2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Dexter Lawrence and New York Giants Agree to Extension

May 04, 2023 Episode 120
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Dexter Lawrence and New York Giants Agree to Extension
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Big news in the NFL world as the New York Giants have reached an agreement on a contract extension with defensive lineman, Dexter Lawrence. Join Drew and Rob, the co-hosts of 2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast, as they provide their insights and analysis on this important development.

In this episode, Drew and Rob will discuss the details of Lawrence's extension and its implications for the Giants' defense. They will provide their expert analysis on Lawrence's performance on the field and his potential impact on the team's success in the upcoming season.

Throughout the episode, Drew and Rob will also discuss how Lawrence's extension fits into the Giants' overall strategy and what it means for the team's future. They will evaluate the team's strengths and weaknesses on both offense and defense and provide their predictions for the upcoming season.

Whether you're a Giants fan or an NFL enthusiast, you won't want to miss this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs. Drew and Rob offer entertaining commentary and in-depth analysis on the Dexter Lawrence contract extension and its impact on the Giants' defense.

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are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving down the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

welcome fellow goofballs the two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by Ami Arab let's get the show on the road oh it's a [ __ ] special edition special edition of the show here guys we talked about recording an episode tonight posting it for you guys tomorrow keeping us on our normal schedule and then news broke oh yes fancy news the news is broke and the news has of course joined To Us by an ice cream truck apparently in the background I don't know if you have a lot of children around for you with this ice cream truck all hours of the night just ran this guy's like a creepy ice Flair from people that listened yesterday right it was yesterday or it was a Monday this dude was running around the neighborhood around nine o'clock at night it's like nine nine thirty yeah it's dark out [ __ ] you must live in the place just like I don't I don't like going anywhere somebody will show up to Me Maybe yeah when I was in traffic and I pulled in at like 5 55 the guy was pulling into the lot I'm like no not again

so yeah guys the news just broke here this afternoon uh this evening that the New York Giants and Dexter Lawrence have agreed to an extension four years nine sorry four years 90 million dollars 60 million dollars guaranteed which creates the new contract alert

oh yes it's all about the money money money he's getting that rain yeah he's bitter rain big time but you look at the deal on paper I said not without its risks here obviously let's go into some of the positives here so first off let's look at the last year that Dexter horns had with the New York Giants goddamn Beast freaking God yes well of course he's a study sexy dexy

16 Stars 68 tackles 28 QB hits seven tackles for lost seven and a half sacks and just tons of stuff that don't even show up on paper because if you look at every single time a big play happened he was there whether it was him getting the actual Sack or him getting the pressure back out to get the sack for somebody else I mean the guy was everywhere the guy was stopping the Run well I mean if we could clone him and make like two more of him and fill up the whole defensive next season I'd be happy I'd be very happy I'd pay him all this money too no problem as long as it's what we got from them last year so it's awesome too he's 25 which is same age as some of the guys coming out of this draft exactly we talked about that he was when we drafted him he was 17th overall and he started for 57 games I gotta say this I gotta say the assistant how much better does obj trade look after the way he played last year for all the people still complaining about the obj trade Dexter Lawrence if you had the chance to trade him right now to the Baltimore Ravens straight up would you do it no already answered the question but yes

