2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

The Latest on Saquon Barkley Contract Rumors

May 17, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 125
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
The Latest on Saquon Barkley Contract Rumors
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The future of star running back Saquon Barkley with the New York Giants has been a hot topic of discussion, and in this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast, hosts Rob and Drew dive into the latest rumors surrounding Barkley's contract situation.

Join Rob and Drew as they provide expert analysis and discuss the implications of the ongoing contract negotiations with Barkley. They'll examine the potential impact on the Giants' salary cap, team dynamics, and long-term plans. With their unique insights, Rob and Drew will share their perspectives on the likelihood of a contract extension and its potential terms.

Throughout the episode, Rob and Drew will provide an engaging dialogue, exploring different scenarios and discussing the potential outcomes for both Barkley and the Giants. They'll also examine how a new contract for Barkley could shape the team's offense and influence their strategies moving forward.

If you're a passionate Giants fan or simply interested in the latest NFL contract negotiations, this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs is a must-listen. Rob and Drew offer entertaining banter and in-depth analysis, keeping you up-to-date with the latest Saquon Barkley contract rumors and their potential impact on the New York Giants.

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[Music] welcome to two giant Goosebumps a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob welcome fella goofballs two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by me oh some of rumors oh the rumors

it feels gonna be back on doesn't it it's like it feels like it's been forever it really does that it's only you know we had the one episode we recorded ahead of time we had the episode you got to go a little solo action there and yeah it's been what it's been a week now it's been a week so you know I got to Joy a little little time here in the Bahamas and all um you know good time good times had had there definitely I'll tell you this if people are ever interested in the cruise take the Royal Caribbean go to Coco K they call a perfect day at CoCo K let me just say it it did not disappoint there's nothing like unlimited at all you can drink front row seat to an amazing amazing Beach uh we also went to Nassau which I could have done without but that's why it was fan you know what they were they would do every two seconds they're trying to sell me something uh yeah and just leave me alone I came here to relax if I relax I will like it more I will spend more yeah let me just hang out so nothing from now on if I get a chance to go back to Nassau honestly I'll probably just go there get the rum and go I definitely brought home copious amounts of rum that's for sure all kinds of flavors I got raspberry I got Cherry chocolate I got uh banana I got Coke heart booty that actually one of them is called pirate Royale actually it's a special edition one actually very nice it almost tastes like maple syrup it's nice and smooth and sweet all right enough of the rum here as Connor says did you drink the water just get drunk cause yeah pretty much I just got drunk as ever listen kind of when you when you go uh you're not supposed to drink the water over there no you can drink the water Bahamas I think I don't know I want a stiffer bacteria man I I did I don't know um but yeah uh when you drink when you get the all you can drink package you got to make it worthwhile it was gonna get originally we ended up getting while we're on the boat actually so yeah uh I had to I had to drink um between my wife and I 40 different 40 alcoholic beverages to make it worthwhile and she doesn't drink nearly as much as I do so uh I made it worthwhile it's okay we're good definitely drinks at night or for the host or the whole thing the whole three days uh we got Mickey here on as well he say hi hi Rob hi Drew how are you both good to see you man and we got Deborah what happened in manscape we had a month contract with him it's just up that's all so you guys you guys can get back to just enjoying us with it having to talk about shaving you know private parts again you know she definitely should yeah but again we do have keep in mind our sponsorship for individuals here as I point down we're there to support us at buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two giant goofballs again let's buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two giant goofballs all right so while I was gone the rumor mill the rumor mill just went crazy like

we got an agent getting involved on Twitter and everything here it went all kinds of crazy so the big rumors were you know that he had been offered a 13 million dollar contract could be up to 14 million dollars with incentives um you know that no one's ever said where that rumor came from it's just been pronounced and for some reason it's been taken as fact which I don't get why you have a rumor that's being reported without a source and we're taking that as effect for some reason that just seems in the world of BS and smoke and mirrors of the NFL seems a little bit weird to me yeah it sucks it's like saying I won a lottery uh yesterday don't question it just did it yeah like just does it there's no proof in the pudding okay and it's well I do like pudding who doesn't like some good I'll put in I'm more of a pie guy myself but uh kicks and pies

