2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Assessing the NY Giants' Linebackers Post-Draft & Free Agency

May 24, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 128
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Assessing the NY Giants' Linebackers Post-Draft & Free Agency
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Welcome to "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" hosted by Drew and Rob! Join these dynamic hosts as they dive into the linebacker position of the New York Giants in their latest episode, "Assessing the NY Giants' Linebackers Post-Draft & Free Agency."

In this highly anticipated installment, Drew and Rob provide a comprehensive analysis of the Giants' linebacker corps following the eventful NFL draft and free agency period. The hosts kick things off by discussing the notable addition of Bobby Okereke, a recently signed free agent from the Colts. They examine Okereke's skill set, experience, and how he can bring a new dimension to the Giants' linebacking unit.

But that's not all! Drew and Rob also evaluate the potential of promising young linebackers on the Giants' roster. They delve into Darrian Beavers, who showed promise as a rookie in the preseason but unfortunately suffered a torn ACL. The hosts discuss his recovery and the impact he could have once he returns to the field.

Additionally, the hosts turn their attention to Micah McFadden, who saw playing time as a rookie. They analyze his development and explore how he can further improve in his sophomore season, making significant contributions to the Giants' linebacker rotation.

The conversation continues as Drew and Rob discuss the possibility of rookie free agents Troy Brown and Dyontae Johnson making their way onto the Giants' roster. They evaluate the skill sets of these young talents and the potential they bring to the linebacker position.

Furthermore, the hosts delve into the chances of Carter Coughlin and Cam Brown making the roster primarily as special teams players. They explore the impact these versatile athletes can have on special teams units and how their contributions could secure their spots on the team.

Whether you're a passionate Giants fan seeking in-depth analysis or an avid follower of the NFL, this episode of "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" is a must-listen. Expect a thought-provoking discussion filled with strategic breakdowns, player evaluations, and engaging banter. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the Giants' linebackers, from the arrival of Bobby Okereke to the potential of rookies Troy Brown, and Dyontae Johnson, as well as the contributions of Carter Coughlin and Cam Brown on special teams. Tune in now and join the conversation!

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welcome to two giant Goosebumps a New York Giant podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving stood up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

welcome fellow goofballs two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by or me all right let's talk about those oh yes the linebackers the most heralded group in Giants history and do we finally have one we can actually care about and expect good things of now I mean it's been how many years since we've had good linebackers it's it seems like it's been forever I mean I feel like this is a little bit like a chopped soup of uh Monday night but uh it's been a since about the Super Bowl time since we had a pretty good it really has I mean think about Antonio Pierce he had obviously who was you know a great linebacker who quite frankly would probably think too highly of him because of just how much credit has gone past him you know we had John Beeson for like half a season had a really good before he got hurt as John bees intended to do and then we went right into uh you know let's go ahead right into with that boy talking about Blake Martinez who had the one good year and then the turf monster gets him and you know he's now selling Pokemon cards for a living it's a great job yeah seriously a killer job okay it's really been enlightening to what you can make off of Pokemon at that point but you know it's it's it's crazy to think about how long it's been since we've had a good linebacking core obviously one of our big signings this year was a linebacker so is this the year that we finally have good linebacking core so before we get into that we do have a couple of comments here Connor who of course started out before the episode even started he was right into this he was ready to go so it is gonna work apparently the Vikings had to release the player he's he's curious what we thought about uh Kenny uh wilcus and I I had to go look this guy up to very Frank with you and from everything I saw I guess he showed some potential as a rookie got hurt got hurt and got hurt and then got hurt he he acts I could get him and pick up yeah it's like he was a giant yeah the guy that has a lot of potential who wore purple instead of blue well here's the thing though it's not even does he have potential because he was a mid-round pick for them it wasn't anything crazy I think it's like a fourth round pick I I didn't look that part specifically but I think there was reference to him being a mid-round kind of guy and then he showed a little bit of flashes and then got hurt and no one's even basic playsets pretty much since his freshman year yeah like if you could show that as a freshman you're like you're showing potential that's what I'm trying to say it's like there's plenty of yeah people in this position that come out there they're not going to have a stellier then second year if they come come out looking like studs yeah again they want to bring him in as a camp body then whatever sure but I'll put it this way they cut him to sign an XFL wide receiver

that just tells you every single thing you need to know about their thoughts in this player they cut him to sign a player from the XFL yeah I'm good like I said you want to put him as a camp body whatever then but I'll say that about anybody pretty much except for you rob you can't be in the camp why not no you can't do it you can't do it do you know what I did a pancake oh God who is it there you did a bear ew beastiality anyway Anthony

says let's talk about it we can't get Barkley to sign but everybody talking about Devonte Adams coming here what's your opinion of that situation I just don't see it listen Anthony yeah people are just bored it's Devonte Adams and Stefan Diggs is all over Twitter and social media they're commentino Giants they're gonna move it around no Barclays first yeah no they're going to figure that out first and like I said before like I'm pretty sure Drew is going to back me up besides salary cap we already got our number one receiver if you will for this year yep he's not a wide receiver but he will get that he'll be our number one yep so yeah Stefan Diggs not coming Devonte Adams not coming DeAndre Hopkins not coming a we have no cap space guys B not for them we don't need that I mean Stefan Dix has been pretty pretty much a malcontent everywhere he's been both in Minnesota now and buffalo uh Devonte Adams is going to be paid like a top you know almost like a quarterback even though he's a theater no probably yeah uh you know it's crazy Hopkins is there's concerns about him with his age and injury slash suspension issues um plus you throw in the fact that again he's getting paid top money too as well guys we're done we're not going to sign anybody else major so if we can't enforce it that's why they got Waller yeah please sign anybody it's somebody who gets cut towards the end of the of the preseason that's the kind of players we're looking at there unless you get like one or two more Camp bodies coming in here but guys many camps already started we're already into that part of the season in fact tomorrow we're going to give you guys our episode as far as updating what's going on the OTA mini camp year because it's voluntary mini camp I'm not going to give you guys an update day by day and I know Brad doesn't want to do it either because the people that are doing that quite frankly are struggling to give you actual like meaningful information and content they're bored basically they don't know what to tell you about we're going to tell you about things going on with the roster right now we're going to talk about that kind of stuff because that's what's important right now um we got a couple of other things here let's see here uh Anthony says by the way what's up guys what's up Anthony we got mark on here again as well see we got you this time see yeah

what up guys uh and then he says also don't see us signing anyone else have a big name unless maybe a couple of weeks before the season starts that's when players that haven't been signed will sign way less and I don't even think that honestly I think yeah just the way they're spinning they're capped they're trying to do it very wisely to not get a bunch of A's because you can't get a bunch of Asian yourself they're looking to get a bunch of above average players that's going to play as a unit hey that's how you win Rings like that that's how you win you know championships exactly that's how he went Sports overall and then he says Stefan Diggs Devonte are not coming and we said that Anthony says amen hallelujah hallelujah

