2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

NFL Draft Offensive Linemen Rankings 2023 - Top Tackles Guards & Centers

April 15, 2023 Episode 113
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
NFL Draft Offensive Linemen Rankings 2023 - Top Tackles Guards & Centers
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Rob and Drew break down the top tackles, guards, and centers in this the 2023 NFL Draft.

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 welcome to two giant Goosebumps a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now head now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

goofballs two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always bye a bee a rap let's talk about some live work oh yes we're talking about the big boys today the big boys

[Laughter] so today we're going to be talking about all of the offensive linemen here in this upcoming draft the centers the guards the tackles uh and obviously we're gonna do a big Focus here on the centers too as well because let's be honest we kind of need one it's kind of the center of our Focus if you will oh

it's almost besides a quarterback this might be the most valid decision that the Giants draft this year yes very well could be because I know everybody wants to talk about the number one receiver but you know the more and more reports come out the more and more reports agree with you know what we talked about that there really isn't any top wide receivers in this draft as much as everybody wants a number one wide receiver it's top there's top four out there but we also got one though that's so I forget wand out

yeah it'd be fantastic he's the size of a half yeah it's a Smurfs [Music] [Laughter] alrighty guys so as always before we get started we do give you a little bit of the NFL and Giants news so first up Giants news it's time for the news

and we have to wish a very special happy birthday today to coach Brian dabel who officially turns 48 years old or 48 years young depending how you want to look at it um yeah I think uh probably probably old but still [Laughter]

it's bad that I reached the point of my life that I'm closer to the age of the coach that I am the players yeah yeah I've reached that point it is what it is though honestly uh hope the Abel has a great uh you know birthday if he wants to celebrate his birthday becoming on the show we're having fun of course I think the chances of that are pretty slim to none there I think we're yeah so uh also got a little bit of draft news for the Giants here as well the Giants are meeting with TC Running Back Kendra Miller and also Clemson defensive end uh Slash Edge uh Brian Breezy so big thing to keep an eye on because when you look at who the Giants are meeting it tells you what positions they're looking at whether they draft the person they meet with or not you only get so many meetings you don't go ahead and go let me waste it on one that I don't actually need to do like yeah you know you just you talk to who you're genuinely interested in and it gives you an idea of not just what position but what type of player at set position they're looking at there so like I said keep an eye on that Giants fans because like I said it really helps you get an idea of what's going to happen with this draft here yes I mean they can make it at least I mean how many quarterbacks have they been with quarterbacks yeah a cornerback sorry quarter quarter quarterbacks they've met with a couple actually that tells you that they're probably going to go ahead and get a backup quarterback in this draft to be the third quarterback this year and hopefully for their sake they'll replace uh you know um Tyra Taylor as the backup going forward because tie rod isn't a chief backup cheap backups are nice to have so we'll see how that pans out of course over the Year and have over the draft even alrighty so before we get started on the big boys here we do have a little bit of NFL news for you guys

[Music] thank you oh yes the NFL news so first up the Cowboys I saw this as a rumor that the Cavaliers are going to be looking to make a draft night trade for running back Derrick Henry and I gotta say I don't understand the sensibility in this like you just let loose Ezekiel Elliott you're tagging Pollard I'm going to pay him at least 10 million dollars this year you know depending on what you do as far as a long-term deal why would you go ahead and trade a guy who a lot of people think is going to start going pretty soon here he's got a lot of miles in those tires because Jerry Jones he wants to replace Ezekiel without paying secretly and he could just replace the ego with C Kelly he could he come back in a heartbeat nobody else seems to want him he would and Elijah and Derrick Henry is one of those bulldozer kind of running backs which would replace him and he could probably get another cheaper contract with them while he was paying Zeke uh it's cheaper than Zeke yes but cheaper than what Zeke would come back for no yeah yeah so we'll see what happens there I mean there's a lot of rumors that come to be BS by time the time is coming past so we'll see how that rolls there the biggest news we've had the last couple days here and if you saw anybody in burgundy and gold celebrating recently it's because Dan Snyder has officially agreed in principle to sell the commanders for over six billion dollars this is by far the biggest price ever paid for an American sports franchise I mean blows the preview I think the previous number is like 4.5 billion which is still like oh just another half billion and a half but still it's like that's a lot of freaking oh they that's it um yeah so this is this is a great day for commanders fans it is a horrible news for basically every other team in the NFL because we all know Dan Snyder was a horrible owner and as long as he owned the commanders they can only go so far call it like it is we also had big news drop here this afternoon here right before Ashish this evening before we went ahead and started shooting Pro Bowl safety Buddha baker has requested a trade from the Arizona Cardinals before anybody begins no we're not going to trade for them I I can already see the Articles now should the Giants trade for Buddha Baker no no no no no no no no no no no no no we still gotta pay Xavier McKinney after this year a nice big contract and you don't pay to safeties it's not what you do you get one cheap you pay one and you hope for the best out of the cheapy that's how it works in the NFL so see we got our first comment here from beef white I am an original goofball for the Giants 55 years I've seen all The Good the Bad and the Ugly so here's what I'm gonna ask Savor beaves I want to hear go in the comments section I want to hear the good I want to hear the best thing you've seen as a giant fan you're 55 years I want to hear the bad the worst experience you've had as a giant fan and I want to hear the ugly and I have a feeling I know what the ugly is going to be but I hate the ugliest the most embarrassing moment as a giant fan in 55 years I want to hear it I can give you my opinion I can give you mine for 40 but you got you got a couple of your zombies you got a little more experience you can go into some more details some some of the better times better than I can in the 80s and all that's for sure so I I definitely want to hear it so we'll let you guys know if she does comment there with that information so alrighty so on to the offensive lineman so like I said we're going to start off here with the interior offensive lineman so when it comes to alignment I know it's like you break it down to Center guard tackle keep in mind with some of these prospects the thing is kind of move around and mesh together a little bit for you guys that could play multiple positions you got guys who played one position in college that could play a different position in the NFL because they're better suited because they've been barely made it in college as a tackle because the arm length or something that kind of stuff pops up quite often so like I said we broke it down just interior offensive lineman and tackles and I'm going to give you some information as far as what position we think they're best suited for as we're going down each of the uh you know the different players here so we got the first one up actually we're gonna do a three-way tie because to be honest I wanted to give you guys some more information on some centers and I added a couple on there so we're just calling the last three three-way ties for 10th plates just to cheat a little and give you guys a little more bonus info here

see where where's John he just said we weren't cheaters of the night now we miss you already man yeah he'll be popping on he always does alrighty so we got the first one here in our tie for number ten you want to take it away Rob yes let's go on Purpose By the way

