that always perfect their craft yep like macaroni and cheese the blue box rolls so what he mentioned also was uh the fact that he spent a lot of time watching tape on some other left tackles around the league uh including Ronnie Staley of the uh the Ravens and Laramie Tunstall of the Texans uh which sounds weird when it was the last time yeah I watched the tape on the Texans guys it really helped my game but yeah he uh he definitely said he was watching a lot of their tape as well to pick up things as well so I I my main takeaway from him was just that I loved the fact that he's not resting on last season and I didn't think he'd be that guy but the fact that he answered these questions so quickly about that solidifies that in my mind so I'm just glad to see that yeah man like that's what you want to see out of every player yep you were great you're you're the MVP last year oh okay what can you do better yeah exactly like you said perfect mentality um he was also asked about John Michael Schmitz uh said nice things about him like he's not he's not going to like what he's gonna say oh that guy's a jerk yeah he's too young I don't know why we drafted him yeah uh it's just like I said I love it he wasn't a steal the draft what now he did mention though about the fact that he's been picking up things pretty quickly uh he did also mention about the fact that you know they've been helping him out when he hasn't spotted things as far as playing calling out the place for the offensive line and stuff like that so it's been a kind of a team effort to bring him along I did hear a lot of things about I mean that's also what you want to hear the guy that is coming out of college who doesn't know your system whatsoever

and the veteran guy who had a fantastic season last year yes coaching him up that's what you want to hear just like that tremendous Tina Turner song winning Beneath My Wings yes did you ever know that you're my hero well thank you was talking to you I was talking to Andrew Thomas Andrews together but again it I I like the fact that he didn't hesitate to give the kid praise I just I'm not going to take too much into it because of the fact that again he's not going to sit there and say oh that jerk that guy sucks why we trapped him like that's never never gonna come out of his mouth uh he was also asked about and this may shock you he was asked about Darren Waller oh I I know I know I was super shocked uh he actually smiled it was the only time in the whole entire conversation I saw him smile he smiled when he was asked about him and he said he's more of a receiver shocker so guys this solidifies what we've been talking about a whole entire time this off season is that he's not going to be used as your traditional tight end he's going to be used much more as a weapon that she'd put all over the place as long as he's healthy he's gonna and I don't want to say he's going to be as good I hope better but I'm not gonna say he's as good he's gonna be like a Travis Kelsey a grok I just want to see the version of him we saw a couple years ago before the injuries happened yeah yeah I I want to see the 2020 version of him that's what I want to say because when he was on the field the last couple years he was that guy still Yes listen on the field as often so I mean he's still like I'm pretty sure what we we went over it last uh his last season for we played 11 games so and it was a top five tied in well that was over the last four years he was still a top five best cumulative over the last four years because of what he did over the first two years it was that good that he's still top five over the last four years in catches and yards so considering he's been injured the last two seasons so half that time frame that's pretty damn impressive with your season projection like I'm pretty sure like we figured out that he still would have been taught five if he was healthy yes yes okay yeah yeah if he had played the full season yes he definitely would have been um I also have to say to me Andrew Thomas also seemed more relaxed and confident than typical and what I mean by that is I never thought of him as a guy who was like scared to talk to the media but I feel like he was much more soft-spoken he was much more a little bit head down like there's little things I always pick up just being that I've worked in sales for so dang long I can't help myself but like psychoanalyze things that are not necessarily that obvious always uh body language tone that kind of stuff kind of have you ever watched that show lie to me it's a good show by the way oh uh micro Expressions things of that nature and he definitely looks a lot more confident than typical I thought um I I like I said I'm pretty happy overall to see the guys because none of them seemed overly cocky that they were talking like that they just seem more relaxed more calm more natural more you know confident themselves so that's always good to see as we got a couple questions here before we move I mean when your your team improves that much in one season like yeah you're allowed to be a little more confident I think they should walk down the field like John Travolta Staying Alive

foreign so we got a couple more comments here so Mark says man a few words love to approach he won't give a damn what he did yesterday he wants to be better tomorrow 100 Conor says hey Drew are you the light beside the good side of the force or dark evil side of the force uh Connor I think you know the answer to that question already that's why he's got the red in His Banner just saying

