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NFL Draft Cornerback Rankings 2023 - Top 20 CBs Plus Saquon & Dexter Lawrence Skipping Mini Camp

April 12, 2023 Episode 112
NFL Draft Cornerback Rankings 2023 - Top 20 CBs Plus Saquon & Dexter Lawrence Skipping Mini Camp
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
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2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
NFL Draft Cornerback Rankings 2023 - Top 20 CBs Plus Saquon & Dexter Lawrence Skipping Mini Camp
Apr 12, 2023 Episode 112

Rob and Drew breakdown all the top 20 corners in the 2023 NFL draft. Which CB will be named the top in the draft? How many cornerbacks should the Giants draft? Plus we discuss the news that Saquon Barkley is set to miss the first mini camp

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Rob and Drew breakdown all the top 20 corners in the 2023 NFL draft. Which CB will be named the top in the draft? How many cornerbacks should the Giants draft? Plus we discuss the news that Saquon Barkley is set to miss the first mini camp

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All Episodes are shot LIVE with fan interactions on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, & Twitch

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 A New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving he's on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob welcome fellow goofballs the two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always bye honey a Rob let's get this corner down on the road oh yes let's go

so today guys we are going to do the last episode on the corners of this upcoming draft here much to John Anderson Chagrin if he's watching because he's pretty common enough for the corners listen this is this is probably the most important position in the draft for the New York Giants we do not have a CB2 I know some people will say we have Aaron Robinson still I wasn't sure of him before the injury I sure as hell now that he was injured all last year as well on top of that and adoree Jackson is signed for one more year folks after this we have we after next year going next year basically we have no solid corners this is an important position in this draft here but before we get breaking down our top 20 Corners we do of course have as always for you guys some Giants news it's time for the news

and the big news today guys equine Barkley will not get the voluntary workouts when they begin because he will not sign his franchise tag there's a very key word I just said voluntary he didn't have to go even if he was signed he didn't have to go I don't know why anybody's shocked by this people blowing up all over Twitter oh my God and people on Facebook I can't believe this guy is not coming to the mini camps they're voluntary nobody wants to go to these things it's the same coaching staff it's not like last year where you're ordering a brand new playbook and all

yeah I mean I guess what the hype is is that you saw a whole bunch of other players for the New York Giants get together in a non-voluntary non-conscious thing just to go out there

yeah so it's there so you know he plans on being a giant he's just until he signs that franchise tag he's not allowed to go to Team activities and practices and he doesn't want to sign it because he wants a long-term deal and if you look at you know the reports coming out now uh Fox Sports Ralph falchiano saying that the Giants have don't have much interest at all in doing a long term can you blame them the guy's wanting 14 15 million dollars a year they already offered only 12 and a half like 13 men they already got up on the hook this year for 10. why would they need to pay him all this extra they don't have any money like why and then for what to put them onto your deal when they could just do this again next year exactly they possibly could pay a little bit more next year once maybe he realizes that he's on the bad side it's time for the news

my my keyboard got hit there we've got the news starting again but yeah no you're 100 right there I mean he he's he's getting I wouldn't say old in running back years but he's going to year six that's getting to where the um and he already had his years because of injuries yeah so you want to keep on hoping this guy's gonna stay healthy and paying him like a top five running back when history has shown he's not always a top five running back I mean he was twice out of five years but yeah it's 40 that's not a good ratio together now I might not be the best person at math ever but I think that's pretty low percentage I think that's less than half I'm pretty sure it's something right around there

let there be light yeah I forgot to turn my lights on [Laughter]

now they're saying Dexter Lauren sexy Dex he's also not gonna show up for Camp because he wants his money he wants his extension and you all know where I stand on that one repeat the performance I'll be happy to pay you that's not silly you want you can want all that money you want but at the same time you're still in the contract believe that 50 years exactly and you know you played like you did last year you're going to make a lot of money listen man repeat that performance I'll pay you like a top five defensive tackle all day long but you're not gonna uh Leonard Williams me you're not going to Leonard Williams me we're gonna have one good year and then that was your career year that's a good deal we paid Leonard Williams off a career year he said there were 36 million dollars against the cap this year for us and he's just not as good as a 36 million dollar player not that many are but he's not the best defensive tackle in football which is how we're paying him now yeah we're paying him Aaron Donald money so and should we do that twice exactly those who did not learn from history are doomed to repeat it so let's start pay their defensive yeah or doomed to have no money in the cap you know we're faculty with a cap next year we lose all the money we're losing right now in Canada day because I know he cut him but we're still got a ton of money on the books for him um you know we get rid of that 30 some odd million dollars that we're getting uh winner Williams right there we just see if you know 40 50 million dollars right there on the cap just those two moves right there plus the cap obviously will go up so you know if he wants a deal again show us that you're that you're still the same guy as you were last year this year and I got no problem giving you one you know a big contract and during the season even I don't need to see it the whole season I just need to see like the first couple weeks that I it's okay this is still the same Dexter Lawrence and if that's the case then pay the man pay him he's worth it that get quarter through the season let's see if four games out of you you see how long we play yeah exactly exactly anytime he's under contract we have no reason to have to pay him so yeah I'm not paying him Point Blank and I hope Joe Shane you know puts his Line in the Sand that says Point Blank okay fine you don't want to come to the uh you know the the voluntary well guess what eventually they return to mandatory and you know what that means so be there yeah dollars to it

you know it seems oh you don't show up to the volunteer because you want to make money but you don't want to practice as a team you're gonna play it all with next year to get any Groove to make yourself look that much better well you're talking about practice here I mean like I said these two guys I'm not as concerned with because they were on the team last year they had the same offense and defense exactly they have the talent both of them will be probably more likely to be healthy when the start of the year comes because they don't you know participate in some of the voluntary stuff I'm fine with that I have no issues with the Wilson River just be there with us mandatory and don't let this be a distraction for the team overall that's all I ask simple

yeah just like I said just do the right thing yes so we do have some NFL draft news with the Giants we've talked about all the wide receivers they're bringing in because like every single person there's a potentially what number one uh pick is a wide receiver has come into the Giants and talked with them at least once the one name that might sneak into the end of the first round of wide receiver I hadn't heard anything definite yet I've heard rumors been definite yet until now Jalen Hyatt has officially visited with the New York Giants the one trick pony himself from Tennessee he was basically like I told you guys another show I'm comparing him to Darius Stevens what he is he's the nine route guy who depends on speed plays out of the slot and just you know sips in the building runs past his corner it's a one-trick pony the damn good trick so you know we got a lot of slots we're like Vegas Lots everywhere yeah what part of Vegas the ranch or the casino well I guess casinos