what did you do on purpose I'm kidding names you don't want to go first because if you get first you get the really really bad name it's all right Ricky schramberg from Arkansas he's a sinner six foot four three hundred and eighteen pass Big Boy Beefcake he's a four-year starter he's played both seats he's both played Sinner and guard something Giants can use but he strolled against some top talents yeah this guy thing is really SEC four-year starter we should say that specifically because that's that's a big key there and I've seen some people say they don't think he struggled against some of the top talent but I definitely saw a drop when he was going against some of the bigger named schools there that's for sure yeah I mean he's a he's a gritty center with a play center but like he he also stands there like a wall and you can get beat big time yeah but I think he has the potential to develop into a starter in this league I do and there are some people love him like um Bobby Skinner of talking Giants loves this kid like he talks about him quite often and likes him a lot I don't like him as much as Bobby personally that's not to say that either one of us is wrong it's his draft that's opinions but you know it's he's somebody that you might look at if you need a starting center who do we know he needs a starting center

maybe a team that just picked up a center just to have the center there we go hmm alrighty what what grade you're putting on him C minus okay so yeah I'll give you that kind of grade as well I mean I get them like a fourth fifth round kind of guy I do think he might sneak into the third if somebody likes him enough and I think that is possible I was gonna say it late for a fourth round like C minus yeah I said I'll give you I'll give you that kind of time frame there I think fourth round but that's like I said I think somebody might fall in love with him because of the SEC playing the four-year experience there it might take him a little early I think it's a little bit of a reach but it wouldn't shock me if it happens uh next up on our top there are tied for 10th place so we can get some more additionals in Alex Forsyth uh Oregon Center 63 305 high IQ consistent in his play very athletic the issues he has in the end is he's got some balance issues you get the right big guy against you in the right movies he's gonna knock you over if you got balance issues the other thing is he's not the pancake guy if you're looking for the guy who can go ahead and finish strong knock a guy flat on his gluteus maximus to put it nicely yeah this is not your guy is going to do that he's going to handle his job but he's not going to push the person back so far he falls down he can look for his next Target to block after that um another guy that I think fourth fifth round kind of guy there at that point but uh again a guy that could develop into a a legit NFL Center in this this league here but I think he's going to need a little more development even initially than Ricky does um but being that he's coming from a little bit of a smaller school and I have him at a similar grade I put him a little higher for that reason because I'm kind of curious if he rises to the challenge to the next level yeah same uh and just to piggyback off which say like he gets he gets beat a little bit and he needs to be able to use his hands a little bit better because he gets caught up with his hands and then they're stuck there and that's it he's done yeah he needs to be able to reset and certainly it's like he's calling for somebody in the crowd yeah hello he needs to go dancing wax off wax on wax off play paint the fence yeah pink defense [Laughter] as Conor comes in with the good the bad the ugly sounds like a girl I slept with from a club oh those drinking days I like how we're not just goofballs everybody in the comments section is as well it works out great what club uh hmm it depends on what time it's from I mean I don't know maybe Connor tell us where what club he's talking about here mine was always Club bamboo in Seaside before the freaking idiots on that uh Jersey Shore show rule in Seaside Heights that's because you get the Fishbowl over there right that was it wasn't it wasn't even the Fishbowl Point Blank it was the fact they had a cat walk above the music actual conversation let's be honest with this case here I had to kind of I had a count on personality [Laughter]

there we go all right next up for our last in our tide for 10. Jared Patterson Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame guard 6'5 306 pounds he played three seasons as a sinner before moving to guard smart with this technique he's uh sustained blocks brilliant movement dude's like a brick wall yeah he's a probably another guy it I wouldn't be surprised

I'm gonna be surprising going late in the third because the ability to play at different positions but also and be surprised to see him going right at the start at the fifth round what I like about him is there are certain schools that I trust with lineman Notre Dame is one of those schools that has a really good pedigree of lineman coming out of the draft and succeeding in the NFL that's not to say that they're all pro bowlers or anything like that but I can't think of many players that are coming out of Notre Dame in the last you know five ten years that didn't make it in the league to varying degrees obviously and when you're talking about a guy who's an early day three pick even if he just makes in the league as a backup that's still not a bad pickup during there let's be honest they're not looking for a starter typically in round four or five looking for a developmental guy that may become a starter so I like going to a school that's shown promise to these players yeah I mean and once again also versatile what he's doing over there so yeah no yeah I mean and I I'd be wondering if we if we were to get them hypothetically we try to put him back to Center and see what happens there you know um it's nice to have a guy can move around a little like you know Nick Gates was you know like how many players we had over the years we like we like versus alignment the Giants always have um so yeah we'll see we'll see we'll see where he goes but yeah I I would say same do we talked about before fourth fifth maybe somebody grab some late third if they really fall in love with the guy um all righty on to the real numbers number nine Emil eckier out of Alabama guard six two and a half 314 pounds very very physical uh guard this is the guy's gonna punch you right in the face there make it a penalty for it but he'll do it uh very experienced overall plus he played for a little freaking gamma so what the hell I mean you play that kind of school you're probably gonna have some Talent uh one thing I really liked about him is while he doesn't excel at either one where you go oh my God this is like the best guy that I've seen at run blocking this isn't the best guy I've seen at pass blocking he's good at both he's proficient at both um it has a little bit of balance issues as well we talked about that before that's a key thing so if you can't stay on your feet you're going to be having trouble in this league uh he also does have short arms but again he is a guard at that point so he's not We're Not Gonna tackle here arms yeah just you're gonna have to him he's got to be a little bit quick on his feet there at that point to go ahead and move around to compensate for that a little bit uh which is somewhat of an issue for him because technique is very good with him but it's been inconsistent you watch one play he's like wow this is guys on point this guy's like been trained so well and exactly how to move his whole body throughout a play and then the next ball will snap like what the hell where'd he go it's a totally different guy now so you know I think around four for this guy though I think he he's gonna be a guy that someone's gonna pick up uh as a backup guard and see if they can develop into a long term there yeah I agree uh they said super talented super Tactical doesn't have all the physical traits that you want to see from the center or guard yeah but can't play any position

number eight now I'm gonna Fair warn you on this one I had to watch a video to learn how to pronounce this I am going to butcher your name out there and I apologize so and this is why I I went to trade with you so I can so I could not give you this one you took this one on let's see if you got it let's see if you got it although share gun Timmy Michigan State

