2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

2023 NFL Draft CB Battle Joey Porter Jr. vs Devon Witherspoon Plus OBJ Signs w/ Ravens

April 10, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 111
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
2023 NFL Draft CB Battle Joey Porter Jr. vs Devon Witherspoon Plus OBJ Signs w/ Ravens
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In our second cb battle Joey Porter Jr. vs Devon Witherspoon we look at two of the best corners in the 2023 draft. Will the Giants be interested? Will they be available? We also talk about Odell Beckham Jr signing with the Baltimore Ravens.  #nygiants #giants #nfl #newyorkgiants #nfldraft

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are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob welcome fellow goofball of the two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always bye and me arrive let's get that corner attack going I don't know if we can stood with that accent now with a movie coming out and hitting so well now it might get sued by oh yeah well Larry doesn't have the action right oh that's true that's true you know what you can say you do a better job than Chris Evans no Oh wrong Chris whatever one of those Chris's Chris one of those Marvel Chris's the ones that can't do I read an article today actually that the reason he said he didn't do the accent because he didn't and he said he sounded like he sent it to Jersey I heard that listen here Chris you can never sound too Jersey okay you say something like that again we're going to teach you what the state bird is okay and we'll have a we'll have a meeting between the lines we'll have a mating pair for you too buddy okay yeah so we got a lot of big news here for you guys today so we're doing our second episode of our Battle of the the draft Corners here uh so we got Joey Porter today versus Devin Witherspoon so two of the biggest names out there uh guys to be honest we'd have to probably trade down even get a chance at here but Tony look at these players man it look it looks it looks tempting that's for sure uh but before we get to that we do got some Giants news we got a little bit of NFL news here for you guys as well so let's break into the Giants news it's time for the news

not that the Giants are said to be interested in the early extension with Andrew Thomas and I'm surprised this is considered breaking news but somehow it's considered a breaking news yeah yeah uh second team All-Pro left tackle we might want to shore him up who would have thought [Laughter] crazy talk here yeah uh you know after years of struggling with the likes of Nate Solder and all we see a good left tackle of course we're gonna keep him God damn it but yeah show me the tackle give him whatever money he wants um just take my money yes exactly uh so yeah he's he's but he's going into his fourth year he's signed for next year because they have until I think May 10th to uh pick up his fifth year option which obviously no-brainer they're gonna pick up so the big thing comes in to be is how much of a rush are they I guess we'll see I think next offseason is the time to do it personally dude has got one year left get a little bit of a cheaper deal the next year and you know coming up here and let's let's see what happens um space that's 100 what they're gonna do yeah but I mean in the end at the same point if you got a chance to shore him up and it's not going to kill the Trap sorry not to kill the cap for the rest of this off season then go for it yeah I I we talked about this with with uh uh Dexter Lawrence where I was a little unsure about and I still am because he's only had one monster a year Andrew Thomas has shown us the last couple years that yeah sign him up because the contracts for these tackles are just going yeah I mean maybe they they don't go for that fifth year option because then you could you know Kick the Can down the line a little bit if you will they're gonna pick up that fifth year option there's no doubt yeah I'm just saying you could get signing bonuses into other other things you've been picked up no matter what I'm telling you because they can just do extension they can always rip that up and toss it out and redo it but yeah that stuff is getting picked up uh in giraffe news Jordan Addison we talked about him uh last week there and when our wide receiver breakdown has been added to the list of giants top 30 visits this is his second time meeting with the Giants brass so what does that tell you they might have a little bit of interest in him

so yeah who would have thought a wide receiver might be of interest to a team that had the worst wide receivers in the NFL last year crazy this is just groundbreaking stories we'll give you guys today uh Giants offensive line coach Bobby Thompson did the o-line drills with Joe Tippmann the center out of Wisconsin during his produce as well something to keep an eye on there because let's be honest if we don't come out of this giraffe with the center someone effed up like a lot of someone stepped up hands down hands down feet down heads down everything like every single thing down um yeah so I mean it shows because I've seen some interests that they've had in him in the past with different things I've seen news-wise and seems to be legit because they got their line coach to do the Thrills with him I mean that's that says something right there so yeah alrighty folks on to the NFL news is I think the first part of the NFL news is what a lot of people are going to want to hear about because remember beating a dead horse here who doesn't like beating a dead horse not the dead horse give me that give me that back