alrighty so we do also have for you guys there a little bit a little tiny bit NFL news here before we get started with these Corners yes


so the first thing is obviously one of the changes for us the fans this year is that the Sunday Ticket is no longer to be part of the DirecTV package already announced we talked about this months ago that it's going to go to the YouTube YouTube TV so for those of you who already have YouTube TV it's a really good deal so it's going to be 349 for the season 389 for the year with red zone so if you don't at 100 bucks so you will be able to get it without getting YouTube TV and I'm telling you this right now we're going to be going live every single game for you guys this season and we're gonna be literally doing shows with you guys throughout the entire game talking about what's going on in the game we'll be watching it on the red zone because being here in Florida I don't have the other options at that point I don't have the options of watching it on Fox or CBS that's done that's not a Tampa Bay thing at that point unless we unless we play a local team like the Dolphins but I'll be at the stadium for that one um I may be sneaking down there as well yeah listen you could you should sneak out by all means um go for it because let's show live from the actual stands it'd be hilarious could you imagine that stream yard [Laughter] we'll have to figure out I don't know if we can even do that on stream yard here maybe like one of us has our phone for Facebook when is the phone going live for YouTube and we're just like this is going we'll figure it out we'll figure it out folks power banking it the whole way um but yeah like I said we'll be doing that with Thrifty with the Redstone because honestly there's giant fans all over the countries even if one of us didn't live here in Florida uh it makes sense to Deuce everybody can watch it together um other news Lions traded for Jeff acuda the former first round pick the former supposedly can't miss cornerback from Ohio State that everybody said was going to be like an amazing player and just hasn't been in fact they just got a fifth round pick for him so that just shows you how good he's been fifth round pick that's not a lot it's kind of a throwaway um yeah also a news down here in Tampa Bay linebacker Devin white has requested a trade and I cannot tell you how many giant sites I'm seeing already going oh should the Giants traded for Devin white no why the hell would we trade for a guy who wants 20 million dollars a year to play linebacker can't cover anyone I'll tell you if for those who aren't aware of the Bucks as much being that I live in the area I just hear Non-Stop and I do talks at bucks football and some other podcasts as well um I can tell you for a fact that Devin white cannot cover a run-stopping linebacker is never worth 20 million dollars never no not to mention the fact we just paid Bobby ocaracay 10 million dollars why the hell we paid Devin y20 you get a much better talent for half the cost yeah and it just it just boggles the mind while people even it's like they do these things just for clicks guys they do it just for clicks ignore the click people remember the people who try to mislead you and just skip unfollow go away

exactly the goofballs will always steer you straight which is a sad statement but a factual

we will tell you that people skipping voluntary workouts is no big deal we will tell you that we are not going to be trading for Devin white listen it doesn't make for as interesting a program as if we sit there go oh my God for half an hour yeah guys it's not happening and it's no big deal don't worry about it chillax that's all there is to it chillax go do it when you want to come a mighty tighty whitey and I'm smuggling plums I had to go uh uh the Bloodhound Gang on you it's all good alrighty so let's get started with our top 20 Corners here because like I said guys this is a stacked stacked class of Corners this year like this is no law you can get a starting quarterback in the third round and it favors those who go into a press man cover system guess what we like guess what wink does press man cover system

it's made for us I'll be upset if we don't end up with two corners coming out of this draft because we should um Conor says what did I miss besides bad singing I don't know what that singing you're talking about Connor we are spectacular we are I hope you know that Rob and I actually do another show another podcast about singing songs from the 70s for the Bee Gees karaoke's on Tuesday nights yep hashtag we're staying alive yeah

so yeah so anyway number 20 is Kai Blackman USC formally before that Colorado he played for four years as well five eleven 178 pounds 31 inch arms uh outside corner versatile could pretty much play in any system there is high IQ can fit into any type of defense that was the really big thing I've seen him in in zone I've seen them in man I've seen them in press off man I've seen him in cover two cover three I mean this guy goes everywhere with no problem whatsoever I do think he's the best as a slot Corner in the NFL because of his weight like I said 178 pounds and even in college I did see him getting beat up a little bit by some of the outside receivers uh nothing man not to say he was scared of that like he'll go toe for toe as best he can but he didn't necessarily win the battles because he's just not the strongest one uh also had some injury issues as well so I I see him go before around five somebody looking for some depth at the nickel her kind of position that's where I think he's best suited yeah yeah he's probably about like I would say in the early fifth round I mean he tracks it just to deep ball as well um he sees the face and squeezes tides and Roots but the thing is like his hips aren't they're more square and they flew it if you will and he's kind of like really grabby and pulley when he's like about to get beat which I don't like grab your pulley and hip talk going on here

well yeah I mean he's definitely have to have to be CB2 in this league and I think I think a nickel a nickel dime cover guy is what he's ended up being in a radio I think that's where he's at

yeah I agree alrighty up next number 19.

out of Maryland dracorean Bennett the accordion Bennett oh my god let's go down with my nose here oh no it works you're going through notes yeah sorry

each episode yeah holy it's already pounds five eleven it's not exactly the biggest sky is reach is just shy of 32 inches per arm which is 31 uh and seven eight this hand is nine and um of 1 16 which I guess whatever give it 1 16. he's a little fast with a 15 inch matters that's what she said it was not all right I wish she said it I wish she could say it yeah uh it's got a 4.3 in his 40 yard dash I mean this guy's uh he's well built for the NFL I think even though like I don't think he's that statue like I think is just physical presence goes a long way he's got loose and Rapid hips you know me in those sips baby

he's got 27 defensive captures which is fantastic um and he it he'll also got an Elegance to run but he also he also lacks presents in um mirin and press coverage so it's like he's good he's probably like a round four kind of guy his recovery versus like very average like his like he doesn't put the burners on if he gets beat

yeah you know and I I think the thing I saw with him as I'm watching is I think he's going to be more of a free safety in the league to be honest I don't see him as an actual corner you know he's got a high IQ he doesn't have hip movement very well which means he should start further back in the in the field which is right where the free safety would starve um he doesn't have the long speed as the one concern I have but if you start farther back you can at least recoup or some of that you know um so I that's what I personally think he's being he's got to be drafted as a queen someone's gonna try him as a corner I do think eventually yeah it kind of reminds me of like when we drafted Julian love uh not to be a you know a a bring up a bad topic here considering we lost him to Seattle there but it's almost like we signed him he was a corner in Notre Dame he wasn't a safety we converted him to Steve because we saw the that he was a better fit at that position in the NFL uh I think it's the same kind of thing with jacorian Bennett I think he's going to be a safety all day long um but I I would say it's going to be someone's gonna wrap in the fourth round try him as a star as a corner move him over to safety or use him as a Swiss Army and they've got where these kind of moves with the field

yeah beef them up a little bit a little bit more Beefcake it's close to 200 pounds all righty so number 18.

