2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Reacting to the 2023 New York Giants Schedule Release

May 11, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 123
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Reacting to the 2023 New York Giants Schedule Release
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The anticipation for the 2023 NFL season is building, and one of the most exciting moments for fans is the release of the upcoming schedule. In this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast, join host Rob as he reacts to the 2023 schedule release for the New York Giants.
Throughout the episode, Rob will provide his expert analysis on the Giants' upcoming opponents and their placement on the schedule. He will discuss any favorable or challenging stretches of games and evaluate how the Giants' schedule compares to other teams in the league.
Listeners can expect engaging commentary on the Giants' schedule and how it could impact the team's performance in the upcoming season. Rob will also provide predictions and discuss key matchups to watch out for.
Whether you're a die-hard Giants fan or an NFL enthusiast, you won't want to miss this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs. Rob provides entertaining commentary and insightful analysis on the Giants' 2023 schedule release.
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[Music] welcome to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

a New York Giant podcast I am Rob not Drew joined by Ami by Alter Ego Arab we're going to talk about the New York Giants schedule for the 2023 upcoming season it's gonna be fantastic show but first let's talk about our host not Drew but manscapes because they say boss let's talk about this lawnmower 4.0 Summer's around the corner doing your yard work is high order Walmart 4.0 it's got a little flashlight this is where you can do a nighttime shaving or trimming if you will we also got the weed whacker 2.0 trust me the ladies love that sound

there's also deodorant and guys around the corner husbands that have children Mother's Days around the corner do some yard work that being said we all know it's just one face on the camera today it's Drew is on vacation he is doing a little cruisy Cruise have fun out there I'm sure he will be common in no time

oh here we go our first comment of the night

I'm not like here here we go music's code I know I messed up I'm right here where's Roberto I'm here

Drew is also the producer he sets everything up I I myself Roberto's right here and here's Drew dude enjoy your vacation man what are you doing on this podcast anyway so the Giants and NFL release the schedule for everyone coming up uh for all 32 teams and we got the breakdown of who the Giants are playing when they're playing them when are bias and a little Christmas madness so let's Dive Right In

so with the preseason this kind of goes in with a buku box with the manscape


we don't talk about that anyway preseason our first game of the 2023 preseason if you will because it's not I guess the first game of the new season because it's technically 20 2023 we've played in quite a few games because we went to the playoffs

uh Buffy say Connor we all be so there's good opportunity this is a nice day way before I jump into the season schedule is that uh Drew and I might be doing the next day Christmas post game the next day we haven't figured out yet we got plenty of time we'll get back to that later oh a formula later about that we're diving in preseason week one we're playing the Detroit Lions they came second into the division last year they went nine and eight they had a decent draft we'll say out there but they also were a bunch of uh Knuckleheads out there and half their team is suspended and they will not be playing this game Granite is week one of the preseason so I don't expect pretty much any other team to play in this game

the next game we got we got the Carolina Panthers in week two of the preseason they finished second in their division as well but they only went seven and ten

and Drew's wife my cousin not to put you on spot out there says hello

last preseason game it's been you know our New York tradition we're playing the Jets for the first time of the 2023 schedule they finished the last

shocker who's going to be the quarterback next year they went 7-10 now into what everyone wants to talk about let's talk about the controversy what's going on

you hushy your mouth woman with love

what are we anything sharks here

week one we are playing Dallas we are jumping into some divisional games

do this all day

we're playing Dallas who snuffed us out they went 12-5 last year it's a home game for us last year I felt like we did not play our division until the second half of the season that's all we really did was play our division this year we changed up it's probably better this year it's the only controversy we don't have against this schedule out on Twitter and social media going out but did you go uh they were 1205 and they did what Dallas does in postseason they they stuck it up Drew and I were also break down more of these games later on because obviously A lot's going to change between now when the uh players reports camp and then preseason into regular season

next game I'm just gonna go out and let me say we're probably gonna win it

we have an away game against the Arizona Cardinals it's a 4 P.M game they went 4 and 13 last year and they finished last in the division and D hop is looking to get the out of there so how about them apples and also should be remiss maybe go back to week one because we are playing Dallas in a Sunday night game we are in The Prime Time game

