2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

NFL Draft Quarterback & Running Back Rankings 2023

April 21, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 114
NFL Draft Quarterback & Running Back Rankings 2023
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
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2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
NFL Draft Quarterback & Running Back Rankings 2023
Apr 21, 2023 Episode 114
Drew & Rob

Join Drew and Rob, the two giant goofballs, as they rank the top 10 quarterbacks and running backs in the 2023 NFL Draft. In this episode, the hosts will provide their expert analysis on the best prospects at these two critical positions and debate who should be taken first overall.

With the quarterback position more important than ever in today's NFL, Drew and Rob will break down the strengths and weaknesses of each of the top 10 quarterbacks, including their arm strength, accuracy, decision-making, and mobility. They will also discuss how each quarterback would fit with the New York Giants and which teams may be targeting these prospects.

In addition, the hosts will rank the top 10 running backs in the draft, analyzing their size, speed, agility, and ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. They will also examine how each running back would fit into different offensive schemes and which teams may be in the market for a new feature back.

Throughout the episode, Drew and Rob will provide their unique insights and opinions, engaging with their audience and answering questions from fans. Whether you're a hardcore draftnik or a casual football fan, this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs is a must-listen for anyone interested in the top prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Tune in to hear Drew and Rob's rankings of the top 10 quarterbacks and running backs in the 2023 NFL Draft, only on 2 Giant Goofballs, the New York Giants podcast.

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Show Notes Transcript

Join Drew and Rob, the two giant goofballs, as they rank the top 10 quarterbacks and running backs in the 2023 NFL Draft. In this episode, the hosts will provide their expert analysis on the best prospects at these two critical positions and debate who should be taken first overall.

With the quarterback position more important than ever in today's NFL, Drew and Rob will break down the strengths and weaknesses of each of the top 10 quarterbacks, including their arm strength, accuracy, decision-making, and mobility. They will also discuss how each quarterback would fit with the New York Giants and which teams may be targeting these prospects.

In addition, the hosts will rank the top 10 running backs in the draft, analyzing their size, speed, agility, and ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. They will also examine how each running back would fit into different offensive schemes and which teams may be in the market for a new feature back.

Throughout the episode, Drew and Rob will provide their unique insights and opinions, engaging with their audience and answering questions from fans. Whether you're a hardcore draftnik or a casual football fan, this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs is a must-listen for anyone interested in the top prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Tune in to hear Drew and Rob's rankings of the top 10 quarterbacks and running backs in the 2023 NFL Draft, only on 2 Giant Goofballs, the New York Giants podcast.

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All Episodes are shot LIVE with fan interactions on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, & Twitch

Sponsor the show at: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/2giantgoofballs

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are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax W that person driving down the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob welcome fell goofballs two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by Ami Arab now let's talk about those RVs and the cubies oh the bees oh the TVs the Killer Bees

I actually had killer bees in my house we had to get a special exterminator to come out and get them this is hashtag Florida problems because it would be assassin exactly oh seriously they were like they chase you down those things they weren't no they were no joke we had a one chasing us down in the house wouldn't stop no way it was bad uh so yeah guys we're gonna discuss the the QBs the Arby's and uh the uh the the gamblers because you know it's apparently an issue now with the NFL once again you think they learned after somebody got suspended for a year last year you think they'd say maybe the NFL is serious about this I shouldn't be the next Pete Rose but nope this is what happens we don't learn from our mistakes here so as always giant fans if you uh can go ahead and give us a subscribe a share a like much appreciated and of course you have to give it up to our sponsor men skipped we are once again presented by manscape oh yes you're bossful thank you we got of course the lawnmower 4.0 guys and again the deal is still going on you get 20 off any orders there at manscape.com plus free shipping and again guys you can send you a nice sack they will a sack for things for your sack um a secular oh sacula I like oh I like it Indiana Jones has one

once you're done shaving you could crop cover oh yes little Spritz from crop Dusty to crop cover yeah that's for the deodorant like I said guys it's it's the last episode summer is coming this is the time you need this kind of stuff more than ever like you know in the winter time for those of you still up in the New York area you'd probably don't mind a little bit of insulation as much but it's coming up a timestum or you're going to want to get rid of the weed whacking there that's why you have to do your spring cleaning oh yes oh yes

all right guys let's get right into the NFL news and the Giants news here so as always we're gonna start off with some Giants news it's time for the news

all right guys so yesterday Joe Shane had his pre-draft press conference and I gotta say it was boring I hate to say that point blank but it was boring this is like exactly what an NFL press conference with somebody who doesn't want to tell you what's about to happen does doesn't give you much at all doesn't give you much at all the the only two things that I would say you can pick out of that thing and go okay hmm one is that Joe Shane admitted a point blank that he hasn't talked to say Quantum weeks again though guys it's April I ain't too worried about it yes I'll worry about it in July and August April let's enjoy the time off please let us say Juan come to him as he should so good job Joe um the other thing is that he said he is willing to trade up for the right player listen Joe Shane we talked about this before it's got 10 picks in this draft guys We're not gonna have 10 rookies so he's doing what he's got to do he's telling people Point Blank we are open for a business if you don't want to draft where you're at give me a call and I think you'll see probably a couple moves he made a couple moves last time so yeah I'm gonna be surprised I think honestly I think this is the this is the draft to move up and down we'll go for the place you know move down in the first get early second if you can uh you know maybe move some of your extra picks to get another second or third round instead you know that kind of stuff this is the draft to make those kind of moves this is not we've talked about before it's not a top heavy draft this is not a first round we're like oh my God there's so many like future Hall of Famers coming into this no no GMS are talking about the fact there's probably not even if players in the first round grade to fill up the first round but it's an extremely deep draft so deep so deep that you want a manscape before you go into that direction

all free oh yes [Music] um ESPN released their their latest mock draft there for the first round had a very interesting trade so their trade was the Giants trade with the Cardinals give up their first round their fourth round pick they get back from the Cardinals the second round pick and DeAndre Hopkins and I need to stress this part of it we're not giving up a first for a second and dropping down one round in that scenario we're dropping down like six picks the Cardinals keep mine have the third pick in the second round we have pick 25. and it's really 31. so what is that six nine picks which in this draft it's perfectly fine like if that works money wise like sign me up that's probably our best shot of getting a potential number one the big question always with anything as far as talks at b-hop is the money it's more than money listen yeah the Giants love getting injured players we know this if anything that entices them

what do you think of the color blue [Laughter] that's just what they do I don't know what it is there's like some teams avoid players that injury history at the plague other teams just go they don't care and that Giants are clearly one that don't care and if you look at the injury history it was like two years ago I mean last year he had the you know the issue of the PED suspension uh so otherwise he was obese when he was playing still so I still think he's got the ability so if we can make it work that's a big missing piece of this offense but you got to recognize that it's a missing piece you only have for a couple years he's not your 10-year piece he's already 30. you got maybe three years before you start seeing it go downhill so yeah we'll see what happens here I mean again guys it's a mock draft it's not a rumor they heard it's not some Rumblings going on in the NFL world it's just an idea ESPN throughout there and you know listen again if we can make it work money-wise that's the big thing and making that work money wise is probably going to involve um you know having to do something with Leonard Williams let's call what it is whether it's cut him you know restructure his contract extend them whatever the case may be so alrighty guys so let's see here we got uh beef white with the first comment I hope they do not do it he is on his way down the side of the mountain he's getting old it would be a bad move yeah and like I said there's the risk because he's not Young but he is our best shot at getting a number one receiver that's what it boils down to so we'll see we'll see what happens I guess I can see it working out great I can see it falling flat down and horrible but if you're not giving up that much for him but you're not in that scenario getting up a fourth round and going down a couple picks that I want to go down anyway not that much alrighty guys let's see here my dad chimes in with Hopkins has two years 34 million dollars left in his contract yeah that's what I'm saying it's a lot of money a lot of money um all right guys into the NFL news years we got a lot of players to go over today today we got here are the running backs and quarterbacks so let's be honest Rob and I we get sidetracked we do move on


oh in the big news today NFL players got caught with their hand in the gambling cookie jar here today show me the money they did show themselves the money on an app that they use on their phone and got stupidly caught do you like everybody else guys get a bookie

and honestly I'm just assuming that's the case here but you got um uh quintes cephas uh CJ Moore of the Lions Shaka Tony of the commanders all suspended indefinitely but at least for the entire next season then you have Stanley Berryhill and Jamison Williams of the Lions also suspended for the first six games so so not a lot of news as far as what they did how much they did it's kind of same as last year with Calvin Ridley they don't give that kind of information out Williams's people though came out and said he gambled on team property but not on the NFL and that's where he got caught and that's why he's not a full year he's just the six games because he gambled on team property so stupid move but

I guess you thought I'd get away with it then on the UFC in Detroit yeah I mean again this is a second year kid coming out I mean he's give me what 23 around there I think he is listen he made a stupid mistake that one you forgive you let go it sucks if you're a lions fan but in all fairness that's the least you're conserve your alliance phase lost hacker damn team