number 18 eliased Ricks out of Alabama uh also played a couple years at LSU as well uh six two 188 Pounds 32 and 3 8 inch arm reach there um I do think uh he's a guy that I don't want for us specifically he's much more of a Zone cover two cover three kind of guy uh he did play some press in college but I just don't think I I've seen it enough that I'm confident taking him to be a potential corner for us uh good ball instincts but just never lived up to the hype I felt like injured all the time especially when he moved over from LSU to Alabama they thought they got a steal here um I would say for somebody who's a Zone coverage you're gonna see him as like a fourth round pick and I think somebody's gonna take the shot and see if they can develop him get him healthy and see what happens

yeah yeah you pretty much hit today on the head right there that's what I do I'm like a hammer

take that color

everybody said he's his own guy like he's only got five uh career interceptions uh yeah but he he also had to do this for a return touchdown so which is nice but I mean when you're talking about a career yeah yeah I said for it's this is why he's down where he's down like I said he's got a he's gonna have a career in the league don't get me wrong but he's gonna have a career in the league for somebody who prefers more of his own scheme that's what it just boils down to uh we got a couple of comments here before we move on to number 17. uh King Chris TV Chris good to see you again man he says do you think Ringo moves to safety too you know we're going to get to that later on because if you must be haven't talked about him he's a little further down the line here um but again listen anytime you get a a corner drafted there's always the thought of is he better as a safety because some guys just better as a corner in college but not so much in uh not not so much there in the in in the pros there Connor comes in with ever notice girls complain about size whether it's smaller or bigger again we have to be satisfied no matter how big the tunnel is LOL okay somehow I don't think he's talking about driving with that tunnel

listen as long as you're not trying to drive a tractor trailer through a Little Tikes tunnel you're good okay there you go all right I'm having fun this week

right all the fun one Rajon French

with that sorry Oregon State seniors 193 is you know what

Shane has already talked about the kind of body he wants he wants that long reaching 32 inch arms which is fantastic I just disgusting and a half inch arms in his hand is uh five and a half inches or five and five eighths inches so he's got a good build to him

um he's got a good arm reach he's got control around the vicinity he's got awesome uh movements down the field with the length uh he's able to do a quick acceleration when charges directions with a lateral brakes oh geez what a hero geez oh no what happened

he's got a great recovery when it comes down as you recover he's got great recovery he's got a great recovery see that segue there boom boom that's what take notes everybody listening so if he thinks he plays a vertical and goes to the slant and goes to like a hook he does have great recovery to uh turn around and accelerate back to the ball um but that being said sometimes it he's inconsistent with his raw squeeze off the coverages sometimes he's too eager to play the short route so you know we'd be remiss also not to mention his brother Rayshawn Wright who plays for the Cowboys at the corner as well so he's got the Bloodlines of somebody who's made it in the NFL at least in the short term even though he made a crappy choice in what team to play with um but I don't know if you got a chance to watch he he played uh USC and got I got a chance to see some Jordan Addison uh who obviously will be probably Elite first round pick here um and Rajon ryko added against each other and I'm telling you it was actually pretty good tape to show what Wright can do he looks pretty good keep in mind we talked about Addison has the trouble of you know top long-term speed that's also an issue that Wright has so they kind of play into each other's strengths to a certain degree there um the only other issue I have with him is he does also miss some tackles I have seen that um but I mean I think he's somebody that you're going to see going like the fourth round sometimes they take a shot see if they can develop him you know outside corner but he's not going to be the guy that's going to step right in right away they're going to have him sit on the bench for a year or two and see if they can like I said develop him into a starting outside corner or have him be a guy who can step in if there's any kind of major injury yeah alrighty so before we get the next one we got a comment from Connor uh it's Allah effing Bama have you not watched my cousin Vinnie hold on here you think these Jersey Boys have not watched cousin Vinnie okay you youths yes excuse me what is he you you

listen Rob and I grew up down the street from where Joe pescio lives okay you live right in home Homedale New Jersey like right down the street okay that's that's our neck of the woods alrighty next up we have kicho Clark out of Louisville number 16. uh five foot ten 181 pounds 29 and 5 8 inch arms so not the longest arms in the world uh I think he's gonna project more as a slot nickel kind of corner very scheme versatile though I've seen him to a Man scene to his own not afraid to tackle the guy Raps like you notice when he said watch so many smaller Corners they just kind of go for it and just kind of like lunge into them and hope the guy falls down no this guy wraps up his arms 100 and tackles the right way and he's not afraid uh to go for the ball like he whether it's go for the fumble go for the pick the guy understands the Imports of getting turnovers he also had the second best 20-yard shuttle time at the Combine so what does that show very Shifty the guy can change direction pretty quickly there he's got a great attitude um and like I said the only issue ever had with him really is is three things here I'll give you one I already said I think it's gonna be more of an inside guy can't play the outside he'll get beat because of the lack of strength and lack of long speed comes from a very smaller School obviously with Louisville they do they don't get me wrong it's not like he played at East Texas Christian University of Pali Technical Institute but it's like Louisville's not the SEC it's not it's still not one of those bigger coppers at that point it's kind of one of the b-tier classes uh he also toured ACL in 21. that always scares me just being a giant fan um same thing I got like a round pick on him I think someone's going to pick him up to be a starting slot corner for them eventually um and I and I think like I said I think I think he's gonna do pretty good honestly I like the tape on him they look pretty good and I like the fact that he is versatile so he can go ahead and do some stuff there you know yeah it was great um you know me in my hips you see him sink the hips the face of comeback on a lot of routes so he does well he's got a great uh burst yeah top end speeds you know just like you said with the shuttle too like he saved a zig and zag um we did as kids where they got to pick up Racers up off the gym floor because that was awesome oh yeah

his slot yo um he looks a little uncomfortable at times that's gonna happen though I mean the year afterwards yeah

and also like he's missed out on a couple interceptions due to his sacrifice yeah let's put that too he's got this little T-Rex arms which I know all about yeah it's great for push-ups though yeah

