2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

NFL Draft Edge Rankings 2023 - Top 20 Plus Jalen Hurts Contract

April 17, 2023 Episode 112
NFL Draft Edge Rankings 2023 - Top 20 Plus Jalen Hurts Contract
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
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2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
NFL Draft Edge Rankings 2023 - Top 20 Plus Jalen Hurts Contract
Apr 17, 2023 Episode 112

Welcome to a new episode of 2 Giant Goofballs, hosted by Drew and Rob! In this episode, they'll be discussing some of the hottest topics in the NFL, including the upcoming 2023 NFL draft.

Drew and Rob will be ranking the edge rushers in this year's draft and discussing their potential impact on their respective teams. They'll share their opinions on the top prospects and the ones that teams should be keeping an eye on.

But that's not all! They'll also be discussing the latest draft rumors surrounding the New York Giants and what moves they might make to improve their team. As avid Giants fans, Drew and Rob have plenty to say about what the team should do in the upcoming draft.

Finally, they'll touch on the recent contract extension for Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. They'll discuss what this means for the Eagles and their future plans, as well as what kind of player Hurts has the potential to be.

So join Drew and Rob for an exciting and informative episode of 2 Giant Goofballs, filled with lively debate and insightful analysis on some of the hottest topics in the NFL!

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Show Notes Transcript

Welcome to a new episode of 2 Giant Goofballs, hosted by Drew and Rob! In this episode, they'll be discussing some of the hottest topics in the NFL, including the upcoming 2023 NFL draft.

Drew and Rob will be ranking the edge rushers in this year's draft and discussing their potential impact on their respective teams. They'll share their opinions on the top prospects and the ones that teams should be keeping an eye on.

But that's not all! They'll also be discussing the latest draft rumors surrounding the New York Giants and what moves they might make to improve their team. As avid Giants fans, Drew and Rob have plenty to say about what the team should do in the upcoming draft.

Finally, they'll touch on the recent contract extension for Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. They'll discuss what this means for the Eagles and their future plans, as well as what kind of player Hurts has the potential to be.

So join Drew and Rob for an exciting and informative episode of 2 Giant Goofballs, filled with lively debate and insightful analysis on some of the hottest topics in the NFL!

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All Episodes are shot LIVE with fan interactions on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, & Twitch

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welcome to two giant goofball a New York Giant podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob welcome fellow goofballs two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by I'm me arrived it's a draft month it's a draft a month all right and yes today guys we have for you guys The Edge rushers of this year's draft very important position because I know a lot of people go you don't have a wide receiver one who's our Corner number two well who's our third Edge rusher who's the backups at this position because we got ogilari we got Kayvon you got Ward but oh jilari couldn't stay on the field this year nope and everybody else besides those three ain't worth the damn thing let's be honest so this is a pretty important position guys so we're gonna give you that run down there we might have a certain discussion to have about a certain record-breaking contract today as well too I I know giant fans are kind of laughing their way about this one here because this one's pretty good uh before we get started though we do have a special announcement for you guys so the two giant uh goofballs podcast is now officially sponsored by manscaped and uh of course they've given you guys a discount as a result as well oh yes as Rob's got his paper out there so yeah breaking news look at the headlines yeah so any purchases at manscape.com now officially through this program here you get 20 off plus you get free shipping with the promo code goofballs and they were kind enough to go ahead and send us out a sample of their work here we have the lawnmower 4.0 here oh yes it even has a flashlight guys it does have a flashlight would you be shocked actually one of the things what it looked at I'm like why would there be a flashlight okay that's going to go between your when you go for your goofballs you can go for your goofballs let me tell you drew this face doesn't look that clean right now but obviously spring cleaning [Laughter] doesn't work two giant goofballs talking about footballs with two giant shape balls yeah it's fantastic because I don't know about you drew but this guy here was a godson oh yes the weed whacker oh yes you know what Ashley was surprised how much I enjoyed actually was the boxers they were very soft they were they were very very soft it's one of those things you don't think of in that kind of package so and for all you guys out there working in the field I saw this on Shark Tank LOL I'll pass on this one listen I have heard I'm not gonna name any names I've heard that I've talked to women who have actually used the same products as well keep in mind it's for all sensitive areas yes it's geared towards that's it but it's for all sensitive areas yeah I don't know if you notice this top up here but that's a skin protector yes for you very important parts and my skin appreciates that that's for sure oh yes so we'll be giving you guys rundowns as over the next couple weeks and so us different products and stuff that they do offer there so let's get into the news here the course we're going to start off with some Giants news it's time for the news

today was officially the first day of voluntary workouts you'll see the Giants posted all kinds of pictures of uh them working out in the weight room and all uh looking a lot more healthier than I do and making me feel bad for being such a dad bod but uh Gable did address the team as well to discuss the the Barkley and Dexter Lawrence uh absences there again it's a non-story guys he had to do it because the the elephants in the room sort of speak there and you know it's part of the job but I'm telling you guys it ain't a big deal yeah it's clickbait is what it is oh yeah so we got some rumors here as well Giants rumors so the rumors are flying the Giants are locked into Minnesota Center John Michael Schmitz and I keep on hearing people say oh great they're gonna get him at 25 or other people going oh 25 is way too early one thing I want to keep in mind guys and I want you guys to do the same we have a ton of picks

we have 10 picks guys the chances of us having 10 rookies on the roster next year are so slim it's not even funny what that means is same as last year where he was able to go ahead especially in the second round remember he made two trades to trade down to get wandell Robinson because he had the guy he wanted he could also do the opposite and trade up in this draft and go okay let's trade up earlier in the second round and take the center we want so don't believe the hype into oh my God we're taking a center of 25 because I've seen some people like flipping out like that's ridiculous if he does that it lose all respect for Shane first off if he does it trust that he knows what he's doing he's a man with a plan and give him a chance to fall on his face before you before you laugh at him for it and if he and like I said otherwise that could be the plan is just to move up in the second round I would love personally move down in the first move up in the second have two early second round picks because there really isn't a huge difference between the second round and the first right end of the first round picks in this draft specifically yeah unless they see something that we don't and so on out there but or if somebody drops all of a sudden is available there's a couple rumors we're gonna get into it a little bit of people dropping here so um the Giants are also set to meet with Old Dominion cornerback Trey Hawkins so we have another meeting here with another um uh another draft prospect here they also met today with Joey Porter Jr as well so we talked about him before this uh the CB uh preview episode we did uh Matt Lombardo also reporting the Giants are interested in East Carolina tight end Ryan Jones so we've talked about this before they very well could look at one of those eight round picks at tight end to get I'm thinking maybe a blocking tight end but you know it's definitely a possibility that they need a third tight end because they got a receiving tight end they have a hybrid and they have another receiving Titan they don't have a pure blocker most teams like to have that kind of role taken up um last bit of news here which is my BS meter was going like crazy on when I saw this one uh Bleacher Report proposed a draft day deal to get Cooper cup yeah once again that's yeah guys it's not happening not happening that's a lot from that organization that proposed yes so AKA it was episode news day yeah if they wanted to make some BS up to sell some clicks so yeah guys I might buy a golden toilet tonight you know what that'd be kind of cool yeah it would be an awesome right because it would it be yellow gold rose gold or white gold because if it's yellow gold it might be hard to clean oh you know anything but that far yes because the rose Gold's like really where it's hard but the yellow gold so it really Sparkles yes it does

alrighty guys on to the NFL news around the league


oh yes and the big news today Jalen hurts sized an extension for five years

255 million dollars wow officially the largest contract per year ever signed in the NFL that's do the math error that is 51 million dollars a year for five years and Eagle fans are rejoicing because they're saying oh my God look at the numbers because the some of the numbers released not all of the numbers released so in 23 this year he's gonna make 6.15 million next year 13.56 million the following year 21.77 million 26 31.77 million guys what does that tell you there's a schnikey load of void deals hidden money things being moved around so yeah don't believe everything you read as far as that being genius because eventually it gotta pay the piper that's gonna say yep Grim Reaper comes from all now for those of you that are because this is obviously a potential I know you are the one there Rob not to call you out on here for those of you that are Mets fans you might know a certain holiday Bobby Bonilla day oh we just passed it yes the Eagles are made very well I have to see how the rest of this this contract works out there because you know it doesn't take much to go wait a minute that's four years 70 million we're still missing a good chunk of change here this very well could be the Bobby Bowie Bonilla day coming for the Philadelphia Eagle space and how this contract is written now unless there's a lot of fugazi money and this whole thing is not nearly as big as they're trying to make it seem so we'll keep you guys updated as this comes out uh one of the things that really had me laughing though absolutely hysterically today is someone posted this and I don't even know who this person is they reply to SportsCenter when they uh had announced this uh someone by the name of Wade Alexandra um at Twitter handle I'll give you the credits they're the one who said it at Sir Charles c-a-z and in a reply went viral because it was absolutely amazing and absolutely true they said Hertz is amazing he carried a team with only two star receivers only one star tight end only one best o-line in the NFL only one dl that had the third most sacks in a season ever only two star CBS and a roster that only had two coordinators move on to head coaching jobs truly remarkable

