2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

NFL Draft Linebacker & Safety Rankings 2023

April 19, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 113
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
NFL Draft Linebacker & Safety Rankings 2023
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In this episode of 2 Giant Goofballs: A New York Giants Podcast, hosts Rob and Drew rank the top 10 linebackers and safeties in the 2023 draft. Sponsored by Manscaped, the duo discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each prospect, providing expert analysis and insights into their draft stock.

Listeners will enjoy the lively banter between the hosts, as they use their trademark humor to keep things light and entertaining. Rob and Drew also discuss which prospects would be the best fit for the Giants and which ones might be better suited for other teams.

By the end of the episode, fans will have a better understanding of the top 10 linebackers and safeties in the 2023 draft. This informative and fun-filled episode of 2 Giant Goofballs is a must-listen for any Giants fan, or anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest NFL draft news. Plus, with Manscaped as the sponsor, listeners can be sure that they're supporting a brand that prioritizes hygiene and grooming. MANSCAPED.com! #ad #manscapedpod #nygiants #giants #nfl

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welcome to two giant Goosebumps a New York Giant podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob welcome Phil goofballs the two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always bye and me Arab it's almost a draft day I thought you're about to start flexing or something there you're like this which way is the beach I was gonna go with the Wario for a minute oh okay

all righty folks so today we are going to go ahead and talk about the linebackers and the safeties in this year's draft two pretty important positions for us because let's be honest we need some depth at these pieces we got one good linebacker now we have one coming off ACL we have a second year guy that was healthy at least but didn't really show a lot as a rookie that's it the linebacker position you know safety wise we have a possible star with uh one banged up hand because he's still wearing predicted protective protective gear on that on that hand apparently still in the in the voluntary workouts they're doing right now as we speak uh and then beyond that we have one player we signed that we hope is going to be a fit we don't know yet another rookie that was almost healthy for the most part but again I don't think I have the greatest rookie season was like you go oh that's a star in the making so this is gonna embarrass himself no and that's what I'm saying it's just yeah there's also a fourth round pick you can't expect a stud out of the fourth round you shouldn't delete it it's nice when it happens but it's not something you should count on so before we get going guys of course we are at as we were last week uh last episode should say uh sponsored and presented by manscape so we do have of course a special offer for all of our listeners that were interested so you save 20 plus you get free shipping on all purchase at manscape.com by using the promo code goofballs goof balls and we're here talking about footballs the goofballs we got the lawnmower 4.0 here oh yeah like your way oh yes light your way yeah oh yes

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oh yes and that's the key there the dream living the dream we get to get the nice boxers to put on afterwards as well with the kid um ball deodorant again again these are things guys that nobody wants to talk about but the summer is coming guys that's what you're gonna need it so again manscaped.com go there at checkout use the uh promo code goofballs and you get 20 off and you get free shipping on all your purchases so definitely well worth it there and trust me your boss will thank you oh yes your balls will thank you thanks me today after the shower through it

sure that's for doing the shower you perfect

oh all righty guys so as always before we get started with the actual rankings here for the NFL draft here we're gonna give you guys just a little bit of news not a lot the last couple days it's been kind of slows everybody's kind of gearing up for the the draft here we do just have a little bit it's time for the news

all right so the one bit of Giants news that we have that really turned a lot of heads is that the Giants are meeting with Tennessee quarterback Hendon hooker today so they already have I should say they already had the earlier yeah so it turned a lot of heads people like oh my God we just signed Daniel Jones and you're already looking at a quarterback that could potentially be his replacement and I think some people are looking a little too much into this first off you always talk to anybody who may drop this is a guy who may drop he's got an ACL injury he's probably not going to play much this season he's the guy who's gonna drop because of that on top of that when you're looking at wide receivers and you think the Giants might be looking at wide receivers in the draft this year up you think they might because we need a top fight receiver well guess what guys guess who threw the two of the biggest name receivers in the draft this year hooker what'd you call me no I didn't call you a hooker oh okay it's called you a trollop but you think he might be able to give some insight into the guys that he threw the ball too you think you might be able to pick his brain a little bit while also getting some information on a guy who if he drops is a good pickup for you because keep in mind even when you draft somebody in let's say the third fourth round if he happens to drop it I don't let me be very Frank and clear before someone he's an idiot because someone's gonna say me saying this but I don't care I don't see it happening but it's still possible anything is possible in the draft if he drops down a third fourth round and nobody's taking him yet there's worse ideas and the Giant's taking him let's say he doesn't play much next year that's fine we don't need him next year but we have him as a backup going forward at a cheap rate right and if Daniel Jones flops which I know Rob's gonna tell me that I'm crazy for but it's possible it's possible you have a nice option or let's say Daniel Jones gets injured because let's be frank he's been injured every year except for last year that's one of these a lot of Giants fans forgot like oh Daniel Jones is better now well he just happened to be also healthy for the first time his career but if he gets hurt again next year you got Tyrod Taylor past that now you would have hooker for the next three years after that exit it's a smart move I think it is it's it's one of the things that even if it's just to get the knowledge out of Tim about Tillman and Hyatt it makes all the sense in the world to go ahead and see what you got so I think that's I think that's what it's all about he's you know you just you know you do the hokey pokey to turn yourself around that's what it's all about so my dad Chimes you with no way he drops past round two and I'll be honest I don't think he even makes it to us in round two I don't I think we're the second half of that uh Second Ride so it's like yeah I'm I'm just hoping the man likes some cold weather because I have a feeling he's about to be a Viking just just a gut feeling I have is that he's gonna if he makes it to the Vikings he won't make it past them but like I said we shall see uh we do have a little bit also of NFL news for you guys here got a couple things so let's go into that


oh yes NFL news here so um first thing is Alan Robinson the wide receiver the former Jaguar former bear now former Ram has been traded from the Rams to the Steelers and you would think I mean he's been the league 10 years he's not exactly a spring chicken but he's had some good years he's a good veteran receiver you would think he gets something for a player like that right mid-round pick or something nope the Steelers and the Rams just exchanged seventh round picks that's all the ram moved up like 20 spots in the seventh round they went from 251 to 234. it's not hit a full 20. that's like almost a smack in the face Robson mm-hmm but for the Steelers who also have a Young quarterback that are trying to get weapons to steal oh one problem is you're going to pay the guy like 10 million a year for the next two years that's the one downfall so if you got the cap space though why not do this my channel says salary dumping yeah that's exactly what it was it was a salary dump but I find it hard to believe with all the people needing a wide receiver the lack of top talent wide receivers in this draft we've talked about that at nauseum and I said what he wanted even if it's a seventh round pick flat out yeah I mean like something a sixth round pick perhaps it may be a fifth to be you know hey something oh God damn it it's like this guy's done like a thousand yards like uh yeah he's definitely three or four thousand yard uh you know seasons in his career he's done multiple over 800 beyond that it's like this guy's been like a one-hit wonder or a scrub Now Grant he was injured last year and didn't have a great year uh you know had his issues last year in Chicago as well so he was really two years removed from a really good year but like I said that one's a little boggling to me there um oh now you're gonna make me look it up it was about to say it would be the Rams now you're gonna make you look it up here I did not have myself that prepared for that type of conversation into this here to be very Frank with you um foot ailment just says foot injury so who knows maybe it's that uh you know that one that uh was that the uh one that uh what's his name had okay yeah now he got me all messed up what a question stop asking questions Rob damn it thank you okay you're out I'm going to shave my balls okay [Laughter] but maybe it's at least Frank injury that one that we would have talked about with the foot injuries it takes a little time maybe that's why they got nothing for him like I said all I ever I never heard a specific either and I that's my problem I forgot is because I'm looking it up now it's all foot injury foot injury foot injury so um Conor says Drew is unprepared Rob reach over and slap true