all right number 15. Alex Austin that was hard Oregon yeah right

it's another guy that Shane with like six one 195 pounds are like 31 and uh 7 8 of an inch it's hands yeah eight and a half inches um his production score under combine was right 30th like he's an average um athlete doesn't mean he's not able to produce so what do I mean by that his speed's not the best when it comes out um he's got excellent field awareness though he communicates in space and overlaps coverage to mix play so like he's out there and he's making up for his slack of athleticism for talent and skill yeah he makes up with his physicality too I mean the guy's extremely competitive we talked about in previous last couple episodes how I like seeing a corner that shows a little attitude gets ticked off point blank when somebody catches it gets excited when he's when he you know knocks the ball down this is that guy very competitive very physical and like you said perfect size for a corner um he's very handsy though it's the one thing that makes me a little bit concerned because he does that though because of the fact that he doesn't have the speed but in a pressed man corner like we're looking for that could be a potentially good thing um I mean also I saw a couple times in some of the longer routes that they see him lose track a little bit as well where he started off nice and tight against the receiver and then as it went on and it wasn't it wasn't even the speed it wasn't like he lost him like forward backwards he lost him left and right where there's a little bit more separation and that made the receiver get more open um but I mean I see him like a a round four possibly sneak into a round three kind of guy and I gotta say how weird is it to have two corners already from Oregon State yeah that's not the usual spot you think of for NFL Town Oregon it happens I'm not saying no one ever comes out of it but two guys at an Oregon State the Beavers the Beavers are showing up here yeah damn it she [ __ ] save our beavers

alrighty number 14. Tyrique Stevenson out of Miami six foot tall 198 pounds 32 and 3 8 inch arm length uh outside press man scheme guy okay stop murder guy what are we looking for what are you looking for outside pressed man prototypical size two as well aggressive fiery this is a guy like you know when you watch on the field and you see that one guy that's going up and down the sidelines going crazy and firing everybody up this is the guy that's gonna do that he is that kind of that kind of player this guy plays with such emotion it's not even funny um physical tackler the biggest issues that I saw with him one is not even an issue for us but I'm gonna list two issues he's got very tight hips especially when moving out from the back pedal you can see he's not twisting quite like you'd like him to do I'm hoping with some koshy we can get that taken care of he's very also scheme specific you have to be a pressed man cover scheme to make sense for Reed to draft this guy if you're not you're wasting what is his best skill but again what are we press man cover I have him like a round three great and I think if we got him he's a perfect guy that let's assume we do what I say and get two corners one very early one like third fourth this is a guy you can have for a backup and for whenever a Dory Jackson gets injured because you know it's gonna happen it's every year it happens and then eventually because like I told you guys before we haven't talked extension with a door yet so I think a door is going to be out the Dory after next year so see what I did there so you know it's a guy you could eventually you know be trained to be his replacement there and have your two starting wide receivers out of two starting Corners out of this draft uh so again round three and I think he's a smart pickup for us depending on what's available and what we do the rest of the draft yeah I mean he also might be there in an early fourth so about too too crazy about it you know about the third round take on them but I'm also not against it um he's a spring lever uh he has for hands to bring up catches which is nice um another thing is he takes um inconsistent angles for run support so it's like he doesn't know where he's coming at for the right sport yeah where are we gonna be yep well hopefully having a linebacker this year will help with that hopefully basically didn't have one last year at all might have just kept the basically just like Forfeit of the position haven't known what less man in the field

all right number 13.

it's funny how the last time you got all the easy names and this time nope

your next one's easy don't worry I look through her head looked the head okay you're out of TCU he's a smaller guy so I don't know he's he's very talented I don't know if he's a Giant's material out of what they've said he's five eight 178 pounds he's got a celebrated giant at all


so it's stuck with the biggest guy but that being said he's got a great dash of 441 um these explosive these twitchies agile and he's very competitive when he's in there he's only allowed 34.6 of completion trade targets him uh last seasons according to PFF right he's got um seven feet movement uh he's able to slide and release uh oops under release slide slide release side slide release um it sounds like one of those dances like where they tell you what to do like exactly yeah one step two slide slide release [Laughter] but when you talk about like you know it's doubles like I already said he's not a big guy he's not a giant he's not Italian sometimes his back pedals uh two up right and he's kind of tells you he kind of goes to where he's going to go before he even goes there and then too

his uncle is is the other LT with Damian Tomlinson that's that's so his mother is lt's sister so we got some we got some NFL Bloodlines going on and I'm calling it right now guys every so often I like to make a total ass to myself I say something that's outlandish I'm gonna say it this is the best slot Corner in the entire draft this is the guy that if you want to have somebody that you can put in the middle and cover whoever's in the slot and let your outside guys be your outside guys and have to worry about bringing one of them in because there's a really good receiver that plays slot for whatever team you're facing this is the guy he is a shutdown man Corner in college the only issue as Rob said is his size he's really tiny less he is really tiny but this kid plays with such heart it's not even funny and you have to think that he prop and this is this is going to sound a little messed up potentially I might take somebody off and I say this but I don't care um you get some of these kids that come from NFL families and you know whether it was obviously in this case it's his uncle not even his parent but you know there had to be some money obviously for him growing up LT I would hope would not be letting his sister live in you know some Shack there's the roof leaking that kind of scenario so sometimes you get these kids that come from some money and they don't have that kind of heart and that kind of passion because they're not counting on it it's not like when you watch this tweak when you see you know like Kayvon Thibodeau like talking about how he grew up and buying his mom a house and how much that meant to him this is not that kind of scenario but this kid plays with such fire and such passion hooked

it's got a little from Napoleon Stadium going on that's the problem if he was I'm telling right now if he was even four feet taller okay four feet tall four feet taller yes he's nine feet tall I mean it's like four inches taller and 20 more pounds on him he'd probably be the best corner in the draft that's how much I like him he shut down that's the one thing it's killing him so he's gonna go to a slot position to uh you know and I'm telling whoever gets him is going to get a guy that's going to sing it that guy in the middle we don't got to worry about him that guy's got him that's how good it's gonna be but I think he'll go in the third round probably unless somebody else thinks like me it takes them like eight second round but I think third round probably where he'll go and like I said whoever gets him he's gonna get a guy who can cover anybody in this law position

