2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Assessing the NY Giants' Offensive Line Post-Draft & Free Agency

May 22, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 127
Assessing the NY Giants' Offensive Line Post-Draft & Free Agency
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
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2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Assessing the NY Giants' Offensive Line Post-Draft & Free Agency
May 22, 2023 Episode 127
Drew & Rob

Welcome to "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" hosted by Drew and Rob! Join these dynamic hosts as they delve into the state of the New York Giants' offensive line in their latest episode, "Assessing the NY Giants' Offensive Line Post-Draft & Free Agency."

In this highly anticipated installment, Drew and Rob provide a comprehensive analysis of the Giants' offensive line following the eventful NFL draft and free agency period. As Andrew Thomas enters his fifth year in the league, the hosts examine his growth and the impact he's poised to make on the Giants' offensive front. Listen closely as they discuss Thomas' progression, highlighting his journey from a rookie with immense potential to a key pillar of the Giants' offensive line.

But the excitement doesn't end there! Drew and Rob shift their focus to Evan Neal, a promising young talent entering his second season with the Giants. With his remarkable size and athleticism, Neal brings a fresh dynamic to the team's offensive line. Tune in to gain valuable insights on how Neal's skills can elevate the Giants' blocking schemes, and discover the potential impact he can have on the field.

Join the hosts as they analyze the addition of rookie John Michael Schmitz at center, providing a crucial anchor to the Giants' offensive line. Schmitz's role in directing the offensive front and facilitating strong pass protection and run-blocking strategies cannot be overlooked. Drew and Rob discuss his potential contributions and the challenges he may face as a rookie in the NFL.

In this episode, Drew and Rob also examine the overall depth and potential rotations within the Giants' offensive line unit, considering the impact of free agency acquisitions and draft selections. They provide insights on how the offensive line's chemistry and cohesion will play a pivotal role in the team's success.

Whether you're a passionate Giants fan seeking in-depth analysis or an avid follower of the NFL, this episode of "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" is a must-listen. Expect a thought-provoking discussion filled with strategic breakdowns, player evaluations, and engaging banter. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the Giants' offensive line, from Andrew Thomas' pivotal fifth year to Evan Neal's promising second season and the rookie impact of John Michael Schmitz. Tune in now and join the conversation!

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Show Notes Transcript

Welcome to "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" hosted by Drew and Rob! Join these dynamic hosts as they delve into the state of the New York Giants' offensive line in their latest episode, "Assessing the NY Giants' Offensive Line Post-Draft & Free Agency."

In this highly anticipated installment, Drew and Rob provide a comprehensive analysis of the Giants' offensive line following the eventful NFL draft and free agency period. As Andrew Thomas enters his fifth year in the league, the hosts examine his growth and the impact he's poised to make on the Giants' offensive front. Listen closely as they discuss Thomas' progression, highlighting his journey from a rookie with immense potential to a key pillar of the Giants' offensive line.

But the excitement doesn't end there! Drew and Rob shift their focus to Evan Neal, a promising young talent entering his second season with the Giants. With his remarkable size and athleticism, Neal brings a fresh dynamic to the team's offensive line. Tune in to gain valuable insights on how Neal's skills can elevate the Giants' blocking schemes, and discover the potential impact he can have on the field.

Join the hosts as they analyze the addition of rookie John Michael Schmitz at center, providing a crucial anchor to the Giants' offensive line. Schmitz's role in directing the offensive front and facilitating strong pass protection and run-blocking strategies cannot be overlooked. Drew and Rob discuss his potential contributions and the challenges he may face as a rookie in the NFL.

In this episode, Drew and Rob also examine the overall depth and potential rotations within the Giants' offensive line unit, considering the impact of free agency acquisitions and draft selections. They provide insights on how the offensive line's chemistry and cohesion will play a pivotal role in the team's success.

Whether you're a passionate Giants fan seeking in-depth analysis or an avid follower of the NFL, this episode of "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" is a must-listen. Expect a thought-provoking discussion filled with strategic breakdowns, player evaluations, and engaging banter. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the Giants' offensive line, from Andrew Thomas' pivotal fifth year to Evan Neal's promising second season and the rookie impact of John Michael Schmitz. Tune in now and join the conversation!

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All Episodes are shot LIVE with fan interactions on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, & Twitch

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Welcome to 2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giant podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax W that person driving on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob compel goofball is the two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by Ami alright let's get it talking oh it's a talking talking time it's a talking time so as I sent out to all the different Facebook groups today is basically all about is the offensive line still offensive oh oh that's a good pun I think I think it's a good point oh yes the same word different pronunciation [Laughter] offensive line yes so yeah it's been a basically a thorn in the Giants Fan's sides for how many years to the point where we're tired of getting poked here it's like we're getting poked more in the pillsborough Doughboy over here by this thing it's like yeah it's it's been how many years since we've had a good offensive line it feels like it's closer to a decade it's been more I feel like I feel like it's been like since that second Super Bowl was kind of the last hurray of that group yeah and that was 2011 so you're talking now 2023 we're talking 12 years we got a Dozen Years here now of mediocrity to horrendous in the offensive lines so the question is there's become a baker's dozen who now I want some donuts

so let's get right into the biggest non-question Mark of this offensive line and that is the man the myth the legend the man with the greatest first name on this line Andrew Thomas six foot five 315 pounds still just 24 years old Believe It or Not uh fourth overall pick in 2020 16 games 16 starts should have been a pro bowl or I'll put that on my notes because the damn it she should have been a pro bowler absolutely should have been um second Team all pro wasn't a pro bowler if that doesn't make much sense yeah so you're the second best that you're positioned in the league but you're not good enough for the pro bowler that the Pro Bowl that has sent a backup quarterback in the AFC I'm just saying messed up and just proved positive that the Pro Bowl really doesn't matter same as Evan Ingram being said a few years ago is proof positive I mean

we got a first comment here from NFL zero nine one one what's up guys Mark montavo here uh on YouTube instead of Facebook hey what's up Mark good to see you man how are we doing I definitely would not have guessed that was you based on that name no

put the names like that and go like start fights with yourself on social media on these 10 things it'd be kind of funny duck season rapid season duck season so

Andrew Thomas also this week was named to pff's top 25 players under 25 years old so

oh I see what he did here

NFL that's what he did in his name he said sound it out LOL oh I see what you did I see what you did there too smart for the goofballs by the goofballs so I think the only question with Andrew Thomas is can he repeat the kind of performance he gave last year and is this now what we should expect out of him every single year and the nice thing is is that you can look at the prior year to that his third year in the league and you know I'm sorry he's uh yes sorry second year in the league and go okay this man really improved and stepped up and became an above average tackle now his third year he comes in and you know just lights it up basically and becomes one of the best tackles in all the football there's a progression it wasn't like he came out of nowhere and had a career season there was a natural progression of talent so because of that I think this is the Andrew Thomas that we're gonna have basically for as long as we have Andrew Thomas and he stays the top of his game and far in his house that's what I'm saying as long as he stays the top of his game Turf monster can't get him

