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NFL Draft Tight End & D-Tackle / D-Line Rankings 2023 Plus A’Shawn Robinson Signs

April 24, 2023 Episode 115
NFL Draft Tight End & D-Tackle / D-Line Rankings 2023 Plus A’Shawn Robinson Signs
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
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2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
NFL Draft Tight End & D-Tackle / D-Line Rankings 2023 Plus A’Shawn Robinson Signs
Apr 24, 2023 Episode 115

Join Drew and Rob, the two giant goofballs, as they rank the top 10 tight ends and defensive tackles/defensive linemen in the 2023 NFL Draft. In this episode, the hosts will provide their expert analysis on the best prospects at these two critical positions and debate who should be taken first overall.

With the tight end position becoming increasingly important in today's NFL, Drew and Rob will break down the strengths and weaknesses of each of the top 10 tight ends, including their size, speed, route-running, and ability to block. They will also discuss how each tight end would fit with the New York Giants and which teams may be targeting these prospects.

In addition, the hosts will rank the top 10 defensive tackles/defensive linemen in the draft, analyzing their size, strength, quickness, and ability to disrupt the quarterback and stop the run. They will also examine how each defensive tackle/defensive lineman would fit into different defensive schemes and which teams may be in the market for a new impact player up front.

Throughout the episode, Drew and Rob will provide their unique insights and opinions, engaging with their audience and answering questions from fans. Whether you're a hardcore draftnik or a casual football fan, this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs is a must-listen for anyone interested in the top prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Tune in to hear Drew and Rob's rankings of the top 10 tight ends and defensive tackles/defensive linemen in the 2023 NFL Draft, only on 2 Giant Goofballs, the New York Giants podcast.

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Show Notes Transcript

Join Drew and Rob, the two giant goofballs, as they rank the top 10 tight ends and defensive tackles/defensive linemen in the 2023 NFL Draft. In this episode, the hosts will provide their expert analysis on the best prospects at these two critical positions and debate who should be taken first overall.

With the tight end position becoming increasingly important in today's NFL, Drew and Rob will break down the strengths and weaknesses of each of the top 10 tight ends, including their size, speed, route-running, and ability to block. They will also discuss how each tight end would fit with the New York Giants and which teams may be targeting these prospects.

In addition, the hosts will rank the top 10 defensive tackles/defensive linemen in the draft, analyzing their size, strength, quickness, and ability to disrupt the quarterback and stop the run. They will also examine how each defensive tackle/defensive lineman would fit into different defensive schemes and which teams may be in the market for a new impact player up front.

Throughout the episode, Drew and Rob will provide their unique insights and opinions, engaging with their audience and answering questions from fans. Whether you're a hardcore draftnik or a casual football fan, this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs is a must-listen for anyone interested in the top prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Tune in to hear Drew and Rob's rankings of the top 10 tight ends and defensive tackles/defensive linemen in the 2023 NFL Draft, only on 2 Giant Goofballs, the New York Giants podcast.

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welcome to two giant goofballs a New York Giant podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax W that person driving is on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob welcome fellow goofballs the two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by I'm me and Rob let's talk about no tight ends

tight end ND [Laughter] it's like Saturday night uh I won't ask what club you're going to yeah

we thought today would be a nice simple casual conversation about the NFL draft get you know one more group going and done uh before you know the whole chaos that we're about to go through the next couple of days here happens and then lo and behold this afternoon the floodgates open up and all these big moves are coming down what I mean all I mean two but still there's a lot to talk about we already have two groups to talk about tonight guys so one obviously a Giants move won a jet move so both New York area teams they're pretty active here today uh so before we get started with all the news here guys we gotta remind everybody of course that we are of course sponsored and presented by manscaped oh yes as we have the lawnmower 4.0 package again as you see the we say balls ad behind me here yes to go with it oh yes sacula that we coined that by the way so if manscape starts using that we deserve some commission for that I'm just saying yeah I mean like again guys summer is coming what happens with summer heat what happens with heat you sweaters usually sweat in the winter time just saying guys lawnmower 4.0 so you got the flashlight to get the hard to reach hard to see areas there if you catch my drift you know you get the skin protector Shield so you don't get the Nicks and the cuts that haven't put Band-Aids in awkward spots because that's just weird guys the heroes on it and when you use your cropped reviver when you're once you're done shaving oh yeah you don't get the stinging marks oh yes no stinging no stinging yeah just singing not like Kevin from Home Alone after he cheats

[Laughter] all right guys of course uh manscape has offered the discount there for our listeners here and our Watchers depending on which Avenue you guys are on again it's two giant goof balls being sponsored by manscape to go onto manscape.com and enter the promo code goofballs and you get 20 off your order plus you get free shipping so hard to beat that I'd love a good deal goof Falls would be refreshed and you're impossible thank you oh yes see we did that on Unison still we got a couple comments here from Freddie Henderson hey Freddy what's up man what's up generally says I'm a Giants fan as well join the fun man join the fun goofballs oh yeah um so yeah so guys like I said we got some Giants news here to start off with so of course as always what do we do it's chase news time it's time for the news

oh yeah it's like a it's like a song waiting to happen I need like we need like a little like Ed Sheeran in the background or something get that thing going um so we told you guys uh I guess almost a month ago it feels like now that a Sean Robinson the defensive tackle the former line the former Ram uh had visited with the New York Giants and they're kept on being rumors that everything went well that they think they can get something done down the line well guess what

so he's now officially a New York Giant signing a one-year four million dollar deal uh could be up to eight million dollars with incentives good player overall I'm telling you this went from a weakness to a strength in one off-season we talked about how we had the two had a Duo obviously with sexy dexian and uh Leonard Williams to start and you know be just amazing players but behind them we had just a hodgepodge of veteran deals basically for the last couple years now we get Nacho earlier on in the season which is just you know nachos first off a cool name but yeah he's a good player he's a good run stopper does provide some of the past protection where he can as well outside of the past um you know Rush as well where it can and now we go ahead and get another guy of this similar mold and Ashan Robinson who is you know first off if you watch that Ram Super Bowl he was pretty active in that game there so he shows up when it counts he's got a lot of run stopping ability what we have trouble last year folks with oh we got smoke in their own game

listen we smoked we got smoked more than anything in Snoop Dogg's house okay I'm just saying like it was bad like any you didn't have to be a good running back to run on us last year and now we have a run-stopping linebacker in okay okay we have good depth at the defensive line This is now a strength here's the one concern I do have with him though he's got some injuries so I know it's like the Giants were like are you talented are you injured

[Laughter] history oh yes oh yes so yeah Tor meniscus last season cut is a season short he's only played uh in every single game in three out of the last of the Seven Seasons he's been in the league uh he's only played though in less than 13 and two of them so the big thing is is that he gets injured often but it's not always big injuries it's more the hey count of this guy being out for a couple games a season kind of thing as Conor Chimes and hey Connor what's up he says matching shirts again LOL maybe you guys can get two necklaces with hairy nuts pendants from Minsky I'm not sure they have those Connor if you want to call them up and ask them if they have them they might question I want to get the big golden nut sack

oh that'd be funny it looked like Flavor Flav flavor flavor boy as long as I'm not Brigitte Nielsen that's all that matters okay

uh but yes like I said good signing overall another good depth piece another guy who's gonna be you know uh someone to protect us if one of these guys gets injured or if he does well I'm saying it right now guys I haven't seen a single bit of news with Leonard Williams or Dory Jackson on extension talk what does that tell you the talks might not be going on wish beans it's probably the last ride with the Giants someone's gonna have to replace Leonard Williams next year that means maybe it's Robinson maybe it's not show maybe it's somebody who's not on the team yet we'll find out but we're gonna talk the defensive line here in a little bit here on this draft so it's almost like we planned that as I mentioned like that almost like I wanted to segue but not quite yet we have more news oh yes happy draftiversary to Eli Manning I'm coining that term by the way it's going great draft diversary 19 years ago today Eli Manning uh stomped all over the heart of San Diego Chargers fans mostly the city of Los Angeles did years later

it is what it is man uh but yeah Eli Manning of course we all know this story you don't have to go for the whole thing about Eli to the Chargers the Giants and the old History Two Super Bowls later and yeah second Chargers fans um we also had so weird news today out of Rich Eisen uh said Kate Mara who for those who are unaware who she is might recognize the last name John Mayer the owner's daughter uh who is pretty well known actress I would say as well she's been in a lot of things um look her up she's one of those actresses you probably know the face not the names so to speak uh and yes she said the Giants she's so rich the Giants may do something crazy on draft day but they also may not

yeah that's that's basically summed it up in the NFL but it's weird that why would you say that unless there's something specific that you were thinking and have in mind and I don't know what that is so I didn't want to speculate it what it could be because if it's something crazy let's be honest if we start speculating the goofballs are probably the ones who will figure it out because we are crazy but it makes it that much more difficult to figure out because it is crazy so like I said we're not even a guess on that except for I will give this one guess which is our next topic Bleacher Reports suggesting the Giants trade Aaron Robinson the cornerback and pick number 89 which is a third round pick for DeAndre Hopkins and that name just keeps on popping up I always say where there's smoke there's fire

