2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Assessing the New York Giants' Safeties Post-Draft & Free Agency

May 18, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 126
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Assessing the New York Giants' Safeties Post-Draft & Free Agency
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Welcome to "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" hosted by Drew and Rob! Join these dynamic hosts as they delve into the safety position of the New York Giants in their latest episode, "Assessing the NY Giants' Safeties Post-Draft & Free Agency."

In this exciting installment, Drew and Rob provide a comprehensive analysis of the Giants' safety group following the eventful NFL draft and free agency period. With Xavier McKinney entering his highly anticipated fourth year, the hosts explore his growth and potential impact on the Giants' defensive unit. Get ready to hear expert insights on McKinney's development, as he aims to build on the promise he has shown.

But the discussion doesn't stop there! Drew and Rob also turn their attention to Dane Belton, who is embarking on his promising sophomore season with the Giants. As a young talent with immense potential, Belton brings versatility and athleticism to the team's secondary. Tune in to learn how his skills can enhance the Giants' defensive strategies and contribute to their overall success.

Join the hosts as they evaluate the roles of other key players such as Jason Pinnock and the veteran presence of Bobby McCain, analyzing how they fit into the Giants' safety rotation. Furthermore, they delve into the performance and potential of the Giants' rookie safeties, providing valuable insights on Gervarrius Owens and Alex Cook as they navigate their early NFL journeys.

Whether you're a passionate Giants fan seeking in-depth analysis or an avid follower of the NFL, this episode of "2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast" is a must-listen. Expect a thought-provoking discussion filled with strategic breakdowns, player evaluations, and entertaining banter. Don't miss out on the chance to gain valuable insights into the Giants' safeties, from Xavier McKinney's anticipated progression to Dane Belton's promising sophomore season. Tune in now and join the conversation!

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welcome to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob welcome fellow goofballs two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by I mean a safety not a fart joke let's go so yeah guys a couple episodes ago it seems like forever ago between my vacation and uh schedule coming out and talking about the saquon rumors and all but we went over the corners for you and we promised we'd have an episode on the safeties and where we see the position going next season there so finally we fulfill This Promise

[Laughter] the safety has come back it is time for the safeties boom

now this was a position that we had a lot of question marks going into last season mostly because of lack of depth you were getting guys literally off the streets towards the end of the preseason there uh we got guys who were cut off the you know practice squads of the Ravens and the Jets you know it's it's it was a position that was definitely lacking I think for better terms yeah well I was going to say that for lacking for lack of better terms too many lackings in the same lack you know I can do that don't like back so we'll go ahead and break down did we improve did we get better did we get worse who knows let's find out let's find out together oh yes but before we find out again I gotta remind everybody that if you'd like to sponsor the show and you enjoy you know watching listening whichever the case may be uh bottom of the screen here you'll see or if you're listening you'll hear me say it in a minute here we of course have the uh option for sponsorship at buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two giant goofballs again buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash the number two giant goofballs and it starts at just five bucks so if you're not Daddy Warbucks we're not either we get it we get it so let's get into these safeties here so I think we obviously got to start off with the man the myth the legend the capitin the El Capitan that's such a beautiful young age of 23. okay I know and coming on to his contract season here as well on top of that so you gotta think that's gonna have a little extra fire for him there Xavier the almost jpp of Western you might only ask for six figures [Laughter] so obviously he's just 23 as Rob said drafted second round of 2020 by us six foot even 201 pounds last season nine games all starts of course 45 tackles one sec five passes deflected one force fumble and that's not I feel like those stats I don't even tell the tale of the tape I never do with the safety let's be honest we're gonna give you guys always the stats on it but I can't tell you like how many times look at a guy's stats and safeties and they just don't look impressive and then you wash the tape and you're like yeah this guy knows what he's doing yeah it's it's such a a young minds to be the captain and the leader of the locker room back in second half green dot yeah literally calling the plays for the defense yeah I mean when he got hurt after you know the bye week Julie love took over his shot guys don't don't don't be trying to hop on ATVs rise fans Giants players if you're listening ATVs fireworks by the week off season I think we should do a goofball trip to Mexico on the bye week this season just to make sure there's no Giants running around doing things

uh we need more safety from our safeties moving to safety for the safety yes uh but like I said it definitely doesn't tell but the big stat to me that I look at is five past deflections in nine games so you figure that's just short of half uh just more than half a season so if you had like nine passes deflected on a season hypothetically that's a pretty damn good season as far as that's that alone so they're trying to give any stat I can to show positivity here because again you should buy games it should be 18 weeks so it should be 10 so like nine yeah about half give or take the game on average especially going to the playoffs so he would have an average like you said like 9 10. nine

that means no yeah I mean again it's it's a nice stat overall for a safety I mean it's much more of a ceiling you see on on uh Corners there so I'll I'll take that as as my good you know but again you saw the difference guys last year when he was out when adoria Jackson was out how much different that defense is with just those two players so yeah you know two of eleven guys that's not that's not taking half the defense all the people just two big key players and he's definitely one of them so glad to have him back hope to get them locked up long term here because he's somebody we got to see continue to go but I don't see him getting locked up until mid-season I think they're going to talk to him in this off season I think they want to see that hand fully good to go and being fully optimistic like I I always am I don't think he hit his ceiling yet I don't think so either because he's gotten enough injury issues that you know if you talk about Sequon injury issues you know let's let's talk about Xavier McKinney there and injury issues overall so I mean you got obviously last season and again it's not he got hurt in the field it's not like he got you know sick during the season or anything crazy like that but he only played nine games because he did a stupid move we talked about the mid-season so listen it's recorded and everything we said don't blast the guy he's a young guy who made a stupid mistake we've all done it and I'll still stand by that statement but nine games last year that's it 17 games the year before us there's a full season year before that six you had one full season you put it together but basically it's it's his fourth year but it's like he's going on year three follow us yeah so you know it was like he was garage kept just highway miles yeah uh we'll get more more car analogies we did that like crazy last night with sequan um but yeah I mean again I I think I think he's got a strong futurist New York Giant I think he's somebody who would plan on keeping for quite a while I think it's somebody that wink obviously likes dealing with and that's key you know if Wayne collects you then yeah you're gonna be a pretty much a focus on that defense um I'm pretty sure we loves this guy yeah yeah and then we got uh Chris Frazier here chiming in his her first comment here but he's he's asking how about them other team so yeah I I Chris we have a rule I appreciate you listening man comment away feel free listen we'll trash talking comments then no problem too man but we do not put up if it's another team that's the one rule we have you know but you know if we're asking how about them how about the lack of championships in the last quarter of a century just saying get to an NFC Championship game we'll talk trash then