Dan Campbell where were you on this Vegas probably oh my gosh like if Detroit went to Vegas it would have been okay yeah they would have been okay they would have been at the whorehouse with with Jimmy Garoppolo there yeah so yeah I mean that's it's kind of shocking though to see Calvin really get caught lose a whole year off his career we've talked about ad nausea the fact that NFL players don't have a long career and the Rumor already is is that the guys who were suspended for the year the lines are cutting them they're just done you know they're not they're not willing to put up with it so um we'll see we'll see what happens there see if any more names come out because that was a lot to come out of one shot though so I'm hoping really nobody else um all righty so let's break down the running backs and the quarterbacks again I'm gonna give you the option rob you have the power I have the power amen

who do you want to go with here first the quarterbacks or the running backs you get this side how about we start with the running backs the running backs you say it's almost like you're trying to keep the suspense of the quarterback position a little bit because it's funny how even though we don't need a starting level quarterback that's still like the position everybody's still talking about at the draft it really is especially with everything going on with the certain Mr CJ Stroud so we'll get into that with you guys here in a minute would you care to the honors and go first Rob or would you like sure you going for oh here we go let's go let's break down break it down

Sean Tucker oh yes from Syracuse another orangeman another orange guy five nine 207 pounds guys explosive competitive all right breaks tackles not afraid to get into uh a rough situation because he can get out of them his downfall is terrible as a receiver he's a straight up the middle running back kind of guy um sometimes he hesitates in traffic so yeah he's got bricks for hands Point Blank like I've seen in on tape like the the ball hits him in the hands and it's like he just forgets to do that the closing motion he's like doesn't know what to do trying to balance on his nose or something I don't know what he's trying to do uh but he's a good runner and he seems to really get the job done right as far as going through traffic and everything I I think he's going to be one of those guys that you can put in a running back committee that could potentially be like you're you know a guy you put on the first two downs you know but you're not going to go ahead and put him anywhere near a third down position I mean anywhere near a long passing down anywhere near that final drive when the game is tied like he's gonna be on the bench because he provides you nothing in those interests yeah he's like putting him out of committee he's one of the best things if you got a guy that's a good catcher and you could switch him in and out play on play he'll find himself a good home in the NFL but he's not he's probably not going to be here number one constant running back exactly so I'm thinking like probably like fourth round for him where you got depends on the needs of where uh what's going on but fourth I wouldn't be surprised because it is the NFL draft if he goes a little higher possible but who you like and what system you're running that's the phone with running backs running backs are hard to judge they really are as far as where they're going to go because it's all I the beholder and it's based on the scheme you're you're running and how important that position is so alrighty number nine probably the most controversial person as far as pick and ranking wise that we're going to talk about tonight Devin a chain a chain Texas A M he's the guy who is really really really tenant really tiny this man makes tank Dell with big obviously super muscular he's a small for an NFL listen Popeye was super muscular too and let's be honest yeah I'm not going to touch that one we'll have it got that let's just say he definitely manscaped [Laughter]

oh so yeah five eight 188 Pounds like really really tiny for a running back there and what he does though is he's probably one of the fastest running backs you will ever see play the game he's the big play guy he's extremely elusive he's got he's got the top end speed that like even saquon doesn't have it's that good he's got he ran a 4.32 40. that's insane like this is one of the fastest guys in the entire draft but he's got a lot of issues because of that size it's called what it is uh can't break tackles lacks any power whatsoever can't pass block like this man just gets you trying to put a 230 pound Edge rusher against a 188 pound 5 8 guy what's gonna happen he's got a steamrolled yeah exactly like what it's gonna be like it is like using tissue paper for a dam the water's gonna go through the water's gonna get through like there's no stopping that um so and His Hands also aren't that great that's a weird thing like you would think a guy like that would be the guy that you'd really want to put as a third down back almost like and maybe it's just me looking at past people that were smaller like a Darren Sproles as a perfect example a guy's a returner a guy was a third down bad guy you occasionally have run the ball but his real value was in the receiving game the kickoff you know and punt returns but this guy isn't that he's the one-trick pony of you give him a hole he's gonna run right through that goddamn hole but there's no hole he's done if he has to he can't break tackles like he's just yeah so this is what we talked about the eye of the beholder a minute ago this is where the issues come into play this is an eye of the beholder I have seen people rank this guy as high as third or fourth in this running back class to me that's insane an outlier is an outlier does that mean he cannot succeed in the NFL no we've talked about Corners that were 166 pounds we've talked about 168 pound wide receiver in this draft outliers are going to happen but you can't count on someone coming into the league as an outlier I think they're going to be a starter I think they're going to succeed right off the bat and not go into it with this may work this may not and to me because he lacks the hands it's enough because I can't use him purely as a third down rusher that I'm going to pop in occasionally and you know to be a change of pace against a bigger back that I might have in my in my you know my roster already that's what kills it for me it really is I think he'll honestly probably go like the second or third round because I think someone is going to really like him but I got a fourth round great at him all day long yeah I wouldn't be surprised to draw us back there like stick around just before winter ponies kind of aggressive there's people that love this kit there really is because the speed they fell in love with the speed you get a team like the Raiders traditionally draft for Speed you're gonna love him but the difference is like if he had speed he could catch okay second round there you go but oh yeah I'd be popping him in the slot and everything and moving around doing wheel routes doing screens like this would be the guy but he can't catch that's the problem and if he's made it this far if he made it this far in his NFL career how much training can you do to let him catch the ball yeah you know we talked about you know Jalen Hyatt of the the Tennessee Volunteers there during the wide receiver show and he's a one-trick pony he's a nine round guy just runs right down the field that runs everybody this is kind of the equivalent of you know Hyatt in the running back group but the difference is higher catches the ball yeah that's the difference he provides that so I like I said if he could catch the ball and that could be fixed because I don't pretend to be an expert on you know can we coach him away from this do we see something on tape that's that that's up to the NFL guys whoever's interested in to look at that's why they get paid to be there exactly they know a lot more about football than any of us here but like I said I gotta go based on what I see now what I see now is the guy who drops the ball I gotta see he's a guy who can't can't provide much the receiving game can't break a tackle you can't count them in short yards you can't cut him in goal line situations you can't count them in a lot of things not who I want yeah so because of the limited availability I'm I'm good but like I said I think someone will take him like the fourth round probably think of my second third round but they probably shouldn't take him to the fourth yeah I'm not mad at that alrighty number eight Israel you gave yourself the hard one there's not even that many hard ones in this episode like I I one of these days they're gonna look ahead and go okay if I go first I get this P these people if he goes first he gets these people I think it's kind of funny terrible reader and name announcer if you will but here we go here we go share with everyone please

hahaha if you're a Bana cando uh bonnaconda now through the sake with Anaconda yeah yeah

he was diabetes he didn't call him disease this episode [Laughter] uh he's from Pittsburgh 510 216. he's already got some good sides for an NFL he can pack on some more weight guys competitive low miles he's only 20 years old yeah which is fantastic for anyone drafting this guy especially this giraffe yeah we're talking about 24-25 guys that won't even see free agency so they're almost 30. yeah and I mean this guy also ran more than 100 yards and nine of his 11 games this last season with 20 touchdowns which is pretty pretty good coming into this draft especially at 20. that also being said yeah let's have some trouble and some traffic and then he also once again bringing back up he could uh he could work on some receiving skills like he's not as bad as the last two guys but he also is not the best catcher out there and he could also work on actually using his strength with that size yeah I think that's the age that's him being 20 because I guarantee you two years ago he was like 180. you know what I'm saying he's at that age where he's just he's filling out and he doesn't quite know how to use it yet I feel like he quite hasn't gotten his demand strength yet not to be if you said manscaped yeah

um but at the age is what's really intriguing to me you know I look at a team like let's say hypothetically the Giants because they were a Giants podcast and B I do think the Giants will draft a running back in this draft I mean they don't shame on them because it's a very deep draft for running backs yeah so you got a guy who's 20 years old that means some time to develop you have a pro bowl running back to lead this group already you have Matt Brady and a veteran who has started before in the NFL to be your backup if we draft a running back he's the third fourth running back depending what happens with Gary Brightwell

this is the perfect guy who's 20 years old you can sit back with you can go ahead and give him the chance to develop and Coach him up for a year before he even really sees much of the field unless any you know injuries or he just Wows you in Camp or whatever and abusing him more than we anticipated early on but yeah I mean that's a pretty good scenario trying to craft the guy that I think will probably go seems to talk about the last couple guys I think this is another fourth round guy surprised if he goes in the third I wouldn't be shocked either I think the age is what it is really that's a big thing for gonna be a lot for a lot of people not just myself so I think as of right now he's got fourth round Talent but also he's the guy since he's so young a good coach staff could develop him on how they want him to play that kind of coward like a high caliber running back oh yeah no I think he's he's a guy that could surprise some people in the NFL too he's because he's got really good tape he really does yeah like I said a lot of it really is that the trouble in traffic you know that's something that you can coach a little bit there I mean let me be honest some of that's instinctive you make those decisions so quick it's instinctive but some of that can be coached um the receiving skills either can't or can't you can't do what you can't do it um The elusiveness Cannery can't again but I mean the guy that once you use the uses to use his body and learn in the use that strength and just bull rush and break through some tackles because he's not a weak guy he's a pretty stronger guy uh you know he's one of the bigger backs that we're going to talk about here in this this year's draft you know 216 is not small you know is it 300 pounds like some of the linemen no obviously not but he wouldn't be on a running back then definitely would be a running back yeah so like I said a good developmental back I think that you give a year or so to let him sit back learn and you see what you got and could be easily part of a committee if not even potentially a starter in this league going forward after that hands down