Timmy there you go yeah that's right got it you got it so that's what money is your name come join us in the park I literally watched a video of this of this guy when he first went to Michigan conference where all the reporters asked him to verify how to pronounce his name somebody actually put that up on YouTube and I was like oh thank God because there's nowhere we're showing up there there's no way I was gonna pronounce that even nearly correctly now I have seen a lot of people just call him a loop oh this is fantastic the last name exactly it works great as a nickname that's for damn sure so we'll just call them yeah well a little over here is six foot two and a half inches 309 pounds guy is super competitive good football IQ smart guy he has a good uh pass block we also need to get a little lower body strength in there like he doesn't quite want yeah more squats he doesn't quite very deep in the position like he should Beefcake Beefcake she's gonna pull us back she's users back the whole time as a center but he also um he lacks some balancing his run well in the Run let's just say against Iran because yeah he's playing yeah I mean he's if you watched his tape you'll see a good pass play where he does like a day two level job I won't say star where he's a first round kind of talent at that point he does a day two level job in the past game but then you'll watch him in the Run game and he looks just lost sometimes it's just he's just not he's just not moving the same way he's got the same confidence which is interesting because it's still the same game it's not like game to game it's the same Drive even sometimes and you're like where the other guy goes a play ago he just yeah he's just not there um so yeah I mean yeah I'm curious if that can be coached out of him overall I think he's a project kind of guy that could eventually become a starter um I gotta make a fourth round pick what are you thinking oh yeah probably been around forth okay yeah so we're at the same on their owner so number seven seven this is this is the sob story guys get your tissues out get your tissues out and your hockey mask Andrew Voorhees not Jason Voorhees Andrew Voorhees I didn't look to see if he was born on February 13th I didn't look guard at a USC guard six foot six he's a tall boy uh 320 pounds here's the sob story remember during the combine the player who tore his ACL Andrew Voorhees and he has dropped because of that because let's be honest he did it right now before the ACL I said before the combine that ACLU takes almost a year to recover so if you draft this kid he's a registered freshman for all intents and purposes you know maybe you see him towards the very end of the year but for the most part you ain't gonna see him till the sophomore year basically yeah pretty much yeah if you draft this guy you're you're save that nugget for later yeah now here's the best part about him he played literally every single spot on the line at some point he's that kind of Versatility he probably plays best at guard that's why I'm calling him a guard um but he's the other guy that I could see even like if you have him as a bench player which again we're talking to you know mid-round kind of guy so a lot of these guys are bench players in the end I could see him being the guy who is a backup guard or even a starting guard that is also your backup tackle that you can go ahead and play attack on a pinch with that point um I mean he has a little bit of issues at each position they show up that's for sure but one thing is he's extremely strong in past protection he's almost like that anchor kind of guy like he sets his feet he does his pops he doesn't move does it move like you're not going to get him to push back no matter what I've seen some guys at that point go against him that look like Gilbert Brown back in the day remember that guy from the Packers I'm dating myself you are and they just they couldn't push it they couldn't push him off so good build overall I mean again six foot six 320 pounds that's why he's hard to move boy that's a big boy this is the guy that Buffet regrets having come yeah okay like all you can eat shut down shut down Corral locks the doors when you see him in the parking lot uh but he's not the quickest feet and that's when they talk about him being an anchor that's a positive and a negative he slowly sits there and that's where he's at he's not gonna move around too much but he's not going to move left to right or backwards So Pro in a con um he's and when he does have to move side to side he's pretty slow at it there at that point uh he does also need to work on lowering his pads just a little bit there I think it's going to help him the main reason you do that for those who aren't aware because when you lower your paths not only get better Leverage but when you get that pop you get underneath the shoulder pads not at the shoulder pads and that's a big difference in how someone reacts when you get them in that right spot there um so I'm gonna put him as a fourth rounder but I'm telling you this if it wasn't for the injury he'd probably be an early third rounder I think he dropped about a round because of that probably maybe around and a half yeah but yeah I I would go mid mid fourth round with this guy

he's like one of us walk on board listen let's go oh my gosh all right real quick before we get on to the next one here we did get beef gave us some uh some answers here so the good I have too the first Super Bowl against Denver one of my favorite players caught a big tip ball in the end zone for a touchdown Phil McConkey um yeah I mean that's the Rose Bowl game in 1980s what it's 86 season so I guess it would have been technically 87 when it happened so if I can correct me if I'm wrong on that one there I was four years old at the time so I mean I mean I've seen that tape ahead a bunch of times there I mean Phil Sims had about as perfect a game as you can ever have and bloody outdoor John Elway and a very young John Elway at that um also my second good is when we beat the Patriots for the undefeated season listen that was yeah I think that's it we were talking about this in a group on Facebook and I I they were talking about the best catch ever in Super Bowl history and I said it's Gotta Be the helmet catch It's gotta be I don't I I understand it wasn't the touchdown that ended the game and some people kind of forget that wasn't even the touchdown into the game no people act like that was but that touchdown yeah that touchdown doesn't happen and there's so many nuances to that play not just the helmet catch but also Eli Manning almost getting thrown to the ground yeah yeah the rep for once in their life swallowing the whistle because I'm watching it myself live when it happened I think they're gonna blow the whistle and kill the play just to save elap and getting killed you know it's like I said amazing amazing uh let's see here there's been a lot of uglies ugly losses at the stadium I can't believe we ever lost someone oh so these are sometimes in games yeah one to me comes to mind is DeSean it's Sean Jackson that punt return because that was like a big gut ever uh and says do you guys remember which I know you don't at the end of the year everybody was tailgating they wouldn't go in the stadium they burned their tickets in the garbage can that's when they fired everybody and they hired George Young as the GM no yeah unfortunately because the age I don't know that one there as far as memory wise but I have read about that yeah the Giants were kind of a lap in stock back in those days that's for sure alrighty on to number six six Curry don't pull you in very close to put in the number of the Beast sex sex call him mochak no milk mark yeah I just can't pronounce guys I'm a terrible I even spelled it phonetically for us it says moo it said Mao m-o-w Dash CK anyway North Dakota okay this is a guard six five bison and he's about size of a bison yeah six five three and two pallets he started college as a tight end yeah he's been around yeah he moves like a move remember there was this picture of this kid who started college and it looked like like a young well-groomed kid and then by the end of it it's long hair and he's missing a couple front teeth and all for those guys remember that that's Cody Mauk that's who we're talking about it was a big meme that went around start a college into college it's great yeah I mean he's great run blocker he's got great little bit tough against uh uh he's tough plays aggressive it's got good balance but he's also got those T-Rex arms yeah that he does and a lot of people actually have him listed as a tackle because he played tackle in school um I do think that he's gonna be a guard though I really do I think there's no way in hell they don't actually go ahead and put him as a as a guard he's just way too short of arms there here for those who are watching live I'm gonna go ahead and share the picture off my phone here there's his before and after oh yeah like talk about like a little tiny little skinny kid to like the guy looks like he lost the bar fight in Australia [Laughter] uh but this damn dingo you call that a knife this is a noise

another guy I like him I just don't know where to put him and I think someone's gonna like him enough to draft him way earlier than I like him if that makes sense yeah I mean this guy is super talented like spur talented

you've seen all across outfits of line from Titan to Center to guard to tackle he's got all over he's versatile someone might take him late in the second round early third I mean he's I'm wondering if somebody is gonna think oh he can still play tackle even though he's got these little T-Rex arms I really am because I'm seeing some guys still missed him as a tackle on their boards