we won that trade hold wholeheartedly wholehearted yeah and that ain't just because obj has not been the same player but because Dexter Lawrence has developed into that good of a player and he's so much younger I was about to say he's got you know he's his youth to obj and he's not injured like obj or has the significant injuries that obj had but I've been saying pre-injurious even if you can tell me I can get a great wide receiver or I can get one of the the best defensive tackles in football that actually does pass rush as well I'm taking the tackle controlling the line of scrimmage is how you win games that is how you win games look at the best teams in football they're always great lines and a great quarterback everything else will fall into play when you had a great line on offense a great line of defense and a quarterback that knows how to win that's what you need a few other things but pretty much that's that's that's your foundation to the house other things are nice yes yeah so that's the foundation to the house of this let's look at where he Stacks up too with the biggest the biggest deals at the defensive tackle position so you have Aaron Donald the DT goat because he is definitely the best defensive tackle to ever play this game 31.6 million dollars per year is average annual salary now you get into some of the ones that are getting paid basically the same as Dexter Awards Jeffrey Simmons 23.5 million dollars he's getting paid a million dollars more per year than Dexter Lawrence guess when he signed his contract folks this offseason talk about market value Darren Payne 22 and a half million dollars guess what Dexter Lawrence is making exactly that the same guess when he signed his contract this off-season DeForest Buckner 21 million dollars a year Javon Hargrave also 21 million dollars again when he signed his contract this off-season Chris Jones 20 million dollars these are the guys who are making more than 20 million dollars at the d-line defensive tackle position here the D train if you don't think that Dexter Lawrence belongs in this group you're crazy 100 100 crazy and you know what you're also crazy is you're also crazy if you don't take advantage of the manscaped offer of 20 off plus free shipping see if I did that yeah oh yes again guys yeah promo code goofballs you got the lawnmower 4.0 you got the weed whacker you got the ball deodorant again guys summer is definitely go with the Platinum oh yes

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but this is a guy but turn around and said you know what I like this team I like which is interesting gunshots yeah it's such an interesting neighborhood you live in a Rob but here's a guy that says I want to win with this team I don't care about the you know eight extra million dollars because what's 90 million to 100 million what's that extra 10 percent which there's a lot to a lot of people but he's going to be so young and if he does what he does now with that agree with that deal he go make it again he's going to make more he's going to be like he's going to be think about it when this whole thing is over he's gonna end up getting a massive massive deal at that point you got to figure it too because when YouTube gets the rights to it and in four years from now the cap space is gonna be that much more he's going to be easy at 32 35 million if he plays like the way he's been playing which I don't want to say the biggest loser

yeah that's the biggest solution in this whole thing is Chris Jones Chris Jones was hoping that Payne Lawrence these guys could go ahead and reset the mark basically for the defensive tackle position because what they wanted was they wanted he wanted the ability to go ahead and reset it himself again so now instead the market has stayed where it's come you know it hasn't been risen by these guys signing this this off season so I think Chris Johnson I'm probably upset right now everybody else is just ecstatic so sorry Chris Jones sucks to be you you can deal with the money you're making you're making over 20 million dollars a year and you're gonna you're doing all right probably make one 25 million your next contract because that is a guy who will go to break the bank he went to break the bank his first one um but let's get back to my concern I have because I hate okay I don't want to be the negative guy I really do I know people probably think about it right now I'm not trying to be the negative guy I'm not so as beef signs ago and she says he has five years on his contract now he's on his fifth year option and the four-year extension that's in a a total of five years not four you're correct but it's a four-year extension goes into effects starting next year so it's a five-year contract if you want to get it that way then it's over 100 million dollars so um I as we said I see the numbers because we haven't seen the full numbers I'm curious what how they divvy this up fully um I'm hoping his cap space comes down a little this year potentially because we need the room we're actually a little bit above the cap and that's before we've been signed guys so we need to sign through the uh you know the rest of the free agency because we still have some moves to make Joe Shane's already said that uh I think they're still going to pick up a veteran Edge rusher too so we need some cap space but let's compare the years that we had prior to this past year though so we talked about seven and a half sacks this year again we've talked about this more sax aren't everything the eye test is what matters but when we compare easy quick stats that's what I have is stats that's why we're comparing Quick stats yeah seven seven and a half sacks is what he had this past season prior years two and a half four two and a half it's a pretty big jump we have tackles 68 this year 54 53 38. jump but not a massive jump QB hits and this is where I like to look at for a pass rusher I like to look at QB hits hurries you know that kind of stuff QB hits 28 this past season that's pretty damn impressive that's almost two a game so 28 this year 11 10 and 9 the prior years 58 total on that one yeah so you know about half of them came this past year almost that yeah that's why I went to drive at home like yeah so again guys that's the only word of caution I give to this deal is are we paying somebody coming off a career Year I'll uh Leonard Williams because we did that with Leonard Williams he's never duplicated that we're now paying this man 36 36 million dollars this year and he's playing like a 15 to 18 million dollar player who are paying him twice where he should be basically and that's part of the contract part of us moving money down the road because the other mistakes get them made don't get me wrong but again it's just the one word of caution I get people is if he's not the same kind of player going forward but you have no reason to think he won't be but if he's not for any reason this was a career year we're going to regret this deal if he's anywhere near the level he was this year we're fine we're golden because I'm telling you as you mentioned before Rob when everything starts going up and up which is kind of the next couple years here this is going to be a steal of a contract absolute steal of a contract because you're going to see defensive tackles get 25 to 30 million dollars once this new NFL money starts coming in it's going to happen it's not a matter of if folks it's a matter of when so now we got a guy locked up for the next five years at Beef says there and she's right five years because we got this year already we had and now another four years added on to it he's gonna be 30 by the time we get no we're gonna time yours signed up for ready to go at a deal that makes sense now and looks good yeah so what's gonna happen two three years looks that happen in two three years things change very quickly in the NFL landscape of money keep in mind a couple weeks ago we're talking about Daniel Jones and I was getting paid so much money you notice no one's talking about that now because Lamar Jackson and Jaylen Hurst got their money I was about to say because two other quarterbacks this is the way money got shown