it's okay

all righty so QB news here so their rumor is the several teams including the Vikings that I mentioned a moment ago have reached out to the 49ers about Trey Lance and it begs the question a few things first off why would the 49ers ever trade Trey Lance until they know that Brock Purdy's healthy and able to throw again a two two why the hell would anybody want trailheads yeah that's what I was about to say I don't get it I I didn't get the whole they didn't even draft night I'm like really this is who we're trading up with so we like gave up so much stuff for like thank God I'm not a Niners fan right now I'd be like throwing stuff

your best pick yeah um we also have news on this year's uh potential number one number two pick kind of guy Ohio State QB CJ Stroud apparently had committed to being a part of the Manning Passing Academy and then goes to them just didn't show up so this has caused some alarms to go off for some Scouts around the league because um yeah you don't

yeah well Daddy you don't make a commitment and not fall through yeah but it's like you know if you mess with the Mannings we're just gonna get out oh 100 if you mess with like you know some random you know Smallville USA Passing Academy or football camp with the kids or something like that like it's probably not going to come out you do the Manning Passing Academy where Priestly every quarter back in the last you know 20 years or so has come out of yeah word's gonna spread yeah show up and I'm sure I'd have to look it up but I'm sure he probably went there himself when he was younger as an actual participant so that's one of those things that's part of the policy they have there that's why you always see NFL quarterbacks going back and giving back so um as Conor says you think the Giants would take hooker for backup and just in case Jones didn't work I do I 100 do it's the most important position on the entire team and you have an injury-prone quarterback who you still have questions about why would you not I mean that's what I cook her again I wouldn't take him round one I would even potentially pause around two so I don't think he's going to drop long enough for me to go yeah that's worth it but if you have a QB in the mid rounds even that you have a lot of faith in and you believe in given what I just said yeah I'm taking them all day long worst case scenario who's a cheap backup for the next four years you need that you're paying Tyrod Taylor a lot of money right now you don't want to pay that kind of money so alrighty guys on to our linebackers and our safeties so I'm gonna be I'm gonna go ahead and let Rob make this decision here we got two different groups here did we discuss the linebackers first or do we discuss the safe pick the safeties first let's end off safe let's go with the linebackers oh oh he's doing it so guys we have 10 different players for you guys in each position so we're gonna go ahead and do like we've been doing um as far as that I didn't go into like 20 or anything crazy for you guys this time because let's be honest you all gotta go to sleep eventually and sit away yeah if y'all got any questions that anybody's specific in this draft as always let us know and if we haven't done the research happen to the tape we will tell you point blanket hey give us a chance we'll look this guy up we'll let you guys know we think next time um I I think that there's probably some guys in here that will give us a name um that you know we probably still have to do some homework on because keep on you're talking about positions here that you have two on the field at pretty much all times so when you have that there's gonna be a lot of guys in this draft a lot of them so this is Joe yeah so like I said we're giving you guys the top ten but anybody else beyond that you guys want to know about let us know we're happy to either like let's let you guys know right off the bat what we think if it's the player we've already done some homework on or we'll go ahead and do some homework for you guys and let you know next episode um Connor says you need protection just in case Daniel messes up or gets hurt but you definitely need protection with the hooker LOL 100 yes yes sometimes you need double protection yes but that actually makes it worse Rob did you learn nothing in health class I wasn't talking about that part like Hey listen if you want to let's try something else I'd be saying Prime rap goes a long way let's stop talking about hookers my dad's comedy we may trade down to round one of all the wide receivers and CBS we have around one great on are gone by the time we pick and that's definitely possible unless there's a guy that really likes like a no one Smith drops or something like that um you know that kind of that kind of move I can definitely see alrighty so let's get into our linebackers here for you would you care to the honors first Rob would you like me to go first you can go first today alrighty you just gave yourself the more difficult name after me so anyway number 10. fantastic demarvian over shown Texas six foot three 229 pounds uh so obviously good size and length as far as the height a little bit late as far as the weight there obviously um athletic and quick a violent tacular overall uh not very good against the run though missed a lot of tackles especially in the open field and I think a lot of that is due to his size so like I said he's got the good length but he's 229 pounds so he's almost a tweener not quite a safety not quite a linebacker Weight Wise but has the height of a linebacker so linebacker will be where he plays in the NFL but I think he's a guy you might bring down more as like a third round uh third down linebacker someone to come in to do some coverage and stuff like that for you as Rob's light go out if you not pay the power bill Rob [Laughter]

oh the dog got the room again but yeah guys you're gonna see a lot of these kind of smaller linebackers I'll give you guys fair warning on that there's a lot of we talked about smaller Corners smaller receivers this is a small draft if you guys want the big bruisers unfortunately this is not the draft for you yeah all these guys we've been saying it through the whole draft coverage like restart with the receivers tiny cornerbacks yeah tiny we talked about a receivers 160 pounds guys I'm just saying yeah yeah wow like I'm not even sure that fits on a peewee football team with a little NFL one seriously it's like the radtad of the NFL soon alrighty number nine Rob never now actually I forgot to say fourth fifth round guys fourth fifth round that's where I'm taking for him yeah I'm thinking early fifth yeah I mean like I said I wouldn't be surprised in fourth but early fifth but uh we also got uh at number nine Muhammad diabete it's not he's not diabetes Muhammad

diabate yeah I got diabetes just name it is diabetes let us know about his size and insulin oh what he needs to take at least a couple uh you know milligrams

two yeah let's have two with this Beefcake said six foot three two hundred and three events listen I don't know if Muhammad really actually has uh diabetes here so I'm sorry I'm sure he does not have diabetes yeah as a physical athlete his name is just spelled similar to the disease that's all yes hmm so you also play at Florida oh I'm sorry he plays for Utah now but he also played at Florida um he's got a good size with his uh athleticism great range versatile um he's visible in his hands he plays physical gets low uh but he also has trouble and coverage and he also takes some wrong angles like when he sets up and then uh sometimes with his eyes um he gets into the box he just gets stuck yeah well that's the side that's the weight and that's what I'm saying we're talking about smaller guys he's got good size again for the height 6'3 he's got decent length but he's 230 pounds so you know you're talking just a pound over over show and we're just talking about him being a little light so and he's not a good cover guy what he is though is he's the guy that you could throw in on Blitz packages from the from the linebacker position and Hope that you can coach up the rest of the coverage skills the Run blocking if you maybe add a few pounds on without killing his speed and his athleticism so but yeah I mean a guy that you BC would have to develop I think is pretty much what sums him up but a guy that also had some nice hits on tape honestly he's got some nice hits on team like if you want to highlight a real kind of guy that just smacks the crap out of the exposing team uh you know the opposing team that's the guy he just yeah you got some good hits yeah

all right so I got I think like four or five for him I think I I think I I think late four early five is probably a really good rare is going to be he'll be definitely a D3 pick yeah no I mean I think he's only five or before but more of A5 wait five early fours that's what you said before is that what I said before see I didn't listen to myself uh we got another comment here from Connor except I won't read the two player one he said about the the cookers and the condoms there said no one Smith looks good probably gone though when we up would you trade up uh for him or trade up to get Anderson Junior uh listen you want Anderson you're going to be trading up in this like top five we don't have nearly the manpower to do that draft wise there so um trading up for him no I wouldn't trade up for an edge guy but if he's there when we pick then if they like him enough I think he's a fit enough then yeah I would take him as a third Edge guy I have a rotation

