2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Full First-Round Mock Draft for the 2023 NFL Draft

April 26, 2023 Episode 117
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Full First-Round Mock Draft for the 2023 NFL Draft
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Join co-hosts Drew and Rob on this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast as they dive into a full first-round mock draft for the 2023 NFL Draft. The co-hosts will take turns making their selections for all 32 teams in the first round, breaking down each pick and discussing how it could impact the team's roster and draft strategy.

With an extensive knowledge of the NFL and the Giants, Drew and Rob will provide insightful analysis and predictions for each team's pick. They will also share their thoughts on potential trades that could shake up the draft board and discuss the biggest surprises and reaches of the first round.

Whether you're a die-hard Giants fan or just an avid follower of the NFL draft, this episode is sure to provide you with valuable insights and entertainment. So, grab a seat and join Drew and Rob for their full first-round mock draft for the 2023 NFL Draft.

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football if so sit back and relax W that person driving

on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob welcome fella goofball is the two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by Raleigh fingers me oh Robbie I saw you at the end of the day that's about me beating boxes in 1940s back then good therapeutic

all right guys we got an exciting episode we're gonna less than 24 hours away from the start of the NFL draft finally I didn't say it again four hours part of the NFL draft here as Ben Coronet calls you Robbie fingers which just sounds like a poor name [Laughter] I can do more than fingers

you know where the third goes but so yeah guys like if we're gonna do a full on first round mock draft year for you guys uh we spent what the last month now going over all the biggest names in the draft here going over basically all of the top players here to the fact that we are now illuminated with all the possibilities here Ben says well they do say big fingers big gloves gloves yes that's exactly what they say Ben [Laughter] you need to shop in the big and tall section of the clubs

oh I don't know if they have that they do have big socks I can tell you that for a fact they do have big socks being a size 14. yes socks are made for up to 12. so they have oversized socks yes socks are made for up to size 12 if you look at the size on the actual package there so they have extra large there's a size bracket yeah the bracket ends at 12. okay sexy ice 14 here I know so yeah guys we're gonna go over I said all of the players here so before we do of course we have to once again give a shout out to our sponsors we're once again presented by manscape [Music] and again 20 off your purchase plus free shipping using the code goofballs I'm gonna give you some great great reading material fantastic and you know what it actually is not only good for your balls but it's also good for your chin put it over the sink we'll save a fight with the lady oh yes oh yes I think that's a couple fight is always like hair around the center it doesn't have to be that hair any hair in general because that about your son mine's like magnetic it sticks the sinks even just when I shave my head since I'm obviously a little follicle challenge here thanks to Nature uh it just is everywhere so uh but yeah guys I mean keep in mind it's not just the razor as well if you purchase the kit you get the ear and nose trimmer they do as well they do the ball deodorant and listen summer's coming guys summer is coming listen I've been a big component of that thing deodorant because as a guy that runs around all day as my fitness tracker tells me I do about 10 miles a day that's right 10 miles a day in the weather godson it's Connor says hello Mr Pringles you just can't stop listen and I'll tell you honestly the biggest thing that I liked of all the package of the stuff they sent us to try out was legitimately the boxers they were very smooth I mean it helps that I was freshly shaped when I put them on but I mean it's very smooth very comfortable it's a nice little Added Touch there so definitely check out the packages of the package trimmers oh yes as Ben says manscape is always good for two giant goofballs yes it keeps them clean is what they do it's two giant goofballs talking footballs and shape balls here guys video again the code is promo code is goofballs make sure you put that in if you don't you don't get the 20 off you don't get the free shipping and we don't get the least happy email from landscaped afterwards it's good for everybody it's good for everyone yes it's a win-win it's a win-win-win because they win we win and manscape wins everybody wins you can even say a win-win win-win because they're significant together also wins yes who wants to put their chin on some hairy unaires

uh yeah so let's break out into the giraffe on that note

oh man as Conor says panic mode when you get when you go to shave close down their yikes oh listen Connor and I can make it I'm telling you stuff because no there is skin saving technology I'm not against the particulars of what I've done with this device here I'm just gonna say no cuts no necks here just gonna show you at the seat see at the top here where it's a little light in the backs of the status white it's a protective film that protects your special areas as you shave and trust me your boss will thank you oh yes you're both well thank you as Deb says I've got to get you an Avon or Tupperware sponsor listen my wife would be ecstatic if we got a tupperware sponsorship like seriously she buys all the kits and you know it's it's I think every single home has this problem you can find the top or the bottom you can't find both oh 100 I don't know where they go it's like the random socks drawer you could have five Tupperware pieces if you will it doesn't matter who knows where the medium top is who knows you try to match it up with the small medium or the large medium but it doesn't fit the medium yeah boom so we're all down for a tupperware sponsor if uh a couple were asked them email us the two giant goop balls that mailbox increasing the tray one yeah I don't think Avon's gonna be really interested in us though I think that's the same method We're not gonna be your local Avon ladies anytime soon ding dong fresh balls and tupperware like I could so see a Rob rocking one of those pink caddies though just like this [Laughter] all righty do you want to go first Robin to give you the opportunity do you want to go first or do you want me to go first you could go first this time you get to choose I get to go first you can go first oh yes alrighty guys so with the first selection in the 2023 NFL draft the Carolina Panthers who of course traded the Pittsburgh is on the clock oh yes of course they traded the pick from the Chicago Bears in the trade that sent DJ Moore and a few other picks there over to Chicago Chicago

and the pick is in and the Panthers select with the first overall pick Cuba oh oh sorry sorry you weren't beyond the drafting age they couldn't draft you or else of course they would that's the one thing stopping them is your age yeah a little old man QB Bryce young out of Alabama and who would have saw that coming I'd be that's I I think it's pretty it's funny because you listen to the Panthers talk now when Frank Reich is on TV like yeah the GM called me and told me who we're gonna pick and I I was I was on board I was he he it was almost like a proposal and I was all for it which first off weird analogy how is that like a proposal uh second off tell us I don't know why it won't just say it's Bryce but everybody's saying it's Bryce so we're gonna assume it's Bryce even though I still think that Bryce young is too small long-term to play the position we'll see if I'm right or wrong I guess in a few years unless they're afraid that Bryce is not going to go into the draft he's gonna go with the traps okay I'm gonna stay in college the problem with him is just he's small and he doesn't have the Deep arm but if you want to Dink and dunk it to a West Coast offense at that point and you have the right line to protect him yeah he could be a good quarterback in this league until he takes a few hits so we'll see take some Beefcake 9000. you're right so we'll see we'll see how it goes down alrighty Rob you're up pick number two put the clock in for the Texans