J has officially signed on with the Baltimore Ravens guys so all you guys all your obj boys that were hoping to get him onto the Giants roster next season ain't gonna happen unless he fails the physical with the Ravens and then you really don't want him no I mean I guess that's the other possibility uh but the interesting story is going to be is yeah who's going to be the quarterback so it I think this begs to show what Rob and I have been saying for the past year the market is not there for him because he signed a 15 million dollar deal so it wasn't like that it went crazy they gave him what supposedly he wanted and the fact that he took the Ravens who have historically been a team that's had no luck with wide receivers since Lamar Jackson got there Lamar Jackson is disgruntled as all hell and that's where he goes yeah they bid against themselves they bid against themselves Point Blank because the rumor was before that he was going to go to the Jets and do a physical with them today and that physical would be a potential leeway to in going to a contract so the fact that they gave him 15 million dollars and he didn't go to the Jets today tells you something there's a chance we're going to get 15 million you won't go anywhere near 15 million that's what it means because I'm telling around he would take 12 or 13 million dollars to be on a winning team yeah I mean the Ravens are still a wooden team if Mark stays Sarah that's the thing we don't know we don't know that's that's the thing yeah I do think if he's healthy though I think his style of Assuming he's still somewhat the old obj if that makes sense somewhat um I think his style actually works pretty well Lamar Jackson because he does a lot of quick slant routes and stuff like that which you know what is Lamar love to throw the ball to tight end because they're quick routes that heads out so I mean that's what ESPN and whenever you turn on anything with football how great is Lamar Jackson obj going to be together breaking down the whole thing I noticed something about this is Mark playing with them because that is just somehow everyone forgot about that news yeah and then ESPN3 is laughing about how much the Ravens overpaid for him yeah that's what they're doing now the big thing is what's on ESPN the Ocho oh it's uh cornhole oh I was hoping so the other big a bit of uh NFL news that came out today is Dwayne Haskins of course the number one uh round pick a first round pick their quarterback at Ohio State picked up by the commanders dropped pretty quickly and picked up by the Steelers and died uh hitting being hit by a truck down here in Florida last year uh his family is now claiming his death was part of a kidnap blackmail scheme and is demanding more information from the Florida authorities and I'm telling you if you read the letter these guys gave oh my God it's like part of me goes like okay like any information they want give them the information like they're grieving and part of me goes yeah this all sounds plausible what they're saying so I mean and I mean possible like that he got was getting kidnapped I mean plausible like this is the stuff that goes down in South Florida yeah but also I mean it's plausible but also Florida has that um public records so they like everything becomes public anyway exactly that's what the whole Florida man's about there's more public records out of Florida than anywhere else but it's like they they were complaining that multiple cars didn't hit him and then this car happened to hit him um they said that let me see where to go here on the information they said the truck was going faster than the speed limit carrying excessive cargo had brake system problems and was traveling with low tread tires with separated sidewalls hello welcome to Florida yeah this is the state with no state inspection like I'm not trying to be a jerk about it here and by all means if there's even a chance that he was actually getting blackmailed kidnapped Whatever by all means look it through to make sure that's not happening yeah guys this is this is I from a guy who's lived now seven years in Florida this is Florida this is what happens in Florida and I feel in the automotive industry I see fleet vehicles every single day where I work this is Florida so unfortunately I'm thinking again without having any knowledge besides what's in the news I'm thinking they're disagreeing family that's kind of grasping at straws and I feel bad for them honestly because it's never easy to lose somebody it's even less easy to lose somebody that early in life so honorable hater-hearted thing here I'm gonna get too sad here John who by the way John you changed your whole entire thing you got your Scottish uh coat of arms here and without seeing Elvis and I almost didn't say yes he commented the day I was like is that that John he says Hey Roberto I'm Batman you're Robin oh Rob n oh you suggesting that we rob John oh no I'm just saying okay okay in I said I wouldn't be frank that's not a way to increase viewers by threatening to Rob them

alrighty so let's get into our Battle of the corners here so like I said we got today Joey Porter Jr and Devin Witherspoon who I gotta be honest here I everything I've seen is is Devin I've heard a couple people say Devon so if anybody knows if we're pronouncing it incorrectly feel free to correct us uh unless you've heard the other pronunciation as well Rob I think that's what it is okay so I've seen Devon on some things as well and I I gotta say I saw a tape in Illinois saying Devin I saw ESPN all these draft guys saying Devin uh you know I saw um uh Steve Smith talking about him and saying Devin but every so often I see a random YouTube video on somebody doing scouting reports saying Devon so I'm going Devin so uh so who do you want to go first it's Devin Devon or or Joey Ford dealer's choice for you rob who do you want yeah sure let's jump right into Joey Porter Jr oh yes go for it then yeah I mean we'll be reluctant to say that uh he comes from a pro bowl Hall yeah a big old pro bowler what's your dad name hmm Joey Porter senior oh so he's Joey Porter senior Junior oh no that's Junior's father senior wait so who's on first [Music] who's on second what's on third I don't know [Laughter] my man's from Bakersfield California he went to Penn State he's currently a junior he's 193 pounds six foot two and a half inches I gotta give him that half he's got a nice arm spread at 34 inches uh for an arm not this whole spread and his hand length is 10 inches some big hands I mean that big what he said 10 it just isn't that big I've seen bigger