that dynasty was like the Rangers I know 94 Nevermore this is like I remember when the Dallas fans could start trying to talk trash because it's like yeah let me just pop the latest tape up in my VCR of your Championship [Laughter] he says all love fellas there he is yeah seriously like I said no it's all just man we'll talk trash back and forth all the time we get Eagle fans that pop in Bear fans that pop in we get all kinds of guys that pop in we love it I got one more trash two great quarterbacks

I take this as a compliment that we're a New York Giants podcast and we have other you know fans of other teams coming in because they just enjoy the program yeah I think that is the compliment that it is so like I said thanks for listening Chris appreciate it man it will give the honest depiction of the boys when it comes too we will actually because we will we'll have we'll actually have people that write for the boys is everything coming on as well hopefully again too like we did last year so uh all right so let's get into the big I think the biggest battle that I'm gonna be probably watching this preseason this off season here and that's the battle for the second safety position opposite McKinney I mean it's harder at least love I mean All You Need Is Love love

listen here's my thing though love as much as we liked him and I think honestly we liked him because let's be very Frank we didn't have a lot of good players for a lot of years we have a really really crappy team Chris would have liked talking more trash back then probably

you know Julian love was one of the few bright spots that you can talk about but here's the thing he was referred to by Joe judge I know bad bad word user on here Joe judge but he was referred to him as a Swiss Army knife and let's get into that analogy for a second because I think it's a pretty good analogy here to give to him so what is a Swiss Army knife it's always there it's always there Dependable if it's your pocket Julian love always there was dependable has a lot of different uses Julian love had a lot of different uses but let's also go to this analogy too let me finish by now let me finish I always try to add to it man I guess one more thing because this is the big point I was gonna get at when's the last time you said let me not grab that screwdriver I have a Swiss Army knife let me not grab this other tool I've handy I was about to say I have a pocket knife that I keep in my back pocket and I never say let me grab my Swiss Army knife because I have an actual knife that cuts into things a lot better than the Swiss army knife exactly so and this is not me trying to kick Julian love on the way out because I would have loved to keep Juliano off that's not me talking trash about him in any way shape or form he's a good player in the NFL but I feel like let's not get over hyped in the fact that he was a homegrown talent and make it seem like we lost an All-Pro here

's a Grace no no but I'm saying there's some guys who just had a lot of love for love because he was a good guy he was he was a constant teammate he played all over the field you know he was one of the better players we had in some of the struggling years so they kind of think fondly of him and I get it I still think finally over the guy as well again I wish I think finally of them too because he stepped up once McKinney beautiful McKinney McKenna oh no they killed McKinney yeah week 10 when he had put the Green Dot on he stepped into those shoes and he did pretty well he did he didn't do excellent like I said he wasn't out of Pro Bowl but he did he did a dog a good job that's what I'm saying I think giant fans need to recognize the whole what he was he was a good player that had a lot of uses but he wasn't a great player and he's not Irreplaceable uh Connor says whoa what are you guys doing on Connor we told you guys we're switching we're not on anymore on Fridays we're switching Thursday is the new Friday because it's summertime and I'm off on Fridays Rob needs to go gym tan laundry and hang out at the Jersey Shore and he says is it today it's Friday what did I miss Connor you know no kind of gonna miss anything again we're switching up we said it a couple weeks ago so we're now doing Thursdays instead of instead of Friday so enjoy the Thursday Vibe it was a little Miss Cube because I mean we had sexy daxy getting signed two weeks ago on Thursday we had to take it last week as Deb says Connor did not pay attention last

yeah honestly guys this is this is one of the uh this is one of the things I love about about about doing this show guys because let's be honest Robin are again pay like millionaire speed is doing this kind of stuff here we do it because and part of it I liked it is because I feel I feel like we've developed you know over time here people that watch on a regular basis and banter back and forth in the comments section even it's fun um so he says what's the schedule not not I guess now with WTF am I high so Connor yeah we'll be on Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays now so same schedule is just Thursday instead of Friday that's all 9 p.m Eastern same as always there we just segue and get people the heads up on the schedule appreciate it

Friday's the week is now we I I live at uh in New Jersey Jersey Shore time yeah you got to enjoy the few times of good weather you guys get up there okay yeah yeah exactly we'll change it up again once this once the preseason hits again too keep in mind because we're gonna change it up based on the games so we'll we'll get it we'll get things changed up again Connor but for now for now that's what it's gonna be all right so let's get into our other options here because like I said this is one of the battles I'm going to be watching is who gets to be that second safety when it's a traditional set I have to say it that way because obviously you play three safeties you play dime nickel coverage you play that kind of stuff in the NFL but we have three potential people that could replace love kind of a menage à trois of safeties here