they're gonna take QB CJ Stroud Ohio State

and listen I am not believing all this BS hype that they're looking at not taking a quarterback or not taking CJ Stroud he was clearly the second best quarterback available after we'll talk to another guy in a minute here that I might put the same category but I'm not going to win this talk here so he is the obvious pick here you need a quarterback you cannot go with Davis the giraffe Mills again like it can't be done oh my God like you can't do it like seriously like not without the largest neck pad known to man for this guy because he's gonna break his neck out there just like it's gonna happen that's like five foot long like neck there it's ridiculous and the fact that we keep talking about his neck as opposed to his actual football skills tells you all you need to know about how he plays his quarterback yes more of an extent is next in his football skills exactly exactly alrighty pick number three hold on hold on I got a call oh oh we got a call here seems the Cardinals have traded the pick the Cardinals have trained we got our first trade off in the draft our first trade the Cardinals trade the number three overall pick to the Las Vegas Raiders Waiters so the teams will swap the first round picks the Cardinals will also get their second and their second third round pick in this draft so they'll get pick number 38. and they'll get pick number 100 which is basically the trollop of the NFL draft at this point because that went from the Chiefs to us and to the Raiders and now to the Cardinals this is the fourth team to hold this draft pick well someone please put a ring on it

so yeah we got now so the Cardinals I think it's a good trade for them they get another second round pick to get another third round pick and they only have to go down a couple of picks because the Raiders kind of stuck with us here too remember so with the third pick in the 2023 NFL draft the Las Vegas Raiders select Anthony Richardson quarterback Florida and if that's not a Raider pick I don't know what is going with it athletic mobile combine Beast kind of guy that's what the Raiders have always done and I mean there was also JaMarcus Russell right about 10 years ago he was more as opposed to a combine Beast he was more of a Golden Corral Beast that could throw the ball he was a quarterback that was about 270 pounds like a third box

my God he was like Gerald Lorenz before Town yeah

so I mean the Raiders have Jimmy G we all know they got him obviously this off season but Jimmy G gets hurt every single year we all know that we also know that he's probably got a short shelf life because he's got a few ears on him and we've already seen his limitations because of just his abilities plus his injury history this is the classic move for the Raiders and it actually makes sense because we talked about her Richardson probably has one of the higher ceilings of any player in this draft but he needs time to get there he's not there right now you put him in now he's gonna get killed so you get him a chance to go with a coach that he wore this carefully because I hate this coach but you give him a coach who coached up Tom Brady for many years there's a lot about the game horrible head coach good offensive coordinator and Josh McDaniels and you give him a chance to learn for a little bit under him even if he has to do it two years it doesn't matter because you've got Jimmy J yes Jimmy G like listen Vegas and him were meant to be oh my God everything about that aspect of it that'd be Insanity I'll just saying I'm saying Vegas and Jimmy G or met to be on a team together besides them playing football that man loves Vegas in the Bunny Ranch besides that the Bunny Ranch besides that Anthony Anthony Richardson he he needs time to develop who better than the guy that's been around the league Anthony Richardson not Anderson Anthony Anderson's comedian that's interesting though Sorry Sorry double A I totally pulled you out totally not a football player you totally are hanging out I think it's safe to say Anthony Anderson is not getting drafted this year no as uh unless it's for a sitcom yeah well anyway so yes yeah like I said that'd be the Shocker move I think I think it'd be kind of a shocker move I really do um and I actually think that Anthony Richardson is the fourth best quarterback in this draft but I think because he's got such a high ceiling someone's gonna take him quickly someone who needs a quarterback he's gonna take him early on that's something they could trust yeah it's a perfect position I think here because he gets the chance again to to learn behind someone to have a coach that has a history of working with a good quarterback perfect scenario alrighty number four quotes are on the board this is sin they're gonna take well we'll leave ice quarterback from Kentucky

he's in Minneapolis now oh here he is and you know the Colts didn't take the whole second half of the Season not to get a quarterback in this draft dammit so there's a lot of guys who like him and are very high in him there's some people who even think he's better than CJ Stroud and that the Texans should consider him uh I said all along and I will still say it all along if you decided that putting Mayo in your coffee is a good idea I have to question your decision-making skills overall and you are not the quarterback for me definitely not going to happen so yeah I'm not a fan of it but I think it's what the Colts will do uh I heard early on about their interest in him and I think you know I just think it's gonna happen I don't I don't think again I don't think they did all this tanking because let's be honest they tanked they pull that Ryan they put in Jeff Saturday they didn't do all this not to get a quarterback yeah they they put up a lot of

veteran quarterbacks who are way past the prime yeah oh my God it's like the geriatric it's like the Florida version of the NFL yeah sorry [Laughter] it's the villages in Indianapolis

so around

all right number five on the clock the Seattle Seahawks Sneaky Pete's on the board this is the the draft pick by the way they got in the Russell Wilson deal because this is how bad the Broncos were so with the fifth pick overall the Seattle Seahawks select Will Anderson Jr Edge out of Alabama because when you're picking at number five and the best player in the entire draft on most people's boards come in yeah you take it you take it that's your Sneaky Pete yeah and they can always use it as rusher this is not like it's a position to overfill and it just happens to land like oh damn it we don't really need him what do we do we're gonna take him no did they need a edge rusher anyway they need more of a pass rush so you take the best one on the board the best Edge rusher the best pass rusher on the entire board by everybody's accounts pretty much it's very few people that think otherwise uh we'll get to number uh another guy number two on our board here though few people I should say well we'll question one and two with him and Anderson but yeah Will Anderson take it all day long yeah yeah 100. all right we got a couple comments here from Connor popping in saying Tupperware what is this the 1970s I mean Roberto's Porn Stash was enough oh bye let's go for white Earth he's like he's shooting his extra from uh Yellowstone he was yeah uh Connor also says I think Carolina picks Richardson I I don't think that at all I mean you never know but I I don't I don't think so I I think that Bryce young is definitely going to be the pick uh he says I know Levi's jeans came later than him but did you ever notice Levi's can spell Elvis oh oh I I didn't but yes that I guess that's true is that wrong he's not he just spelled it out for you just Sandra

alrighty with that number six the lines are on the board Elijah's thinking clock is on they go RAR I think Jalen Carter defensive tackle from Georgia Georgia