hopefully we got the new Turk just in time Turf monster did not get did not remain undefeated Andrew Thomas he's won uh so yeah I mean you can't say enough good things about the guy anchor of the line absolute beast and past protection run blocking uh a guy that also let's not forget has played against a hodgepodge of who's at at the left guard position so it's not he's even had any kind of stability uh next to him it's not like he's had any kind of great player next to him it's been a hundred percent this is just how good he is yeah it's I mean good like you said you see I had a rotating door and yeah I left guard it's index them so it's like he's gotta pick up the slack yep I don't know how many left left guards he's played his entire uh you know career but I kind of be curious that stat I think one year I was like nine in like one season it was ridiculous I mean and I think that was actually not this past season but the year before because they had so many guys play the position uh you know and it was just like every week the guy would get hurt whoever played left guard we should have known better than put Nick Gates here that's the position everybody got hurt so but I mean like I said he just played he's played next to so many people and we've talked about we you know discussed o-line in general consistency is key you get to know who's next to you you make motions based on what that person next to you tends to do he's never had that never no just imagine how much better he'll look with oh yes sound and that's why the left guard position is one of the most important positions on this offense right now because we don't know who's going to win we'll get into that in a second we don't know how good the position is going to be and that person looking good is going to make Andrew Thomas look that much better so yeah as uh Mark says quiet giant just goes to work and dominates yeah I mean he's he's that guy he's that lunch pail guy we talk about that kind of phrase but old school behind me like he just goes to work he shuts up he never complains

hell yeah like give me some help help me help you I just want to play that much better for you guys yeah he helped as Marco said how much better would he be if he had a LG steadily yeah if he had an actual left guard he could count on you know he's going to be there be that guy um but it doesn't even have to be a lights out best card out there he used to be like a good above average guard that he could trust yeah who can be on the field and knock it out yeah it doesn't sound like asking that much it really doesn't no apparently it is apparently it is so if that gets us on to the left guard position the one of the one of the best possible Camp battles we're gonna have here at left guard probably right up there with the the battle for the second safety position probably those are the two biggest battles we're gonna have here in Camp number one my personal Victor of this battle and I'll hear from you rob in a second and see what you think as far as that but I think it's going to go to Ben bredesen um the guy we traded for a couple years ago um from the Ravens the other guys who they want to win I just think Ben's a little better I want to see the other guy I want to give too much here keep you guys some suspense as if you don't know as if you don't know but if you haven't followed this team yeah

yeah uh if you don't follow the know who we drafted last year um so Ben brettison um six foot five 315 pounds so same size as Andrew Thomas um still also just 25 years old so still young guy fourth round pick by the Ravens in 2020 last year 11 games eight Stars he's got nine career starts overall um and I think he just played very well and he was starting to get on a roll especially ironically enough against the Ravens was the game that I was like okay wow he was good uh yeah I mean it basically was I mean so I look at him and say he probably is the guy who should be the starter based on the current information we have I could very well see start see tape and camp and change my mind 100 based on how the next guy looks but as of right now with the current information based on how they played last year Ben bredesen to me is the better player and will probably get potentially some comments that aren't so nice about that because there's a lot of guys who do not want Ben Burleson to win and I think they're kind of hedging their bets because they don't expect him to win because let's be honest if you are Joe Shane and Brian dabel you want the guy that you drafted to be the starter that's not to say they'll sacrifice the team for the betterment of their own egos no but in the end that's what they would prefer because it goes okay look here's this schlub that that that Dave gettelman traded for because he had no other option we're gonna put him on the bench the guy that we drafted that's the guy that's the guy who's gonna develop that's what they want to happen yeah and I I see it is person from what we saw was the better option but I I wouldn't be surprised if this guy comes here towards in a year and takes a starting job let's see yes Mark says bredesen was the best o o line last year not named Andrew Thomas he was consistent uh I don't even know who I picked my second one to be honest you got one Rob ah it's hard to say because the rest of the line just wasn't that good yeah it was yeah they were kind of it really wasn't I mean I think he might be right on that I hate to say it because I don't think Ben brettis is the guy you should say is your second best lineman any year he's just not he's I mean I think he should win the starting job based on what I have now that doesn't mean he's a really good player I think he can be an average guard

so yeah I agree Mark Olson he looks like he's doppelganger by side headshot if bredesen and Bruce Matthews his doppelganger do a side by side a brighter Center Bruce Matthews doppelganger okay Bruce Matthews of course legendary offensive lineman um I'd have to look at that I don't I don't I can't say I know off the top of my head what Bruce looks like to be honest with you um if you put on a cowl perhaps with some pointy ears and fought crime I would look like of course but regular Bruce Matthews I'm just not so sure right now he can walk by me the streets probably wouldn't even know who he is um hate to say it but I'll say it alrighty wow on to the next guy that's the second possibility I left guard Josh zoodoo [Music] performing that hoodoo that you do six foot four or 325 pounds finally somebody a different size yeah 23 years old drafted in the third round just last year as we mentioned in 2022 10 games last year played two starts in that uh obviously battled a little injury obviously so it had been bredesen that's kind of the story of basically the entire Giants is injury after injury after injury um as Conor chimes in hey Connor what's up man he says I think it's offensive to talk bad about our offensive line

uh but so Joshua zoodoo we knew him when we drafted him as to be a project and I don't mean like a long-term project because he's still a third round guy but he was a guy that we knew we had to do some work on some of his motions some of his his work overall and his footwork um and now he's into here too he was injured part of last year you hope he takes that step you hope he does all the work in the offseason the Giants told him to do because let's be very Frank as much as people always talk about oh well the Giants can't talk to players during certain parts of the year and can't do this and can't coach them and blah blah blah they give them a freaking booklet I guarantee you at the end of the day 100 this people guarantee you this is your workout for March this is your diet you will follow this this is what you're doing this is what I want you to do it's like you know they're talking to their personal trainers I was about to say we can't talk to the players but they can talk to the trainers they can talk to all the guys the nutritionists like exactly all the people that we wish we could afford to have yeah foreign

it's all a matter of does he did he work on that stuff did he get better and can he now beat out Ben bredesen for that starting job it wouldn't shock me again we talked about this a minute ago if you are Shane sorry Shane if you are Joe Shane better say shant from you if you worship and uh you know and Brian dabel you want your guy you drafted to win the job but he's gonna have to earn it especially because he's not a rookie deal he's in the second year they still got two more years of him cheap yeah it's not going to be given to him now you can't you can't expect that either yeah no yeah it's it's definitely not uh Connor says I'm very defensive when they talk bad about our defensive line big blue Wrecking Crew with the blue heart and Mark says glad we're on the same page and not saying you at left guard lemieu and pert gotta go we're gonna get to them in a minute Mark but yeah I think you're gonna like our answer I'm just gonna I'll I'll say that I'll leave you in suspense yeah I like how I threw the hand thing with that suspense this is the things you miss guys if you're on audio and you don't get to see suspense jazz hands over here yes she has hands nope get me started to a musical version of anything I will do it uh can you imagine drafted the musical that'd be fun