so but yeah I mean so there's all kinds of crazy rumors here so the big one um you had um Bob um Brooke over from nj.com has the Giants offered a multi-year deal worth 12.5 million dollars during the season and that was at the bye week of the Season there yeah but increased it to 13 million dollars a year uh and it could reach even 14 million dollars with incentives and that's as the season ended and supposedly him and his agent both said basically that's not good enough and they don't want it um then Maj who is uh one of the well-known Twitter Giants people at that point not that they have any kind of sources that you know the rest of us don't have or anything like that just somebody who typically knows a good amount of the team kind of like us just kind of follows it non-stop says uh you know they heard Barclays Camp reportedly mean firm on 16 million dollar ask which would make him the height because keep in mind what he said originally was I don't wanna [Laughter] I want to go ahead

which was 16 million dollars that's that's that's the highest paid running back in the league well his agent replied to the Maj when this was put up on the internet and said this is not true so so what do you thinking fourteen five fifteen what part is not true

so that's the Curious part no it's like is it the 16 million is it the uh is it the um no the 14 million dollars you know I have no clue whatsoever of what what that which one is supposedly not true or is it all not true is it all fugazi that's the thing we don't we don't know really um so let's see we got a couple comments here already there's Deb says oh no it's oh it's okay that was was when did that going into we just didn't announce it around the bat so that was for the giraffe season uh let's see Connor says you need us again we're more reliable so we're gonna get blue pills to sponsor now that they're shaved it's time for growing oh my God right it's the other one uh Deb says last I read problem is that it's the length of the contract he wants four years and the Giants will only give him three where do people get this I think we should start our own rumor I think um I think he wants a zillion dollars first we said 15 years we should start our own Rover let's go for it yeah Connor says these guys are too greedy be glad you get paid multi-million dollars to play football fine let him sit we'll keep the 10 million dollars till he gets to sign it here's the thing with this Connor and I do I do want to kind of touch base on this because I always see this I feel like with fans we get so engrossed with the team because let's be honest we put a lot of time and effort into following the team we do but we're complaining about the guy who wants to get paid as much as he can that has a very short career the person who's paying him for the people in this case are multi-billion dollar people think about that for a moment this is the equivalent of your if you were working for a company owned by a millionaire and you're a thousand error like most of us are don't have a million dollars in assets because I don't have a million dollars in assets I'd love to if anybody like to help you get there again the link is buy me a cup of coffee.com but

that's what we're looking at that's the same thing so I don't see why we as you know fans sit there and say okay yeah he should just take whatever he can get we don't do that at our jobs I hope none of you guys do that get as much damn money as you can hell yeah and at the same time you should always be shopping so like you can't be mad always be shopping and these guys can't shop especially like this who's tagged like he literally cannot play anywhere else where do you want to go the XFL yeah which is not going to pay that kind of money yeah so I mean the thing you gotta think about too is like all right we tag them is he gonna play as hard as he should yeah some people say like if you keep attacks he's going to sit he's gonna do that like how is he going to get a contract he can't prove he's got the goods exactly we got B if you want again maybe he has to go and she says I hate when people say the owners of are billionaires there's a salary cap and for some reason fans don't understand how it works but I don't want to hear about how much the owner is worth you have to that's part of the equation because in the end he has a very short time frame to get his money he's got to get the money he can get while he can get it because you get for all you know next year or two sequence out of the league that's the way this game is played you have no clue especially at the running back position and yes there's a salary cap but keep in mind the salary cap is fugazi yeah you can turn around and put incentives as part of the pay which then lowers your salary cap so you can do all kinds of stuff you can put a sign of the spelling a signing bonus now if he was asking for a 20 million dollars and that's like record setting resetting the market kind of thing I would have this attitude myself because he's not worth it because he's had two of this four years we're very uh I'm sorry two of his photos five years now I'm pretty good you know it's not like he's been lighting up the league every single year so I I think if he is asking for you know around 16 million dollars that's a sensible place for him to go I think in the end to be very Frank someone is releasing these rumors for some kind of motive whether it's somebody from the Giants Camp trying to get the fans on their side and off of saquon's side because let's be honest saquon is a very much a fan favorite he's the guy the fans enjoy you know rooting for it because he is a very good guy by all counts yeah I mean Giants they're smart uh the organization's smart they don't look like the bad guys