yeah and listen again this is another guy who's extremely talented that when he's on your board that late you kind of can't pass up and the Lions did a lot of work beefing up their secondary they already got a couple corners they got uh Chauncey Gardner Johnson for the safety position defense was the issue last year not the offense we all know that you got already again giant fans will probably hate me saying this the best rookie pass rusher last year because Aiden Hutchinson did have a better season than Kayvon did and now you can pair him up with a second young guy who can get to the quarterback like that and now get to him from The Middle [Music] that's a slam dunk right there that's a slam dunk and they're looking at cash in on what that division is doing right now no AA Ron new top receiver over there yeah what's Minnesota doing sticking out you know sticking out with the quarterback situation even though they're pretty much said they're not gonna keep him going Kirk Cousins yeah the Annie Dalton of this generation yeah Kirk Cousins more like the redhead except child cousin he is yeah the epitome of average um yeah I mean this division is for the taking for them and they're gonna they're gonna do everything their power to take it and the more and more pressure you create from the line to help these new players you've just got in your secondary I mean this could be a good this could be a legit defense now right with what the moves they made this off season if they make a move like this it really don't be surprised to see that division flip around on its head yep they put the thing down flip it and reverse it yeah

alrighty number seven the Arizona Cardinals are on the clock again this is now the trade for the the pick they got in the trade from the Las Vegas Raiders and there's a lot of ways I could have gone with this one here but we're going defense defense defense for them they lost JJ Watt already Buddha Baker wants out so the Cardinals select Christian Gonzalez cornerback Oregon and listen he's not our favorite Corner we like Devin Witherspoon better but Christian Gonzalez and a lot of boards is the top Corner in this entire draft and when you have a shutdown corner it helps a lot makes defense so much easier it's so much easier nowadays in this past Happy League he's the most technically sound Corner in the draft I'll give him that and he was still as our number two so I wouldn't say it's a reach just a disagreement at that point uh yeah but yeah there I I think when the push comes to shove though they have so many needs on defense that whoever whoever the best defensive player is that's who they'll take it could be a ridge rusher it could be a corner listen they got holes everywhere in that defense and the offense has found them all year long

so it's trying to be like the 10 15 years ago NES any of those codes uh Colts ah I could speak now uh Hey man it was there like listen you didn't need a big defense because your offense is going to put points they were hoping to have that with Kyler Murray and that offense and guess what Kyle Murray is too busy playing Modern Warfare and at defense is lackluster yeah that's something beef up that D Murray's gonna be up 70 comes back because he got no JJ Watt Buddha Baker's gonna get traded probably um you know DeAndre Hopkins gonna get traded probably Robbie Anderson was on there a little bit but he left this off season already too it's like there's not much left on this team now I don't know if you saw but there was a ESPN account uh one of the analysts had Kyle Murray ranked I think like 12th in the AFC s in the ASE be like the one of the worst quarterbacks yeah he's yeah that's what I'm saying yeah he's just not that good yet um he's shown flashes don't get me wrong but he's never he's never put a whole season together uh but yeah like I said Christian Gonzalez that's where that's where we're going with perfect next up number eight the Falcons but they ain't wait they're gonna write for Tyree Wilson Edge from Texas Tech oh yeah yeah they had like pretty much no pass rush from last year none none Zippo yeah yeah which uh let's give them a nice uh jump in the department of uh some pass crushing so you know you know when your star past Russia was for the Falcons last season I don't think they knew Lorenzo Carter

back to their top pass rusher was Lorenzo Carter giant fans you should remember that name that just tells you a lot yeah it wasn't it wasn't that he got better he just he got older it was the best they had that's all so yeah amazing upgrade from what they had and they're lucky he dropped like that because I I could I could still see someone take him earlier he's gonna definitely go in the top ten but I mean and he deserves it but I could even see the Cardinals say okay we need a pass rusher taking it before they get a chance to so you know I can also see the Lions saying let's let's pair Hutchinson with another Edge on the side and just go to town on edge rusher so listen I I think you can definitely see him go quicker but I think he will not get past the Falcons for sure definitely will not get past yeah alrighty number nine the Chicago Bears this is the pick they got in the trade when they traded away the first overall pick when they traded with the Panthers this is where the Panthers were gonna pick originally which is odd because if you think about it the Panthers would have been on the board right now without that trade they would still have DJ Moore and they're still a quarterback available [Music] alrighty so the Bears number nine select Paris Johnson Jr tackle Ohio State oh [Music] oh so the Bears line was an issue all last year they went ahead and got a a good uh attack sorry get a guard and Nate Davis who left the um the Titans but they're still an issue at the tackle position listen you know what I'm gonna put this up Ken for the first time Ken says let's go Bears Bear Down Ken I want to hear your comments in this thought Paris Johnson Jr going to the Bears there's the Bears fan that pops in but yeah like I said I think it's an easy move to make you move to Braxton Jones who is a better run blocker than a pass blocker over to the right tackle spot you now put Paris Johnson in as your bookend left tackle and now you just not only improve the left left tackle position but you improve the right tackle position as a result as well so you've got to protect Justin feels better if they didn't do a good job of that and I'm lucky that he was able to people don't realize he had a lot of rushing yards last year and some of that's because he's just a rushing quarterback me


he says I like it good okay I also we were talking about flying Drew but like I also wouldn't be surprised if they take a bow and had to take care and go with GSM right away yeah and I'll I'll say that you hit the nail on the head but what I would say it's a bonehead pic they can have enough receivers they don't need a receiver I know it's tempting I know it is but like he says who knows they might move down too listen in this draft I think you'll see a lot of moving down I just we just don't want to go crazy on trades to be honest yeah and they want someone specific yeah okay let's do it yeah because the this draft and we stress this a lot the past couple weeks the number one round is good it's not great it's the death pieces that we have here there's maybe 15 20 people that I would give a first round grade two that's it yeah and yep and this draft is amazing round two round three even maybe early around four you're gonna get some damn good players and those players will not be that much worse than what they are in the end of the first correct so yeah