Deb says hey what's up Debbie she says uh what about obj oh wait he went to the Ravens exactly troll this is what happens though guys I'm sorry content creators out there and I don't want to name anything specifics I don't want to be that negative person but I'm telling you all right now there are content creators out there that are struggling for content and they're just going to do anything they can to give you guys any better news and make it seem like an episode to keep popping episodes up whereas instead of doing that we're going to go over with you what we think of this upcoming season where we can think of the individual groups we got some other stuff planned as well I think you guys will enjoy as well when that kind of stuff dries up as well we will have a legitimate content for you yeah we're not clickbaiting we're not going to be my honey pots yeah what's honeypotting I don't even know that one oh no do I not want to know well unless you Google that and just unless you're Wi-Fi that history oh God okay that history real quick yeah it's real it's not really not that bad it's what a girl puts a fake profile up or there's also Honey dick in too okay you put a fake profile out this is a catfish thing kind of okay yeah you get a Honeypot it okay you know I watched that show you know the honey or on the pot oh God you get Honeypot oh God all right so devil says did you see that Rogers hurt his ankle today God he looks so old just saying that's funny actually definitely was just talking there right before the show and I was like I don't know I think Giants I was like talking about Justin Rogers yeah we were tired about talking about Rogers and how it's belong with the media do we really want to talk about it because that's what everyone's talking about here we are talking about it all righty so let's see Connor also says that but about the Kenny guy he's talking about and I think it's will deckes is that what it is maybe a Conor maybe you can spell it phonetically and let us know it's young uh so maybe he'll be past the injuries get him cheap gotta have those backups maybe he'll step up with Chase Blackburn like I said because he's like 25 right 26. he was he was about 24 if I looked up oh okay I was supposed to say 25 like turn it into the season 25-26 yeah but like I said my big thing is just again if you want to pick him up cheap and have him as a camp body and hope you hit some some you know some gold in there then go for it but if you don't want any money I'm good I don't want to get minimum yeah I think guaranteed uh Connor says why is it so many sports shows repeat constant same stories when there are 32 NFL teams and a lot of players it gets so boring listen you think that's that's crazy look you tried doing three episodes a week of the same exact team

but but honestly uh we do it because we love it that's what it boils down let's be honest Rob and I are not getting rich off this yeah we're getting rich in our hearts and our souls it fights with our wives no mine's pretty good she's sitting there watching TV she gets to watch whatever she wants now because I'm in here he also says he's 25 so all right so yeah like I said I I didn't think it was quite that we already did between you said 26 I said 24. I said 25 to 26 yeah okay because I thought it would be 26 the Fallen season I thought he was somewhere between one years old and 99. yeah yeah

alrighty guys so before we get started with our topic at the day of the linebackers we gotta remind everybody if you look at the bottom of your screen as you're watching live or a replay or if you were you know just happened not notice it there it is right there right there it says like the show support us at buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two giant goofballs again buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash the number two giant goofballs and that's if you want to sponsor the show there hello this episode is brought to you by our old friend John S Anderson Jr I know a lot of y'all in the comments section been asking where he's been at he hasn't been able to come on live with us here in the comments section like he's usually very active hopes to come back on soon but he's still watching it so uh John as you watch this later on man thank you very much very much appreciate it thanks John live again soon man definitely definitely miss you on the show here um all right let's see we're here we got Connor says yeah but we talk we talk about a lot they don't we get into more on here than those bums do that's because they're bums Connor that's because they're bumps kid let's be honest here this show as a whole and I'll tell you most of the people that I've talked to or seen comments and reviews on and stuff like that if you look we have one bad review on Apple podcast I'll give you that as an example the guy complained that we joke around too much we're getting like two giant goofballs two giant goofballs people if that doesn't give it away then we're gonna be talking about the Giants and we're gonna at least attempt to be humorous the process the humorous goofball name yeah but for the most part people that are huge in the Giants and have and like they have a little fun in life they tend to like the show and that's much appreciate to have you on here because it's nice that you know you see the the comment section's been growing as we've been doing live episodes now for what four months maybe or so that's it like it's only been four months we've been doing this guys and then it's it's nice that I'm seeing a community developing we you know consistently you're seeing you know same people popping back on again we're consistently seeing new people popping in and out as well and you know it's it's nice to see you guys it's it's much appreciated seriously yeah so it's much like the joke around here thank you very much for that we are the youth false but you're all our goof boss you're all Goofy so Mark says also linebacker depth scares me outside of a caracay people depending on beavers remember he's a sixth round pick slow your roll how he played last preseason was against vanilla offenses okay we're gonna Dive Right into that there man we're gonna Dive Right into that uh Connor also says we might joke around but we get in a dip at all positions on our team we even talk about other teams Dakota but Ryan up the eagle fan Connor

alrighty guys so first obviously we're gonna talk linebackers and we're gonna do we've been doing going kind of our idea of like best to worst and I I wanted to kind of put the young young guys at the end the rookies at the end too so sometimes it's not it's not so you can't really say it's not a top 10 caliber if you will per se and the countdown yeah it's not the concept it's like The Final Countdown [Music] but like we will talk about like who we obviously think is going to start and then it breaks down from there like everyone might have a little disconnect on some of the things but we we pretty much improve on the reason why everything's there I like how you're trying to continue your thought while I'm doing like like WWF stuff in the background so here here's what it boils down to is I'm very big on if you are a rookie your butt goes to the bottom of the pile you gotta prove your way up like we I I flipped on today I think it was a PFF I think did a top five and this is up your alley here man this is a top five fantasy running backs and they put number three as I'll give you number one and two let's see if you can think number two number three is gonna be Rob number one they put Christian McCaffrey number two they put Austin Eckler who do you think they put at number three uh they definitely put one of the rookies John Robinson yeah let's have the man carry the ball one goddamn time in the NFL we put in top five main thing

um yeah so anyway Bobby okay let's start right from the top here okay guaranteed starter if this guy doesn't start something went entirely wrong or he's injured we're paying the man 10 million dollars a year for a reason there's a reason why we sought out this guy yeah this is the reason why he was the first guy we got I should say this as well he sought out us yeah there's been no comments where he said Point playing to his Asian get me to New York now here's the funny thing I'll say this real quick I heard him say get me to New York I never said I never heard him say get me to the Giants

so I'm just gonna give that little thing that I've never seen anybody else mention that his quote was get me to New York it wasn't get me to the Giants so but the nice thing is he still wanted to be here folks