fans I'm Tony I think they're about to have what I'm dubbing and this is my own term here let's see if it catches on Mark Sanchez disease remember when Mark Sanchez first got in the league for a couple years he did a really really good Jet fans got all excited you're really really okay but I'm saying the team did very good I should specify yes but what happened the second they started taking away like Thomas Jones some of his wide receivers his o-line his head coach yeah his head coach got a tattoo to show how much he believes in this guy that's that's what happened yeah because remember two years ago he was being compared to Daniel Jones Jalen hurts they were basically neck and neck is just as good and now all of a sudden he gets a star receiver gets all these things and you know his his defense has the best year it's ever had like I said guys I'm not buying the hype on Jalen hurt still I'm really not and I'm not saying he's not a good quarterback I just think he's not as good as some people think because he's got all the talent in the world around him and I will continue to say and it's what I'm saying I'm not saying he's not good like my word is

I want to see without the talent around him I want to see him do it by himself I also want like you have to give what credit is due he he did put in the work in this past off season he did look a lot better in preseason than they did in real games better thanks to manscape oh he did

but he's putting in the work but once again star tied in two star receivers like act stacked so it is easy to make a good quarterback look great it really is and I I want to see um I want to see like I said what he does with less Talent around him uh as Connor comes in with Buzz your face was your head already bald mans keep the balls too LOL

uh uh but yeah like I said we'll see how that plays out like I said I want to see the rest of this contract so as soon as I hear that stuff we'll give you guys the update as far as what's going on there because there's got to be some money being moved around there's got to be um also in draft news here Alabama QB Bryce young has canceled all the rest of his giraffe visits and there's a lot of Buzz

there's been a lot of Buzz though about uh him potentially going to the Panthers number one overall and it seems like a foregone conclusion to some writers I'm going to say this what I think is really really stupid is saying that unless somebody has told them that specifically from within the Panthers organization because he also visited with the Texans and how do we not know the Texans told Point Blank like listen we're not we're not going to let you pass us like you're going to be if you're not if you come to us we're going to take you number two like we don't know these conversations yeah but I mean and that's not out of the realm of possibilities let me just put it this way his visit in the green room is going to be about as short as he is hey it's intended I see what you did we'll talk about him more we do our QB specials we do even though I know obviously we're not going to draft a QB like that at least we're gonna draft probably a backup later on but we're gonna still give you guys later on this week the rundown of the QBs so that way you have a little water cooler talk here um Conor comes in with guess Roberto just bust below LOL I'm ready for bikinis

he's got a speedo ready to go [ __ ] giraffe Buzz here um there's the rumor that Quentin Johnston is not going to be going to the draft and it's because he's dropping on boards and there's the concern of him going into a Geno Smith kind of scenario um we all remember Gino poor Gino listen you can't have not felt bad for Gino that that draft like having to show up on day two still sit in the green room and wait to have your number call like that I'll give him some credit because that took some balls to do I took some shape balls to do it but it's like that was that was it was it was it was it was sad it was sad to see him do that um I've heard anything from where he could drop to the very end of the first round to he could even potentially now be in a second round that's how bad he's dropping down boards and I don't know why nothing to the best of my knowledge has changed in the last couple weeks but for whatever reason he's dropping and giant fans remember we talked about this during our preview this is a boomer bust pick something is probably telling people there's a good chance of that bust besides the school he goes to because TCU does not have a good record of wide receivers they have really bad record actually so uh like I said we'll keep you guys posted on that and let you guys know the last bit of NFL news here we got the Vikings are reportedly considering cutting Delvin cook by the draft so remember this guys we talk about saquon Barkley this is why you don't pay running backs that's why you don't do it uh-oh someone's trying to get into Rob's room someone's trying to get in are you being regular are you being burgled are you being burgled foreign alrighty so guys on to the edge rushers here so we got 20 we got 20 different names here for you guys we got some some very interesting because this is an interesting group of Ed Rutgers I think overall this as usual there's a couple of big names but I'll be honest with you I don't think the big names are the big thing except for the number one number one is a big he's gonna be a freaking stud in the league but I don't think the big name's really that big of a deal I think the depth at the position is the big deal because there's a couple guys that go in the first round that I'm looking at the tape going uh I'm not so sold in this guys I think there's a lot of value when you're talking about the top ten that the bottom top ten where you can get them in the drafts and what it's going to cost you of these guys so these are guys you can pick up you know second third round a lot of good use so let's start off of course with number 20 and Rob would you like to do the honors would you like me to go first it's your call dealer's Choice Oh Brother Martin Washington called Jamaya yeah Jeremiah Pancakes yes I told you I was going to butcher your name I noticed this so Jeremiah Martin out of Washington correct six foot four 240 pounds guy also played at Texas amn and and wow I could speak very well today does he also enjoy M Ms oh he does and he also likes his pancakes the big question that I need to make sure that people are aware of it's really a statement on a question is that Jeremiah was a bullfrog he was a good friend of mine was he really now

but yeah I know um a strong versatile um he's not the Super athletic guy in this draft um his production kind of halted this year he only had what 8.5 sacks well no that's a reverse he had no production until this year ah gotcha he had one sack in his entire career leading up to this season and then all of a sudden eight and a half this year so something clicked or they started using him differently so I didn't go back to the Texas A M tape so I can't give you guys that because quite frankly number 20 I can't spend that much time on no but one of the two happened but I'll say he's a strong bull rusher this is the guy that's gonna just win with pure power he doesn't have the speed moves because quite frankly he doesn't have the athletic system to do that yeah but he makes up with hand use um he's very good with his hands he's very technical and he's he's violent with this man he's versatile he moves around I've seen him an edge I've seen him move on to the line itself um you know it's oh my God Connor Connor says I only have one sack my ex took the other one the big question is Connor is how did he F2 was well that's a good question I should ever think of that question though that was his ask the big question is does he already have a razor for said yeah the lawnmower 4.0 keep that bad boy ready for the summer oh yeah uh but yeah I guess I think he's gonna be best at a 4-3 because of the what style he plays he's not the speed rusher so I don't think he's the guy for us necessarily let's move on to use him in specific packages I think I think he's going to end up going like the fourth round

yeah that's it that's a fair assessment all right on to number 19. this is gonna be a very very interesting one there's a story here better better Manny and breeding now Brenton Cox JR out of Florida here's the interesting part he was kicked off the team in October kicked off the team this is the people that let Aaron Hernandez go through no problem and he got kicked off the team what does that Tell You Folks

yes it means I might have some personality issues might have some personality issues um so the team wouldn't say why when the coach Billy Napier the head coach of the Florida Gators there was ass he said sometimes you have to make decisions in the best interest of the team we decided to move on cumulative effect this wasn't one mistake this was multiple instances and he was productive so it's not like this was like a scrub doing it they he was productive and they still said that production wasn't worth the headache of dealing with him yeah I mean in October there's a lot of rumors going around like was like was he in himself in trouble rumor has it like there was something about this party this morning flipping out of the in the locker room even after the loss to Alabama