I once caught a fish this big yeah it was this big right you know I actually saw a 35 inch on the arms there too as well so uh 34-35 either either way I mean the man's got some big arms I mean for especially for a guy for six foot two so I mean for perspective I'm six foot seven I got 36 37 length is what I wear on my shirts so you're only talking a couple inches shorter than me but still a couple inches shorter on the arms as well so I mean at the perspective wise they're doing pretty good yeah so yeah he's got that and the whole family as you would expect with you know Joey Porter Jr being the dad there his whole family's into football so even Jacob the younger brother of Joey uh just committed to Temple as a linebacker as well I was reading so he did that uh just just actually with this month actually so within the last couple of days so you know it's nice to see everybody kind of going down the line and I gotta say part of me is rooting for him because of his dad yeah I was a fan of his dad's work his his dad was a guy that came out of nowhere busted his hump and became a star in the league at one of the premiere uh franchises in the NFL was a hero in the in the Super Bowl on the biggest stage you can play on in this sport I mean again an admirable career the man had obviously not a Hall of Famer but he's in the Hall of very good yeah I mean he said disputed like he he was a top dog is being a top dog John says Roberto if I'm Batman and you're Rob in who is Drew listen I think it's clear I'm not Batgirl wow I'm Clayface who am I really want to be it's 2023.

oh man so what I like about Joey is he fits our system very well this guy is a press man cover Corner uh I've seen him do some Zone coverage in college and don't get me wrong I think he can do it if it's part of the defense I don't think he's going to be nearly as good if you're putting him in a primarily zone defense no I'm expecting him to do that on a regular basis um I mean he's physical in the rats he uses those arms very well um he matches up great against Titans which killed us oh yeah I took his tight ends he gets those tight ends

he's got a lot of he's got a lot of going for him uh but like you said he uh he's got a noticeable uh delay uh with changing routes in some press but you know what I realized his issue was when you're talking about the changing the routes and stuff and press with him where he had his trouble specifically was it was almost like his motion coming out of the back pedal wasn't quite as smooth like if you got him right as he was turning to get out of the back pedal to turn and go run with the receiver and you made that hook route or that that in route all of a sudden right there that's when you had him so it's something that I like about that is that that's something I think you can coach out of him I think that's something he can learn where I hate saying that though is let's be honest here we know hear a lot about nepotism and nepo babies and stuff like that and Hollywood and stuff like that let's be honest this kid's an evil baby his dad was Joey Porter he's named after his dad he had every single possible reference to learn football his entire life that half these guys if not three quarters these guys coming into this draft wish they had access to yeah so how much of it can we say is coaching and how much can we say is possible limitations to his abilities I mean there's only one way to find out there is go to the NFL let's draft him and find out okay but I'm just saying like that has to be part of the thought process because you look at some of these guys and we'll get into like Witherspoon short surely who's hasn't had a lot of years playing the game and you can say a guy like that say Okay has he hit his ceiling yet what can we fix this we're seeing at that point but a guy like this has been fine-tuned as an athlete his whole life came from you know basically working around NFL franchises during his childhood because I'm sure his dad was bringing him into work and doing stuff I'm not saying every single day he does don't get me wrong yeah what's like bring your kid to work every day at the Steelers camp and stuff like that but he still had access to players coaches information and stuff that none of these guys else pretty much in this draft had access to so what point can you say he's probably topped out

I mean there's he's still young so there's still a lot that he could work on yeah he's Whipper Snappers he says I don't know how to backstab can you see him get off my lawn yeah another thing too about him I noticed that he tints at times like he uses his reach in his arms very well but sometimes he gets a little grabby oh he does especially the tight ends oh he grabs but that also could turn into you know some passive friends calls oh yeah no and I think that's going to be part of his game that you're never going to get rid of because if you take away his aggressiveness with the contested balls which is where he's had a lot of those issues you're taking away part of who he is the player and partly another special because something I would bring up yeah oh no I'm with you 100 it was on my list to bring up as well because we talked about the guys on the last episode there it you know in cam Smith and Christian Gonzalez who were more of the you know the diving at the player as opposed to wrapping up and tackling not as aggressive this guy is aggressive as all hell like there's if anything he's almost too aggressive and he's not afraid to tackle he will wrap up he will help in the Run game all those things that you worry about on some you know Primadonna Corners that's not an issue with him um John says are you saying Joker or Joker however is Tony says that contested balls that's what she said listen I am not a rapper I think I think that's pretty safe to say okay um yeah I'm just not gonna I'm not gonna attempt to rap if you don't want to see it it's not pretty uh there'll be just no doubt to my lack of rhyme when you hear it I'm just saying so yeah no