he also asked you guys live for draft night tomorrow and we are live great segment to let everybody know we will be live tomorrow and Friday every single pick of the first two uh days of the draft there so all the round one the round two and the round three picks we will be live for we're gonna have guests on of course we'll be talking about shaping balls of course with manscaped who will be on the entire time from the beginning to the end guys so definitely like I said check it out um we'll be live I think the giraffe one starts tomorrow at eight if I remember correctly and seven on Friday but if you don't if you're not no one trusts us on that you can go right over to the YouTube page you can go right over to the Facebook page and the events are live ready to go for you guys there like I said we're gonna have a blast and we will not just be talking Giants even though trust me we are you know obviously geared towards that we're we're just we're just draft people it's like a holiday for us yeah it's a draft holiday it's like graphiconica it is okay it says looks like I'm watching the draft for you guys there we go Ken good good glad to have you we want to hear from you too when the Bears pick we want to hear your Insight and your thoughts definitely um Connor says yes they'll be alive but they had they got their wives permission first without that and also well with that her send this and let me tell you I'm in a doghouse listen it's it's a business basically Connor that means we're allowed to do it that's the fun of it watching football and Talking Football is work we have to go to work [Laughter] baby you want me to have fresh even balls for manscape I have to do this podcast without this and I got the same look back we went

alrighty on to number 10 here from the Eagles the Eagles [Music] yeah every year they had it in the um in New York and the in the Giants and Jet fans would just booed the hell out of the Eagles fans that would show up it was great fantastic as Ken says oh where'd he go here he says I live in the doghouse football season that's why we have this here we interrupt this marriage for football season okay I'll see in the doghouse this season yeah the crazy thing is my wife is the one who got me that too so you know I can't beat the dog has too much I guess

cave it's exactly where it goes yeah uh but yeah like I said it's yeah no we're World out right it's okay it's okay we got permission all right number 10. eggles eggles Devon Witherspoon quarterback

from Illinois listen Devin Witherspoon is a guy that I I'm telling you guys he may very well be the best best player in this entire giraffe when it's all said and done that's how much I like yeah we've talked about this guy at nauseum didn't play until junior year of high school didn't really get it in college until this year we haven't seen the ceiling yet we have not seen a ceiling yet I really don't want him going there I don't either but you know what they got two corners that are pushing and they're sad side of 30s but yeah we got one bad for me I've almost here and one push it one over just over 30. which is sad for me because I'm well if I set Prime but you guys years basically so you got a rookie guy over there to follow these two great corners yeah and he goes so do it and the corners are doing this is what the Eagles do this is what they do so if you look at last year what did they do they went and got Jordan Davis the defensive tackle from Georgia who really didn't have to play much they went and got into Kobe Dean the linebacker out of Georgia as well well let's roll is that Georgia guys but yeah also didn't have to play they make the moves in advance of what they have to do they're also talking about moving their slot Corner over to free safety at that point because Chauncey Gardner Johnson is out so now you get a chance for Devin Witherspoon to play the slot more which he can do and you still use him so it's not a wasted pick for the first couple years at that point God forbid one of the other guys get hurt you have a guy to slide right in you still don't miss a beat hopefully well hopefully for them not hopefully for us yeah you know it's listen it's one of those moves that on paper you look at and go wait a minute they already have two of the best corners in the league why would you make a move like that but if you look at it fully it's exactly the kind of move the Eagles do and it's exactly the kind of move you're supposed to do in the draft to set up yourself for the teacher exactly so well hopefully hopefully it doesn't doesn't work that way hopefully they don't get them because I really think it's gonna be good and I don't want to have to go against him twice a year uh but yeah it's like I said with the age of those Corners it's going to make sense because in a couple of years like two years or so listen yeah you can see the both be out of the league even potentially let alone so you know works for now but it's not for not to see for too long so alrighty number 11 the Tennessee Titans are on the board they're not gonna make the pick I want them to make because we try to keep this realistic there's a player I really want them to take they're not going to take them I'll go into that in a little bit I'll keep you guys suspense local suspense oh yes with the 11th pick in the 2023 NFL draft the Tennessee Titans select Peter skarnovsky tackle Northwestern yeah they need to align help guys they lost Taylor Lewin uh who was released uh they lost Nate Davis we talked about him earlier going to the Bears so they're gonna take the most Pro ready offensive lineman in the entire draft the big question is is he a tackle is he a guard

I don't know uh

um first half okay let's move around yeah and that's I mean it's a good thing I guess in a way but it's like they have so many needs that they don't care where he goes you're starting to take the guy and just try him a tackle first and if he doesn't work out in Camp or you see him going wait a minute nope you should be in guard you can still slide him in you have this box you have the positions of need now who I wanted them to get and I'll guarantee you a lot of Tennessee Titan fans wanted this as well I wanted to take headed hooker

because he got one more year of Tannehill you already know what Tannehill is he's an average Quarterback you already had a good team around him you couldn't win time to move on you could have let him sit for the year behind Tannehill learn heal up from his ACL injury and had him starting next year it would make so much sense plus where do you play college Tennessee not if I move yeah this is this like I said it makes a ton of sense I just don't think it's gonna happen for whatever reason it's just it's just a vibe that I have I don't think it's gonna happen but I'll tell you there's a lot of people screaming forward in Tennessee a lot of people we want Huskers we want oh sorry the hookers I'm sorry sir yes that's what they're screaming in Las Vegas and luckily they're right down the road first in line all right all right number 12. number 12. 12 the Texans the accents they will take Jackson Smith near jubaya

Json I love how you always get the difficult names Jackson Smith in the jigma whatever

Jason very soon from Ohio State uh yeah the best part about this match is earliest Raptor he talks about them taking strap he's gonna team up with his old college quarterback already has some chemistry there why would you not want to take this guy if he's falling this far they already traded away it's Brandon Cooks they have no legitimate number one receiver there well I mean and also Brandon Cooks is already pushing up an age and this guy I mean that's for nothing if Brandy Chris was there he could take his job this guy is by far and away the best wide receiver in the draft I think he's going to be an absolute stud this league if he can get healthy and get the hamstring right uh I but if you look at again what happened there in the past when you've put together a receiver and a quarterback that played at the same College together you know Miami Philly Cincinnati we're talking three of the biggest potent young offenses in this league that's what you do you put them together it works you know it works look at the Rose Ball tape and see me tell me if you think this is a good idea I think they're still throwing yeah to each other in that game right now as we speak pretty sure yeah it's yeah it's it's it's crazy all right 350 000 yards in that game whatever yeah yeah I can't believe that game alrighty number 13. by the way we're halfway we're halfway to the Giants that means we're halfway there living out of Prayer


the New York Jets keep in mind they are moving hold on a second here I just realized something did the draft table not adjust correctly it did not it did not hold on a second here guys NFL draft order I gotta verify this the draft order we used did not update correctly it did not the Jets are not on the clock the Green Bay Packers are on the clock because of the trade yesterday