laughs so they're all going against it to battle it out who comes first yeah so I think the big question is what is the determining Factor they have for these guys is it based on potential what is going on you got a drive-by going on there Rob I might have Rabbi going on what's going on here this is what happens if you live in an apartment this is Jersey after all you never know what's gonna happen um so I think the um you know is it are they gonna put somebody in the starting position because of potential are they going to put them in because of their homegrown person are they going to put them in because of experience there's a lot of options and we have all those options literally on the roster I think we're this is going to be a Telltale sign for kind of what to expect from Joe Shane going forward I think with this roster and how he's going to make his decisions so I think it's a really fun one to watch yeah it's good it's just it's definitely fun because like some of the guys we're going to talk about it even might be like her uh what you call it or a retailing door retailing door we'll tell you a door is that reptilian door is that a type of wreath door it's super Italian I don't know why I did Italian actually but I don't have a Greek one it's okay all right so first up is the guy we had last season we talked about getting some of the guys from other people's you know practice squads they dropped and hoped to put on their practice squads um yeah first one Jason Pinnock um who I'll tell you I when we first got him I had keep I keep on getting getting him confused in the very beginning name-wise with Justin from Talking Giants because this is so similar in names uh so also one just 23 years old fifth round draft pick by the Jets in 2021 six foot even 205 pounds last year for us 14 games are overall five starts 41 tackles one and a half sacks three passes that Defender there uh one force fumble one fumble recovery four QB hits I think he's got a good potential to be our our starting safety and that's why I put him second on our list here overall if you had to if you put a gun to my head okay which first off please don't [Laughter] oh there goes Rob um don't tell me it said hey who's going to be the starting safety this is probably going to be my pick because I've seen him in the system he started in the system before he's shown potential to do good things it's it's a guy that that I think the Giants are pretty decently high on so if I had to make that decision right now that's probably the guy I would say is the second safety I mean I forget to we pretty much sought out after this guy after we played the Jets yes yes and the Jets fans were upset and the Jets overall as a whole were upset when they lost him they thought they'd sneak him on to a practice squad I'm like nope nice yeah

mine oh yeah Disney's gonna sue us again luckily they're a little busy down here [Laughter] um yeah so I think it's good because we talked about the passes defended with with Xavier McKinney he's he's more of our free safety kind of position there whereas Jason Pinnock is more the move around chess piece that plays kind of strong safety will you know maybe go against the goal after the quarterback a little more often you know go beat a run stopper a little more often and I think he fits that role pretty well as an opposite to Xavier McKinney if again if he wins the job in the in the preseason here so I think he's got a good potential as far as that so you know well Xavier McKinney is the one guy that we'll say is you know guarantee if he's healthy to be the starter on this team Jason Pinnock is starter slash Reserve we're putting him as he's a guy that is definitely going to make the team as again Assuming he's healthy he's got a decent chance to start but he's got to earn that spot but at the very least he'll be a guy you see rotating in and out as a backup like he did for us last year yeah so next up Dane Belton one of the very few rookies last year that actually could see the field and not from a hospital bed TV I was about to say who was not injured uh so 22 years old so that's the crazy thing only a year younger than than these two were talking about that have been in the league now going the fourth year third year you know 22 years old drafting the fourth round of 22. 15 games last year 12 Stars sorry 15 games two starts 31 tackles yes I don't know where he started but wasn't with us 15 games two stars 31 tackles two fumbles recovery remember this guy started off his NFL career with a fumble recovery for the kickoff against the Carolina Panthers what a way to start a career uh one QB hit and he I think he's a guy that you could see having a NFL career I'm not gonna say a long one yet because this is the second the second year playing listen he showed a lot of potential yeah how many like he was a fourth round he was not a first second or third he was a fourth round I appreciate you letting us know how accounting Works Rob yeah just want to let everyone knows three four seven seventh way down oh it's fourth floor it's for the floor oh like an elevator okay I just remember that 11 was the buffet at the cruise oh yeah no oh yeah

my cruise my cruise Buffet obviously go eat whenever I want oh I'm getting hungry now I'm trying to say it's you know who's the 11th pick right so he shows around 11th pickies yeah I got you thinking about food

Buffet please but

it was a fourth round pick for a reason yeah but he showed a lot of potential last year with the little time he had to show and the opportunity he had to show it he did not look like McKinney last year but he also did not embarrass himself on the fields as a rookie yeah so I think he still has a high ceiling to go to is as high as Pinnock

I guess it's it's more like he has it's okay okay I think we've established he's a legit NFL player in this league I think that's safe to say after last season would you agree yes okay 100 so now the question is is stealing a starter and I'm not even saying like you know again I'm not saying top Echelon starter because again he was a fourth round pick I think that's ridiculous to expect that out of a fourth round pick but is it selling starter or is the ceiling or is ceiling going to be good backup and I think it's silver in between there so like if you're anything starter extremely high-end backup almost yes it's gonna be one of those two though I think it's going to be either an average starter in this league or he'll be a a decent backup so this is the year he's gonna have to show that he can be a good start of this league if he wants to win it because he has actual competition in this locker room you know you can't he it's not like he's gonna be handed the job there's multiple people that could easily take this job from him and I I think he's probably the second favorite for that job just because of the fact that he was drafted by Shane and Company he got the play last year in this defense they put him in a lot of games they started him a couple of games that shows confidence at a rookie so but I I gotta say it this way I wasn't embarrassed by him but I also wasn't impressed by him and that's not a horrible thing to say again fourth round pick as you mentioned I it's not 44th round picks that I'm impressed by you know and a rookie so he's dipping his toes in the water before he dives into the ocean yep got his toes in the water ass in the sand cold beer okay nice oh yes anybody else is Zac Brown Band life is good today um but the big thing is is that does he take what kind of sophomore leap does he take he's got to take a leap to beat Jason Pinnock out for this job he's got it he does he has to um but again he doesn't have to take that leap this year either he could be a decent backup for us and he still has value at that point we'd love for him to make the leap don't get me wrong but he also may never make that leap and they may just be a back of their whole career you know do you know uh pinx contract or no uh I I actually do so Jason Pinnock is on the hit for 9.4 940 000 um and there's no dead cap if we cut him he's just over a million dollars next year with also no no dead cap so I think that it's weird because you hear the no dead cap you think okay he's a cut candidate perhaps if if the safety position gets crowded I look at the numbers and go okay he's cheap for the next two years why did we cut him yeah exactly so