yeah so yeah there's all kinds of rumors but we won't know yeah yeah but like I said if if your school has no problem having Aaron Hernandez there for those years well I'm sorry you didn't just become a murderer overnight something's like that wasn't like click hey let's shoot somebody I mean he doesn't go by the NFL for quite some time too so that's yeah oh yeah because the Patriots never hide issues oh never what are you talking about so that tells me all I need to know right there hence why he's number 19 on this list but let's go over still the production because the production wasn't horrible the guys got you know 100 prototype size there um you know he he's strong he is you know somebody who like I said it really did show up uh on on tape there when you did watch it uh he has no problem playing the run is the big thing as well really great against the run I literally saw a plays where he was like on an island by himself basically and he took the hit from the running back and did everything he could to force him down this wasn't the guy that like tackles from the side to avoid some of the damage and stuff like that yeah like this was the guy who Point Blank went I'm gonna take this hit I don't care what happens and goes for the head-on collision and that's one of the things that he said I want to give his side to a certain degree on this as well because he said that you're competitive and that's the problem and that's what I'm saying about the locker room issues that was the rumor there um so real quick as I mentioned the size of him sir he's 6'3 252 pounds so yeah perfect size here's the issue with him though an edge rusher who Lacks a bit of pass rush that's an issue so it's like Jihad ward in that respect where he's good at setting the edge he's good at stopping the Run he's going to give you something in the past uh pass rush but he's not going to be the guy that you're ever going to count on to be one of your main pass rushers he's not going to be the guy that's ever going to come close to sniffing double did sex so but still stopping the run is still something that counts in the NFL it's still an important skill uh especially when you see more and more mobile quarterbacks so yeah like I said he's got a spot in this league he'll probably go around three or four I wouldn't take him personally he'd be off my board entirely because of the Florida issues but I agree someone's going to take him and as much as I put him at 19 he's going to go sooner probably than some of the guys were about to mention

Las Vegas will take them Dallas will take them somebody like that will take him the ones that don't care necessarily about the personal issue with some of these players that have that kind of track record so so that should be interesting to see what happens with him on you know day two day three and where he ends up going all right number 18 Jacoby willing from Auburn

this man what did you say Jacoby well Colby it's a copy Oh I thought he said Jacoby I'm like who's Jacoby Williams like I'm like looking at my list I'm like what's going on here anyway this guy's extremely competitive he's got a great work ethic I like some of the other two guys we talked well one of the other guys yeah he's got staff quickness um yeah actually creates opportunities with interior rushers uh at least in the blacks are explosive forward charges uh as a bull rusher um he also kind of needs to work on his Pursuit a little bit like a lot of times he's um he gets beat if you will he's inconsistent with some sports

yeah I mean it's also uh he's a hard to move guy he also works a little slow that's the big thing that's the big thing that's the big issue and why he's so so far down this list

yeah because this NFL these days you need to be fast it's not about these like five 400. think fast too fast think fast be fast but yeah he I'm telling you I I could see he's probably gonna get drafted as an edge but I think someone's gonna moving him because of the lack of speed to a 3-4 defensive end where I think he's actually probably better suited we only have him on the list because again he's probably gonna be drafted as Edge and then get moved over to that position later on there was a couple of guys that was like we're looking at her going either they can go either group depending on because they're kind of tweeners not quite perfect size for defensive end not quite um you know the three four not quite perfect size for an edge rusher this was definitely one of those guys that was kind of like where does he go yeah but like I think someone's gonna get him as as there uh you know I think the big thing is this is his technique was just inconsistent his pad levels too high but his power his length these are things you can't teach no this is a big he's an ox he's a big dude he's an oxmoose yeah you're an oximus one of these days somebody else went to raritan's gonna like coach ski they're talking about you on the goofball podcast uh alrighty so yeah I think round four for him what are you thinking yeah I'll be surprised if he goes down in the third round but I I should say a surprise that I wouldn't be that surprised but I see a fourth round nothing surprises me in the NFL draft Yeah we listen the Cole strange who last year most of us had a 3-4 kind of grade on got picked in the first round overall by the Patriots Sean mcfave was laughing at Bill Belichick you never know what's going to happen to the giraffes you never do that's that's part of the fun of it is that you can you can make your mock draft boards you can get everything rolling whatever you think is going to happen it's not gonna happen nope so all you can do is focus on knowing the individual players knowing what their strengths and weaknesses are and kind of go from literacy you have an idea of who these guys are going to be in the NFL in an amateur Scout alrighty so number 17. one of the other more interesting names in this group Nick Hampton out of Appalachian State so he's 6'3 210 pounds remember when that used to be a safety yeah yeah right 210 pounds he's gonna be an edge rusher oh my gosh uh I mean I got his weight uh uh from NFL saying that it was 236 so maybe he beefed up a little bit Beefcake hopefully that's what I got I got 210 here I can double check here my my notes but yeah that is just Insanity I mean like I said it's it's one of those things where I'm old school I guess but yeah what I'm showing here are the draft Network 210 pounds but let's get into the pros because it's not negative I don't want to make it seem negative per se it's just the difference in the game from what we grew up with When We Were Young Lads when I was a young warts hog uh

so he's explosive office stance uh great length very quick one of the big things he's got a high IQ he's patient in space and what I mean by that is you'll watch a lot of tape on some guys especially when they're newer into this that what will happen is they see a gap and they just run right through it he's different he sees the Gap and he go he got his stop for a second saying why is that Gap there what's going on in the offense because sometimes the offense opens up gaps in the right spot hoping that the rushers go through because the plays go in the opposite direction and neither it's impossible thing to get to him so he has that patience to wait and see what's going on and if he sees it being a pass that's when he goes for it if he sees it being a run he sits back Waits finds out what's going on um the biggest knock on him really is the fact that he go comes from a very very small school well that and his frame like is he maxed out on his size yeah and he did get washed out a few times by some of the bigger blockers that's for sure um yeah now one thing I paid attention to very specifically was I looked at the two biggest games that he had um which was Texas a m and North Carolina as far as bigger schools um so I think the the he showed up pretty well though and that's again Texas A M with Carolina that's not Alabama that's not Georgia I'm not trying to make it seem like he played the best of the best of the best sir but yeah quote Men In Black there um but best the best of the best sir it's all excited there's no way it's here

but like I said it's it's it's still good quality opponents he was facing with other NFL players on their rosters there so like I said it's the best we could watch and he did he didn't really hide from that kind of challenge there um but he's very raw overall and part of this because he played that kind of school uh I also think he's gonna go in the fourth round uh I do think that he's going to be one of those Boomer bus kind of picks which is weird to say the fourth round but I think he's someone here to say he was a steal or he couldn't hack it at all with the big boys I don't think there's going to be an in-between literally I really don't uh yeah I mean if if this guy had probably even 20 more pounds he'd be good he'd probably be taking in the third round but because of that he's probably gonna be a fourth round guy and it stinks because you know you can't coach up your size nope cannot coach up the size because that's that's what a lot of people are saying it like possibly is like it's his size maxed out like is he gonna can he pack on that weight without sacrifice and health yeah um but yeah like I said very raw but I think he's like I said I think he's for that kind of pick it's worth taking the shot and seeing What Becomes of him there because a fourth round is a guy a lot of times these are these are bus players as it is so if you have the chance for somebody you think is a high upside that you can get in the fourth round like that at a prime premium position it's worth taking the shot alrighty number 16 the hardest thing on the list Zach Harrison Ohio it's Hardison Harrison no I'm kidding I'm kidding

so this guy Mighty Mouse six foot six 272 pounds dude he's a big boy yep I say that but he's got I I add 10 pounds out of me and how many size yeah well I'm so used to looking at the small receivers that were like five foot eight 160 pounds last draft and I'm like oh my God

well I mean his Bill's a little different than yours no offense how do you know he's wearing padding you don't know touche but obviously with that size comes great length he's super athletic um his eyes comes great length yeah and when you have great length manscaped makes you look even bigger yes it does

uh he plays tight um he also plays a little consistent at times yeah so that like that's it that's one of his issues but if I'm sad you know he reminds me of is he reminds me of um uh now I'm drawing a blank what's his name that we got I cut the edge rush we had a couple years ago as a third round draft pick that went to the Falcons just re-signed up we talked about him as being a friend here

that's gonna bother me it's gonna bother the hell out of me too it's gonna bother the hell out of me um but I mean this guy also he he's an attacker for the ball like he he he goes for the chop hand motion trying to get some strip sacks