I don't know if they go with uh I don't know it just depends on what else is there and that's the crap shoot at 25. if you go with your board yeah I feel like there's going to be a better Town out there for needs but here's what I'm saying let's let's say hypothetically any receivers and Corners that you like are gone that are off the board okay guys did you have a first round gray down you have Nolan Smith there or you take the what the center you take them way too early when you have a guy who's a mid first round pick by most people if you can get in the lead first round like I said it's it's a crap shoot and I can see both sides of it because but to me you always pick best player available if he's your best player and your needs aren't there then go for it unless you have the option to trade down because I've said before I want to trade down alrighty number eight Ivan Pace Jr at a Cincinnati um five ten and a half 231 pounds so this is guys without the length or the size he's almost like a safety he really is like a heavy safety um but I I've seen some really good tape on this guy that I liked and some things that I think are something you can't coach like one thing is he keeps his eye on the quarterback in past plays at all times I saw a lot of bad Balls by him and you wouldn't think that'd be something that he would do at five foot ten you know be no guys batting down balls or you know shaving balls of manscape and you know he's he's been able to Pat him down because he's got the instincts and he's watching the quarterback as opposed to you know just sitting there in the middle going what do I do here he's just like he's got that knowledge that he's got to be doing something why not look at the guy who has the ball and we'll just see what he's doing at that point um he's got a very good short burst and shiftiness to him he's a hell of a Blitzer too like we talked about you know a moment ago about using uh you know some of the linebackers and the blitz packages this is the guy who's built for Blitz packages um small size though short length he's also not good in man coverage so that's the problem you run into is he's not a guy that you're ever going to put down there in all the plays but if you want to bring an extra Blitzer on the field specifically from the linebacker position I'm not a bad guy to have there you want to put a QB spy in the middle not a bad guy to have there so you know you have specific things that you can do with him so but you have to make sure you fit those needs and what you need is what he does if that makes sense so I think he's going to be drafted to him later than the last two guys we talked about I don't think he's gonna draft like the fifth round I think his size is what's going to really set him back but I think he's better than the last two guys we talked about because he's got some of those instincts because he's got one thing he's really good at so like I said that's a skill and skills are something the NFL tends to like crazy

right like this guy like you said with the past like it's not the great could be in sight but he also is he's got great football IQ to pay attention to where the ball is at yeah so he understands the plays it's just like his size limits to what he could put out on the place oh yeah but I do like him um I agree with you drew I think his size is going to film this draft oh yeah so and it's definitely going to pick him up and he's going to be um you know what I feel like he's probably a vital part of a d uh defensive uh he's gonna be fun to see when he plays but he's gonna

he's going to be uh yeah I feel like the big thing for me is the NFL will see past weight it won't see past length and height they still value that in every single position and 510 just isn't getting it done for most Scouts and most you know guys when they go to picking so I think like I said I think it's like I said I I'm not too worried about that it's an inch if he was like six foot which is an inch and a half we're talking here we wouldn't be having this conversation sometimes it doesn't matter this is one of those times to me it doesn't matter because you're not expecting him to be a star if you wanted to be a star now you go okay well maybe can he be a star because he's five ten and a half they're looking for a guy to have a bench player with a bit roll that's what you're looking at in this kind of position yeah so all righty number seven okay seven seven darn Williams

my man's six foot one two hundred and um 28 pounds

I gotta put that comment up for Connors in I love the struggling Roberto's face when saying Arc names

tell us more about Dorian Williams he

this guy's Foods movement he's he's a small guy again blood in size he's got trouble again he's got trouble against past blocks well getting past the blocks um he's got some experience on the special teams yeah he's got a lot yeah so like when he gets drafted like he's gonna be like second screen a second string second stream whoa that sounds like a medical problem there

yeah probably uh but yeah I know he's probably gonna have special teams a lot and not being a starter on the main no and that's listen when you draft a guy like he's gonna go and I'm gonna say fourth round when we agree with that or not I think like a fourth round pick he's gonna be but when you draft a guy that late you want somebody who plays special teams that's exactly what he does he moves well he's got lateral movement which is also important for special teams you put him as a special teamer you give them a couple of years see if he can develop them better as an actual defense guy and maybe he makes it into the rotation that's it not everybody has to be a star they just have to fill the role and that's exactly what this guy does hey you know what special teams is a very important part of the whole team they're special even yeah super special maybe he could be the all-important Gunner [Laughter] [Music] see now only the people who watch the show on a regular basis will get that one definitely helps the kicker oh yes alrighty number six day on Henley Washington State 6-1 225 pounds again tiny Guy this is what we got tiny tiny people here people like nobody's like 240 250 that's what we're expecting here and I say that because I know a couple are coming but so far these guys are no one has been um so he's had a very interesting path I mean some of you guys who watched our previous episodes we did one of our mock drafts we talked about him we also talked about him we talked about the linebacker uh you know show overall from the last year we'll discussed them and we upgrade this this graph this off season so he was a quarterback in high school goes to Nevada becomes a wide receiver then becomes a defensive back even returns kicks at Nevada yes then becomes the linebacker when he transfers over to Washington State and he made a huge impact huge impact highly athletic this kid is I mean he's played everywhere in the field basically here's the thing you could sit there and say it's a bad thing or a good thing depending on how you look at it you can sit there and say okay well he's playing everywhere because he hasn't accept any work or you can say the coaches kept seeing something in him and kept saying like wait a minute we gotta find a spot for this kid he's that special we need a spot for him I'm a big fan of this kid so probably the best coverage linebacker in the draft talk about as we talk about you know potential mid late around picks kind of guys for us this is if we we can get him what position have we had trouble covering for the last 60 years it feels like tight end a hundred percent you think a coverage linebacker might be a nice thing to have

yeah might be nice to have especially when you're going against teams that have used historically the tight ends Philly obviously always uses tight ends Dallas we got to see because they lost their starting time what's going to happen there but they have historically used the tight end of that offense over the last couple coordinators you know Washington now gets Eric B enemy as their offensive coordinator you think he might want to use a tight end based on what he did in Kansas City granted he had the best one in the game but still you know so it's a nice thing to have somebody can actually cover tight ends and that's what this kid can do um he's explosive he's also shown pass rush potential which again in Wings defense you got to be able to rush the quarterback if you can't you're pretty much no use to him I mean so he's also the size of a lot of the Titans in the league and there's a lot of Titan experience he's undersized for I should compare the time he's like 20 pounds lighter than them but here's the one big thing that she can't get past with him and you can look at as a positive you can look at it as a negative you're drafting him based on potential Point Blank if you draft him so what kind of potential does he actually reach yeah is it is it a good thing that he hasn't hit the ceiling yet or is it an annoyance that you might have to give him a year or two to really develop better into the position depending on your outlook in that is where you draft him or where you think he's worthy of being dropped so I think second to third round I think he's going to go because I think it just takes one team that sees him likes him and is willing to have the patience hopefully and the time it takes to teach him this uh I personally wouldn't take him till like late in the third round maybe early fourth even but I think more probably later in the third round because the potential is there so he's better than the guys we talked about a moment ago the last couple guys because he has a higher ceiling than in them do correct but how high that stealing he gets to that's the question it also depends how high he could drop and how big he could get so I mean I I think he's going to be a third round guy yeah um I wouldn't be surprised but it kind of would be if he goes in second round just that's why I'm saying that someone's going to see the potential and they're going to draft him high because the potential like we said they shouldn't is there a super athletic superb superb athleticism