I mean it's just it's enough times now that I'm wondering are people just connecting dots because we don't have a number one receiver and it's a good market for Hopkins to go to because it's a big Market or you know at least saying okay big Market gets us more clicks let's just pick the Giants randomly as the person who supposedly wants Hopkins I don't know it's just weird I don't know the only thing that makes me like very questionable with that is just How You Gonna restructure the cap how are you gonna make that work there's very one very easy way to do it I'm not listening before I even say it I am not suggesting this move I can see Pros I can see cons cutting Leonard Williams

you got the money right there you just signed another another defensive tackle Skip and then how much decaf do you have uh we have enough

so we have we have enough at that point to go ahead and see to go ahead and and sign him I'm pretty sure we can afford the contract keep in mind we're just playing the con the annual fee we're not paying the signing bonus because he's traded yeah I'd have to look it up now but like I said I I'm pretty sure that would get us there if not it's good it's pretty damn close you know he's got a lot a lot of money we'll be saving by doing that so um like I said we'll see it's just weird that it keeps on happening uh interact rumors that Giants are supposed to remember to be interested in wide receiver Tyler Scott of Cincinnati which I'm a bit confused on why to be very Frank with you it's a mid-round receiver I don't see anything fancy on the tape we talked about him he's not a bad pickup but to me he's not number one we have enough number twos and threes at this point I mean are they full of Thibodeau again listen you never know it's a good point because I mean New York media thought there was no way in hell they want Thibodeau and then look what happened

so we shall see alrighty guys we do have a little bit of NFL news to give you here is yes oriented bit of uh NFL news here so let's go


Rogers explodes onto the scene for the Jets here finally finally after like how many months of this talks I know like two or three but it feels like seven or eight and like it's like it's there's no football on and you hear it every day it feels like butts and much exactly the trade has finally happened so thank God we can stop talking about the trade if will it happen will it happen it's officially happen so the Jets get Aaron Rodgers obviously and they get the number uh 15 overall pick which you probably have paper go wait a minute hold on the Jeff's got a first round pick that's because they sent their first round pick this year so the Packers move up two spots from 15 to 13. well somebody probably just included that to make the trade look a little better basically that's such a minor thing yeah um no they also the Packers got number 42. this this draft number 207 and if Aaron Rodgers placed in 65 or more the snaps this season they'll get the second next year from the Jets as well uh and the Jets were very very busy because they also resigned Senator Connor McGovern today as well so uh they're very busy bees there on the other side of my life they're busy businesses uh so the question now comes in to be is who's the better quarterback in New York is it DJ is it Rogers is it Zach Wilson

Matt white there's so many questions I mean has Zach Wilson even called Aaron Rodgers mom yet for a play date I'm just saying like there's always going to I did look it up by the way this is this is this is the time I had while we're setting up here I looked it up and yes his mother is 65 years old by the way so if anybody's wondering if this is another possible MILF situation like with Zach Wilson's mom's friend it's I think she's passed he's not women I think yeah she's more of a gilf at this point I mean I think she's past his age where I think Aaron's okay but remember Zach Wilson said whoever they bring in veteran-wise I'm going to make his life living hell every day good luck have you seen Aaron Rodgers lives I mean the man was like the wish version of Nicholas Cage and Con Air when he went to Camp last year I'm just saying like there's nothing you could do to hurt this man except for having talked to the New York media I still say that's gonna be fun and it's going to bring back memories when Randy Johnson went to the Yankees back in the 90s he's not going to deal well with it I'm sorry I know Jets fans are already saying that it's BS and because they're hearing of everybody it's gonna happen um I see that theater problem who do you got who you got DJ or Rogers

I'm agreeing with you because I think Aaron Rodgers actually took a step back and they always got a whole you know learn a whole new team he knows the offense already he's familiar with Hackett obviously he's an old OC in Green Bay he's got to learn a whole lot of new players now and he doesn't deal well with that at all we learned that last year so yeah I think this is going to blow up in the Jets faces I don't hope for that that may be very clear though I'm not a jet hater I don't hope for horribleness for them I hope for just less than the Giants but fair enough it's gonna blow up I think really he got a guy who's like oh it was almost like 39 40 years old I mean yeah he's pushing 40. he's gonna fall off off the cliff it's gonna happen yeah he's definitely gonna have to show up to the the volunteer practice if he wants to get you know structure going with these guys because he'll be busy in a cave yeah doing some code or doing whatever some mushrooms let's see here Connor says did you see Peter Schrader's uh mock draft he's picking C flowers wide receiver but and John Anderson Junior will be happy about this Saints at number 29 picking wide receiver Jonathan Mingo as a wide receiver maybe Giants pick him instead you know I I don't see that happening I think he might move up to the second round because you're seeing a lot of the other wide receivers kind of dropping but that also might cause him to drop at the same point either he'll probably still go second to Fourth maybe around there um let's see here we got Anthony big blue ant seals what's up Anthony Rogers is on his way out and if he decides to end it after next season the Jets are screwed I love it nyg for life yeah yeah like I said I I think this again I don't want it to like explode in their face I feel bad for jets fans those are real fans guys let's be honest we get upset because we haven't won a ring in 10 years 69.

the last time was around yeah like the last time they won a Super Bowl Joe name was doing commercials for stockings on TV I'm just saying like that's how long ago it was okay now he's doing AARP this is how long ago it was so like I said real fans Jets fans have any Jet fans have listened and we don't hate we hope the best for you we just don't think it's gonna work yeah I mean especially the AFC if you went to the NFC different you're in the NFC you guys are Super Bowl contenders AFC you all can make out of the first round of the playoffs

watching where you play partially where you play um it's gonna be tough to beat I mean he's got the tax numbers actually no Bill Belzer has his number more yeah you got the bills I mean the Jets could be the third best team in the division still it still be a good team yeah it's crazy um speaking of old quarterbacks and quarterbacks that don't age the AI version of Tom Brady is out in his new hour-long stand-up special obviously it's not actual Tom Brady it's an AI version of a stand-up thing and if you listen to it you can obviously tell it's an AI doing stand-up because you just pause this weirdly and says weird things um that being said Aaron Rodgers think about suing the guys who did it because let's just say Tom Brady Tom Brady sorry I look at the comments that were put up in a second Tom Brady is talking about suing because it's very very raunchy very like there's other things like comedy yeah there's there's talks of self fellatio and all kinds of things in there it's like all kinds of things that yeah not exactly his PG image he likes to keep so but keep an eye on that one because it's not only for him it's for everybody I mean this AI stuff is going crazy man it is but who do you see when it comes the AI you're going to see the guy who created the AI special he's the one who posted he's the one who gave it what to say keep in mind when you use AI you still have to give it something it you can't just say hey do singing random I mean you had to put in there do do a dirty comedy special with Tom Brady doing it mention things relevant to his life you know you have to put these kind of codes in you know like I use chat GPT occasionally for stuff for us even you have to put things in it doesn't just spew it out it just spews it out better than I can write because I have you know a hazley New Jersey education system