I caught that one have egg in my face again like yesterday

can't have that happen so we're moving on to the Packers because they got this trade now so the Green Bay Packers select at number 13. Jordan Addison wide receiver at a USC and it is the ultimate final Fu to Aaron Rodgers who is begging them begging them to go ahead and get a wide receiver in the first round for so many years and instead they do everything but that including drafting his replacement

but if you look at that group right now you got Christian Watson you got Romeo uh Dobbs that they got so North Dakota State and Nevada kid as they got last year in the draft but they lost Alan Lazard who was their constant so now you go ahead and you get Jordan Addison and you go ahead and beef up that Squad and you have a good young Trio of wide receivers that for the next couple of years you can have in that team not cost you a lot of money at a premium position and you're giving the tools necessary to help a young QB and Jordan love and give him the best chance to succeed just not the veteran well listen there's not any veterans to be had I said I was just laughing at the fact that they did it after hey Aron left wait that's funny it is funny but yeah I mean like I said I think this move makes way too much sense I think he's one of probably the safest pick receiver wise in this draft again we talked about him as well in our wide receiver um rankings we did talk about them a couple times I think he's one of those guys that again I think he you know I think he's gonna have a low ceiling High floor so he's not going to be the guy that'll go to the Pro Bowl and be the amazing you know wide receiver if that's what we're looking for he's not your guy blank isn't your guy but I do think that he's the guy who's going to go ahead and have a good career he's probably going to be your 7 800 yard kind of receiver and he'll do that consistently I think yeah I mean he'll definitely get you a couple of thousand yard uh Seasons but we'll see right but yeah

number four number 14. the Patriots New England

Wicked awesome

he's the Thai info Notre Dame it's wicked awesome because missing the Irish town the Irish College that's it

and part of the reason is the past cat helps himself one yeah Irish Town Irish College they also love their Titans just like me oh yeah they love their tight ends just love those tight ends but I mean how many times they they want to perfected this whole double tight end triple tight end crazy

they love the mass confusion of having multiple Titans um on that team they love the the ability to have it for the Run for the extra block they love the ability to have it for the past for an extra throw and in the mass infusion it comes with I think it's a no-brainer for the past to go with this guy yeah I mean and I'll I'll say this on paper when we talked about this before it almost didn't make sense at first because you're like okay they got a hunter Henry they just signed Mike gasecki this off season as well well kaseki first off is think not as a tight end they came as a big freaking slot receiver because that's what he is the guy can't block anything so okay on top of that those two guys are both free agents at the end of the year so if you have the chance to get one of the very few Blue Chip prospects in this draft and he is one of the few Blue Chip prospects and he only happened this late because the fact that tight end is not a prime position you take it especially when it's a position that you run your D you're on your offense through so yeah it makes all the sense of the world after you give it some thought in the beginning it doesn't make sense but give it some thought it makes a ton of sense think about this check and how he wins the Super Bowl rings yeah I was about to say think about Bill Belichick and all the crazy moves he makes that makes no sense at the beginning but somehow work out except for Joe judge and Matt Patricia running offense that's just still stupid uh assistant head coach or whatever you say stupid though oh geez yes alrighty number 15. now the New York Jets go then so the number 15 pick the New York Jets select Broderick Jones tackle out of Georgia and he said the guy we talked about obviously earlier on here a really really raw player but she gotta like what you saw out of him and the nice thing is that Jets have some tackles so it's not like you're counting on this guy to light it up and go crazy you just gotta find out what goes on my kaibecton you got to find out what happens with Dwayne Brown who's obviously you know coming off an injury and it's 37 and obviously Makai beckton we talked about he's never healthy it seems so he's a guy you can give some time to develop you have a good veteran tackle and brown who can help him out as well it makes all the sense of the world listen you didn't give all those picks to Green Bay to not protect Aaron Rodgers when you had the chance so take him protect him you've got enough receivers and you have to draft somebody in the offense or else Aaron Rodgers will cry yeah that's what happens what he does he's a crybaby and now he's in New York media don't let that guy cry is he a little crack like I cannot wait for his his Randy Johnson moment it's gonna happen it's gonna happen somebody cracks he's going to be like a regular piece of painted glass or is he gonna be like tempered glass and Shout into little pieces oh it's gonna be shatter definitely shattering pieces nice alrighty 17. the formerly known as the Washington football team the Washington commanders not Washington State commanders but the DC commanders we'll see if they change their name again with the owners yeah

did a thing on article on uh the ugliest uniforms the commanders won

I'm gonna go that far but they're out there they just changed it oh I three arrested look at him but anyway they'll take Darnell right tackle out of Tennessee Tennessee this team has been on a mission to face that o line the playoff season because God forbid gonna get a QB does it say God forbid they they need to put a QB behind the offensive line but one of the big problems last year and what our division has been trying to do is fix up an o-line look at look at eagles they have one the best in the league look at Dallas they had it for half that decade if not more than the best offensive line football and they're trying to restructure that yeah if you want to beat the NFC east teams you got to have a good old line but I I can't say I like what they're doing fully especially if they gave way too much money in the gates and just took Nick gates from us but this is a move that makes a lot of sense they need to tackle still here you get a tackle a tackle that excelled in a high passing volume offense you know it just it makes too much sense it's it's it's it's it's I think if he's there they take him if unless one of the guys we talked about that we drafted a little higher in this picks somehow is still available but I'd be shocked if they don't take offensive tackle I really would be yeah all righty number 17.

this Pittsburgh Steelers oh man oh yes with the 17th pick in the NFL 2023 NFL draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select Joey Porter Jr Penn State cornerback and it just makes too much sense guys they need a corner they lost one already in free agency this off season Joey Porter where do you play yeah it gets to play his kid gets to play the same exact place it'd be it'd be a really cool story Plus on top of that he fits the Mantra of what they do they like big physical corners you don't get much physical more physical than Joey Porter Jr this guy practically throws opponents down to the ground floor but he don't care he doesn't don't care about those flags yeah so not much needs to be said there just makes too much sense it really does yeah 18. 18. with the Lions Detroit number eighteen this draft is legal now oh snap it's legal now it broke my heart because the Detroit Lions picked number 18 on the clock oh Zay flowers oh Boston College if you guys listen to this podcast for the past few weeks you all know that I'm they're all about Isaiah flowers if you haven't listened podcast in the past couple weeks welcome you should probably go back and listen to some of our our picks and some of our talks about some of these top players here oh yes but it just makes sense they uh they lost shark shark whatever you wanted for that same the DJ shock Shack um yes they just give tickets some more uh weapons out there and save flowers I mean Plus on top of losing DJ shark keep in mind Jamison Williams is suspended for the first six games because of the getting caught gambling again to be clear he supposedly wasn't gambling football he just gamble within team building or team property but still playing they brought back Marvin Jones but he's not the same player he was and plus he's he's in his 30s now so you really can't counter him for too long here so you go out and you get Zay flowers you'll have the combo of Zay flowers Jamison Williams and Amman Saint Brown I'm on Rossi Brown that's a freaking awesome Trio