[Music] [Laughter] out of my hands down she said that alrighty number seven Zach Evans Ole Miss 511 202 pounds um and listen this is Ole Miss has got some interesting interesting people here um quicker to ex quicker to accelerate um he's got that burst like that like he makes that decision to go he just goes uh very physical Runner another guy though he's got the same issues we've been talking about the last couple guys not good at pass bro was it a receiver in college but here's the difference with him it wasn't that we saw him dropping the ball we didn't see the ball being thrown to him there is a difference we've talked about this with some of the players but we talked about secondary guys that some guys that played in zone weren't necessarily asked to do man maybe could do it and vice versa same kind of thing just because he didn't catch the ball in college doesn't mean he can't he didn't get the opportunity to show if he can or kids there is a huge difference there um he's gonna go probably third fourth round kind of guy um you know he's a guy that again I think is part of a committee there I'd honestly see him being this the stud kind of uh running back there but I do think this is a guy who will carve out uh you know a decent career for himself in the league but I don't think he'll ever top out I think I can't miss oh my God this guy was amazing kind of player but he's going to be a guy who's going to find a role in this league probably as the first couple down kind of back there and have a pretty decent career overall I think so and he'll get you a couple in this wild place but I don't know if it's going to be consistent yeah

alrighty number six Kenny McIntosh from Georgia I'm McIntosh Macintosh like the Apple just to think about him he's excited a crime instead yeah rough uh six foot 204 pounds this guy's also got some great speed on him he also could catch the ball oh yes finally someone who can catch the ball finally he's got some real time to be um a running back one um he does have some like kit issues where he needs to get a little lower as long as his Hips Don't Lie all your brothers can't deny

wow do you just go with a totally different song I was going Shakira and he went to Sir Mix-a-Lot Anaconda

it's like it's like me ran awake like Under the Boardwalk no it's a mix that man the kind of don't want none of that unless you got buns on yes but I said a toy I said I don't lie hipster lines I know I know I'm just saying you randomly insert a song segue into bad inseam sometimes [Laughter]

yeah I mean this is the very first of the guys that I would say will probably develop into a starter in this league with no issue whatsoever uh he's not a perfect running back by any means but first off we've got you know a Georgia running back and Georgia's got a pretty good record of getting guys out of those kind of positions as my dad says again Macintosh is a poor pass blocker and he is he is he also has you know his Pad level needs to get down lower as well he's got a couple of issues he definitely does but nothing that stops me from going this is a guy who could start I mean let's be honest saquon's not exactly the best pass Pro guy in the world you don't go oh here's this guy coming off the edge saquon has him you just have to be good enough at everything else to make up for those you know deficiencies there um this is a guy again because he can catch the ball that you can still use them in third down scenarios and maybe instead of keeping him back to go ahead and do a pass Pro you go ahead and have him run a route maybe have the the linebackers you know stay by obviously the tight end stay behind or block that extra you know Edge rush or a linebacker that blitzing so uh not a backside not a bad player though overall so and again comes from a good school looked pretty good on tape and you know I'm not going to say he's going to be a star on this lead by any means but he's a guy that could be a legitimate starting running back in this league on a probably more of an offense that's not going to be a run heavy offense that won't accept I don't want to overplay what he is but he's a guy that if you start up in this league will probably get 800 900 yards won't embarrass himself there and you know we'll give you a little extra production there also in the the receiving game there where you'll get maybe 12 1300 yards this season out of him which is not a bad player so you're saying he's going to the Chiefs I think they got the Rutgers kid they're good they got Pacheco

unless they're too busy assigning our old receivers not wrong still boggles me but yeah uh third round guy I think for the for him I think I think you'll see you'll see someone take him in the third round yeah and a lot of that again is a school Georgia running back yeah

alrighty number five

you got fun oh yeah it's right I was six years take Bixby on Auburn six foot even 210 pounds this man scored a lot in college he also found his way in the end zone

no but seriously this is a TD machine kind of guy this is the guy that that there's some people that's certainly in the especially the running back position had that nose for the End Zone this is that guy this is that guy that knows where it is knows what he has to do to get in there just doesn't um good size for the NFL obviously uh again a guy who is not a receiver in college again this is not the guy we talked about that can't catch he wasn't asked to do it in college we don't know what degree he has of that um he does lack top speed so he's not the guy that you know is going to have that top end speed and break off those 80 yard runs and stuff like that someone's gonna catch up with him he doesn't have that um he also does try to get too fancy sometimes you'll see him kind of make that juke move make that extra move he didn't need to make and just take the extra yard or two we could have got in the play kind of like something we complained about what Barkley quite often uh so can that be stopped we'll find out there but he's the guy that I think could be a legitimate starting running back in this league but I do think that he's gonna have to have somebody else in with him to be that like kind of throw her down back kind of guy uh you know or a change of pace kind of guy with some extra speed so he's more like the lead of the group if that makes sense than the star guy that makes sense because yeah that's dead what was his 440 uh oh I'm sorry it's 440 what was this 40 what was it like uh 4.56 or something like that I love how you ask me questions that I do not have in front of me I appreciate that it's very nice of you [Laughter] let's see Mr let's see if Mr Google says 4.56 that's ethic combine which is the legit time so those weren't aware you just want to do the pro dates a little bit better because it's an actual stopwatch someone's using who is usually a member of the staff in the school you went to not you know an actual line and a sensor that stops like it is in the combine so yeah four five six it's not exactly great speed that's what I'm saying he's not going to be the guy who's going to be that blazing guy that you'll run to the outside he's between the tackles guy who will go ahead and fight for the dirty yards get your touchdowns for you and listen I don't care how fast-paced the NFL gets and how small the NFL gets there's still a place in the league for that kind of guy especially because defenses aren't built to stop those kind of guys as much anymore yeah there's a difference between a Mack truck like this guy and a Porsche he's an act truck I wouldn't even say a Mack truck I'd say he's more like the F-150

because it's not like he's like you know there's a difference he's not Jerome Bettis over here nobody's gonna call him a bus but he's at least a Dodge Caravan [Laughter] come on kids we're going to soccer practice everybody yeah they got the org slices and juice boxes in the back all righty so yeah I actually think that Macintosh we talked about a moment ago will go before him I think Tank's gonna go more 3-4 but I think tank will be the better player in the league overall because of the fact that he has a very very important skill finding the end zone it's a very important skill ask the giant ask the Giants that were playing you know in 2020 2021 how much they would have loved to find the end zone a few more times since our offensive Quinn our team to love to go for the field goal it's a very important skill second second and goal on four yard line go for the field goal who needs seven who needs seven yeah alrighty number four Zach charnier not Chardonnay did someone ordered a Chardonnay Charbonier really funny they look French to me uh six flat six foot even 214 pads he's already got that NFL built going for him UCLA

for those who are from New Jersey that is not to be confused with Brookdale which is also called UCLA the university closest to the Lincroft area but this is the actual UCLA

touche way different football program do they still call it that Brookdale Community College they still call that they probably do I am too old to hang up yeah you're that old guy now yeah hey are you a narc what are you talking what's it these days kids where's the drinking party who's the best guy to get drugs from who has the cake tonight yeah anybody in mind if I put some Fiber in the punch

let me get backed up off a Bud Light [Laughter] 214.