Darth Drew [Laughter] and Mark says saw a projection in the last four years if you played 17 games Waller would have averaged 92 catches 1100 yards and six TDS yeah that's and I would take that in a freaking Harpy who wouldn't from your freaking tight end you can get that every you can get that every every once in a while and you're happy I mean that's just like that's yeah all pro level right there so definitely gladly take it all right next up I talked to a couple guys on defense too Xavier McKinney McKinney McKenna one thing I'm kind of shocked nobody asked him to go like this and lift his hand up so show his fingers see what they look like I was kind of shocked by that one I saw him deflecting a couple passes I you know I did I did see that but I also saw um in pictures close up that he did a little bit of a tape piece holding a couple of thinkers together still so I mean that could be a cautionary thing but it could be I don't know I don't know I'm just saying um I had a guy with a big injury thanks to a mistake he made again not gonna you know crucify the guy I've already made a mistake we all make mistakes but I'd be curious to see it like hey let's see your hand or or you go hey give me five and just expect it real quick I mean I saw him step into the players with his hands so yeah like I said I don't think it's going to be an issue from everything I've seen I'm just kind of curious if there's any kind of you know visible issue there any kind of swelling or anything of that nature that you would still see you know yeah I mean you could see him like in the highlights you can see him just yeah oh yeah now one of the questions he was asked I was extremely shocked that he was asked about he was asked about Darren Waller um oh shocker

they might as well just put Derek Waller up there at the pony at one point uh he said that offense is definitely much better with Waller He also mentioned about how happy the whole entire defensive unit is to have wink back because obviously

yeah but also wasn't it for her inclusion he would be back so yeah um he also said a few of the guys are wearing the Green Dot and no decision has been made on that one there so for those who don't know what I mean by Green Dot that's the dot that goes on the helmet to signify that this is the person who has the radio for like the quarterback of the defense to go ahead and call out the plays and talk to the coaching staff like that um last year McKinney was that guy uh I I've heard a couple of guys had it the only ones I actually physically saw have it for McKinney and Bobby okay so it sounds like no decision has been made yet which is interesting because last year that was McKinney's McKinney's still here so either that speaks very highly of Bobby o'karike or it speaks very lowly about the linebackers we had last year either one's a valid observation to make I mean I don't know okay with either one of them but like he like McKinney is a professional like he's a young guy but he he knows yeah and he understood even though they quit his injury like I understand like if they don't pay me that frees up calf space I'm not upset about that which is fantastic to hear from a young guy first off I guarantee you his tone would be different if it didn't hurt himself I mean he wants the full healthy season this year to go in because he knows he'll make even more money next year just because of the cap increase with the new TV money coming plus him being healthy that's what it is 100 I guarantee you that it's not about it I don't want to say 100 but like the way he carried himself the way he brought himself is that it wasn't like he was like

I understand if you don't pay me this is that like he was like I made a mistake I I get it and he took responsibility for his actions and he's taking responsibility for his actions right now that he doesn't hunt the Green Dot and they're like even so yeah he has one of the green dots so they don't he has one but yeah I'm saying like he he understands he rule them all he understands how this you know Lee Works he gets it I mean he doesn't have much of a choice to he messed up so there's two and the Giants backed him so therefore he's got some you know even if he uh you know even if he played the whole season last year I still think he still gets it I don't think so I I think if he played the whole season I think he would have he would have wanted extension or anything in there I really do he'd be much more vocal um maybe but I mean he's still he's still a young player and we just picked up a an incredible player in okay okay yeah and that's what we're to talk about a second here but before we do that we do have a couple more comments Mark says would like to see jpp and McKinney in a slap fight that would be kind of entertaining and Lamar Adams what's up Lamar he says will saquon Barkley get paid I think it's pretty safe to say he won't work for free I guess I think this was pretty obvious there I think so I honestly I don't think the Giants want to extend I don't that's just I've we've talked about this the get-go and I've I've said how many times that I think the Giants are loving the way this is working out that there the money's off the table they were offering him because they only offered him thinking they wouldn't get the deal done with sequel with Daniel Jones so they can tag him instead but instead they get the deal done with DJ and they can just tag Barkley and sit around not have to pay him 13 million dollars and not take the risk of what happens if he gets injured I think that Giants are Tickle Pink this happened yeah I mean

oh my God nobody wants to admit it I'm telling you they're not going to admit it like Joe Shane's not gonna be like yes oh yes I mean oh yeah I think I think there's a possibility that they do resign him they give him a couple extra Millions guaranteed not much but give him way more yeah I think I think they're done I really do uh he says saquon Barkley sit out the season uh yeah good luck with that ask Le'Veon Bell how that worked out yeah yeah that does happen but he's not gonna sit up the season he's not going to be necessarily happy and it may also hurt you know the Giants and some of the other players because of that but yeah no if he doesn't if they didn't work out a deal Barclay will run his goofballs off just to prove a fact the giants made a mistake and he had a better contract somewhere else and someone will pay him yep and Deb says if they wanted sake want to be a done deal by now I agree