I'm still looking this up because it's bothering me I know I'm gonna see it I'm like oh my God that was stupid how did I forget that name there um it's coming up here Lorenzo Carter there we go Doug Lorenzo Carter because here's why I'm saying this this kid was it can't miss five-star Prospect coming out of high school five star that's like you're supposed to be like they're doing a parade when you sign with the school

he did nothing

sometimes you're a big fish in a small pond and once you go into the ocean you're nothing but lunch and sometimes when you let a man you must have wear the stretchy pants yeah as Nacho Libre would say but I just I don't like the guys Who come out of high school as a top prospect go into college and don't do jack I just don't trust it and I think the problem is is like I say he's strong he's versatile he plays over the field he's got the he's got the physical skills and I think somebody in the NFL is going to fall in love with this kid for that reason and I think he's going to be a guy that someone's gonna go oh let's use a mid-round pick and this guy he could he could we could be coaching we could fix this you sometimes you just can't fix it guys I mean you must be talking about Carter he looked good at stretches but I wouldn't say Carter was a great player same kind of scenario it was a five-star Recruit come out of high school went to Georgia did nothing we drafted him in a third round

yeah I mean that's probably where this guy's gonna go too and that's what I think he shouldn't he shouldn't his tape was fifth round all day long I'll be able to go that far but I'll say fourth round yeah I'll say fourth round but he like I said he sent out he will go in the third round and whoever gets him will probably end up getting somebody who's a rotational piece because he's still got a place in the NFL I'm not trying to say he's a bums and he got washed out of no time he wouldn't be on this list if that was the case it's just it's disappointing to see somebody talked about the way he is about oh this guy's a five-star recruit in like high school blah blah blah blah and then you watch the tape and you're like was his high school tape better like what's yeah yeah I mean he also could have been just a big kid in high school that was just dominating the smaller guys um I think you mean sizedly challenged not big oh sorry sorry I went out there wow yeah wow in there it's five foot seven out there wow like I said we'll see what happens here but that's when I see a rotational piece at best Forum uh somebody will draft me to throw around and he will have a place in this league but he'll never be probably a starter even this league I think that's where he's at it's probably because of injury [Laughter] all righty number 15.

Yaya diabi out of Louisville I took the difficult one for you Rob I picked that one for the team

uh six three 263 pounds very athletic this is this is a combine kit that really showed his athleticism overall their versatile place all over the field he's played on the inside he's played in the outside he can move around pretty good because he's got the prototypical size that you want for an edge rusher um Strong high motor sets The Edge well the one thing that I was very shocked for as strong as he was he was the pass rushing star obviously um at the uh you know at Louisville because let's be honest Louisville's not exactly a massive school it's not Ohio state Wisconsin it's not Georgia it's not t SKU it's not you know Notre Dame USC so he was the star of their past defense and he got double teamed quite often as a result and he did have trouble with them and there was times to be very Frank he looked lost on the field where you see him and he's just not he just doesn't know what to do with himself and that's something that I think is coachable the question is are the double team issue coach because if you're good in the NFL you're gonna get coached but you I said that coach you're gonna get double teamed but here's the other thing you can say as well is because he's not going to be the guy in the NFL he won't be double teamed he'll probably be much more often on a one-on-one kind of scenario uh I think overall he's someone who's going to be kind of a situational pass rusher in this lead to start off and then kind of see where he grows from there I guess he's not great against the run as much as he sets The Edge well as far as the you know um against mobile quarterbacks and all he didn't look great against you know obvious running plays and stuff like that so I think he's a rotational uh pass rush piece that probably go in the third fourth round around there but he's got upside yeah he does have upside and I think with coaching he could grow into a potential starter this league I really do yeah I mean if you look at him when he's like you know Falls Farm he you know he's big I like punch pool trying to get the ball out and just go for you know strips but once again yeah probably rotational guy well I said and there's nothing nothing wrong with that listen every single team should have probably four or five Edge rushers so they can rotate in and out yeah so when I say that I don't make that sound like he doesn't have a place on a team that he's just a scrub He's Just Not Your Star yeah that's what it pulls down to um alrighty number 14. Andre Carter the second the second Pinky's out yeah um I never understood that why do people say the second instead of Junior I don't know do it I guess it's like I guess where you are from I think it's just a personal preference to be honest but it's like I guess so it's just never I never make sense to me like I understand the third and the fourth and all that kind of stuff when you got that kind of lineage in the name like obviously you're not going to be just a junior you want to respect the fact if you're the third or fourth person to have that name but the second yeah a senior Junior yeah we're gonna call him Junior we're gonna call him Junior it's his nickname now you're just Junior J.R yeah I also would never name like a junior but that's why would you never name your kid junior it's like almost obligation to ask the name of their kid at Junior which makes him the third and start a hold of line and what if they don't have a a son or they don't have kids and I feel like they're obligate I'm the only guy to pass on my last name at least I have no obligation whatsoever if I do I do I don't I don't no biggie there's plenty of Davis's in this world we'll be fine yeah I like his own common name if my last name was like herkesheimer or something like that I don't know I'm just making up a random name um yeah that'd be much more weird all right on to Andre all right Andre three thousand six foot six and a half inches 256 pounds this guy before we start uh taking his beefcakes he started as a wide receiver and a Titan in high school yeah it's quite the adjustment yeah dude look great he has 15 and a half sacks in uh 2021 but I took a dip in 2022 big time yeah he's got some good size um some Scouts are saying he can get bigger maybe play better that way I don't know uh he does a good uh job challenging blockers um he's very raw he plays with a lot of emotions so raw so so so Raw [Laughter] but guys being said a lot a lot of Scouts are saying this guy might be a red shirt for the first year get him get him more developed yeah because like once again he did not play this his whole life it's something that he switched to yep um you're drafting this kid purely based on potential if you do purely based on potential um but I mean the guy might have a very high ceiling he's very athletic uh he's decently athletic but he's plays with a lot of heart guys in the Army well yeah so one thing we should mention as well because we talked about this because we talked about him briefly during our our Edge review that we had there was a rule that is getting passed that it used to be when you graduated you had to go into the service immediately they're past the rule now that if you get drafted into the professional leagues that you serve when your pro time is done so if people are wondering if what's going on this is going to be a David Robinson situation basically so he'll be the commercial guy basically for the Army and everything like that uh you know he'll he'll go and serve his time afterwards so there's no concern as far as that as some guys are wondering next I know that's that's popped up with some players before that's always been a shame to hear at that point but like I said that's what they signed up for so it is what it is but yeah this guy like I said he's gonna get that password he's going to be able to go ahead and play in the NFL and serve his time afterwards so yeah um well he said raw I mean just so Raw it's it's insane it doesn't have any counter moves um but he's he's got the attitude he's got the size um I I think he's going to be a good situational pass rusher this league here the question is how high is that ceiling is there a higher ceiling because of the fact that he's so new into this position and you know it may be third down Russia is the best he gets it may be that he shocks us all and with some actual professional coaching you know no disrespect to the to the Army coaches there because that's still a military job that's how I was raised you don't disrespect the military obviously but the Army coaches are not nearly the same quality as an NFL coaches it's not you know we work for the government and be a freelancer for the government exactly there's a huge difference so um like I said third round pick I'm seeing with him and I think someone's gonna purely see that potential of him getting double digit sacks in 21 and going okay we can work with this yeah he's probably late third round guy alrighty number 13. Isaiah foskey out of Notre Dame AKA Quasimodo

of six foot five 260 pounds set the team record for all-time sex I want that to sink in for a second this is Notre Dame this is Notre Dame guys it's about as you know hallowed a football history as there is in college football he set the team record for most sex all time wearing a golden dome so yeah that's impressive there because they're the names that have gone through there great length grid variety of pass rush moves explodes off the snap inconsistent against the run though he needs to learn to get better at that and what I mean by that is not that he sucks against the wrong this is not yannickway what I'm saying is is that he is inconsistent someplace he looks good some place he doesn't look so good that's going to develop I think better with time the only concern I have with him is I saw the tape with him against Ohio State which we went over the tackles draft uh um program there that they have two guys that are very good tackles on that line plus they got a pretty damn good Center as well on top of that so they have a damn good line in Ohio State but yeah he got wrecked by them he got owned and that's the one concern I have because that is basically an NFL quality offensive line that they had for the Buckeyes this season yeah depending what they do obviously when they get to the league but so if you have trouble with that am I now to assume you're gonna have trouble with NFL lines in general that's a possibility but he also was the guy that's the star over there obviously like so these guys going to be double team he's got it everyone's looking at yeah he also has four block punts in his college career that's always nice very nice to block the pot yeah