not joke but he writes Pochi like an angel I do roses are red violets are blue social Giants uniform with a little bit of white some red

but yeah I mean like I said very physical um press man long arms all the stuff you want as far as that he's got good size to him six two 194. there's a lot to like about him overall yeah but I gotta say I actually liked him less than I thought I would watching him in a deep dive because this is my first deep dive with him I've always heard like a lot of they're the college season that this was the guy this was the camp Miss Prospect this was the guy who's you know amazing press coverage he's a perfect fit for the Giants and don't get me wrong he's a good fit for the Giants but I don't think he's worthy of trading up for like there's guys that I can have him into categories like if they fail to 25 sure let's take the shot of them he falls into that category if you're telling me I gotta trade down to like 15 to get get this guy I don't want him I don't think he's that good yeah maybe not at 15 but I mean he won the most valuable defensive player um in 2022 so like he's yeah listen and Charlie Charlie and Charlie Ward won the Heisman will play for the Knicks what's your point

that's one thing I think it's a shame that it works this way don't get me wrong but the best player in college isn't always the best player in the NFL you know we're talking you know last week about Jordan Addison we brought up earlier as well that he was not this year but the prior year was the recipient of best receiver and yet he's probably not going to be the first receiver taking off the board he's probably for guessing had to be probably the third receiver taking off the board third and fourth depending yeah so you know unfortunately that doesn't always translate but I I think this is a guy who has the proper work ethic I think he has the right aggression because I like the aggression actually I really do like I saw the emotion on him when he did good or bad that's we talked about that you know last episode on Friday that's one of these I like in a corner I want to see aggression I want to see you care I want to see an attitude like some of the star receivers have because you need that you know I was thinking about this the other day we talked we always talk about the selfishness of some of the star receivers and what a tributes to that and I thought about that over the weekend actually and they're on an island like yes they need a receiver I said they need a quarterback to throw the ball to them but they're on an island it's them versus the defense to get open it's them versus the defense to do what they got to do the quarterback just has to throw them in the damn bowl and the line that has to block long enough to get the ball out of his hands that's it it is like a one-on-one battle this is the same thing I'll say fair to say 101 because then you're so fighting against the corner you're fighting its safeties it depends on the system like in this kind of system like Joey Porter does he's locked on an island with this guy it's him yeah and that's what I'm saying though is I like having a little bit of attitude from these guys like that because it is a them thing it is a island thing and you need that at the top corner and again folks we gotta remember we haven't heard a peep out of the Giants about doing an extension with the Dory Jackson not a peep the writing is on the wall folks listen to me when I tell you this if we don't talk about an extension this off season he's as good as going next year that's what that's telling you he's as good as gone and we need someone to replace him along with having a second corner I still think and I've said this all along I want two corners out of this draft it's a deep press uh you know Corner kind of draft and I think we need to get one in the first two rounds yeah I agree the guy if he drops the 25 somehow by some miracle is a good fit for us yeah you wanna like you want a a great one coming in just play Yo your second um your cornerback two because you still have Dory Jackson you coach up the one you take probably what fourth fifths round and rotating right in and this is a guy that could be you know I'll even say third fourth round I would be okay with doing it that quick to go back to The Well of Corners because it's just such a rich Corner draft I'm that okay with that as long as we get a center yes we need the center I know everybody's gonna say I knew everyone's gonna sit there and tell me oh we need a receiver as well we can get a third or fourth round receiver we talked about that last episode there we can get a third or fourth run receiver that can give us something I'm not as worried about that um we also got one they'll come back we got water to be our number one like we got we got some we got some stuff moving out here yeah we hope we got wandell Shep all these guys coming back from injury uh but yeah I mean like I said it's uh he's he's a good player I'm just not sure he's worthy of all the hype he's getting I think he's a little overhyped well I mean it's like his dad knows some people or something yeah exactly I mean they're talking about him like he is a you know a top 10 pick in the draft I think he's a lat a late round late first round pick in other words anywhere after 16 is where he should be going at that point the second half of the first round that's what that's my own opinion yeah I mean if he goes to 15 I wouldn't be upset either for him but we got 15 to 16. you didn't jump that much I mean