they've been there but but if you sit there and asking like if he doesn't want like reset the market like it could mean he was selling for 15. yeah which if that's the case just do it but make sure it's a lot of incentives in there well here's my whole thing is I'm not even saying doing it so for those who watch us on a regular basis no I've said Point Blank keep them on the tag I wouldn't even enter negotiations I'm like you had your chance that offer is gone we're gonna tag you You're Gonna Play in the tag or you're not gonna play and we're gonna move on unless you want to sign a two-year 20 million dollar deal or a 23 million dollar deal or something like that I'm not the offers off the table you had your chance as far as I'm concerned so and it reminds you how many years can you tag a player two times so for fans out there this year he'll get what uh 10.1 million just about just shy I think next and then next year will be 12. yeah it's like 12.1 it's getting that 13. so I remember he's got what was that 22.2 million guaranteed so if you could turn around and get 36 guaranteed 38 guaranteed but I mean three 36 guaranteed with incentives like he's sitting a lot better spot but here's my thing in the end is this is a rich person fighting with Uber rich people let them figure it out guys us us poor people to their standards don't get that game that's like me asking for a five thousand dollar your raise but to me it's like a couple million dollars is probably not going to make or break us in in in a salary cap it's not let's let's be very Frank with it you can move again you can move money around you see the Eagles doing it like crazy this off season you saw the Saints doing it for how many years in a row if you want to keep a player you will move away around you'll figure it away we we talked about darning at homes and I said maybe we should keep them Drew's like he should go guess what that's 2.7 million dollars gone gone off the table so you get rid of a guy like that to keep Barkley

it's worth it and it's also a matter of what's the message you're sending to your team when the guy who is like the face of your franchise that the the you know for multiple years now the guy who's been you know basically MVP of at least the first half of the season this past season and you don't want to pay him what players will think is fair market values I'm telling you right now players will take his side they're not going to take ownership side that's not how it's not gonna work so again I'm not even saying pay him I'm not saying don't pay him I'm saying realistic way this is Rumor Mill season this is what's going on and you have people be very Frank that are in the media that are bored because it's the off season we're in between a lot of stuff that goes on in the off season and they're looking for any way to seem relevant in the news and in the media I was going to say they're looking for clicks they're looking for likes they're looking for people to come out and make sure they know their name so make sure they're not forgotten speaking to which if you haven't already please hit that like button

hit that subscribe

but like I said I think I think in the end people need to understand that

this is something's gonna happen behind closed doors we're never going to know the full story of what happened until potentially years later because players don't tend to tell you what's going on behind the scenes after they retire that's what I said autobiography

give him like three or four years and maybe we'll know what happened then but as of right now we're not going to learn anything until much later on um so I I think the caution we just have overall is let it play Behind Closed Doors because it's going to okay and whatever the end result is we have to distrust that Joe Shane and the Giants organization is going to do what is in the end best for the Giants organization which in the end is going to be best for us as fans correct and this is what we want them to do like as much as it hurts like what happens with Barclay or not like this is and Shane We Trust let's not forget about that oh yeah yeah that's that's 100 here so let's get back to the comments here because we have a uh we have we got some more comments here let's see here we got a couple we got lots going on here oh we talked to talk to that one here we go Deb says you are right Drew no one now one of the wild cards is going to be on peacocks fans have to pay for it the billionaire is getting ridiculous and that's 100 yeah 100 percent and like I said I I think it's a little crazy that we're talking about you know players over a couple million dollars when you have guys like this that are you know look at how much it costs for the Sunday Ticket that kind of stuff look how much it costs to go to a game and Grant the players get a cut of all that that's all whatever they make goes in goes to the salary cap and increases what they can make but they're making nothing compared to these owners and what they're you know even eventually selling look look at Dan Schneider did in DC you know ran ran a franchise that listen we as giant fans may not want to say it but it's a franchise that has a

the issues they've had the last but you know a legacy with the Legacy history it's been around the league forever that's won some championships and just went fall to utter poop

yeah exactly so um let's see here Connor says boohoo he can Bank the money and live off it for life if you if you're smart I never I'll never get that kind of money he's retired he's retired he's gonna get more money bring on TV Etc you never know Connor you don't what if he has an addiction to motorcycles and he's on a motorcycle I mean it's a squirrel he hits a squirrel and he only has a head helmet not the whole face thing and he busts up his face now he can't play in the NFL because this draws all Jackson I can't be on TV either because he can't talk well here's my whole thing as well it is okay so like as a first round pick you know he was making he I have to look up the exact number so let's say hypothetically give me 40 million dollars so far as an NFL player keep in mind it's taxed keep in mind he gets parked to the agent keep mining it's parked to the NFL players Association he doesn't see 40 million dollars

you got to keep in mind he's younger than a lot of us he's in his 20s so this man needs to equate for 70 years of inflation how much different was a dollar seventy years ago if it's a million dollars in a Roth program he'd be all right