um yeah so I think that I I think he's a good pick overall uh I think he's got pretty good potential especially from where he comes from so I see him as a round three kind of guy there and I think he's the perfect guy to put into your pass rush as like a third rusher that could eventually become a starter within your franchise and in a pinch even I could see we're at that point now we're starting to get the guys that I could see in the pinch if you have a weak Edge team or if you're just trying to give the young kids a chance we're getting to that point where yeah I mean if you got the spot and you want to give foskey the chance to start and see what he does not the worst move in the world if you're a rebuilding franchise you wouldn't do it as a star franchise but yeah it's a rebuilding franchise yeah why not go for it why not see what he's got better than getting some 35 year old washed up guy

is that wrong call what it is but if you need a 40 year old washed up guy you let me know I'll suit up in a heartbeat [Laughter] in here 37 let's go let's go oh no listen which way is the beach yeah it's both ways because I'm on a peninsula [Laughter] all right West East I did actually that's the scary part I have a very good internal compass that is East that is West so I got Bay that way Gulf of Mexico that way oh yeah which is weird because as I'm doing that it's the Merit of the thing obviously so it's like this is my right hand this is my left hand nice I know it's weird one day I'll get used to that these videos one day alrighty number 12. Keon white Georgia Tech the yellow jacket it's a yellow jacket about a white jacket after Labor Day touche that's that's just a No-No six foot four 267 pounds he also was a Titan in high school let's put these tight ends becoming Edge rushers that's a little weird to me I think but I don't know if you're a big tight end I mean you're athletic usually in that spot so maybe they just didn't have the hands for it I was gonna say maybe they couldn't couldn't catch couldn't hack it at the tight ends up became an edge rusher honestly you make more money than Edge rush in the league and there's more Edge rushers than there are tight ends so honestly for a career move it's a good move yeah hands down all right you have a question here real quick from Brad Pond welcome Brad uh he asked what day is the NFL Draft so Brad not this week next week Thursdays round one you got um Friday is round two and three you got Saturday is four five six seven and everybody will be live for the first two days as well just to remind you guys uh Thursday and Friday with guests on all kinds of special appearances maybe we're gonna something else as well for you guys um we're gonna be on Saturday afterwards we're probably gonna do more of a review at that point up there because let's be honest we're gonna start talking to people that talk about people that may never even make it to this league at that point we're not going to BSU guys anti-wear experts in the guy who's picked seventh seventh round at that point

we'll do a little research then pop on for anybody we get really late in the draft like that but yeah like I said Thursday Friday Saturday next week not this week all right sorry go ahead all right so um go back on white he said to be a great teammate and a great leader in the locker room so that's always something you want to hear especially when you're looking at draft Zone you want someone with that kind of personality he's also explosive great uh with the pass rush and um he's continued to grow through his college career and there's a lot there's a high ceiling for that yeah uh he showed up at special teams a few times with that being said he's also not the best against Iran uh against Iran which is something we need yeah [Music] and also the team we talked about before with the talent issue he played against better Talent he had issues and he's also 24 years old this is one of those guys that like that super senior had like you know five six years in in college and he's now like the age that some of these guys are like in their second third year in the league yeah that's it's a concern because it makes you wonder with these guys how much room for growth is there you're already 24. we're gonna reach your Peak at 30. I mean you might see more of this you might see the ceiling Rays really fast compared to some of the other guys because like now I think if the mindset to possibly get better that much faster before they start to decline yeah but yeah we'll find out it's not like we've ever had a draft where we're drafting 23 year olds yeah I imagine he's got the tools it's just that's my only concernment I hear these guys because you see some people coming out 20 21 22. he's 24. two three years in the NFL that's a big difference a lot of 24 year olds are already out of the NFL at that point yeah we talked about it before the average NFL guy as a three-year has three years in the league yeah I mean once again they get drafted at 21. so yeah a 24 is on the way out exactly which is kind of scary imagine being retired at 24. that sounds nice too kind of sounds nice I wish you did that right seriously you have 34. oh yeah hopefully hopefully by 64. [Laughter] come on manscaped help us out

um but yeah uh I mean I think a third round is where it's going to be for this guy and it's funny because there's a huge range so when I say that they're around that's what I think is gonna happen but I've seen a huge range for this guy I've seen him some people have him like a fourth fifth round guy I've had some people think he's gonna sneak into the second round I've seen a range on him um I mean there's quite a few scouts out there talk about how this guy does have a high ceiling even though he's 24. yeah but what I see when I see a huge range though that tells me it just takes one of 32 teams to like him to go earlier on that's why I'm saying third around so yeah we shall see this it'll be a fun one to see where he ends up there yeah

I would say I would say probably early to mid third yeah that's where I'm thinking alrighty on to number 11. Byron young out of Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee

um six three 243 pounds very athletic Great Bend low pad level so this is a guy who's got the technique he's got the uh you know the the frame and the body that you want for this kind of position um we've got the moves like Jagger um probably moves a little better than Jagger yeah a third of his age literally yeah he because he is also another older guy 25 years old 25. imagine that so if he gets if he gets drafted and and like the second throw around like I'm thinking he's going to be 29 years old when he becomes a free agent for the first time in his career like God damn yeah oh my God High motor uh he just needs to gain more moves he's also not very strong he's not the big you know strong kind of edge rusher so he also needs to get a little better in open field tackling but this this kid's gonna be the start of this league I'm telling you yes I mean he's he's got a great first step quickness to it like he's he fires out of that stance yeah this is this is the very first of the names that I'm gonna tell you guys Point Blank will be a starter in this league No Doubt now how good he gets when he gets the job we'll find out you know but I think this is this is the guy that you this is the first name that you start drafting because you need an edge rusher to start and like I said Byron young I I think he's going to do pretty good I just don't know how high the ceiling's gonna be for him overall because of the age and because he made very well Peak physically for all we know yeah I mean that's another thing on Sky reporter saying like you know super muscular up top but he's lacking some of that mess in the bottom half oh my gosh I'm looking here at the list by the way Rob there is one name that you're going to have a lot of trouble with oh it's gonna be so much fun and he is coming up for you there's two names that I was worried about giving the the one that's really going to be difficult for you it's coming up here soon so let's let's get on to number 10 because that's gonna be a nice simple one here for you number 10. these numbers always get me messed up Will McDonald the fourth Ohio State Iowa State yeah see look it's in Ohio I didn't say Ohio you have insulted all of the people of the great state of Iowa I apologize

they're gonna throw things of corn at you Mommy it's 24 years old this is like this is like that that string of like where the middle of the pack of the middle aged football players here yeah seriously like they get their AARP card at the podium yeah he's also not um a big guy as well 239 pounds yeah you get six poorly he's got a little bit of height on him yeah so maybe packs on some of that size dudes athletic he's got Great Bend High motor uh but he also needs to gain more in the past Russian you know his his moves are not like Jagger well actually maybe they are like Jagger because it's not so he's not moving as well as he could be um it wasn't used often to attack the QV though yeah so and that's why he's probably the most raw of the these top 10 that we're gonna have here because Iowa state has a different system that a lot of quarterbacks do um you know you have you know like basically like a whole mixture over there of players they rotate all around all over the place so he may not have had the quite the same production as a pass rusher that some of the names we're going to talk about here today have but he's got one of the best efficiency rates in other words he did the most with the snaps he got with those opportunities so yeah he's he he's going to be an interesting guy I think I really think that he's going to do very well and I think Iowa State just didn't use him right Point Blank I really think that but you could be here here's an interesting thing though I thought I read somebody else put it up and I'm gonna I wish I remember who's like getting the credit for because it wasn't me but they said draft players from Iowa State because if you're going to Iowa State to play football you love football you didn't go there for the sun you didn't go over there for the big city you went there to play some goddamn football and corn in court on the top yeah so um but yeah I mean it's he's gonna he's gonna be a good one I think I really do I think he's going to be a legit starter in this league and I I think you're gonna see him um you know hopefully grow in the little bit of time he has left before he basically peeks out there physically or uh literally yeah yeah I mean just like I said he needs to both he's even he gains like 10 pounds on I think he'll be fine so