that being said let's jump forward I go to week three where we play San Francisco and probably Brock Purdy as well being 100 healthy it's a Thursday night football game that's our second Spotlight game it's also an away game they went 13-4 in regular season last year and they finished first in division hence why they went so far in the postseason

and what if Connor say over here

that is to be rumored we don't know yet let's see what happens in off season before we jump to conclusions and let's see what uh injuries happen and preseason before we even get into the regular season to talk about who has the toughest schedule coming up but I also heard the same thing so I'm not going to disagree with you but I don't I also don't want to jump to conclusions on that

and Connor I actually agree with these as well I don't want to see us go out there I want to uh and play Dallas I I would rather school out there I'd rather play Green Bay I'd rather go out there and even play the bills week one I just don't want to think about a Division I just want to go play some football because I'm excited I don't want to worry or sweat about playoff Potentials in week one

and Drew you're right it could be like snakes and ladders or hoops and ladders or whatever you want to call it these days depending on what country you're from but snakes and Liars

so we're wait all right week four it's our home game second home game of the year we're playing these Seahawks at Monday Night Football our third prime time game in four weeks which is pretty crazy because I think Giants had like three Prime Time games last season minus the playoffs and now in four weeks we're in spotlight

so we're playing Seahawks Monday Night Football they finished second into their division at nine and eight and they beat us up last year as well Sneaky Pete and the Gina Smith Seahawks that they figured us out so never you know never underestimate sneaky beat no matter what happens that's all I'm saying Drew you know it I have to say Sneaky Pete that guy's a clever mother guy

on next

we got the Miami Dolphins another away game a third away game in week five

it's a regular scheduled program 1pm Sunday football finished second in the intervision as well

at nine and eight

depend how healthy the receivers are and how glucose to us is how we are going to play against his team but we shall see and Connor you're the man Jew I did a good health it resistance if she happened go get naked with the older oh come on okay I'm thinking that that's my cousin

love you guys

all right week six our fourth away game we are playing the Buffalo Bills on Sunday Night Football

just reiterate that's the fourth Prime Time game in six weeks of football the Buffalo Bills they're they're pretty darn good team out there 13-3 first in the division last year play some pretty damn good football

he's some pretty good moves in this draft

we shall see what they can do

Andrew you're absolutely right um now everyone out there you guys are blue cheese or Ranch kind of people out there blue cheese guys myself

all right we're not gonna put that one up there you need to get off the internet Connor and Jackie you're only seeing Ranch

I don't know why I say it rich but no blue cheese all the way week seven yeah New York Giants come back home to New Jersey to go play

the Washington commanders formerly known as the football team formerly known as the name of what I say because it upsets certain people out there a regular 1pm game they finished eight eight and one and that one also was a one for a giant they also finished lasting division they had an interesting draft this year so let's see what they could um muster up if you will this year

as Connor says gross blue cheese is like bad milk when was the last time you had a bad milk on her leave it out you know put it out on porch leave it there for a few days let's see how it works I'm a fan of uh you know blue cheese myself it's fermented cheese a yum

kind of rare apart I somehow choose giant goofballs the New York Giant podcast comes in and saying Connor we're we're in that part of the South

moving along on that note to week eight where we play the New York Jets and regular season football not just preseason and go figure we're playing them in a home field advantage in a home game

cool it's a 1pm game and guess what the Jets did last year oh they finished last in the division when they were playing so well to begin the year but they finished the last sex movie with them at seven and ten

it's kind of guessing I didn't smell it and it ruined my peanut butter crunch

no comments coming Connor all right week nine another away game look at that nine weeks five away games not too crazy 4 P.M game the Raiders the Vegas Raiders finish third in the division you know who was behind them in that division how bad it was because they finished six and eleven the Broncos and in the words of Russell Wilson that's right that's right that's right I feel pretty confident about this game because what do they do in this off season they gave up the long-standing quarterback and their Carr for Jimmy Garoppolo so they traded merocury for mediocre or mediocre for me okay uh somewhere in the middle but they didn't really improve that much what they doing and I don't I don't feel confident in their draft as Drew comes at says Let's Ride