I want to move back to New Jersey as well just saying yeah I won't leave New Jersey I mean the tax difference from here in Florida will be killer but I'll suffer in silence yeah but true uh how many tackles did he have last year oh no he had 131 tackles 151 tackles 99 solo how much force fumbles two fumble recovery and that's pretty much what our linebackers did as a team last year as a whole as a group yeah so started for all y'all that are tired of seeing Jalen Smith come out of the the trash heap of the NFL for the last two seasons if all goes right that should never happen again never at least next couple years but he's 26 years old guys six foot one 235 pounds third round pick in 2019 of the Colts and well I don't think he's a complete the linebacker and that's going to sound bad coming out but what I mean is if you look at Wink's defense the way he does things he wants to send people out from different Blitz packages and stuff like that um he'd have a single Sack or he'd be hit last year he's had them in the past but this year he focused on that and we're going to find out is that indianapolis's defense was he centered on you know just plug in the middle stopping the running back inside runs I I mean freely not being as big a Colts guy as I am a Giants fan obviously or else would have two cult goofballs

um but you have to see who I mean I think though he's a huge huge massive massive and I can't even trust that's why I'm saying it multiple times upgrade let's talk about how much of a dumps of fire of a team that was last year oh let's not

for the Giants because that was also a dumpster fire it was but understand look at the coats like they fire the their head coach for Jeff Saturday well yeah they they were taking so let's call what is they were tanking I'll say it oh yeah so you can't really look at his stats from last season to really retain to his talent that He has look what Wink's done with Subaru talent and make them look average or better you take a guy like this you put him to Winx defense

yeah he's going to do a lot of great things like he's not 100 complete guy like Drew was saying no but he is a massive upgrade a massive upgrade that's super massive because he's got 335 pounds he's 235 fans but he will make a big difference on this defense oh yes and guess what guys before we get to our next player we have something here I'd even share this with Rob yet in private chat or anything you son of a gun [Music] oh yes breaking news breaking news Mark's the one I used to share this with us Washington might have to change their name again apparently somebody already has the rights of the Washington Commander's name what a messed up franchise and I hadn't heard that bitter news I've been at work all day I just get out of here all I saw is that they gave up a player I didn't even get to read the article about a former Super Bowl player which is probably someone that's like four years old but well so Hilo here's what happened so the Commander's trademark apparently was still pending and it was denied because it was denied for the existence of a trademark for commanders with Commander's apostrophe classic

and pending applications followed by a man at the DC area

so they've been calling themselves the Washington commanders for the past year without a without a trademark how was that how did I get to last year yeah uh yeah yeah so the Commander's classic is the name of the annual college football game between the Army and the Air Force also uh there's a person who filed trademarks for Washington Space commanders and Washington wolf commanders at a time when he was trying to squat uh on teams potential names oh I mean you can get around those trademarks you I don't know I mean if they're denying it they're gonna have to change the name or else anybody can make stuff I mean I'm sure the like there's some way they could definitely record like space Fighters okay buying competitors all right the one with apostrophe like first off I want to know I want the Washington wolf commanders I think that's the one it should be

it's pretty badass it's pretty badass yeah all right back to the linebackers we just had to share that real quick there we do have a couple more how about the beaver commanders that would be good hashtags Hammer beavers yeah um I I we do got a couple more comments here Connor says what the duck LOL like the shirt true and can't tell what Roberto's shirt says says as my shirt does say what's not mallard

Mallard is a duck a duck is not necessarily a mallard oh wow sounds like so and smart said that yes what does he say he said Houston we have so many problems is that what it says yeah so many problems and I got this at the JFK Center guys for those of you listening on the audio podcast these are the kind of breakthrough things that you miss if you're just on audio only and not on the video you don't get to see the shirts we're wearing that that when I go to Texas I have to go to where NASA was and today Drew is fashioned by Cole from like 10 years ago because this is a really effing old shirt that's quite tastic quack quack Aflac uh Marxist also got a fight from the person will cost Millions yeah it would cost millions and that's what so I I still think wolf Commander should be the name anyway on to our next linebackers we'll save that for the DC people talk about their franchise with no evil commanders not to be confused with being through a desert with a horse with no name so next up Darian leave it to Beavers and yeah hashtag see if your beavers I know [Laughter] six foot four 255 pounds 23 years old drafted in the sixth round last year one of our many rookies to never see the field basically um looks really really promising in the preseason and we're going to talk about another guy who was drafted you know earlier in that same draft that we have further down the pile even though he was drafted around Prior to Darian beavers but beavers look damn good and I did say that on purpose yes that was a pun beavers look damn good in the preseason

goddamn you mean

so the big question marks are can he succeed in the regular season because there's plenty of people that succeed in the preseason and then you pop them in a regular season against more complicated offenses as somebody in the comments section alluded before more complicated offense um better person now you're going against as well because a lot of teams wrestler starters during the preseason so I think a lot of guys got really excited about him um you know whenever it was time to just to see him play in the preseason because of the fact that again we haven't had good linebackers in forever so like oh my God diamond and the rough so to speak but who is that coming back from Wisconsin a couple years that got hurt after like four games there was a copper in a rough we traded him much better but it wasn't good but I forget the name off top of my head think somebody in the comment section I know someone's gonna Notice off top of their head linebacker a couple years ago we got him from Wisconsin he played one year was good for a couple weeks got hurt and then we traded him in the offseason to the Minnesota Vikings I want to say two three years ago I am drawing a blank big time on my uh on this theme for some reason but anyway yeah like I said you can't expect too much of a six round pick so and you can't expect much of that but guy coming also off of major injury a major injury guys so I mean he's expected to play at his age Ryan Connolly sorry I got the name Ryan Connell remember a couple years ago he came out of nowhere yeah we got really excited about him and then he got traded off to the freaking Vikings in the pre in the in the you know in the off season and it was never going to be heard from again just saying yeah it's just true but when it comes to beeves like