all righty number nine oh we didn't say this round for him yet actually I'm sorry second round I haven't met yeah I I can see him even Fallen because of the size to like very early third round but I would say like mid to late second round yeah all righty on to number nine Felix and yodike uzuma and I'm telling you I cannot tell you how much tape I washed this kid and every time somebody to say his name they slow down so much like I just did to make sure they're pronouncing it right it's on you DK uzuma uh at a Kansas State uh they just call him King Felix that's his nickname kind of like the the little picture for the Mariners back in the day um six three 255 pounds very Speedy very athletic probably the best first step of this entire draft you see that ball snap and he's got a step on whoever basically is going to try to block him because he's just so quick at that uh just a great skill to have good Ben strong but he's bad against the Run my notes Here I have yannick-like it's ironic because I wasn't even thinking that when I mentioned Yannick and Gokey before he just doesn't play The Run well it's just not his strength so he's gonna be a start in this league but you better pair him on that side with somebody at the end position that is very good against the run because if they get past it you're gonna have some trouble uh you know can it be coached out time will tell obviously but yeah he was he was impressive as a pass rusher and if you can get to the quarterback you will always have a job in this league yeah it matters how bad you are against their own no matter how much of a headache you even are again Ask Yannick and gakway he may move around from Team to team but he always finds a team every year yeah and this kid plays with high intensity all the time so yeah hopefully you'll be coached out yeah like he said he's he's gonna be fun to watch because I think he's going to give some QB some fits I really do um he's he's one of the better pure rushers that you're defining in this draft class so I got him also as a second round kind of guy um but I I do think he's gonna be a legit star on this league for years yeah I can see that definitely alrighty number eight my favorite guy in the draft either tomiwa at a Bari tomiwa

adabari you were very close you're very close

[Laughter] you impressed me there you impressed me good sir [Music] a Northwestern oh yes Chicago six foot two 282 pounds this is a big boy big boy this man hits the buffet but he still ran uh a 4.49 in his 40. impressive right maybe that was his way on uh into the buffet line may I say maybe they had like a stack of ribs at the end of it listen I don't blame the guy I I could run that time for some riffs I love my ribs um yeah he's versatile dude has um he's great against run which is great but his uh technique is um also been consistent he has trouble with bigger blockers which is weird because he's big yeah you would think a big guy would be you know he'd be the guy who like I can just shed this guy who's turning this 300 pound guy that's trying to block me because I'm 300 pounds myself practically but no he definitely has some issues with some of the bigger guys that definitely showed up on tape there uh and I wonder and and I don't know his his history as far as his size through the years but I wonder did he maybe grow into this body in the last couple of years because he's not 40 years old like half the rookies in this draft class and you know maybe just hasn't gotten a chance to learn to use that kind of size now with strength and that weight yet because that does happen yeah you really think that doesn't happen I can tell you point blank is somebody who shot up like a weed in my early 20s that's what happens you don't even recognize you don't see yourself as that bigger person you know so very possible it is I mean because it's if you look at him through most of his tapes when he's not getting bullied uh he was yo he had great leverage when he was using his hip strength to like move it around getting underneath guys but once he got to these guys like his size he just didn't translate it the same way yeah yeah like I said he's just he's gonna be he's going to be some work I think that's for sure because I think it's inconsistent technique the issues with developing it based on his size and stuff like that but I think he's going to be a second round pick and I do think he'll be a starter in this league um yeah so guys prepare to learn the name yeah I mean he misses for sure tackles and if he didn't he could be a first rounder you know earlier but it's hard it's hard to teach someone to be 282 pounds and run a 449 yeah so like not easy no so you know there's a coach out there that'll say I can fix this guy yeah all right number seven probably the most underrated player in this Edge class here Derek Hall out of Auburn six foot three 254 pounds so perfect size for the for an edge Rush position he's got a speed and strength combo he got he's got them both he's strong as heck he's got the speed he can do the speed and and strength move so we talked about a lot of the guys that are fast guys strong guys this is the hybrid this is the guy who does both doesn't do both them as well as some of the guys do the one but he does both but you don't know which way he's coming at you he's gonna bull rush you sometimes he's gonna spin move the other times he's good at setting the edge good against the run plays the run like he would like you wouldn't believe because he has no problem playing he understands the importance of it uh he's a great open field tackler um he's got a very high football IQ he does need to work a little bit here on getting his pads a little lower when he first goes to attack and he needs to develop some more um um you know Rush moves overall which is a very common thing in college because when you play this position in college sometimes you just get away with one or two moves and those moves work she's like I'm good yeah no it's not as simple like you have to develop multiple moves you have to develop a plan of attack before each play um so I think he'll get that no problem he's going to be a second round pick to me and I think he's going to be end up being a steal for somebody I really do yeah I think so I mean this guy has quality bursts in his Pursuit like a pound is strength the challenge some of these bigger guys is it's a par like he takes his speed and strength and you know mixes them together for some so for some uh great blocks um he's also got a tremendous character this guy's you know team captain he goes out and he's good with all his teammates like he's he's got character so so what you're saying is if Kevin Costner called up the team they find out that everybody went to his birthday party 100

watched a Draft Day movie I don't watch that movie forever I don't think I've ever seen it but you're the one that told me about that well we're podcasting a few months back and yeah that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard that's really what happened too he's like I'm not gonna draft this kid because nobody went to his birthday party right

oh my God starring Kevin Costner as Dave gettleman

oh geez that's the ghetto move I can tell you listen no one showed up his birthday party I couldn't draft the kid no one showed up there was no streamers people had that thing coming out of the mouth

I had a proper copper the hobby to go to the party myself here oh [Laughter] number six

yes now before you mention BJ's we should also mention again that we were sponsored by manscape.com before BJ's manscapes are very important so anyway

get all the Nick and crannies uh what is it a Thomas's English muffin over here

it's incredible uh

LSU guy six foot two 240. trying to figure out why I'm in trouble if it's like an English muffin it is not big but it's girthy as hell oh okay okay and it looks ugly

um obviously let's get the elephant out of the room here yeah oh July you might sound a little familiar because we they drafted very familiar we may have drafted his brother just quite recently

um Ari video jewelry great punch quick Eternal burst great range internal first one oh no see he's got gas

no uh not an internal purse Eternal person you came [Laughter] all this BJ talk oh my God

like five-year-olds it's great fantastic yeah his first step God damn it yeah um oh July needs to work on some of his strength um he was not the best Ascent of the edge a lot of times yeah yeah so run he's run defense and Edge setting overall definitely left something to be desired but I'm telling you like he's his brother and I mean that in a positive way like a lot of what I saw on Aziz a couple years ago I was watching his tape is what I see in BJ yeah he heard quick guy lighter Edge guy has trouble against the run like this is a hundred percent disease yeah like he he's great getting to the side and get into the quarterback and for people that may have forgotten Aziz was going to be a mid first round pick initially and he kind of dropped because of some concerns they had with his injuries uh or injury potential I should say not even injuries injury potential because of injury he had back in high school um you know obviously it's hard to say that the jury is still adding that one because he did get injured off last year but you know it wasn't for that concern it was totally different issues so and I still think he just bulked up too much so I mean I think BJ is going to be a good player in this league I think he's going to be uh I wouldn't say he's going to be a Batman in the league as we talk about the Batman or Robin mentality so to speak of the edge rushers but I think it's going to be a damn good Robin for somebody yeah I think so and I think he's got the great personality to be a great teammate and then yeah I think he's gonna be a guy that's going to be a pro for a very long time oh yeah if you say he's injury free yes all right yeah I would say probably at Round One early around two for him I guess he had one yeah number five miles Murphy not to be confused with Detective Murphy from RoboCop miles Murphy out of Clemson six five 268 pounds so like yeah sign me up for that kind of size for Edge rusher that's perfect right there uh he missed both the combine and the Clemson Pro Day duel to a hamstring so we had to do his own private pro day so the thing is he did do the private pro day so he's not Kadarius Tony he didn't find more hamstrings hiding he eventually was able to do it uh strong hands um strongest overall because he's got a good size to him keeps the legs moving almost if we talk about that a lot with running backs people forget that's not just a running back thing that's like a football thing in general if that whistle has not been blown your legs should be moving you should not be standing still uh he does that good bend uh he definitely beat up on the weaker competition like you can see a big difference between what he was able to do against some of the weaker opponents compared to the better opponents because obviously Clemson's got a weird schedule like they say some good teams they play some real scrubs um he's not great also but setting the edge uh he's also not the best initially in gap coverage and that's that's all boils down to the run defense so personally my own opinion on him just from watching the tape here Boomer bus kind of guy and what I think is going on basically is he's getting hyped up because he knows he's playing a weaker opponent and he cares much more about the past because he knows how to put tends to get people paid in the NFL let's call what it is so I think he needs coaching I think he needs maturing and I think that's that's what I'm seeing a lot of personally um but he's going to be another guy of the lead round one early round two kind of guy he's got a like okay I was comparing to BJ for a second we just talked about bjelari he's got a higher ceiling than BJ he's got a lower floor I I'll agree with that so it's do you want to take the risky pick do you want to take the more you know you know more proven commodity pick so to speak that's where the question is going to be and there's a science to both of them that says yes that's the right move and this no that's the right move both of them make sense it's a risk either way because if you draft a guy like BJ and Murphy was there and then he becomes a Batman then you're like oh God damn I could have Batman I drafted Robin yeah if he's out of the league in a couple years and BJ is it is a good second Edge rusher for somebody you're gonna be like oh God damn it I could have had this this is an important piece to a defense this is the guy I wish I had right now so like I said that's that's the crap shoot of the NFL draft guys you just never know yeah I mean definitely there's going to be some coaching uh coaching it to bring that ceiling there like like you said the legs are always moving but sometimes if you look he takes very long strides to try to beat tackles and it works for him sometimes it gets better talents when he's trying to do that that's also his downfall so he has like too much of a lady movements and it slows down his momentum trying to get through that line yeah but yeah he because of that high ceiling file ago really first round maybe to the second I thought I think weekly first early second I think that's that's pretty good that's we're gonna see him basically alrighty number four which is probably one of the most interesting people in this entire group because I've actually heard the Giants and rumors of him so go for it Rob all right we're talking about Nolan Smith from Georgia which first off that's that's never true you say never trust somebody with two first names he's got two last names I don't know if that means we trust him more oh maybe maybe he's double trustworthy like that's what I'm saying maybe that's I don't know the rules on this move we have to look this up I don't know what the rules are on this it's going good old Googles can I trust a guy with two last names let's see chat gbt but yeah this guy's six foot three smaller guy at uh 235 pounds but he also ran a Ford uh 39 and a 40 yard so he was a combined Beast he uh he could drop back in the coverage he uh