and as quick comes in can we beat the Cowboys and Eagles this year finally but we did not beat Philly last year at all but we also did not beat Dallas jerk speaking of nice segue because week 10 guess who we play that guy Dallas Cowboys

it's a 4 P.M game once again they beat us in the division so let's see what we can do normally we do one-on-one against this team and it was a heartbreaker last year but we're in Dallas for this game as Connor comes in saying Jimmy h will be hurt by then so who is going to be his backup it's a good question probably someone like JaMarcus Russell who will throw the ball 60 yards to the other side of the field

hopefully Dak forgets what team he throws who says Drew hmm we'll find out because he did that pretty well most of the year correct me if I'm wrong Drew since you're only commented now because you guys you and your wife are away in vacation and you have nothing better to do but to comment on a podcast

did Dak Prescott throw more interceptions or more touchdowns and was it over under by five what he did Jack is waxis Connor you're 100 right and let me tell you Jerry Jones is back for Dak as you comes in oh yeah South Miami hmm that's important place shoot isn't there uh is there some nice beaches down there

yeah just go for a walk

as Deborah comes Charming in did a Zeke sign with anyone else yet I have not heard a single pipe about that man

and in my my opinion if the Cowboys did not pick him up

which I thought they will be taking them up fairly shortly

he will probably become

a Las Vegas Raider or the Saints those are the two teams that like picking up boneheads like that guy

Drew comes in he's still a free agent that's what I was saying oh

as Drew also said which I said from the get-go Cowboys are rumored to be opening to your reunion I felt like it was a cut to save some calf the resign him because he was not worth that amount of money and no one wants to pay him that much money so let's go back to an organization that you know and trust make a little less money but still make more money than go anywhere else then a situation that you don't know it's probably what's going to happen there all right so week 11 I think it's where I left off

oh oh Drew did you misspeak he goes from highest paid QB to vet minimum LOL I'm pretty sure you met running back there

I would never be able to afford the shirts these shops like uh Gap Kids

yeah I figured that Drew running back not QB all right so um yeah so week 10 our away game against Dallas 4pm same thing hey who do we follow that up with is with the Washington commanders in week 12. it's our fifth home game of the year 1pm game

still the same deal they still find the same schedules it's still finished out last place in our division and NFC Beast not the least I have to point that out because we did a pretty darn good job of flipping that script around being a terrible division to be a great division so let's keep that going because it is exciting the football when your division's that close even though I hate all the rest of our admission

week 12.

we are playing the paths the Patriots

as Drew comes in

am I worried about Sam Howell who is I think the commanders are worried about somehow

exactly Drew as you can tap that with a straight face I can see you in South Beach just giggling at a bar silly pants anyway so week 12 fifth home game one o'clock game we get to Pat they're Wicked awesome that says the paper last year but past your decade said that boy could ask him they finished eight and nine they finished third in the division just beat it out squeaking out the Jets violin not that impressive but hey or when to win right Any Given Sunday that being said we beat them twice when they counted so whatever move into the week 13. is a week that we cannot possibly lose we're in a buy


God I can't put that up there it's about special Auto not Skyler Connor anyway week 14 our sixth home game the Pigskins uh this is a football

week 14 we played the green book at the Green Bay Packers it's our sixth home game is it a Revenge game because the the Green Bay had the home field advantage in London last year when we played some jolly good football and exposed Aaron Rodgers

it's a Monday night football game so we're back to the spotlight again this year Green Bay finished eight and nine after showing off pretty solid like they normally do and the Giants whipped their butt in London and they went on a five or six game losing streak

and just a reminder of that division first place the Lions took second Green Bay took third and your Bears took fourth place dub bears finishing and fourth

now so that

kind of comes out damn it's gonna be 87 tomorrow Drew did you really have to go to Bahamas you just came to sunny and bright New Jersey to hang out with us the rest of the goofballs

all right so week 15 we are having our eighth away game against the islands find them saints regular those 1pm game those guys finished seven and ten last year they finished a third place in that division which was lackluster and almost was up to anyone and New Orleans just squeaked out the Atlanta Falcons who almost won the game until Mariota said after y'all I had a son I ain't showing up to practice and that team had enough time

they just lost to the Panthers like it was one of those years and the Jags showed up to play