hey Tori's ACL am I the only one wishing that Bobby is okay's first name was Wally right now because if it was Wally in the beaver in the middle like oh my God that would be fantastic and I guarantee you anybody under the age of like 30 right now is who the frick are they talking about dude guys watch some Nick at night God damn it I've still got a fears on the 30 and I'm like uh oh I got way too much an old TV in old movies and all like way way way too much I could go back to like 1930s on movies and stuff like that like I I I'm that guy so but anyway while he while he was his brother played by a man named Tony Dao yes I even know the actor's name that's how France is yes I think he died recently actually too a couple years ago we're bringing the episode Down beaver's still alive though the beaver's alive Jerry Mathers is his name by the way so the beef save the Beavers hashtag saver beavers anyway [Music] early in the preseason so like he is expected to come back and hopefully be able to start welcome back welcome back welcome to the Jungle no I was doing Mr Carter now I know what you were doing oh yes oh yes I was bringing back at least to the 90s TV show that gave us [Laughter] by the way every time I I do any singing I can see our viewership just drop someone just left the robe I can see oh God damn it we didn't sign up for American Idol it was a musical God damn it but I mean I think it's safe to say that Darian beavers will be at the worst case scenario a backup for us that we'll see the field at times best case scenario for him he gets a starting job alongside okay yeah I agree lb number two numero dose yes thank you appreciate that just in case somebody's listening and doesn't speak English

uh [Laughter]

no that's it Spanish is a very easy language it really is it's not that difficult people complain anyway Jared Davis next up for on our list six foot one 245 pounds 28 years old drafted in the first round of 2017 by the Detroit Lions she's the old man he really is it's funny how like you look at our lineup and most of our players like he's like 27 he should be put out there pasture then

I'm like old enough to be like you know some of these guys fathers

almost there well I mean I think we're only 24 at that point that was like you know like actually you know impregning a girl at like 15 or 16 that I could technically be I mean I mean MTV they come off the show but they did I did teen moms and team there's no team dads there what no one ever thinks of the fathers yeah right you should come out with a special just your father's day all the single dads out there all the single tatts

uh anyway last year for for the uh I I was gonna say for us but he actually spent more time with the Lions today with us he had the one game you started with us in the regular season he had the um you know two postseason games he started as well post postseason stats aside pre-season wise I'm sorry correct or season wise regular four games one start 11 tackles six solo one passes defended half a sack and a QB hit so the big thing with him is he's a run stopper that's what he was known for always that's what he does um I think in the end last year yeah and I think in the end we can't judge him too much based on what we saw because let's be frank he got thrown into our defense at the very end not knowing anything whatsoever and I I kind of feel bad for the guy to a certain degree because that was not an easy position and I think he handled himself pretty well overall yeah but yeah I mean that's that's rough that's that's a rough rough way to go into this where you don't know anything about the defense you've never played for this guy before because you never played for Wing it's not like he came from Baltimore we know this system no it's the lingo I mean this guy's you know like you said I'm from Baltimore I wouldn't be surprised he does all the volunteer practices he comes in he does you know can't he comes into the preseason he looks that much better and beaver dams this guy yeah I mean I honestly I'm gonna be ruined for beavers over him and part of it is because of the five-year age difference be very Frank and the fact that we got three years cheap left for beavers and if Jared Davis has a good year and we have to keep him next year we're gonna have to pay him yeah 100 we are I want the guy that's young the guy that we drafted the guy that we is going to be homegrown plus if beavers looks as good as he did in the preseason when he goes to the regular season that's that's a score for us that's an upgrade I also linebackers into three four I also wouldn't be surprised if David starsier over over beavers yep and then it flips oh that's definitely possible especially as beavers gets healthier and healthier that's what I'm saying because that ACL injury like it's it's a tricky thing to come back from and like who knows by week 10 he goes lights out like pouring gasoline out of fire if if anything I have learned in life it's you got to be gentle with the Beavers sometimes you gotta do the jackhammer

uh but yeah like I'm with you 100 I mean I think the two with that camera all the way are probably gonna be interchangeable to a certain degree in the beginning and I'm hoping for beavers to take it away in the end uh I would say Jared Davis has probably end up starting like four games this year at least um before that kind of situation yeah and I'm with you I think that's probably the likely scenario that it really is so close to half season I wouldn't even say like four games probably like close to half season like once once Beaver starts getting more confident on that ACL because like you gotta figure it's like almost a full year right it was it week three was it week one in pre-season what when Bieber's got hurt yeah I think it's about week three yeah I'm saying week three so he's fully recovered quote unquote week one but is he mentally fully recovered so it takes some eight games mentally he's probably to be honest I think mentally he's probably raring to go because here's the guy who's entering his career in the NFL started looking good and all of a sudden that happens if anything this guy is chomping at the bits to get in the field and show he can do what he did you're right but more times overnight a lot of the guys coming off a severe surgery like that there's a mental aspect to it not just a physical like yeah you want to get back in the game but you also don't want to be off another year where you're not going to be able to play for another year and show your worth

[Music] I I think I think it depends everybody's gonna be a little different I really do I guess we'll have to see what happens there alrighty before we get back to that we have a few comments here let's see here Marx's You should shave his head and be called ball beavers fever jokes are coming guys uh Connor says uh I think this is I think yeah that's definitely you rob he says we need to get a hot girl in a New York Giants bikini on Roberto's wall behind him he needs some big blue background lol I think what they're referring to this Rob is the fact that I have this Smorgasbord behind me including of course the not Travelocity long gnome [Laughter] um and and they're saying you need one so we're gonna yeah we're going to well he'll maybe don't I don't know if I can do the bikini back here because the missus will probably not appreciate falling asleep to some victim girl and listen if you put it up in a frame

big titties turn into a football player no no no you turn it around and make it like some like do like do Taylor Swift to the side she'll love that play Taylor Swift on one side bikini model on the other and every time you stop shooting you just turn it around every time she walks through the message recording

all right we got a couple more comments here Mark says good sand or something like that Connor says BJ Goodson no nope that was Ryan Connolly Ryan Connolly who by the way I did look up real quick while we're talking because I can sometimes multitask he's actually still in the league he's been hurt non-stop apparently and he finally got cut by the uh uh the Vikings there in uh August of last year and then he was um actually then it was activated in October then waved then re-signed to the practice squad and then just in January the Saints signed him to a futures um Reserve contract so he gets a camp invite with with the Saints so he's still in the league I've heard a damn thing about him since he went to the Vikings but apparently again he's been hurt non-stop so typical Giants pick um let's see Connor says I like bald beavers but I like some hair maybe not 1970s hair down there a little lightning bulb sure we're getting a little TMI here