he relies on speed too much at times he has trouble getting off blocks against the Run

um yeah this guy has a lot of talent but it's also another guy that has like a high ceiling possibly like

a semi low floor see I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna I'm gonna disagree with you on that one I think to me his hit we talk about the Batman Robin thing his floor is Robin is his ceiling is Batman

I I think he's going to be a legit force in this league I think he's just you got to keep in mind also Georgia's defense so every single year Georgia gets these guys who go into the draft from The Edge position they don't produce in college they show up on tape they show up at the combine but they don't necessarily produce sack numbers and such and then they go into the NFL like azizo gelari and they show up yeah I mean the one thing I saw on tape that kind of like stood out to me a little bit which I do like it and not to knock and it's maybe it's something coaching can work at but he tends to sometimes not be able to he's he's got great speed he's got great power sometimes he doesn't know how to utilize both of them or convert from one to the other and he realized all on one and not the other and vice versa sometimes he's just trying to be a speedy guy and he gets beat strength yeah he has to though he's so 235 pounds he doesn't have any strength he's a strong guy though he's got power not enough power to beat a guy who's 315 pounds at a tackle I hear what you're saying gotta win with the strength with the speed technique speed and power yeah will help you beat the strong guys yeah but I I honestly I I don't like giving Pro comps with draft guys but I didn't put up my notes Bruce Irvin that's what I see with this guy Bruce Irvin same kind of guy speed guy doesn't have the strength necessarily to do the bull rush moves um you know lower on the weight has a little bit of issues against the run that kind of guy and if you can get a guy towards the end of the first round which is where I think he's gonna going even though he's probably a little better than that to be honest probably more like a mid first round guy but I think he's going to go more towards the end of the first round um this is a guy that if you can get you know seven eight sacks out of a guy that you get at the tail end of the first round that's a good that's a good get yeah that's a good get um but there's been a lot of rumors like all right we got to ask today on Facebook uh by someone you know if you know I think it was Deontay Banks they were talking about the corner they were on our um our clip we had of our show the other night on that and they said if we had the chance between Smith and Banks which one would you take so I came back with we mean Nolan Smith or cameras I wasn't sure which one they met somebody Smith's uh they're like Nolan and I'm like you know honestly I probably would take no one Smith because I can get myself a corner leading around in the draft because this is such a corner driven draft you can't get a town like Nolan Smith later in the draft you're not gonna get it and you know you got one more year with Jihad Ward because he's on a one-year deal he's on a one-year deal perpetually basically he goes wherever wink goes you know you got azizo jalari who couldn't stay healthy last year and now he's going to year three of a four-year deal and keep in mind as a second round pick so is it the worst thing in the world to have a guy like Nolan Smith who can go ahead and rush the passer develop and learn better as a run Block Run blocker and stuff like that while he's coming off as a third pass rusher and then you pop him in on place but it's an obvious passing down I mean another weapon at that point to go against the quarterbacks because I'm telling you right now guys we have to beat our division rivals and what I mean by that is we need to get strong at the line and that's both the offensive defensive line because that's why we're getting wrecked because the Cowboys and the Eagles specifically who we would oh and five against this year they have great offensive lines they have great defensive lines and if you can't get the quarterback and you can't protect your quarterback you're in trouble so having another weapon that can get to their quarterback go after their 51 million dollar guy there Jaylen hurts it's a good get so I'll get off my soapbox but I want to make sure you guys are kind of were in that thought process of where at least I'm from I mean Rob feel free to share your thoughts on that but like I said to me it makes sense if you got a chance to get a stud it's got to be a stud though it can't be a maybe a one maybe a two kind of guy it's got to be one of these top four guys and I think the only one that we have a shot of getting that late the draft unless we trade up is gonna be Nolan Smith as Ken pop saying what's up guys what's up Ken what's up kid

so like I said let me know what your thoughts are Rob I don't want to speak for you per saying that but like I said I think that I mean we definitely do I wasn't trying to say like the guy is like going to be a bus when I say no no no no I'm not taking this out I'm just saying I think that's a problem

yeah so you're 100 right we need to beef up our office line we need to be beef up our defensive line because that's your fundamental that is the that's the structure to your house the frame into your house you can build off that because if you're constantly pressing the quarterback on defense side guess what quarterback's more likely to make mistakes so you could have an average corner look better when quarterbacks make mistakes if you're given that quarterback all day long a throw the ball you're great the top ranked cornerback is going to have to put in a lot of work in the NFL and it's not fair to have to put on there yep and vice versa you need a strong offensive line to stop that defense from coming at your quarterback to give him time to make that place yeah I mean yeah you win it's football is much like World War One you're winning you're winning the trenches guys that's that's how the game is played alrighty number three Lucas Van Ness out of Iowa not to be confused with Iowa State the second Iowa college of Campus six foot five 264 pounds uh strong and wins but that strength this is that bull rusher Guy this is the guy that's gonna take the offensive lineman toss him to the side and go right for the quarterback uh High motor good flexibility needs to develop the more pass rush moves and I think especially the speed kind of stuff there because the problem is going to run into you can bull rush in college all day long and you can bull rush sometimes in the NFL but if you're a pure bull rush guy it's not going to work as well in the NFL because everybody there is big and everybody they're strong on the offensive line not the edge rushers we discussed something really tiny once here today they're like safety size but I mean offensive linemen are still 300 pounds plus they're still big boys um I think part of what that is though is just because so he actually never played uh football until High School he wasn't the guy the pop warner guy he was a former hockey player and I think that's what he's doing he's just checking the guy still I'm just still doing I mean let's let's be real Happy Gilmore on the football field here and this Bureau uh hockey player for some tough uh players out there yeah whatever besides fighting sports do you get into fights like their face their teeth yeah 100 I mean he was also called nickname Hercules even though with his building size you know in that name he's probably more like Thor

dudes a leftover Viking but that's it like he needs to work on his speed a little bit more technique but he is a brick poop house if you will he's a brag

