2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

New York Giants Defensive Line Assessment: Post-Draft and Free Agency Analysis

May 16, 2023 Episode 124
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
New York Giants Defensive Line Assessment: Post-Draft and Free Agency Analysis
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The New York Giants have been hard at work during the offseason, making significant moves to improve their defensive line. In this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast, join hosts Drew and Rob as they provide expert analysis on the Giants' defensive line post-draft and free agency.

Throughout the episode, Drew and Rob will provide a comprehensive assessment of the Giants' new defensive line additions, evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, and potential impact on the team's defense. They will also examine the team's returning defensive linemen and discuss how they fit into the Giants' overall defensive strategy.

Listeners can expect insightful commentary on the Giants' defensive line and how it could impact the team's performance in the upcoming season. Drew and Rob will also provide predictions and discuss how the Giants can address any areas of concern on both offense and defense.

Whether you're a dedicated Giants fan or an NFL enthusiast, you won't want to miss this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs. Drew and Rob provide engaging analysis and entertaining commentary on the Giants' defensive line post-draft and free agency.
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your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excitement frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob um welcome fella goofballs two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by Ami Arab let's talk about that oh yes let's talk about that d line but before we talk about that let's talk about shaping near your D thanks to our sponsors manscaped oh yes manscapes keep that line close oh yes he's got that one more 4.0 ready to go there skin saving technology again guys summer is coming this is the time to think about these kind of things sweating happens when it gets warm it's already getting warm up in Jersey from what I hear right I was gonna say Avi last week in New Jersey news about the 80 degree Monday knew about the 70s about the 65 70 degree day on Tuesday known about the Wednesday uh weather they came in we don't need to talk about the whole week but my goodness thank you Sam Champion this ball saving technology when you're in the shower let me tell you this thing works

well I usually do assets

that's why I get the manscape newspaper no there we go exactly guys and again you know I know you guys are now enjoying the spring weather of 80 degrees in in New Jersey but again it's gonna get warmer it's gonna get warmer and the best way to stop yourself from sweating down there is the trim down there if not full on go bald like nature wanted me to be on top of my head so again guys if you get free shipping you get 20 off just for using the the code promo code goofballs at manscaped.com remember guys with manscaped your calls we'll take you oh yes and of course also don't forget your ears and nose will also thank you as well so there's a lot of thinking from a lot of body parts and hopefully afterwards you show that your significant other get a little more thinking afterwards just saying listen it's more welcoming just saying yes this is one of those cases you want to get rid of the welcome mat yes guys you don't want to go and find a welcome mat what's your significant other yes they don't either it's not the 70s people yeah put away the disco balls

all right guys so we're doing a set a little different for this episode here so we're talking about the weather from last week and all here so I know for y'all it's Monday for us it's Tuesday of last week because we shot this episode in advance here for you we always promise you guys we're gonna have three episodes per week uh so since of course I'm leaving the country for a few days here and going off to the sunny Bahamas uh enjoying some tropical weather and some tropical drinks and all you ever bring your uh manscape uh um deodorant because you're gonna be hanging low oh yes oh yes I will be so we're recording this year to go over with you guys a review of the defensive line here now that we're done with free agency at least the initial wave of free agency and the draft a lot of new faces on this group here so we're going to give you guys like I said a gonna run down of all the groups that changed tremendously and this honestly is one of the ones you could easily say has had the most change of any of the groups in the roster who went over wide receivers first because that's the flash shoe one everybody likes what you like I yeah listen this is what's going to make our team look that much better in the upcoming year we got some familiar faces returning and we got some great new pickups yep some young kids get an add to their roster as well we got changes all around here so first we start with the two constants we have here Dexter the million dollar man Lawrence yes no longer tend to be Aussies no it's now Dexter Lawrence's name again six foot four 342 pounds Mammoth of a man 25 years old still again it was the 17th pick overall in 2019 from Clemson last year 16 games all starts 68 tackle seven tackles for a loss seven and a half sacks 28 cubic hits three passes deflected two Force fumbles second team All-Pro in the NFL pro bowler all-around great guy should have went Dancing with the Stars even though it didn't even go on just for the second chance because oh he will be oh I'm sorry when he retires he will he will hopefully he never I mean play Forever yeah I don't know about you we just guarantee this guy six million dollars with a 90 million dollar contract yeah um I I think it's pretty safe to say

will make the active roster

alrighty next up we have Leonard Williams Leo himself again six foot five 300 to two pounds still just 28 years old for a guy who feels he's been playing forever uh yeah yeah six pick overall in the 2015 draft from USC picked up initially by the Jets in that draft 12 games 12 starts 45 tackles five tackles for a loss two and a half sacks 12 QB hits one force fumble two fumbles recovered so again if you look at what he did he basically had two-thirds of a season