draft let's go on to Devin Witherspoon Witherspoon or Devon I'd actually I don't know where these guys came from called him Devon I'm like am I pronouncing this wrong if I haven't pronouncing this wrong the whole time um so yeah six foot tall 180 pounds there's the first king of the armor right there on him 180 pounds like I get out of the shower my towel weighs as much as him it's bad it's bad also I need to dry off a little before I use a towel apparently apparently positive starts drying off when the shower's still running oh yeah damn it I thought you're supposed to like create a layer of towels around you then shoot the water off yeah um you're saying well I'm not gonna dry you know and we keep on we talked about Joey Porter 15 pounds later I think if he gains a couple of pounds and it doesn't hurt a speed then we're good but I don't want to hurt his speed because he's a speedy guy the guy runs a fourth floor I mean it's like he he runs the speed you need and you don't want to put it where you put a couple of pounds in them all of a sudden he slows down so what I really liked about this guy more anything else is Devin is a Swiss Army knife if you need a guy for the inside you the guy for the outside you use a Zone cover scheme you use a man cover scheme he does it all there is not a single defense this man cannot play and it's crazy because he hasn't even been playing football that long

I mean like he said his junior he started playing ball yeah so Rob and I were talking before we started recording here his Junior years when he went to go play football in high school was junior year yeah he's lucky to have gotten a shot to go to college because he started so late I mean junior year a lot of these scholarships are already handed out at that point pretty much yeah he flew right under the radar for a lot of these scouts because like they look for guys that start in a Peewee program work their way up to go to the NFL and go from there the internet person to pick up the game and learn it within two years and be able to go to college and be a defensive player of a year yep was only playing two years in high school if you did you uh go ahead and see how many Scouts were on the set of the movie The Little Giants I mean that's how bad it is for these guys here okay radtat going in the first round red Ted yeah I mean it's Pensacola John says I like your goofball ideas of two CBS but I really want a great wide receiver here we go whether it's my boy Mingo LOL or not if they can't find then somehow get us a great defensive end uh John I'll say two corners one Center and then an offensive weapon I want out of this draft now when I say offensive weapon it could be a receiver it could be a running back it could be even a tight end somebody's just going to contribute because let's be honest if we get the wide receiver the two corners outside the center of the two corners there's your three picks right there so now you're on to day three if if you get those back to back to back you can't expect a day three guy to still go in there and be a star there's not many Satan's out there no so well except it all depends on what's available because in the end you do BPA but that's the goal if if it's me if it's picking which obviously it's not Joe Shane's making the calls luckily I have it I'm in speed dial so I'll be calling him we'll be pausing the problem yeah exactly he's been watching the podcast who will be live Friday uh Thursday and Friday night there with the first three rounds for you guys so I'm sure he'll be watching to hear what we think at that point because that's gonna be the starting Factor

uh yeah that'd be spectacular if that actually was true so you know one of the things I wanted to look at when I looked at this because I'm watching the tape and I'm seeing how much of a Swiss army guy he is and I wanted to see what was Illinois doing primarily in college what is he used to so Illinois is running 70 man coverage by the number 70 percent yeah so yeah guys this guy will fit in our defense hey Drew I know we talked about this offline but you call how many uh completions uh a police rate that he allowed last year uh I I know it was in the 30s I don't remember the exact number off top of my head 34.9 completion so pretty much pretty damn search of the balls thrown that way through knocking the receiver's hands pretty damn good yeah and another guy who's not afraid to tackle another guy who does it very well helps out in the Run game it's very aggressive has a good length here's the interesting part it's almost like him and Joey Porter it's like it's almost like someone planned on having these two on the same episode for a reason same as we had the same issues with you know uh with Cam Smith and Christian Gonzalez because he also has the issue of he's too aggressive at times and he gets penalties on contested catches and again because of the way he plays I don't even want to change it I wanted to steal he had five pass interference calls on him this year in Illinois did you hear Illinois complaining nope I didn't hear him complaining because for every though every one of those five penalties he had four or five different plays that mattered more as an interception of play breakup this this man is like 14 last year yeah it's like a dog when you throw a tennis ball like he just like sees that ball and just goes running right for that thing it's it's crazy how aggressive he gets and he has that determination to not let the receiver get the ball he's got really good proven eyes and coverage yeah he approach those tight ends he just proves those tight ends boom eyes on the prize