so like he's played he understands both sides of the ball yep and he also understands pretty much every spot on offense because he's played every spot in the office yeah you think he can read a quarterback better because he played quarterback I mean that's what they're saying you think he can cover because he was a wide receiver that's an advantage that's a hundred percent what I was about to say took the words right out of your mouth right in my mouth you must have been why if we were drafted linebackers yeah oh alrighty so number five you're lost Seawall yep just making a big boat and putting animals into it um

my man's from Oregon six foot one and a half it's pronounced Oregon Oregon oh sorry I live in New Jersey I'll Finance

like the trail just to Terry while going on Oregon Trail yep everybody dies a dysentery yeah I made it to Colorado once I I I've actually beaten the game a few times just because I'd be so bored in class because that's for some reason was the game that every single teacher let you play instead of prime numbers I you know what I think it was I think it's because of the fact that it was set in history they can say it was at least educational um and in all fairness I probably would not know that much about traveling across the West if not for the Oregon Trail game I mean I watched a thousand ways to die in the west so I also watched wagons East with John Candy oh yeah that last movie before he died that's funny Chris Farley had a movie about going out west before we died yeah I remember he was wearing one of those raccoon hats like that was it what's it wasn't gonna eat bacon anyway sounds good right now bacon in general sounds good so before we get started on hand real quick in case anybody's wondering based on the last name as well we should mention the fact that yes this is penne sewell's brother Nova Sewell so yeah the name sounds familiar there's a good reason for it he's got a good bloodline look at that how many how many siblings in this draft or how a lot of we got a lot of like siblings father-son yeah you know Uncle we had Uncle even we had an uncle I think this is probably never eight or nine we've talked about in all fairness though if you think about it if you get your physical traits from your parents which is typically the way it is you get your mental traits from your parents as well it's typically the way it is it's own nature versus nurture thing we won't get a psychology class today but it would make sense that the pool of people that you're getting for the next generation of football players would be born from the previous generation they grow up around football they had the money to train and learn about football they have the genetics probably to be good at it so yeah yeah I mean like no it's got great strength you can push some people around it's got high Motors it gets he's got ability he gets a pass rush which is something that the Giants do need uh the thing is with all that money all that talent and all that size sometimes he goes on the fields the same stinks like it sometimes he makes the mistakes he looks a little lost even sometimes yeah like if a play kind of goes off to like what it's called to sometimes he just he looks like that drops of also like meme you know what I'm sticking up remember the uh the uh the Abominable Snowman alluded to into which we go George which way did he go laughs that's what I always think of like when there's a guy in the public must have made that little wrong left turn of Albuquerque

oh and like once he gets in that situation sometimes he stiffens up when he tries to recalibrate them yeah he's not he's not exactly the most fluid guy as far as that movement goes and I feel like not about you but I I didn't like him as much as I expected to going into it like into this year for those who aren't aware when people talked about the start of the college season it goes here's a player to watch because he's going to be a good NFL player Noah Sewell was like the top linebacker he's dropped down to number five for us guys so not that he's a bum but that's certainly not that's a pretty decent drop to go from number one to number five so yeah that um and that being said he's probably gonna go in that um probably mid third round I would say yeah I would say I would say early mid third round that's what I'm thinking like a really beginning of day three

alrighty number four four four four four Henry toatoa out of Allah freakabama um not to be confused with the band of course for talking about the Crimson Tide here

um six foot one 227 pounds also played at Tennessee so he's excelled at two different SEC schools pretty good resume yeah a good resume uh High football IQ very instinctive good tacular moves well his two big issues has trouble getting all blocks inconsistent against the Run it's a lot of guys in this draft but I'm telling you right now he's gonna be a starter of this league you come in with that kind of resume that kind of experience doing well at those two schools you're gonna be a star in the league yeah and then you're going to get the right coach get the right motivation to good good workout program he's going to be what's my motivation here

my motivation think about

um you know I think it should be noted too though that some linebackers just have trouble getting off blocks that is not an unheard of issue in this league Ray Lewis who's will somehow call the I guess the for lack of a better term the best of the modern day linebackers I guess that's probably the title he'd be given yeah he's not the he's not the best linebacker overall but he's probably the the best to get the best resume for anybody in the last 20 25 years so he had that trouble he always had big big fat guys in front of him that would just take on the blocks to free them up and they purposely did that in Baltimore because he had that issue purposely so I don't I don't look at that specifically as what stops me from saying he should be drafted higher what stops me is inconsistency against the run and that probably can be coached so if you can co-shed out of him you can try to keep the blocks off of him he'll probably be a decent player this league

yeah yeah I agree uh

his uh football Cube just alone has been fantastic and like you said play through instinctive player play through the two schools yeah he will be the biggest schools in football I mean that's that's big so I mean I think early round three for him yeah yeah I wouldn't be surprised if someone really likes so many takes from an early second wooden shock I'm sorry uh like yeah I'll say a middle mid delay wouldn't shock me but I think early third is more likely for him there yeah alrighty on to number three

Triton Sampson don't from Clinton Simpson

from Springfield yeah from Clemson I made six foot two 235 pounds he's got an amazing range and coverage in Pursuit dude's got a wing span on him um hard it's a hard hitter he's not afraid to get up and dirty and make some contact well maybe not dirty but make that great no flag Dirty yeah no flag Dirty I don't know I heard from Six Flags that more Flags is more fun that old guy was like a eight-year-old girl you know I know I I I've seen that did it

anyway if you're interested in the sponsorship like manscape was two giant goofballs at mail.com I'm only about 20 minutes away from the museum Clark so all right listen I'm only about an hour away from the best museum parks in the entire world I'm saying hello

oh my God you're never getting sued by Disney

I thought so too I had some helium yeah all righty tell us about Homer I mean treading yeah go back uh sometimes he doesn't fit all the schemes out there um but he's also a systems guy so he needs that coaching he needs that hey this is how we're going to operate a thing as we're working as a team like he's if he goes to like the Patriots the Giants so we're good coaching he'll be all right but if he goes to we'll say Vegas he's going to be toast yeah uh it's it's all about just getting him into a spot where they're not going to try to make him something he's not because that's exactly what happens to a lot of these tweeners they try to put him into like a traditional style defense and that's not what you have here if you wanted a traditional style guy then you should have drafted a traditional style guy you know what he reminds me of remember Isaiah Simmons when he came out a few years ago he also came out of Clemson so he was a bigger name Prospect a lot of Giants fans were like oh we have to get this guy and I couldn't believe it right then and I'm like he's a tweener I don't want him that requires coaching that reminds me scheming you know and he's too talented to just have as a third down back because you're gonna attract like the first round so the Cardinals were the ones who went ahead and took him and you notice the name you don't hear much about in the NFL Isaiah Simmons because it requires a specific scheme fit and a coach that is willing to work within what he can do and give him a chance to shine and that's what Trenton Simpson is I I point blank I want the Giants to go nowhere near this kid for that reason because Wings defense is what Wink's defense is you don't change it to fit a guy like this you just don't yeah yeah so I'm good it's a hard passion man this guy um because Clemson even tried to move him into more of a traditional linebacker role probably to help his draft status because Simmons would go into that same school probably heard his draft stock be very Frank so they moved him into more traditional and it did hurt his performance his tape this past year was nowhere as good as to tape the prior year because of that and if he had played like it did the prior year he'd probably first round pick but because of this year he's probably going to be a second round pick and someone's going to take a shot at him because he's still he's still that athletic guy he's still got the range and the emotions that people covet at that position but he's just not going to be able to do it it's not going to be able to I think he's going to be a guy who's better Suited in a very specific defense and then has a chance to shine but because he probably won't go to one this is a really big bus potential kind of guy and I hate to put him at number three and say that but if you put him in the right system he is a number three yeah they said he's deep and wide high high ceiling the floor or yeah yeah like I said he's a bus guy or he could be you know right system he's had racist he's a really good player yeah wrong system he's a buster he's going to fall apart and be out of the league in a couple of years or he'll be riding the bench somewhere Point Blank alrighty you're next