I'm just saying I can't blame a guy for trying to make as much money as he wants here as my dad Champion says these franchises only are only worth billions when they're sold there's not five billion dollars laying around the team's bank account that's yeah 100 true but at the same point they still have a whole lot more money than the players do they still have a whole lot more money than we do Steve Tisch has a net worth of 1.6 billion dollars billion dollars that's a lot of money John Mara he's half half a billion not nearly worth the Steve Tish he's Steve Tish got the holiday money uh Hollywood money he's got the Hollywood money there um it's true so Connor says if they make football pay-per-view or stream only it will rule in football like other sports bad enough games in Europe oh listen I'll tell you this as a fan who was who's watched free stuff trust me please watch free games if you want to watch free games yeah I'll leave it at that I'm not going to go to details yeah deep says I was a Penn State fan as long as I'm a giant fan I like Barkley but if these statements are true I would just let the tag there and re-tag the next year listen again I would be hesitant to pay a running back with his injury history in general I think the tag is the way to go and if he's healthy and he does good you can revisit the talks again mid-season at that point but for a guy who was not quite the same in the second half of the Season that has an injury history that plays a position with a very short shelf life

I'm kind of glad the way things are worked out to be very Frank as a giant fan

mid-july right so we're going to hear rumor spot what's going on to poly July so let's be another too much we'll say we're gonna hear about different rumors unless they turn around and sign them for 14-5 or something and they mean a little but you said true we can't we can't complain we can't moan that he's trying to get as much money as he can like every time I get a promotion in my job what did I do I try to get more money