if you look at him he looks like a guy that's been a couple bar fights that's that to me is a guard all day long yeah that's a guard all day long like I said you could get somebody disagrees with with me there and try to try him as as a tackle but I think in the end his home in the NFL is guard most likely that's why I put him on our interior offensive line with this but like I said you might see him if he looks more information on him and either one you might see him tackle you might see him as an interior offensive lineman so but yeah I'm with you late late second early third I think um if if he dropped to them to like our third round pick towards the end of the to mid to end of the Third and we can make a luxury pick that I wouldn't mind having him but otherwise yeah yeah if we're spending what pink what 57 no no no not a second round pick I'm saying a third round pick they're around yeah like if we're spending our the fifth seventh pick on this guy like that that we're reaching yeah you get them late and sit around Odin might have seen them on the team yeah so I'm saying that's a good spot for him alrighty number five Joe Tippmann Wisconsin Center and I'm gonna tell you this some people will say this is too low there's a lot of people that like this kid a lot um my issue coming into it it's weird because I talked about the you know the the getting a kid in Notre Dame is a good thing because he gets he got some good experience he's come from a good school he comes to Wisconsin Wisconsin is known for getting people with good mechanics to come out into the league that's one of his issues so six foot six 313 pounds he's big he's athletic he's experienced he's not very flexible to his movements and his mechanics they're good don't get me wrong he's got good moves overall but it's like sometimes you feel like you're watching him in slow-mo like somebody put it at like three quarter speed like it needs he needs to speed up and I don't know if it's a confidence thing I don't know if it's him just trying to be very specific in his movement because his body wants to go a certain way but he knows it does better if it does this way kind of scenario um I I honestly think for him I think a late second early Third Kind of pick uh I think it's definitely late second is probably the more likely because there's enough teams out there that need to Center and he is a quality Center I think he's going to be a good a good player in this league there's just a couple of guys I like ahead of him personally yeah I mean he's definitely going to be a gun for our second round pick but um you're right Wisconsin is known for the technique in this guy that's probably his soft spot of all the things he's gonna bring to the NFL it's his technique that being said a good offensive coach is going to teach that technique into him oh yeah that's what I'm saying where I put him here when I put him I'm still saying he's a starting center of this league someone's gonna pick him up and he will be a starter and he also looks the part too yeah so he's a good old ball you're saying he's gonna go late into the second into the third I'm saying he's he's probably gonna come in and wrap around and uh get drafted in an early second wrap around with a soft spot [Laughter]

oh geez look sorry Luke wiper he's not a blade he's not a wiper blade she's not a wiper Ohio state standard six foot three three pounds let's go back to technique because this guy has got it yeah he's got the mechanics that you want to see from the center he's got the moves like Jagger he definitely just got through like Jagger's Jagger for like 40 years ago and I like Jagger now yes papa kid at 78. oh my God [Laughter] uh he's he's probably the best in this draft in the past blocking uh he go to the gym a little bit more his strength's a little down but like he's still got the technique yep but uh five three one bud goes a long way but he also can only play the center so like he's not that utility not the Swiss army knife that giants like that draft and again we've talked about this before we talked about him Jersey Boy Jesse he'd be coming back home if we drafted him I like him I'm a little higher I'm a little higher on him than other people are I think if we get him with the right strength and conditioning coach and get a little more power out of his legs I think he's gonna be better in the Run block than he's been so far and I think that's a coachable teachable thing that's not I there's people that have some bad technique that you go this is just what they do like their body just wants to do that you can't stop them there's other people that don't love the game enough to learn things the right way these aren't his issues this needs to get a little stronger and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger yes this guy so yeah I mean another guy late second early third I think that he's actually gonna go after Tippmann I think Tippin will go before him but I think he'll be a better player in the end and I'm gonna go to this degree as well I think Tippin will have a better rookie here than him but I think I think whiteboard would be the better player long term because I think he'll develop that run blocking better and end up beating at Tippmann for the better of the two of those

I mean I don't know if I agree with that but you're okay no listen we get to talk if you want we can put him in the tie Italian the Tiger's the runner

number three Steve Avila TCU guard and he's the guy I do here also the Giants looking at potentially as a center as well because he has played center in college he looks a little more natural at the guard position six three and a half 332 pounds so yeah he's been hit the buffet line as well big guy strong guy ton of experience the issues with him though lateral movements are a little slow so if he's moving side by side he's not his move is moving front and back at that point which hopefully you're a blocker you're moving just front not back but um he's had a little bit of issues with some of the blitz pickups and it's not the this guy delays and then goes it's more the stunt Blitz is where it's like you think this guy's coming then all of a sudden this guy kind of comes at that point those kind of scenarios if you see an issue with him again that's something he needs to learn to read better but I'm hoping with coaching no disrespect to TCU because they've got a good program but the coaches in the NFL are better than tcu's coaches are that's another level up so let's see if we can get that fixed perhaps uh I think he's going to go in the second round he could even be the second interior offensive lineman to go in the draft because him and the guy that you're going to talk about in a minute ago are kind of flip-flopping between that second and third spot and a lot of people's boards there I do think that he'll go third though because of the fact that he plays primarily guard and I think more people looking for centers earlier on than guards there's a couple teams out there including ourselves that need a center desperately yeah agree uh this is not I mean like I said there's a lot of teams that need to guard but the center spot is the spot that's going to be drafted way more when it comes to this line it's essential oh yes all right let's talk about number two yes shall we Josh John Jacob hammerschleimer Schmitz John Michael Schmitz his name is my name too

Minnesota center six foot three and a half in Minnesota don't you I know that oh don't you know a bunch of hosers there

oh that's fantastic all right so six foot three and a half inches 301 pounds he's an acre in past protection he's got great movement especially when it comes to later a little bit super experience so guys take take a look over here uh he's got a little ceiling then some would like yeah but 24 years old already think about this hypothetically if someone drafts this kid in the first round he won't even reach free agency till he's 29. yeah I love that Clover year that's yeah that's that's that's rough that is rough but between the age the experience and that's the issue people have as they watch this guy and I think the consensus is he's going to be an above average sen in this league but the consensus also is just how much room for improvement is there when he's at this age and experience level already like do you usually see him he's at the age where a lot of these guys are two three years into the league and they're and now they've reached their potential so do you think there's a higher potential for this guy do you think he already has and that's the discussions you got to look at the tape and make that discussion amongst your coaches and figure it out which one you think is the case there but I'll tell you for all the hype Giants fans have in this guy I like the tape as much as I thought I did I thought I would I should say I I mean he was good don't get me wrong but there's there's Giants fans out there that think this guy is the second coming of Jesus and walks in water he's going to be a really good Center but I'm telling you if we lose him and we go with a guy like wipler or we go with a guy like Tippmann it's not a bigger drop-off as some people are trying to tell you guys folks it's not as big a drop off is it a drop-off yes John Michael Schmitz is the best center in this draft but it's not the end of the world it's not here to go oh my God we could have had this All-Pro Center that's like the best center in the entire league he's probably not going to be that good

I mean time will tell oh yeah but I make the Bold choices they make both choices and build coffee damn it

I really do actually too at my job I I'm the one who usually goes out and gets the coffee and I get the K-Cups from uh Costco and I get like the Starbucks knockoff one they make this thing is like tastes like it tastes like it's been burnt to a crisp and then my love oh my God I love that like I've had people complain even that my coffee's too strong and I'm like well Google elsewhere than coffee I don't tell you like I saw the fluffy we're drinking damn it uh alrighty number one Osiris Torrance out of Florida guard six foot five