be worse than Florida now uh but yeah like I said it'd be interesting to see what happens uh rumors this weekend flying with the Eagles supposedly this close this close the trading for Derrick Henry and I still think I wasn't that worried about it I posted on her Facebook page and a couple people thought I was crazy for it I don't think it's that big a deal you want Derrick Henry go get Derrick Henry that means you're not getting Bajan Robinson I would take Robinson over Henry at this point if the Titans want to let him go you think he lost his step yes especially since they built that offense around him well they're changing the whole offense that's part of it I think too but yeah I mean exactly they want to let him go that tells you sudden guys he's an older running back with a ton of miles on him at this point yeah take him take him not even like good highway miles like yeah City yeah this wasn't going to church in the grocery store this is yeah this is going back and forth over the Brooklyn Bridge 50 times a day but driving in San Francisco

the big thing is is that don't be wrong Derrick Henry still has stuff in the tank but he's got another year or two and that's it probably yeah Henry that it was oh he's still dude he's still at 1400 yards the last season he's still a beast yeah it was just like sneaky good yeah he never because he didn't have the massive massive games that often at least that you saw on prime time it was more like the 80 90 yards every single week kind of thing which keep in mind now if you put him in the team with the best offensive line of football I hate to say it that's what the Eagles have right now that extends them but like I said again yeah take the old running back don't get the new young one who wants a new young one [Laughter] all right let's see we got a couple of more comments here and then we'll get into the draft talk here uh Connor says why would they sign Rogers if he doesn't guarantee two years waste of time Brett Favre does that hope Aaron doesn't do that too be cool Jets versus giant Super Bowl listen I would love it just incredible be great for our media I don't think either one of us is getting there but I I would definitely take it uh I mean I think what it boils down to is they're in a win now mode and they think he gives them the best chance to win the team is set up minus a quarterback you know watch watch them go out and get a quarterback like a head and hook or something like that that needs to sit for a year or two or you know one of the guys we talked about in the last episode the captain BYU that can sit back for a year or two and learn from granted one of the biggest jerks in the NFL but still one of the best quarterbacks of his Generations um Anthony says Aaron Rodgers has a foot in the door anyway he's already doing State Farm Life Insurance commercials LOL yeah Discount Double Check alrighty guys let's get into the draft talk here because we gotta we got two groups to go this is the final two groups here it's the final groups now

everybody in my house probably what are they doing on this show yeah Rocky four style let's go yeah alrighty guys so we're gonna start off with tight ends or are we gonna start off with defensive line Rob as always you make the call oh I want to talk about some tight ends oh yeah let's talk about it

would you care to do the honors and go first sure oh we got Davis Allen out of Clemson number 10 number 10. six foot six 245 pounds dude it's a brick house with that six foot six uh frame he's got great radius to catch the ball it's first time in the line or another Gadget arms yeah


uh that being said with that light he's not that Shifty um he lacks some speed but um yeah his front blocking has some issues as well he can work on that yeah this kind of guy you know he can make a difference on your offense if you use him right that's the key because everybody thinks that Clemson didn't use them right which is a theme for a lot of Clemson guys so we're going to talk about another Clemson guy later tonight that had the same Mantra basically um yeah I mean again developmental guy you just see what you got out of him I think around five kind of pick what do you think yeah probably about fifth round alrighty number nine brain strange the Penn State Nittany Lion first off what's a Nittany Lion like what is that is that like a different than a mountain lion or I don't know like was he in The Lion King at all like can he just now wait to be king I don't know anyway six foot three 250 pounds uh the guy's a yak Beast which I'm sorry that's a special skill winner yeah Yakety Yak

but it's it's important skill as the Titanics a lot of times you're taking shorter routes you can take a five yard Route and turn to 15. hey guess what guys you'll have a long career it's a long career you'll have there uh very strong hands good and contested catches uh has the size to play in line which is key because some of the guys we're going to talk about in this group really to be honest they're just big old slot receivers pretty much you don't want to block him um he does need to improve his blocking though so I don't want to make it seem like he's a good blocker but he's shown the willingness to block I think he just needs some coaching and see if he can improve that a little better uh he also needs to get better as far as route running uh needs to also improve as far as figuring out a way to get separation man coverage that was kind of the the blueprint to try to stop him this past season here uh I would say probably again another developmental guy around four around five kind of guy yeah I'm gonna say like another round five guy uh very similar statues to these guys so they're statues they're statues can I feel the team with statues they have to move oh shoot God damn no one can get around this blocker he seems like he's a statue

number eight nuke Shoemaker I said Shoemaker didn't I shoot me a shoe maker I'm not sure what a shoe is but he's making it oh he's definitely making it six foot five 251 pounds he is a willing blocker he's a wolverine oh he is a wolverine um but yeah he's uh his best rate is uh the blocking in the wrong game yep so uh maybe that extra lineman kind of tied in this is your guy yeah super competitive he gets out there gets yeah emotional explained um underwhelmed production though in college where they could talk about it some of his um actually passing game and to clean opposite there's no Yak in this guy and there's like hardly any contested catches if there's none from last year but it needs a vertical scene threat yeah so I can see him going to like the fourth round give or take may be dropping to the fifth I mean the big thing with him is is if you watch a lot of the tape on him first off beast in the Run block he is probably the best run blocking tight end in this entire draft um but what he does basically is he lacks a lot in the passing game uh when you'll see basically every so often he'll break off a block just runs straight down the field and if he's wide open they would throw to him if they weren't it's like he's not even there so yeah another guy developmental I think he'll probably be nothing better than a backup in this league but because he's a good run blocker he will have a place in this league he will find a place in this even if he's a third tight end to put in big sets like that and goal lines and stuff like that he will find a place in this league no doubt about it but that's not a skill you go and pay dearly for and draft him early so five again

yeah he's not even Jason Kelsey no

all righty number seven Jack Coots from Old Dominion the most athletic tight end in the history of the NFL combine well hello Mr Fancy Pants yes like literally when you look at the ratings and you see it says like eight point something nine point something that's them verifying how well they stack up against the past tight ends or whatever position you're talking about that time who have gone against you know gone and done these same measurements and you know drills in the in the combine he literally rated better than anybody who's ever been to the combine at the tight end position that's pretty impressive yeah so match up nightmare four four five forty speed that's pretty dang fast that's that's that's impressive that's like a wide receiver

yeah I mean so size wise six foot eight 251 pounds guys

that's that's that's unheard of and he's only 23 years old so it's not like he's the guy who's like 26 years old and he's had the extra year or two to grow I don't know you can only grow at that age anyway but no I didn't stop till I was like 23. um but yeah I mean it's it's it's it's insane look at that here's the issues with them though he hates contact you just like touch him he's done he wants nothing to do with it I've seen end zones like scenarios even where like he just like runs into the guy and then doesn't try to break away or push away or anything like there's like no there's no heart like that even from I hate to use that kind of term but I'm sorry if you're just sitting there with a guy around you and you're not trying to get afraid of him you're not trying no you're not sure if he's really built like a moose yeah he doesn't use his size at all correctly and he's also a really bad blocker I do think though purely because of the potential he's gonna be like a 3-4 kind of guy around three round four kind of guy but this is this is as boom or bust as they get I could see this guy developing into a starter this league I can see him developing into a fry cook at your local Wendy's like either one I can see like seriously like he's that guy like well yeah high ceiling he's got that high floor and he's everywhere in between I I don't no one knows what to think of him the most athletic guy ever to set foot in Indy at the position and he went to Old Dominion

but now he was facing top quality and you're also going to be you yeah tight ends not the position to play if you're afraid to get hit no it kind of goes with the territory I mean if that's the case be the biggest freaking goddamn slot receiver that ever once in the league safe right but even then you're gonna get contact yeah even at the outside you're gonna get contact so you know it is what it is like I said I it it's going to take the right coach that can get through to him and it's also to take him owning up to his issues and growing as as a player it's going to be a combination of both for him to succeed that's for sure yeah alrighty number six all right Luke smoke uh Mug's grave from Oregon State if if that's not like like a redneck kind of last name Musgrave it sounds like like one of those things you put on when you're trying to like not scare away the animals when you're hunting or like oh hold on hold on we're downwind did you put the Musgrave on