good NFL size already he's powerful he knows how to use his weight he's got great balance and vision but also not a fast guy as well um but I mean he's he also has like an upright stance when he runs so it's like a little Hit or Miss there and he's also got like a blow average instincts on some inside runs yeah and the big issue I have with him is I feel like watching him he waited too long to hit the hole it's almost like he was like clicking at it going it can get a little bigger Let Me Wait a second here no no listen if you want to make a you want to make it look bigger you just got a manscape but I mean in the meantime you have to go ahead and just attack the hole once the hole is there especially the NFL you don't have these massive holes it's like it's not like Moses is coming in part of the Red Sea here people yeah you get a line you have a hole from the line you take it and he's gonna have to learn that but this is the guy I think that is probably the safest pick of the guys who aren't going to be the Stars this league that we'll get to here soon and that's why you know we're thinking number four for him extremely low ceiling compared to some of the guys here he's not going to be your All-Pro he's not going to be your Pro Bowl guy but he's gonna be a legit NFL player there's not a doubt of that anybody who actually watches his tape watches the film sees you know what he's done as you know as my dad points out his improved game he's also had since transferring from Michigan you know he's he's he's been in college a little while and he even was talking I was talking about him coming out into the draft last year and he ended up staying behind to see if he could improve his stock and they thought last year he'd be a third round pick and I think again this year third round pick for him but I think again this is a guy that if you have to start him even he's not gonna hurt you he's just not going to be your star no you just gotta accept that part of it you know he's a he'll be a serviceable starter to an excellent backup in the league

that's yeah that's that's pretty fair and I and I think that's where he's going to be 100 it's like some guys who go here's the floor here's the ceiling with him it's like here's the floor here's the ceiling he like barely moves like you pretty much have an idea of what he's gonna be yeah I mean he can approve like you coach out find the holes like what's a better hole to go through well you have your choices sometimes sometimes you get some choice [Laughter]

alrighty number two I'm sorry number three [Music]

uh we chose to talk about hole two or three number three yeah

drafting I keep on forgetting when I'm up can you tell me like last week Taija spear is at a two-lane five foot ten 201 pound uh extremely athletic this is the guy we talked about top end speed that some of these guys not having it this is the guy who's gonna make that move and have that top end speed very competitive this guy shows his emotion on the field and you know Rob that's the thing I love

fired up get the whole team fired up get ticked off when you don't succeed this is the things I think you should be as a competitive person um great vision very patient for text the ball it works out for him because he averaged seven yards oh yeah yeah in his college career so good for him out of all the players we're gonna talk about here he's probably the best at protecting the ball the ball is not going to get out of his hands not going to happen it's just how he is he made it a statement right off the bat that he's going to protect that and he's going to go ahead and make sure that he can go ahead and do that uh good receiver um but here's the problem I have with him I do have a couple issues he's a little bit leading the build I wish he can add just a couple extra pounds on there get to like you know closer to 210 um he's got a little bit of lack of experience in the passing game because they didn't use him very much he only had like seven receptions this past year this whole season but he did show the ability when he's given the chance so I do think he can do it at a more High Pace in the NFL but again time will tell on that it's just not something he was asked to do very much in college um not the best at breaking tackles and again this is probably the size he's 201 pounds you know when you're going against defensive tackles that are sitting there 320 yeah you probably won't break that tackle when you're just going against linebackers in there 245 you probably are not going to break that tackle it's just the it's the pro in the con you're going to lose some of the athleticism it begins too much like I said I think a couple pounds I'd be curious see what it did to them though um he's also too patients sometimes so he's he's the guy who overall again we talked about that with uh you know with Zach the Zach Attack there a minute ago where he's kind of we'll sit there and wait for things to open up a little too much uh hopefully that's that we can get out of coaching the biggest concern I always have with a guy that I that I like to rank this early is Tulane's obviously a small school it's not he went to a Powerhouse School so the question is how much is that gonna affect him when you're watching tape against him you know against a small school going wow he looks really good well yeah he looks good because he's also not going against the best town he's not going against Alabama Georgia Ohio State Michigan you know so we'll have to see how much that affects him but I mean man amongst boys when he was on the field 100 I mean did he have uh like a little bit of a knee um injury history yeah he did have a little bit of a knee injury history way to be the spoil

something that you got to look at as my dad points out he's a good receiver too he is considered a good route Runner yeah and like I said it's just it wasn't something they asked him to do very often in college so sometimes that's system driven sometimes that's just them not you know just not being that good at it or kind of shielding that from him I think it's more the system in this case here as my dad also points out small schools also don't have the best coaching and that's 100 yeah again no no disrespected the coaches at Tulane here because they still made it to the college ranks it's not like they're coaching you know the Middle School pop warner team here but you know it's just not the same coaching it's not um I think round three for him but I think very early in the round I think is where he'll go um and I do think this is a guy who will be a potential starter in this league I do think there is a very good Gap though between him and the rest of the guys we talked about and the next two we're going to discuss here in a minute but like I said starter in the league just a matter of we got to see how high that ceiling's gonna go for him he's we talked about obviously Zach a minute ago um being the safe pick this is the take a chance pick I mean yeah explosive guy from a small school that's a take a chance pick yeah and also with that being said I wouldn't be surprised if someone took a chance later in the second round yeah wouldn't shock me it all depends really how early the other two go um we already know where number One's Gonna Go I Won't give that name up yet I think you guys if you know football at all can know who number One's Gonna Be uh but you know the second guy that we're going to talk about here in a minute if he goes quick in the first round or something then I can see somebody saying okay I need to I need a running back I'm not gonna take the risk taking the best I can um so but I said I think he has third round Talent though early third round talent and I think he's the guy that could shock some people in this league and if he if he reaches his full potential and hits that ceiling yeah now I agree alrighty number two Blues Jamar

Anna Deuce Deuce McAllister that's a deuce that's it too

Jamari Gibbs Alabama it's from Bama ah a little freaking Bama it's five foot nine 199 pounds dude's explosive deuce

he's also a good receiver are you speaking German Du Hast not those two to hush mrsad you hate me uh Ramstein all the Rammstein um yeah once again it's also five nine 109 pounds so he's not quite NFL size so it's a little absurd tiny little guy he's a wee guy I mean if you saw a 109 pound guy that's five nine walking down the street you're like all right do this yeah but does he even the big thing is how does he walk down the street it's like John Travolta in the 70s no he's walking like this running back [Laughter] uh he's not good at past protection yeah so yeah but he also is able to change his speed through Place get some trickery in there you know what and if you watch him that's probably the most amazing thing about the way he plays is he'll hit the he'll hit the pedal and start going and he'll see a blocker down the field and he will slow it down for the blocker to get a chance to do their job and block and then as soon as he's safe to go hits the gas exactly and once he hits that gas if you give him some space you ain't catching them and we talked about some fast guys in this uh and running back like in Columbine he ran this uh 40 and uh 436. he was at Columbine yeah oh

he was at a school shooting when he was a toddler

uh damn you Marilyn Manson yeah

uh but yeah I mean this is another guy that's kind of I feel like it has a very high ceiling but not a guaranteed ceiling like his ceiling is probably Pro Bowl caliber yeah but there's no guarantee he meets that kind of ceiling because mostly because of his size because of some of the limitations he has because that size like can he survive in the NFL is the end of every now back I mean the other thing in college student about too is that that you want to talk about a run back doing this but he's also great kick returner yeah he ain't doing that say you I dropped this guy in the league because I I think he'll go late first round early second mid second worst case scenario um I'm not gonna give him the chance to get messed up like a Dory Jackson on a punch or kickoff return I get it that he could do it and you know if he fails as a starting running back and hits that that floor where he's kind of a special guy as part of a committee then yeah why not you know but I mean otherwise yeah if I'm trying to make this my star player that I focus my offense somewhat around then no not gonna happen no but I'm saying like he turns out to be like a Hester from like what 10 years ago from the Bears yeah they get this guy that he's supposed to be the same kind of way and he doesn't quite make it as well you're already one I would say with him you're talking Daryl Sproles again yeah we mentioned him earlier this is that's that's the kind of the floor for him I think is Darren Sproles you know a guy is very fast the guy runs the ball occasionally gives you something in in the passing down as a receiver does special teams as far as returning the ball but his ceiling is probable caliber because of his just amazing athleticness because the vision he has because the the patience he has so you know it's someone's got to use them right though that's the big thing is will you get the right coach that's gonna know to put him in the right system to succeed and had the right motions to succeed that's what I had to wait and see yeah so you gotta hope he doesn't go to a coaching staff who has no clue what they're doing whereas a history of ruining players which I really hope that for every player obviously but somebody's gonna get the short stick it is what it is but if he's not successful as like your RV one what he's gonna be is he's going to be the guy from the backfield catching the ball and going off the fields yeah you know that kind of potential you know where I would love to see him at and it's not going to happen because they don't pick delayed in the second round unless they trade up I would love to see him as a dolphin can you imagine like him and and Tyreek Hill and waddle and having those kind of speed all over the freaking okay we got the knee the Need for Speed like oh my god dude that'd be like yeah good luck trying to trying to cover those guys yeah but you know it's bad enough as it is now but yeah but like I said they won't get him because they don't have a shot I don't think face to where they're drafting unless they move up and most teams are not going to trade up a running back yeah especially when they have a lot of holes on defense but yeah like that's that kind of system a more of a modern NFL offensive mind that's gonna know how to use them right that's where he's got to go alrighty number one Uno this is gonna shock some people