there you go there you go you're good guys you got it uh it would have been 19. um we won a game remember we won a game alrighty so but if you look at it that way he would have had the same number of tackles basically as Dexter Lawrence you know he would have had you know about four sacks he would have had about 18 QB hits so not as good a year as Dexter horn still but I think sometimes he will forget sometimes how good of a player Leonard Williams is because that's also him being injured when he was playing he was still fighting injuries for some of us yes yeah 100 this is a guy before you say it's sick we just said similar to sexy Dixie what do we say about sexy Dixie on it yep he's definitely making this squad oh yes no doubt in my mind unless the money situation comes up I'm gonna give that as the one caveat because we are paying this man a ton of money we can save them for 20 million dollars by cutting him like something would have to happen like catastrophic

gets cut because Daniel Jones like breaks his clavicle was out for the gear and we have to sign a quarterback out of nowhere like that's the kind of like thing would have to happen like we're all of a sudden like oh damn who's out there Teddy Bridgewater here's 15 million dollars Leonard you gotta go that's the only way I could see him going and I really obviously obviously first of all hope for that to happen but as I say I I don't I don't like to think about scenarios just roll with Tyrod Taylor yeah I think so so yeah all righty number three on our list here Asian Robinson new free agent pick up there six foot four 330 pounds and kind of to say I feel like I'm not so fat when we're going over this group I feel like Boris big no no listen I'm still taller than all of these people but they got a good amount of weight on me I'm 265 so you're talking I still he's got 70 like that's like me walking through something six foot I don't feel that short in Excel he's got like 65 pounds on me he does and I have three inches on him so again it just I feel less big it's nice I like it yeah

um so again 28 years old so another guy who's been in the league for a few years now but he's still pretty young in consideration there um a lot of the defensive tackles defensive lineman guys they played like their mid-30s so that's what I'm saying and when you're yeah second round take you know pick 46 yeah

I mean he's barely halfway through his career at this point yeah and but he is this we will be with his third team now so I mean he has moved around a little bit there 10 games last year All Stars 42 tackles two tackles for loss three QB hits he's definitely not nearly as good as Dexter or Leo so I don't want to talk about that regard but he is a legitimate starting defensive lineman when he's healthy he's had issues staying healthy so you definitely back up behind him but he's a good run Defender he's a guy that you know can help take up some blocks you know a very valuable yet sometimes under appreciated role in the NFL yeah hands down so I think it's safe to say again that he'll make the roster yeah yeah put that one for a win oh yes put that in the check

all right next we have men the myth the legend Mr nacho Nacho Man

Rakeem Nunez Roches 29 years old so we're getting we're getting to this we're getting to the seniors here don't and this is a guy that nobody really expected much of a career out in general when he got drafted you know pick 217 overall that's the guy usually you see a couple years in the league and he's done that was back in 2015. he's been in this league as long as Leonard Williams has yeah so you know kudos to him on that um drafted out of Southern Miss by the Chiefs when from the Chiefs to the Bucks and now to us last year 17 games uh played in hey look he played in every game how many players could we say that about my roster I didn't know that was possible no not even that because we benched everybody in this last game last season against the Eagles remember foreign touche so 17 games 10 starts 33 tackles five tackles for loss two sacks three QB hits now we'll say this the sack numbers are a little misleading if you got only three QB hits you got two stacks yeah pretty high percentage I wouldn't expect pass for us to be much of his game really uh he's much like Robinson he's he's a run stopper he's a guy who takes sets The Edge he's a guy who you know takes on the blocks and he's also gonna end up being a leader in the locker room just based on what I know of his time down here in Tampa Bay the fans loved him down here the team loved him I I can't speak enough highly about this this pick up here I think he's a great pickup overall again not just for the field but for the locker room as well yeah and I think his personality comes out he's going to be he's gonna be a fan favorite I'm telling you he's going to be a fan favorite the more and more people see you know interviews with him and get to hear what he says and does off the field he will be a fan favorite can't wait to Swatch him starting oh yeah end of course he'll make the active roster