no one went to his birthday party

he was a schmuck

but yeah so I think in the end listen Joshua is not that far behind for bredeson last year so he very well could I think take him you know take over his spot there I'll say this though as far as it's going to be very simply whoever wins gets a starting job whoever loses is going to be the you know the top Reserve guard We have basically on the roster and keep in mind Joshua has played tackle before Ben bredesen has played has talked about playing set I don't think he actually played ever but he talked about playing Center and he was practicing in case he had the play center this off season so both those guys do give you also some added versatility so like let's say for example if you know not trying to put this out of the world We're not gonna we're knocking on wood here I think this desk is wood let's say the next guy we're gonna talk about here Schmitz gets injured bredesen would go down if he won the starting job the center and azudoo would step in a left guard these are the things that are going to see at that point so I still think Joshua if he doesn't win the starting job we'll probably get some playing time we'll probably get some some starts this season still at that point because again that's the plan that's the progression you want him to be beat out for the job eventually um you may also need him for the right side of the line next season so who knows as uh as Mark says Burleson can go right card we'll talk about that in a minute Mark stop going ahead you're going ahead wrong position jumping the gun here oh dear oh no he's got a gun no no Janie's Got a Gun Janie bricks got a gun I love that movie you ever you know what we're going to talk about at home right yeah you really have is Chris Evans in that right yeah Captain America or he grew up in high school yeah uh so Mark says great minds think alike LOL remember bark messed up once Dude too I'm just saying yeah I guess because we agree to me we're great minds it just means we're in agreement so on to Center where I think we it's pretty obvious who is going to be the starter here because let's be very Frank he's one of only two actual starters so one of just two centers we have on the roster uh on top of that we drafted him very early on he is supposed to the top Center in the draft even if he wasn't the first one taken haha Jets so losers use her I well honestly I think they took Joe tipman because the fact he can play guard our Center where Schmitz is purely a center they'll start hitman at guard after the Jets this year moving to Center next year mark my words not that Mark that's in the comments section yeah

so yeah John Michael Schmidt's uh six foot four 310 pounds 24 years old you notice the theater this whole thing we're doing here nobody has been older than 25 so far

that's really young for an offensive line that's pretty amazing that that says we can give a chance for this whole entire line to actually gel perhaps that'd be nice we can gel I mean we gel them like Magellan over here gem like Magellan so keep in mind he's never played in the NFL he's gonna have his Growing Pains so I don't want people to sit there and say oh we got the best center in the draft he's gonna be an All-Pro blah blah blah blah I just wanted to be an average Center this year yeah let them grow let them develop That's All my expectations are be an average Center show me growth throughout the year you're gonna struggle in the beginning that's life this is not an easy position to step into in the NFL especially Center we talk about tackle being difficult keep in mind the centers are the ones looking out at the defense calling things out and stuff like that they have to be so in sync with the rest of the line and also with the quarterback it's not even funny that's a much more difficult job to play that position that I think most people ever give a credit for even within the NFL circles because let's be frank Center for some people is an afterthought it's like oh we need a center oh can you snap the ball yeah I know you play guard usually or tackle but can you snap the ball um but again the short Snapper the first team All-American at Minnesota and I think he's a really good player I think the one thing is I hope and I think they will because that's the Giants Mo at least with you know as of last year I hope the Giants just put him in a situation to succeed by preventing him from having to do things he's not good at which for the most part is just going in motion running down the field he is the sit your butt down and do your job right where you're at kind of guy yeah minus the city he doesn't actually sit well he squats down a little bit to get into positions but yeah like I said I I think he has the potential to be an above average Center in this league over time I just want again because he's a rookie my goal is just be an average Senate this year if you are an average Center and Andrew Thomas is Andrew Thomas and whoever's at left guard is an average left guard that's a good start when you got two people on the left side average and one one of the best in the NFL I know it sounds weird to be happy with mediocrity I know it does but you can't have pro bowlers at every position that is life I mean also looking at the retaining door we had in that position they were rotating it more than one way rotating people in and out rotating defenders in and out so it's we have two guys consistently playing next you travel three at this point we're talking about is a better situation to be in we're above uh you know average players will look above average if you're down with the person next time and keep in mind as well that I think Schmitz is smart enough not to get penalties that are causes games against the Commanders oh yes I'm calling in John Feliciano at one last time I screw you you cost us the win you made us get a tie and I'm ticked off about it do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars exactly into my rent for John Feliciano Good luck in San Francisco have some Rice-A-Roni

on to the right guard position and the Right Guard the starter is obviously going to be Mark Lewinsky um the old man of the group he is six foot four 310 pounds 31 years old 31 like this man is one step away from his AARP card for the NFL he is drafted in the fourth round by the Seattle Seahawks in 2015. 16 games last year 16 starts 90 starts overall for his career 16 with the Seahawks 55 at the Colts and obviously the 16 with us last year I'll say this he was a disappointment for me last year but I'm not ready to give up on him and the main reason why is because if you watch the tape that we watched when we first signed him this off season and looked at what he did when he was with the Indianapolis Colts he was a freaking Beast with them he was their second best lineman possibly you could say they had um because keep in mind the whole reason that run game was so good for so long with Indianapolis wasn't just the fact that they had Jonathan Taylor it's they had the best Garden football in Nelson they had one of the best centers in football and one of the best right guards at least run blocking in the NFL and that's Mark Lewinsky now put him against a struggling rookie and a guy that below average we'll say with Feliciano it wasn't horrendous last year but he was below average I think that's fair to say

yeah and we talked about this with Andrew Thomas and not having a guy next to you that plays at least okay with consistency affects how you play now imagine being stuck between those two um don't tell me that's not gonna affect your play Oh 100 says especially because you're probably shifting to the right to help out the guy we're to talk about next quite often quite often as Mark took the words right out of my mouth there Neil hurt him as well that's exactly what I'm saying so I'm not ready to give up on him and I'm not willing to give him a free pass for last year either at the same point I want to see what he does this year so we can decide the long-term you know future of him as a giant and that's also going to keep in mind that's going to depend still on what happens with bredesen and and uh you know Zulu because those guys are younger those guys are cheaper and it would not Shock me at all if those guys do well that Lewinsky plays this year out and just goes off to his Happy Trails of the next place there because it's not going to happen this year no matter what so he have he's got a cap number right now of 8.35 million dollars if we cut him that increases to 8.65 so we have to pay 300 000 to let him go yeah no yes yeah that's that's what's exactly that uh Connor said I think it's better to take advantage of younger cheap guy than invest in injury-prone older vets gotta build a team not rehab and hope the one thing I'll say with that Connor is glinsky has been rather healthy for much of his career the question is for how much longer but again he's going to be 32 next year in the off season it's not going to be 42. he's got another three four five years before he really hits the old man old man of the offensive line numbers there keep in mind they play longer they play to their late 30s a lot of times as a guard it's just when you're 31 you're next to guys you're at 23 24 25 yeah you seem old yeah let's call what it is now me I seem ancient I'm 40. so I seem freaking ancient dinosaur yeah next to glowinsky I'm a dinosaur even so

so like I said I'm I I'm cautiously optimistic that he will have a better year because I was really disappointed in him last year

disappointed in you yeah disappointed he wasn't even mad he was just disappointing just go through your room but I think in the end the guys next to him affected him I think he moved off to help Evan Neil a lot and I think while it's not an excuse it's part of the issue so yeah there's better players next to him he can focus on himself in his own job and that can really help him to be a better player next year she also get like we said before you had to go help out evania but he also if you're giving help to Evan Neo that puts more stress on Feliciano in the hole between them yeah and it really kind of compiles and he's going over to help Feliciano out and Neil is stuck on the island yeah so it really messed him up and I think going to this year and we'll talk about it vanilla too but I think he's next I got more potential for him this year yeah more hope let's go into him then Eva Neal six foot seven 360 pounds that's a big guy yeah let's just like focus on that for a second here we talked about Andrew Thomas six foot five 315 pounds big guy big guy six foot seven 360 pounds now to put this in perspective evaniel is my height with 100 pounds added on he's like a small car it's he's not even a small car he's a small bus he's like one of those v-dub buses that you know the history Ninja Turtles Drive yeah so 22 years old seventh overall pick obviously last year 13 games played last year 13 starts he had the three games he missed with injury he had the one game they skipped out because none of the starters played against the Eagles in that last game obviously still in the rookie deals are pretty cheap and the question comes into B is what should we expect and I think the real big question comes in to be is obviously when you come in as a seventh overall pick there's very high standards we have for what we expect from you in the long term I think again in the short term you give them some some slack and you let me see what happens but Evan Neal had a really bad year as a rookie then again so to Andrew Thomas but Eva Neal had a really bad year as a rookie and it makes me sit there and go should I be happy with above average and not expect him to become Elite for now for now but once again this is Rookie year so this is the year where you start seeing these guys develop a little more and see if they could actually play um I think