Jean Robinson 511. 215 yards from Texas

athletic prototype size third down back catches blocks not exactly a power back which you kind of would expect a little more of him but the size he's got um he's also too patient at times we talked about a couple other guys as well he also lacks Elite Speed he's also has some injuries and I'm gonna say this I don't love him as a prospect as much as a lot of people I've heard talk about him I look at a guy who went to college already has injuries lacks Elite Speed and

like I said it's just this is not a strong running back class at the top for running backs and I think that's why he's coveted so much is because he's declare number one but I don't think a lot of years he'd be the clear number one I really don't so the big concern relief to me is the injuries though I got a running back that I'm gonna draft like the first round that's already got injury issues if that doesn't sound like a recipe for disaster I don't know what is yeah well I mean if you're healthy and he can get it together He's Got Talent yeah there will be a team that drafts this guy number one but no doubt it's good but he's got to stay healthy and that's the concern he's had multiple injuries uh so my dad says John Robinson is going to be a star see we don't always agree I said and I don't think he's not let me put this one it's not that I don't think he has Stark Talent I just don't think he has the talent to be you know a generational running back you know like a guy like like saquon was like as much as I hate to say in sequels for a couple years when the Cowboys drafted him you know a guy that's gonna run to the league and just destroy it I don't think he's that player I think he's a guy that'll run to the league and get 11 1200 yards he's not against 16 1700. yeah so like I said not knocking him I just don't I'm not as high on him as other people are so I don't know I don't know where you're at but feel free to let us know as far as that don't leave us where are you at oh he's gonna go in the first round no that's yeah but I think he he will be a starter yeah like I said I the big thing for me is those injuries Kenny stay healthy you're a running back you already have injuries before he even drafted that's scary that scares the crud on me so yeah alrighty but yeah top 10 talent in this draft though I'll say that top 10 talent in the draft but probably won't go to the end of the first round because of position yeah hands down unless the Eagles go crazy because they lost miles Sanders that's possible yeah alrighty so let's go ahead and start the QBs and I'm gonna do another one here I'm gonna do another one because

I need to talk about this guy I need to so number 10 Tyson pageant out of Shepherd there is not often folks that you will hear me talk about a guy from a division two school and include him in the top 10 of any position this is that time six foot three 213 pounds way over achieved than what they expected when they got him into school even he was not a coveted guy whatsoever that happened to go to a smaller School he was the guy that nobody was looking at basically rewrote basically every single quarterback record at Shepard good strong arm played RPO and play action plays very well as well very athletic um there are some concerns though too obviously I'm not trying to say this guy's a first round Talent but some of the concerns to the fact that he's going to need time to develop you know he's coming from a very small school this is not a guy who's stepping in from one of the bigger conferences he's not even the division you know it's not a division uh you know top division in college at that point he's division two but when you watch his mechanics the way he plays the game it gives you hope for something more than you would ever expect from a division two kind of school uh I saw actually interview with RG3 who went to go do a private workout with him say what you want about RG3 because he says some crazy Off the Wall stuff but RG3 was a legitimate NFL Talent before his own stupidity and the stupidity of the DC team and the stupidity of um you know Shanahan basically ruined his his career and you know it's he liked what he saw a lot he said Point Blank he was actually very impressed and liked him more than what he thought he would and I was of the same mindset I think he'll probably be a guy who's gonna be like a fifth or sixth round guy he's not going to go early in the draft but for the Giants a team looking for a perspective backup quarterback to have for the next couple years this is a guy that we could draft very late in the round we have all these extra picks and basically if it doesn't work

so throwaway pick who cares it's like a six round pick fifth round pick most of those don't pan out of the NFL if it does work you get a good quality backup quarterback because after this year Tyrod Taylor we talked before Tyrod Taylor's gone unless we resign him and he wants millions of dollars a year because he's worth it he's an excellent backup quarterback in this league yeah top grade we can get a guy like this to come in and be the backup and if he shows you something good this first year you can go get out you're now number two quarterback and he's a guy who's a mobile quarterback an athletic quarterback very similar to Daniel Jones so you're going to run a similar type of offense as well which is good for everybody else on the team like I said I if you haven't watched tape on him yet watch some tape and don't get me wrong he's playing some really small school guys really small schools but like I said he's he's a guy that I think has a chance to make it in this league as a backup quarterback and that's what you're looking for in this kind of position so like I said that's where I'm at five fifth sixth round a backup quarterback kind of guy he's gonna need some time I think he needs to fully red shirt basically the entire first year and let him just sit and learn with somebody but he's gonna need a good quarterback coach a good guy who can go ahead and Coach him up and get him where he needs to be as quick as possible yeah Giants have that guy so I think it's a good fit we'll we'll see we'll see how things play out because I'm sure I'm not the only one looking at him in that kind of role yeah like Lisa you're saying you the highest five but just because he's a D2 I'm saying probably six yeah that's what I'm saying it's he's gonna go late he's gonna go really late he'll definitely be around three guy there's no I mean D3 guys definitely not gonna be a day two guy yes and he's probably the only person this entire list that I'll say will definitely not be a uh a day two kind of guy at that at all uh even though I think some of these guys shouldn't go D2 you know it is somebody it just takes that one person yeah one person to see something special alrighty number nine nine nine you're doing ramp side again a little bit nine [Music] five five Jordan Thompson Robertson UCLA not Brookdale UCLA it sounds like a radio station it does UCLA

some hard rock all right six foot two I can put in a rock yeah [Laughter] 203 pounds so he's not quite NFL size he could put on some ass but it's super athletic strong arm throws a cannon

that being said sometimes again it doesn't hit its Target nope same with Thompson Robson uh sometimes he gets under pressure and doesn't make the best decisions

Under Pressure make a fight through oh he does and that's that's the biggest knock with him really I mean I can get around the the accuracy issues because he has a strong arm like there's not many people that have a strong arm and an accurate arm you should get one or the other especially in a backup a guy you're drafting later in the draft Yeah but the issues he has in the pocket is my biggest concerns and I'll tell you right now I think Tyson has the chance to be a better quarterback than him I only put him number 10 let's be very Frank because the school he went to yeah I liked his tape better than than Thompson Robinson but I also recognized who he's playing against in that tape and that's what that's the only reason why um but I've seen some people that like him because they think that you can coach some of the decision-making issues and that kind of stuff out of him and he could be a good backup quarterback in this league so I mean I see that but vice versa like yo when Thompson robson's Under Pressure he he kind of looks like a horn Church it's about to burn at stake wow I did not think we're gonna make a [ __ ] in church reference here on the show today wow I went there sorry goofballs [Laughter] do you nice lady of the night in church a nice lady of the night wow

up in the Pew yeah uh yeah I think I wouldn't be surprised if he goes late and fourth but he's probably a fin traffic yeah that's where that's what I'm thinking um as my dad's chimed a couple of times I think he likes it because he said DTR has improved every year he has he just hasn't gotten to where I want him to be to be higher this list basically is what it boils down to um but again Improvement does show coaching you know the ability to go ahead and take the coaching and do something with it so you know but again I don't see him as anything more than a backup this league I just don't yeah alrighty number eight Tanner McGee Mickey Mickey I said Mickey I pulled the Rob on the easy one out out of Stanford Stanford University he's so smart oh yes six foot six 231 pounds good size he could definitely see over that line you know what the one thing though is weird and I'm and for those who aren't aware I'm going to give you guys kind of an idea in the thought process that some Scouts and I'll have for quarterbacks there's a very very specific hype for quarterbacks if you're too short you can't see Over The Line if you're too long you'll have a long delivery because your arm's gonna be long if you're tall as well the six foot six guys can have a much longer arm than the six foot guy that's just natural that's the way it goes so it takes it that much longer to complete the rotation and go around unless he has T-Rex arms yeah exactly like yeah you want that was the issue with you guys remember Brock Osweiler a while ago he was six foot seven if I remember correctly and a lot of the teams did not like him coming out of the draft because of of his height I mean obviously they were right he was not a good quarterback much the text and Chagrin uh but yeah he was yeah six foot seven I just looked up to verify six foot six and seven eighths coming out of the combine oh yeah six three six foot seven um so you know part of the question is going to be to him is does he have can he develop a quick enough release to not have those issues in the NFL um but he's got a good live arm uh he's creative and with throws under the pressure that doesn't get to him but he can't improvise outside of the pocket he's basically a statue in the pocket like you just don't even want him moving around you wanted to if the pressure's there to throw the ball away that's what you want he's not the guy that's going to improve at all like he is not the uh you know he's not going to be anywhere an improv troupe whatsoever he is not calling mockery he's not Wayne Brady you know he's not uh he's not that kind of guy uh I never thought I would compare a quarterback in this episode to Wayne Brady I just did I just did it I just did it I think that beat your [ __ ] in church thing maybe yeah smack a [ __ ] he's also had some inconsiderate uh that was me he's so inconsiderate at times uh he's he's been inconsistent with his accuracy like sometimes you'll see him and make on a drive even it's not even like throw to throw it's within drives you'll see him make a drive where all of a sudden he boom boom boom spot on everybody and then all of a sudden you see him make a couple bad throws you're like where was this guy like what's going on who are you um but he's the guy again that I think will be a decent backup in this league potentially uh I think he's a guy that you know has his limitations because of his lack of mobility and that's what it boils down to but you got a good smart guy who doesn't get pressured under pressure under pressure so there's something for that so like I said I I see him another guy fourth fifth round kind of guy a day three kind of quarterback that someone's going to take and try to develop into a backup quarterback yeah sounds about right or you know something is going to be goofball and go with that Boswell yeah route try to get a tall guy like I said it's it's only she has a quick enough release and doesn't hurt him in that regard he's fine he just needs to figure that part of it out

