2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

NFL Draft WR Rankings 2023 - Top 20 WRs in this Year's Draft

April 05, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 109
NFL Draft WR Rankings 2023 - Top 20 WRs in this Year's Draft
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
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2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
NFL Draft WR Rankings 2023 - Top 20 WRs in this Year's Draft
Apr 05, 2023 Episode 109
Drew & Rob

Drew and Rob reveal their their NFL Draft WR Rankings 2023. We already gave a run down on the four biggest prospects in Zay Flowers, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Jordan Addison, & Quinten Johnston. Now we rank all the other big wr prospects in the 2023 NFL draft including  Josh Downs, Jalin Hyatt, Marvin Mims Jr, Cedric Tillman, Xavier Hutchinson, Jayden Reed, Rashee Rice, Kayshon Boutte, Tyler Scott, Ronnie Bell, Nathaniel Dell, Rakim Jarrett, Puka Nacua, Andrei Iosivas, and Jonathan Mingo. Who will the New York Giants draft? #nygiants #giants #nfl #newyorkgiants #nyg #giantspride #football #nfldraft

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Drew and Rob reveal their their NFL Draft WR Rankings 2023. We already gave a run down on the four biggest prospects in Zay Flowers, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Jordan Addison, & Quinten Johnston. Now we rank all the other big wr prospects in the 2023 NFL draft including  Josh Downs, Jalin Hyatt, Marvin Mims Jr, Cedric Tillman, Xavier Hutchinson, Jayden Reed, Rashee Rice, Kayshon Boutte, Tyler Scott, Ronnie Bell, Nathaniel Dell, Rakim Jarrett, Puka Nacua, Andrei Iosivas, and Jonathan Mingo. Who will the New York Giants draft? #nygiants #giants #nfl #newyorkgiants #nyg #giantspride #football #nfldraft

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are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax tip you that person driving he's on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob welcome fell goofballs 2 giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always bye a me a Rob let's talk about these great wide receivers oh we got a whole bunch of wide receivers they are so wide and they are so receiving oh wow that didn't come out right they're gonna go deep and wide oh yeah catch the ball so deep and why Okay so we've been going over a lot of the first round talent for you guys here in the wide receivers the last couple of episodes there and let's be honest it's not a block that we take a wide receiver in the first round but I think it's a pretty big lock we're going to take a wide receiver in this draft overall so we're gonna go over with you guys here the top 20 wide receivers with 20. we got a lot of info a lot of stuff for you guys here we didn't use chat gbt or anything too we did this

that's like the new thing that everybody's using this chat this is what chat chibi decent and it's funny I'm telling you this guys right now if anybody sees a video doing any sports content whatsoever using that run because I actually looked it up and it says that they only or it's only loaded with information up to 2021. so do not get your draft advice from chat yeah it would not be a good movie no yes I think jamarchy Jamal Chase is going to be the best one ever possible I think it's the one you should go for look at that wide receiver Jamarcus number one

alrighty guys so uh I don't know John's in the chat here but he's been asking for weeks for us to go ahead and and go ahead and talk about uh you know Mingo Mingo Mingo Mingo Mingo Bingo Mingo Mania so if he's not in yet and he asked me whatever to tell him we already talked about him and he missed it

as Deb shines in with do you think there's anything to the digs rumors Deb there's nothing to it whatsoever he's not coming they were just playing with each other yeah we can't afford them if any Wanda came here so we ain't getting them also Buffalo's gonna have a 45 million dead calf yeah they get rid of him yeah yeah unfortunately a lot of people run with these rumors when they hear it and they don't want to give you the honest answer because let's be honest it's a much better show to go oh can we get him how can we do it what do we give up for him well we have to pay him I suppose saying we can't do it yeah we can't do it did do it so this place has plenty of channels out there do everything for the likes and the views and all that to kind of claim there's a way there's no way we won't be those people yeah but we do have some actual NFL news to go ahead and give you guys here so let's go ahead and start off with it's time it's time for the news

that's chat CPT trying to get back at us for talking bad about it I'll show you my AI intelligence you should not miss it my Mainframe hmm yeah