yeah even even the car agrees to me yeah

all righty number 12. Garrett Williams at a Syracuse 511 192 pounds 31 inch arms this is another Giants need to avoid like the play kind of guy because he is a purely Zone corner missed another guy that because he's coming off an ACL tear that happened mid-season as well if he loses his step this is another guy who I could see possibly converting over to safety and he'd probably do a hell of a job because I watched this kid doing a lot of special things in college he's a good Corner when I say it it's not for the Giants It's Not Me Knocking him it just doesn't fit the system it's a square peg and a round hole but he's a good player overall he's very smart joint processor um but he counts on his brains on his body because he's not the most athletic in the world um but we need to see his medical as far as to know that whoever was to go draft him I shouldn't say a week it's not we Giants don't draft him yeah but I mean the interesting thing is where do you pick a guy who is coming off an ACL may not be much of a player next year as we talked about earlier how he takes a full year to get back might not be this year but next year 2024 that you really see what you got from him but I think someone's going to take the shot in him in like the third round and I'm telling you if they got a Zone Zone coverage scheme like that he's going to be a player they're not going to regret getting he'll be a starting caliber Corner in this league no doubt yeah he's the type of guy that if he did not have that injury he probably would have went in the second round maybe even earlier he might be late first he was that good beforehand yeah so and like you said he's got a football IQ he understands the ball he just probably switch over to safety which is not the first thing you want to do but you gotta you have to draft this guy for his own and if he doesn't make it in there you might want to try him in the safety if you need him oh listen if he loses the step because of the surgery he will be a great safety I'm telling him right now just watching the way he saw things happen like he's watching the play and he sees what's happening he's got that kind of ability oh yeah he like if you watch him he's got great balance between the quarterbacks eyes like where he's going to go and the route that the the receiver is running and he's able to figure it out and use that ability to you know stop the ball in the zone oh yeah so he's fantastic Fantastical he's a fantastic girl

we have it from twitch hi I want to offer you a promotion of your channel viewers and follower chat Bots why is all the twitch people we get I'm telling you that comments are like you know total scam artists if anybody's legit watching us on Twitch because we don't use you to use twitch we just kind of throw it up there to see who we get but it's funny how that always happens um number 11 Rob Emmanuel

this is Manuel Forbes Mississippi State Mississippi Mississippi [Music] how can you spell Mississippi Miss is I sippy come on you got this Rob I thought you got this oh yes yes

[Laughter] he's six one another tiny guy at 166 pounds he needs to eat a cheeseburger he does he needs a little bit of the pasta meatballs all right it's 31 inches and a quarter and it's hand uh length is eight inches and a half um this guy had a great uh production score in the Columbine super athletic it's uh 40 yard dash was 4.35 right Forbes is a great two-headed um he's sorry he plays with a smooth side shuffle technique in the zone so smooth it's got above average pre-snap play recognition smoothie like a Clinton leather yeah it's like you go see the place he's so smooth

he's really good at breaking up the pass with his arms before he gets there with that lathe he's he's a good squad if you will all right he uses his length and it affects his uh as a recovery tool so like he's able to use his big long lengthy body and he's going to be to get in front of the ball

um yeah I think the one size with the one issue with him is his size if it wasn't for his size bona fide yeah his weight specifically he's a Bonafide starting Corner in this league and he is easily a a early day to kind of pick if not even a late day one but yeah I I have to look at that size and say and it's funny because I was just talking about you know Hodgins Thomas and a minute ago and singing his praises and I know he's outside of the realm size-wise but I'm not looking at him as an outside corner Emmanuel Forbes is much more of an outside corner the way he's played and to play at 166 pounds like could you imagine if the Giants get him we draft him he's our number one corner that's the hypothetically adoria Jackson's at or something he's our number one corner and he's got to go into AJ Brown he's a toss him around like a ragdoll yeah I mean that's absolutely one of his downfalls of you know his college careers like his his tackling thank you yeah thanks and he gets the tackles but like it's just it's hard for him because he lacks his strength that being such a you know small framed guy yeah and I and I I just like I said that's the only reason I have him at number 11. if he was I'll tell you right now if he was a regular size quarter corner there I would probably have him between five and seven he just dropped down because of the weight and you know I don't know if he maybe can try to get some weight on him without killing his speed but well that's it it is hard I that size to be like in vocabulary weight like what do you want to be at like 190 he's got to put on 25 pounds like that's the problem that's definitely I think even even if you put in like 15 pounds he'd be enough where I wouldn't be as worried yeah you're still talking 15 pounds is still 15 pounds that's still a good amount of weight for someone to put on so

a lot longer than a few months before the season starts he's going to need a couple years yeah so yeah that's what I'm saying I I don't like him because of the weight if he could play the inside and I can sit there and say he's a slot guy I'd be cool with it you know see if he can gain some weight as he goes and develop better into an outside but he's going to be an outside corner and I just don't think he has to wait for it I don't like outliers I don't like somebody who doesn't fit the mold so to speak because there's a mold for a reason guys it's not to say you can't succeed but it definitely says it's much harder to succeed and this is too important to draft for us at this position for me to take a risk at somebody like that yeah alrighty so like I said I do think it'll go like I said probably around two around three alrighty so before we get started here we do have a couple other comments here before we get to number 10 here's we meet the halfway point here so Connor says wait Chris King Chris Mingo Mingo can't go to safety he's a wide receiver no Ringo not Mingo he meant there's two different players we'll get to him soon Connor uh as Connor says also off topic if saquon signs tag is there a cut off time where he where a team doesn't have to give to number one so we can trade him for maybe a one and a two three or four listen we can trade him at any point Connor that's the thing of it if they want to sign him to a deal that's when they have to give up the two number ones if he works out something and say hey someone still wants to pay me you know I should talk to them or whatever where the Giants just call up you know or get a call must say I've heard the rumor of Buffalo let's say buffalo calls up and says Hey Joe long time no talks it's obviously Joe knows all them you know if they want to give them a first round pick the Giants are okay with it they could just make the trade that's the rules that's the way it goes but guys we're not getting rid of saquan saquan staying put I'm telling you that right now is not going anywhere whatsoever as Dakota comes in with hope you guys are doing good hope you're doing good as well man trade saquon oh that's what happens with the eagle fan in