I think also

him going through some troubles also like we just said before uh Bridge Over Troubled Water yeah gowinsky I had to go over and help him if you know Feliciano wasn't doing his job you know once he went out to help him out leaving like I said in the other Island I think there were some rookie pains there oh there definitely was yeah I I see him shaking a lot of that off yeah and he looks like a Workhorse he's also build a Workhorse but he's massive man so like I I do have but the issue with him wasn't his strength it was his speed he was beating no no quite often I think a lot of that was his mechanics and his footwork were off um he obviously worked with Billy Anderson the former uh Bengal in the offices we talked about that earlier in the year yeah I was I wasn't even saying like it was his workouts I got I think he's gonna do the drilling in the off season and put in the time

uh but again I think he'll do the work to make a big difference and you know Mark brings up the point that I was about to bring up he says it seems the speed of NFL rushers heard him with his size he can lose 20 pounds gain quickness and still would be a large offensive tackle and that's 100 not to mention the fact that he probably would have a longer career because you play a 370 360 pounds like that and that's going to put a lot of strain on your hips your knees heart your ankle goals well I'm just talking about as far as your joints right now I mean the heart's a hold of the thing but that's an issue I mean trust me I'm at 40 years old and 260 pounds at his height and I have every knee joint issue known to man I mean my knees I have to say there's some weekends and like stretching my legs out just to prevent the pain as best I can so trust me like you're just talking trust me I'm waiting just a couple of years to get some new knees get some bionic knees that's what happened modern science it's like a change in a door you're being out in a day exactly I'm just waiting for the ones that make you stronger faster once those come out I'm done with the go go gadget knees do do but yeah I mean I think as I said I think that should be our goal this year for him be a above average tackle you don't have to be amazing just be consistent be amazing year three that's that's the expectation then but be an above average but guy be a guy we can count on to just do your job

yeah you know so we'll have to see what happens there but that's the most important position on this offensive line because I think how good or bad he is will determine probably our end result of whether this is a very good offensive line because you have a very good tackle you'll have an average interior line you'll have a yeah do you have an above average tackle do you have a below average tackle yeah because that'll determine how good this offensive line is in the end well I mean we definitely upgrade at the center position as well oh yes I was very happy to see Schmidt's fall yes yes out of the buffet life alrighty so let's talk about the reserves now we already talked about this the six guys the the uh the the four obvious starters and the two guys that'll be in that the battle for the left guard position there obviously those guys all make the roster no doubt on my mind yeah yeah like most like most of those guys are either on rookie deals or guys we can't cut and goinski's case because of money so yeah they're all going to be on there so let's get into the backups here

in the tackle position Tyree Phillips six foot five 344 pounds another big guy met a young guy oh they're all going to be young I mean that's that's the nice of it we we only have the one guy I'm double checking the roster here yeah we only have one guy above the age of 27. and that's mark golinski that's a good thing um so so again Tyree Phillips six and five 344 pounds 26 years old drafted in the third round of 2020 by the Ravens we just pick up all the Ravens mid-round picks pretty much uh 12 games five starts last year uh 18 career starts overall uh he's got a salary of 1.01 million dollars and there's no dead cash base if we cut them uh I guess the big question is do the Giants feel like anybody else is going to be on this list is it better backup than him I don't personally think that's gonna happen uh there's always the possibility we pick somebody off the waiver wire that can be a swing tackle and be you know better than Phillips I wouldn't say Phillips lights the world up but I also wouldn't say that he embarrasses himself either he was okay as a as a starter in the couple games he had to you know pop in for Evan Neal after Neil got hurt in the Jacksonville game there uh but the running game also took a big hit so the question is was Evan Neil that much better of a run blocker or was it also the fact that we didn't have you know obviously Daniel Bellinger those games either because he was sitting with his eye injury I don't know but the fact that we struggled to run in general leads me to believe it's Bellinger

could be because it didn't matter what side sequan went somebody was there to stop him yeah I mean he did not do well those couple with a couple weeks that Bellinger was out that's for sure there was definitely 100 on what kind of Runner he was Bellinger is that good of a run blocker and I can't speak enough positive about it because I feel bad for the guy he has a good rookie year and we're like that's good I didn't get well former All Pro yeah let's get the top three guy into positions damn it I had a good year leave me alone I was sneaky good uh

so yeah uh I think Tyree Phillips though will be end up being our swing tackle it's not going to be set in stone again there'll be other guys who will fight for the position but based on the current information we have I think he'll probably be the swing tackle yeah yeah I think and Mark asked Deborah Hamilton possibly guess what next up is DeVry Hamilton six foot six 311 pounds 25 years old born in Deutschland have to bring that up I thought that was interesting I think I probably knew that at some point but I was researching for this episode I rediscovered it because I'm thinking I probably forgot it uh American though he wasn't he wasn't he's not German just happened to his American family was over in Germany when he was born so uh grew up there for another two as well so uh undrafted for chocolate

what's that Agusta from uh Willy Wonka oh there's golf no it wasn't good yeah it wasn't a gusta crops or something like that I don't know the kid was a total glutton ah one of his names it got stuck in the tube yeah I forgot his name someone in the comment section help us out of here what's the point having a comments section if they can't help yeah once in a while

but yeah undrafted free agent in 2021 originally picked up by the Raiders uh last year nine games overall he appeared in no starts he's got no career starts overall which is the main reason why I think he's got a leg down instead of leg up um and the competition there to be a swing tackle just doesn't have experience I mean eventually you have to get experience to get experience don't get me wrong so it all depends on how they play in Camp but 870 000 salary this year with no dead cap if we cut them I think that will look to go ahead and stash him again on the practice squad where he did spend some of his time last year as well and I think if there's an injury at all on the offensive line and they can pull another guy up I think that's the guy that they could look to pull up and I think he'd do it I don't think this is the guys in demand they're like oh my God Deborah Lee Hamilton I can't believe they exposed him to the practice squad waivers yeah oh God no our offensive line is now complete Hamilton oh wait I'm Alexander not Alexander so but yeah like I said I think I think that's what you'll see I think you'll see him there we go Deb Shadow tab for the win there Augustus Gloop that's it that's the guy's name I'll go upstairs group