as Connor says I'm gonna tell John S Jr Thomas Anderson Junior don't tell him Connor don't tell them don't ruin the joke [Music] [Laughter] Isaiah Hodgins in Paris Kim we talked about how they were working out together in Arizona and Hodgins was actually recruiting Campbell over there in Arizona before he signed they said they'd love to have Daniel Jones come in and practice with them as well well guess what Daniel Jones came and he brought a lot of backup they like swarmed the place with giants in Arizona so not only did Daniel Jones came but so did Tyro Taylor so did saquon for those that are worried about saquan and how happy he is on the tag saquan came that means something I don't care anybody says that means something and he came with DJ the guy that messed up his contract yeah um Chef came which is good to see Shep actually be able to practice Lawrence cager showed up David Sills Colin Johnson and Makai Polk who remember guys last last year we got a very end of the year undrafted rookie forage and split time with us and the Ravens he's on one of those reserved future deals but I like that a guy like that showed up the one that does consider me is where's Daryl Waller


was he not invited Connor says they all came LOL umbrellas everybody it's not that kind of it's Arizona [Laughter] I know but no one gets that excited to go to Arizona is what I'm getting again

that's Nevada where that happens that's Jimmy G yeah but like I said I'll take you to the ranch I like that they're practicing together like they're getting together they're doing this on their own obviously coaches team can't be involved because of the uh Players Association rolls for the off-season so you know Kudos everybody that did show up and they um bad luck people that didn't show up looking at you Darren while looking at you Daniel Bellinger where are you guys where is our tight ends where's your tight ends they're in the rear oh they're in the rear all right uh let's see here as uh my dad times in with if you were fighting for a spot in the roster you would show up too yeah that's true I I I get it but I still like the fact that a guy who probably isn't gonna make them roster even showed up I mean I still like that we all know Barkley's gonna play he showed up same with DJ yeah I'm more shocked that saquan was here than anything else I'm glad to see that a guy that people were worried about him sitting out potentially this off season is there practicing with his teammates and obviously when mini camps and all come around he might have a totally different tune because those are actual Giants practices not just players we're talking about practice here we're talking about practice she's doing practice but still I like seeing that I like it I don't know just call me call me crazy I like when when the guys all get together like it's it is but it's also like an upper hand especially when you got guys like Paris Campbell coming in who may not be as familiar with this type of offense and this is the system the lingo all that kind of stuff everybody else has been there now the second year they can teach them this stuff as they go uh as Connor says will saquon fake an injury because he didn't get paid I I listen I don't think saquan will I don't always be very Frank if saquon gets injured it's because he actually got injured that's more likely to happen he does get injured quite often that's not to hope that upon him I want him healthy I want him strong and I want them going going for I guess all year long going for uh you know another thousand yard push uh if not a 2 000 complete you know with with the receiving yards like he did his rookie here but like I said he's a guy who tends to get hurt it's it is what it is the contract that's that's him getting butt hurt this is him actually getting hurt yeah I mean two out of three uh five years that he played for the Giants he was injured and then he looked like his fourth year like he came back from an injury and played like he was back back in the New York Groove yeah as Ben Champs here but Brian dabel has definitely set the tone and changed the culture of this franchise so far you know what it is I'm gonna say it this way it's not that he changed the culture he brought back the culture because this was a team that has a very big you know history and a very big source of Pride um and unfortunately this is the last 10 years this was hasn't been there um so good to see it back again so we do got also for you guys here a little bit of tidbits here on some NFL news before we get into the uh the wide receivers here