I'm next all right I'm next

Jack campla from Iowa

he's six foot five 249 pounds I had a cramp against us letting you go back to back I was about to say I was like wait a minute I just talked about Simpsons no so he's got yeah

should have used to have ball preserver man you've been good that's not the problem it's a totally different problem my leg is just tightening up on me but yeah so six foot five to uh 49 pounds it's got great wingspanies uh he's got great size well good size for that uh spot he plays physical he uses that size this is that it's good size this is amazing size we're talking about guys who were there before that are six one like 220 pounds you got a guy now six five 249 pounds this is prototypical size guys this is the guy who is out of all the players we're going to talk about if you want a guy to be the old-fashioned man in the middle of the defense just do your damn job this is your lunch pail guy right here oh yeah he's that right though he's had his beef cake for breakfast he's good to go either way I should mention because I just had to stand up because of a leg cramp here I just finished a coconut water right before I started this thing as well so it's not it's supposed to be dehydration that costs I just had coconut water damn it Facebook told me that was good so did Twitter

that's why you can't trust anything on social media except the two giant goofballs yes because the answer is mineral water but yeah I mean the guy processes very quickly he's a physical player a leader he's a hard worker he's a great teammate and a a leader yeah I mean the guy like all his teammates Rave about this guy like seriously like if you need a linebacker guys like a legit number one linebacker this is your guy a pure middle of the field linebacker his only issue he really has is his range he's not the fastest guy in the world because of that he's got some limitations as far as coverage sideline to sideline which I know is like a big thing now in the modern NFL people want a guy that can go from side to side but listen everybody's gotta got a con to go with the pros that's his calm yeah so well you don't have that size and the slig and yeah you try going side to side of 250. yeah [Laughter] yeah but like I said uh the other thing only the knock will give me is he's not the best in man coverage but being that you know not every system is a man coverage seem I don't think that's a problem he just needs to go um he just needs to go ahead and go to a team that does his own scheme but or doesn't count on the linebacker to be a man coverage kind of guys my dad Chimes it with leg cramps to be potassium deficiency eat a banana I have been in all the time actually with cottage cheese cottage cheese bananas and honey I'm not a banana you're a banana I'm a banana I'm a banana

all righty number oh we didn't say what round for him round two and early very early in the second round it would even shock me if somebody squeaks by in the late first round to happen just need had the position in the evening he's there like that um but yeah second round I'm thinking alrighty number one Drew Sanders out of Arkansas not to be confused with Arkansas our Kansas

um six four 235 pounds see another guy that's another guy that said we're getting a little bit of size here uh he's a former Crimson Tide guy former Alabama player uh moved to off-ball linebacker after being an edge rusher at Alabama and really just shot out of a cannon at the position there um really good length athletic definitely good at that position as far as a pass rusher the downfall really is um potential is just potential too we talked about this before with Henley like when you're drafting for potential there's always the room for issues there um so you know you got to be careful with that because if you bank on a guy with a with an elite first round early second or like I'm talking with this guy here and he's a bust that's a high pick to bust on that's it terrible traffic to waste yeah so I don't think it's a waste I just think that he may be a little delayed in being very good in this league because you may see some time to develop and figure out where to put them at because he was an edge rusher and because he played linebacker I think he's a guy that you're going to move around the field to based on what you need for that particular play I think you'll have him actually at the edge sometimes he'll have him in the middle sometimes he'll have him as a pure pass rusher sometimes you'll have him as a guy to go off in in into some uh you know QB spy kind of stuff as well um you know and we'll have to see how he's develops overall in past coverage because he really wasn't used very much of that at either Arkansas or Alabama especially man covers you just didn't see it so I don't know if that's because you can't do it at least in their eyes or if he just wasn't called for in their scheme so we'll have to see how that works out for him but again I hate to draft a guy based that potential this high but I think he has the highest ceiling of anybody at this position in this draft whereas Jack Campbell is the safest pick Drew Sanders has the highest ceiling of anybody the position at this pick I think it's very it's fair assessment

same boat then you're thinking late late first early second oh yeah uh I wouldn't be surprised if we went Italy first but early second yeah yeah I think that's more likely I'm with you on that I do think it's more likely but again see what we talked about with with Jack a minute ago I just think I just had this weird feeling that's one of these linebackers one of those two is gonna go late in the first I don't know which one

of the two was gonna already we are on to the safeties this is a safe place guys yeah safe place if there's a piano in the background feeling of making us feel safe did you think oh no I hear it um all right you're up let's go Brandon Joseph never trust a man with two first names from Notre Dame that's true I should have put him in number 10 for that and look I didn't think about that part of it oh yeah he's off to number 11 now be going with it I have trust issues Mr Joseph is six foot 202 pounds he also played at Northwestern

all get inside his football IQ has been great during pass coverage like he gets it he gets schemes and he understands what's going down he's a ball Hawk he's one of those players that's always looking to see where ball is and where it could potentially go this way you can make those moves I do like the attack on on this guy I I don't think he gets as nearly as much Miss tackles as we've talked about earlier like those some of the guys we were talking about they just like lunge and hope for the best yeah now he raps and goes

um but you know Drew we talked about it before his fall production has dropped off the past couple seasons yeah yeah he was amazing in 2020 with that and then just yeah went away left a little bit these are also not the best against Toronto at the Run yeah yeah I mean open tackling's also been an issue for having we talked about him being good in you know tackling overall he is but if he's on an island with just himself at that point and the guy has the chance to move around you know he's the guy who maintenance might make the wrong move and all of a sudden he's just done there and being that he has trouble with open field tackling it makes you think that special teams may not be the best place for him that's kind of an important skill in that and that's why he's down to number 10. because if you're this place in the draft you're probably gonna have to do some special teams and that's going to be potentially an issue for him

yeah definitely alrighty number oh wait we didn't talk about drafts round I think like four or five for him yeah early day three I seemed like mid four like I could see him go higher the lower but I mean for sick where I would have taken him

alrighty number nine J.L Skinner Boise State the land of the Bluegrass not to be confused for Kentucky that honestly when you watch their film first off I gotta say it's annoying watching Boise State it's kind of like cool that they have blue grass but when you have blue grass and blue uniforms it all Blends it's very distracting it all Blends um so six four 220 pounds this guy's bigger than some of the life Packers we just talked about for real that's the scary part like he's taller than a decent amount of them he's almost got half a foot on Ivan pace and he's almost the same way uh so great size obviously for a safety very athletic High motor physical player great against the Run where his issue is is more in the issue of coverage so had issues as far as his movements got the most fluid which I'll take that as a hit in a late round guy or a middle eight round guy because that's something that you can coach