ASU comes in yeah I'm good no Crush fritters here

there's no need to eat snails man that's not cool

all right week 16 guess about a team that we need to play to us here that we have not talked about yet what is the why does the NFL do this to us like 90 of the time in the past two decades where we have to play this team consistently in the last month of the season of regular regulation how is that cool that we have to play this team possibly three times within four to five weeks week 16 our ninth away game on Christmas Day breaking news of yesterday Christmas Day the Giants will be playing this Philadelphia Eagles

or the Philadelphia Eagles whatever you like to say we we won't we won't judge you guys but obviously there were the second best team in football last year

second best team football they won our division they went 14-3 in regular season you got to give credit where credit is due as much as I don't want to do they they uh they did beat every team in the NFC that goes to the Super Bowl last year and they had a pretty darn good draft so

hopefully Santa does not go to Philly he comes to New Jersey East Rutherford and makes a Christmas miracle happen because as Drew says that Santa doesn't go to the game because I believe you're right


I'm gonna read it I know the dog dare me to read it no longer too Johnny

uh no longer the two giant hairy balls because manscape and their women complaining about them in their mouths and that's gone sorry Drew how to do it I'm in control today Boop

I was a good founder anyway week 17. we play the Los Angeles Rams they're coming to New Jersey at 1pm we all know what happened that scene last year they were the best team in football two years prior and they came to be the worst ever returning Super Bowl champions ever in NFL Super Bowl era history they went five and two somehow still come in third place in your division with five wins being at the Cardinals and if you hear the news today Baker Mayfield also is bye-bye so hopefully Matt Stafford for their sakes comes back in place and you know does what he did two years prior not last year mucus as Chicago comes and says oh my man Roberto boom my man Connor

what were you guys betting on kind of won what round

and finally before the Giants go to the playoffs we have one more game to talk about

in week 18 the Giants are playing the Philadelphia Eagles at home

and we don't know what this game is yet they released the whole schedule and then they said CBN outs is it one o'clock in is it four o'clock game it's a Monday night game is it a Sunday night game who knows

that's funny

hey truth Rob Robert o it's all the same as Connor says can't you read yeah sure comes in NFL is hoping that the game decides the division Andrew I hope you're right I hope the NFL is right and I hope the Giants win it

so we shall see but it'll be a nice close division uh team this year uh arrivaly again this year well it wasn't that close because last year they didn't use manscape so jobs only got nine wins as if Bagels got 14. it's five games away if you guys go to map that's five millimeters of hair somewhere

so that being said they could have used Nancy keep that division a little bit closer a little bit smoother for everyone else

you could also do the same thing with the weed whacker use your riding ears use your righty nose and ladies if you got your own the lady likes you around the dice I have not been able to use this thing in this big old schnoz because she likes to run her eyes

plus you get 20 off in free shipping if you use our promo code goofballs at massive.com so guys remember

that is 20 off free shipping if you use goofballs at manscape.com remember it helps the show helps us also let's go Giants oh did I finish it off already no because

Connor has a beautiful comment

oh that's messed up

anyway guys thank you for listening thank you for being a part of just half the goofballs here I feel like we had a cancer but not in a mean way because Drew you're my homie you're my cousin but I was the one little hanging guy today uh that being said remember guys that were on all social media platforms please like and comment on all our Facebook all their Twitter you could also watch us live on Facebook on YouTube you can listen to us Jew what are you talking about kissing cousins

anyway you see interrupts you can also listen to us on podcast land yes podcast that's wherever you could get a podcast like Spotify I heard radio Apple anywhere you got it like legit we can listen to everywhere

Drew do you uh Deborah do you really want to talk about how comfortable my boxes are right now because they are silky smooth anyway thanks for listening it's been a pleasure uh juice LinkedIn is live right now where you can watch the show and we learned during the draft it only goes for four hours so please don't overstay um life is Ohan

and guys it's been a pleasure be well and uh let's go dreaming

silky smooth German


laughs oh wait I'm not off yet German


thank you