damn it

I want more money show me the money show me the money uh yeah so like I said again you can't play in the gun that uh my dad's is making someone on your team play on the franchise tag is not the way to influence future free agents make a reasonable offer for three years maybe turns it down again it's on him and I think that's what they've done to be honest but part of the problem we run into with this and this is part of what's got where we wanted to talk about this year in this scenario because we're talking 13 14 million dollars okay how many years was the contract how much money was guaranteed in that contract I mean was it just one million dollars in incentives we don't know there's so many things that change how good or bad an offer is okay listen if he's looking for five years like that's that's aggressive no but what I'm saying is do we know it's three years or four years do we know if it was two years do we know do we know how much money of that was guaranteed was there anything guaranteed Beyond this year we know nothing absolutely nothing and again it's not me trying to take sides of Sequon or the Giants this is where I'm trying to get to this point over and over again that we need to let this play out behind closed doors as it's going to and just trust that the best possible outcome the Giants can do for themselves and for us as giant fans is what they're going to do Connor says keep tag you had your chance you so greedy oh well if he wasn't hurt most career I would have paid him but he needs to get a grip and realize others failed after five years Reggie Bush rookie pothead Williams actually you know if you want to go push out a long career Reggie Bush had a good long career he was never actually nearly the player that saquon Barkley is I'll I'll say that as well and if you want to go Ricky Williams style listen Ricky Williams was an absolute beast and that man eclipsed 10 000 yards in his career keep in mind it's two seasons he took off because he couldn't get off the ganja that's true and he still play until he's 34 years old in this league he still had two years he skipped entirely he was still in all pro at 1800 yard season had let's see one two three four five five thousand yard seasons overall if you want to compare right now Ricky Williams and him listen Ricky Williams has a much better career than saquon had um right so far granted his career went up in smoke but oh I see what she did there oh yes I see what she did there Mark montabo Mark what's up man he did my whole time he said what's up highs I think he means guys we're not high we're not high yeah [Laughter] Anthony blue had seals let's just let the organization and saquon get it done the media is going to spin this situation every other day 100 you are correct sir this is what we're saying exactly that so like I said guys I just I think the main reason we wanted to have an episode on the saquon rumors here overall is to remind everybody again what time of year this is this is off season this is board time for writers they have nothing to talk about they can have somebody that they wouldn't even trust during the regular season tell them something and they're going to run with it not all of them I don't want to disparage the entire group but there are some that want to make a name for themselves right now and they will go ahead and spend anything they hear from any single source and throw it out there as if it's gold because it turns out because a lot of people are saying that he turned down you know foot 13.5 for three years if he turns out and like that was true now you could be like I was first going to report that even though I had no knowledge of anything was authentic yeah exactly as Mark wrote themselves as guys he says remember my comment about what I would like to do if Barclay doesn't sign now Mark correct me if I'm wrong I don't have your comment in front of me but if I remember correctly he said basically if he doesn't want to he doesn't want to sign long-term cut him take the 10 million dollars get a couple of good free agents and call it a day and just move on I wouldn't go that extreme personally but if I thought that sequel is going to be disgruntled then it'd be an option to look at yes I don't think he's going to be disgruntled there he goes if Barca doesn't sign get Kareem hunt and oral Leonard fournette possibly both for 10 million dollars total I'll I'll say this I like cream hunt the player I highlighted like Kareem hunt the person and just the way the Giants organization Works they don't really like taken on too many bad history players yeah the other thing is Leonard fournette you want to put this man in the middle of New Jersey New York area with all the Bountiful feasts that we have the amazing Foods we have and you want to put that man who plays like a defensive tackle because he's got the size of one at this point like he's he's going to be a nose tackle another season or two that trust me we're living down here in in the Tampa Bay area this man is too fat to play running back at this point he is quickly becoming the next Eddie Lacy I was gonna say he is he is there like yeah don't stick that man like he'll be having pork rug and cheeses like you wouldn't believe every single day before last week was great it just would not be oh those are so good he he says hello hey the new thunder and lightning listen that's not Thunder and light lightning that's locked up and buffeting okay that's just it's just not the best he says or earthquake in the lightning uh as my dad says and this is talking about Barclay he says his carfax report would really low mileage and three reported accidents yeah that's pretty accurate I mean but I mean let's talk about his injury history so Tony ACL yeah comes back a year later plays like a player who tore their ACL the year prior he was very you know very thought she's me and listen if any of it any of you out there had a major surgery you know what I'm talking about you're going to be a little cautious when you first come back and it's going to take some time to get your psyche right nonetheless you know regardless of the injury yep if you don't want to redo it he comes back he starts playing better and then he has another freak injury yeah yeah and then he came back yo really really worked on himself in the off season Ed had Estelle a year and then we ran him like a Mac Truck on no breaks and no sleep going cross country and yeah it took some tear on them yeah and people don't I think some people forget to how good he was at rookie year he still wasn't that rookie year quality last year I mean he started the first half better I feel I both agree because he was never a part of the passing game like he like he was his rookie year I think I started coming towards the end but that was after finding a shoulder injury yeah so you're talking his rookie year he had five yards of carry last year 4.4 that's a pretty decent difference you know 721 yards receiving his rookie year 338 this past year and keep mine he didn't play the last game at all so there's the same amount of games so it's not even like that hurts him further just just to make sure people are aware on that part of it there but you know had 30 extra carries and five extra yards from his rookie year I I guess the concern I have is I I see both sides of this argument because he played so well last year but but I mean now we're talking about that as well who did he have around him his rookie year compared to last year his rookie year uh obj Eli

so he had a lot more Talent around him as well so he wasn't the number one star he had to be I'm gonna disagree with that I'm gonna disagree with that because we didn't have the necessity we did not have a good Giants offense with you know in in 2018 we didn't our office last year wasn't Stella either oh no I'm not saying that in town that's that's what I'm trying to point out so I'm saying that they're crap both years all I'm saying is you had Eli right who was already two-time Super Bowl champ so he already I was trying sparkly you have obj granted that was like here he fell apart but he had OBS yeah out there he fell apart I own a part many years the one of his first ones but so like right there he didn't have to be that number one guy in the backfield yes he did Shine and he did prove himself but coming into this year everyone had their doubts about DJ we had no receiving core like we had to put it together with the glue and tape and sticks I think that actually was our flanked wide receiver for part of the Season yeah we just glued some sticks together and put him out there who's that right here man that's fixed McGee yeah speaks McGee