Connor says just put up during the show she's not allowed in only URL [Laughter] oh my gosh all right next up we got the one rookie the Oni rookie in the entire 2022 Giants draft class who played in all 17 games Micah McFadden oh yes the Iron Man of the 2022 classes he did it oh yes he did he did he really did it so um six foot two 232 pounds 23 years old drafted in the fifth round 2022 as we said 17 games again seven starts 59 tackles 36 silver one force fumble two sacks two QB hits so the question becomes what becomes a McFadden you someone okay back there I hear hacking I hear that I can get along back there

I think what's I think what's gonna end up happening here with him is I don't think he gets the chance to start I think the Giants saw from him this past season that he's propping that stutter caliper in the NFL let's be honest we don't get Jared Davis for week 17. if Mike and McFadden was showing you something

yeah I would rather get a guy who's never been in this room the entire season knows nothing on this defense and start him over Mike and McFadden that tells you something says a lot this this is a guy that it's me like he's uh he definitely makes the practice squad but I think he's going to be more like a reserve kind of guy I think to me reserves special teams or they try to sneak him onto the practice squad yeah I think he's I think it reserves spots where he's gonna go and rotate in yeah give some guy some breaks like he when he was on the field he didn't embarrass himself he no

I don't know if I would say he looked like an average NFL player yeah once again linebackers none of our linebackers look Africa but also at the same time like thing for them but who knows like you could also see this guy develop big time with the talent that we've got in this off season and I I don't see a person I mean as as well I'm saying like when you play with so if you want to train to be the best you gotta train with the best that's something like I I was a competitor for a lot of my life you have to be with the best if you're trying to be the best hung in my head now what's that what's that no no no no no it's like you're the best karate kid oh is that Karate Kid it was Karate Kid wrong 80s movie yeah you're the best yeah and Rocky was 19 76. the first one was I consider Rocky still an 80s series because a lot of them were in their early 80s was it the second one like 78 I think like 79 and then after that maybe 17 once we're in the 80s yeah pretty much so but I'm saying like so you go to care okay yeah look at this guy that's full of talent that's been in the league for a while now and you got this guy that's coming off his rookie season didn't embarrass himself didn't look fantastic didn't embarrass himself and he could learn a few pointers he could turn around and look a lot better it's also in this position players look a lot better in her second season and he could learn from a guy that's been around the lake and has played pretty darn well I I hold no hope

you know here's my thing if I saw some promise I can't see okay maybe he can help reach his potential I didn't see the Promise what I think the best is gonna be for him is a reserve spot he comes in especially on passing places he's not a horrible pass rusher I've seen a reserve spot but I I don't his size long term but his size and the way he plays reminds me it looks kind of like okay okay just from Walmart I I don't so I don't see it man I don't I I'm just I'm not a big fan of McFadden like I said I'm just trying to say when you're not rookie I'm just trying to say when you're a rookie and you come in don't be surprised if he makes this uh to a certain job if he starts this year well I'll be surprised but I also and not you'll see my shocked face I wouldn't be surprised but I'm also not expecting of course I'm not expecting [Laughter]

I'm not expecting I I've only missed my period for the last three seconds it was such a Viber into the background it was call my neighbors Acura actually I see someone's compensating in your neighborhood oh let me guess he's like four foot ten just fine uh but yeah like I said we'll see what happens with him overall second year again we do never know in the end but I just that's what I think personally like I said I think preserve guy possibly treating him on the practice squad we seem to be in agreement on that part you just seem to think he has a little more potential than I do yeah I see a little more potential than the downfall like yeah I see more Reserve special kind of area that can make more starts than go into the practice squad I see you again I also I am not surprised if he goes the other way on the Spectrum I think personally if he doesn't excel in special teams he'll be out of the league real quick that's what I think with him well next year we'll tell yes exactly next up we have the giant veterans the guys who feel like they've been playing for us for the last 15 years even though it's only been three

no seriously you know who we're about to talk about don't tell me they don't doesn't feel like they've been a giant forever forever it really does it really does first up Carter Coughlin Get Carter

we went back to Sylvester Stallone um six foot three 236 pounds 25 years old drafted in the seventh round of 2020. last year 17 games zero starts nine tackles seven Silva one fumble recovery and I still think and I didn't look up the stats to see specifics I think that pretty much every tackle he had with special teams that's what he is he's a special teamer pretty much I mean in a pinch you're gonna put him at linebacker and he's called the linebacker but he's a special teamer that's what he is now do you want us to lump the next guy together or do you want to talk about these guys separately because I could easily lump these two together we can love them together because I feel like it's very yeah I think it's a very very similar to the tape here exactly so next up on this list cam Brown six foot five 233 pounds now I gotta say this as well I looked up because I was trying to verify his age I just you know Googled him the first picture of him coming up was in a football uniform kind of um you know we're like you know at the players who nowadays they tuck their jerseys underneath I gotta say this guy has amazing six-pack when his career is up he can do like an eight minute abs himself at that point in video and probably have jabber or something I could not believe I was like oh my God like there's like not an ounce of fat in this kit in that picture I was like this seriously like I need my beer belly needs to learn this trick okay like seriously so cam Brown if you want to come on the show even though we're about to listen I got it absolutely I get that six-pack like he does it's just stuck in the cooler yeah no dude mine's a beer ball I swallowed yeah oh okay I got a cake but yeah so at 25 years old drafting the sixth round of 2020 so they're both drafted right around the same time 17 games zero starts six tackles three solo and again I'm pretty sure every single one of them was on special teams I didn't I don't think I've even seen cam Brown play yeah I want to say that he pretty much was Carter Coughlin I think popped in very a little bit but not me I want to say I think he got that um the film recovery was it I don't know one of those commanders games which commanders the bowl game or the wall commanders or We're not gonna go sorry one of those Washington that Washington State game oh okay okay but here's where I might my dilemma comes with these guys both these guys let us go back real fast okay you know I'm upset but the whole Commander things because I started I finally I used to call them the commanders nothing gosh darn it gosh darn it you're you're gonna get it on YouTube with this profanity there's other things I want to say but I didn't want to get kicked off YouTube but I finally got used to say commanders then I got to come up with a new name I'm saying other things firmly