um yeah

the uh the next thing is that he's had trouble in man coverage and that's an issue for us specifically because we are typically a man cover scheme so he needs to find a role on a team that's going to fit his strengths and try to hide his weaknesses but if you're a a team that needs a box safety kind of guy like an old school box safety this is a good player for you if you need a guy who could have coverage more and that's what you rely on you don't need this guy you don't but I'll say this for considering where he's going to go because I think he's gonna need more like a third fourth round kind of guy I think he'd be good on special teams I think he'd be a guy you can bring in on run plays um you know I think that's a guy that you can go ahead and and plug in and play for a while and I think he'd be somebody's got a car about a career in this league it's just a matter of How High that ceiling goes and does he develop into a starter or does he say that role player run stopping safety that plays special teams well so time will tell it's uh I also see him going probably early in the fourth late late third like yeah Blake said staff flew it he's got some issues but he's also very talented yeah alrighty number eight jacarvis Quan Martin and I gotta say I don't even know why his nickname is Quan I tried to find that and I didn't look too hard don't get me wrong but I didn't see like jakarvis

land listen to slide yeah if you know why let us know because I'm a little curious in that one too now because I was thinking about it then I look did a quick look and didn't see anything on it but Quan that's his name's not like saquon Quan makes sense dartavius yeah not Quan yeah it seems Quan so we're just talking about some big boys my man is only five eleven 184 pounds he's not a big boy no yeah uh he was a corner though in 2021 and normally when you move from a corner to safety you get a little older and a little bigger that's not his case um well his issue was speed he wasn't that he didn't have the speed to play Corner yeah but he's got the silent silence speed yeah which is he's good he's got the lateral speed uh great tackler that's something he's worked on so yeah you see Improvement say which means he can prove more in the NFL yeah you see dude you do see Improvement he also became a ball Hawk this past season he was all about Nancy I mean uh tackles he's all about fears not that kind of Hawk yeah

not the kind that goes this is oh touche uh he also is a versatile uh pass uh cover so he covered uh a man in a zone or in uh slot yeah yeah he's he's got he can move around and that's important when you're talking a mid-round guy because he might not start and if he doesn't start and you're gonna put him on diamond nickel packages here's the guy that you can move into those packages and trust that it's it's going to be a good spot for him that you know it's like I said he's he's a guy actually liked a lot I liked his tape a lot yeah like if Trotsky if this guy well he has issues with long speeds and he's also a little small but if you know Giants could find a way to sneak this guy in late listen we're gonna need to figure out who's gonna play corn this year and the slot position too because we're gonna go ahead and cut darnie Holmes it hasn't happened yet but we can save like 2.7 million by cutting him it's gonna happen there's no doubt in my mind darney Holmes will not make the team I mean if you pick this guy up in the fourth round for the Giants even in the late third depending on what's out there it's not a bad opportunity yeah like I said Nickel Dime kind of guy that plays some special teams that's what he'll be it's a pretty good role for him so where you got them at uh saying late late there early fourth yeah I'm gonna say the same I think that's what it's the same as I've got to as well uh he thinks he's got somebody tries to develop into a starting corner but gives him the chance to take some time to learn the position or like I said has them as a starter but more as a Nickel Dime kind of guy that plays you know a 335 kind of scheme or something like that so that's where I that's where I definitely see him at and he'll definitely carve out something in this in this league alrighty number seven got Guyer brown jair brown from Penn State now I'm messing up a name 511 203 pounds explosive really good production in college there's a lot of people in here that say if you're looking for a guy that it's a very like you know not necessarily a high ceiling kind of guy but a high floor guy this is a good guy for you at that point if you want a safe pick this is a safe one um really tough doesn't necessarily have the best instincts though you gotta put him in the right place to make the the play to make the move um and partially that because he's got some issues with his movement his movement isn't exactly the most fluid his hips are exactly the smooth movement that you want again something hopefully that you can coach he's also got some issues with missed tackles a lot of that is how he tackles because he is the guy that's more the launcher kind of guy he wants to make the big hit though it's not that he's afraid of the contact some of these guys when they make those big explosive hits it's just to kind of locked out into him because there's diving at the player he's trying to make that explosive hit so gotta gotta kind of Coach some of that away as well and get to a more of a short tackling kind of form and I think you'll be uh you know you'll see somebody's gonna go third fourth round there at that point that's going to be probably a low end starter to begin with his career in the league and I think we'll probably develop into better an average starter this league so again safe pick not going to be the highest ceiling pick if you're looking for the guy to be a star and hit a home run he's not your guy if you're looking for a guy who's going to go ahead and be a long career a guy with who's going to be a starter problem in this league but not necessarily like I said not be the guy that's going to go to the Pro Bowl this is your guy alrighty number six Jamie Robinson at a Florida State 511 191 pounds not a tiny guy there uh very high motor versatile guy moves around the field we talked about before you know Nickel Dime coverage kind of guys this is a guy that you wouldn't want if you do a man uh defense like we do put him in that kind of position but if you're a zone defense you can do that and put him on the field in those kind of nickel and dime cover schemes with no problem uh very good tackler but he's also not a bullock he's not the guy you're going to put in the center field if you play him at free safety that's going to go out and go for the uh the interception uh and play that center field kind of position and again keep in mind he's not good in man so he's not a guy that I want for the Giants at that point but I think someone's going to find a role for him again as that Nickel Dime coverage kind of guy with the potential to be a you know a uh a starting safety eventually in this league here but definitely starting out a Nickel Dime kind of package there so he's got a higher ceiling than a guy like brown we talked about a minute ago but he's got a lower floor so he's a little more of a risky kind of pick there um so again I think around three or four as well for him there so any thoughts on Robinson there robs is your back

you're on mute now you're on mute you can't talk on you oh I say he's a bit of firework uh Robson um as he came back and Drew talked all about him I did I took the last two spots while you were gone listen that's what happens it was fantastic well you almost did the last spot because it was your spot before that's okay that's all right um I would say he's a fireworks he's got high motor he's versatile is great tackler like he already went over all this I missed it I know I got that I got that it's getting my spot there you can't take your spot back I already took it let's take the whole thing back I was just saying it would take him I feel like he's got a low floor and a high ceiling and he's I've said that too okay I just got back [Laughter] live I was at least at least we know now that we're the same school of thought here yeah I was just saying because that he's probably gonna go lay third I'm just saying number five

okay well don't be Greek Fest we asked my thoughts oh I'll be cranky pants all I want Damon I know because you need may I see it today

oh yeah all right so Cindy Brown from Illinois oh damn [Laughter] he's five foot ten 211 pounds

he also looks like the old school wrestler that's a high-fly kind of guy he's very Rey Mysterio yeah very athletic and just all over the field uh it's got good size which leaves him being very fast he's versatile he's got great vision see where the ball is going and seeing how a route is going to develop and run uh he's good and bad but it also in the um just like the Giants of last year 70 years yeah Giants have not covered a tight end well since the 1890. pretty much yeah he doesn't read the tight end so well what's the length is the problem you're five foot ten you're going to try to cover those tight ends oh yes but it's like when you're 510 and trying to cover somebody who's six three six four it's gonna be an issue it's gonna be so guys could outweigh You by like 30 40 pounds I could also say this he's gonna have trouble potentially with some taller receivers as well if you ask me to go into coverage like that and man yeah so luckily as a as a safety he won't deal with that as often he probably is the guy that you're willing to stick on the receiving running back like you're playing the guy like an Austin Eckler he's the guy you're gonna put right on him and he's gonna do his job and handle his business yeah so

so but yeah not a strong tackler uh it needs a little better than the run defense as well and a lot of that is also the length as well when you're giving up that kind of length that's an issue um but he's a scrappy guy I think he's gonna go into round three for someone I think he'll be a starter in this league as well I'm like I said he had some really good tape you just have to understand that with the with the height issue there's gonna be some things you don't want to live with yeah with low height comes little responsibility