yeah show me the bunny show me the money yeah the goldfish is coming with me yeah okay but yeah like I said guys can't hate the deal you can't hate the deal it does it come with some risk yes it is worth the risk 100 because this deal again could be a very much a steal in a matter of just a couple years absolute steal and it's a fair market deal currently where it sits and I like like we said before we haven't seen the way it's structured out I would love to see how they do it kicking the can down the uh down the road a little bit and who knows we can offer another extension off that and that's it I don't think we are because Shane said multiple times I don't want if it came down the road he's very been very clear about not wanting to do that whatsoever so I don't think he's going to I just don't think he's going to move any money towards it this year because quite frankly we have none but if you change those things up and adjust the signing bonus you can still get the cap number down this year which is a semi move but not like a let's let's pull a let's pull the Eagles and pay this guy two million dollars a year for the next three years since you know 40 million the next after that yeah I guess I just the Eagles there what now we did yep dude seriously look at the contracts they gave to hers they they're paying him like nothing for the first three years and Eagle fans like yeah everyone look he's how he's so great listen yes highway is a great GM first off that's 100 True 65 million for one year but yeah exactly you're gonna pay him you got to pay him eventually this money is guaranteed it doesn't go away because you naturally signed a piece of paper for the first three years you know same as the issues with Darius Slay in his contract as well same thing so I'm hoping that Shane is continues with the smart path he's been doing about not robbing Peter to pay Paul and keep going at a level pace so that way they don't eventually have that you know like the Saints had last year where you got to pay the piper because eventually you got to pay that paper he ain't gonna expect forever oh yeah so now this also begs the question though now that Dexter Lawrence is locked up does this mean we can finally get something done with sequel Shane put all his attention now on saquon Barkley and getting him his deal because he needs a deal and he knows a little bit more money what he can play with now after locking these guys in but here's the thing I think Joe Shane smart enough to also say if you're gonna if you're gonna do that kind of deal fine I'll give you let's say three or 36 million dollars but you're gonna you're gonna get paid like eight million dollars the first year he's gonna he's gonna drop that number down I guarantee you that the Giants have before this deal because I guess we got to see obviously what's going on with this deal the Giants had like almost 100 million dollars in cap space that's how crazy and sick this this next year is right now for the cat again it won't be for long because they gotta resign him they're gonna obviously sign Andrew Thomas who's another one that I guess we could say that the Giants might kind of move on to a little bit um I think he's not eligible for an extension until next off season if I remember correctly though but at the same point they can start getting some of the negotiations done so they can have an idea though again that can all change to one off season two oh yeah this is kind of a good problem like we're good now we have to pay players to keep good players we didn't even have a bit of two players we're just paying random people off the street space like hey yeah I'm gonna come play for us we were overpaying for free agents left and right it's nice to go ahead and get somebody that we can actually go ahead and keep on our roster pay him what he deserves and keep everything going with them because it does help the morale in the locker room as well to see you know DJ get paid Dexter get paid you know uh you know get Jimenez back a fifth year at that point you know um bringing uh Jihad Ward back bringing Slayton back bringing these guys back and you know showing your appreciation for the work they did that uplifts a room it does we just gotta hope we can uplift the room berkeley-wise a little bit there too because I don't think he'll be a male content don't get me wrong but you want a guy who's excited and happy when he has that kind of talent uh yeah 100 like you want to be happy because he's going to play better like if he's salty about his deal and what he's gonna pay get he's 100 gonna reflect that on the playing fields oh yeah oh yeah definitely so hopefully we get that one done but before we get going here speaking of salty manscaped okay oh yes the cues are on point today these guys will help evaporate that from your little parachute if you will oh yes and again guys summer is coming summer when you're all nice silky smooth remember your deodorant this way I 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but again guys 20 off plus free shipping at manscape.com we got the lawnmower 4.0 with this skin saving technology yes Save The Skin Skin's important down there you got the weed whack the weed whacker oh yes because again you got no stairs you got ear hairs nobody wants to see them even just random people on the street don't want to see you throwing a confetti stream out of your nostril okay clean it up weed whacker you want to meet the guy at the traffic light plucking a nose hair when everyone's looking over yeah because then you have nothing no place right there to wash your hands you just touch your nose that's weird yeah wipe it on your pants wash your hands wash your hands yeah and you know all right and go to manscape.com your boss will thank you oh they will oh yes alrighty guys so like I said we wanted to give you a question that quick news here with a quick update on the Dexter Lawrence contract again for anybody who might be just chiming in your last finisher to have four years 90 million dollars 60 million dollars guarantee for Dexter Lawrence who's still just 25 years old coming off second team All-Pro Pro Bowl selection and hopefully the future is bright and this kid continues to get better and better and better because we're already paying them you might as well get better yeah I can't cash for more you already got a four-year extension now guy so again giant fans appreciate you guys tuning in today uh so this will actually replace the episode we're going to shoot for you guys tomorrow so those of you that usually join us live here might be a little disappointed so hopefully not we will be talking live on Monday uh which we'll do the shot we're gonna do today which is going to be updating the wide receiver room unless saquan signs or something who knows the way things are going