Hellraiser the Remake no the one that was in 1980 yeah Pinhead yeah uh uh such a good movie but yeah I mean like I said I think your opinion on Barkley in this whole contract thing and I mean you like you rob or anybody else at it I think yeah I mean us as a whole as uh but on the individual level at the same point it's like it's based on what you think of the running back position what do you think of Barclays specifically and that's what it boils down to and let's be honest the running back position is not nearly as important as it used to be if anybody thinks that paying a Top Flight running back a ton of money is the key to success I just would ask them to go ahead and look at the people who have won the Championships and tell me who their Top Flight running back was in the last 10 years and just to piggyback off that as well

going on here I have a bad bag okay you got to be careful who is who's the head goes through what for the Giants yeah who's our head coach Ryan dable of course oh of course so where was he prior to here um a lot of places well just before here where was he prior to here not all his places prior to here Buffalo who's your run back um they don't only have one single territory okay instead of the top running back that that's what I'm trying to get out I'm with you on that from Kansas City and yeah they got some good running backs but it wasn't like that's their thing no that's definitely yeah we have one now but and that's what complement their offense I think to be very Frank I think and I have no proof of this whatsoever so I'm not trying to be that guy that's saying things for clicks and and for you know exposure I personally think the Giants are the ones releasing these rumors and I don't know I'm not saying it's Shane I'm not saying it's Mara I'm not saying it's Tish I don't know who the hell is doing it I think somebody within the organization is doing this to try to make and paint Sequon as the greedy guy because they they I think this is going to end eventually with saquan going somewhere else long term I'm not saying this year or next year but we're I don't think we're ever gonna pay him the money that he wants and I think eventually he'll go somewhere else and get it and like most running back deals that probably work at work out well for whoever did it but the Giants can save some face and the longer term like oh thank God we didn't make that move and they can do it in a year or two from now when saquon is even older because keep in mind you know a running back ages like a dog it's every one year is seven years that's just the life man that's just the life so seven years and it fell on top of their actual age so if he's 26 and he's played five years so is he really 51 right now so he's 26 years old you get him one year on the franchise here he's 27 next year okay let's say you tag him again he's now 28. he goes somewhere else he's got seven years of mileage on him he's got multiple injuries and probably gets in a couple more in the late next year or two that's just again that's the running back closer to two and a half years so I'll turn that thing so a seven half here he goes somewhere else He Flops they go well we tried that's what I think I think I think that someone was in the franchise is trying to save face right now with what's going on and again I have no proof of that uh I'm not trying to say that I have any inside knowledge of it whatsoever it's just this is what the rumors are and every time you hear a rumor you have to sit there and say who does this rumor benefit who benefits from this think about Odell I mean like we said before you you think it's the Giants organization because it does make sense I mean at the same time to turn around and depending on who's writing the article possibly reporters or could it be someone from barclaysia who decided the story try to make the giants look greedy and not pay him what is what he's due I think if it was because look at the way everyone's talking about this if I think it was bar if Barclays Camp was the One releasing these things they would release whatever it is that he doesn't like whether it be the years the guaranteed money what the incentives are that would be released because that would make Barkley look better perhaps so the fact that it's not and to say hey we offered him 14 million dollars a year and he really said no who does that benefit just the Giants it's got to be somebody within the Giants release and stuff and we don't know what's not true or what is true we have no way of knowing this but like I said that's my personal opinion I think what you'll see is you'll probably see him play this year on the tag I think you'll see him next year either on the tag or at a lower number than what he was being offered or the rumors were this year and either we get something done that are very reasonable and or it's just it's done he's just not going to end his career with the Giants that's life and if that's the case I'm fine with it because that means that Joe Shane and his people have decided that that's not the right move with the Giants in the long term and I'm going to trust you I mean he plays on the tag this year yeah

and he has a Stelly here or even just as good as he did this year the Giants people could reconsider what the Pam the cap would be different but you only get like a two-year deal yeah I mean again I think anything more than like three years like million dollars I think anything anything more than that is way too excessive years we got a couple of people throwing some numbers out there now look at that we are throwing throwing the rumors after all Lamar what's up Lamar he says here's what a four-year 52 million uh contract fourteen five per year 24 fooling geared to the signing might look like saquon Barkley so if you do the math on that that's four years at 13 million dollars I think by the Numbers they were hold on let me see four yeah that'd be 13 million dollars so oh here we go I think he wait he got another one here four years 55-minute contract 15 per 69. that'd be 60 million Lamar we got to get your new calculator man

he's probably watching on his phone trying to do math as well because if you're like me I have no ability to do math whatsoever anymore calculators have ruined it now I'm like two plus two Jello oh uh Mark says drafting gray was an insurance policy uh [Music] that's like liability Geico insurance policy yeah that's to me like more like buying the wheel and tire package at your dealership yeah I I'm just not a fan of gray overall so I I don't think he has nearly the upside that a guy Barkley has I just don't I Google Master uh says I think his agent is releasing this and she is tampering with the Jets remember Barkley was always a Jet fans that's where he wants to go I don't think that I really don't I mean again I have no proof of anything in this whole scenario which is crazy my good instinct tells me that the last thing Barkley wants is that getting out and the Jets already have a running back who's younger than him that have you know just signed a 55 million dollar uh QB at that point to Trader for one I was gonna say they don't have the money for that so