oh you smell like Gary yarn again

I saw one of those actually you ever see that you know that uh that Wife Swap show that used to have an ABC back in the day so I watched an episode of that and one of the families literally that's what they did is the husband and the wife just allowed him to do it the husband decided one day they were going to buy a big property get a whole bunch of deer and bottle deer piss and sell it as a small business I'm like oh my God if that's not grounds for divorce I don't know what is anyway all right then on that note Luke 6 6 250 pounds um it doesn't smell like through urine to be clear I feel like urine I don't know for sure I I don't think he does I think that'd be on the giraffe profiles oh it might be here right um might help him get separation though and make coverage good right three pounds yeah multimedia

uh he's got he's got a pretty good size obviously you know 250 it's a big boy um also athletic Mass athletic as the last guy from ordinary oh no one was yeah obviously no one was uh but still very athletic um he was also a key Target in the red zone he was very good in the red zone um he only had 13 stars this past season which just that's his whole career yeah just something to be said about a guy that's about to be drafted into the NFL um he does have trouble in separation he's willing to block uh but he's also not very physical when he's blocking yeah but here's the thing it's almost like you know like when you get when you get the dog and it's going to be a bad analogy but I'm going with that I'm going with it anyway you know what do you get a dog and you're and you're trying to House break the dog and the dog goes to the door that they're supposed to go out and they just pee right there it's like they get the idea of it but they haven't quite mastered the technique smell that musk that's what it is that's what it is it's been too much urine talk for this guy I feel bad I need to write him a formal apology but the fact he only has 13 starts is why you kind of look at that and go okay he's still learning he's still learning and he doesn't come from as small with school as Old Dominion but he also comes from a smaller school still in Oregon State we talked a lot about them in the secondary this this uh year but we haven't really talked much beyond that with them um you know these are all things you can teach which you can't teach a size you can't teach athleticism you can't teach a willingness to win in the red zone so I think he's got a decent ceiling where I mean even I think he's going to be at worst a decent backup tight end in this league and I think at best case scenario if he gets his stuff together and learns from a good teacher that he can end up being a starter in this league I I'm not I wouldn't guarantee that but I would say he's got the potential to start in this league after developing for a year or two and if he reaches that ceiling yeah so I agree yeah

I would be surprised if he goes into the round but I see him in the fourth round just because there's going to be teams that are going to be afraid of that 13 starts see I think right around the third you're gonna start seeing a run on tight ends I really do and part of it's going to be because of the fact that there's no receivers this is true not like not high quality receivers at least they're going to hope they they strike some gold with the tight end that's gonna happen I think we'll see if I'm right number five Tucker Kraft I know this is not Tucker Carlson okay I know he left Fox but he's not going to uh

this is not the same Tucker uh six foot five 255 pounds uh good size gets open good receiver inconsistent blocker gets overpowered by smaller by strong blockers obviously came from South Dakota state so a very small school was well uh so he'll be probably around three guy as well but if you use him this is one of those guys we talked about that some of these guys aren't really blockers they're more big old slot receivers this guy's a big old slot

oh the dirty slot yes so again can you coach any better blocker that's between the coaching staff and him and they're going to get the feeling as far as that part but worse comes to worse he's got the ability as a good receiver that sometimes you overlook that stuff you know we got Daryl Waller obviously this off season he's not exactly lighting enough as a blocker no but we do a thousand yard receiver you ignore these things you ignore these things not to say that Tucker's gonna do that but he's he's gonna he's gonna go ahead and provide enough in the passing game that you'll probably ignore some of the deficiencies he has in the blocking game yeah I agree with that yeah um what are you thinking I'm thinking round three again like I said I think there's gonna be a runner like round three on these on these tight ends I really do I think you're gonna get a run on receivers in round two and then all of a sudden you're like oh my God there's no more Talent here tight end tight end quickly yeah no yeah it seem going around three yeah yeah mid late round three number four La Porta La Porta from Iowa six foot four two hundred and four sounds like a wine oh it does have you tried a bottle of it is fresh and delicious 249 pounds that is very robust yeah wow now I wouldn't say that for a tight end for a bus but for a bottle of wine it's very robust

um he's a deep threat tight end which is which is good so that's C uh but that being said ilo's offense was also pretty bad yeah and I think that's part of why people Overlook his numbers his numbers weren't great but you look at it and go okay

you can understand why um he's willing to uh be a blocker but he's also not good it's kind of a theme of this draft class you know what people don't realize often too like the tight ends are used different colors they are in the NFL there's not many guys who come out and he go that's a blocker that's a good block yeah so you're the best to be taught because blocking and the use is totally different it was funny how the NFLs are going more to the uh NFL teams are going much more like the college style now but you see these receiving tight ends that don't block

yeah I mean also depends on how the offense is set up too like 100 so I I see like especially Giants just come up here doing a lot of you know two three tight end setups yeah oh it would definitely with Bellinger and and while they're both um but yeah I mean Laporte is one of those guys that you're if you draft him you're drafting him with the thought process of I like what I see and I'm blaming the rest of it on the other people around them pretty much yeah basically what you're doing I mean yeah pretty much um he wasn't going to get strong players so it's he's another working project um his routes were okay but he also get bumped off his routes like you know when he's getting a little Obsession

but yeah this is another guy he's going to sit around that I think second or third I think he's going to be one of the higher up ones because people see the potential because they like the tape they just don't like where he was you know that's where I kind of baked the difference just because it's like they might be afraid to see what his ceiling is it's like trying to get a suntan in Saskatchewan it's not going to work out very well I don't know why I picked Saskatchewan except like the name