Washington football team anyway getting upset by that so I think what it boils down to me with both these players that's why I'm saying we can kind of help them together and I'm glad you agreed they're both in the same category for me okay you've been the league three years now you're not a linebacker neither one of you but you're not bad special teamers so it's like what do you do with a player like that because like do you value them on special teams or do you sit there and say I need somebody who can actually pop on the field too so when it comes to that like with these two the two of them like Coughlin I think is one of those guys that I would trust a bit more in the brown to do that but at the same time what was one of our biggest weak points last year linebacker

there's a lot of weak points but one of the biggest parts of the team we've always talked about that secondary back up secretary yes special teams just put it get it right punter yes the planter

Scottish hammer it's more like a rubber mallet yeah uh no I said I I'm with you on the idea of we struggled on special teams in some regards and it's like do you want to take away guys who have shown to be good on coverage teams and stuff like that like these two have but here's the problem I run into is the potential for what you gain by having somebody else who actually plays defense to me at least is most likely going to outweigh what you lose by having somebody else play special teams it's like are we gonna have like let's say they miss one tackle because we didn't have Carter Coughlin or Cam Brown in on the team don't get me wrong could be a touchdown because we give up on the return team don't get me wrong like special teams I'm not trying to own the notion of them being important because they are I hear that so like we said like there's but a certain amount of live actions we want to keep on this field yes and we did the research on it we had five last year um you could even stretch it out to say six if you want because Landing sounds was on was on at one point as as an extra guy as well he's kind of safety slash linebacker but so I would say like would you want to put like my fat in or Davis or even beavers on special teams um I think McFadden could very well go on to special teams I think beavers or Davis could also go onto special teams I don't think either them even if we keep cam brown or car to Coughlin those guys are probably on either way most times unless you're like a star linebacker you are on return teams like I mean you're on the coverage teams because the linebacker is the perfect person to put in fact oh there's a lot of rosters that are reason to keep so many of these linebackers these off-ball linebackers as people call them nowadays I hate that it's middle linebacker I've always called them I'm the old school three four four three guy instead of a three four I said but that's what they call now off ball linebackers the reason a lot of them carried a lot of them is because of this it's it's like you know they want to have these guys who are specifically good at tackling on special teams but to me especially with all the injuries we've had over the years the many many years of injuries I want to have somebody actually can play their position as well so I look at it as like okay I'd rather keep Mike and McFadden than cut or Coughlin and see develop like Rob hopes you know I'd rather like so if we have like so what do I say Okay okay so we got okay okay we got beavers we got Jared Davis automatically on the roster that's three right there so that gives you two maybe three spots so from there we go so right so there we go McFadden right yeah

and then maybe keep one of these guys for special teams possible oh let's try to get it it depends on what you think of the next two guys we're gonna talk about in a minute and to be very Frank We're not gonna have a damn clue until we see these guys in Camp see them in preseason have a better idea of what their capabilities are but I would rather keep a guy who is 22 years old and shows some promise in the preseason than the guy who was 25 years old that we've had in our roster for three years now that hasn't shown a damn thing on actual defense that's where I'm at so it all depends on how well the next couple guys place if they don't play well and you want to keep cut or Coughlin because at least in a pinch you can play him at linebacker but it's really a pinch like you got to be desperate then go for it um but to me you either make these guys reserves or you cut them and you cut bait and you move on because it's not like these are guys that are hard to replace either it's not like you're like oh my God we lost cam Brown our season is over what will we do I don't think anyone is saying that out there I don't think so at all so like I said so let's not hold on to them as if they're gold it's Fool's Gold so alrighty before we get into the next two we got two more linebackers to go over here we got some more comments here uh let's see here Connor is listing a whole bunch of linebackers and Edge players says USA at the end

Mark says McFadden seems too light uh but it's really not though if you think he's like a 232 pounds at least three pounds less than okay okay that's it and he's about to be a huge amount less than somebody we're gonna talk about in a minute so you're gonna be really disappointed in a minute linebackers based on weight uh he says he'd be great as a linebacker on Third and long he is athletic uh honestly I think the athletic guy didn't really want is beavers so we got to see what he does I don't think it's just us that like beepers I think that the coaching staff was kind of really disappointed to get him hurt not just because they don't want any players hurt but because he showed some potential he showed a whole lot more potential than McFadden did when they were both playing in preseason beavers was next to him he looked better hands down a lot so Connor says Daniel's son because we're talking about the Karate Kid there before Deb says McFadden will be selling thumens oh oh that's not even that's like a step down from Coney Island Nathan's Hot Dogs humans hot dogging and then Connor says still can't believe they didn't go get Micah Parsons I was screaming at TV saying get him and they didn't and we took Tony and we knew he was going to be distraction uh yeah I think the Tony pick which obviously was gentleman's last first round pick when you put that in perspective it kind of really sums up you know what the Giants did under under government they made some questionable moves with some questionable people I'm not going to bring up a certain cornerback from Georgia skirt I'm doing Baker DeAndre Baker okay Baker and Tony two absolute wasted first round picks and you cannot waste first round picks in this league not every single one of them needs to be a pro bowler but they need to be a legitimate starters on their team have to be so let's see Mark says I can see McFadden replace Brown and Coughlin as SST special teams yeah I know what he meant I understand the way he did it if he does well in special teams yeah but definitely a possibility there well I I would take him over those two in a heartbeat Connor she's like oh my beer belly the big keg IPA your life beer it that doesn't sound like a leap year if it's a big egg yeah uh Connor says Cowboys shot a lot of Indians I'm offended make them change their name LOL uh Mark says work we are talking about ball beavers and he's bald beavers and he's worried about saying gosh darn it LOL very valid point uh Connor says don't talk bad about the Scottish hammer drill your last warning oh well he knows how I am uh Connor says just went out to take the garbage out and it poured on me I'm all wet how about you ladies LOL Connor this is not a pickup Lounge

I just want to know did you have beavers with you did while it happened were you listening to headphones and was the song Pour Some Sugar On Me coming because onto the radio at that point because that'd be spectacular that just would add to the the whole Mystique of the situation so on to our rookies like I said rookies go at the bottom of the Powell unless you're a starter at that point like like a you know John Michael uh uh schmitzer was an example because he's going to start a center obviously all day long um Troy Brown's first up uh so five foot ten