let's go sidearm homes go quicker yeah uh alrighty number seven seven Jake hayner from Frisco state

the San Francisco

by the way Rice-A-Roni if you care to be a sponsor it's two giant goop balls at mail.com they're okay with multiples as long as it's not another hygiene product [Laughter] but six foot 207 pounds so he needs a little bit more weight when it comes to the NFL he's a little on the shorter side yeah he's not Kyler Murray but yes or Russell Wilson but it's all right six foot still not a bad height yeah I just pushed out six foot 5 10. I would gladly give you two extra inches of my height if I could I do six foot five then the world be just be like made for me better at that point uh doorways yeah trust me you have not had pain to just walk like right like full speed into a doorway yeah it's not something most people have to deal with um also people don't think about it but all the cobwebs that go right over your head go right in my face but you're really good at cleaning the top of the cabinets I am I am alrighty back to Jake Big Jake Big Jake Jake not from State Farm uh it's got good instincts or Frisco Steak

um he's got really good actually in the short throws yeah High football IQ

um but he's a smaller guy like I just said before and uh he doesn't have the arm strength to throw deep down fields I don't know if that's something you develop probably not nope yeah it's who he is he's awesome part of it also could be his size we talked about you know the the speed of throwing with uh a long longer arm being an issue but the one thing a longer arm does give you is it gives you a better point to throw yeah throw further I think that's just that's just lack of arm strength and lack of you know arm length that's what this issue is there I don't see that improving but I do I'll say this this is the first five nine this is the first guy in this draft that I'm gonna sit there and confidence see we'll have a career as a backup yeah the other guys is you you try to develop them in a backup this is a guy that's going to go into the league be a backup QB and he's the perfect kind of backup QB smart guy um quick Dink and dunk guy that's not going to try to run and be the hero yeah he's the guy who's gonna make something of himself as a backup of this league he would be the play action Master the problem is going to be he's also 24 years old though too so this is why we talk about you know what can they improve what can they coach up you're only 24. yeah most people your age have been in the league couple years not sure how much more over there for improvement there is there's always room don't get me wrong but you're closer to your Peak than most most brookies will be

yeah wrong there where you see them I think round three four I think you know Late Late Three early four kind of guy I think somebody that needs a backup quarterback's gonna just take the shot at him yeah I mean I I saw this before but I wouldn't be surprised for three four four

all righty number six and I got another guy I like a lot here Jared Hall at a BYU bring him to the Young University

yes another little shorter guy here six foot 207 pounds same size uh really good arm though this guy has potentially the best arm in the entire draft if you watch the tape there's not a single spot on the field he can't throw to and throw too accurately he's also Athletics able to move outside the pocket I all seem improvised when needed a very high character kind of guy I I I really think this is a guy that you know I don't want to be that guy who tries to make this bold statements just to get people to talk about it the next day but if you're looking for the guy who's gonna pop up out of nowhere and be a starting QB in this league this is the guy yeah let's like him that much yeah he's a good team leader he's good again yeah yep he's a he's life in the locker room he's got some inconsistencies especially the Deep throws he's got a couple injury issues he had two concussions in 19 he had a hip injury and 20. um he's also 25 years old as we talk about the older guys again coming in this draft or he got hit issues

it's all right he got his ARP Card discount on the surgery um but I'm telling you watch the tape on this guy like there's certain people we go into this process we start looking at the tape and I'm like okay here we go let's see this guy's in the top ten probably let me look at jiren Hall and welcome she's like oh my God

like I almost put him ahead of the next guy that's how much I like him I won't give away who the next guy is yet but I like him that much he also just forced the ball a little bit sometimes that's one issue I did have with them I was gonna say he kind of reminded me a little bit of Brett Favre yeah he's got that kind of far of Romo kind of thing where he's yeah the Gunslinger kind of yeah even Eli who would agree as well you know here to just Chuck the ball and hope for the best yeah and that'll work your way sometimes and you'll be the hero and it's not going to work your way sometimes and you'll be the anti-hero yeah are you Spider-Man are you Venom oh there you go yeah so we see you so I think third fourth round I'm telling you right now though if you're a team with an injury prone quarterback

hello Joe Shane if you're a team with an injury prone quarterback this is a guy I'm telling you right now that it would not even Shock Me if he gets a chance to play and creates a QB controversy somewhere um he's that I really think he's that good and you know Courtney kind of guy I don't want to say that because here's the thing Brock Purdy is surrounded by a men's Talent and he's put in a system that doesn't ask him to do more than he can and I like Brock Purdy don't get me wrong like you know we talked about him in the playoffs we talked about the episodes there I'm probably higher on Brock Purdy than a lot of people are because they fit a system to what his limitations are that's what you have to do sometimes in the NFL this is the guy that we talked about he can throw it anywhere he can throw it anywhere

so I've got a couple comments here Ken Cristiano chimes in hey Ken how's it going man he says I say four all day long on the course I know he does I think that's what it says don't trust BYU quarterbacks ah yeah I mean there's definitely been some issues there that's for sure but again I'm not sitting here saying that this guy is going to be a pro bowl kind of guy but you know we still had some good BYU quarterbacks though at the same point Jim McMahon the famous Bears quarterback BYU Ty Detmer again not I'm not trying to say Ty Debra was a great NFL quarterback but he was a legit NFL quarterback in this league that was a guy that had a decent career I want to say he played for at least 10 years like he's been that guy who's played for you know quite a while here um trying to look through the list here of people otherwise that have gone through yeah not exactly the uh the greatest there but can he he was half-blind who's half blind Ty Detmer or Jim McMahon listen either one of them had a much better career than the average person that came into the league yeah so alrighty we gotta move on we got a top five coming here top five number five Cinco well Davis

Kentucky nice Kentucky home fried chicken and bluegrass thing looking good anyway for the record you might be one of the best size quarterbacks right now that we've talked about before 229 prototype prototype like if you're building in a lab a quarterback this is the size it's about the size you want to be at yeah that being said he also's got some great arms out yeah um super athletic well maybe that's super athletic but highly athletic yeah he's the guy who's sneaky athletic he doesn't look to run all the time but when he does he's not bad yeah um sometimes he slow the process some of the plays out there and that being said when you try to speed up that process he makes some bad decisions [Music]

oh yes so and then he's coming off and down here so they probably dropped where he's going to go in this draft okay his 21 was better than a 22 if you watch the tape both years his 21 was better um we gotta talk about the coffee

who the hell puts Mayo in their coffee I'm sorry I can't get it who else there's there's already something NFL that had a thing about that too but who even thinks hmm you know what I should do I should go ahead and put some was it changing a lot I think they said it he talked about running out of like in college running out of creamer or milk and there was Mayo is that how it came to be because I'm thinking in my head like who goes you know what Mayo in the coffee there's definitely someone out there in the NFL because I've never seen something more crazy people um yeah no mayo does not go in coffee and I actually saw a tape of it and he did it and I was like oh Hey listen guys I love Mayo I love Mayo I'm that guy that'll put mayo on my French fries like uh I love a good garlic aioli which obviously is is a lot of that is Mayo uh like yeah Mayo Mayo more Mayo but not in the coffee that's just weird that's just weird um but here's a guy that a lot of the NFL Scouts seem to be higher on him than I am I wasn't as impressed with the tape as a lot of people were and it's because of the turnovers and the bad decisions because he's making those In the Heat of the Moment I don't know how much that could be coached out but if you can't hold on to the ball and keep it in your team's hands that's kind of an important skill yeah it's the whole point being the quarterback it is all down the field to get a touchdown that's it with the fall of the ball the opposite way yeah so like I said he he dropped pretty far in my ranks for that reason um but he has the potential still because he has the arm talent and the size to be a legitimate quarterback in this league as well so I mean he's got a ceiling I think to be an above average Quarterback and he's got the floor to be a complete bust yeah somebody will take the chance on him because of that ceiling but they're still therefore there alrighty number four hold on we gotta we got we got Connor popping in here what's up Connor quote Pulp Fiction you know what they put on french fries and how good instead of ketchup what mayonnaise God damn I'm sorry mayonnaise is pretty good on on fries my dad chimes in with Levis is a boomer bus Prospect yeah I mean that's 100 what he is but he'll take the shot because you need to Boom at that position um number four four and this is where I think I think we differ from a lot of the people that you see making lists Hendon hooker Tennessee and they call you hooker his name is hooker oh okay wow we already talked about hookers once at church to the list um six three 217 pounds good size mobile good mechanics accurate aggressive not afraid of pass rushers the issues ran more of a college system if you watch a lot of Tennessee film a lot of what they do is they'll use the wider hashes that the college system uses and stick to the sides a little more to use that extra feels to the left or the right of them to make a play that way that's not an option for him in the NFL I don't think that's gonna stop him and I don't think it's going to hinder him but I gotta mention it at least because of the fact that it's something he did in college that he can't do in the pros um the big one the big elephant in the room is the ACL injury he may not play at all next year and if you have the right place he goes to looking at you Minnesota then he doesn't have to worry about that if you got a guy who's got one or two more years left on his contract this is a good pickup that you can give him some time develop them a little bit haven't be your next starting quarterback obviously I just mentioned Minnesota they got one more year left on Kirk Cousins contract Perfect Fit I think um I could also see a team like the Lions who obviously are still you know short up too much there on Jared Goff uh you know those are the kind of teams that are going to be looking at a guy like this um one thing he needs to learn though and I think he will I mean I think we finally saw Daniel Jones wearing this this year he also needs to learn to slide and protect himself a little better I definitely saw him um yeah I definitely saw him take a hitting that tick and there's a few times a few times yeah uh and that and that's an issue but that's all something that I like the competitive Drive of it yeah so I wanna I wanna take that away from him at the same point but I do want to go ahead and uh you know acknowledge that's an issue yeah you can't be mad at the guy that wants to fight for everything no how that feels but at the same time you have to play smart and sacrifice that because if you get hurt now and you're the key player you're taking that key player off the board which then hinders your team opportunity to win yes you say it Henderson's Independence uh