I mean how do I say Brad was one of the best receivers last year so yeah that's about one of the top prospects coming up and see flowers that's a scary that's a scary offense to do that with yeah he gave him yeah we could give him too much by doing that it really it hurt us to even suggest it because where are we are hoping he drops at 26 just yeah yeah oh it's certainly 25 but we're calling it 26 because number 21 we'll get to a minute yeah alrighty number 19. it's the local team here where I'm at with the 19th overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Nolan Smith Edge Georgia yeah see what it boils down to is the Bucks need to beef up their lines they need to beef up their o-line they need to beef up their d-line they're already had a little bit of a run on offensive tackles so they're going to go ahead and fix their their d-line because Shaquille Barrett was out this year and they had nothing without him nothing he's back but on this side right now is Joe Tryon um shonika which is I mean we talked about it as a kid and I was a Troy I believe or Troy State you kind of slipped into the end of the first round after they won the Super Bowl uh he was a guy that a lot of people are very high on him he was kind of the combine Beast and before the combine at all he was like a third round draft pick yeah he proved that's what he is yeah so he's not bad as a third Edge rusher but you don't want him starting now they get you know again ironic enough to the combine beast but a guy at least showed something on tape and showed because he came from Georgia which produces quality players say what you want what college you go to matters as far as where you get drafted because it shows a history of success in the NFL or a history of failure Georgia has a history of success in the NFL so yeah we're going with Nolan Smith The Edge out of Georgia here

number 20. the Seahawks and the stinky Petes will take Osiris Taurus Guard from Florida oh yes Florida the Seahawks double down and attackless last draft and this area will be the guard pressure in the draft yeah yeah um the best guard in the drafts easily unless you want to count the kip Northwestern if he has to go into guard ianship best pure guard in in in the draft that's for sure well I mean when Seattle was like a tough team to meet yeah great o-line Reiki line

mm-hmm you got Kenneth Walker you got you know Gino let's see if he can repeat what he did last last time you got a couple of wide receivers so you know let's continue beefing up that line if I'm Seattle and let's let the skill players that I have have a chance to reach their full potential

you know skill player but yes you have to let him be protected yeah now here's one thing I'll say real quick as well the last two picks we just gave both the Bucks and the Seahawks actually I'm gonna say this three out of the last five picks we gave the commanders the Bucks and the Seahawks all should have taken the Hannah hooker but they didn't um I'm just gonna keep on saying it because in the two years when he plays in the NFL we're gonna play back this tape like oh my God Drew was right oh my God Hendon hooker telling you it's gonna be good performance a lot of teams think about the season and not the the long-term Seasons I know I know that's the problem they can't think straight they're being stupid they get greedy nitty-gritty alrighty so we talked about it a minute ago so the 21st overall pick is forfeited by Miami because they tried to select Tom Brady

so technically the next pick is the 22nd overall pick but they're not calling that they're calling it the 21st pick but I'm now deleting this one of the Dolphins off of our board entirely so that our numbers will now match what you see most people are using in the NFL is going to use tomorrow so number 21. the Los Angeles Chargers I still want to call them San Diego

take John Robinson running back out of Texas which I know people are like what the hell they already got Eckler but they're not gonna keep Heckler they're gonna trade him he wants to get paid they don't want to pay him they got a younger better option available right here in the draft and they're going to take full advantage imagine Justin Herbert having a legit running back because I'm sorry Austin Eckler I like him as a player he's nowhere near this talented he's much more of a pass catcher hybrid kind of running back this is a pure running back he gets hey there's there's a lot of rumors going around especially the tri-state area rumor has it that the Eagles want this guy they're not going to give up their picks that early for no this guy I don't direct they're gonna take running the best guy available

early not that not as early as the Eagles were the first time and that is

so yes I said I think it's I think it's a spot that I'll be honest I have not heard people talk about but I think it makes a whole lot of sense you get to get at it from underneath the guy who wants gone you could trade him down you get a couple extra picks and date you know maybe a day one a day two pick or something like that for him because he's still young he's still a talented player somebody else has to pay him you just got younger cheaper and better at the position and picked up another extra drop pick later on makes too much sense 100 alrighty number 22. the Ravens the office Ravens for such a smart bird this football team's doing some bone-headed moves yes they are what's the story with Lamar Jackson he's no funny no no no no no one they signed obj yeah I guess who they're gonna draft Quentin Johnson Quinton Johnston wide receiver from TCU yes it is a move that screams Lamar we miss you we're not gonna pay you 250 million dollars guaranteed but what will structure our contract that appeases you we gave you receive these players look at these receivers you don't have to run every game for 100 yards you have someone to throw to besides a tight end yeah you have weapons yeah we might be a Super Bowl caliber team possibly if you come back no

possibly yeah Anything could happen I mean I'm talking about him and again I'm taking the credit for this because we said this before it became fashionable in this NFL draft we said we did not like quit and Justin as much other people did this is back weeks ago and people were still talking about him potentially being the number one yeah number one wide receiver on people's boards still at that point if not number two with jsn he I he's a boomer bust listen he's yeah he's the guy that can come into the league take it by storm have a huge season and it will not Shock Me he's the guy that come in the league do like 500 yards receiving and be looking at absolute bust it won't shock me nothing will Shock Me with them but we all know that when you have a boomer bust pick you lean on the side of caution that's usually more bust and boom usually so I don't even think it's worthy of a first round pick at this point I really don't I think he's more of an early second round pick but the Ravens are desperate to get Lamar Back and I think these are the kind of moves that they do at that point together it seems like every year the Ravens drafted wide receiver in the first round if not the second baseman was a hype Bateman was a high pick you know Hollywood Brown was a high pick I mean this is what they do uh yeah so yeah makes sense from history makes sense from need I guess if you're just leading to appease Lamar Jackson yeah baby come back alrighty number 23. the Vikings are officially on the clock guys boo [Music]