fan he was offered a contract to turn it down I think his agent some some [ __ ] he should have took the offer I think here's my whole thing is I I think it's hard to say on that again we've talked about that before it's hard to say whether that was a mistake because we don't know the full details from what I heard there was a lot of what ifs there was not a lot of guarantees and I get why the Giants would do that to protect themselves long term but I'll stand by what I've said in the past if he's going to get paid 10 million this year 12 million this year then I would go ahead and offer him a three-year 36 million dollar deal where he gets paid 14 million a year three in the only first two years are guaranteed beyond that I'm good yeah that's fine but also the same token like if the Giants turned around and said hey like we're going to pay that but the first year is 8 million or 6 million and then you go to 10 million and then the rest is in the third year but we could cut you what is better for Barclay then we take that 10 the first year oh yeah run my balls off and get paid somewhere else well this is why I'm saying if you give them I hear what you're saying I'm trying to validate what you're saying yeah I know but I'm saying that's what I'm saying because you're just basically guaranteeing him the second year of the tag that's it



[Laughter] yeah old school yeah like I said I think I think to me the winter Crashers I think to me again if you're given the guarantee he takes that it takes that and says okay it's not what I wanted but it helps it helps guarantee the second year that they would have probably attacked me if I had a good year anyway so he has nothing to lose because he would have been attacked again if you had a great year again but he has everything to gain because if he gets injured he doesn't get that second tag to me I think it makes sense for both parties but again I'm not in the meeting rooms to know what's being said as far as that and I've said this before and I'll say it again I honestly believe the Giants do not want to keep saquon long term I don't because I don't think they believe that it makes sense to pay a running back long term they don't and they're not wrong because every single one it's been paid long term has not worked out for the team that signed him I was trying to think what was the last time we paid a running back long term we the Giants Tiki yeah Tiki Barber it hasn't turned out for us that turned out pretty good but still you're talking I hate to say this because I feel old saying it but that's old football I'm saying one of the last 10 years 10 15 years has that made Derrick Henry's probably your best example right now and Derek Henry is about to be traded potentially from the Titans because he don't want to pay him anymore that's because his wheel's about to fall off saying Todd Gurley will fell off Ezekiel Elliott wheel fell off Todd Gurley also had a freak thing like it's like he's got a lot of free things yeah like some young man arthritis at 24 yeah like I said I I to me like I said that makes sense and if he doesn't take it move on but let's let's we got two more comments there let's get off the saquon thing here we've done stage one episodes let's go back to the dates of Reagan and we can still talk about Bobby O

Lamar says three years 50 million dollars uh nobody in hell that's way too much money you have no reason to do that um beef says running backs are not valued that high look at Zeke Elliott he has not even got an offer that's because he's not the same Zeke Elliott you put Ezekiel three years ago he gets an offer all day long he's not the same guy you know it's probably gonna happen with Zeke is he's gonna turn around he's going to resign with the uh the Giants recital with the Cowboys for less money and just plants a few more years Connor says Drew's right and that's going to end it right there end the episode thanks guys for joining us he says Drew's right should we portrayed if he want if he signs uh tag and start over bound to get hurt again he's hurt too much thought he was going to be more reliable it saddens me I wanted that star running back for years it's not a star running back League anymore man that's what it boils down to I hate to say it like that but again we've talked about before because a list of people that have won the Super Bowl and look at the running backs they've won with this is not a running back League anymore folks I mean Tampa Bay won it for a net are you gonna really compare the letter fournette like this spokesman for the Golden Corral who said he had all the hype that Barclay had he did not when he went to Tampa Bay he had all the hype in Japanese in Jacksonville there's a difference what I'm saying so he wasn't the hype machine was over for him because people realized he wasn't that good and so what I'm getting is that serious how many rings does Christian McCaffrey have how many rings does Derrick Henry have how many rings Ezekiel Elliott have how many rings did Todd Gurley get how many rings does Adrian Peterson have how many rings did Barry Sanders have you want to go that's not fair because that like hey Adrian Peterson played with old school football here's what I'm getting at why is Dan Marino so famous besides the fact he was a very good player that's it because he was one of the best quarterbacks to never get a ring he will always be known as one of the best quarterbacks to never get a rank and goes because because the big thing is that most really good quarterbacks get ranks most really good running backs don't

so you don't want to pay Top Flight for a running back because that doesn't translate to Rings all that matters is rings all that matters you got one yes well I I'm not I'm not a Mormon in Utah I can't [Laughter] big of me it's big of all of us