I'm also get that too it's like all right so if you know Dane makes that leap yeah pin Ox also cheap yeah he's gonna be the backup still if need be yeah so it's also they could do this

rutility indoor big thing I think the big thing is the Giants probably prefer Belton to come out and win the starting job again because he's a homegrown talent because he's the guy that chain drafted it's kind of a good like yeah this draft looks better I got a second starter and another starter out of this thing you know I got my two first round picks starting I got a second round pick that we're excited about I got a third round pick that's gonna develop attention to starter I have a a fourth round starting-ish tight end I guess you could say now in Bellinger because he's not number one anymore but we get double tight he's going to be on the field he's gonna feel good and now Dean Belton so I mean dude if you can get six starters that have one draft that's pretty damn good yeah and that's what we're potentially looking at with that draft but again it's if does he hit his ceiling and is that ceiling a reasonable expectation but again if it's not I'm fine with him being a good backup and a you know good member of the safety crew there for a couple of years because that's what you're expecting out of it um let's get back to the comments here before we get on the next ones here so we got a few here so we don't forget where they comment and where we're at uh Connor says we all roll damn straight y'all do he also says you don't mess with the schedule you're not the NFL oh my God you're going to change it again and he consistency I'm not a New York Jet fan listen come in June we'll be on peacock once a month yeah pay-per-view and yeah you have to pay for a streaming on YouTube live um but I think the big thing also to point out Connor is the Jets fans have consistency they're consistently crap it's still consistency yeah yes that's why that's why their color is green it's like a pistachio fast it's let's see says I guess I am I am high WTF sound was that it made me jump I thought a monster was gonna kill Roberto that was the drive by the local drive-by E Rob doesn't live in the best of the places there but if you'd like to help him move out you can go to buy me a cup of coffee.com

apparently I'm in Newark or Camden I don't know I thought I was in the suburb I thought so too till that drive-by happened um Connor says the song she's gone just come in Daryl Hall John Oates uh cool song I don't think I know that one off the top of my head but maybe it's one of those songs I'll hear and go oh yeah that song uh oh here he's singing he's singing it now he says she's gone she's gone oh oh I'll better learn how to face it she's gone she's gone oh okay I don't think I know this one at all unless Connor if you want to come on the show and sing it for us though we'll be happy to have you acapella Dakota we're talking about other other teams coming up here what's up you cucks since you didn't want to put the other word I guess at that point that what's up man appreciate the cops YouTube doesn't like you when we put the F in there I bet you never thought you'd say that for a senior life right all right on to our next uh safety here next up we have our free agent pickup of the off season here Bobby McCain Mister don't worry be happy now yeah

um he's the Elder of the room here 29 years old who he's about to hit 30 here

32 30 no 30 32 30 for this there's actually a guy Tick Tock who redid a Britney Spears um song that um hit me baby one more time and change the 30s when you start to die

30s won I was a very repetitive person at 30 32 so when I fell off the hill you're still competitive I am just not as physical as it was yes yeah I had to get out I had to get something from the bottom shelf at work and hold that position for a couple minutes and my knees are killing me today I'm definitely feeling 40. 30 is when you start to die 40s when you're you're really just dead that's why we do this show in a chair guys it's not because of it's not for the the consistent angles and shots it's because I can't stand for long periods of time anyway Bobby McCain you're 29 years old drafted in the fifth round in 2015 by the Dolphins uh should point out we talked about the fourth round pick a minute ago in Dean Belton here's the fifth round pick that has made it in the league for several years uh last year with the Washington commanders 17 games 16 starts 76 tackles that's a lot of tackles from a safety position uh yeah five pass is defended one force fumble one QB hit so again this is a guy that I think has the ability to potentially start versus you know the other two weeks defense he's a he's a very diverse uh player that you can see him pop up in different spots he's like I said he's got the experiences but I alluded to before when I said are they going to go experience are they gonna go potential and then they go homegrown okay this is the experience part right here if you had a possible who's your safest bet this is probably your safest bet here I think they go best man for the job team by team who starts I do think though that they'll give Jason and Dane the chance to win the spots and in the end if they don't pull out ahead they'll give it to Bobby yeah bye bye I sell profile propane accessories

so we talked about the contract thing a minute ago there for you guys as well with Jason Pinnock again obviously Dean belton's not a rookie deal so Bobby we gave him 1.1 million dollars this season if we cut him at 625 sorry 652 thousand dollars in dead cap hit so we only clear about half a million dollars by doing it um I I think in the end he's going to make the team because of that because we don't gain that much money by cutting him he's the Elder statement with the experience and I think he's a guy that you're going to see popping over the field I think he's going to be I think he's actually going to be Julian Love's replacement not Julian the love of last year Julian love of the prior years in other words he will probably be that Swiss Army Knife Guy for us a guy that's not amazing at one thing [ __ ] hold his own in a few different spots on the defense there and kind of move him around where need be based on the team we're playing and the players were playing against and he's also an experienced NFL player at the safety precision surrounded by a whole bunch of young guys yeah that could give those guys some advice [Music] [Laughter] but I mean he has been the best but he was a fifth round pick who has played in the NFL for question time and he started from multiple teams exactly so it'll be great to have this guy on the team even if he's not a starter just to be like hey you should try this you should try that maybe do this instead of that you can do with this or you can deal with that you can do it I'm gonna buy Kia Soul over here there's a hamster and a honey Dippity

um but again I think he's an obvious again pending any injury concerns he's he's an obvious gonna make the team gonna be uh at worst a reserve guy that you're rotating and out best case scenario for him is he'll be the starter minus opposite I should say Xavier McKinney and I think that's that's a legit possibility as well so before we move on to the rest of the bunch here I gave my piece before and who I think is going to be the starter opposite McKinney I think it will be Jason Pinnock I'm curious Rob who you got I I haven't been sold yet like I I'm a big fan of Pennock just because we can't tell you there's a loss against that

goofballs FBI we have store such no time oh they know where to go it's okay there is a tampon