[Laughter] yeah so my dad says the QB the throws through his receivers and not the opposition is a big plus and yes it is yeah and that's the big that's the big reason why I can't put will Levis but ahead of him is because of the interception issue plus the menu and the coffee thing still freaks me out a little bit to be honest that's still kind of creeps me out um Conor says what's the name if guy that you said would be a good backup Daniel Jones if he gets coach good you said he broke records from I forget his full name I wanted to look him up so there was a couple of guys we mentioned but because you said the records thing I'm assuming you meant number 10 which is Tyson badgett b-a-g ENT as Shepherd like I said look them up like I said there's a good video of RG3 talking with them and it's kind of funny too because RG3 had his kid with them this kid kept on like running off so go run to mommy he's trying to get an interview going he's like we're gonna run to mommy um but yeah I mean the other thing with hooker up we got to talk about as well is the age he's 25.

if you're not going to start until 26. he's not going to develop obviously for you know most quarterbacks in the year or two to start before you really see the full potential for them so you're talking 27 28. that's when you start seeing the legit so he's not going to have the longest career necessarily in this league unless he's a guy who you know will be able to continue playing once some of the athleticism starts dying down but I think he's gonna have a good career I really do I I think I'm a lot higher on him than a lot of people are I think he's got a higher ceiling than a lot of the guys here um and like I said will Levis as much as I think he's going to go top 15. headed hooker is a better quarterback in my eyes and if it wasn't for the injury I think the draft people would see that as well I think that's what scares them is he's 25 and you're not going to see him hit the field till 26. but at least it's it's quarterback guys you get a good quarterback you take him you take them most important position all of sports so I think like I said late first round early second round kind of guy but this is another guy again we talked about the Giants met with him yesterday all right sorry nice two days ago if he drops to throw around or something like that a fourth round yeah go ahead and take him telling you right now take him I don't care if you heard Daniel Jones is feeling you take him uh my dad says watchful hooker did to Alabama yeah I mean he best college football program and just yeah let him up let him up so all right number three Anthony Richardson Florida AR-15 there we go I guess I like that name anymore ever since the shootings things but I don't care I can't still call him that I it was his nickname for years beforehand I still got to call him that yeah 604 244 pounds that's the gator movement for those of you know what we're doing here um um yeah another guys like prototype size that's about to say he's a little bigger than some of the guys coming up so that's not a bad thing to have um athletic he's dual threat strong arm he wants to look even bigger he should manscape

the key it's the key 20 off

uh strong arm deep and versatile um storm mechanics is a little off need some work but that's something you can coach up it's not a big thing uh he's had some action issues but the worst on this list uh there's some other guys that just throw it on the field and or completely off oh yeah his footwork is uh so so here if you will I'm saying it nicely this guy could be a boom robust so that's exactly what it is yeah he has a high ceiling low floor I I really think and you know you hear this often with some of these quarterbacks when they're drafted to that oh this person failed because they weren't put the right position to succeed this is the guy that needs the right position to succeed he needs a a good coaching staff that has a track record with quarterbacks a system that's going to let him do what he does as far as his Mobility because he's a very mobile quarterback and I I think he needs to be able to do that in the NFL to be calm adjusted and doing what he was doing similar in college it's kind of that familiarity part of that don't try to make him a pocket Pastor it's not what he is uh he can't throw him in the pocket don't get me wrong I'm not trying to say he's a running back that just throws occasionally but it's part of his game uh he just needs that guy he needs that Guru that guy is going to sit there and show him how to fix you're talking footwork mechanics these are things that you don't typically want to have to be teaching a guy that is drafting in the first round nope but sometimes you do look at look at Josh Allen when the Bill's drafted him that was the guy that a lot of people said he's gonna need a lot of work he got a lot of work and he exactly it paid off uh I think he's gonna go top ten I think he could even go top five it all depends on how the Quarterback board goes but like I said number three with where we have him here so third quarterback off the board we already know the first two picks will probably be a quarterback

yeah if the Colts need a quarterback you know the um the Raiders get a quarterback probably Houston that's it honestly that's a great spot for him the Raiders that's a great spot if think about that for a second let him sit behind Jimmy Garoppolo for a year or two let Josh McDaniels try to help him out and you know I hate Josh McDaniels but listen Brady had some of his best years with him he knows quarterbacks so that's that'd be a good spot I thought of that too because I was like I like it I like it they'd have to trade up probably get him though I think they're I think they're number seven in the draft so I think they probably trade up to get him but train up with the Cardinals Cardinals don't need to pick at number three no I thought the Cardinals do that for they already have a quarterback he's just playing Call of Duty right now I wonder if he plays Madden dude seriously if I was an NFL guy I would be I would trade for myself and he's like ah here's a good one let's say you're a guy like Jalen hurts who grew up a Cowboy fan yes if anything Eagle fans are listening Jalen hurts grow up a Cowboys fan if you're playing Madden do you play as the Cowboys or the Eagles right he's drafted yourself straight Jack to you know the Eagles and I'm just saying like listen like as a big time Giants fan if I played in the NFL obviously I'm gonna you know roof for the team that I play for but a part of me always gonna still be a giant fan yeah part of me will always hope that I've played for the Giants you know I I think it's it's something to look at there um my dad's had a couple more comments on Richardson here he said will Richardson develop his pass game before he gets killed running the ball that depends on where he goes and what kind of line he has uh Richardson is better off in Indy think about what their new head coach did with hurts and that's not you know what I don't wanna I don't want a badge hurts too much we did enough of the last episode we talked about his contract I still think the guy had one good year with the Stacked offense you're the best line in football he had the you know two great receivers he had a good running back like a good good tight end granted tight end was injured for part of the year but a really good tight end like he yeah he'd had a good year stacked team so I'm still not I'm not I'm still not still in hertz um we'll see it we'll see how that goes our overall plus they have an offensive mind as a head coach so I don't know how much they give the OC the credit that Indy got to be their new head coach but we'll see time will tell alrighty on to number two and this is where we get to the real battle because so many people are torn on this one on who to go number one who to go number two and this changed very recently I have been pounding the table for one person to be number one pounding the table and they have disappointed me so much this week they're down number two instruments for number two CJ Stroud Ohio State Buckeye six foot three 214 pounds accurate good production in college more prone to mistakes Under Pressure I did see that late on decisions at times here's the biggest issue and it's funny because I didn't even think about this when we're talking about this a minute ago we just talked about Jalen hurts and him being on a stack team you want to talk about a stack team CJ Stroud let's talk about CJ Stroud for a minute here who are the best rookie receivers this year in the NFL olave with the Saints Wilson with the Jets where did they play Ohio Ohio State who's the top receiver in the draft this year Jackson Smith majigba where did he play again oh yeah Ohio State who is the receiver that are probably the top receiver taken off the board next year who's already what people were saying if he was on the board this year he'd be the top receiver taking off Marvin Harrison Jr where does he play again oh yeah Ohio State oh yeah who has got two of the top five tackles in this draft class Ohio State who's got one of the top five centers in this draft class Ohio State so you're saying he's gonna be a bust I'm just saying he played on a stacked team and that has to come into the equation because when you have a guy who doesn't play in a stack team you know we've talked about a couple guys you know that came at some smaller schools and just kind of showed what they did didn't have a ton of talent around them I mean like we talked about my like uh my enjoyment of watching jiren Hall on tape who did Jaron Hall have who is his top receiver

who is exactly puka remember we talk about puka

but again this guy barely made the top 20. this kid was thrown around with so much talent it's not even funny now the reason he dropped in my eyes in the last week is because of two things one demanding past Academy thing is going to come up as a potential character issue you said you were to go you didn't go you're you're no you're under a fine-tooth comb and a microscope right now and you didn't think to go you better have a damn good excuse for that one number two there's the test and it's not called the Wonderlic anymore but there's a test that schedule that kind of supposed to give you an idea as far as the intelligence level of of a quarterback specifically when it comes to processing and stuff like that so the guy we're gonna talk about number one here in a minute which I let's let's let's not even keep the the shroud of mystery I think you all know it's Bryce young obviously scored 98 percentile CJ Stroud 18.