so 2.8 million dollars negative yeah they don't have it uh my dad says 12 million dollars signing bonus salaries of six eight ten says 26 million dollars guaranteed so let's see here that's what now we got 16 24 so it's a 36 million dollar contract for three years yeah I'm I'm down with that I I said that's the most I would really want to go at that point if we got anything more and I mean more what's going to happen long term running back contracts don't tend to work long term that's for sure yeah well Mars says I work at a federal prison well that explains it see the man's got to keep an eye on everybody around him we can't a little time to break out the calculator

he says hi guys hi got all the dads here

so yeah I mean I think and I think the main goal tonight folks is remember what season it is it's rumor Brewing season We Don't Know Jack whoever is reporting this stuff They Don't Know Jack we have to wait until people start reporting the camp well we won't hear as much nonsense about contracts exactly you don't you know who does know though Bonos Bo always knows did you hear about that man what's going on lately with him no he apparently is getting some kind of surgery because he's had hiccups for a year I guess Bo doesn't know how to get rid of the hiccups he said it's actually worse worse than his hip injury that cost him his his NFL career oh that's how annoying I mean think about it you're hiccuping for a year how do you even sleep I was gonna say like what are you gonna say yeah like you're waking up every two seconds like ah that's rough man that is rough like sometimes you get those low hiccups it's not as bad I can see dozing off really tired everything foreign


McCaffrey's getting paid 16 million dollars a year paid Barkley 16 million dollars a year I'll I'll disagree with that with respectfully Lamar I think that's I think that's too much money um McCaffrey keep mine is getting paid 16 million dollars and he got traded because he wasn't good enough in the in the Panthers eyes he's not getting paid 16 million dollars now by the Niners I'm sure because the the signing bonus still was paid by the uh the Panthers so I I can take a look at the over the cap real quick on that to see real quick where he's at uh let's see here so yeah he's getting paid 2023. he's getting paid 10 million dollars that's it hmm and another running back that's getting paid that right now oh hold on I take it back I take it back his cap number this year is 3 million woof it's cap number three million dollars how does that next year next year he's his cap number is 14. the year after that is also 14. then it goes down to four

I don't know but that's what I'm saying like people want to compare McCaffrey guys McCaffrey got traded because he didn't live up to the numbers and the Niners thought they had a chance to win it all that's what they were going for sure seven quarterbacks in one game yeah

oh my gosh you got the most dangerous occupation ever is quarterback for the for the 49ers apparently oh my God everybody's getting hurt there uh let's see you guys Deb says I trust Shane and Barkley has always conducted himself very professionally with class disregard these rumors it's all Bs I guess thank you the rumors come from somewhere though and I said I'm not saying it's Barclay and I'm not saying it it's Shane but somebody is starting it for it and it's clearly meant to benefit the Giants in my opinion in my opinion see I also think it's the way media works what's it oh 100 and they're rolling with it but I'm telling you somebody's leaking it to them on purpose listen it works it works well enough that we have to talk about exactly uh Marxist franchise him make him prove another injury-free year at the trade deadline and we're not in the playoffs get a couple of picks for him okay so yeah I see what you're saying so pay him um guarantees money block yeah and if we don't do well trade him yeah I mean I can see that being the scenario if the Giants don't do well um so if you see us crying on an episode discussing trading Barkley that means The Season's not going well yeah he says no running back is worth 16 million dollars 49ers are closer to a complete team than we are they can afford to overpay that last piece for a title but again they're not overpaying him folks people gotta remember that just because he's got a 16 million dollar deal average doesn't mean anybody's paying him 16 million dollars he's not getting paid that that all is a half that is getting paid for by the signing bonus which came from the Panthers again three million dollars this year 14 million 14 million and 4 million listen if the Giants want to pay him 14 million dollars it's a little more than I want three years 52 million dollars to get this deal done which I I'm not gonna cry over a million yeah I'm not I'm not I'm not against that either I'm not gonna cry I'm not gonna like it I would preferably lower but it's not like I mean like we're kind of Orange Is there like I was saying earlier like like listen he wants a good nice number he wants this net give him fourteen five but then you also have to take off some of that side of us like I said it's it's always tricky because of that it really is um Lamar says pay saquon Barkley his money he knows his worth and I mean a half years of caps lock on or if he's mean to yell that out loud here listen again he ain't worth it uh not for them 16 million um he says King Henry's a free agent 2024 running back uh King Henry is also 29 years old this year and it's been a Workhorse meal slash math truck that has some low treading and tires yeah and on top of that and he looked good last year that's I think I still think the Titans will trade him because I think the Titan is gonna be a train wreck this year okay yeah they're gonna be more of a train wreck than an Amy Schumer movie oh yeah I went there I went there that's a good movie oh my dad says you can't guarantee his third year yeah I I agree on that yeah I would do a two-year guarantee on it so like would you turn around and say 15 15 11. no why would I pay him 15 when I got him for 10 right now I'm just saying if you want to keep it at 36 or