the snozzberries taste like snozberries

someone told me that was actually a reference to something else the schnozzberry

rather adult oh I always took it as snazz berries no apparently it was something adult I don't know that's what I was told I'm not oh God Connor says oh good you're still here I nodded off what did I miss LOL you just missed so much Connor we said nice things about you tackle

we're cutting Andrew Thomas for Augustus Gloop um next next stop Matt perk six foot seven 318 pounds 25 years old third pick in 2020 nine games last year no starts six career starts overall and he probably has the best second best I should say starting uh uh experience and playing experience overall at the Tactical position as far as the backups go but I don't know I'm done with the pert experiment are you done just about I mean yeah I'm not even just about like let's use them as the camp body let's move on I'm just done I'm done you know it's like we've had this guy for years now he was supposed to be this wiry long-armed crazy bastard who's supposed to just be able to block everybody and it's just I'm done the guy couldn't even beat Nate Soldier why is he still here um and there's all kinds of comments he doesn't practice well and all this kind of stuff part of that I think is BS I think he outplayed Soldier when he got the chance actually when they're both on the field uh when when uh Thomas got hurt there a couple years ago but I'm just I'm done you've had multiple coaching staffs you've had multiple years to prove you can do it and you just haven't been able to do it and if we cut your sorry butt we save 1.09 million dollars in cap space only eat 208 cap space overall but that's included in the number I gave so we saved 1.09 million dollars in cap space that's enough to go against somebody else that could eventually be a better backup that's enough to maybe you know sign a practice squad guy that somebody that's close like you know I mean it's just I'm done I'm absolutely done with Matt Burt I don't want anything less no purpose no purpose don't you get the 201 no I don't care I don't care everybody makes it through one nowadays no purples I mean are you on a different page Am I Wrong Am I way off base here or no I mean for my two negative you're always think of true uh I'm not always negative I'm positive about my negativity yeah this is true I could see him find him you know a spot on the practice squad as Mark says yes done yes uh here's my thing the only reason why I don't want to put him on the practice squad is because he's 25 years old we've seen enough over him in a couple years to know what he is I really want to reserve practice squad for guys that are young undrafted free agents try to find a diamond in the rough for us you know the the the Cave of Wonders would say a diamond in the Ryman then the rough like I want a guy who is got potential I don't see potential in in Matt pert I see a guy that's failed multiple times and I'm just done

yeah I mean you're not wrong on to the next one I'm dating I'm beating this dead horse

so we got map part a cut next up Corey Cunningham six foot six 305 pounds 28 years old seventh round pick out of the Cardinals in 2018. last year just one game for us overall zero starts six career starts overall um he's got a salary of 940k with no dead cap hit so we can cut him save close to a million dollars um I have him and I know I said a minute ago practice squad slash cut uh I've said it'll cut for a perk because I'm just done he's too old at this point I have Corey Cunningham as a practice squad slash cut kind of guy because if let's say hypothetically again it's knocking wood I'm knocking just in case just in case if there's an injury to the tackle position whether it be Thomas or Neil you got Tyree Phillips then goes up to be your starter and who are you gonna put you're gonna put Beverly Hamilton now to be your swing tackle that moves Corey Cunningham to the person you want to be up now to your practice squad so if there's an injury I can see him sneaking onto the practice squad otherwise I'm cutting them I'm done I'm 28 years old you've had her shot yeah okay Dave Coulier

so that saves us right now we just saved two million dollars by the way in the cap there we go too shabby that's not too shabby I like savings okay this is like this is like clearance shopping here like okay Blue Light Special yes like when we get that receipt at the end of Kohl's and they just told us that we spent 500 but saved two thousand seven hundred on our items that are worth 500.

uh calls I'm not buying your pack of tube socks for 10 10 that I bought but you try to originally charge 60 for I know you won the ten dollars I know it's what you want it was 10 all along but you got me because it looks like I'm saving money then I got Kohl's cash you get me a second time God damn you cool yeah no I don't know maybe it's different in Jersey maybe you can answer this question here and anybody else in the comments section that likes to go shopping as well because my wife loves shopping at Kohl's I should say um and I think in the end I think Kohl's is dying dude it's not the same you go in there now and it's just there's something like depressing about it it's almost like when you went to a Kmart 10 years ago um I have not seen her or anything so I also have you been to cause in a while yeah see exactly exactly I mean the problem is you know you got everyone has online ordering and they're making a kill in online ordering too well that's why they're that's why they're working hand in hand with Amazon yeah see I'm also a weird [ __ ] says Cole's got very expensive see it's not just me Coles that's why you need Kohl's cash yeah I don't want to have to go back a second time to save money okay just give me the damn thing I want for for what I want to pay for um Mark also asked did they ever experiment pert at a guard I don't think they did but I think part of the reason is because of his size his arms are way too long to go ahead and uh uh you know play the guard position at that point like bumping into people as he's trying to like get me room damn it

um and then Connor says I just took a gloop I'm back uh was it Augustus group let's get into the guard position here

so first up Jack Johnson six foot five 215 pounds 24 years old drafted in the seventh round by the Buffalo Bills in 2021. uh last year 12 games two starts three career starts overall she also had one with the Eagles back in 21. uh another guy 940k Saturday no dead cap uh I'm gonna look at this and say he's cheap he's got some starting experience uh he's a guy that Joe Shane picked up twice for all intensive purposes yeah I mean for real they you know he was part of the team that drafted him in 21. he was obviously the one who brought him in last year so obviously he likes the guy he had experience with the guy and still brought him in so I think he's got a pretty good shot at being a reserve guard for us and that's what I have him being is the reserve guard I don't think he necessarily lasts the whole season we'll talk about that in a minute why I'm saying that but I think he will start the year as a that's you know a backup guard for us along with either bredesen or Rizzuto because keep in mind he's still got one of those two guys in this backup conversation as well um you know again a guy who I think has to potentially still young he's still just 24 years old uh I and I again I look at backups and I say I want young guys I want guys for the potential I want guys we can hopefully build up the guys that will not embarrass us from the author now but have the potential to be more in the future and that this guy fits that bill 100 percent and Rob's a big fan because he actually can pronounce his name that's fantastic I purposely wait if you were taking a sip by the way to say that I was trying to see if I get you spit it out he couldn't do couldn't quite do he couldn't quite Do It um so yeah like I said I think back up for him what do you think Rob's aim or yeah like exactly like I agreed with the 100 which said like this is guys I want to change my opinion now yeah but it's a guy you could develop and maybe he can step up be something more yeah he is what he is but he doesn't embarrass himself when he's out there yeah that's all you can ask for in a backup really you don't expect amazing you just want to go out there and don't embarrass yourself don't make us go God damn it why we have this yeah let's let's have our starters try stuff you're coming in next up we have Mark's favorite player Shane Lemieux Shane Lemieux the guy who clearly should have played hockey six foot four 310 pounds 26 years old these ancients fifth round pick in 2020 last year one game one start because he got hurt in the preseason came back played one game got hurt again yeah typical shame them you fashion