we can't we can't trade him he's too important to the offense he just is guys it's it's listen as as much as I'm torn on how good he is in the end of the offense because we've seen his back issue just as good as and I know but people hate when it's the tourists even this past year um he's still some of the defenses have to watch the defense is respect so if that's why we need him for right now and we're not going to sign him long term because we're not going to have string the injury that's for the the because of an injury possibility for this team of Tony it's not going to happen alrighty on to number 10. number 10 DJ Turner out of Michigan now this is a guy that I cannot tell you how it makes the reviews are on this guy I have seen some people say like he's just he's overblown because of the combine and how a good he did there um I've seen also you know people talk about how he's like Chris Sims listed him as the third best corner in this year's draft now Chris Sims is one of those guys that goes against the the norm so to speak there he doesn't look what anybody else did he just kind of does his own thing so but that's the kind of range you're talking for this guy I had him at 10 because to be very Frank I don't care about combine All-Stars I care about your game tape I look at your combine because it gives me an idea in how good your game tape's gonna display in the NFL but in the end the tape matters more than anything else so DJ Turner uh I said out of Michigan 511 178 pounds 30 and three quarter eight inch three Thirty and three-quarter inch arm length there uh outside versatile complete can play zone can play man um four two six forty time at the Combine though that's what I'm talking about like that's the kind of speed this guy has but he also gets bullied by a bigger receivers he counts on his speed 100 percent to be what helps him he's also not a ball Hawk I have not seen him at all be that guy that runs down the the ball at that point because he made a move he if he gets interceptionist because it basically hits him in the hands it's not because he did something right it's just that he just didn't do anything wrong yeah so like I said not a top corner of me I think the speed is the big thing it helps out if you need a speedy guy and you have a physical guy on the side then it works out great now for the Giants we have Dory Jackson he is the Speedy corner what we need is more of a physical corner of the other side to combat that to be the opposite because you want that yin yang going at that point so you can match up to any team's number one number two um you know unless you want to draft him later on to be a dory's eventual replacement I could see that as a possibility but honestly I just didn't like the tape that much I mean I just wasn't that impressed I didn't think he was that good I think again I think he's a uh an underwear Olympics gold medalist and that's what he is so you know that's not who I want I want yeah I want to see the guy who crushes the competition

yeah I don't think he was like you said it was his it was his speed and it was great hit control it's like it's almost like they had a minor Road took over but like you said he was here they don't yeah

it was fantastic but like you said he might as well be right like this because he's not really trying to catch the ball nope not trying to knock it down okay yeah yeah I I said not not my top guy there yeah alrighty on to number nine there you go always get the fun names here Rob you're right Caillou blue Kelly there we go whoo did it first stance people might know this guy or his old man Brian Kelly Brian the dog and Family Guy

Johnson books yeah pretty much he's out of Stanford uh senior year 191 pounds six foot arm length we talk Stanford okay Pinky's out there we go pinky Stanford University smart guy big old hands not interested oh he's a wise guy right hey it's always better to be smart ass than a dumbass yes it is he starred in each of his fourth Seasons at Stanford at some football IQ right there right he possesses some desired size and uh length for the outside corner which is what you want to see especially if hopefully meeting with the Giants um he's above average beeper a jump boss it just sounds weird leaper it sounds like you're like describing like a character in Frogger yeah rip it watch out for the 18 wheeler but he's got he's got good footwork and his pedals uh to match so like some of the guys we talked about earlier like the back pedal some of the pedal is like a little shaky oh yeah he's like

no I mean he's got he's got everything as far as the Motions you want I mean yeah he's got he's got that shiftiness he makes that quick move and he has to uh he's a ball Hawk he's great in press which I keep on stressing because that's the big thing uh only things I saw downfall wise on him were that not a great run Defender not the best in longer routes because he's not the top end speed guy um yeah like if he gets beat like off a little bit of a slant or a little bit of Zig it's hard for him to catch back up it's exactly yeah

so but yeah I mean again I got this guy as a third round Talent um again another guy that the Giants could pick up and I think would be a perfect fit for a Winks defense yeah you definitely teach him uh the coach out you can definitely coach out some of his weaknesses there yes alrighty on to number eight clock Phillips the third

maybe not the Esquire [Laughter] um Utah five nine 184 pounds so outside versatile guy but plays his best in man coverage but he does Play Zone pretty decent as well but like I said better at the man covers there he's been a starter literally from day one as a freshman at Utah and he's like a little Chihuahua I mean for a five nine guy he's tough for his size he's you know it's kind of like we talked about with with um you know uh Hodges Tomlinson before where you got the little guy who's just tenacious but he's a little bigger than Hodges Tom Woodson and he does play outside not inside this is that that kind of guy um but I do think that he's gonna have some issue because he he does get a little handsy to make up for some of the size difference there because he's got that Chihuahua mentality he just like bites the people on the ankles or something and then it's also again because of the size probably not a good tackler but he's got good motions he follows the receivers pretty well uh he's definitely got the functions and the fluidity down right uh I think he's going to be like a late second round early third round kind of guy and again a guy that I think could fit our scheme pretty well yeah I mean hands down uh he's a student of the game like you said he started all four years um he's able to read the quarterback of roots simultaneously which you know it's hard to teach that yeah just which is nice to see uh he's physical and tight quarters but also could turn into penalties in the NFL and how fiscal you get so this guy definitely he's gonna be a third round guy I do like that listen I think you think he sneak in a second I really do I think he's that good I think someone's gonna someone's gonna potentially fall in love with this kid alrighty on to number seven seven seven seven seven seven Julius brents out of Kansas State 198 pounds six foot three with a 34 inch length in his arm

this man has a rare ability to be big and long and beautiful not that rare I see it every night yeah yeah but there's a little difference from every morning in the shower as well now she's in the fridge I have a six-pack if I just get rid of the layer of blubber above it yeah if you get a six-pack it's just in the cooler yeah exactly keeping it insulated [Laughter] exactly this guy's great he's great it's buying the quarterback for side to side shuffles um he's able to digest uh Rock combinations um almost for everywhere is able to um catch space in deep sideline throws he's aggressive uh and run support he um he's got a great jumps and uh at High Point battles for the balls like if it's throwing up high he's got a great uh opportunity to get rid of that ball from getting receptive from the receiver receiving it if you will recepted yeah you can reset it uh yeah the only thing with them sometimes he's a little jumpy he get juked out of uh his play yeah jump jump