um but yeah like I said I as much as I was disappointed with Joey Porter Jr's tape I was elated with Devin Witherspoon Stave absolutely with it you know my biggest downfall with him is he's going to be a top 10 pick that's not a down my mind he's gonna be a top 10 pick if we want even a chance to get this guy we need him easier to put on a gas mask real quick and go onto social media uh you know pull Laramie Tunstall real quick right before the Draft starts or he needs to you know be questioned by the police and the murderer somebody right before the Draft starts um you know that kind of thing or we're gonna have to trade down to get him if we want him that bad and if we're willing to give up what it takes to get it get him he's that good I'm telling you right now he's not Sauced Gardener good don't get me wrong in there but he's the closest you got in this draft and I think he's that good that it's not him close

uh yeah I kind of back into the corner here you're like I don't disagree with much with that I mean I was that impressed like I I haven't been I'll say we talked about this before the show started as well I'll give it away he's my winner right now in the battle I'm just saying it right now because it's pretty obvious the way I'm talking anyway he is to me taking out the quarterbacks because quarterbacks engaged differently in a draft in pretty much every other player in the draft to me he is the best player the most Pro ready player in this entire draft that's how much I like him yeah I mean we we talked all about the hives like how great he's gonna be I mean some things like his top end speed like is it going to be a problem in the NFL like he's not the fastest uh well it's Time Force fast enough yeah but if you know if he misses the play and you know you got waddle or Tyree kill run that Affiliates he's gonna be able to catch him if you missed a play with waddle or Tyree kill no matter what you're done some guys could catch him I always catch no one's catching the cheetah yeah we're the penguin even that sounds weird to say that penguin's so fast yes

I'm not even mad at that I love it I I know I really I really love it when he does that in the end zone I almost wanted to score touchdowns more often just to see it more often it's entertaining it really is but I mean like I said this is the guy who came out of nowhere he's only played five years football in his entire life and he's already this good so I don't think the ceiling's been met yet no because he hasn't had the coaching time to get where he can get now he had a look of being coached by Levy Smith in college who obviously before he went to the Houston Texans um for another one and done session as a head coach here uh you know he was a former NFL defensive coordinator a very respected coach of the NFL circles for his defensive knowledge so he got a good start there as far as his coaching there but you have to imagine that he has still room to grow with some things because of the limited time he's had and the fact that he picked it up this damn quick is freaking impressive as all hell yeah no I mean hands down he's the dog's even excited about this I mean seriously Adonis is like enemies like trade make the trade make the trade brief Craig Beefcake yeah but uh yeah like I said to me if we have a chance on draft night to get this guy first off if we have to get if we have a chance to get him at 25 then something happened like he broke his leg walking to the uh Podium when he was originally getting picked and they changed their mind or like you know like you know he he uh got into a car accident the night before something crazy has to happen for him not to be there at 25. but if we had a chance to trade down and they're not asking for the world which let's be very Frank they're probably going to I mean but if we find somebody who's not you know somebody at seven eight around that kind of ballpark there and they say okay screw it all the quarterbacks are calling let's get some more picks let's go for it I like him that much this is such an important position for wings defense it's not even funny the one thing I would say in that is I want to give up a draft pick with one draft pick this year one next year kind of scenario like I don't want to give out you know two or three picks this year we still have a lot of holes to fill but damn that's a good plug of a hole film pulse oh yeah yeah that's what she said hello uh

uh but yeah like I said I I can't say enough good things about them I really can't and you know again the only issue is like I said the is the occasional penalties on him and the only other issue that I'll give that we haven't talked about is he's very smart which seems like okay that seems a good thing right like he's very football high football IQ kind of guy guy Reese plays knows what's going on sometimes he's not as smart as he thinks he is and I've seen that where like all of a sudden a double pump fake apt or something like that and he thinks he knows what's gonna happen and he jumps the route that he thinks is gonna happen and instead a different route happened yeah he commits yeah that's the only other knock that I'll give him besides being too aggressive which is something I already said I like actually but yeah I mean like I said sign me up we probably have no shot in hell but sign me up yeah probably not probably no I mean the other thing too is he's he gets handsy off the you know off the line but and then I thought hey you're allowed to get hands in the first five so yeah as long as he stops past five we're good yeah or at least learns how to hide it well because let's be honest they all do it yeah how many times you see a pass interference penalty they're like oh that's ridiculous he barely touched them they get away with that all the time like there's like a set amount of touching you're still allowed to get away with you know it's almost like when you go to the strip club and no one's looking and they say okay just just don't do it'll be on this and yeah you can put the data here [Laughter] just leave the tongue in the mouth though