11 career starts overall uh here's the the cap space numbers on him 1.01 million dollar cap savings if we cut him it's only an 87K cap hit again I already included that in the 1.01 million so we get one million dollars back on our cap space over all if we cut them here's my big issue with Shane let me actually you're right there what's going on someone breaking into your home Rob they are send send the police and the police um there's two main issues I have with Shannon the first one is the guy's never healthy the greatest ability is availability yes availability if you cannot play on a consistent basis I have no use for you whatsoever and this is a guy who has consistently played one game gotten hurt fought back from injury played one game got her fought back from injury played one game got hurt I'm done this goes in the perk category I'm done on top of that did I miss where he's a good player or something like I don't understand some of the giant fans that I love for Shane the music oh we're gonna get shame on you back from injury oh when Shane William Hugh comes back in Hell his Stone was able to see how this guy actually plays like I remember a year he was a goddamn good run blocker let's give him that God damn good run blogger he was the one of the worst past protecting guards in the entire NFL if not the worst absolutely horrendous was getting Daniel Jones killed on a play-by-play basis so let's let's not let's not hide what he is he's a bad player who can't stay healthy he gets to go see you later bye bye-bye it's a bye-bye bye bye bye bye bye so yeah goodbye she and lemio I'd like to say it's been fond but it probably has for you because you've made a lot of money in the process yeah somebody else will pick you up and pay you one million dollars to get hurt again laughs uh smashing you're always hurt you're getting paid a million dollars hey yeah seriously I'm always hurting can I get a billion dollars right seriously uh

next up Marcus mckeithan six foot seven another big freaking tall we have too many tall alignment you notice how tall these guys are and I'm just wrong guys they're just insanely tall um six foot seven 340 pounds 24 years old um he is was a fifth round pick last year torah's ACL before the season even started in August I want to say it was The Fan Fest even he did that at I tried to look it up to confirm that and the article that I saw was right around that time frame but it didn't specify that I'm pretty sure was The Fan Fest this happened at um and I think what's gonna happen honestly with him is I think the Giants and this will be sneaky good of them if they do that I think the Giants will try to sneak him onto the IR to start the start the season um I I really have a sneaking feeling that they're gonna go like they're going to look for any reason to put them on there to hold on to him without him taking a roster spot let him still work out in the facility let him take some time to get back because again he just tore this ACL in August it takes usually what happens yeah I put it on the house of the player exactly so why would you rush a guy back with that is going to come back from injury that let's be honest here he's not exactly a guy that you go oh this is this this is the guy for the backup position this is the guy for the starting position he's a fifth round pick same as we talked about Shane review a minute ago fifth round picks are a dime a dozen I know nobody wants to hear this we were talking about a human being let's let's take the human element out of this for a second how many fifth round picks actually make it in the NFL the numbers not very high

there's a reason the average person has an NFL career of three seasons that's what their average NFL career is three seasons and that includes a 57 year career for Tom Brady

average up but I mean 3.1 if you take out the guys who have long lasting careers the guys who do over 10 years in this league how much does that really drop it down where it means if you're a borderline player to get two years or so in the league yeah it's it's the truth of what the NFL is so he's going into his second year he's coming off a major injury he's not even a guarantee to be your your roster guy right off the bat so what I think is going to happen is I think they're going to find a way to put them on the IR to start the year see how things progress with him see how things progress with the roster and the health of the offensive line overall and they'll figure out what they do in the mid-season with them whether that's putting them on the practice squad whether that's you know getting him a roster spot and cutting somebody else like maybe a jack John Jack Anderson I would say Jack Johnson yeah he's not a singer maybe Jack Anderson you know that kind of move because that's your options basically in this scenario you know we talked about this Rob and I before we did the uh the episode here the average roster has nine offensive linemen nine occasionally you'll have a tenth but for the most part it's nine so if he gets to the numbers at that point we already talked about having Jack Anderson on there as the backup we already talked about having you know obviously we have three other guards we talked about earlier when glinsky Zoo do and bredesen that's four right there you can only have so many yeah I don't see the easy path for him to make the roster unless you put him on the IR or you say damn it we're going to go ahead and cut Jack Anderson who I think at this point has shown you more I hate to say it but again it's not Marcus's fault he hasn't shown more it's because he hasn't been able to play because he got he's working because the MetLife Turf monster got him um

we got a couple comments here for Mark first laughing out loud then saying and this is about Shane lemieu he said he's disappointed me since we drafted him I thought he would have been decent coming out of Oregon you know a lot of guys are pretty high in him I don't know why I really don't but they they were high in him uh he all says uh let's just talk about Marcus mckeithan he's a shame guy they'll try to keep him uh I I don't disagree with that at all uh Connor says hey Shane it's time to move on he's the music we'll move on I can't do that without sound like a cow from a Chick-fil-A commercial

his devil says what about hassenhauer backup center oh we're gonna get there in a second actually we got one more guy before we talk about him all right next up the last guard Wyatt Davis Who besides having the best last name of anybody on this list here I had a great first name listen he's if that's not a guy made for a western movie I don't know what is but if I say I just see him walking off with his chaps

cowboy hat straw and dip

and the lead of Doc Holliday will be played by Wyatt Davis it just it just goes uh six foot four 315 pounds 24 years old third round pick of the Vikings uh back in 2021. the guy's been on four teams already four teams that's impressive and I I gotta say I was I was dead wrong in this kid coming out of college and you know how much I hate admitting when I'm wrong I am dead wrong when it comes to my evaluation I had a Wyatt Davis and it I'll say it with the asterisk because there's things I can't I can't sit down and have interview with the kid obviously and everything you you'll read about him his personality was his issue I mean for the Minnesota Vikings to get rid of a third round pick after one year that speaks of volumes to what I thought that's that's saying a lot without saying a word yeah like could you imagine Jalen Hyatt gets cut next year yeah that's what we're talking about that's the equivalent of what we're talking about or we cut Josh azulu this season you're not gonna cut it guys a third round pick after one year but from everything they said it was personality issues uh work commitment issues the issues that you don't want to ever see but in the end he also still has the things that you can't teach he's got physical abilities got size he's got that kind of stuff and as long as that happens somebody's gonna keep trying to give this kid a shot basically until he proves to be useless basically which to be very Frank this could be his last shot now could be an interesting thing that I again I feel like I might have relearned about you know uh we're talking earlier about uh you know Beverly Hamilton being born in Germany this might be a relearned thing that I forgot about too I'm a goldfish I admit a freely you know Wyatt Davis's grandfather was in the hall of fame or isn't the Hall of Fame yeah Willie Davis five-time all-nfl because this is pretty the merger so five time all NFL player from between the years of 62 and 67. so you're talking a six year stretch he was a five-time all-nfl player Hall of Famer Willie Davis his grandfather so he's got the genetics yeah to be it so so Willie played on the defensive side for the Packers and uh you know uh Vince Lombardi who of course is buried in our neck of the woods Middletown New Jersey I just had to throw that out there um so last year three games one with the Cardinals one with the Saints and one with the Giants zero starts well you played three games in a season and all three were with a different team it says a lot says a lot yeah that says a lot because that means two guys cut you have to play the game with him nine career games overall um 300 I'm sorry 940 000 salary no kid did catch base I think is an outside chance outside chance he ends up on the practice squad because of his pedigree and because of spacing so if they got the room for him I I think that you'll see him potentially hit that otherwise I think he could also get cut because it could be like okay we've seen you a couple times multiple people have seen you because you keep in mind we signed him last year twice

in in the preseason we cut them then the Arizona picked him up then they cut him then the the Saints picked him up they cut them then we picked him up a second time and then we cut them it's like yeah eventually you gotta say it's not it's not them it's me