here's the biggest you gotta you gotta bring up the biggest downfall with them at least for us he's a Zone guy pure Zone he's his cover two cover three Zone corner so he's not a fit at all for our defense but I'll say this he is the best pure Zone Corner in this draft I loved watching his tape I was extremely impressed watching what he did and if we had a zone defense I'd be pounding the table right now for us to draft him in the second round and not risk losing him because I think he's that good and I think whoever gets him is going to get a freaking steal in this draft because the only reason is that they go around two round threes because he's dependent on his own scheme if he was a versatile guy who played in both zone or press he probably a first-round town he's that good yeah handsome yeah so I mean the speed is the issue as well with him um but good tackler sees everything and that's what I couldn't believe this guy jumps routes jumps runs I mean it's it's it's crazy to see how well this man sees everything like if this man's not a coach later on when his days are over I'll be shocked he's got that kind of ability yeah the next 20 30 years yeah like he'll be the next head coach of like the Tennessee Titans or something like [Music] all righty on to number six Deontay Banks out of Maryland six foot even 197. 31 and 3 8 inch arms um outside mostly covered three but did do some man coverage as well and I see a lot of giants that are mocking us but this guy in the second round here um I've even seen a couple people in the first round even go with this guy uh but like I said he's done a lot more Zone than he has done man but he can do man he's proven that in college so I think people are hoping that translates whereas I'll tell you a point like again just because that's a scheme in colleges I mean you can't do in the pros I want for the Giants because I have important a draft this is for Corners I want a guy who did it primarily in college because there's enough of them that I don't even feel the need to project that some guy can do this in the in the pros I want to see it for a couple years in college um the crazy thing on him also is he wasn't even a top Corner in this draft class until the combine another you know Golden Village for the underwear Olympics here also not a ball Hawk but he does have good IQ um to knock the ball down but he doesn't go for the actual interception itself High football IQ overall uh but he's a big grabby if beat has seen a lot of uh penalties on his way for that also to me he's not the best in press when he was in man I think he was better when he was an off man but if you threw him right at the line and put him in a press cover kind of situation he didn't go ahead and handle his business which is a little crazy because he's got the size to do it but for whatever reason this wasn't able to do I don't know if it's just a little bit short on the on the arm length or just not as strong as mortal leg muscles he has than upper body because again 197 pounds he should have the body to do it um he's like oh lower half the Hedgehog's running and another guy too that also gets lost in the long routes there um I do think he'll be a late first to a mid second round because I think someone's gonna love the potential they sought the combine I just hope it's not the Giants because again I don't want the guy who wins the underwear Olympics I want the guy that wins that's what I want yes I agree with you I mean what else can you say about this guy like he he looks like he's got bionic legs when he's going down like it just moves like AI into computers like we eat more whenever he gets injured we can rebuild him we have the technology six billion dollar man Steve Austin not to be confused with Stone Cold [Music] Austin 316 says you better draft a coin that fits your defense but

what was that that was like that was even Stone Cold that was um what's his name Ja Rule

remember that guy my 20 years ago every song he went on

a day

[Laughter] I don't know I'm just making things up now [Music] I can't remember that anything he did except for that What's Love Got to Do got to do it it's only like mirror on top of my head but he was always that guy that popped onto random songs and just was

25 cigarettes I love Newports

alrighty next up number five and this will make this will make King Chris here happy yes Kali Ringo sophomore I have to be confused with the drummer of The Beatles this is not the drummer of The Beatles in case there's any confusion no glasses here he's a software out of Georgia six foot to 207 pounds is on length is 31 inches and a quarter his hands eight and a half inches this guy ran a 4.36 so he's got some speed on him he's got some size on it some people say that some Elite size and strength he's an outside corner stays low and balances uh in the back pedal which what we were saying up to this point it was back pedals a lot of these guys as lead as they are they need some work on that yep yeah he's he's uh physical he grinds out of press and release like he's he's down there he plays he looks like nationalism it's like effortless yep they played man in a pro like yeah I mean every single physical tool you could ask for as well like you said he's got the size he's got the speed but he's been so inconsistent at his time in Georgia and you know I think this is one of those cases where the interview process is what's so important because it's like why is he inconsistent is he having issues with something specific on the field is it a passion issue I hate to ever question someone's passion for the game but it's uh I mean for what I'm saying like it's it's almost like a lack of patience so yeah he's got he's got the ego thing going on which I mean it's okay at the point but like you also have to have patience that's why I said like you don't want to get too upset and you don't want your ego to mess up get in your head and I don't know if that's what's happening to this guy yeah a yoga Resort or something yeah I just like I said I'm just not sure um if that's who I really want to look at I mean I like it would be honest he said I think he's gonna be a boomer bus kind of guy and that that's what scares me about him more than anything else and I'm just gonna say who's the last Corner we drafted out of Georgia

DeAndre Baker I rest my case

I rest my case I said I put him up high because honestly he has the potential to be an amazing shutdown corner he really does but this is like we talked about Quentin Johnston there um where we talked about how he's this guy's a boomer bus he's got the big ceiling he's got the low floor this is the Quentin Johnson of the CB world to me if they're going to fix whatever's wrong with them and get him consistent to where he's playing the top end or they're going to figure out what he has trouble with in the NFL and they're just going to go after him Non-Stop and beat the crap out of him one of those two scenarios so yeah I do think that like I said I think that's what's gonna happen I think it's boom or bust and it's a matter whoever gets him I hope for their sake it's boom unless he's the goes to the somebody else in the NFC East uh but yeah like I said it's it's going to be interesting to see what happens with him because I can see either one happened to 100 percent

nope you muted yourself Rob I did there you go I unmuted you I think you need me in the first place you jerk I did not mute you think you like me and me Drew here he goes two giant goofballs one being muted [Laughter] Off With His Head

alrighty so we got the top four left guys uh and before we go over the top four because that'll be a nice quick one we've already gone over these guys individually in the last two episodes so if you guys have any questions about those specific guys let's go to the last two episodes they're available um we got a couple couple more comments there Dakota who already said he was leaving here after one of his comments there but he did say um after Connor said I trade him Dakota says it can only benefit you trade to Texans which I think would be I don't think the Texans want anything to do with them whatsoever they already got a good younger quarter five uh younger running back who's on a rookie deal they're good yeah um Conor says get what we can fit him so we can get more quality players or backups um and Dakota says they have a two-headed Beast until next year they draft Kayla Williams uh I think they're gonna draft um you know a quarterback one of the big two this year they have the second overall pick he says C Sims is a failure he was as a player he's not a bad analyst I'll say this he says some off the wall things that actually do come true and then he says have a good night fellas uh Connor says Drew get rid of gnome the scary what does that little placard below the gnome say with football on it um below the placard I don't know which one he's talking about this one here I'm assuming Connor if you're still with us you can verify that just says New York Giants this one here maybe oh is this one maybe maybe this is the one he's talking about right here so that one says we interrupted this marriage for football season so uh and he says Roberto you need New York Giant drapes or New York Giant stuff in the wall or where by Giants do-rag on your head