next up Vernon Butler remember Butler's his last name he's not Mr Belvedere I remember that TV show back in the day Mr Belvedere oh yes um Vernon Butler six foot four 325 pounds see again I feel skinny um the guy's a a you know a decent long-term veteran to have on the bench for us um drafted 30th overall from from Louisiana Tech in 2016. he's still just 28 years old we have a lot of like late 20s that seems to be our are going right now for ages for defensive line you notice that okay you got some experience in the league we know what you are and we know your ceiling kind of know your floor that's what we should coach with yeah I mean we didn't see much of him last year we did see a little bit of him with the Giants he played in one game overall with us um had four tackles but if you look at his career he's got 77 games played in 19 of them starts so he's seen the field that decent amounts the guy that you can put in if you had to start him because of injuries and he won't embarrass himself he's not going to sit there and wow you either we go oh that Dexter Lawrence he's got to go he's got the new kitten down but at the same point he's gonna go ahead and at least not embarrass himself and not be not be a guy that you go Gotta Get this guy out the field he'll do just enough that she'll be okay with him starting a game or two if need be because of injury so yeah uh because of that I fully expect him again active roster

I agree let's go alrighty Mr Ryder Anderson Mr Anderson I take the blue pill my name is Ryder there is no spoon [Laughter] oh gosh uh so Ryder Anderson six foot six 276 pounds see now this is more My Size because I say it's a little closer to you he's getting close there so um 24 years old so we're talking a much younger guy now he's not his late 20s yet undrafted from Indiana and 22. uh obviously played with this last year seven games two starts only eight tackles two for loss two sacks on two QB hits I think I had a lot of luck there with the QB hit the sack ratio there that's pretty uh pretty crazy there um again I think it's a guy that you'll see in the bench for us though because look what we talked about a minute ago seven games two starts they felt confident enough to start him means they see something they like in him overall um I don't think they want him to start him necessarily but they were okay with doing it once again basically yeah injuries like this guy should start he's going to be the guy that's going to rotate in on a certain different place yep and just be a little bit of an each just like mother exactly so that's and I think he's going to be more the guy that you'll see specifically just during injuries injury happens you'll you'll see him pop in injury doesn't happen he's going to sit behind you know uh nacho and Butler on the bench and you won't really see him unless somebody gets hurt personally you think um next up DJ Davidson nachos wrong DJ Oh wrong DJ um six foot three 327 pounds so this is one of our draft picks of course from last year um so he again another guy who's still pretty young just 25 year old uh drafted 147th overall in the fifth round from Arizona State last year a lot of people questioned the pick when it happened a lot of people thought it was kind of a reach because we wanted to get a defensive tackle and they just kind of went okay here you go pop we got this one uh five games four tackles I don't think anybody was really impressed with what he can do I think he kind of cemented in people's minds that he's just not that good a player uh I mean I think possible practice squad guy but I don't think he makes the active roster unless a significant injury yeah he's probably gonna be guys or a big leap from the off season if he worked his tail off and all of a sudden got better that's the one part you never know going into this yeah which I'm also okay with yeah listen I'm okay with anybody who wants to work their tail off that's for sure because people are not supposed to have tails yeah we lost it was like millions of years ago we did we did we did yes so therefore except for Eagles fans they still have them [Laughter] [Music] so therefore I'm okay with him working his tail off and hopefully he did because you know having extra competition is always a good thing so uh next up we have one of our draft picks this year Jordan early we talked about him out of uh Oregon uh so he is six foot five 325 pounds and I'm trying to look it up here because I just realized that I did not put it here yeah he's so everybody looks so tiny to him

so again a guy we got coming out of Oregon's 243rd pick overall 13 games last year 21 tackles one and a half tackles for loss half a sack one pass deflected I think he actually will make the active roster is the crazy part there I think they drafted him for a reason they drafted him for his run stopping ability specifically and I don't think he'll see the feel too much but he'll kind of get a role kind of like Ryder Anderson DJ Davidson had last year where you kind of you put him in as necessary you try to get him some experience you get him on the active roster you hope he surprises you yeah it's kind of Mercy like I don't know how many stars he's gonna have hopefully none yeah that's what I'm saying hopefully none I mean unless unless he blows us out of the water and goes a whole lot you know better than anybody ever expected I mean in the end we want Lawrence Williams and Robinson out there that's that should be our top three you know maybe nacho just because he's got a cool aim