330 pounds that's a big boy uh so he played actually previously at the University of Louisiana Lafayette and then went with his previous head coach to Florida guy is dominant in the Run he's an anchor in the past he's a physical blocker the only issue there is with him is just based on his style based on his strengths he's not going to fit every single system because he is slow in lateral movement and it pretty much looks like it's not a coaching thing but it's a physical limitation so if you're not a guy who depends on a guard to go ahead and move around like crazy to go ahead and you know go as a lead Blocker on screens or you know go ahead and pull pretty often I think that he's the scent he's the guard that you'd be missing if you didn't get him because he is that good I think this kid actually has all pro capabilities at this at the guard position in the right system whether he reaches that potential depends on him the team and the system they put him into but I actually like him that much uh really impressive tape and I actually went back to uh Lafayette low to some of his tape on there and talk about a a man amongst boys toss the people like a ragdoll

good for him bad for them um he's going to be a first round pick I would say probably probably late around but if he goes mid round it's not going to shock me because we've talked about this before this is not a top heavy draft and when you have a not top heavy draft it makes people draft for need more often because they go okay there's like 10 players that are pretty much the same kind of grade here and then you go for who you got who you need so the first team like the mid to late first round that really needs a guard and can't pass up because the best one in this draft is available they're gonna take them and they're not going to regret it no that's

pretty it's fine right there I mean like I said dude dudes a break house he's a brick house he's my my fault he's bringing that he's drinking that bold coffee he's drinking that bowl coffee yes Connor says have you tried Death Wish K-Cup heard it strong I have not it is amazing the difference with that is that's high caffeine I don't necessarily like the high caffeine I like the strong flavor it's like and if people that complain about not liking strong flavor and coffee that to me is the same as somebody says I don't like fishy fish if you don't like fishy fish you just don't like fish just say it only fish like could you imagine someone go I'm sorry this chocolate is too chocolatey hey no there's no chocolate there's dark dark chocolate there's cocoa chocolate like but no one would ever say this is too strong a chocolate taste nobody would ever say that because they like chocolate they would say this caramel tastes too caramelly

also out there besides Death Wish I think it's made by the same people there's a coffee break called Valhalla it'll take it back it is amazing oh strong and high caffeinated I'm gonna send you to the Gods A Warrior's death for you heart attack by 9am alrighty guys so that's our interior offensive lineman here if you guys have a favorite yourself pop in the comments let us know what you think there or if you're watching after the fact I had a commented the video add a comment into the uh uh into into the uh the podcast platform there as you give us a nice little review maybe nice review laughs uh Connor says oh hold on listen I'm not that Italian I'm gonna have trouble pronouncing this one here Sega Fredo zenetti ground coffee Enzo dark roast Sega Frodo uh Frodo what's this Lord of the Rings Forte espresso okay dude I don't listen if you want to rewrite that in English Conor

is this like a different K-Cup thing is that what this is or is this a brand that makes K-Cups I'm not understanding the the zega Fredo Zanetti and Forte and all that kind of stuff there uh but yeah I love coffee though so I'm kind of curious because he says this is good too so we'll see if he gets back to us on that one there because I'm curious you struck my interest now um so let's go over some of the tackles here real quick for you guys it's gonna be a little quicker because let's be frank we got two starting tackles we don't need a starting tag the only thing we may see is if one of them drops you may very well see us pick up maybe a swing tackle in this draft because let's be honest Evan Neil we're still going to go on shore on him these Rays also happen you still need a swing tackle you want Matt perk to be your swing tackle I don't think you do I don't think you do uh Connor says that was English they make K-Cups and capsules see there we go so I guess Italian brand that makes K-Cups um it sounds Italian I don't know it's got a vowel at the end I can say that I'm Italian it's okay like I said not a lot of Italian but I'm just Italian enough to be able to say this stuff

I'm 20 I did my 23andMe it's okay it's not 23 I know I I and I didn't really recognize this logo so yeah I'll have to check this out now I'm curious I'm curious Connor let's see if I can find it maybe I'll try it I'll let you know what I think they're one of the episodes whenever I get to the grocery store I avoid the grocery store though because to be honest everything costs too much Goddamn money and just takes me off I'm like that old guy I should be able to get a quarter and and go ahead and buy coffee and my accessories to cost the same amount as my ground coffee now now I get tatted and coffee is too much money that and the problem is when I'm at home I have so I went through my job I won like a 500 espresso maker and that's what I typically will use because it makes some very nice coffee it's a nice little nice little lattes and all uh though I'm still I still want to figure out how to make the the patterns with the milk and the cream and all I can't do it I can't do it I want to do it one day that'd be awesome like like you're wearing Green Hornet if you ever watched that horrible movie when you hit it like that with the leaves like I want to do that I can't do that you gotta froth it just right and you could actually if you do it just right you can use a straw at the frost it Connor says that's why I go to Amazon wait for deals never go to a store hoping they have something here's the prom Conor I hate Jeff Bezos I really do that man has put so many small businesses out of business

suppose like they'll literally find something that works good on Amazon and they'll make their own version of Amazon Basics and drop whoever's making a lot of money like page three and take all their business away with them that's horrible that's what happens though when you own the platform and you make the products on top of that I guess um yeah you're looking for something specific capitalism at its worse there [Laughter] all righty on to tackles here guys so you're up first there Rob with number 10. foreign

[Music] Georgia six foot four three hundred pounds the dude did not skip chest day he's got great upper body strength it's got short burstability muscular moves muscular moves he's got chesticles

they're not moves they're chasticals does he shape them then

[Laughter] guys super competitive

but I think sometimes says when he gets into the mode his competitiveness gets into his head and his technique steps away from and then like it causes balance issues like he's not

yeah he gets he gets like his own like I feel like he he's only worse than me he AutoZone

if you like to sponsor us two giant google.com but like I said super competitive but like I feel like he's His Own Worst Enemy his technique Slips Away from then he hits hand technique issues his balance as you started coming off and just his trip yeah

I think the fact that he did well in the SEC is really why people have him as high and partially while we had him on this High to be very Frank um when you're looking for people towards the mid rounds it's nice to get somebody who didn't fail at the SEC because the SEC is I don't want to say it's NFL level that's just disrespect to even the worst NFL teams but it's as close as you get so if you succeed there you're probably going to make it in the NFL what degree we'll find out if you go but you're probably going to make it so I'm thinking like around three around four for this guy depending on how desperate people are for for attack at that point in the draft and how much they like him but I'll tell you this guy's up front when when me or Rob are giving you ideas to where we think these guys are gonna go it's a goddamn crap shoot of tackles the tackles no they really are not very good in this draft like if you need to tackle you're in trouble it's kind of like if you need a number one wide receiver you're in trouble because there's not a lot of them really that you're gonna go okay this is a good player at this point I like this guy that's gonna have this guy beat my starter a lot of the guys even towards the top of this list are based on potential I hate drafting potential in the first round I really do get yep so alrighty so yeah like I said I guess I said I think third fourth round for him where are you at were you thinking the same or probably fourth round I I I don't see if I don't think I see him in the the third honestly I think the only reason he would go to the third is because where he comes from