here with Ron Burgundy Stay classy San Diego So speaking of staying classy the Cardinals have been accused of cheating cheaters never Prosper which makes sense if you look at the Cardinals record um so former executive Terry McDonough uh claims to have a burner phone that the team gave him to contact GM Steve kind when he was actually throwing a five-week suspension after a DUI this is going back like like to like the prior regime with Steve Wilkes that year he was there as a head coach that's how far back the story is uh Cardinals obviously denied the charges I'm going to call WTF on the fact that the guy waited till he was gone from the Cardinals to say something like I said it's been years since this happened guys yeah it's uh this and I guarantee this happens pretty much every single time somebody is you know on suspension pretty much every time yeah so yeah uh I I would say it's probably a non-story but except for the fact that if the NFL will show improved they're gonna have to go ahead and find the Cardinals a draft pick or something so setting to keep an eye on there um also the Raiders added former Patriot Danny Amendola to their staff in their quest to become the new New England the new New England that's what New England made a new New England New England West that's another anybody who's involved with the Patriots is basically getting onto the Raiders that's the way it is um also we have potentially the end of an actual Legacy here John Elway's contract ended with the Broncos and he is walking away from the franchise entirely not in a bad way that sounds bad saying he's walking away yeah he's about to say he's in his 60s he wants to go out and enjoy his life so you know what go for him man I mean that guy he he got them two rings as a quarterback he got him another ring as an executive so all three rings they have are Elway how many Super Bowls do you get him to as well on top of that they lost I mean the guy was yeah the best Bronco ever and you know when he wants to end it he wants to end it that's all there is to it so we still said to be around for occasional advice and stuff like that yeah let him ride out as Bronco exactly so we got a couple more comments here Connor says I honestly thought saquon was going to be a 2 000 yard rusher still hasn't well his rookie year keep in mind he did the 2000 yard season with between rushes and receiving yards I don't think it'll ever be a 2 000 yard rusher to be very Frank with you I don't think you'll really see that in the NFL very often at all it's just not the game anymore you don't run enough to do that um look these multiple backs too yeah well the Giants don't if you need to yeah they need to we talked about that before they need to get somebody else they trust uh it's been trying to say with New Vegas raid trots Retreats I'm not sure how to pronounce that but we're trying to create Triads yeah reach routes it sounds like a weird version of tater tots yeah can you hear from him um you know what they have here okay so this is a little Florida thing I'll give you guys it's Gator it's nope we have Gators yes but we also have so everything as I'm wearing a Canada shirt today actually there's a lot of Canadian people here in in uh Florida what's that in Canada there's a lot of candy people here in Florida in Canada they have it they have fried cheese curds they do um oh my God is it so good and there's this place right next to where I work that they sell those they also sell tater tots so I've been trying to convince them to make a new product that's half a bowl of tater tots half a bowl of fried cheese curds because that'd be freaking spectacular and you know what I may just do I may just go ahead and buy one of each and just pop them together myself to prove my point walk it in here you go there you go uh as Chris comes in and we don't have the o-line also yes we we don't have an online still we got to figure out the whole interior offensive line that's that's gonna be I I think a last minute adjustment to be honest I think they're going to get either draft guys or somebody off the streets it gets cut after the draft um Conor says guys cheat it's the loud LOL actually more women cheat nowadays let's get back to being men and cheat just be smarter about wait what's Connor I feel like I feel like we're opening up we're I feel like we're opening up like into your soul and into your real life here Connor I'm not sure what happened there uh so Connor Wallace feels bad if if Mrs Wallace is listening he feels bad about whatever he did it's okay he loves you I hope you feel better Conor I think you got that off your chest [Laughter] alrighty so guys like I said we're gonna go into the top 20 wide receivers in this giraffe for you guys now you may say who decided to the top 20. well we did God damn it yeah exactly if you disagree on the rankings there's this lovely little box under your video that you're watching or to the right of it but anybody where you're watching and how you're watching that you can tell us that you disagree I want to hear it if you guys disagree I want to hear you guys thoughts as well I want this to be something that that's you know decided to get it here for you know to a certain degree to a certain degree 27 degree okay so we start off with number 20. and Rob would you like to take this one first or should I go first oh you can push his name first I I had a feeling you're gonna say that specifically because of the name I thought that specifically because of the name uh let's see so we got Andre ozigo sivash uh uh Princeton see I got it there we go six three two hundred pounds uh we talked about this guy before actually in our latest mock draft we did uh a lot of the guys in the chat seem to like him so we actually picked him purely based on that you guys you guys got us into them um so we went ahead and looked at him and so six three I said 200 pounds and all All-American track star so the guy's fast yeah but what he's not is Shifty when you watch tape on him he depends purely on speed and nothing as far as the moves he ran a very limited route tree that's not to say he can't develop only later on but it's a very limited route tree overall and he played obviously against very weak opponents because he played it Princeton not exactly known for you know it's All-Star you know football players and all here uh so he'll need time to develop if anybody gets him there any time to teach him a route tree teach him better route running overall uh I got him at like a fourth and fifth round kind of guy though but I think he's yeah he's a decent late round guy if you can let him sit for a year or two and learn the game better and see how well he takes the coaching yeah because he obviously was the keys and track star that like that's that is um you can't so he has the talent to he has a skill set that he could learn for the NFL because like he's a body catcher like he doesn't have like a wide Zone he kind of gets lost when you go downfield in place so but that's all stuff you could teach like he beats out guys and then once his route's done he's kind of like just trotting around kind of lost exactly so real quick before we get to your next one Rob we got a couple comments here from Chris he says if Parish somehow Falls to 25 how would you feel about taking him and kicking Neil to guard I'm gonna say against it just because the fact we drafted the guy's seventh overall you got to give him to the year to see what he does now if he doesn't do good this year next year might be a different conversation but for right now at least I want to keep him at tackle um but that can obviously change he says uh otako Ohio State that's who Parish was he was talking about a minute ago we also have John S Anderson Jr Mingo time we already talked about it sorry John we already talked about him yeah you missed that you were late you're related to the party you missed the whole thing we talked about him we talked about it for like 10 minutes because of you because of you and you weren't here but you weren't here it's it's we said we said some you know some very glowing things some very knock glowing things he was yeah it was as in depth of a look as a receiver you can possibly get I'm just going to say that right now John [Laughter] I just feel bad John you're good we're going to get to them don't you worry yeah you may not like where he goes though but we're gonna get to him yeah all right Rob you're up next to number 19. 19. hookah