I mean 24 years old I could also see Giants doing the same thing next year pick them up come pick them up cut them pick them up and cut them pick them up and cut them I mean the Giants there's no reason to hold on to this guy because in the end they know somebody else will just pick him up and cut them when they eat them yeah so that's what I'm saying well I think he'll be cut I honestly do I think that's what'll happen I think he'll be cut um a long machine and guess we just picked up another two million dollars we've picked up four million dollars in just cutting extra backup offensive linemen Giants listen to us just look at all the money we're saving you just started paying us ten percent of that well they have to hold on to them for now they can't do it at the end of the day but that's four million dollars you could use in somebody else that got cut so I'm gonna go get cut you want at the end of the uh the preseason there that always happens onto the center position ER this is the one that Deb was asking about JC hassenhauer six foot two 295 pounds 27 years old that man must need a cane to get to the field 27 years old 17 games last year not a single start now I looked into that because I'm like that seems a little ridiculous 17 games no starts like did he just pop on to like give somebody a break did he like have a you know a guy that was you know he was backing up that was injured like every game for a couple of plays well 46 total snaps in those 17 games oh so he said it feels a lot oh yes that means he saw the field on an average of less than three snaps per game right yes less than three I'm almost three though we'll say three he played three snaps yes do you say simple but it's not so simple for me cell phones have ruined my mathematical abilities

um so yeah I think I think that's what's going on there I think I think that the uh

he's a guy that I think you'll probably see play overall um I think what's gonna happen though is

it's going to be depending all on how the Giants feel about the other options that can also play center Ben bredesen for example dare I say Shane Lemieux we already talked about cutting him before but if they think that Jay C hassenhower is the only guy who they could put at that Center position and not embarrass himself he'll make the team if they think that a guy like Ben bredesen can play the center position well guess what that means Marcus mckeithan stays on and JC Hausen Howard goes yeah see you later bye so it all depends on that um and I'll say I watched some tape on him when he did play in Pittsburgh because he did have seven starts with them overall in his time there and I was definitely less than impressed Devin really got something to staple and we've picked him up because we're like oh we don't need to drop the senator in this draft no I well I did not say that for the record I did not say that some people said we had our Center I did not say that yeah like oh we signed the center and they get all excited because we needed a center so bad and yeah there's a reason this guy was available so yeah I need I I definitely think that he's a possible guy to be a reserve because he's the only other pure Center we have besides Schmitz I also think he can get cut because I don't think they're being that much of a market for him and I don't think that whoever we get to replace him if all of a sudden the injury happened to Schmitz or something I don't think I think we're hard-pressed to find somebody as good as JC hassenauer I was about to say we get we got other options yeah oh no how do we replace the Haas yeah um the episode I've heard him mention as a mentor for a rookie Center um you know I think that's hard to say from our standpoint just because this is again the thing we talked about with not being able to talk to players coming into the draft it's hard to say that without knowing his personality because like we talked about it a minute ago he's not the greatest Center in the world he's had the chance to play and he hasn't been that good but the best of coaches are people who aren't that good of players either this is true Bill Belichick wasn't an All-Pro Bill Cower barely made it on to NFL teams Bill Parcells quit after one day of training camp I have to bring it up again because it just it's just funny to me how like like don't quit on me you play hard and then he like quits after one day no no disrespect to the tunics he's one hell of a coach but yeah I guess like honestly I thought I me trying to like legit this guy is was one of the best coaches for those people who were too young maybe to have seen him as a coach everywhere he went succeeded that's just what he did but he was kind of a wimp as a player just saying it was the Lions even uh but yeah but again I think that's you got a 50 50 shot if we do cut him we've saved 835k against the cap hmm so I'm kind of hoping we do to be honest um I'm hoping that they think Ben brettison or something like that can be a better Emergency Center and then bring somebody in in a jiffy there if an eBay because that gives you the spot for Marcus mckeithan nice and simple

you save 835k and the guy that let's be honest is not in your long-term plans no matter what not there so guys we just saved five million dollars in the cap basically rounding up obviously 4.8 like 4.8 yeah give or take gotta love it um if you got a couple more comments Mark says Wyatt Earp Davis yeah uh Connor says can a long long per play defense um yeah I I don't think that's the experiment you play that are easy the the better thing is can he play cashier at a ShopRite uh it's probably that's probably the move it's probably it uh coach at the local high school or something like listen he got long he got further in the lead than any of us did so you know kudos to him but it's just not there uh Marxist I love the youth movement and yeah I'm definitely there with that it just sounds like speed he said it sounds like speed dating that's we're talking about Wyatt Davis there obviously in his you know four teams already that he's been on um Connor said just talked to Joe Shane he said quiet guys I need this job [Laughter] I doubt she's talked to him Marxist sounds like special teams that was in reference to the 46 snaps that JC hassenhauer took I think which honestly is a possibility I've looked to see where the steps were and I couldn't it without actually watching all of the Steelers games last year which I'm sorry I'm not going to be that dedicated that's a lot of tape to watch

um Marx's also likelihood our swing backup o-line or not even on this team yet once teams cut players I would say not at the guard position I think our guard positions are pretty set I think a swing tackle is a possibility especially depending on how epineal plays um and I do think that also a possibility is that we bring another Center in to be the actual backup center that's a better backup than JC Hudson now we're a younger guy that we can maybe develop that's a possibility as well yeah yeah so we'll have to see it all depends on who gets cut I mean you know it all depends on what kind of cap space we have as well luckily we just saved ourselves almost five million dollars by being smart goofballs but you know it's just you never know it just it all depends on who gets cut what we think of the players after the preseason is done and you know what happens overall to the cap number so good players don't come cheap keep in mind bad players too that's why all the guys we talked about are making about a million yeah so I think overall though I think this is a better line than we've had the last couple of years I think there's a lot of promise but the problem is a lot of its hopes and dreams a lot of it is but like we've said quite a few times already it's a young team they all have an opportunity to actually work with each other and make yeah each other on their left or right or it depends if you're right left tackle you know are you ready or Lefty I'm in the middle but you have the opportunity to gel and make this team work as a unit which will make the players play better overall which then you get more productivity through you know your offensive weapons is they're holding on the fourth word yeah they actually have time to get open yeah yeah it was part of the problem last year's they didn't have time to get open and they weren't very good at getting open to begin with yeah yeah all right let's call what it is exactly where that was so yeah I mean I I think when you look at and you go okay study left tackle you gotta hope that one of the guys progress at left guard you gotta hope that the center is good as a rookie you gotta hope Lewinski goes back to what he was you gotta hope that Evan Neal improves the player in his sophomore year which you should I mean everybody should improvely somewhat in the sophomore year but this is a team that's literally built itself based on hopes and dreams right now on the offensive line and that's not to be negative that's just to be realistic is that they could be anywhere from a below average line to an above average line very easily based on how these hopes and dreams play out

yeah wrong because I mean we had open dreams last year and we found our face Welcome To My Nightmare