yeah somebody's gonna go okay he he didn't look like an idiot in SEC and I need to tackle and we're losing tackles quickly let's go uh Next Step though number nine is a guy from a very small school Nick saldivari out of Old Dominion six foot six 807 pounds uh really good pass blocker got some good size obviously six foot six gonna give you some long arms and big hands you can't avoid that uh but he's been inconsistent wide he's been inconsistent in the Run game though and that's been one of the major issues with him he's also not the best at the second level especially in the run so if you have him pop this one guy and then go move off to try to pop the linebacker he's not quick with the speed enough to go ahead and do that and he's also not going to be necessarily for the best at the first guy because his initial hand moves aren't always on point in the past protection he's better because of the fact that if he misses that first one he tends to make the adjustments and get to where he's got to get to when you do that or run blocking especially when you're to pop and go to the second level at that point that's not going to be very effective so that's a coaching thing I think that's why a lot of people see some good in him because they think if they can coach that out of him good to go um the one thing that really does scare me though again is where he comes from a small school guy so many small school guys they really impress you when they get the NFL and you're like why did he go such a small school you know but some of them yeah maybe he looked better because we played against yeah they can go either way it can go either way so he's another guy I think like third and fourth round I think somebody will probably take him more as a swing tackle with a as a project to hopefully get him to be an eventual starter but I think in a pinch somebody may end up starting him because it just let's be honest everybody needs a lineman that's just the NFL nowadays everybody Beats

no I see uh he's probably he's probably gonna get drafted early fourth yeah but good spot for him yeah so I see going on to number eight okay

ESPN Ocho Jalen Duncan out of Maryland yes six foot six 315 pounds it's a big dude we keep on having every single list we have a guy from Maryland if not two that's weird to me it's not gonna look at the Maryland football team Powerhouse it's true like I didn't really think about that before but yeah you're right but we know what's also weird is the Maryland team has had some actually some football NFL you know players um make it you know if that's the weird thing they don't have a lot of them don't get me wrong like Stefon Diggs DJ Moore uh Vernon Davis I mean they've had some guys come out of Maryland that have succeeded so it's weird I just wanted to point it out because it's it's almost like it's more of me trying to say kudos to you Marilyn because for a smaller school to get your stuff together like that that's that's that's pretty good um Conor gave us a couple of comments here too as well real quick while we're skipping the books skipping in the middle this year and I already interrupt you once and also interview more yeah Connor said it's okay to hate them but you still get stuff easy to go there yeah that's the inconvenience I do a lot of my Christmas shopping and on there for that reason McClendon sounds Scottish Janice Sanders said Judy would like to buy the looks of him yeah I don't know if he's actually Scottish but it is a Scottish sounding name that's for sure alrighty so back to Jalen Duncan not to be confused with Duncan McLeod as we keep on going with the Scottish team here we're going to be won better can be only one here we are yeah so he's got a good size his length obviously at six foot six uh he's got great lateral movement it's very fast the thing is uh when you look at the tape he's also inconsistent with his technique and once again I got another guy with some T-Rex arms I want to do push-ups reminds me to Meet the Robinsons yeah

but you can just got that right remember that movie I haven't seen that forever

little tiny arms um but yeah I mean he's not a very strong attacker and I think that's the one thing that I don't like about him is because that's that you can't teach you either you either got that kind of fire or you don't you can try to fake the fire all you want but you gotta be aggressive or you're not someone's gonna call out your BS if you try to fake some fire at this level in the NFL there's a lot of guys who like this kid a lot more than I did to be honest with you and I only say that because again I try to be unbiased on on opinions here there are some people who really think he's one of the top tackles in this in this draft I don't and partially because the fire thing we talked about a second ago but it's also the short arms I think he's going to move inside the guard I think someone's going to try him out as a tackle and and they're gonna go okay see six foot six we're going to 15 pounds this is a tackle all day long these little T-Rex arms of what they do and he's gonna become a guard now I could also be wrong on this because you look at the measurables he's actually got similar to Rashawn Slater who everybody said the same thing of coming out of college and then just toileted up his his first year in the NFL obviously his second he was out with an injury the whole year so we'll see if that helped that lasts long term but yeah like I said I I think he's going to push it as a guard eventually really with the guy you might be able to push back out to tackle in the case of an injury there but I think he will be drafted initially as a tackle that's why we got him on this list is that but I think a third round Talent at that point but again a lot of people like him so I wouldn't be shocked to be stuck in with the second round be in a position that is a you know a strong value position and a position that a lot of people need and the fact that some people just really like him so like I said I think third wouldn't shock me at the end of the second somebody takes him in a second but it's all based on you know yeah when there's a run sometimes it's like it's like you ever see like in um It's a Wonderful Life when there's the bank run everybody starts going crazy for their money like that's what happens in the draft sometimes is like listen oh my God two tackles went off the board get the taco get the taco get him listen and for you guys out there it's never actually drafted an NFL you do your fantasy draft and selling drafts the top ranked quarterback what do you do everyone goes honey the quarterback even though the guy drafted way too early yeah the same thing in real life it happens all the time because you worry about the uh you know missing out there at that point uh who day comes what's up what's up what's up

all righty so number seven Matthew Bergeron Syracuse my turn isn't it sorry guys okay did I take his turn damn it you got me number seven Matthew Bergeron Syracuse six foot five 322 pounds very experienced had a nice long college career good movement good range badly not the strongest in the world and needs a little work on his hand technique I do think because most of his leg work is good enough I think he's not gonna have the same issues with the range we talked about with Duncan there um I do think that someone is going to be able to go ahead and use him as a tackle but I think it's gonna limit how good of a tackle he can be because of that um I do think somebody will take him in the second round though I think that's probably the range he'll go and again I hate keep on repeating this but this is why it's because it's just not a lot of tackles out there this is not a good draft for tackles and you need you need two on the field at all times at offense so guess what's gonna happen people are going to get drafted earlier than they should because pupily tackles yeah I mean just figure it back over here like it's not the strongest he's not the most tactical but like he's he's got the right movement he's got the right size to be he's got the urge to Urban so maybe maybe team out there could actually yeah [Laughter] I don't know why I remember the whole commercial I do though that's pretty sad it was a good one that's how sad my life is

look at this Connor who day you're in the wrong spot New Orleans Saints is another group just kidding welcome listen don't forget Eli was from New Orleans damn it Eli was from New Orleans so yeah I think obj was too wasn't he I want to say he was I want to see actually what the same high school was as Eli so yeah sure listen we got some New Orleans uh Roots here on our team so all welcome um

we see a burger and going with that yeah I said second round I think will go and again because it's good she's a weak less yeah they'll be running they'll be a run on tackles because of the fact that people are gonna need them that's all it boils down to yeah what's that run ghost I mean reaching out yeah touch it

oh [Music] [Laughter] yeah I'll show half karaoke sorry guys we apologize for a bad thing we got spot number six Sterno white Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee

335 pounds he's played both sides of the tackle position oh he's played both sides eh both sides he goes he got some full size of the fish now I'm just gonna everyone gets a turn just based on your shirt that you're a big fan of him or you just got out of jail I just got out of jail [Laughter] now I mean he's got great those who aren't watching on video Rob is sporting a lovely bright orange shirt

so that's orange by the way is that men's Orange actually yeah looks like Monmouth County correctional I was just a freehold sorry guys when you get that teardrop tattoo [Music] [Laughter] yeah but this guy's got a great hand technique he's strong and patient uh in the past and he's got a he's got a little Ranger to come to the Run game though but uh yeah he needs to prove he's got good hand technique because he could improve in some of his setup to his technique like getting down lower setting up squatting up getting celebration getting down and dirty heading down dirty they're damn dirty that's the okay try to catch him riding dirty is that uh but yeah I mean he was a very effective tackle for what was a very high potent offense with the Tennessee Volunteers this year I mean look at the fact that you're talking about two of the better receivers in this class are coming out of this offense hen hooker who you know let's not hold his ACL injury against uh Darnell right here but before that he was very good and he's still ACL injury still might sneak into the first round as a quarterback this year as well so you know someone had to block for him you don't get the ball off and do that kind of offense unless somebody can block for you so I think he's going to go in the in the beginning of the second round there and I think if somebody can work on a couple of the issues he has as far as Ben leverage that kind of stuff I think he could end up being a solid attack on this league for years I really do I actually like him I think a lot more than some others do yeah I agree yeah I definitely see him stick around the thing into the start of the second into mid second you can't say he plays both sides and see him sneaking around oh he's a sneaky been around uh

alrighty number five dewand Jones Ohio State oh hi oh oh this man is a giant and I don't mean we're gonna draft him I mean he's freaking tall as hell um six foot eight 360 pounds God damn it's a big boy damn this is the biggest guy I've seen in the giraffe so far that we've looked at this is this is it's insane the size um so huge size obviously huge length because of his his height extremely strong uh he actually has a little better movement that you'd expect for a guy his size that being said if you need somebody who's moving around it's a very mobile tackle the six foot eight 360 pound guy is probably not the guy for you call me crazy it's like you don't see Makai beckton moving anywhere except the IR just saying like guys that big you don't want the moving around that's not what they do their job is just to stand there and push people what you want push him push it

um so he's gonna be a right tackle purely he's not going to be a left tackle because of the fact that he doesn't have the motion that you want where if somebody gets around the edge she's not gonna have the recovery speed he needs to hit your blind side but as a right tackle he's got some promise and I say some promise because to be honest I'm not sold on him the only reason I have him so high is his size you can't teach size you're either a big bastard or not let's call it what it is so yeah like I said if he can get some of the issues that he has because of his size because let's be honest motion leverage that kind of stuff that's hard because of his his height and his weight if he can fix some of that stuff up and fine-tune tune it a little bit there or if some of the NFL okay so listen we should get you down like 3 35 340. we think he'll be moving a little better I think he's got some potential but again we talked about earlier you're going to see some of these guys towards the front of this that you're drafting based on potential that's what we're talking about here with this guy you're drafting him based on potential yeah so people out there in podcasts and and hello podcast saying this guy's six foot eight I'm a five foot ten 220 pound 2 25 pound guy this guy's got 10 inches and 140 pounds on me was that before was that before or after jail [Laughter]

I got the height at least because I'm six foot seven so he's only got one inch on me but he's got almost 100 pounds on me that's that's crazy that's crazy like I said this is Makai beckton level size like he's that big like yeah yeah um yeah he's he's gonna be he's gonna be a team to keep an eye on because he could develop in a sudden that's hard to come by because you don't get many people that size even in the NFL that's freaking massive so all righty number four Peter scores in that ski goronsky listen we'll just call him Peter ski this is we can go back to Green Hornet with this one if you want what's the what's the guy's name that everybody kept the mispronounce he was getting so ticked off I forget his name but it was like that kind of ski kind of name like like a Polish sounding name like an Eastern European name coach skin this is not a we're going to call it Peter ski oh yeah remember coach ski back in high school yeah if anybody else is watching some good old good old Good Old Road in high school here yeah yeah regards moose

oh you said everybody he called me an ox and they call me moose as I was in the middle of a bench press to my one rep max weigh like 170 pounds in high school and I had like 205 pounds and I started laughing hysterically yeah I dropped the barbell on my chest okay yeah I want to say his full name was skidinsky right if I remember Ryan I want to say yes I think it was I think it was it's been many years since I since I've seen or even thought of that man so I don't know he was he was one of the football coaches too everyone who knows we're on a football podcast now yeah so

six foot four 294 pounds dude it's got great football IQ great hand technique he's also position uh first time it's got a good run blocking great run blocking if I dare mm-hmm I do dare but he also has some trouble setting up an edge you know in some advanced moves so it's like yeah he's great with the basics once you start putting some uh sneaky sneaks in there I think part of that though as far as the advanced moves is his size that's part of it when you when you're because he's got really short arms doesn't have the wingspan you really want to tackle it's a little bit of outlier in that way and I think it's part of that is the recovery because you're trying to get like this but you're really stopping over here and I mean they're not gonna quite get into where you need to get to to recover with your hands because your arms just aren't long enough to do it that's part of it I think with him I really do his his physical limitations show up against some of the better guys he's had to go against

I mean he's not the biggest guy obviously it starts about six foot eight 380 pounds yep guys 90 pounds lighter pretty much yeah I mean it's a big difference I'm gonna say this though as I give my my bullish prediction with this guy he will have the most successful career of any alignment in this draft because he's extremely polished I was going to get there I just technique is going to beat out all the work yeah hard work it's going to beat up everything else that's coming through this draft and his size isn't there but his technique is a technique will be that size yeah but I do think um I do think he's gonna move to get guard I think someone's gonna draft him as a tackle he's going to be okay but you'll see what I'm saying as far as the short arms um but I do think that he will become a uh a guard in the end and I think he'll be a very good guard once somebody makes that move to put him in there and that's where I think he's going to make his his move in this league I really do I think he's going to be an excellent guard for somebody for years and years this is going to be the guy that you put in um and he goes ahead and plays that position for a good decade and just holds it down thanks yeah so alrighty guys so I think mid to late first round and I think again because of the fact that he has the short arms is the only limiter like if somebody could like you know stretch this man's arms out and do a little Stretch Armstrong on him he'd be the first lineman taking off the draft is he's that good but I do think that because of that physical limitation you'll see him again more mid to late first and somebody will probably start him off a tackle and eventually move him over to guard unless somebody realizes that I'm right right off the bat just put somebody to guard

so yeah we shall see alrighty on to number three Anton Harrison oh Oklahoma where they have tackles in the draft

six foot five 309 pounds good length great movement he's a better pass blocker than a run blocker which is a weird thing you've seen that a lot in this draft here and I wonder if it's partially because the college is just moving much more to a past heavy uh you know a past heavy offense there um good size obviously needs to get a little stronger because if you look we talked about six to five 309 pounds so he's got the height he could probably add about 20 more pounds get a little more muscle on him a little more strain he's had a little bit of issues with hand placement issues again as well but when you watch this guy in past protection he's got that mentality of he's got to win you can't coach that yo he's got it I think mid to late first round for him I think probably more like the the late first round uh the only reason I put him in mind as higher than um skoronsky is because he is a true tackle and I I dinged him a little bit now for the you know the guard tackle thing because I think that's where skrowski's gonna go even though he's going to be drafted probably as a tackle Harrison is a legit tackle that I think has an okay floor and a at a decent ceiling on him so I'm kind of excited to see what he's gonna do in the week I think he's gonna be a good player yeah I think he's gonna be a handset a great player and I see him go late in the first round I don't see mid but I see late for Australia yes I'm saying I think somebody if they're a desperate level one third yeah I think if they're desperate for one it's one of those kind of moves you're gonna see some people reaching in this first round I'm telling you because there's not a lot of top talent there's not a lot of quote-unquote Blue Chip Prospect kind of guys like it's almost to the point where you could end the first round after like 18 picks probably because the rest of them is going to be like second round grade people that are drafting in the first round including our pick yeah it's gonna happen probably um alrighty number two number two two two two Brock Jones it's called Brock Jones Roderick Jones Roderick Jones wow here I go Broderick Jones Georgia here I go here I go here I go what's your weakness tackles so that's the names