you never know listen I'd be very happy to do that episode that's for sure um so like I said guys we'll go ahead and have the that episode for you Monday unless other big news happens there we'll kind of give you guys some update on the roster overall uh again guys we appreciate you listening in watching if you're watching us live again we're live on Facebook we're live on YouTube we're live on Twitter we're live on Twitch we're live on my LinkedIn profile and we're available afterwards as well of course whenever you want to watch as well if you're not able to watch us live if you missed the show and go oh shucks or gosh darn or maybe maybe some harsher terms that people in Jersey New York might use uh to not miss an episode like you might have missed today because this is a special episode and a special time and everything is hit that like hit that subscribe hit the Bell on YouTube exactly the Bell on YouTube is the best way to do it really but if the like on Facebook also helps they'll give you the notification when we go live because we go live pretty much whenever we can that something big happens like this and this is big news guys this is like and then just locked up and on all up all pro yeah

on YouTube Facebook leave your comments we read them live as you come through well Drew does that way well I get kept in the dark you can get kept in the dark yeah are you not able to see it on your end I can see it you can see the comments I just don't think you can hook them I think I have to be another post yeah I'm the producer apparently yeah uh you'll see the credits nearby executive producer Drew okay all right guys uh again we have the audio platform as well for those of you guys that like to watch it I like to listen as opposed to watch or just want something to enjoy while you're stuck in traffic trying not to flip too many people off uh we're available on every podcast pretty much known to man if you're not on a podcast platform that has us you're just using the wrong podcast platform because for us Apple we're on Spotify we're on iHeartRadio we're on every freaking thing there is Amazon I mean I never even heard of some of the ones we're on be very Frank with you but we're on damn it

so again guys we appreciate you guys taking the time to listen in today to this very special occasion on the specials

and again guys we appreciate you taking the time to be listening to us and it'll give us the opportunity to be the one to share all the Giants news there with you we know you got plenty of options we appreciate you guys choosing us and as always giant fans

thank you [Music] thanks for listening to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast we appreciate your support if you made it this long you must have enjoyed it so I am sure you have followed us on all the social media platforms of course you have subscribed to the show on your favorite app as well and given us a top rating right right right

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