he may not just test well don't get me wrong but we're splitting hairs when you're talking number one number two so that's the hair we're gonna split right now and say we have a guy now that's making bad decisions off the field has failed the test now to go ahead and show his ability to process on the field

it's just made me drop him a little bit there uh as my dad says isn't the idea of the game to stack your team away and of course that's the idea to win but you have to go ahead and also say well you stack your team you need to know you're stacking with Talent now yeah I mean it's the Mark Sanchez disease Mark Sanchez when he first got in the league had a stacked good line had a really couple of really good receivers had a really good running back and Mark Sanchez looked good the first couple years Mark Sanchez started loosen those players little by little and he butt fumbled literally yeah so you have to when to me at least in my eyes when I look at these guys I have to go ahead and say what what help do they have around them and obviously Bryce young will talk about in a moment here had a lot of help Alabama probably the best recording College in the whole damn system here but there's just some things I liked better about him where I think he's a safer pick CJ strato still will go top five um I don't think more and more I do think that the rumors are right that Bryce young will be taken by the Panthers the Texans will probably take CJ Stroud if they don't hypothetically he's not making a past four so he'll definitely be a top five

Colts won't let him go they're not stupid alrighty number one well it's no surprise Bryce Young from bam I can't believe it I had no clue this was another person I saw in the movie that talked about what's happening in the scene before it happens if if nobody knew that that was the battle between one and two they they probably aren't watching this program because they don't watch anything on the draft I watched a movie with this guy never seen it he's seen a hundred times but now stop telling me about the scene that's about to happen so every part of the movie the worst ones I was watching The Sixth Sense I'm not gonna rule it for other people who may not have watched it but the person about 25 years ago yeah screw it we're doing it if you haven't watched The Sixth Sense yet youth this for about 10 seconds so yeah I watched the movie in like 15 minutes into it and someone goes oh yeah listen to the good dead doctor like that doctor she's dead people God damn it

okay it is now safe if you're back it's okay it's safe but yeah I was like who says this kind of stuff during a movie freaking there's a whole twist ruined it all right back to Bryce yes he's 510 204 pounds throws a superb accurate ball High football IQ and just like Drew just said before a 98 at his test score smart guy has quick throws he can improvise he's got a good arm strength not the best but he's got good arm strength you just got to work on his size like he's a short guy you can't really work on your size he's gonna wear like yeah I was talking about the height is talking about the weight he's got the hooker boots of football cleats listen if you said number one Prospect like you could go at 5 10 like there's been other 5-10 quarterbacks that seen it in the NFL race Russell Wilson yeah granted he fell off that Bronco but

he I see what you did there you always thought of too does Sean Payton have a thing for short quarterbacks bye Sean Payne's like you keep that six foot three guy over there I got my five nine five ten QB over here quick release you can't even see him over the line you have no clue what he's doing he's just hidden behind those big guys I think he's on his tippy toes he can't see but you can't see him Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky Pete yeah uh I mean the big thing like I said the big thing like you you mentioned earlier is size size and size I mean 204 pounds will he take the hits in the NFL on a consistent basis what I like about him and where I always kind of fighting to a certain degree over him and CJ you know all along because that's the battle right now everybody wants to know who's the better quarterback because history tells you one is a good one one's a bad one that's typically the way these drafts go um the big thing for me is this poise I see mistakes from CJ Stroud in the pocket I don't when he gets the pocket breaks down I don't see that as much of Bryce Young and if you're going to go to a number one number two pick in this draft they're probably not going to have a great offensive line they're probably not if this that's just life you're going to a team that had the worst record in football now the interesting part about this is the pick was traded so the Panthers don't actually what the Texans do you know the Colts had a bad one even though they have at least a couple good players in the offensive line so you said that terrible yeah whoever gets picked by the Texans though that better be a mobile quarterback

run Forrest run fine for your life the second coming of David Carr oh no I mean they still got a couple good ones they got they did get a good guard last year they do have Laramie tonsil one of the best tackles in the league but the right side of that line is a little sus it's a little sus um but yeah I mean I just I just I look at that and I go okay you're gonna have your issues you're gonna have your learning curve when you go in as a pro quarterback Good Under Pressure better when things don't go quite his way that's kind of an important skill in this whole thing what I really just don't like about him is the size and the fact that he's never going to be the Gunslinger he's never the big guy who's going to throw the ball 50 yards down the field it's just not in his repertoire as the French would say repertoire so but I think I think he's at this point he's a safer pick between him and CJ and that's why that's why we're saying number one with him because he's the safer of the two picks and it's such an important decision that sometimes you got to play it safe and QB is such an important position that CJ Stroud may end up being the better player but the chances are Bryce young will be the better so um and like I said there's a couple flags that are coming up this week on CJ where it's telling me he's gonna be the one of the two that's gonna be the best for every Peyton Manning there's a Ryan Leaf

it's the way it goes it's the way it goes you know so yeah like I said I think he'll be number one overall um on most boards because of that and like I said as long as you can deal with the issues he has as far as the size as far as the the limit a limited strength throwing the ball it's a good pickup overall so all righty guys it's getting away here we're almost 11 o'clock we're almost two hours in this thing I know I had to talk those quarterbacks running backs so again guys on Monday we're gonna have for you guys going over the defensive line guys the defensive tackles um the 3-4-d line kind of people that we're gonna be looking at in this draft uh the tight ends as well because we still could be looking for a third tight end plus we're gonna have some big names overall I want to give you guys a heads up and everybody coming out big time in this draft uh after that Tuesday will be our final mock draft for the Giants we're gonna go over all the Giants picks for all seven rounds Wednesday we will have our mock of the full first round for every single team let's see how wrong or right we are probably wrong quite often to be honest that's part of the that's part of the fun of a mock draft like it never will go what how do you think but it gives you at least a good run down to all the players again that we were talking about on Thursday see what I segue there um Thursday when the first round happens because we'll be live the entire day for the draft that's the entire day 24 hours just to draft itself yeah uh so we'll be on the every every single pick we will be on for you guys giving you guys the thoughts and Analysis on it uh we will have some special guests on as well we have a few people lined up for that as well already still talking to some others as well so we couldn't even have a packed house we'll see um Friday round two and three we will again be live for every single pick around two and three Saturday next Saturday we will give give you guys a live show but not live during the draft we'll do it afterwards because we're gonna have a lot of players talk about uh and be honest because these guys are six seven round picks some of these guys we might have to do a little research and watch a little tape on guys we hadn't watched yet so we're not going to do that one live I want to actually be able to give you guys proven actual knowledge on these guys so we'll do that one probably Saturday night at some point there um we'll look at the schedule and kind of figure out from there and give you guys a heads up as soon as possible probably the next couple days we'll have a better idea of a timetable for that one there um so like I said if you haven't already hit that like hit that subscribe hit the Bell on YouTube um hit that subscribe and everywhere else and the likes and all because a lot of stuff coming up guys the best way they'll know when we're live again is the bell in YouTube that's really the best way so hit that bell ring that Bell uh and again guys we got a lot of shows coming up here so pretty much every single night next week except for Sunday Sundays are one day off it's a day of rest it's a holy day except for that horror Church [Laughter] the lady of the knights he's not a vampire uh again guys so again we are live as always Facebook YouTube Twitter twitch my LinkedIn profile of all things oh yes we are again uh we're on every pretty much audio platform known demand Apple podcast Spotify Amazon I heard all that stuff there so uh if you'd prefer to watch on audio give a subscribe there prefer to watch on the video give a subscribe there if you want to make us happy subscribe everywhere go on every single platform go crazy it makes us all happy to see high numbers uh again guys manscape we want to thank them for sponsoring the show again we got the lawnmower 4.0 here oh yes we're breaking out the wall oh yeah 4.0 again 20 off your order guys with the promo code goofballs plus free shipping yeah and listen guys when the power goes out it's got a flashlight yeah so it also works for the storms [Laughter]

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