I think that all started because we're doing Ja Rule I think that's what happened [Laughter] alrighty guys so on to our top four here to go ahead and enlist who we had from the first couple I'll put one on now don't do it no no I can't do it okay look it looked like you were getting ready to work in the kitchen [Laughter] all righty number four Rob we'll go this one quick we've already gone over the issues on to the the uh pros and cons of these guys but let's do our top four but so Joey Porter Jr Penn State got six two and a half 193 pounds with a 34 inch arm like this is a guy that the Giants might look at if they get him late he's outside press uh press man scheme which his fits body type doesn't fit the scheme so much but I think uh I think he's got some Talent there I think he does too it's just overly aggressive and I think he's gonna have got to change some things up to succeed in the NFL um but he did have good tape in college when he didn't get called for any holding and stuff like that um alrighty number three cam Smith South Carolina who I know you liked a lot Rob we talked about him I liked him a lot more on tape than I than I thought I would uh I do think he's a legitimate option for us at number 25 they're overall six one 180 pounds three uh 31 and 5 8 arm outside man covered scheme a guy who is someone who counts on his IQ counts on what he sees in the field much more he does his physical but very versatile and I think he's going to have a long good career in this in this this league here yeah on to number two Jeff Smith's like a Swiss army knife number two Gonzalez out of Oregon quack quack quack this is Oregon and Oregon States we have three guys that or the state of Oregon overall yes no one talks about that part of the United States anyway a sixth one sorry if you listen from there 861 197 pounds with 32 inch R length which is another great fit for the Giants but we probably will not see him come down our way at 25. oh he'll be long way before then yeah he is an outside corner and he fits almost any scheme if not ever seen yeah no he can go anywhere he can go his own he can go man he can go on the inside he can go on the outside my biggest issue for him is the lack of fight I don't see the excitement I don't see the passion I don't see the heart and I've heard the same thing from scouts that have you know talked to him already at the combine and such as well the same exact concern now none of those obviously who name who they are so who knows how legit those rumors are I don't see it in the field and if I'm gonna pick you with a top 10 top 15 pick I need to know that you freaking love football football is your life you will do anything to succeed in it and I just don't see that in him so you know unless behind the scenes he's different than what he shows out in public not he might have a great Poker Face all your money Poker Face

alrighty on to number one one is the loneliest number that the left unless you draft number one then you're the highest paid number yes

go for it your turn Rob oh I get to go again oh oh that's right it's my turn I lost track of it

you know how much I love these uh this player here Devin Witherspoon out of Illinois five eleven and a half 181 pounds 31 and one quarter inch arms Outside Inside coverage scheme guy with that this this press man does the off man um he's also a guy that I think is a great fit for our defense again he'll be long going to think about time we're picking let's be trade down but I'm telling you right now if we were trading down for one player in this draft this is the player I would want I think he's an excellent player I think he's a pro bowl caliber type of corner back in this league I think he's that good the only issue and concern I have with him is his weight I wish he had about 10 more pounds on him but in the end it were firm in college he's also he talked about as well he only played his last two years in high school as well so this is guys when he played football for the last five years he has not reached his ceiling folks this kid is going to be special I'm telling you whoever gets him and if it's the freaking Eagles I'm gonna flip my you know what but whoever gets him is getting a really special player and they're going to really like that pick for years to come and look that back at that moment as a good moment that's for sure

all righty so that concludes our top 20 Corners in the league here as Connor says you gotta fight for your right to party or play football alrighty guys so next episode we're gonna do for you guys Friday we're gonna go through all of the big name offensive linemen in the draft so He adjusted some things I really want to try to get every single position group except special teams so I know none of you all really care about special teams let's be honest not trying to be mean to trying to be honest I don't think anybody would tune into our punter and kicker show I want to know what long Snappers are available

but you know also we have those sort of Taken here so so next up will be the offensive lineman so we're gonna go over the top 10 tackles the top 10 interior offensive line as well obviously the emphasis for us is going to be interior offensive line because that's what really needs some help now honestly it's not out of the realm of possibilities for the Giants to use their fourth or fifth round pick on a swing tackle kind of guy because let's be honest besides Eva Neal who we still have some concerns there and Andrew Thomas who was just a freaking Beast it's not you can sit there say that's our swing tackle that's the guy we're putting in there if the other guy gets injured we need a guy like that so we're gonna go over some tackles with you guys as well along with going over the guards and the centers uh after that we're gonna go over with you guys The Edge group as well so I'm on Monday here so like I said we'll keep on trucking position by position here going with at least 20 players each episode uh and then we're gonna go ahead and uh you know give you guys all the information we can leading up to the draft keep in mind on the first two nights of the draft Thursday and Friday we will be live for the entire draft so we'll be live a little bit before the draft we're gonna run down everything with you guys as far as what we see going on in the last minute rumors and no's and notes and all that kind of fun stuff there and then we'll go ahead and like I said be with you for each individual pick there we're going to have a lot of guests on as well we have a lot of people that are invited on a lot of people rsvp'd and said yes so like I said we're expecting to have a fun time here guys as well oh it's going to be fun it's gonna be a party

as always want to take a moment to thank you guys for listening in here with these goofballs had to say uh if you're listening on live keep in mind we're on live on Facebook we're on YouTube We're on Twitter we're on Twitch we're on LinkedIn the LinkedIn was acting up today for some reason I didn't want to go on Twitter on LinkedIn so this episode might not be on LinkedIn uh honestly the best place to do it or Facebook or YouTube that's what you have your most other buddies on there um if you do Facebook YouTube or twitch though your comment will pop up live you can be part of the show like that obviously it's available after the factors well if you don't have time to watch live or you're busy that particular time frame and of course if you prefer to you know listen to driving to work the next day we're available on audio platforms as well uh podcast Spotify Amazon pretty much every single podcast uh app there is no demand if we're not on there that just tells only to know you need to delete that app and start a brand new one so I'll understand what this tells you everything you need to know of course if you like the show as well sponsorships are available at buy me a cup of coffee.com two giant goofballs again buy me a cup of coffee dot com slash the number two giant goofballs alrighty folks so again we will see you all on Friday as we start talking about some hog mollies as gentlemen used to call them the hog mollies

and there's always giant fans

it's a demon [Music] thanks for listening to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast we appreciate your support if you made it this long you must have enjoyed it so I am sure you have followed us on all the social media platforms of course you have subscribed to the show on your favorite app as well and given us a top rating right right right

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