alrighty number three now I'm gonna say this people are gonna disagree with us in this one I think and I think we might get some poop for it to put it nicely but I'm gonna go with it because that's what I see Dalton Kincaid out of Utah 6-4 242 pounds former basketball player in high school never even really played football until his senior year of high school he plays much more like a slot receiver than an actual tight end Shifty gets contested catches small though for out of 10 we talk about 242 I mean that's a good 15 20 pounds later than most tight ends are really um barely any inline blocking tape to even watch and like I said you only did one year in high school so he really hasn't done any blocking as an actual tight end ever basically and that's why I don't want to put him any higher He's got potential because you can see he can catch the ball he's going to be a good receiving tight end there's no doubt on that but I look at him as the quintessential big slot receiver over being an actual tight end because that's the role he's played now can he do better I don't know I haven't seen I've been going to the Pro days I haven't had a chance to sit down and actually meet with a guy and you know running through some drills you know hopefully any team that's interested in him if they want him to block had that opportunity and took full advantage of it but until I see you block I can't list you as like a top tight end I'm shocked I even have him a three to be honest because it's part of the game it is part of the game but he's like once again if he could be that thousand yard you know receiving tied in it's something you kind of I still would just call him a big old slot big old slot big old slot that's what he is so like I said I do think someone will pick him up round two though I think maybe towards the tail end of round two but I think someone will get around too I wouldn't be surprised just because I mean a lot of really good tight ends have started off playing basketball means they have good hands to fast to tall Antonio Gates Antonio Gates I think Tony Gonzalez the same way too I think he played basketball with Kent State too yeah Jimmy Graham oh yeah Kent State was Antonio Gates was but yeah Jimmy Graham basketball player yeah a lot of them do that it's very similar skill set you're going up for the ball when you're rebound you're going up for the ball when you want to receive it yeah every time you pass it's just a little different shape exactly and by a little bit you mean a lot of different yeah a lot of different number two two two two Darnell Washington Georgia Georgia we need to start reading them like when NFL they're like here's your offensive line today Daryl Washington Georgia you do like a boxing style if you want I can do that next time if you want oh there we go that'd be kind of fun oh well I think we think of these ideas on the last day we're doing the rankings for the draft we really got it uh Bruce Buffer listen as long as we don't see anybody getting ready or rumbling we're good there we go yes all right Washington six foot seven 265 pounds that's a big boy yeah that's a big ball we eating sweeties all right like that's that's a lot of working out that's a lot of eating that's a lot of everything that's big boy he's bigger than some of the offensive lineman we talked about yeah uh what was the guy who was Notre Dame we're talking about 242. yeah that's four yeah like he's big he got longer arms than a lot of linemen even have like yeah and he's and he's versatile like in the line or in the slot it's great blocker you better be with that size yeah uh can you blocking uh in space yeah I've seen like he's a lead blocker with the running back even like and on film like and he did it with ease yeah I mean once again that size um yeah when you have that size you lose that speed to be a lead blocker that's what's impressive about it yeah most fullbacks are not six foot seven 265. no let's hold back should not existent nowadays but still they're pretty much like uh what's the way the Dinosaur full back is that what your backpack has no room yeah you gotta take some stuff out of it you know take a sip of water uh he's also a Red Zone threat he was utilizing the red zone he also needs to work on yeah some of his movement he's not fluid honestly I don't think it's going to be a work on I think it's just the limitations because of his size there and you might be right and then also when you're six foot seven Drew you would know more than I do but I would have to imagine being success he has to lower down his pass he has to get lower into his stance and the big thing on that is when you talk about lowering the pads keep in mind that when you're going to be a blocker and you're in space you want to be lower than the guy is so you can kind of push up as you're going into them when you're six foot seven that takes a lot of effort to get lower than the guy who's six foot three that you're trying to hit who's awesome it doesn't sound like a lot but trust me four inches is quite a lot that's what she said [Laughter] um I gotta say he shocked me I did not think that I would have him nearly as high in this rating I liked his film a lot keep on he was basically the backup tight end for Georgia yeah but the way they did it they had like a double tight end set with one in the slot one in the inline he's usually the one on the inline and amazing blocker and I'm an old school Titan kind of guy like give me a good old blocking Titan that's gonna help me out be a security blanket for the tight for the uh for the quarterback there like a Daniel Bellinger that kind of player and this guy's gonna be a better version of Bellinger I hate to say it that way because I like Bellinger no disrespect to him um he's gonna be good and I think he's gonna shock some people because I think he's being overlooked because of his lack of production at Georgia but his lack of production is because quite frankly the guy he was backing up would be number one on the list if he was out in this draft but he's got one more year in college so sometimes it's when you play in Georgia that's this kind of stuff that happens we're going to go over this again with another guy who's very highly arraigned in the defensive line Georgia rotates they don't give a damn Who You Are they rotate they have too much talent and they made too many promises to not have multiple people moving in and out of the field there so like I said round two for this guy I think personally um I would wouldn't say it's impossible in round one but it's highly doubtful

yeah I think there's a lot in uh needs and niches around the NFL that's not the tight end spot to go for us 400 from grab one yeah exactly number one Uno that's six foot four and a half 249 pounds hailing It Up Notre Dame Fighting Irish the Quasimoto Michael Meyer [Music] and I like the cheering like that yeah uh so yeah I I think it's safe to say that Notre Dame has a pretty good and Rich history in college football I think that's a pretty safe statement to say that I don't think anybody should ever say that I'm wrong on it's very wrong very rare that I think no one will ever disagree with me but that's one of the times most receiving yards by a tight end ever at Notre Dame

that's impressive at Notre Dame very good receiver high energy great effort also create a contested catches which when you're tight end that's important it's very rare you're wide wide open you should've got something near you um the downfalls though is he's much more of a possession receiver than a deep threat so if you're looking for the guy that's going to cut three through the defense and go right to the house this is not that guy if you're looking for the guy that's going to go ahead and you know do a quick out route at that point to get you the first down this is your guy it's still a skill it's still an important skill it's just depending on the offense it's not the skill that fits your offense so not a lot of yak and he shows a lot of Promise in in blocking but he does still needs some work in that department as well again like I said most most Brookie Titans do I think a late first round pick is where I see him at he may even slide in like the mid picks but you'll definitely be hearing his name on Thursday

yeah I mean you're probably not wrong just because I really am

yeah yeah yeah I'm also very modest no one is more modest than I I'm the most modern in all modest in all the land yeah um yeah if I go late first round we might be one last guest called I I'm telling it right now I would not be shocked at all if the Cowboys take them I don't think he makes it past them because they're they got a real place yeah they gotta play Schultz I mean they already got you know Ferguson they got in the uh draft last year but this guy's a better tight end

so I I can see them doing that but we know they wanted more weapons for for Dax so he keeps under you know hopefully remembering what team he actually plays for but you know the one wearing the white jersey which one damn it this is an away game

um but yeah like I said late first round I think and I think I think I think it's a good spot overall for him um to go wait first round because there's gonna be expectations he deserves it with the record he had it at Notre Dame but because he's not a top 10 pick it won't be like Kyle Pitts expectations because most tight ends don't accelerate off the bat it takes them a little bit of time so as long as he gets things rolling by the end of the year I don't think A team's gonna be upset with him

so alrighty it's time to the big boys the d-line D tackles kind of guy so he kind of broke it down a little different so you guys remember we did our Edge um preview episode there so this is one of those spots like you call them D tackles do you call them d-line so I'm just using both terms at that point these are the guys either like nose tackle straight up defensive tackles guys that could play in a 3-4 scheme anywhere in the defensive line those kind of guys those guys these guys will be used these guys here these guys all righty number 10. Jacqueline Roy LSU tiger meow he's got the eye of the tiger he does six foot four 297 pounds don't let that size fool you he is athletic physical that's good physics

surprisingly he's a big boy but he also has a size where he could put more mass on that frame so she's 6'4 and he's 297. so you know like I'm not gonna give too much away but the next guy we're gonna talk about is six foot five 318 pounds so one inch 20 in 20 20 pound difference so I hardly got the ability to add more yeah seriously I see all the cholesterol issues he's great against the Run um he disappears in passing downs and seems to lack strength from time to time yeah I don't know if he gets in his own head he doesn't know how to use the string I think he lacks it maybe that's it maybe he's just thinking about the next cheeseburger mmm cheeseburger sounds good actually actually I had something really good tonight it was I found it on Tick Tock um and I finally got Jackie to make it so I would mention the last couple of days it's so it's it's rice and it's chicken and a pan and they the sauce they made was condensed milk parmesan and a lemon with garlic and oh my God I'm telling you this is random repertoire I'm gonna have to give you the uh the recipe for that one here yeah and anybody else listening that wants the recipe just put in the comments you want the recipe and I'll share it with you but oh my God was it good I don't go bragging about food all the time which don't get me wrong my wife's an amazing cook but this is one of those things I was like oh my God spectacular spectacular alrighty anyway back back to Roy here um I mean he's this is what you want in a late round pick I think in my own mind here a day three kind of guy you want somebody who has a skill and a skill that you need and a skill that has a value because it makes him a fit in your roster but you don't expect him to be amazing it's amazing he'd be around one around two guy so I'm thinking around four pick for him I think he'll go somewhere as like a run-stopping defensive tackle uh that they'll try to develop into a full-time starter and he's got that potential he very well could be a starter somewhere and eventually he'll fail you know horribly if they do it right off the bat with them but the long term he could turn into a starter I think so I think he put some size on he does it right he doesn't do too fast or you know it becomes injury prone and he can be a legit NFL starter for some time this week oh yeah alrighty number nine Javon Dexter Florida six foot five 318 pounds [ __ ] could guess that one I was gonna say like we knew that it's coming yeah we did we do didn't see it coming yeah um it's not about Florida players there really is there's been a lot of troublemakers on the Florida Gators in this these these topics we're having here it seems like everybody for a couple of years except for you know Anthony Richardson has been like he has attitude issues he has problems well this is a guy that has effort issues but let's go over real quick because if you can fix it and get the right coach that actually motivates him he does have a lot of skill uh really good size we talked about a minute ago great combine great physical skills doesn't have the production though to match those skills that he has he did um flash some password skills uh also never got injured in college I don't know if that's the lack of effort or if that's just in his genes he's just that guy that just keeps hitting and keeps going um but that's an important skill we don't talk about enough with with people that we're drafting especially from a Giant's perspective the Giants just love like oh did you tear on ACL in college yeah because the best ability is availability exactly um so he got overpowered a decent amount low motor low motor like he's a smart car