Groucho Marx who would have thought back in the day Groucho Marx making jokes about about polygamy yes he was though yes he was wait man way before his time okay on to Bobby okay Ricky here so I'm gonna make a statement that's my statement I'll get uh but uh Rob here okay Bob for some reason if you ever call me Bob I don't know why I feel worse than Tina Turner thing yeah you know me 25 years I Don't Need Another Hero uh so I think the big thing is is that there were some body language things that I personally thought I saw I'll let Rob you know make his own statement on that because I want to speak for him as far as that but when I watched Bobby O'Hara Kay first off I can see he loved the stage he loved the fact that he had 10 000 Mike surround him that was pretty obvious to me right off the bat but I also felt he had like a little bit of a chip on his shoulder almost like he was trying to make sure he wasn't too buddy buddy with the media and didn't say something stupid basically it was kind of the vibe I got I don't know if he's had an issue with Indianapolis and intermedia in the past and it's not saying he was antagonistic he wasn't rude to them it wasn't like that it was more like yeah that's the answer you know and move on like he was just he didn't want to it's almost like you ever had that situation where somebody forces you to meet somebody you don't want to meet

a little bit yeah it was it was almost like that like he liked the attention of being up there but he but if like he could have stood at the mic and had his picture taken 10 times he would have loved it probably but the questioning part he didn't necessarily like is the vibe I got off again this is all me reading body language me reading micro Expressions verbal cues this is nothing he said or did I don't want to make it seem like that just what this is the vibe I'm getting from doing sales for years and doing a lot of classes on this kind of stuff but again the other thing of me was he definitely came off at having a little bit of an ego kept mentioning his size over and over again I thought it was weird like I have a big guy too like I think part of it was because people kept asking about Darren Waller again I don't know what the hell is with Daryl or the question but he's like hey he's a big guy he's really fast bro big guy too I'm fast too and it's kind of like you get that kind of like bring it back to him um you know and I'm okay with it if he has an ego honestly I am because some of the best players have egos that's fine just back it up so

we disagreed a little bit before because I felt like he was a little confident but like that yeah bringing it back to the whole other comic because that like it kind of disregarded that because everyone talked about Waller yeah everybody asked about something I think I'm surprised I didn't ask the guy setting up the mic the backyard Waller yeah setting up this PIX11 mic what's your thoughts CW Mike please let me know all about this um no actually like I felt like he was confident what he was saying I felt like he was just I don't think he was used in Media

from you know Indianapolis to New York like it's a big difference and then he's also used to be in the big fish in the small pond well a really big fish in a big pond and now he's out on Atlantic Ocean right now in the Hudson Bay no fish live in the Hudson Bay French needles so it's in there but I feel like he was very confident and he did have an ego and once he started talking about all their size and speed I feel like he got a little bit um

he got a little um kind of like like I'm here not General insecure yeah about the whole thing like hey this press conference is about me not about anyone else let's talk about me like that Toby Keith song exactly or that Tina Turner itself yes that's everything you've seen in terms of yeah but I mean he carried himself well and then yeah yeah I'm just I just think his guard was up a little bit and I wonder a little bit and then there was maybe because at the very end uh we were talking about offline you didn't hear it and it was very hard for me to hear the question coming out it sounds like screw you Giants could have done a better job yeah and the damn reporter is a microphone when they ask questions it's not that difficult here said like they asked about uh Crowder just saying Giants you played Crowder you know multiple times like how do you feel but the situation I don't know if it's a situation but he came out he was like oh we talked about it all field we're cool yeah I mean probably what happened was I I is based on the seven on seven drills again he probably covered him if he was in the slot at some point because again middle linebacker is gonna hit the slots sometimes that's is what it is not to bring up Whitney Houston again


uh at least I didn't say Tina Turner she just died I can't say Whitney's been dead for a few years okay uh but yeah I mean he's bound to cover the slot receiver at points even it's just to give him a bump at the line or something like that to slow it down for one of the you know nickelbacks to go and get him look at this Photograph uh but I mean that's what happens sometimes yes you caught that right yeah yes every time I do it makes me laugh oh but as your eyes get so red I'm already done with it I'm already I have no more lyrics to Give at that point yeah I'm done it's like it's like it's like one of those ones you can you can hum like a Bob Dylan song they'll sound the same wait what the hell is on Joey's head what it's part of the song say totally I don't know the lyrics so I mean again he was he was asked about um he was asked about you know again by Darren Waller he just called him a threat on the field and a playmaker so again everybody's asked about Waller everybody had a good thing to say about Waller uh he's asked about his individual goal for the season he said to find the best way to help this team win gotta love that answer yeah I just had a meeting before what I said I'm not saying he's like a jerk or was a jerk to the Press there's just something a little off on him personality wise to a little bit of degree there you know I'm wondering now that I'm thinking about it too I wonder if he was perhaps trained to be that way to a certain degree I wonder what kind of relationship he has with another former Stanford Richard Sherman because remember Richard Sherman was that way