177 pounds Mark told you about to be disappointed I said that right that was not a mistake 177 pounds guys that was my first year of high school oh that was like my actually I think I graduated high school and still not being that weight which is crazy because I was over six foot easily um so undrafted free agent at Ole Miss this year for um 13 games last year in college obviously I'm giving college stats here 93 tackles five passes defended um one force fumble and half a sack before that he went to actually play over at Central Michigan he said he was uh that that's uh super senior there he got his fifth year over at Ole Miss he played four years in central Michigan was a three-time all-mac so he's had success at two different schools and I'm kind of curious what he doesn't Camp because if you want to talk about an outlier we were worried about Emmanuel Sanders being 166 pounds and played corner this guy's a hundred 177 pounds is that Mark says I show him a six foot of one 220 pounds if I'm looking at the wrong thing I'm going to be ticked off don't show me up Mark we're gonna look that up now um but yeah I mean that's that's an issue there let's see here let's see where he's got him okay now I'm seeing 247 Sports has him at um 200 pounds ESPN has him at 220. um I don't remember with website I got him at 177 pounds here but Sports reference so yeah you got three different spots giving three different wet weights on him all different that's weird yeah that's a weird one the giant spoke so it has another 220 220. so this guy has gained a lot of weight recently that that's that's actually pretty good to see because that's yeah even at the 200 pounds that's light as hell so who knows to Troy Brown gain some weight I could have taught him how to do that very easily he got over to my house come over to my house I'll show you how to gain some weight you won't get any muscle but I mean but still 200 220 pounds either one of those you still like he's still really really light and I'm still looking to see what oh okay here it is so his last year's Central Michigan he was 177 pounds that's what it was he gained 23 pounds before we played her old mister thing

so what are the Giants happening again 220. 220. so this man has gained almost 50 pounds in two years so that's also something to be like um to look out for that's a lot of weight fast that's a lot of weight dude

that's more than creatine even if he's doing all that that affects his joints his movability and his speed yep so all you fight fans out there seriously GSP Dynamite yeah Georgie and Pierre one of the greatest one of the greatest middleweights of all time TNT he he wants to step back and go up a weight class but he wants to do it right he just didn't want to do whatever he took four years off to gain like 15 pounds of salt and muscle okay real quick so people don't think I'm BS in here here it is on camera if it'll ever focus on it Troy Brown can you read that what it says is the way it is you're all blurry Drew there you go 188 Pounds they listed him at 247 Sports listen no what I'm saying is so he's gained that much weight that is legit look at his profile picture oh I see that okay look at look look at this yeah he gained a lot of weight I mean you see the picture here that he had in 247. and this is him at Ole Miss yeah you see it like just he just gained a ton of weight wow that's impressive like I said now what I'm really hoping is I'm boring now I'm just doing that hold on there we go I got myself back in Focus now you see how I did that that's pretty cool no you weren't drunk I was blurry but that's you know part of me says that's a hell of a lot of good work ethic to gain that much weight like 50 pounds in like two years part of me also wonders though how much pasta they have I just I don't know it seems like a lot of weight to add man that seems like a lot of weight so that's that's right that's why I brought in the GSP analogy there yeah it's just

like it takes a lot of time it does it does and that's that's a short amount of time to put in that kind of weight there so I guess the question is going to be is how does he adapt to that kind of weight and you know obviously he had some of that weight well when he was over in Ole Miss but like I said I saw him listed at 200 Ole Miss too so he still put on 20 pounds since then as well that one there we're showing Ole Miss when he first transferred over to 188 Pounds so he's been gaining weight all year long somebody must have told him basically like hey you're not going to make in the NFL at 177 pounds probably what happened there which is right I mean hell if you're a linebacker like you want to be 166 pounds you're gonna have trouble even being a safety yeah let's be very Frank and say he pretty much is safety size

I mean I think he should be late well now now now it is yeah nowadays he's like maybe five ten pounds over for what you'd think of safety is kind of a tweener so like I said we'll have to see what he can bring maybe he's finally our our guy who can cover tight ends that'd be nice look at your face light up be nice but yeah again we'll have to see I don't ever expect much from undrafted free agents it's not to you know say we don't find occasional Victor Cruz in there but those are a few and far in between guys those are a few and far in betweens as much as we love to salsa so I have him as practice squad slash cut I don't see him making the rash this year uh unless he surprises us all which possibility and I would very much love because we talked about it before maybe we keep McFadden and keep maybe Carter Coughlin or Cam Brown uh if Troy Brown replaces cam Brown it makes it very easy on the uniform guy I'm just saying yeah [Laughter] one six foot five one's five for ten it might be a different size uniform they have yeah uh next up we have uh Deontay Johnson uh out of Toledo six foot two 230 pounds 22 years old undrafted free agent this year uh 14 games 109 tackles 66 solo three passes the defended one force fumble two fumble recover three sacks so we talked about him obviously during the uh uh yeah the post raft there as well he was one uh actually it was yeah it was during the post draft so he was one of those guys that has a really good Vision overall but doesn't show up on the Athletics course so the question is is he smart enough to make up for his physical deficiencies with his brain and sometimes guys they are the best players those Scrappy guys the scrappy dues at the NFL oh yes I went through video style I mean it's almost like okay I'm gonna make a jet analogy here I know it sounds weird I'm gonna talk about the Jets for a second this is almost to go back to the 90s would you rather have wink or better or Keyshawn Johnson um wanker bet was the better player Keyshawn was a better Talent yeah and what brains free beats for a loop doing a Jet's one you're like I don't think I'm bringing the Jets in here but no no I mean I did I ordered the jet in for a landing I mean what's the old saying the pen smarter than sword actually