I think it also depends on the team we're playing depends on the development like not you could you know he could be rotated no no nacho will definitely rotate it out not sure we'll definitely so like I said I fully expect nacho and Butler to see time they will be in every game at some point so alrighty guys we have one last defensive lineman it's nice to like roll right through these because a lot of these guys roll that beautiful where all of that beautiful Bean footage um so the next one we have for you is a guy that we actually has as an undrafted free agent we haven't really talked about him at all because when we did our post draft show there was rumors about him coming over but it wasn't fully set yet and we don't like to talk about rumors we know they're actually legit so we're gonna go for this name let's see if we got this one Robin go for it Rob go for it Rob

a nuke baldonado


baldonado yes there we go from Rome he was born in Rome actually oh yes right next to the Coliseum I heard no I don't know I don't know about that part it was the size he may have been a pretty damn good Gladiator listen yes six foot five 260 pounds I'm actually bigger than him I feel like I feel like large and charging again I got two inches and five pounds on them I mean no offense I'm sure that there's a little different body mass composure nope nope nope I am fit as an athlete oh yeah just saying Joe Shane sign me up I will be your practice squad member don't put me in an actual game because I can't play I got bad knees and bad back and bad ankles and my weight swings 10 pounds depending on the weekend and how much is the racer

mine swings ten pounds too either direction as I'm going with the hula hoop [Laughter] my Jiggles that much eat with my butt that's okay anyway six foot five 260 undrafted at a pit um this past uh this past off season here uh again we talked about born in Rome which is kind of a cool thing because I can't really think of any italian-born NFL players out there you know this guy could be like the Mike Piazza the NFL he makes it oh oh I went there too because Piazza keep in mind was also like what like drafted in like the 35th round or something like crazy like that I forget what it was yeah it was super late it's super super late it wasn't for you know his Godfather he probably wouldn't have been drafted at all let's be honest the call like it is when you're when you're when your godfather is the the manager of the professional team for your organization I think yeah they might want to do that you're taking my son if you disagree with that theory ask Deuce Vaughn just saying oh well Dad has won the best so yeah so a guy with a lot of work looking at recently here nine games overall this past season 25 tackles five tackles for loss two sacks two passes deflected not really good on paper had nine sacks over the prior years of Junior at Pitt and if you watch the way he played he's got a lot of athletic skills we talked about the fact that the Giants love to draft based on athletic skill that seems to be their thing now it's kind of like almost like they go okay I don't care what he did on on film to a certain degree because I could fix things I want to see does he have the ability for me to even be working that and can he make the improvements yeah so this is that kind of guy and I think the biggest issue I had with him watching um his tape is the fact that I don't think he necessarily had the drive and the will to succeed I didn't see him jumping through any pipes to jump on any Goomba's heads no he did not

so I think the big thing is can they get him reinvigorated re-interested in the in in the game and was it he thought he was going to get drafted so he decided not to play hard this year I don't know I'm not in his head if I were in his head I would not be a part of this podcast or if I was speaking English she probably speaks Italian no I think I think he speaks English um but I might be an extra in Osmosis Jones

Jones reference we've made in the show yes Hey listen it's got Bill Murray it's got to be especially Bill Murray you're the man I think he got killed Murray so I think he fought that I think he did Dave Chappelle I don't know say no I can't keep track of who I'm supposed to not like or not like but whatever so but I think the big thing is is that if we can put this guy in the practice squad this year which is where I think he or he's gonna be we're talking about practice yeah we're talking about practice I think he can give this guy the shot to develop see where he's at and reassess next year when you can hopefully go ahead and do that or worse comes the worst you have him as a guy you can put an obvious passing Downs because he has showed the ability to pass Russia as a you know as a college player um you know you have him as a back end guy if there's any kind of injuries and stuff like that you know I I think the interesting thing for him is going to be what happens at the end of the day because one of the things they announced today which obviously will be last week for you guys here since we're talking in the past welcome to the past we time travel to the future without the feature analysis ten thousand gigawatts Marty

doc that's heavy man you gotta wonder is Rick and Morty based on that 100 is yes okay I'm just I just I don't know why I just caught on to that I'm thinking like you got Marty Morty I mean yeah I don't know why I just part of that but I just did but oh geez oh geez oh geez but you know we we talked about it today that the lower Dexter Lawrence's number down to six million dollars with the the new contract so that frees up some money so you wonder do the Giants look at getting another legitimate defensive lineman Joe Shane talked about how this was the position that he wanted to continue to grow uh going into this off season he's obviously done that by drafting another signing a rookie undrafted free agent having young Talent already on there getting two uh you know a decent free agents this off season as well at the position so it really just begs the question is are we done do we go out and get somebody else and I'm not saying we go get like ndamuka Sue or something crazy like that I don't think that's the move we go ahead and make uh I think we can afford them right now anyway but listen honestly he's still on the board you could never say we can't afford anybody when they're still on the board like this um but you know when you got you know a position of need like that potentially you gotta look at who else is available uh you know there's no big names that come to mind off top of my head except for him but there's always going to be somebody's a run stopper a guy with some veteran presence the guy with some better experience that you can get usually pretty inexpensive at this kind of position so I think that's something that you I wouldn't shock me at all if we get one more guy one more guy I'm gonna be shocked so I wouldn't be shocked if they tried to yeah allocate that cap somewhere else