so he's a senior six two 201 pounds um his wingspan's not that impressive and His Hands nine and a half inches so pretty nice over there um he's a pretty athletic guy when he comes out there um but he's also kind of lacking a little bit that switch and the speed where he's out there so he's got a basketball background so he knows how to like kind of run around jump up get the ball knocks people out yeah he knocks people up Mom's to knock you out yeah I'm Gonna Knock You Out Mama Said Knock You Out like he gains uh like late catch spaces and he gets physical which is nice um Let's get physical physical but like you said one of his biggest things he lacks the acceleration for separation yeah yeah which is the big thing can't teach speed no you can't and you mentioned the the um the contested catches and the blocking like that and something he's excellent at uh one thing I want to note on him that I I don't hear many people ever talk about when they talk about uh potential draft pick he's a damn good run blocker for a wide receiver to excel at that that says you care about all aspects of the game yeah you understand it you get it yeah exactly it's bigger than just running down the field and going for it so let's just go so what what kind of what kind of round would you got at him what kind of pick you're thinking probably about same you know fifth round okay I'll go a little early I think fourth for him I think fourth I actually like him I liked watching his tape I thought I I really thought that he's somebody who is going to have a very low ceiling don't get me wrong he'll never be I don't think a starter but I think he'll be a good bit player for somebody as like a thing you know fourth wide receiver kind of guy I really think that he's got that kind of role he's got to carve it out and have a decent career so yeah probably uh

decent yeah it's a good point yes I'm saying he won't be a star he's not gonna be a starter or even but he's going to have a career so yeah number 18. Nathaniel tank Dell out of Houston and I gotta say if there was ever a false nickname ever given to a player it's to Nathaniel tank Dell who you'll often see just called tank Dell that's how popular a nickname it is for him yeah I've never seen a tank that is five foot eight and 165 pounds that is not a tank that's a bicycle I mean that also goes into our draft class is like what we got to draft we got you a lot of smaller guys out there that's for sure um but yeah so we have um like I said he's very very tiny guy um so he got that that scares me comes from a very small school in Houston so that scares me as well he's explosive as hell though really good returner I think that's where he's gonna probably make his Mark in this league if he's gonna make it somewhere as a bottom level receiver but a guy who's good in the return game um touchdown machine in college this guy found the end zone like you would not believe uh really got a route Runner as well uh good at comebacks curls just way too small way too small hands way too small to catch radius for me um and has some drops as a result because when your arm's gonna go out like T-Rexes and you have little tiny hands it's kind of difficult to make the moves that you need to make to go ahead and catch the ball um I see him as like a fourth round own guy though but I do think again I think it's going to be because of his special teams and his return ability that he may you know get himself a a space in this league you know um you know as my dad asks about him because is he a Sproles type and I would say no because Sproles I think at least had enough to be in the in the past game as a third down back as well as he carved a spot in the offense as well I really don't see them doing much in the offense because of the size he's going to have trouble against the Press like he wouldn't believe because of that size he's gonna have trouble catching the ball because those tiny little hands but you let him catch the punt which you naturally catch against your body and you give him the open space he's going to make some guys you know make some mistakes yeah I mean he was really good with um what sports kind of same thing like he's very Shifty yeah a little bit so he's he's got elusiveness yeah he's got a lot of explosiveness off his moves like his when he's you know doing this little Duke you know do a little dance