I like panic and I also like that one I think it's going to be toss-up and I think they're they're probably going to rotate those certain positions on team by team as of right now see I could see this though as a scenario I could see pin Ox starting as the season begins and eventually even losing the job the building I can see that as well so as it's like a season starter like I I could see the last uh three guys we talked about McCain Dalton Pennock all having started positions behind McKinney yep McKinney will be our number one starter every game oh yes as long as he's hell he's healthy he'll start every game so we gotta get across those fingers with him but yeah I mean so long as he can too and I think it's clear that Xavier McKinney is tier one for us in the safety position these three were tier two correct so now we're on to tier three we do we do have a tier four by the way we have one person in tier four I'm putting in you already know where Hooters probably should look at the notes go no I think I knew who that is I know who it was already yeah

um so next up is our Draft pick from this past draft here uh javerius Owens out of Houston good old H-Town um 23 years old as well think about this he's a rookie coming out of 23. we're talking about guys who've been playing the league for a couple years how old is McKinney yeah look yeah McKinney's also 23 years old and it's like these guys all just were born in the same year almost um so undrafted so drafted in the seventh round this year again at Houston six foot even 200 pounds last season at Houston again keep in mind this is at College it is not transfer over to the NFL but it's the only numbers I have to give you 12 games 74 tackles that's pretty impressive uh one interception eight passes defended one uh tackle for loss two Force fumbles so good season at Houston but again not just College it's Houston yeah if it had been you know Ohio State uh Alabama even like Mississippi State or like you know Kentucky or Nebraska it's Houston not a big school they weren't playing exactly um

you know yeah they weren't exactly the top tier yeah they were Big Ten so yeah so I gotta look at how much of that numbers and his production in college was him being a good player and how much of it was him playing weaker opponents and I have to think it's somewhere in the middle it has to be they they obviously our coaching staff Shane saw something in this guy that they may be able to coach up yeah and make him a good player in NFL maybe not a starter maybe a good Reserve spot

definitely will make the practice squad but this guy here like he has the potential to be I guess assault rotation safety guy I don't know if I would give him 100 starter job

especially with the the talent that's ahead of him yeah but he is a guy that will see the field this year just not Fields I mean I have him as I have him as the guy that I think is going to go ahead and probably be you know the the fifth guy either borderline if they want to have a fifth safety or a guy you sneak out of the practice squad and you pop him in when need be because again we talked about the Xavier McKinney issues but it's also overall injuries have injuries that's just the NFL you know as bad as the Giants have had it overall even the best team health-wise is going to have some players that get injured that's life so he's a guy that will probably see the field at some point in the season and if you listen to some of the people out there the draft guys that love to sit there um and talk about the issues with the um you know with with with the guys that we did draft some of them loved absolutely loved Owens and thought he was you know an excellent pick for us a potential steal for us in this draft I won't go that far I think he's got potential to be a legit player in this league but some guys were like this guy could be a start of this league potentially that he was only this low because he was a small school I don't think that it's going to be that kind of scenario I think he'll be a potentially a backup starter a backup guy to low end sword in this league I think that's what I see based on what I saw tape wise of him but I think in the end this year is going to be a sit back learning adapt kind of year for him because most likely Bobby McCain's had a one-year deal McKinney McKinney again he's on his last year I hope he don't lose him don't get me wrong but he said his last year nothing's guaranteed to know what happens Jason Pinnock we can cut him with no cap space lost whatsoever um Dean Belton also on a rookie deal so he's not you know exactly a huge loss if they had to cut him and what I mean by that overall is not that I want anybody cuttering like that is there's a space here for Owens there's a path to him being a part of our our roster in the long term but it's just I don't think right now this is where we're gonna have a spot for him I think it's more of a practice kind of position for him overall so there's a lot of experience in town in the room that he just got drafted to yeah nice to say that for last year right we're talking about this you got these people off the scrap Heap and now this year we have those people yeah um so like he has the potential like he said to be a low end starter as of now like if Houston drafted him he would probably start yeah but as I said if Houston drafted me I'd probably start hey Houston if you're listening I'm available for the veteran minimum yes 222 pounds I could I could be there uh uh let's take a look here so we got a lot of comments here let's hold on we're gonna go break the comments because we got Dakota's chimed in and now Connor is in there with them and those two of them are going back and forth and I I'm finding this rather entertaining actually I was gonna I was gonna ask you you seemed very distracted in the past ten minutes all right because they'll go back and forth like crazy man it's like these guys are going back and forth It's the 80d I mean I can't focus on two things at once so let's see here um we had Anthony also chime in as well on Facebook what's up Anthony said I really wish people would understand that QB and RB markets aren't remotely different tired of these folks saying DJ got his money say Quan should get his too um he said I meant the same so he's basically saying yeah if just because DJ got his money doesn't mean sequatch get his money yeah we talked about that last episode there um you had to sign DJs we had to have a quarterback uh saquan I'm fine what they're doing right now just tag him keep it going um let's see here we go here's what the start of fun starts here with Dakota and Connor they're still they're still going by the way um Dakota says I gotta say I'm pretty into the Eagles but you guys take it into a new level Drew said Eagles for a 10 win team last year I did I I still stand by that with my assessment I think it was a decent assessment no would have seen the the rise they had and at the in that team last year I think people still you know are a little shocked by what they did last year so I'd be shocked if they repeat it though say that right now oh he says you guys need a QB no CBS so are you saying we need a QB no CBS like no you need a CB are you saying we don't have a QB or CBS Dakota uh he said Giants suck they'd be cousins in prime time um wait the Giants once they suck that doesn't make any sense Dakota Giants were ruined by their last GM now there will agree yes there we will agree giant fancy Eagles fans Eagle fans found their Common Ground um Dakota says I'm getting a boner thinking about playing the Giants uh I'm just gonna say that if that's the case you should perhaps stop taking the blue pills um Conor says I leave for a few minutes Dakota come back Dakota says sorry Connor then Dakota says but it is huge right now thinking about two to three wins um and then Congress says do they not have dirty birds podcast LOL he says I'm a fan of Drew Dakota says and then he says and I and I don't like the Falcons dirty bird is the Falcons Connor uh Connor says Drew hates the Eagles Connor says so does my main man Roberto who is Dakota says so we are all Americans nothing more American than an effing both eagle and so why don't you like the Patriots Yeah Yeah I guess I guess Connor says true we are we are all New York Giant fans American or not well we welcome all New York Giant fans American or not they're still going back and forth by the way Rob weighs 222 pounds where did that come from uh because I said draft me um yeah 220. so distracted by these two going back and forth I'm actually 225 I was trying to get myself a little leeway 265 pounds here 265 pounds oh yeah pure dad bod um Dakota says trade say Quan I bet you'd like that as an eagle fan there man um