I love that sound I think it's copyright infringement if we use it as soon I don't know possible who knows go for we have no money we have wives yeah

um so the 23rd overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft the Minnesota Vikings select finally Hendon hooker quarterback

someone finally got a hooker I mean I got the hooker what this we've talked about this before the Vikings have gone ahead and basically shown they don't want to keep Customs passed this year they have not entered negotiations with extensions with him that's come out publicly and when that came out publicly guess what they did nothing they defend them they didn't talk about oh no no we're gonna talk about it the best yeah no they obviously have seen the ceiling with with with Kirk Cousins and here's a chance while cousins plays out the last year of his contract to get henna hooker healthy teach him the offense and let him go in year two yeah and we saw what he did in Tennessee with guys like Jalen Hyatt uh you know and you know some of the studs they had there he's gonna have weapons and that's for sure but another thing of Dalvin cook or not rumors they might trade him draft night but he's definitely have Justin Jefferson yeah I think he can he can he can throw some deep bombs I think so it's I'm telling it right now guys hand in hooker if he had not had the injury we'll be right up there in the talks at the top overall pick he's that good absolutely insane the drop that he's had because of that people are being so short-sighted in this league right now I think we just said it before it's a cautionary tale like if it's a blue robust because some people don't come back from an ACL injury like other people do now what do you think they do though that's the thing if it's like 10 years ago yes but not nowadays the way it is I would take him in a heartbeat with no no shot 80 shot oh yeah that's not a guarantee don't get me wrong I'm with you on that but yeah just saying that just throwing that part out there which is why he dropped I got dropping this far

but yeah

go ahead and pick number 24 yeah

25 but it's going to be 24 because the 450 from Miami stupid dolphins yes stupid Dolphins to get in trouble for talking to an old guy

the Miami way yeah pretty much with some snow anyway uh the Jaguars Jaguars take and intend uh Harrison tackle from Oklahoma

yeah yeah Juwan Taylor he's gone for the Chiefs bye-bye yeah see you later bye bye which means the Jaguars have a big old deep and white hole that you need to fill oh do you even why deep and wide deep and wide so

gotta fill them up and this is a need and who better than Harrison it's also that you have a quarterback who through the end of the second year there in Trevor Lawrence who looked to really turn a corner so you don't want to take away protection that you gave him previously so now you can go ahead and get the best tackle left in the draft a guy who is an excellent run boy I would say a pass blocker overall and you give him the chance to go ahead and and take that spot run over from Taylor course blocking for Patrick Mahomes and you're protecting your old number one draft he's so old you're three now yeah well I mean two years ago you drafted him so you're three years he's probably just as young if not younger than some of the quarterbacks were good to talk about this I mean he headed hooker's 25 I mean

Junior no yeah I think so so yeah he's probably 24 25 he's probably the same age

he had a beautiful set of hair coming out of college so does he's like the Fabio of the QB world but it's amazing every time it takes off his Summit I feel like the uh a Wishful commercial uh maybe League commercial how is he not maybe he's made with it yeah how is he not the guy that that the uh um Head and Shoulders people got you know back in the day yeah I think they're a win to see if he was going to become like um right off the bat take him right off the bat go for it they were like oh you know what Jaguars

Jack you are yeah Jaguar alrighty

guess who's up on the clock now your New York football Giants are on the clock with the 25th overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft and with the 25th overall pick the Giants trade down trade down we got a trade alert here the Giants are trading down trade down train down break it in Gray down Giants officially trade their pick to the Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs obviously we're swapping first round picks the Giants aren't losing a first rounder the Giants are gaining pick number 95 in the third round they're also giving up pick 240 in the seventh so we're going down a couple picks in the first we're going up four rounds later on I I think it's I think it's a good deal I'm looking at what's left there and I'm going yeah nobody that's like I I nobody I think that I I'm gonna be upset if I lose them later on so especially will be getting the depth now that means giant fans if you want to find out who the Giants are taking you have to wait to the final pick in this draft it's almost like we did this also on purpose to make sure Giants fans are watching the entire show

all seriousness this is I think that's that could happen because the Chiefs are rumored to be looking to trade down and they're looking to be a rumor to trade down for one player in particular who is still on the board so with the 25th overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Jamir Gibbs running back out of Alabama

makes too much sense guys this is like you put him in Pacheco together that's an amazing one-two punch in that backfield and like I said the rumors just been flying they just need a trade partner who wants to do it keep in mind as well this pick has been traded what like three or four years in a row in the draft it's got a history being traded so yeah we are going for it we have to go for it as Connor says oh God I was already falling asleep now I gotta wait longer yes I do Hunter yes you do Connor you can't fall asleep I can't fall asleep you can't fall asleep exactly we just got a couple more picks to go we're almost there we're almost there go for it help her out next one remember 26 in the draft which should be 27 kind of stuff almost there all right the Cowboys

dating Clayson from tight end from Utah Cowboy saw Schultz


they need to replace shorts and they need to give DAC support and they also need pilot who's also injury injured some extra support with a black and tied in well maybe not black but yeah we call it blocking Titan yeah I should say black but they need to beef up the tight end situation so when you look at the Cowboys offseason they have gone ahead and gone on a run as if they have a quarterback that's about to like retire they're going out and getting Stefan Gilmore to be their second Corner who's what I think he's 33. uh you know they go out and get Brandon Cooks to be their second wide receiver he's supposed to say 47. well you know they're making moves that you make when you think you're one player away but they're making multiple of those moves so like you alluded to they lose Dalton Schultz they lose oh my God Connor Connor says that sound wasn't Roberta touching himself was it no no he's manscaped he has not been doing that no he's that's the dog dog's ears I know that sound very well um but like I said they got rid of Dalton Schultz they let him go in free agency he went to the Houston Texans they got Jake Ferguson the Titan they got last year from what Wisconsin one of the mid-round picks a lot of people are very high on him but I think deck has proven he needs some more help and some more weapons they really didn't have a lot of weapons last year so they get Brandon Cooks to be their second wide receiver now they go ahead and get another guy who is a wide rece tight end technically but he shoots much more like a slot receiver and they could put Jake Ferguson as your inline tight end use him as your receiving tight end and you got a good one-two punch at that position now and I know they wanted Michonne Robinson let's be honest they would have taken him at a heartbeat if he was there but he gone

yeah see you later bye-bye bye-bye they'll probably draft a running back later on this draft that that I think I'd be shocked if they didn't but since the only two first-round running backs are gone they're going to take the next best weapon they can get their hands on yeah I agree alrighty number 27 the Buffalo Bills Buffalo the buffalo you take a blue cheese or Ranch yes or playing they are taking