hey go ask Rudy at the same thing Rudy wait you gotta play in there yeah I've never seen that movie actually yeah I've never never seen Rudy never have I know of it obviously never seen it I know I know it ends with everybody in the field and everybody's going I have no clue what they're all excited about though I don't know it's like original Waterboy or something like that Waterboy water sucks it really really sucks [Laughter] um but yeah like I said round three guy I think you'll see him as a star in this league uh I do have to point something out in this whole thing as we're talking about him now because we talked about Quan Martin his teammate before this is now three guys in the secondary in this draft that are big players in this draft out of Illinois that's pretty impressive for Illinois seriously from a scouting you know abilities there to get Witherspoon Brown and Martin on the same defense like that kudos to them seriously that's pretty good um and that was all the um you know within the last couple of years obviously under um Lovey Smith when he he was there that's the guy who got these guys over there so you know maybe he's not the head coach in Texas anymore maybe somebody else gets them back to college he's obviously got an eye for picking you know young defensive Talent there yeah um I've heard some issues with the coaching that's why I noticed like a lot of these guys weren't big names until this year when Lovey Smith left yeah but as a coyote he apparently did a pretty good job at least in the secondary because like I said Illinois is not the PowerHouse you don't go Illinois that's what you get your players from but here's three guys that are gonna potentially start in the league in the secondary in the same draft Clash from Illinois I guess so I like to get the I think of the small school was a little Kudos weekend

so escaped

your boss will thank you oh they will

alrighty number four Christopher Smith most generic name in America Christopher Smith how many times this guy probably comes across some with the same exact name as him how many Christopher Smiths are in Ellis Island oh my God it's probably like one like stone wall itself so funny story real quick because obviously being that I have a very common first and last name I've come across three different people with the same exact name as me and when I first moved down here to Florida there was a guy who had the same exact name as me in the same exact apartment building as me not just the complex the same building he was on the first floor I was on the third floor and all this stuff started popping up in my credit and I could not thank him enough he was very good very on time to help up my score did he steal your right he did it I kept an eye on it just in case he ever stopped so I can get it off there but he helped Raise Me Up actually I got a little better points when I when I went to go get my next car so help me out thanks um so yeah Christopher Smith out of Georgia Georgia Bulldog here 5 11 192 pounds guy uh but a high football IQ versatile Ball Hawk good production in college obviously played in one of the best defenses in the entire country if not the best so yeah when you excel at a place like that that says something because you have competition before you even start in Georgia you know we're going to talk about tight ends here coming up in the next couple episodes and you're going to hear about one that's a backup tight end for Georgia that's going to go in the first couple of rounds that's the kind of competition they have at Georgia so when you're a starter in general that's impressive but when you're a starter that shows something on film and you stick out on film that's even more impressive um ball hawk guy versatile guy if you can play all over in a dime Nickel Free Safety kind of spot there I wouldn't put them in a strong safety at a size it's the one spot but really good production in college the only issues with him really is he's a weak tackler and that's probably because of the fir of the other issue his weight 192 pounds you know she should be old man coaching staff's got to figure out can we put a little put a little weight on him you know can we send him out to the old China Buffet and have a few you know a few plates of food or is this guy gonna lose what makes him special if you do that you know that's something that the Scouts in the NFL teams will have to figure out but listen he went ahead and excelled in the SEC at that weight you know my thoughts in the SEC that is the amateur league for the NFL it is the toughest you know spot to play in all of college football so if you're gonna sell it that a one of the two you should be able to play in in the NFL so um he's another guy that I think is going to go probably around three I think very early round three someone might even sneak up to round two if they like him enough there but probably around three yeah I agree I wouldn't be surprised if he yeah it sucks weights around too but all depends on if there's a run on safeties and you know what people need at that point I'll be the first one to say Point Blank I follow the needs of the Giants I don't follow the needs the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams if there's a bunch of teams that need to have free safety and they're worried about a run on them and this guy's there somebody might take him a little early who's safety for the Cardinals um that's a good question because Buddha Baker wants to leave oh I didn't think I know that one that was impressive good for you I love to impress I also dressed to impress my manscape your balls will thank you shirt oh yes manscape awesome all righty number three number three three

Jordan battle name first love I gotta say that he's ready for battle like yes I was ready for battle battle like if he was a battle if he was if he was nautical okay and he was on a boat and let's say somehow you make a mistake and his boat starts going down would you say you sunk his battleship oh also maybe

uh the crazy things we think of touche touche touch

all right so battle over here is six foot one 200 209 pounds he doesn't sound like a battleship for more like a you know a cruise here uh he always went into last year's draft which is but it's not a dinghy some of you guys have been dinghies oh yeah I know he's definitely definitely also elastic trophies sorry

I think he's got a high floor like he's got a lot of room to grow and I don't think he's fallen anytime soon could be because of the weight keeps him keeps him light on his feet yeah he's got greater playing down to the uh passes uh in Florence and flats um dude super versatile he's got great football IQ he makes early incisions sticks them and it pays off well for him for the most part uh he's he's got flute hips fluid motion it's almost like he's on ice instead of an astro turf or grass

of the uh the NFL draft

oh that's what he would do Nancy Kerrigan oh Burlington you probably can't connect with you that's what Brian time will do when Brian Burton was in the Olympics skating for the gold [Laughter] I love that movie uh Good Old South Park movie it's fantastic uh and the battle also battle also uh he misses a few tacos oh wow is that a dying giraffe yeah oh what's the Giant draft

oh man ah yeah that was a good tackler but he uh he has Tennessee to miss so yeah just four yeah something yeah something that he could be coaching to and sometimes listen every player has a flaw he might be going for all guts yeah everybody every player has a flaw nobody is great at everything so well I mean I would say it's Friday he's not the best man but but that's not even a flaw that's just what he plays best and he plays best in his own so you know Alabama in general plays a lot of zone defense kind of schemes at that point so you have a safety that is used to that he's comfortable with it so if you have a Zone cover scheme this is the guy you're gonna plug and play right into your defense right off the bat and start

so I mean I would think second round huh no you're not mute

why are you thinking you're a mute I can't hear you I can hear you

so anyway where Rob figures out his issues while we can hear him and he can't hear us we can talk all kinds of trash about Rob yes we can so as he's saying he can't hear me in private chat but I can hear you so yeah the so I think round two or three for him probably more likely to um so I do think that this is a guy that you're gonna see starred in this league um he needs to have a decent career in this league overall so you know what do you guys what else you expect though from Alabama that's what they do they produce NFL players so number two Antonio Johnson Texas A M six for two 198 pounds uh good size and length very another guy that's very versatile we have a lot of versatile guys in this draft we have guys that are moving around like crazy um guys are able to play the nickel the dimes the safety positions the slot it's nice to see because you have to be versatile in this NFL the way it is right now you can't stop one spot defenses are playing multiple types of defenses now that's what it is um great at seeing the field and processing that's a natural skill you can't teach that you either can do it or you can't I've always said that um very physical not afraid to tackle he does get does need to improve his form though for when transitioning in in coverage at that point so like when he's in a spot that he's got to turn and go run with the with the receiver or the running back tight end whatever the case may be um then that's where he has his issues uh he's also not a ball Hawk so if you're looking for the guys in the go play your center field and get your interceptions that's not him um but he's been the guy who's good at everywhere he's been but he's never been great at one specific spot so if you're looking for a guy who's versatile in the secondary who's gonna play a bunch of different spots handle his business but not be a star at those spots that's what he is so if that's in your defense needs that's sudden you're looking for overall is a guy who's versatile and can play multiple spots this is a good guy for you if you're looking for a starter who's going to be your strong safety-free safety for the next 10 years might not be the guy