that'll be 41. I'm not paying a 15 million right now if you want me to say I'll pay him 12 million this year 14 million next year and 16 million the third year and have it be the third year not guaranteed I'm okay with that I'm not going to pay man 15 million dollars that I have under contract for 10 right now let's just not sound math you're turning you're bidding against yourself now so you want to go up a little bit yeah um Omar says King Henry is worth the money Marxist Henry just hit a hundred thousand miles I got a car

being that I finished a 12 and a half hour shift in my business that I I work on with uh you know fixing vehicles for a living here I just love that we're doing Car Talk nothing like talking cars outside of America [Laughter] yeah he says Henry just hit a hundred thousand miles his warranty is void he's due to fall off a cliff now we're soon like 100 and the Titans know this I'm telling you right now the Titans are that's why he's like the rumors said he's on a training block Rumor Has yeah I think he's gonna be gone um and Lamar says sit out the season just like Belle that didn't work out very well for Belle I was gonna say that did not work out very well for him no he was never the same afterwards so guys like I said we just wanted to kind of give you that guys that kind of perspective here because I know a lot of people were freaking out this weekend here about these rumors I don't know why the rumors to be honest aren't even any different than what you were hearing throughout the regular season but all of a sudden I saw Twitter or Facebook everything goes ballistic on these these rumors here so again guys you need to look at where things are coming from who benefits from the rumors because that'll tell you who's releasing them and you got to just let the thing go it's gonna go how it's gonna go we have no control over it none of us have Joe Shane's cell phone none of us has Barkley's cell phone so we're not going to know the truth so let it play out how it's going to play out trust in the process is not gettlemen we don't get a freak out gentleman was involved we had to freak out um and just know that whatever is best for the Giants organization in Joe Shane's eyes is what he's gonna do whether it's Signum long term whether it's play them out whether it's cut cut them loose or trade his rights or whatever the case may be which I don't see those happening but he's gonna do his best so again guys we're going to be back to doing a regular live thing here so we'll be back on tomorrow night for you guys again the Thursday night Edition oh yes back to back so remember guys we talked again about uh you know the last couple of episodes here about some of the positions that we how we've improved so we're gonna break down the safety position for you guys next episode and go over some of the uh the the new coming uh players here that we have for this season Umar said Dave would have paid him Dave would have probably paid him and that just tells you we shouldn't pay him okay he would have been 16 mil this tells you we shouldn't do it we just need some more hog mollies in front of him yeah 16mm guarantee Molly we've got some Hawk mollies here Park the cab at the harbor I still never seen a guy with an obvious Boston accent was the guy we hired to be the GM it's just to seemed wrong but um but again guys we'll be back again tomorrow with that for you guys um and then we'll be back again with our normal schedules again next week um so Monday Wednesday and Thursday keep in mind again guys who are used to the old schedule we moved Friday to Thursday so that Rob and I and you guys that listen in on a regular basis can have more of a weekend social life here um with the summertime it's the summertime guys it's summertime it's not just about you know grooming we've been talking about for the last month all about going out and having fun on the weekend okay go down to Bar a um you know go over to uh you know go over to uh I don't know what's still in the seaside is it bamboo still around the seaside I've been up here in Clearwater forever I don't know I think they are just shutting down for the season I think I heard that wait what they should have the season bamboo yeah I think this I think last year was the last season oh I used to love bamboo back in the day I don't I think I heard that we got the Sawmill sawmill yeah so actually there's plenty of plenty of spots there hit them up have some fun enjoy the weather like I said we'll be doing 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