um slow First Step overall um he is around three around four kind of guy I think and I think that only because someone is going to hope that they get the right you know the right voice in his head to get him to straighten his stuff out as he's getting paid because if he wants to get paid paid he's gonna have to have a good first couple of years to get a big contract and yeah I think he's that guy that will probably motivate him that way because obviously getting drafted didn't motivate him yeah you want to see a couple million dollars in your bank account yes yes sign me up what do I gotta do exactly yeah I got excited I thought you're gonna give me a couple million dollars for a second there oh yeah I need to go around the bank I'll be right back I appreciate that thank you very much so anyway while he's gone like I said third round four

yeah I've seen this course around kind of guy yeah I'll tell you this I don't want anything to do with them I want nothing to do with them but I can see if you're desperate and you have a bunch of holes and you say let's give this kid a shot and see if we can get him to get his potential it'd be a worthy pick but for a team like us that already has good players at that position I'm good yeah on to the next number eight the Ocho oh no no he's not a defensive tackle he has been retired a few years he might resemble one now maybe no I'm kidding he actually lives in my neck of the woods I thought wait who's who's Randy Moss was the him talking about coming out they were playing in the FX or won the stadium football leagues that was Tio of course Tio can't give it up he's like 50 years old still trying to play football still telling people he can actually play everybody talk to the Cowboys last year that's right crazy nuts if anybody has the physical skill it's him it's the mental skills of the problem

it's true Zach Pickens South Carolina Gamecock yeah

six foot four three hundred and five pounds that's a big [ __ ] that's a big Gamecock yeah uh Festival uh um at the Columbine you can't buy another color box it's not a High School in Colorado yes um physical he's got the ability um to get off Big Blocks um doesn't appear on passing place which is an issue a little bit yeah high-end flashes but inconsistent in a lot of displays trouble with double teams which which is weird like I said watching the tape was weird on him because he gets off like if you stick the big old you know 350 pound lineman on him he just gets off of no problem but you put like two 300 pound guys on him and he gets issues with doing that so it's almost like it's I think it's more of a technique than a power issue I really do but it's got to be technique yeah which was the right coach yeah you'll learn that because that's going to happen a lot in the NFL yeah I mean he doesn't fix it they're just going to explain exactly but uh he's got no pass rush planned really unless you know after like his first initial move like fails and he's just kind of lost he's like I'm here so I don't get fined

uh Cable Guy flashing through their mind right now oh yeah so again this is another guy who's a project guy what I like about him and why I actually ranked him higher than uh Dexter there besides the fact he doesn't remind me of a serial killer on a Showtime show is

I don't mind a guy who needs coaching that's coachable

I'm Mighty when I see low motor low energy lack of caring that kind of stuff because you can only coach somebody who wants to be coached yeah yeah so you leave the horse in water but it's Gotta still drink itself I think Zach uh the Zach Attack there will be probably a 3-4 kind of pick as far as the rounds go uh I think he's going to be someone who's going to develop um and he'll probably be a third third week defensive tackle kind of guy that you put in your rotation you bring him in on you know run stopping plays specifically and you know eventually they try to develop into a starter but I think you know round three round four probably closer around four I think it's the rice ball form so that's all right yeah alrighty number seven and I gave myself the hard one this time apparently he did cak Ika at a Baler six foot four 358 pounds that's pure nose tackle pure nose tackle this guy left LSU for Baylor two years ago so his defensive coordinator at LSU became the head coach of Baylor and he went with them I kind of like that it's a loyalty yeah commitment yeah um and he's a big guy he is uh you know a guy got double teamed quite often and he still succeeded so I'll take that kind of thing because you see these guys a lot of these guys get a double teammate issues and he got right through a double team like nothing so because he's still the size of two guys that's part of it but it's also because he's not trying to go after the quarterback he's trying to go after the gap that's his whole thing he's the plug the anchor the guy who's trying to just clog the hole basically yeah exactly that's what he is um he did produce some pass rush pressure in college I don't think he had enough skill in that position for that to translate to the NFL I think he'll purely be a run stopper in the NFL I do think he's gonna still need some extra work on some of the some of the the Finesse of the of the position at least there um but I think he'll be a round three kind of pick and I do think that he's somebody who's you know you're gonna see develop so to speak into a uh you know into a legit nose tackle a run stopper and a guy who frees up the linebacker I think he's going to be a pretty good player I think he's gonna be better than people expect if it was a more valued position in the league I think you would see a lot more hype on him I think you see a lot more people caring about how he is but because it's not as hyped you're not going to really go ahead and and see that very often um so I think uh like I said I think at round three kind of position is where he's going to be at there um so our next guy I you mind if I double up here Rob sure I'm gonna double up here a little bit for you guys here because this was a special one for me so here's a kid who comes out and Kobe Turner comes out of high school not a zero star recruit zero star recruit what does that mean that means he had the same metacologist looking at him as I did this year zero it's a round number less than one not a single FBS option there he walked on goes the Richmond plays with the Richmond Spiders okay he ends up getting 71 tackles 14 and a half for a loss seven sacks in his sophomore year because he just didn't play at all the freshman year 2020 obviously was the coveted year four games still at three and a half sacks because of the red red shirt he or he had though he was able to transfer this is these coveted rules he transfers over to Wake Forest and crushes it there as well six foot three 290 pounds but he's gonna have some issues in the league and the main thing is he's a smaller guy as we mentioned 290. he's got shorter arms even though he's six foot three his arms are shorter than the average person is height so this is the thing that and I don't often talk about an outlier this is an outlier this is a guy that doesn't necessarily measure up like your typical defensive tackle does what I love about him is he came from nowhere this is your self-made player not that he didn't have coaching on the way but what I mean is he worked his tail off and he got to where he got I love players like that and like I said he just absolutely dominated he's explosive one Gap defensive tackle he's going to be someone you're going to see in a in a three technique and I think he's going to fit somebody as a developmental guy who you're going to see a lot of potential coming out and a lot of skill coming out of him but the issue we're going to have is the undersizedness but I don't care about that because the attitude I see in him he's got fight he's that guy and I'm probably higher on him than you perceive any or anybody else talk about him like this I think he's going to be a steal for somebody that's probably going to go I think we talked about third round for the last couple guys I think he's gonna go in the fourth round personally but I think he's better than the guy so we'll go in there because of the ceiling he's got a higher ceiling I don't think the floor is that much different than these guys worst case scenario he's the guy you bringing on passing down to give you a little pass rush in the middle best case scenario he's starting to starting defensive tackle that moves around the line and gives some of the offensive lineman fits in the middle yeah yeah self-made guy versatile before he plays and like I said he's got some physical attributes that don't measure up physical they don't measure up as a sir yeah with your stereotypical you know defensive tackles are Lyman but there are some athletes out there that they don't meet those qualifications so whatever they play and they still excel at their job that's what this guy's going to do and I agree as defensive tackle in the NFL does not fit the mold Aaron Donald doesn't fit them old everybody said it was too small when they were drafted when they were drafting him and he was you know coming out of Pittsburgh yeah almost like somebody else will talk about a little bit oh what's that foreshadowing foreshadow but yeah I I just think some of the limitations have come from nowhere he's going to fall in the draft even though he's got the talent to be he's gonna fall because the school went to two yeah you know one year a week before I see you guys rest of it Richmond

yeah this is the another the college football Powerhouse alrighty your turn to double it up now if we can catch up number five