[Laughter] but yeah I mean like I said I I I can't say enough talk me off the ledge here you got any bad for me on this guy Rob because talk me off the ledge here because I mean we talked about that I'm willing to give up the farm with this kid I like him that much like yeah like we said he can get faked out you do a pump fake yes misdirection way to change he'll commit to his uh route he doesn't reroute as well as some other people and John says I used double pump fake with this girl last night couldn't hold out LOL uh he was awesome asking Rob earlier who you got with your first three picks I said I'd love to get a uh a center in two corners to start the draft I mean it all depends on who's available so yeah I assuming all your options are there and you have your your your preference as far as positions it also depends on what's coming around like I'm a big fan of Zay flowers mm-hmm so I would like to see that corner and Center I mean I'm okay dropping Center to the fourth round day three possibly it's been depending on who's around depends on who's that draft who's drafted for what but I I would like you know receive recorder and uh a center apparently the dog reads with it again Thomas's I guess yeah it's the one idea

all righty so I already kind of gave my answer already here that I I got uh you know the obvious answer of uh you know going with uh Devin Witherspoon here over Joey Porter Jr who you got are you in the same boat are you going different than me we have to have a tie breaker again like last time I mean I'm a big fan of Devon [Laughter] no like I've been the same photos you actually I I had a lot of hopes it is did you purchase the drink package you have to okay how else are you gonna do it well you have to you have to drink like 30 beers to make this drink package make worthwhile let's go no no lie so like we just booked a cruise last night actually to go to the Bahamas next month and it went 85 a day for the drink package 85 a day like I'm Sorry by day three my livers failed like I don't know what they're thinking is going on here for 85 a day and it's required for both of us to get the package so he's paying 160 a day in just alcohol 170 yeah that's the math plus 18 gratuity hmm yeah yeah my liver's gonna have to die if I get this package anyway go ahead so I I had a lot of Hope for Porter Junior

um he's definitely the safer pick of these two guys I I think I don't think the ceiling is quite as high and the floor isn't low at all with uh Porter Jr that being said devil wear the spoon is my pick I think he's still new to the game he's super talented super athletic he's like the shotgun blast pick like if it's a bus he's he's down that floor is going to sink in Six Feet Under but if he is who he's showing who he is he's going to be the top of the Empire State of Illinois like no we don't we don't talk about the Empire State Building here anymore remember they loaded up green for the eagles they can pass off now they can piss off now here's Tower

yep yeah we'll take the Sears Tower so let's go with let's go with um uh let's see let's go with the Chrysler Building I'm okay with across the building we go across the building yeah we'll go to the Chrysler Building I like that one there that works thank you but yeah like I said I don't I don't see a fall at all and I can't help but I can't help this I like this guy a lot and like I said get excited you bet the possibility even though I know it's a possibilities like less than five percent um under wink will be Finn oh my God it'll be a match made in heaven John says I think cow puke's gonna get him and I think that was in reference to when you said um about see flowers I've heard some rumors about them and see flowers because they need a second Corner a second receiver uh to go along with CD lamb um that would just Crush you I know it would it would he also says I'd go get Joey Porter Jr he's got the pedigree other guy probably going first so what he's got a bag of dog food now we're supposed to automatically just give this guy a first round pick like seriously like Henry's like the Burger King of dog food what would you bring that up for Yes seriously it's got like meat byproducts and all kinds of like dead horses from like films races yes on Zay to cow pukes yeah listen I that's the problem you always run into is you don't get a player you really want and then all of a sudden they end up on a team you face twice a year you know I don't know what that's like at all right Eagles yeah

don't break my heart

um but yeah it's like I said to me it's like I said it's a slam dunk all day long Devin Witherspoon is is like I said again to me the best non-quarter back in the draft the top guy I would draft overall like if we had the number one pick in the draft that's who I'm taking that's how much I like him speaking with Danny Dives that's how much no no it's not that he's not paying Danny dimes too much money to get into the quarterback it's not a matter of liking him it's a matter of liking money like we're already paying him 40 million dollars but we've made our bed we have to lie in it now that's what it boils down to just hopefully it's a California king we'll find out

alrighty so yeah next episode we do for you guys we're gonna do the full breakdown of the top 20 Corners that are in these this upcoming draft here so they'll give you a full encompassing you know and we're going to go over to the top 20 whether they're press cover guys or not because keep in mind just because they didn't play press cover in college doesn't mean they can't play press cover in the pros it's sometimes about the system you run and the system you can you know get into later on sometimes it's a little different so we'll see how that all works out um from there we're going to start just breaking down position by position honestly I thought about doing more of like a you know a battle like I've been doing these last two episodes we did with the receivers as well we're getting to crunch time guys we're getting the crunch time we're gonna have to start doing this basic position by position for you guys and to start doing episodes with the top 20 of all the different players of that particular position there because we still have other things we want to do we want to do defensive one we want to do Edge we want to do uh quarterback since we're probably going to pick up a quarterback lead the draft as well we're going to want to talk about running backs because we need a backup and potential error apparent to saquon Barkley as well in this draft potentially here too so there's going to be a whole bunch of different guys we're to talk about if you listen to the last episode we did on the wide receiver so we did it last Wednesday you'll see there's a whole bunch of you know different players that we went over and uh you know I'm going to say this real quick I don't usually pull up this kind of stuff guys