Roberto Dakota is checking your stats uh Dakota says you said that at week 14 bro uh Connor says love saquon but a trade would be okay if he doesn't want to take the offer and then Connor said Eagles dirty birds too all right back to the players that I think these two have calmed down here

boom in the comments section these two going back

we got people that like go back and forth like that uh Dakota also says I look skinnier this is why we let the eagle fan in in the comments actually says I look skinnier than 265. it's just because it's spread over six foot seven frame that's what it boils down to so uh it's not that I'm actually skinny it's just that I'm really tall so I have places to hide my blubber

so yeah on to our next rookie so this is the guy we haven't got a chance to talk for uh because of the fact that we got him as an undrafted free agent he actually signed almost immediately but it was never confirmed until after we did our post draft show so Alex Cook um who was a a safety out of the University of Washington also 23 years old that seems to be a thing like are you a 23 year old safety have we the team for you um pretty much so again undrafted free agent um University of Washington six foot one 195 pounds last season stats 13 games 82 tackles three and a half tackles from loss which I don't understand I never said the half a tackle for loss does that mean like no

you're an idiot okay I know that I'm just making a joke half a tackle for losses that he didn't win anything um one one pass District did he get seven tough tackles [Laughter] um what's interesting about him is he actually started his career in college not just in high school but at college as a wide receiver so he's a converted wide receiver that became a safety um tell me he's fast and does not have hands ah just I I didn't mention any interceptions did I I'll just leave it at that yeah

so I think this is a guy that is going to take a flyer on basically be a body at Camp maybe try to sneak him onto the practice squad maybe just hold on to him in case somebody gets injured I think that's kind of the scenario that we're looking at here uh I don't see him as a guy that'll make the active roster barring any kind of major injuries and I said injuries Slow Roll yeah because I like I said I think the first guy that injured Owens is up on their active roster that leaves cook on the practice squad still but if you want to carry two guys in the practice squad I'm fully okay with taking a rookie that let's be honest we're still learning the position in college and making him the guy that we go ahead and take a shot on the practice squad that's that's the kind of guy you want to take a shot on yeah I mean also like this guy knows how the wide receivers are going to run yep he did it just makes sense so you can understand schemes and how like things are working out Granite doesn't even know it at NFL potential or you know like well he knows it from he knows it's still from he's probably still got a wide receiver mentality which helps he does but I'm just saying like when you when you play in high school a little bit of college is a little different in the NFL but it does transfer over I'm not to a degree I'm not trying to put that down but I'm awesome yeah he has a mentality he knows how receivers are going to run yeah it's kind of like when you like let's I'm gonna use this as analogy it's kind of like if you move to another country let's say you move to where do you want to move to we're going to move to Columbia Rob sure coffee so let's say you move to Colombia yes fresh coffee that's like this has nothing to do with drugs coffee only um and let's say you move to Colombia now obviously Colombia they speak Spanish so you'd have to learn Spanish eventually you'd be fully fluent in Spanish

but it would take you a while before your brain would instead of processing the verbs and the when the words they're using of instead you're translating your head to where the point where you hear it and just you go back and forth without translating in your head and that's what I and that's what I'm saying that's what I'm saying is that in the end it's almost like that like instead of taking a little bit of time to instead of now translating okay I see him doing this this is what he's going to do because of that because this is what I did when I was a wide receiver it's going to take him a little bit of time to translate that into just going into okay he's gonna I see his foot like this he's probably gonna make fake out and go that direction because of the way he's done and what I've seen on tape there is a difference in how he has to learn to process that and I think that's going to take some time but again a guy who's only 23 years old that you can put in the practice squad for a year or two to see if he's learns enough to become a valuable member of the team overall it's worth it I think it's a good it was a good pickup for them I think it's just a guy that don't have much expectation of because of the fact that he went undrafted agree for every Victor Cruz there's ten thousand people that get cut before training camp hits it's life it's life in the NFL that's why it's not the National Football League not for long that's what it is the international salsa dance holy go to Colombia do that now

Buffet our last guy is the guy that I'm putting in tier four so Trenton Thompson who was again an undrafted free agent we picked up last year now we talked about what happened last year we didn't have a lot of depth at safety we had a lot of safety we had a lot of people out in Xavier McKinney being out attained Belton having a couple games he was injured for you know it wasn't like we had a very healthy room overall as well we're picking people up off the scrappy towards the end of of the preseason just to try to have some legit NFL bodies and Thompson could not make it Trenton Thompson could not make the roster still at that point and again I know it was a rookie season for him and he was supposed to be learning like that but he was on the roster active for one game had no stat line whatsoever and because of that and because the guys we just talked about because keep in mind you keep 4. 50 on a 53-man roster typically four let's say you want to go different and go five you're not going to go down to three obviously so you need a couple backups and a couple you know case barring injuries so we got the four we already talked about and McKinney Pinnock Belton and McCain we got Owens as the potential fifth or to be a practice squad guy we gotta cook as a practice squad guy you don't need three practice squad safeties so I'm thinking Trenton Thompson is going to be served his papers his Walking Papers and if we cut them we talked about the money evaluating with some other guys as well we saved 750 000 against the cap with no cap here what's going on so that's a guy that we can cut have a little bit more money to maybe throw at Sequon to get that done and get that taken care of there or just free up a little bit of cash in case as we talked about with injuries we need a guy we can you know maybe go ahead and get a guy off the streets it's a low end NFL guy to be the new backup you know that kind of scenario I think that's the route we're gonna go I think the fact that he didn't even see the field really at all last year when we had deaf issues to begin with we had injuries that happened that just tells you all you know