I do all the time somebody's like you have a pan I'm like you can but be careful the pen is mightier than a sword Excalibur I say rare things to work all the time they don't know how to deal with me it is what it is but yeah I mean again I don't hold out much hope for either one of these two guys to do much of anything because they are both undrafted guys but I think in the end if you can put them on the practice squad see if what they develop into or have it be your bottom level guy under roster that maybe just pops mostly on special teams and in a pinch you can put them on defense again I'm cool with that as well so I guess the time will tell as far as you know what happens there but again it's it's a move that I think is going to be very interesting to see overall um you know it's kind of funny I just realized too as well because Mark corrected me on the the weight thing as well like you did he said six foot one I'm seeing here six foot is what I'm seeing as well what do the Giants have Troy Brown at you have the page up I'm gonna go does it say 601 so yeah he's gained some inches is this like a late puberty thing is he growing hair in weird places did he put a couple weights in his socks I don't know I'm kind of curious to look more into this we might have a whole episode on the transition in size of Troy Brown because like he mentioned the Troy Brown The Expatriate wide receiver thinking it was that but no it has said 177 pounds Troy Brown was 190 which is what he put on there uh yeah I'm about to we're gonna find some more on that I think that's kind of interesting to see the transitions I'd expect to have to do a deep dive into the height and weight of an undrafted free agent that I don't expect to even see on the season the whole season potentially wow you just never know where the goofball Show's gonna go so we'll talk about our light ball it's kind of heavy yeah all right guys so let's recap real quick we got so we got the five linebackers we said made the roster last year you can Swatch switch it over to six um Connor says Deontay we just talked about DeAndre Johnson you missed it you weren't taking the garbage again um so again Bobby O'Hara Kay definitely a starter beavers and Jared Davis fighting for that second starting spot there when they do have two because keep in mind sometimes even though it's a three four sometimes you got one middle linebacker and that's it so when there is two Darren B versus Jared Davis fight for that second spot uh Mike and McFadden going between practice squad or Reserve depending on what they see from him in this uh preseason here Carter Coppola and cam Brown either being special teams purely or getting cut because we need the space and Troy Brown and Deontay Johnson both fighting it out basically to either be practice squad guys or to be cut with an outside chance one of them makes it as the last one if we decide to cut feet on both cover coffee and cam Brown yeah I just gave the whole episode 30 seconds that's called a recap that's a recap exactly guys we'll be in the biz with no singing and no goofiness oh yes there's always goofiness oh yes all right let's see we got a couple of uh a couple of comments here Mark says this is two goofballs stop pointing a fish got her [Music] is that wrong and then he says I see him at 601 220 is what we're talking about with the uh yeah I think yeah it's weird I'm still so perplexed by this I want to look more into it uh Connor says she spells fishy if it spills like a fish it's a dish if it tastes where spells like a bad cologne leave it alone oh my and this was Bart talking about Troy Brown the ex patriot-wide receiver thinking maybe I'd gotten that crossed up and no he said it was and it's weird like I said he's obscene different heights different weights that's weird um and Marcus that's a lot of beavers LOL yes Deontay Johnson Connor saying and then he says turn around

uh anyway alrighty guys so again tomorrow night we're gonna have for you guys the uh update on what's going on as far as Giants news and the OTAs and the mini camp here that they're doing okay keep in mind guys this is voluntary mini camp there's no pads on there's no offense versus defense this is mostly people shooting around in the dark Bay sleep and the media members that are able to go there and the stuff they see in pictures so like I said halfway street football yeah so we're basically going to give you guys what people have been trying to stretch out into multiple episodes into one because in the end there is not going to be a ton to talk about there'll be enough to talk about to do one episode We're Not Gonna shut your mouth yes he scored a touchdown look at that throw yes almost a perfect spiral he would have caught that even with pads on yeah

right so okay guys it's good to know this information because it gives you a heads up of what's going to potentially happen this season here but we're not gonna drag it out we're gonna do one simple episode keep it simple we'll do occasional episodes on giving you guys up to date what's going on with these mini camps and OTAs and all um so I said we're gonna do that for you guys next what I'm gonna do after that is Rob and I are going to talk and we're going to figure out which way to go depending on because we're pretty much done here as far as going over the position groups that have really changed there's really isn't much more to go over as far as that so we have two different ideas we're tossing around here for you guys so we might spend one episode uh on our Long Snapper oh yes and also what was that other team's episode yeah what was the other what was the position always Fest up the Scottish Hammer uh I think that I think we're talking about it yeah the Gunner oh yes the Gunners yeah let's put it outside uh if I hear one more personal but I think the Gunner was why the Scottish Hammer sucked last year the Gunner did not make him kick into the end zone every goddamn time oh my gosh anyway anyway like I said we'll we'll talk about that Rob and I and then we'll let you guys know uh what we're gonna do next after that as Mark says do positional coaches [Laughter] like I said we had no we legitimate guys we have two different ideas that I think you guys actually really like um I think ideas that'll get you guys really good when I think we'll have some good conversation on I'm leaning towards one and I want to say which one it is because I want to see what Rob says oh well I want to get you involved as well I don't want to be like saying and then we're stuck doing what I said at that point it's the two giant goofballs it's not one and a half Giant goofballs that elephantitis goofballs the elephantitis don't mock me I mean I don't have that anyway so guys appreciate you guys listening in today I guess I'll be back on tomorrow night here for you for the final episode um he says what about giant New York Giant cheerleaders yes or no we don't have cheerleaders

yeah no chillers yeah we should have them if they choose to do it if they choose to shake around we're wearing tiny efforts that's their decision and I support their decision and Rob Squall will soon just support their decision as well [Laughter] thank you very much for listening again appreciate having you all on again thank you again to uh John S Anderson Jr for sponsoring the show here today and how did he sponsor the show well simple he went to buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two giant goofballs again that's buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two giant goofballs that's the number two not the actual word again guys we are live every Monday Wednesday and Thursday night here on Facebook YouTube Twitter twitch and my LinkedIn profile and again if you want to go ahead and join us live again it's nine Eastern Standard Time on Monday Wednesday and Thursday if you cannot catch us live that's fine we won't hold it against you for long but you are be able to watch afterwards of course on all those different platforms as well I always tell people if you want to go ahead and join in the fun like everybody else been commenting along with us here go either to YouTube or Facebook that's usually the easiest way so we can see everything here on the sidebar that we have on our screen in front of us uh also if you prefer the audio version or if you're listening on audio hello you in the future um we're a course live uh I'm sorry we're not live I'm sorry we're gonna be of course on every single podcast platform pretty much known to man uh usually I have that up for you guys here within an hour of the live show ending try to get up there pretty quickly so that way it's nice and download and ready to go for you for that morning drive the next day when you try to calm yourself and not try to kill your boss so that's they're ready to go for you guys again thank you everybody much for listening in we will see you all again tomorrow night and then always giant fans don't leave me

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