you say kind of a little testy with the media just enough to shy them away from asking stupid questions Like Richard Sherman was never a jerk to the media like I don't want to say it that way because he wasn't but I feel like definitely like a little bit it was a little better well yeah I mean the original has always been the sequel but I'm just saying like I wonder if there's a relationship there because that's now that I'm thinking about it kind of reminds me of how Richard Sherman was with the media kind of like I'm gonna give you a little bit of so you stop asking stupid questions yeah

you know it sure is better equipped though with his mouth he's a little bit more witty yeah like I said I'm just I just have to say that yeah okay our case not a smart guy what a Stanford it's got to be smart yeah you can't you can't you can is there certain schools that you can get why play what class do you take this I took pickleball 101 dominoes and like Stanford's not that school um but again in uh bridge I didn't hate his answers it was just weird things I kind of picked up and it's the first time I've seen him publicly speak as far as to the New York media I don't even know if he had a press conference when he signed but honestly I don't ever watch those things really unless it's a uh a new coach or GM because those are those are the ones that you really can pick up [ __ ] I feel like when they ask questions but then again we were so wrong on Joe judge after his maybe I shouldn't um so let's see we got a couple more a couple more comments here my dad's on he says unfortunately we don't have another back on the roster with Barclay speed 100 correct and I think that's why he's going to be a giant this year and they probably will hope he's not next year but if they have to they'll tag him again uh Mark says I think oh kirikay will allow McKinney play freely back there okay can play and cover the tight end running backs expect McKinney to play more like Polamalu um I would say this and I don't think palomalo why I like Paloma as a player I don't think that's quite where I I want McKinney whether I want McKinney is more Ed Reed and I don't think he's going to be let's be cool to be very clear I don't think McKinney will have the career of pagal model or Ed Reed because both of them are Hall of Famers I don't think that's a reasonable thing to expect of him but I think that's more the player I want because we need a center fielder we need a guy who's gonna go and catch interceptions and watch the QB because that was sorely missed last year we could not get interceptions for the life of us let's hope you can catch like this yeah

put some put some tar on those gloves yeah and then Deb says my team attribute people people who knew people sorry not sorry uh yes see that that won't go for a while Rob we'll keep on going all right day three notes here now they're done talking to the media Deontay Banks already has returned to the team so that's good news so we graduated real quick went right on back again he went to Maryland guys it wasn't like it was a far trip to go it was like he was going to like the University of Hawaii like Maryland's like a three-hour drive away probably from where

oh I think he definitely drove he definitely drove no one tries to to Maryland by the time you fly into Baltimore you're there two hours before your flight and then you're on the flight and you get off and wow it's domestic it would I'm just saying it would have taken longer first off it's always two hours I know Donnelly time I'm not falling for your shenanigans your whole family's notorious for lateness it's two hours before every flight um but yeah like I said I think that that's you know something he probably just drove down for the day basically probably drove down after practice on Monday and stayed there Monday night what did his thing and then drove back Tuesday night he's there back for I mean throwback Tuesday night he's there for a Wednesday but I gave him credit for coming back that quickly because other people were like yeah I'll come back on you know the next one after that yeah getting a props that shows that shows a little bit of a work ethic there which I like to see at a bar rookie that's for sure alrighty so another thing I noticed there in pictures because again we had a lot more pictures in this practice because it was open to the medium and this may shock you in the fall of Sierra Waller geez but I saw some pictures of Darren Waller and Daniel Bellinger laughing together during practice and I liked seeing that I usually wouldn't bring up something like that but I think the key thing is there was questions when this whole you know trade went down of how is Bellinger going to react how was this Dynamic gonna work out well if the two of them in their third practice together were already chilling and laughing together on the sidelines I think that just answers any questions we have as far as that yeah so if you're going to hit each other for the next clearly yeah 100 yeah I mean I don't I don't think Daniel Bellinger strikes me as the guy to get jealous like that he does he just he's the one yeah he's a lunch fail like old school Titan kind of guy if he cared about that kind of stuff he would have transferred out of San Diego State when they refused to throw in the ball for his entire career there hmm and who better well there's about two better than who better to sit behind and learn and learn he's still learning to be a receiver keep in mind folks that was the big thing we drafted Bellinger was like can he catch the ball he never had to in college you know is he just is he just have her cross and like old goofball fans if you guys listen to us you know preseason we're talking about Ballinger like we talked about like what do we expect out of him we're like we had no clue he's probably gonna just be a straight up flocking tight end don't expect him in the Arts yeah and you were wrong well I mean I wouldn't say we were wrong though either because it's not like he blew it up and like became like he's gonna be a thousand yard receiver probably I mean he had a respectable rookie year he was an excellent blocker which is what we expected and he was a decent security blanket for Daniel Jones especially when he came out of the pocket yeah it wasn't like he was a pro bowl caliber receiving tight end yeah I'm just saying he beat her expectations of being the receiver tied in yeah no he definitely beat the expectations and I think he got to the higher end of what you and I expect because neither one of us expected him to be the next Gronk but I mean he had a rookie year and I think you'll definitely see the both of them on the field as Mark here points out as well because he says love Waller and Bellinger on the field at the same time you can go 12 Personnel to 11 personnel without anyone leaving the field move wall or to xlot I think you'll see both of them probably on the field during Red Zone opportunities a lot yeah especially in two-minute offense drills kind of like that during the uh you know when they're in the Red Zone towards the end of the half of the game like you're gonna see a lot of that I think I really do you're going to see a lot of switching a Belgium to the left to the right to the left to the right same with Waller and to the left but when you have Barclays backfield and you're doing the same thing like are you running are they blocking are you throwing what are you what are you doing here just opens up the game yeah um let's see so we also had adoria Jackson once again returning punts today stop it