but he's super powerful leg super powerful hips super powerful super powerful but I mean he's better use of his hands because he's not holding a stick anymore so it's a little different yes and remember now when you do hold the stick you want to go ahead and Escape it or you want a manscape yes oh uh we find all the weird ways the punch in manscape there um I I think honestly this is the guy we have no shot in hell with I think he's gonna be a top 20 pick uh I mean you never know anybody like I said before anything can happen yeah we talked about you know uh you know Gino Smith a couple years ago you know you see people drop quite often it's not unheard of but if all goes as scheduled and planned we don't have a shot again in this guy uh yeah it's very very doubtful as Ken asked you guys having a live giraffe show next Thursday night yes we are Ken we're gonna have a Thursday night we're gonna have a Friday night we're gonna be on for all the first three rounds of picks and we're also gonna do a recap show for everybody on Saturday night as well so we'll definitely be on and we'll be talking your bears at one point again so because the Bears do pick and I think they're going to pick a certain person from Georgia I'm going to say that but I'm not going to say yeah

um he said let's kill brats is that supposed to be Bears because I put it up because like you didn't say Bears this time there they go he fixes it now I'm not putting Bears up on the screen though

all righty on to number two numero dos Tyrese from Texas Tech another big guy six foot six 275 pounds like I said great size he's a dominant physical player versatile but just like we just said he lacks some speed yep it's kind of hard to be a speedy guy when you're running around 75 pounds yeah yeah but he's also got a wingspan like a pterodactyl the pterodactyl so he's he's great at getting in there he wrecks runs plays um he's hard uh backside like he just all over the side of the field but you say he's got a hard backside yes backside crash

I I went ahead of my notes Here

Ken whenever you bring your flashlight for the bearish picks all right [Laughter] that being said he's a strong guy um he's a powerful guy but he also lacks explosiveness uh explosiveness explicitness explosiveness it's explicit yes he's very expensive explicit I can't talk about that uh sorry I'm having fun with it so you can get it yes uh yeah you see consistent it could be uh too high not entirely high but like too high in a [Laughter] earthquakes his laughing face and then well uh I'm sorry I was up at three o'clock this morning guys I'm tired and the great backside he said

so so beautiful yes he works a lot with the assistant head coach yeah

yeah I mean

and and his Pad level's inconsistent and too high sometimes but the thing is it's not always so he knows what the right move is to do he just doesn't always do the right move so I think that's coachable uh the lack of speed is to better get Center for me I I'm kind of you know keep in mind we're talking Edge rushers these guys could be 4-3 in in in defensive end these guys could be three four Edge rushers in the end the audio that would used to be the outside linebackers back in the day um as we got Harry the Greek checking in Harry what's up Harry hey Ray um listen we got to send Harry the Greek the link there so see if we can get Harry the Greek to come on we gotta see if we can hear the Greek to come on any of the link Harry

um but yeah I mean it's it's he's gonna be a guy that I think you're going to see necessarily as potentially a uh uh you know more of a 4-3 kind of defensive end than a 3-4 Edge guy but there's guys that really are big big you know fans of his there are guys who will sit there and tell you point blank that he may be just as good as number one that we're gonna talk about now me I think that they're crazy if they think that I really do that's just insane to me but there are the people out there that think that oh as Harry says next show I I or Amis as he misspells promise I got a mock you on that Harry because I just do it's all right I've been Misfits things all night Ken says what's up

but yeah like I said if there's guys who really like him that much they think he's just up there with if not even potentially a little higher um but I do not think that he's in that kind of class I really don't I think that there's a big difference between number one and number two that's not to say he's crud I just think number one to be a generational Talent uh but I do think Tyrese is probably going to go to top 15. he's going to go to somebody who you know really needs a uh you know a good defensive end on a 4-3 system at that point to go ahead and be their star pass rush or someone who can bull rush which is easier to do from that four or three from that three four so yeah like I said he's going to be a good player in this league for years to come I think yeah hands down alrighty number one Will Anderson Jr from Allah freaking Bama roll tide six foot four 243 pounds yeah this is a true three four Edge rusher here uh he very Will May and should be the first non-qb taken off the board great against the Run sheds blocks high IQ speed pass rusher kind of guy um does already has stunts to twist um the size is the only thing that's a little bit concerning he misses some tackles from it he occasionally has some issues with you know getting getting beat in the open field like that but this is a guy who's already got the moves that you expect the NFL player to have had to be very Frank he looks bored sometimes like you've seen a couple moves he makes he only makes them occasionally it's because we talked about it before he doesn't have to he's playing against the guys that aren't in the same class as him it's almost like he's in that he's like that baseball player that goes down to the miners to play a couple games before they go up to the majors except he's been doing it for a few years now yeah he would have been a first round pick last year

yeah this guy is just explosive from Every Witch Way explosive hips explosive backside just explicit just explicit explicit content on his rap album

but he's like one of those guys like you talk about Batman and Robin before like this is Superman over here coming out of this draft yeah yeah like it's a strong power from every which way

but yeah he's like I said top 10 pick all day long best non-qb in this draft if you do not need a quarterback and you don't take him it's a mistake shame on you yeah he is this good the Texans are rumored to be looking at him instead of a quarterback wow that's how good he is like who is their quarterback oh Mill's the answer yeah okay okay yeah no this is like and throw it wrong this is this is just par for the course for Houston what's going on there you got a little party going on there dog's going crazy right now the dog's going crazy why is his bedtime uh you know the the this is the same one the same team that went after Mario Williams instead of taking the supposedly can't miss Reggie Bush back in the day and everybody was all shocked now don't get me wrong they made the right move then they made the right move but I mean right now we got Davis Mills and Case Keenum as your quarterbacks if the Texans don't take a quarterback at number two overall then they must really not like whoever was available this year yeah like that's a conscious decision to skip a position of need a high position of me that's just yeah like Davis the neck Mills is not the answer Case Keenum is also not the answer so yeah I I think it's all Bs I think they'll take a uh they'll take a quarterback in the end and that means that will Anderson either goes to the Cardinals uh or the Cardinals do the smart thing trade down because their team is basically a dumpster fire and they'll go ahead and get a bunch of picks and then he'll probably still go you know top top five top six that basically again the first person who doesn't take a quarterback is going to take him whether you're stupid and need their head examined Point Blank that's how that's how good he's gonna be you know he probably will make it past number five when the Seahawks go

yeah that's probably that's probably the right spot for him I'll tell you this though if he drops to the Lions and they get to take him at six and get them match him with Aiden Hutchinson watch out NFC North watch out NFC North because Aiden Hutchinson was a freaking BEAST's rookie year for rookie Edge rusher and you start a bunch of those two together he had good luck with that that's gonna be that's gonna be a freaking that's gonna be fun um so yeah that I said that is our rankings there for the The Edge group there keep in mind guys that we have much more to bring forward to you guys here so our next episode is gonna be this Wednesday at nine we're gonna go over the linebackers we're going to go over the safeties as well for you guys we're going to be a two for one kind of quick rapid session here so we can get some more groups in for you guys because we're getting close to draft time guys we are getting close but again these are two other positions that we need deck pieces at we need debt pieces at we probably have our starters already set let's be honest we're not going to draft one of those positions probably in the first couple rounds but when you got 10 picks in the draft and you have obvious needs of of you know depth at that point you're going to see that you're going to see this be a position that we're going to take probably a safety we're gonna probably take at least a linebacker uh whether it be a a eight round guy like a bumper pull we've talked about before that the Special Teams could develop we've talked about him before or it could be even a you know uh if somebody drops to us like a Drew Sanders all of a sudden in the second round or something surprises listen you never know you never know it's the draft love it that's what I love about it everybody's like oh that guy won't be available to us you have no goddamn clue it's random sir yeah there's probably like 10 to 15 players that we have not a shot in Hell of getting

that's it other than that it's all fair game because we have no clue you have no clue what's going to happen so like I said gotta love it um so you said we'll be live for you guys again next Wednesday there with the linebackers and safeties uh remember guys as well like I said we have our sponsorship here now with manscaped again 20 off your order plus free shipping at manscape.com use the promo code goofballs to get that because if you don't get it and you don't use that you were a true goofball because you paid extra and you had to pay for shipping on top of that so don't be that kind of goofball be the fun goofball with shape balls okay so again lawnmower 4.0 we recommend that's for sure and I'll be frank with you guys I don't recommend stuff on this show if we don't actually try it and like it uh you know I may say oh sorry do I need to return this if I don't like it I don't know if that's even returnable item but

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