pretty much yeah so I I'm calling it now bye bye Trenton Thompson yeah hmm um

uh but yeah like I said I I think that's what you're looking at I think in the end you're looking at McKinney pinock Belton McCain making the active roster Owens with a small chance if they want to have a fifth safety but more likely going to be a practice squad kind of guy uh that will step up and come into this into the roster there if somebody gets injured Alex Cook will probably make the practice squad Trenton Thompson will be cut and be shown the door so I have four guys on the active roster two guys in the practice squad and that's a much better group in the last year

yes yeah 100 yeah much much much better group I think overall so it's it's a group that I won't say will be a strong point for us because I don't think I don't think it'd be a strong point I think the strong point for us is going to be more uh defensive line Edge you know in in this defense the way it's set up but it's not going to be a weak point it's not going to be a weak point I would say especially because we have enough depth that it's you know there's some good things going on there um we got a couple more comments here let's get to those here before we close it out here for the night so we got Dakota coming in all saying no no no trades see a quan for you um Connor says let's please he said at least let's let's get ready to rumble again Connor said that not us don't sue us let's get it on he goes he goes Mills Lane

remember Mills Lane back in the day he was a judge on TV eventually too he changed his job a celebrity death match Dakota says LOL lfg which I think you all know what that means Connor says LOL

yes and Dakota says have a great night boys I'm out see you soon take it easy uh Connor says later Dakota you don't have to go home but she gotta leave here just kidding up well and then Rob your dad's on he says we have to wait for training camp at see how hungry he is and I think that's what we're talking about cook I think yeah which is a good point by the way how hungry is cook um he's ready for the buffet line oh I'm ready for the Windjammer Buffet again um Connor says Ah 23 years old so long ago son of a bee I'm old I've gained a whole year oh I'm gonna get the whole 23 old and then some I'm 54 now smack my head um or shake my head oh I always super smack is it smack or shake and I'm unaware of that is I always hold a smack if someone's young and knows the lingo obviously not Connor he just said his age and obviously not us because we're not young at all you can also do this we have any 20 year olds in the building that can tell tell us if that's um Connor says I hope Thompson isn't watching this show but if you are if you want to come on Hey listen I hope he is watching I'm with you like listen we just call like we see it ain't personal it ain't personal and Thompson's obviously a much better football player than either one of us were ever so you know I think he'll have he'll have a very very long career in New York in the XFL

um Connor says it's Shake but I like smack better I always sort of smack my head like uh you know like

is it shake your head see that's how old I am I don't even know what it stands for I thought it was either one but I like smack better we're going go on Google we're talking a little smack here okay

images come up you're gonna see number one is going to be John Luke Picard yes oh yeah that's everyone knows that one sit there and despair sits there in despair alrighty guys so next episode for you guys will have a Monday so we're gonna continue Monday yeah Monday Connor that's the same it's still Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday night Monday night two giant cool balls um so we'll continue doing the assessing the groups for the groups that change guys we're not going to go over every single group because like we don't have the athlete we don't need to talk about running back we added a third string running back whoop to do that day uh We're not gonna go ahead and talk about quarterback obviously because oh no we lost Davis Webb like we don't have to go over every single group obviously but I think Monday we'll either do o-line we can still do we got linebacker we can still do I think o-line I think o line everybody's always curious about the o-line because that's been the issue for the Giants for the last 50 years it feels like oh oh line no we're not O'Reilly's we're not doing Auto Parts [Music] you were doing you were doing the O'Reilly's jingle I'm on to you but O'Reilly's if you're interested in the sponsorship it's two giant goofballs on mail.com um so yeah guys let's go with the offensive line then for Monday for you we'll do linebackers on Wednesday in that case there so again guys we will not be on tomorrow Connor who will not be on tomorrow yeah we're doing Thursdays not Fridays we're going to be out as well Jackie and I are going to a nice Indian restaurant and going off to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 tomorrow because we haven't seen that one yet and I just finished watching actually before we started this the new Ant-Man Quantum Mania or whatever the hell it is on Disney plus because it's not on there and I gotta say that was probably one of the worst Marvel movies I've ever seen

I don't want to give up too much I'm listening to say that there were some characters that just disappeared they were the first two with no no reason whatsoever um there is a certain character that horrible CGI and horribly was written overall um yeah so yeah I'm not gonna I'm not gonna enjoy that one uh I probably won't even watch it again to be honest unless I watch it one more time to see it's really that bad I've done that before movies was it that bad like halfway I'll just stop again was that bad yes thank you a good one there were two no this was worse than Thor two this made Thor two look good oh really it was that bad uh at least at least in my opinion watch you know what you watch it this weekend Rob and you let us know we come on on Monday what you thought of Ant-Man and the WASP Quantum Mania money Crossing Mania media and and you'll know what I'm talking about when I say this these characters that are dismissing for no apparent reason I have an idea but so all right we want to give too much here we got um we got a couple of uh comments here also from Connor sinks and now I have to go Friday Saturday and Sunday without my schedule therapy listen Connor if we are therapy for you then we do accept medical insurance just give us your medical card