are they saying boo earns Burns uh I wonder how many people actually get that episode of uh Simpsons I'm that old that was a good episode though um so yeah again I don't want to see it I hate to see it they need to stop someone needs to write a law against this

write your local congressman and tell him that Theory Jackson should not be allowed um to go anywhere near the punt return uh Mark just chimed in said and Hyatt need to keep them all punt return I'm gonna disagree with you in Hyatt because that depends on what the expectations are of hide it they expect Hyatt to be a big time receiver this year then yeah keep them off there but if he's gonna be like the fourth or fifth receiver then why not yeah why not he's really really fast give him that get let him wear a little bit open field and movements like that I might actually help him as far as learning the NFL Route 3 and picking up more ability because people forget sometimes as much as high it was a 4-3 speed guy was like that kind of like place be the 4-3 with the pads on and everything and he's potentially one of the top five fastest players in the entire league now um his three cone and his and his you know his quick routes changes like that weren't nearly as good where they weren't that kind of Elite Speed that's why he dropped so keep that in mind guys just because you can run the ball on a straight line really quickly doesn't mean you can also do the stuff you have to do as an actual NFL wide receiver so if he's going to be a big part then yeah keep him out of punt returns if this is going to be a year for him to learn and sit back and be a reserve receiver that doesn't see the feel at the ton that might as well return pawns why not contribute do what you got to do and that's sound insensitive he's also way cheaper he is he should he oh God here goes Connor should have gone should have got Mingo Mingo Mingo Mingo Mingo Mingo went way too high I'm still saying that we'll see what happens we'll keep an eye on him at the Panthers um offensive line talk so this is the first time uh today was that they actually lined up the entire offensive line in front of the media where the media got to see what the starting lineup is currently that's the key part is currently yes

So currently we have um Ben bredesen had left guard it's almost like we talked about that in a couple episodes ago someone said we know we're talking about uh John Michael Schmitz is already starting at Center which is a little uncommon and I don't say that in a bad way but you know I feel like a lot of the times players that get drafted will be like oh well he's gonna sit back behind the veteran he's going to earn his starting spot what's seven I mean JC hassenhauer you can say Ben bredesen could have been your your your starting center for right now but I love it personally I really do I mean if Davos before he stats and if Abel's gonna go ahead and put John Michael Schmitz from the very get-go week one as your starting center for the New York Giants then put him out there now let him get more reps let him get more time let him gel better with these guys you know let him snap the ball at Daniel Jones that many more times because he does have a little bit of different snap by the way he has what they call a dead snap he holds his holds the ball a little further up and there's not much of a spiral to it at that point especially in Long snaps like that when you're in a shotgun position so like I said it's something that I I'm I'm not shocked by but I'm glad to see I'll put it that way yes yeah I agree uh today also Daniel Jones had two deep balls