Dakota Hammons says Giants suck let me tell you this guy has been on our page multiple times talking trash and you know what dude I'm just glad we're giving your your head rent free so bye bye bye bye Dakota must suck being an Eagles fan because you got one ring guys one ring one


so get the problem not being able to get get in it yeah

no I don't I just like messing around with the Eagles fans it's all good it's all it's all it's all it's all good there um you know NFC East in general though guys if you really think about how lucky are we to play in that division seriously how lucky are we to play in that division seriously when you got we had the more rings than any other division by far and the Eagles as much as I like to talk trash about the Eagles and we all do we're Giants fans of how we deal they talk trash about us we talk trash about them um the interesting thing that I like though is that even the Eagles as much as we joking about the One Ring they got a good history it's not they haven't been to Super Bowls it's not they haven't had good players they just haven't won the Rings that's why we joke around about it and stuff like that but dude all seriousness there's not a single team in this division that you go this team sucks this is the Browns this is the Lions

Washington for a while but they're coming back around no I mean they still got three rings yeah they do that the hog stays in the 80s and 90s so yeah seriously it's it's it's crazy guys it really is how good this division is and that's why we're part about these players because we need some more players let's be honest to catch up to where and I hate to say it we got to catch up to where the Eagles and the and the Cowboys are they're ahead of us still right now if you guys think that we passed them whatsoever

yeah no we talked about this already the Eagles red shirted basically a bunch of rookies and they got two first-round picks they will replace the guys they've lost I'm not even thinking otherwise in that in a heartbeat um and then on top of that you got the Cowboys who just again Dak Prescott probably not gonna be as bad as he was last year let's be honest as much as I'd love to say and I love joking around about Cowboy fans man we let the league interceptions when he missed five games they're probably not going to have that kind of Dack again Tony Pollard is better than Zeke so losing Zeke is not a big deal you know they got a couple of good players so yeah I mean especially didn't say it's gonna be it's it's gonna be interesting year this guy got is this year guys so keep it keep in mind that some of these players we're gonna talk about as we just talked about a minute ago that's about you know the Cowboys potentially getting Z flowers some of these guys we love as prospects are going to be playing opposite teams how bad is that yes zero how bad is that oh as Dakota says love listen to you fools that's what I'm saying man like listen we can hate we can have teams we hate each other and stuff like that they could still be all fun and games man that's what I love about that what do people stop having fun just mess with each other not taking it serious just go with it seriously Giggles I feel like I feel like we lost that somehow somehow in society as a whole at that point like just joking around and Bs and especially if our teams from like Philadelphia and New York like if we're not the [ __ ] talking capitals of the world I don't know what it is seriously as John talks a little Trash Pack as well Carl says okay I must admit that I rather take Witherspoon over PJ um yeah listen I would take what I would take away the spoon over anybody I would take it I would take that all you know as Dakota says we're all Americans baby [Laughter] so guys uh again next episode we'll do our top 20 breakdown of all the cornerbacks in the draft year coming up uh after that like I said we'll start breaking down into your offense the line will be next we'll kind of go through and figure out a plan from there going forward um so we got Wednesday will be all top 20 Corners Friday top 20 interior offensive lineman and then we'll start sitting there for schedule for next week guys but we will keep on going every Monday every Wednesday every Friday 9 00 p.m Eastern Standard Time um and then of course like I said we'll on the draft the first two nights both Thursday and Friday we're going to be live throughout both the the the the first night where they do the first round the second night with the second and third round here uh from very start to very finish and then on top of that we'll be shooting episodes for the podcast version for the condensed version our thoughts and whoever we pick as well so uh yeah we'll be on pretty much all night all it's like minus when I'm getting any sleep basically at that point that whole weekend here so uh so you get your beers let's go yeah okay you know like everyone watching The Drew Carey Show me the cappuccino maybe that's what we need the cappuccino beer like we're talking about getting for the the first game seriously we need that apparently they do make it um like I said guys always uh go ahead and hit the like hit the Subscribe that's so we can find out whenever we do shoot though to give us a heads give you a heads up in case you're like us to lose track of time and go oh my God it's nine o'clock I'm missing the goofballs that's when you go on uh hit that Bell on YouTube that's the easiest way to find out because then your phone actually gets notification every single time uh

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