we filled a lot of the holes okay we went on we wanted a rail against prom night okay we filled a lot of holes but Andrew was canceled it would be the first time so but I mean you look at the the holes we had we had linebacker we got a linebacker we had defensive line starters we got we got another starter we got you know cornerback CB2 we got one you know we had safety we drafted one we signed one we had Center the obvious needs of all obvious needs we just drafted one you know we had wide receiver we drafted one we signed a whole bunch so I don't know if you sit there and say we have a ton of holes left do we have some depth issues I think that's I think that's fair I mean as you say it's one of those issues that I think we have if you look at the roster it is I mean

I can see them allocating if they go out and get you know

like an actual veteran cornerback selling on the market I don't know maybe safety can you go for like another um yeah I think they're good at safety I think that's one position they're good at because they're not good they like Pinnock a lot you know they drafted one they signed one they want to give Pinnock more shot I mean I think they're good there the safety obviously the corner position is definitely if we can get one more veteran guy I'd be interested in that um otherwise honestly this is the one position where I go you know we can use one more guy one more guy you know a new punter uh listen give me a new punter and a freaking heartbeat you know the funny thing is they were talking today about uh on Twitter about matariza and uh Dash you know you know one of the friend of the show there was talking about whether or not the Giants should look at him and I'm like well and this was if you guys don't forget the story here this was the guy who got drafted by the bills got cut because of some allegations that I wanted to get into because I didn't follow the story enough to know if yeah not whatever um so he got apparently he got released of any charges in the process so now they're talking about him getting signed by a team and yeah seriously Giants go get a punter I hate ours but that's a story for another day guys that's a different position we're here to talk about the d-line Rob just likes to get me on rants about our punter because I hate him so I hate him so him and his Scottish ways go wear a kilt somewhere and play rugby

it's okay guys I'm Scottish I'm allowed to say that

and you did this appropriate where the kill came from so you're right yeah listen I'm good I'm good so alrighty guys so yeah like I said I think one more guy I think we'll get one more personally we'll see because most of the time you have about nine guys on the roster at that at the defensive line position this here if you look at what we did here with this list which is who we have now guess what guys that's nine

so that's one of the things I think you're gonna see one more guy getting picked up there because a lot of times what will happen is as these rookies get signed they'll get one more guy um you know get popping off the list at that point that we might be interested in it we maybe didn't know would be available later on so definitely I think you'll see Shane looking at the Active waiver wire somebody to pick up later to add to this position but for now it's a stronger position I think the last year what do you think oh 100 like every position scenario that we have with multiple players have improved you can't really see that quarterback because we have the same quarter I can't say it in running back because we have the same running back they didn't improve but we know what to expect at them and there's a reason why they were starters last year yeah I got you I mean like I said it's it's but this is this is this is that position that I think that it is this is a better spot for us overall we improved this was a goal of Shane's to improve at this position overall and I I think we definitely did so all righty guys so we'll be back here live next episode for you guys on Wednesday sounds weird to say that because today is Tuesday of the prior weekend will also be live on this this yeah we're shooting tomorrow as well so I mean and you're shooting on Thursday and again we're here now on Monday when we're not and it's on Tuesday it's all confusing now absolutely yeah I want to go back I want to go back to the future I can't go back in time

If I Could Turn Back Time so that's our secret s so like I said guys we'll be back on if we you guys are gonna Wednesday with our usual live effort and fun here because it's a little weird not having people chiming in with their thoughts so do chime in with your thoughts though because we will go ahead and comment later on as we see them uh Rob will be home so maybe he'll even comment during it who knows you never know maybe so okay yes we'll be back live again for you guys on a Wednesday we appreciate you guys listening in to us here uh again as always we thank you guys for listening and you know choosing us to be the ones to give you the Giants news here we know we got plenty of options plenty of choices out there and you choose these two goofballs we definitely appreciate that whether you're watching us live on a recorded episode but we're still live we're still putting the episode out Live on YouTube Facebook Twitter twitch my LinkedIn profile [Music] LinkedIn uh and of course also on pretty much every audio podcast platform there is as well so if you like watching or you like listening either way like I said guys go ahead subscribe like and all tell your friends help us grow the show because that's how it happens this guy's like y'all go ahead and telling all your friends because we told ours friends a long time ago and quite frankly we run out of friends nobody likes Cindy like stop telling us about the damn show we get it we get it we don't care no one cares but you guys care we appreciate that so as always giant fans


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