37 on sevens one's two Darren Waller and one to Slayton while when Waller was covered by uh darney Holmes Darius Slayton was uh covered by would you care to say the name Rob

you walk away Bonnie aurorier um your party is Owens also had another nice bit uh pass breakup today seen a couple of notes on him with past breakups and he was one of the guys that after the draft people were throwing articles out there saying he could have been a steal in the seventh round so I'm kind of liking to see his name pop up in notes by a few different guys here um the one bit of really bad news not that it's gonna affect the roster I don't have to be mean about it but I'm gonna say it that way David Sills was hurt today I had a hard landing on his left side managed to get off the sides by himself but definitely looked hurt definitely did not practice the rest of the day um I'm gonna say this and this is gonna come out mean I don't mean it that way this is just me being the blunt person that I am not to be confused but the chronic and the blunt Dr Dre over here oh I was thinking blunt man chronic actually I was about to go to yeah about to go there we did grow up and and Jay and Silent Bob went so um touche hey why do they call you [ __ ] knocker

stranger if David Stills is hurt that actually could end up being a blessing for him in Disguise because I don't think he has a shot and freaking hell as much as Sill's Army will be upset I don't think he's a shot and freaking hell of making this roster I don't think he has a shot I should say a shot in hell but I don't think he has much of a shot of continuous NFL career pass this summer if you're an NFL team did you see a damn thing from David Silas he goes I need to get this guy the guy who gets off the field I I don't think somebody else would pick him up I really don't I think this is the end for him I don't know if he'll be a starter or anywhere else but no definitely not be a starter but no yeah it sounds uh practice squad I a 30 year old practice squad guy

I know he's not actually 30 but you know what I mean yeah you know my theory on that I mean he's 26 he's been the league enough years now where if he was going to do something he would have by now he's been on multiple teams he was a bill for a little while too if he was going to do something he would have done it by now he's just not that good [Music] you want your bottom level guys being guys that you don't know what they are yet you don't go oh this guy who we've seen clearly has maxed out his NFL career he'd be perfect for my practice squad so if he is hurt what ends up happening is he'll get an injury settlement from the the Giants to get one more payday and he can open up a franchise to Baskin Robbins [Laughter] just using that as an example I don't know I like ice cream

I mean listen he's he's probably in schedule I don't know the numbers in front of me we talked about we did the wide receiver uh room here but he's probably unscheduled to make about nine hundred thousand dollars this year so if he gets entry settlement it gets 600 000 gets 400 000 after taxes and agent fees and all that kind of stuff here that's enough to open up a business

go for it go for itself alrighty so let's see we got a couple comments here too as well Marx's Ken darney Holmes please have a bad preseason he always plays welcome preseason which makes us keep him uh I think the biggest thing for him Mark is going to be in the end the issue of his uh his his payroll numbers he's on Pace for I think 2.7 million dollars of just getting that off top of my head but I'm pretty sure that's pretty damn close if not accurate so you know 2.7 million dollars for a guy who again has not showed you much uh is not very good overall and is easily replaceable when you're hurting for money not the best move to keep him going uh Connor says you'll see LOL I think that was in reference to the Mingo Mingo Mingo MinGa which I think Connor you're just doing try to keep you know the thought of John S Anderson Junior in her head here which she always is but yeah I think that's what you're doing there man I think I see what you're doing let's see he also says funny story but I know he's old but I heard Terrell Owens wants to play tight end if didn't worry about injuries he's a beast possibly what do you think I I'm hoping that's a fake question Connor I really yeah I mean T.O is like 50 years old he's not even like you know 40 he's like 50 years old at this point plus on top of that he didn't sign last year with the Cowboys rumor was because of the money so yeah he's 49 years old I think it's safe to say tio is not going to be coming to play for the Giants this year I think that's safe um yeah so again guys take everything you hear about with these practices with the grain of salt they're not even running the ball it's all practice plays and stuff like that as far as pass plays there's no line for offense or defense in the end you the only thing I like to take a lot of stake in these things is who do you see the ball getting thrown to a lot because that tells you not just who you think is going to get the ball a lot when the record season happens because plays will be different then but it tells you there's a level of comfort yet

day two there's a ton over to Paris Campbell that tells you something that they're trying to get those guys some continuity going into the season they're trying to get them guys some familiarity and that is key so you know I guess the big takeaway I'd give you guys as far as the first three days OTAs is the offenses looked a whole lot better than they did the last year this time that's a key thing so let's hope that we can have an above average offense this season to go with a very good defense again I mean yeah think of what it was because last year we had it below average offense yeah but we had a very good defense when McKinney and Dory Jackson were both playing and not punt returning