maybe we can sponsor a better help now I said payments and ipas oh IPA oh yeah no I think a lager oh yeah I'll definitely take bourbon or more rum I I have like five bottles from that brought back from the Bahamas now I probably shouldn't even say that because you're not typically supposed to but um yeah uh Connor says don't eat the Indian food before you see the movie you might have to take us yeah well listen not only Indian food is spicy guys it's just flavorful Curry is super flavorful I don't do Curry guys spices also I put hot sauce in everything so I don't go I I don't go after every meal naan popping them I have that stuff we'll have probably have some Sagar palac paneer um some tikka masala which isn't even Indian really actually British food technically um yeah tandoori chicken all this stuff is not spicy guys fun fact do you know Indian independence day um no it's my birthday we all celebrated on the fourth of July that's when the aliens attacked and Will Smith saved us touche what I think it actually tacked on uh July 2nd they won on the fourth of July yes oh yes I think that was the timeline they clearly showed on the screen yeah as if you forgot Josh a second [Music] man Connor says didn't like Thor 3 other two are good uh there's actually three three is the best I like probably the best as well I really do even though it was actually Incredible Hulk comic though too it was because Marvel didn't have the rights to that comic so they kind of they had the right to the comic they can't make an actual Incredible Hulk movie because yeah you're right you're right I'm sorry yeah because Paramount owns the the movie rights to the whole he can't have his own tools let's say this you think I might be a comic fan I mean yeah I might just be a comic fan I have a stack of comics next to me um and Deb says love curry it's not I'm not a spicy guy and I think Curry is a little too more spicy for what I like I don't see Curry says spicy I say to me it is but I'm a wimp with spice I like Flavor seriously I'm that guy that well non-stop like my my spice rack gets a workout when I kick I love I I'm like the emerald and kick it up a notch kind of guy but I don't want any kind of burn I don't like that I just don't like it um Conor says any foreign food clears my pipes um how about coleslaw yeah that sounds like yeah how about kabasi does kabasi do that

I don't know where you live Conor but if you live in the New York area did you say I actually think you say Connecticut one time remember right um you got plenty of options there man explore explore the world

uh you and you and that kind of nerdler comic boy proud nerd here man all right guys so enough of the back the the non-football talk here the people are listening God damn it this is a Giants podcast talk about the Giants Well we talk about Marvel we talked about everything it is what it is we talk about Indian food Marvel we're going crazy around wearing the tangents here so again guys we'll be back on Monday with the o-line we'll do Wednesday we'll do the linebackers we'll go ahead and take a look at the rest of the roster but I think from there we're going to move on from assessing posts free agency and draft and move on to a new topic uh which I won't announce yet because Rob and I will have to discussed we have two different options for I have an idea that which one I prefer but let's see if he agrees first so and I won't I disagree sir yeah you just disagree for the sake of disagree I'm on to you damn it alrighty guys so again appreciate everybody listening in appreciate everybody uh commenting as Connor says I'm in Jersey mother

that's exactly how people are seriously to talk be in Jersey South or do you believe in central do you believe in central there is there is essential if you're Mercer County uh Monmouth County uh I would say just the upper part of ocean yes like once you get past like Toms River you are officially in Pioneer even Toms River is a little kind of South Jersey yeah you also got North concert maybe you could be considered uh yeah so you got liquid liquids kind of like the borderline itself oh he's in central he's in our neck of the woods oh so I'm not gonna say we're we're where Rob lives now even though I've already given away that I live in Clearwater um but we're both born and raised in Haslet so like we're definitely Central Jersey people that's for sure um so but yeah I would say probably like I feel like the border is like brick Tucky like once you get yeah yeah as I'm saying Lakewoods are great there everybody knows like brick we call it brick Tucky by the way if those people are confused by that which by the way I found that they made a burger we apologize you made a verb in Paul brick Tucky that's fantastic I'm actually kind of curious to try it all right guys again we're going on changes together so again yes we'll be back next week as always enjoy the weekend have a happy and safe weekend starting to get a little warmer for all you guys up north that don't get a joy of the lovely Seasons that I do of just you know lack of Seasons I should say we had 80 degrees on Tuesday 80. enjoy it we've had that for a few months now uh [Laughter] so again guys appreciate you guys listening in as always Monday Wednesday and now Thursdays instead of Fridays we're live at 9 00 p.m Eastern we're on Facebook we're on Twitter we're on YouTube we're on we're on my phone uh the best way to get a hold of us there and go ahead and give us the you know your guys thoughts and chime in like everybody else here it's been which again appreciate you guys commenting in uh is either on Facebook on YouTube or on Twitch at that point so usually Facebook and YouTube are kind of the two busier ones that we get here um again we're afterwards we do pop it on to every single audio podcast platform pretty much known to man Apple Spotify I Heart Radio Amazon Deezer all these all of the podcast all the podcasts it was like 20 different podcast platforms so guys if um if you're not using an app that has us on there your problem is using the wrong one to be honest I'm on apps we're on apps I didn't even heard of I look at our list and I'm like I didn't heard of this one but whatever we're on it one of them is like a robot logo I don't even know what that is uh let's get a couple more comments Chris says salute guys enjoy the podcasts all right appreciate it coming on man always nice like I said it's great to have other teams fans come on enjoy it too that just says to me that at least we're trying to entertain you in the process as well we're not trying to be the dry humor one that he is we're going to have a safety he's going to start the next one and then safety safety I'm not gonna name any names but I've heard some other podcasts out there that do giants even and some of them have great information but it's like oh my God I'm falling asleep at the wheel listening to this podcast yeah we never that's one thing like Rob and I step in the Gekko like we want to make our people enjoy it people that aren't even Giants fans or NFL fans even can listen to some of the stupid stuff we say oh this is kind of funny yeah so I mean Sidetrack Drew and I started this podcast because we always just talked football when we got together yep and we also or a bunch of goofballs and we're like let's do this let's do this on the air because we do this for fun and Connor says a lot of my two-faced family in Keyport two-faced yeah keyboard's not too far from where we grew up all right guys okay we're going on tangents again we gotta end the episode one day and that is today yeah it might happen we might have people sitting in the car trying to get to work listen with the audio one game people shut up already I'm 10 minutes late already go to work um so again guys appreciate everybody listening in again we'll see you guys next week and have a happy and safe weekend here and as always giant fans

thanks for listening to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast we appreciate your support if you made it this long you must have enjoyed it so I am sure you have followed us on all the social media platforms of course you have subscribed to the show on your favorite app as well and given us a top rating right right

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