Jack Campbell linebacker at Iowa yes that's what we're going with here because in the end they gotta replace tremade admin so they lost in free agency why not take the best linebacker in the draft when he's still available and I'm telling you guys he's gonna be good the big thing is you just don't want to counter him too much for coverage but until this year Edmonds was horrible coverage everybody wants to talk about a free agency how good he was at coverage this year look at the prior years he was bad in coverage he was the guy was a run stopper a guy who just plugged the middle read the feel of that kind of guy that's what Jack Campbell is too so you replaced him with a similar skill set we'll have to see now if he's a similar talent I like Jack a lot I think he's gonna be a pretty good player in this league You Don't Know Jack I Don't Know Jack Sports

no I agree I think that's at that point the sign drafted Savage choice for uh the bills yeah I mean especially because no matter who you're drafting this late it's really a second round guy and that's pretty much and that's what Jack is and that's what Jack is but that's fine because no matter who you draft it's the second round Talent you're getting hate to say it but it's true so draft pick number 28 29 depends on who you talk to

but the Bengals Ben gals the Bengals then gals they have a niche that they need to sell off here they're going to take Jordan battle with one of the badass names in this draft doing a battle with battle you're gonna do a battle of battle safety out of Alabama

look anyway yeah Cincinnati both are starting safeties for free into this year they need to fill that hole and who better it's been the best safety in this draft

well one of the best names because Tank's pretty badass too it's a it's an absolutely uh it's a it's an absolutely uh amazing pick for them if they even lands this way to be able to go ahead and get the best safety in the draft when you need safety more than anything else it's like if he fell into their lap It's Like a Prayer was answered it was like let's go to the playoffs again

alrighty guys so now we have pick number 29. the New Orleans Saints nylons the New Orleans Saints select Beignets from Cafe De Monde no that's what they're known for they're supposed to be very good it's just exactly guys it's pretty good but it's just as Epley um the safe select miles Murphy Edge out of Clemson and they need to improve that d-line that edge position so desperately it's not even funny it wasn't that good last year as it was they lose Marcus Davenport to the Vikings who was so so he's at the position so now they go ahead and just take basically the best guy they have available at that position because it's such a huge need again Boomer bus kind of guy this guy too so did Clemson use him right that's always what I kept hearing Clemson didn't use them right Clemson didn't use them right we're gonna find out yeah the NFL will test that to the highest degree oh yes alrighty pick number 30. 31. that's who you talking to 30 30.5 Waits

[Music] Cowboys we booed the Eagles twice now we didn't boot the commanders that's because it's like that it's funny that works alrighty declaration Brothers you still feel as bad you're like all right sorry buddy we know you're not there anyway the Eagles because uh most likely in this situation in this mock they're going to take Drew Sanders linebacker from Arkansas our Kansas our Kansas Grace it um Eagles lost TJ uh Edwards to the bear step bears not bears okay is our white to the Cardinals they got what they got me Dean yeah the Kobe Dean uh as a red shirt this year basically that's what he did that's what I'm saying yeah the Eagles do this they're red shirt guys practically the way they're going right now so they went ahead and had a guy who was a first round Talent at linebacker last year dropped to the third round and they just let him sit for a year so they knew that he would next year

brilliant yeah it's not a bad move so they're gonna just be [ __ ] the this position before it becomes the issue yeah they just got younger at the position and cheaper yeah yeah it's crazy you know what that means we're finally here

you mean arcan saw oh yes oh yes he jigsaw references there yeah I'm sorry you were seeing that I interrupted please continue I just said ah yeah sorry that's fine

[Laughter] the moments you've been waiting for a Giants fan fire stay awake we're here number 31 and a half yeah the New York Giants in their trade their pick they got in the trade with the Kansas City Chiefs select cornerback cam Smith South Carolina and with this the Giants get a corner that is 100 Taylor fit Taylor fit for these things you can't fit but yeah we'll go Taylor sure so I I will say this there's some people are going to disagree with me on this one and I will say it's a very good possibility that instead of Cam Smith it's Deontay Banks from Maryland if he's still available as well I think cam Smith is a better fit for the defense and a better player overall I think he's the better fit if it's yes he's definitely the better fit for our scheme yep you could argue who's the better player but if you don't put the right player in your scheme it doesn't matter yeah banks have a better combined Smith had a better tape I'll go with the guy with the better tape and every single day over the guy with a better combine I mean just look what our coaching staff did this past year with some people that had some terrible combines and some decent date exactly alrighty guys so that concludes the first round so tomorrow night guys B here or be square as we're in square boxes ourselves it's hip to b square no no it's not hip to be square don't be square be here so again guys we'll be live tomorrow night for you guys uh 8 P.M when the NFL draft begins we will be on live for every single episode no matter how many times Rob yawns

you will be here every single pick and Rob is off on Fridays too so he can't complain happy drinking coffee oh yes made me beer guys join me who knows there might be some beers being thrown around the next couple nights we will have a course special guests on as well that we've talked to as well that'll be coming on some of the uh prior guests we've had to see guys be familiar with them if you've watched our shows before again guys we appreciate you taking the time to listen into these two giant goofballs talking football talking the NFL draft we didn't got plenty of choices where to get your juice from we appreciate you chose these two goofballs to be the ones to give your news again guys we are a presented sponsored by men skipped shave your nuts oh yes and again at a special offer you'll see the bottom roller here if you're watching the video 20 off plus get free shipping on any purchase with the code or so with the promo code goof balls so make sure to go there use the promo code save your money get your free shipping tell them the goofball extension by using the promo code goofballs clean goofballs but we figured it was too long so goofball this is the way to go too long I've been told too long before but this is because you're six foot seven exactly big feet so again guys appreciate you guys listening in we'll be back on tomorrow night we'll be back on Friday night for the second and third round we'll be back in again on Saturday probably right when the draft is over basically to give you guys a rundown of all the picks we had here going um Connor says you better if you get some strippers in the background dancing listen the problem is this is how much room I have to hit the wall there's no room for strippers there's no room for shippers Connor if you come here want to go to buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two giant gooples that's two the number two giant goofballs buy me a cup of coffee.com two giant goofballs and you want to donate a office for us to use for this we'll be happy to go ahead and move this over to office or the strippers just be aware pay for the strippers you'd also have to go ahead and pay for the flight for Rob to come here to Florida because there's no way in freaking hell that I'm going to Jersey in April it's too cold still the so bad it's bad what was it today 60s yeah yeah that's winter so anyway guys appreciate you guys coming out and as always guys


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