so like I said that would make for a better team even even though I think I've said that we said this even last year it's funny how we said this before the season even started and it's wrong true we said the Giants will have a better record than how good they are we said that they will appear better on paper because of the record and it sets us up for a possible letdown in year two so I'm reiterating that ahead of time if the Giants end up with the same record they had last year that's still an improvement because they're playing a better teams this year than they're playing last year

so 100 right I'm still looking for the 10 lenses here but last year which we should have had last year but we have nine or ten wins you would a lot of people look there and say okay that's not that's not any better you're you're kind of stealing still stalling from last year now and I would still say your face better teams this year and that's okay I hate to say it I mean I don't think anybody expects this team to win the Super Bowl this year do you okay

if we're going to the Super Bowl it's because it's as a team and John Mayer got the team tickets to go they all gave up to golf tickets yeah I'm just saying I keep to keep everything in realistic guys don't believe all the hype you're gonna hear right now this time of year because this is what always happens some players get overly hyped I'm surprised we didn't see so much hype on Colin Johnson the media loves to pump this kid up like he's been three years in the league hasn't done much of anything in the in the regular season he's coming off an ACL I'll be shocked if he makes the roster so again guys take some what you see right now for a grain of salt it's that time of the year it's what you hear this time of year there's a lot of BS in bogusness it is what it is yeah any final thoughts you want to give on the OTA so far Rob

I mean you pretty much summed it up like gosh don't follow every practice because we're talking about practice here yeah we'll talk about practice now you're talking about practice practice we're talking about voluntary practice and it's not like it's tackle practice it's more like uh gotcha gotcha it's excitable not even that tough

so just take away the rain salt don't fall day by day followers like if you all have a 401k or invested stocks you don't watch it every day I do

that's just a recipe for disappointment when things go up I get happy when things go down I call Fidelity and I flip out but why you are supposed to take care of my money damn it now I'll be working I'll be working until I'm 80. hmm but yeah nothing okay nothing is going to be shown too much right now it is what it is you take what you can the little the little bits of things the information you can get that's gonna give you an idea of what's going to happen this season and like I said just don't read too much into some of this stuff so uh we'll of course update you guys again in the future as more of these organized activities happen as well uh next week we're going to be starting our new series I told you guys we're talking about two different things potentially Rob and I discussed it after the show we disagreed things came to blows Rob one we fought uh so we thought it'd be kind of fun since it's our first off season so we started this podcast in August of last year so we started actually right as the preseason was starting so we haven't really worked through a full preseason before a full off season before so we thought it'd be kind of fun to do a top you know Giants at each position kind of series as well so giving you guys the top five quarterbacks running backs wide receivers tight ends water boys that kind of stuff um of course you know we're gonna take that bit by bit there depending on how the season rolls out as big news happens as uh you know things get need to get updated with what's going on with the off-season workouts we will pause that to do those obviously they take precedent over the other but like I said so I thought you guys would have a little fun with I think we'll have some people potentially you know disagreeing with us in some of these I think I think we'll see some people having some fun with that overall so uh like I said we'll start that up for you guys on Monday and Monday will be the quarterbacks of course because who doesn't love talking about quarterbacks um yeah isn't it tight ends because will DJ make the list we'll DJ make the list probably not

can't beat out Dave Brown [Laughter] uh we got another comment here from Mark said if you were ashamed at what point to give Berkeley's Asian a timeline to sign or kick rocks I've already done it if I'm Joe Shane here's my offer here's your franchise tag you tell me which one you want Point Blank that's probably why he's got the tag yep I like I said I told you all gone I don't think they want to sign them so we'll see all right guys so again Monday we'll be back again uh for you guys Monday Wednesday and Thursday 9 p.m Eastern Standard Time as usual here of course live on Facebook YouTube Twitter twitch and my LinkedIn profile again will be a course available afterwards as well so those who aren't able to watch live and want to chime in as well and watch go ahead we'll also be a course on every single audio podcast platform known to man usually that pops in about an hour after the show or so it's got to do a cute little tweaks to the audio and pop it up so it doesn't take too long Apple podcast Spotify Amazon I Heart Radio all the big ones we are on it uh again guys uh have a happy safe weekend here we got a holiday weekend coming up there as well so keep in mind that means we're gonna have some extra people on the roads for those of you guys who are in warm climates which we're all getting to now so stay safe out there watch out for drunk drivers if you're going out later tonight uh and of course as always giant fans

thanks for listening to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast we appreciate your support if you made it this long you must have enjoyed it so I am sure you have followed us on all the social media platforms of course you have subscribed to the show on your favorite app as well and given us a top rating right right right

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