Wisconsin ah he's a badger don't you know oh what a badger what a badger yeah six three two hundred eighty pounds it's got good size it's a high motor kind of athlete can't pass rush but it's uh it's a limited game form he also has some trouble with double teams which is something that we've talked about a lot going uh through this position and he also needs to work on lowering his pads down it's amazing the same the same like bad things we have but a lot of these guys it shows you they're young they still got things to learn but these are nothing that you can't coach up no and I think the double team is again the weight issue six foot three good height 288 a little like yeah and I also think it's a bit of a technique thing too so yeah this is the way you're stepping in I I liked him though he's got a fiery attitude when he plays and he like I said he likes going and doing the password moves he's not the defensive tackle that you expect to be a nose tackling I think he's gonna be and just basically disappears and just stands there during the pass plays he runs after the quarterback he has no problem doing that

you know like one of those players and you know a defensive tackle is the quintessential guy that has this where defensive tackle basically is the guy who doesn't show up in the stat sheet because he's just he's moving the quarterback over to the left or the right where the edge rusher gets him that's what he does that's what Benton does I I like I like him a lot I think he's going to be a developer to a very good start of this league for years to come I agree I see him going probably the second round like mid to late second round I was Elite second realm because he's not getting the hype he should for for the town he has but I agree with you second round yeah cool cuatro numbers Brian 3z

good morning

all right Brian six foot five 300 pounds flat number one recruit in the country coming out of high school oh yes that's that's a staff for you that's that's a decent stat to have in your bio so that's for damn sure yeah how many how many high school football players that are around the country and you're gonna considered the best in the entire country that's something it's also because he's athletic he's got he's he's versatile he's quick to reactor in place he's also got pretty Kick-Ass swim move

it's my spin move that's why I'm not and it fell I donkey pedal I can't help myself seriously I have no coordination in the pool whatsoever and I love the water like I will sit there at the beach all the time I love Hot Tubs I have the pools I was going to swim in the hot tub you know what I mean but I mean I I I'm the worst swimmer ever I mean even when I was a kid I failed swim school and I had to go back a second time yeah I smell like a fish at a three I'm horrible I still am luckily I'm tall enough that I can say at least you can stand on most poles multiples so um yeah Breezy um eclipse of could have misused him we've talked about that a lot yeah I I you know what and I'll say I didn't see that personally I saw a lot of people suggesting it though otherwise so I'll take some people's word at that because of people I trust that know what they're talking about but yeah but um

what are you about to be attacked by a ghost I hear a ghost be gone with you Spirits be gone the power of Christ compels you it's the spirit of why a tittle

um I may have just wanted to say title I think that's exactly what I say too I have a breezy had an awesome freshman year tour that ACL and then his production college is just not come back to where it was yeah and that takes sometimes you have a whole bunch of injuries well that's it you know the ACL is like one of the things like some guys don't come back right away off that injury it takes a couple years for him to get back to where he was and for your number one recruit coming out of high school you definitely have the talent yep the question is has the injuries killed that town well that's it so he's going to be the early round Boomer bus kind of guy oh huge and someone's going to take the chance because the chance is worth it let's be honest you get a dominant defensive lineman that's something worth taking a chance on the only thing you gotta put question on the teams like are you gonna take this guy the first round or second round how do you gonna let him drop honestly I think you're gonna see him in the second round but I think that there are teams that will have the discussion of him in the first round yeah so I wouldn't be surprised yep alrighty number three Mozzy Smith Michigan another Wolverine the claws and the adamantium and all six foot three 323 pounds he's building a wolverine um good size athletic moves all along the line of scrimmage so he's not the a gap B Gap kind of guy he's the guy that you you put him where you need him for that particular play and he'll take that spot and give you no no issue whatsoever uh he's great against the Run uh he does need to get a little more consistency with his technique he's also slow to see the play so if he's in the a gap and it all of a sudden come with the B Gap he's not going to notice it right now at least the way he's playing now until it's too late yeah that's something that you might be able to start coaching up it is and at the same point if you have good guys around it doesn't matter yeah because he as long as he can handle his position he's fine you know um he does also need to gain some more pass rushing moves because as of right now he's almost you know his password is basically almost not consistent but non-existent but he's got this again he got the size he has the athleticism he's the guy I think that could develop that over time but that's going to be a couple years process so if you're looking for somebody immediately to have that that's not this guy but if it is someone that just clogged the hole free up your linebacker help in the Run game that's exactly what this guy is uh I heard a lot of rumors about him in Dallas too hmm so we talked about Dallas earlier as far as getting a tight end I've heard a lot of Dallas rumors with mozzie specifically because they do need a defensive tackle as well in a run stopper in the middle um so we may be seeing him Giants fans uh I think round two is where he'll end up going and it's a pretty safe bet that that surroundings gonna go on I think maybe slide in the lead at first but I really think he's better yeah he's gonna be an early mid second second round pick

number two who does number two work for does number two work for Cali light uh Kali Jay can't see I'm taking a shot of that one okay kalijah

okay beautiful ways so I'm gonna just say Canty on the Pittsburgh defensive tackle yes moving on that's six foot one 281 pounds

he's really good at playing the backfields flexible High motor um guys all over the football field you know he's a ball Hawk is what he is um he always doesn't get credit for all his efforts I was watching the game um

who are they playing hey I can't even remember playing but um the thing is with the size he does have troubles with some of the big blockers back there um whoever does take this guy because he's super talented we're gonna have to either beef him up or they have to start scheming around to the size I mean I think the big comparison is this the guy I was talking about earlier alluding to we talked about Aaron Donald same schools here in Donald similar you know size issues I did say similar because Donald didn't have all the issues that this guy has uh yeah but it's kind of made people Overlook those issues with him I personally think that he'll end up more as like a d end on a 3-4 kind of Defense uh that'll move inside during the passing Downs I think that's where he's gonna be better suited at because of the fact that he just doesn't have the weight to be a nose tackle I think he'll have issues as a defensive tackle overall in the league because of that as well but if you need a guy worst case scenario that can just pop out on passing down so let's be honest a lot of downs are passing down so we don't run the ball as much in the NFL this is a good guy to have handy this is a good guy but let me be very clear he's not Aaron Donald he will not be Aaron Donald that's just not he's not going to be the best player to ever play the position which is not all this this it's not a disrespect to him it's just doesn't see you can't get mad at that it's a disrespect to Aaron Donald to suggest otherwise is all I'm saying because I keep hearing that alrighty number one and I don't think this would be oh yeah I almost forgot to say first round second round I think because the size he's going to fall to early second round depending on what Denise is out there I wouldn't be surprised if he goes day one neither one would Shock Me so number one which is definitely not gonna be a shock to anybody I think no

you never won aren't you buddy I know I was being suspenseful like that suspenseful now what's really bad is people that are watching us live got that suspense the people that are watching are listening on podcast land will not get that suspense because the program I use automatically takes out anything that's more than three quarters of a second pause oh snap oh yes so guys watching live yeah I get a little Sun extra there so Jalen Carter Georgia six foot three 310 pounds uh obviously you'd be remiss not to mention the recent off-field issues he had um you know I don't want to get too much and that's all legal stuff still pending not all the information's out yet obviously but it looks like some poor decisions may have been made I'll leave it at that um we had the obviously the issue is pro day as well on top of that um at least he doesn't put Mayo's coffee he does not put Maynard's coffee to the best of my knowledge right I can't say for sure but the best of my knowledge he does not uh he's got a good get off though this is the guy with that first move you know you hear about that quite often on the offensive why does he have a good get off and this is saying is he the guy when the ball snaps just goes for it or is he the guy it almost looks delayed this is the guy who goes for it immediately um he plays all over the line he's strong he's athletic as hell for a size he's also raw which you could say is a pro or a Comics he only started one year in the in the you know for the Georgia Bulldogs there but at the same point that was a hell of a year um his statlines didn't always explode though but he was all over the place wherever there was a play he was right next to it the only really big issue I have with him is when you look at it there were stretches that he would play a little bit more than he had played other games especially obviously in closer games not that George had many of those yeah um he looked fatigued if he was left in too long so it calls him to question his conditioning we talked already about the issues with him as far as off the field issues not being ready for the pro day so all that adds up as a possible guy that needs to be coached up into better conditioning so he's definitely not perfect but he's gonna be drafted like he is because this is Elite draft yeah you know he also won't even go to visit anybody outside the top ten so I kind of hope he drops just because I hate that kind of Cockiness but he's not going to drop out of the top 10 guys he's not going to someone's going to take him early on if he drops even into the out of the top five it's only because there's a run on quarterbacks but aren't they talking about the Bears we're going after this guy I've heard I've heard of the Bears I've heard the Bears also getting a tackle as well so I mean it all I mean offensive tackle I should say so I mean there's a lot of you know possibilities for the Bears because they're picking nine it's just a matter of what's the better strength for them left but I don't think he makes it past him if he makes it a nine um maybe he can I see Ken of the notes here because he sort of said Thank God Rogers to the Jets you know maybe he can let us know if the bearers are being rumored to him I know he's a big old Bearer fan that big all Bearer fan there dot batteries so oh yeah but it'll be a top 10 pick no doubt about it he's going to be a good player in this league as well I think his motivation his decision making his um you know his workout routine and work ethic is what's going to determine how good he gets but I want to caution people when I say he's one of the better players in the Strat that's not a QB I still don't think he's going to be a stud I think it'll be a above above average player that'll make it to a couple Pro bowls in his career potentially I don't think he's going to be Hall of Fame caliber