Roderick is six foot four 315 pounds dude is an amazing athlete especially with his size he's got a finisher mentality plays out through the whistle which is what you want to see there's no place done until the whistle is blown so let's play it to the end uh I don't think he's reached the ceiling

anytime like yeah he's he's got a very high scene to come into this draft and I think this is a potential pick that's what this is this is a pick you're picking business potential yeah and we're talking about four and like figure out potential but like I I think this guy I think Joe's has what it takes to be a great guy and it's like granted like he is also overly aggressive at times but

yeah I um I mean I go in mid mid first round like and that's part of that we talked about playing the whistle we talked about um you know being over being um that kind of aggressive kind of guy that does come back to bite you if you get overly aggressive but you don't want to stop the over aggression to where it's penalty issues and stuff like that if it's going to prevent him from having the mentality otherwise um so I do think though this is a guy that's going to start right off the bat but he's gonna need some coaching help in the end 19 starts in college that's it 19. you know a couple of them were for for 2021 coming off an injury um you know just kind of substituting in like that this was the first year he was a legit starter for the Bulldogs but he looks good and he's big he makes these everything you want as far as the size the athleticism the dog mentality no no pun intended for the Bulldog there but he's got all of that so if you're gonna pick him you're gonna pick him earlier than you probably want to and you're to pick him because you're confident that your Scouts are telling you he's going to mature and grow into what you think he can be which is it going to be a damn good footballer player and I think so I really do um I mean I'm a big fan of Georgia tackles overall uh Andrew Thomas need I say more but yeah I think he's going to be honestly initially I was thinking mid to late first round I could pretty much see him go anywhere in the first round because someone could fall in love with the potential and take him really early you could see teams go wait a minute I need to see more more you know tape in this guy to feel that confident take him as a top 15 pick um so gonna go in the first round but he can go anywhere I think in the first round and it wouldn't shock me but he's gonna be somebody that I think is gonna be like we talked about with uh quit and Johnston were talking about the wide receivers is him being the Boomer bust this is the Boomer bust in the tackle group he's gonna be the Boomer bus gonna be really really good or really really bad there will be no in between for him I've seen him in the day the first round like yeah I said Nothing's Gonna shopping with this one alrighty number one Numero Uno the last one of the evening Paris Johnson Jr oh hello state six foot six 315 pounds the basically the ultimate athlete for his size big guy sit there like like a bear on skates moving around gracefully um very coordinated shows the ability to recover we talked about with the Swarovski where he has a little trouble because of his hands getting back into place and recover Paris Johnson is one of the greatest guys you'll see in college as far as recovery he makes mistakes he's not perfect because he's only been one season as a left tackle but when he makes his mistakes he has the ability to recover he has the ability to make the right move to go ahead and knock the guy in the right spot so this quarterback got a little bit more time at that point uh high ceiling high four kind of guy he's easily to me the best quarter the best of the quarterback the best tackle in this draft um he needs some work like I said because he's got the one year his biggest issue is hand technique he needs to get his hands just in the right spot we talked about the ability to recover he had to use that ability more than he probably should have because of his hand technique um top 15 pick I think honestly he if if he makes that the top of five even I'll be almost a little surprise top ten I would be a little surprised um because it's such an important position and I would not Shock me at all to see the Chicago Bears take him I think that's probably what he'll end up going he'll go that high I think they're paying what ninth now because they got the pick from the Panthers remember right yeah so I was gonna say I pick eight ten but yeah that makes sense yeah not bears bears so you just have to run for his life oh he probably will anyway so yeah he just runs anyway he's like Lamar Jackson we can't coach out of him it's part of who they are you take it is you know Hey listen word adjusted he feels play oh hello State touche so yeah like I said he's there they'll have some connections there to talk about that's for sure um so yeah guys like I said uh definitely want to have you guys pop in comments here even if you're watching after the fact I want to hear what you guys think as far as the picks here we got a couple more comments from Connor Connor's been accessed and I appreciate it Connor uh thanks guys uh Roberto good hand technique is that what you're talking about yourself mate says super and this comment here was when we were talking about um Dewan Jones from Ohio State there's it could be a good guard open up for the Run game I I think he'll make it as a tackle Conor I really do but he's he's big enough for yeah you're gonna find a place for a guy at that size uh he says Drew you're six foot seven well at least she doesn't have to vote for hello I'm gonna take that one off my wife is related to Rob he just want to see that that disgusting Connor says if I can ask what do you guys do for a living when do you find time to get all this info done all these guys just reads read read seats watch videos Etc um Conor honestly uh we he me and Rob both work good 50 hours a week what a boils down to is for just pure addicts pure addicts um so when the Mrs is asleep next to me and I'm up way too late for work I'm looking at the draft notes when I wake up late for work and I'm on the toilet I look at draft notes thank you for that image I appreciate that Rob I should be out of here yeah and I mean part of the benefit for me is we only we shoot three days a week so I got four more days I can do homework and all just I just prepare ahead of time luckily um you know I pretty much have no life besides working football I've reached that point in my life where I'm like I'm home I'm not going anywhere [Laughter] once I hit 40 he was all down at that point so alrighty guys um like I said we're gonna go ahead and continue this with you guys here we got the edge group coming on Monday for you so we've talked some pass rushers uh which again keep in mind we got two really good young pass rushers but one of them had trouble staying in the field we have Jihad Ward as a backup or Edge rusher but who else we got behind sides him you know we're we we're gonna count on on guys who can't stay healthy or haven't shown anything in the league yet after three or four seasons you know it's gonna be a position that we're probably gonna pick one player up I'm thinking this draft out of so we're gonna go ahead and give you guys a rundown of those guys um go over their Specialties their Pros cons because keep in mind they don't have a few different uh you know types of edge rushers there's run guys who set The Edge for the Run there's pure pass blockers there's guys who do a combo of both as Connor says that doesn't answer what you do for a living I see you caught on Connor we like just we like to stay not in trouble with their bosses because we talk about things that aren't exactly work appropriate on the show so I can tell you this I'm in the auto repair industry I can tell you that much uh but I don't go to specifics like I keep this and work a little separate there just to keep myself out of trouble I like my job I like to keep it yeah I teach guys how to drive and service customers there we go that sounds a little perverted but okay

learn these skills in in jail

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I knew he start I knew he started so again guys thank you very much for listening in and there's always giant fans


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