hey he's versatile I I don't think he's quite just a backup guy like I think he's no no I'm not saying he's a backup guy I'm not trying to say that but I'm not but I'm saying he's not your plug and play for the next 10 years guy that he's not correct yeah that's that's be clear on that like I think he he has to start a job in the NFL but I don't think he's going to be your star in the NFL exactly so but I only said like I can still see him going late in the second round

yeah like I said second third round is where you're probably going to see him at overall so but again if you need a safety part of it is too let's be very Frank where to get to number one here in a second but there's not a stud safe in this draft there's not a guy that's like this is I can't miss this guy because he's this much better than everybody else there's not a stud safety there just isn't if that's what you're hoping for in this draft you're going to be very thoroughly disappointed luckily the Giants are in a position of need like that so we don't have to be disappointed like that the Giants have disciplined us enough over the last 10 years you know what to do in that way

in the way the NFL is played nowadays you're gonna start seeing that much more you're gonna see safety is playing linebacker go uh you know Corners playing safety it's what it is everybody's getting smaller and smaller um so yeah so number one taking away Rob one one one let's go Uno not to be confused with the pizzeria yeah Brian branch of Alabama yeah I love freaking bam huh sticks foot man walking around at 190 pounds don't return like this okay

what's going on right here in these highlights I gotta say think about okay we're we're joking around about Alabama and that's fine everybody jokes around about Alabama but how impressive is it that Nick Saban built this kind of school in this kind of uh you know system in Alabama of all places I mean I know like they got a good history because of Coach bear Brian back in the day and that kind of stuff but it's like where should I go to school should I go to Miami beautiful Miami should I go to school maybe in like you know Texas or California let's go to La and play USC or something or should I go play in the swamps of Alabama I guess attacks by Gators and know that no matter what there's no guaranteed starting job because he's going to get every goddamn player he can for every goddamn position he kept like seriously yeah that man could sell cars for living and make a very good living he still players he's got he's got abilities all right sorry I cut you off again sidetracked again all right branch is six foot 190 pounds super versatile another versatile guy love it yeah it's great uh he's great against run hey Giants High football IQ he sees to play he used to play she's playing Beast play think fast run fast think fast before I think um that being said he's bad man coverage yeah yeah nobody no Giants he's not the ball Hawk he's yeah more of the guy that you can see in the Blitz in this like he's he's he's he's interesting fit for the NFL because he's the size of a free safety but he plays like a strong safety yeah that's the interesting thing I mean we talked about Jordan battle his teammate there his teammates got 20 pounds of them

and his teammates probably much more fitting for the NFL size wise but uh as my dad's gonna correctively now because he knows Alabama he went to school in Alabama not at Alabama but in Alabama Tuscaloosa Alabama is not a swamp listen all of Alabama is one big swamp pretty much it's it's it's it's it's not the place that you go oh this is where I want to go party as a kid usually usually yeah not when you have options of free school like in like beautiful places with beautiful beaches and known for you know fun Partners yeah oh you kidding me man Hawaii University calls up and you're 18 and you're in high school like yeah let's go Aloha I'm there yeah aloha

so but yeah so Brian I got him as a a round two kind of guy he'll probably be the first one off the board overall um and but again I'm not sure what to do with him in in the NFL he's a legitimate uh NFL Talent he's a legitimate NFL player but he's not a guy that I'm like this is the set specific role for him and I think that's the issue with a lot of these guys we're talking about here at safety there's not this spot where you go these guys are strong safety you can excel in strong safety and maybe that's a good thing because they're moving around the defenses they're being much more fluid than they used to be as far as that kind of stuff but I said it just it's it's a weird year for safeties it really is if you're if you're somebody who has your safety position set you just need some extra guys for nickel and dime that you want to see if you can develop into a starter this is the draft for you if you have an obvious hole at safety not the draft for you you might want to get a veteran yeah so the money spend the money money money money

alrighty guys so yeah we will be back on again for you guys Friday night Friday um we got a couple more episodes here to give you guys all the information on all the rest of the uh positions here so next up on Friday we're gonna have for you guys the quarterback and running back episode so we're gonna go over with you guys um the top 10 in each position again now again I can't stress this enough because I know someone's going to say this we have a quarterback we have a running back you'd need more than one you need backups you need Reserves so we're going to talk about the the main guys here because of the fact that let's be honest it's it's for round one is going to be an old thing at that point you guys are going to want to have some information on these guys and that's where everybody's going to be talking about Friday night work and everything but we're all going to go down some of the guys that are going to be a little later on that might be guys that we look at for you know our future backup quarterback our you know our back up to Sequon or potentially our insurance policy you can say Quantified holds out for the season because listen rumors are he's pissed if you listen to the rumors Dexter Lawrence is pretty positive he's going to get his money because they've already had these talks and you know she's also under contract with regular contract this year saquon apparently is pretty ticked and the rumors are starting to pop out more the 13 14 million dollar offer they gave to him supposedly during the season yes it was 13 to 14. but there wasn't a lot of guarantees there was a lot of bonuses for kick-ins based on time played and different stats and stuff like that so you know was it a straight up 13 14 it was more like 10 million a year and say oh well you can get 13 of 14 if you're an All-Pro and those kind of stuff so we don't know we weren't there in those conversations but say Juan is ticked so I'm not so sure what's gonna happen that's the rumor I should say yeah Rumor Has It Adele told us that um so she's like he's pissed you ever heard of Dell talk yeah it's like she is from England no it's not even the English part that throws you off it's like she's that like drunk girl at an English pub that's what it is from Winchester yeah wankers stop being such a wanker lab and then all of a sudden like an angel It's amazing foreign

back on Friday for that for you guys we're already back on next week Monday we're going to be on for you discussing the tight ends and the defensive lineman the defensive tackles in in the draft uh from there on we're gonna go into our final stretch run of the draft shows there for you so Tuesday we're going to be doing our final New York Giants mock draft Thursday we're gonna do a full-on first round mock draft for you guys I'm sorry Wednesday I meant Wednesday to say Thursday Wednesday we're gonna do a full-on first round mock draft for you guys Thursday we'll be live for the first night of the draft the full first round Friday we'll be live for the second and third round Saturday we'll be live as well for a reaction show after the draft is over there talking about the players we got in D3 so guys we're gonna be on like there's no time off base to leave it this next week like Rob and I are in trying to get as much sleep as we can while we're just manscaping away and we're going to be as she's regarding here um so again guys again the offer we're letting you guys know about because as we're being sponsored here by manscape this month again 20 off plus free shipping on any purchases at manscape.com with the promo code goofballs you gotta put the promo code in or you don't get the deal plus we don't get the credit it makes sense helps your balls helps everybody um your boss will thank you so again guys uh we'll be back on there for you and we appreciate you guys listening in today's we discuss all the safeties and linebackers coming up with this draft here uh we know you got plenty of options of where you can get your Giants news NFL and draft news from we appreciate you guys choosing us of all people to get that news from so again guys we'll see you all Friday Night Market down to calendar or easy ways hit the like hit the share hit all that kind of stuff there on the pages whether you're listening to audio you're listening to video hit the Subscribe button if you're listening to video hit the Bell on YouTube hit the like on Facebook and hit the like and all the events that we share about the upcoming uh stuff as well uh and as always giant fans

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