so it's a week it's a weak draft I don't want to overplay some of these bigger guys it's a weak draft

so yeah talk about it talk about ending the top 10 in a down note Debbie Downer over here right but I have good news for you guys though you see a lot of money in your car insurance I also lowered my cholesterol by switching to Cheerios the good news is besides the fact that I'm not gonna put like crazy December thanks to manscaped is we're done with the positions

oh yes so tomorrow night guys we're gonna have you our final Giants mock draft going through all seven rounds and we're gonna have of course you guys giving your input as well that's tomorrow at nine o'clock I know we do not usually do a Tuesday um show but because of the draft week we're going to be on the rest of the week yesterday was our only day off thank God I got to spend it at Disney Florida life um [Laughter] it's the beach or Disney I get this side it's spectacular half an hour that way or one hour that way yeah um but yeah guys so like I said we'll get that going I want you guys all commenting like crazy during that episode tomorrow because you guys same as last time if Rob and I disagree you got the tiebreaker break it up break the time and then we're gonna go ahead and have the um we're gonna go ahead and have the uh the full first round mock on our Wednesday episode because I know a lot of people that watch the draft there's some guys like us like I know Rob and I are the same way like we'll watch the whole freaking thing because we're just idiots like who's this player this got drafted out of the academian College of Appalachian Mountain West College University Polytech Google yeah let's be honest they have those guys that go in the seventh round You Don't Know Much on you don't so um yeah but we still watch it because we're goofballs so but like I said we're gonna go live for you guys the first two nights we're gonna go ahead and be live the entire Thursday uh draft literally every single pick and every single pick on Friday as well we will go ahead and go live on Saturday as well um depends on how the giraffe's going as far as how what time we start and how long you know in two weeks I want to go over all of the guys we end up picking on day three and we have as of right now I mean I'll see how it you know we'll see if things finish out because I think we'll be trading our numbers of picks down a little bit here we have three seventh round picks three so yeah we're gonna be have to have to spend a little time preparing at the very end for you guys dinner because chances are at least one of those players will be somebody that Rob and I did not research we cannot research every single player I wish we could guys I wish we could but that would mean that we don't have a job outside of this place it should be great imagine this for a living so

again guys we'll be doing that for you uh as always guys again if you want to sponsor the show if you enjoyed what you guys are listening to here today the website to go ahead and give a uh uh you know an option here to donate and why should they donate it's not tax deductible or anything we're not a charity but if you want to give us some money for the work it's buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two giant goofballs again buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash the number two giant goofballs uh and of course again thank you for our sponsor manscaped and the mighty all powerful lawnmower 4.0 oh yes this thing is like a hedge Clipper here but hedge Clipper for your another regions

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awake man we got you covered we I'm telling you right now we have so many so many things here um to go ahead and go over with you trust me we have everything planned out so there will be no shortage of content so anybody who's new make sure you hit that subscribe button because I'm telling you you're gonna see other other different uh podcasts and other content creators we'll go ahead and do you know one or two episodes a week during the slow times we keep going we ain't gonna stop all year round yeah we're not going to BS and just make up rumors to get you guys a show we're gonna keep on going with legit fun entertaining things we have all kinds of stuff planned we've already been talking about there uh let's see here we also got Lamar Adams what's up Lamar um gives a little information on Joe Tippmann uh who's the center out of Wisconsin the badger there um yeah I mean that's that's a player that we're going to be targeting I think in round two uh will be a good spot for him if he's available uh second best center in this draft we talked about him on our episode we went over the interior offensive line so if you haven't already check that one out we gave you guys a lot of good info there and all he's also got a couple of mocks he's given us as well um so yeah we'll we'll definitely look over that there um it also gives a little information on Jared Clark out of Coastal Carolina one of the guys didn't make our top 10 always good to have a little more information on some of the ladder round guys as well uh appreciate it Lamar so again guys we'll be back on for you tomorrow we're back on for you Wednesday we'll be back on for you Thursday we'll be back on for you Friday we'll be back on for you Saturday Sunday's a day of rest and then back to our regularly scheduled programming Monday Wednesday Friday 9 p.m Eastern Standard Time as usual again guys well like I said when the Draft starts Thursday will be on when the Draft starts Friday will be on when the Draft starts Saturday will be on whenever the draft is over we get a chance to go ahead and get you guys all the information on everybody we drafted that day so again guys go ahead and hit that subscribe hit that like hit that follow ring the bell if you're on YouTube that's probably the best way the funny thing is before we go live as we're doing the startup and everything I get the notification on my desktop that I use to shoot this and my phone and my tablet that two giant goofballs is going live love it love it um so yeah always always good to get that there because any nowhere actually starting in case we do something a little different a little off the wall there which is typical for us as Lamar says North Carolina in the house please tell me you're a PD Pablo fan Lamar oh not asking to take a shirt off and spin around like a helicopter I'm just saying North Carolina money razor I don't know why it's been that many years I still whenever I hear um whenever I hear still about anything as far as North Carolina go right to Petey Pablo still it's my age I think it's just that generation probably issue that yeah probably got some somebody probably is watching this like 20 years old going who's Petey Pablo yeah Petey Pablo one hit wonder at least a new hit I know of his was that one um all right guys so again we'll be back here tomorrow night for you guys doing the full mock draft get prepared to be the tie breaker it's an important job because let's be honest if you watch the last one Rob and I disagreed on half the picks and it was up to you guys to be the tiebreakers so I have a feeling we're gonna have that problem again it's a fun problem to have because you guys a little more chance to be involved in the shows we love it again if you're listening and not watching and you want to watch Facebook YouTube Twitter twitch my LinkedIn we're available on all of those there um also Lamar's confirmed he is a PD Pablo fan he said yes Tupac and Biggie fan as well yes there we go see North Carolina I told you uh

uh again guys we're also available on every audio platform there is pretty much known demand so uh you know Apple Spotify or Amazon uh I Heart Radio all the big ones there uh appreciate you guys taking the time to listen in uh we know there's plenty of options to get your Giants news your NFL news your draft coverage news there so we really do appreciate you guys coming on here and listening to these two goofballs what we have to say as far as that hope you guys find it interesting and hope you guys find it helpful as this draft weekend starts coming here it's draft time it's like Christmas it's like Christmas I don't know why I love the draft dude I love the draft um it's it's a lot of fun and it's funny because you know that like 90 of the players we need to research on or watch tape on will not be playing for the Giants in their entire career and yeah we still do it we still do it and we're not even College football guys we'll be honest with you guys now we don't watch until it's time for draft and then we'll start watching hours and hours and hours of tape or just watch it every Sunday so every Saturday but it would be but the problem there's so many teams so many players alrighty guys again appreciate you guys listening again uh we'll be back on again like I said tomorrow night there so we'll give you guys some more updates as things go on but the nice thing is tomorrow and the next couple of days we're shooting every single night should be that much NFL news shouldn't be that much news overall would get right into it nice and simple for you guys so again appreciate you guys listening in and as always giant fans Goji Mane


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