they definitely there's definitely a lot of potential for them to be a lot better than them ladies ugly [Laughter] what movie was that that was uh Dark Shadows oh yeah uh I love Eddie Tim Burton movie which I do find it funny by the way that I moved to the area that Tim Burton actually did a lot of his movies at so if you watched that uh the movie um what's that Peculiar Children movie he did you know talking about I forget that fullness yeah so if you look in the beginning the drugstore the bridge in the beginning that they were traveling across and the town where the grandfather lived all that stuff is right in my neck of the woods in fact you've been on that bridge I know you have um and then the house from um Edward Scissorhands is in the Tampa Bay area as well so it's very tiny by the way I looked at it it was actually for sale we were buying a house and I was kind of curious but it was nowhere near the area wand actually live is in Wesley Chapel I believe if I remember correctly which is a good like half an hour 40 minutes from where I live um and it was like 1100 or 1200 square feet um so it was way too small for my taste he wore all that leather Johnny Depp world that leather oh I'm telling you right now if we had bought that house I would have dressed up like Edward Scissorhands and go out there messing with the bushes and all I would have done it I would have done it just to mess with the neighbors it would be funny as hell it's also been painted since but if you Googled house from Edward Scissorhands it will come up anyway Let's see we got a couple comments here um Mark says the offense will go as Neil goes if he improves to be average we will have a pretty good offense I I can agree with that yeah I really think Eva Neal's development is probably the most important contributor to whether or not we have a good offensive line this season there um and Rob your dad's back on says remember the other young guys need to prove themselves he's a hundred percent right 100 right and that's what it boils down to is are these guys going to improve are they going to grow is this a a team that's on the cusp of something special at the offensive line or is this team on the cusp for a bunch of disappointments um at least if it's disappointing they're all cheap and that's the beauty of it except for Lewinsky they're all cheap in glinsky we can get rid of next year that's the beauty of it what I just would hate to see is is a bad offensive line for the sake of Daniel Jones it's not even as a Giants fan it's like I feel bad for Daniel Jones very specifically it was Under Pressure like a dude

always getting sacked uh

and it's bad when I have both under pressure and Vanilla Ice in my head at the same time when I do that I don't really do always have both right and listen Jones is back with a brand new edition uh so I think I think that's the key I think I I feel bad for Daniel Jones's Point him he's had we know the weapons issues he had a special last year oh my God like and then all of a sudden you throw in the bad line entries online you know battling play overall and it's like the fact that this guy improved it all with the lack of weapons around him

yeah like other than that said enough as much as I still am not sold on him necessarily being the franchise quarterback I'm just not I have to give kudos to him for all the crap he put up with last year dealt with it like a champ with not a single complaint and improved yeah Kudos seriously not only approved like you said did it say a word he just went there did his job ate this lunch it is lunch listen there's a lot of lunch eating going on here do you not have lunch today at work or something wrong okay I didn't think you did I didn't think it I actually uh started at a new location for my job uh and this week and I just happened to the store I'm going to work at now for a little while to try to help things up and it's near a city uh and yeah oh my God it takes forever to get anywhere I'm gonna start have to bag my lunches I think it took me 10 minutes just to get to McDonald's and it's 1.8 miles away yeah if anything I should be even healthier now there you go yeah so let's see Mark says quiet cares about his job which explains he hired that trainer during the off season um one thing oh yes before I missed that one thing Evan Neil has for him his demeanor is lime Andrew Thomas he says like he says he changes the light afterwards you put the lime in the Andrew Thomas then you shake them both together and you mix it all around yes but yeah I mean that's Neil Avondale is built for New York personality wise I definitely agree with that yeah uh your dad says I think a quick offensive line for DJ might be good for him I mean

I don't know what would I suppose who he really is I don't know I don't know if quick because I don't think these guys we have or that agile from some of these positions especially at center now with Schmitz but just a good offensive line give the man a chance to throw give these new weapons a chance to get open it's all we ask guys yeah oh yes he doesn't have to be sitting there waiting to run the balls because he has no options yeah like don't you don't have to be all pro offensive line the I hate to give them the credit like a line like the Eagles have you don't have to be that kind of line yeah I just I just need an average above average line that's all I need and I feel like we improved I'll feel like we can go into next year saying okay now this is the Year hope with that everything gels together and we get the really good really good offensive line because we put so much goddamn Capital into this think about this you got the fourth overall pick you got the seventh overall pick you got a third round pick you got a second round pick that's that's a lot of capital yeah that's a lot of goddamn capital yeah and that's all within four years that's that's a lot so they got to start paying dividends or else we will have this team get us to look in the mirror and say how do we mess this up we danced all these things had we messed this up so all right guys well next episode here Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday on Wednesday we'll be here live for you guys again talking about the linebackers not the lime in the coconut the linebackers so we'll be talking about it the off ball linebacker specifically if we already talked about the edge position here a couple times so we're talking about how everything is gone now keep in mind we got Bobby O kirikay oh we got durian beavers coming back injury beavers we got also of course um the Davis back that we had for like two games at the end of the last season we got a couple of undrafted rookie free agents that we got as well so we got a lot of guys here this is a very incredible linebacker room right now the way it sits so I think a lot of these guys here that we're going to talk about to be very frankly go bye-bye you could have some guys even that have been with the team for a while they can go bye-bye because they're proven they can't do anything but special teams well I think you guys know may know who I'm talking about but they're going into their fourth year with us and they can't play the actual defense oh that's great again we have a lot of bodies here I'll tell you we made a graphic up for the episode even I'm like oh my God where I put this person where do I put that person so yeah like I said we have a lot of people to talk about there a lot of people to look through and go okay we're gonna cut this purse we're gonna cut that person this person go to the practice squad we're gonna cut this first I think you're gonna hear a lot of that because there's a lot of guys on there that will not make this roster but let's go ahead and discuss that on the Wednesday so Wednesday 8 P.M sorry 8pm 9 p.m Eastern Standard Time 8 P.M Central we'll be on live again not too big Fusion down time yes nope not mountain time Mountain time would be uh seven o'clock unless they're standard B6 yes Hawaii before Oh aloha

Connor says Roberto prom date sex sex I see what you did there what

oh he picked up on my little uh oh did I miss something there I missed something you did it's okay I'll tell you when you're older failure failure again all right guys again we'll be back on live for you guys Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern Standard Time as always we are recorded live on Facebook YouTube twitch Twitter and of course my LinkedIn page so as always it's fun to watch there Connor said I had to pause program I still had more

and as always guys we're available afterwards if you're not even available right then and they're at 9 00 p.m um you know on all those venues as well and of course we're also available on every audio podcast platform known to man so if you're listening to this on audio and go wait a minute where these comments came from join the fun YouTube and Facebook are the best places to watch us live because that's where you get to go ahead and do the comments we get to see them live twitch we will as well but I'll be very Frank we don't have much of a twitch falling we just pop it on there because we can YouTube Facebook that's where everybody's at there all these comments that you're hearing us talk about here um YouTube has been actually more popular with the comments I feel like which is kind of funny Facebook used to be the the reigning King and I feel like YouTube's kind of taking it over um but again guys either one and you're good we can see the comments there so as always giant fans we want to thank you guys for listening in we appreciate the fact that you chose these two goofballs here

to be the ones to go ahead and give you your Giants information there we question your choices in life overall but we appreciate it anyway [Laughter] as always giant fans we will see you on Wednesday as we talk about the linebackers you off ball linebackers and I still sound we were saying off all I'm backers these middle linebackers growing up off ball blind backers none of the players are on the ball that's why they're on defense dammit but anyway that's what we call them off ball linebackers so easy enough we'll talk to you guys on Wednesday there and as always giant fans good


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