yeah I mean he also dropped 20 21 passes over the past years which is something that you know you know I see any player you know he wastes a lot of time and motion uh you know unimpressed I'm trying to avoid getting hit because he's so tiny yeah well that's nice frame yeah so I have a look at that too yeah [Laughter] the kickstand [Laughter] but he did like you did bring it up too he scored 14 touchdowns and yeah with Houston so like touchdown he's got he's got the room to go around and I do both that end zone you got an end zone is that an end zone I sweat bring it in bring it in

we've got a couple comments here so my dad says Parish will be long gone by our pick and I think so as well because not a lot of decent tackles but um John says no way you guys talk about boobs before that or sing turn around turn around every now and then every now and then John falls apart about Mingo oh my dad says if his name doesn't fit on the Jersey don't draft him I'm assuming that's because of the Princeton guy because yeah that's going to be a long name there but that'll fit it'll fit uh spelling too for everyone John says good one uh how do you guys feel about these guys who have big king hair that covers their Jersey name who's that guy no idea his name is covered listen Troy paramaru was one of the best of his generation he had it that way is he clarifies long hair not King here listen I like calling King here uh it's okay you can call it that [Laughter] it's very Royal um but yeah I I think I have no problem with that I don't see the big issue honestly uh as long as you see the number that's all that matters if you don't know the name of the Jersey the number you're not a fan of the team anyway so

Leonard Williams just saying when he puts his hair down covers up so alrighty so on to our next guy there Rob you're up next with number 17 17. we got nice easy one for you guys Ronnie bell all right I didn't spell that one phonetically either no so you can have like a ponytail so cover up that Bell so once again another guy that's not that big bigger than these other guys I've been talking about he's six foot 191 pounds and uh nine and a half inch hands and he's coming out of Michigan Michigan

um he was he was good um when he came back from his um ACL tariff backwards two years ago 2021 he had it um he's very intense very competitive uh shot in the T I mean real time catches and leaps but he might need to work on some scheme on the coverage yeah yeah he looks like he's scared of coverage you know what I think about him I think he's a guy who the ceiling on him I think is going to be third uh receiver for a team he's a very dependable guy he's a guy that was expected to do almost nothing in Michigan he he literally went there as a you know a a three-star Prospect he wasn't the top prospect kind of guy barely was able to get into a school like Michigan and became you know leading Wide Receiver right away this is a guy that pretty much it's been stacked against him and he keeps on coming back up there's something about that kind of mental fortitude that I like so I like the guy um what kind of draft you got him fourth round I see I'm gonna say fourth fifth but I think he should be a fourth I just think he's gonna be overlooked I really do I think someone's gonna someone's gonna pick him up late in this draft pick I'll hit the giraffes here and get a steal for where he's gonna get I'm getting drafted because I think he's better than his draft status is going to show like he said I just can't I love it like I said when there's a guy who's every single year there's something that against him and he finds a way to come through and just do it anyway I really just like that he's a winner winner winner chicken dinner all right so we got number 16 sweet 16 Rakeem Jared Adam Maryland six foot 200 pounds five-star recruit coming out of high school so this was the opposite of bill this was the guy who came out with tons of expectations it was actually a surprise for Marilyn to get him because of how high of a status he was as a recruit coming out of high school but he never really I feel like got his full potential of what he should have been able to get at Maryland now the question comes to be is was it partially because of the town he had around him or was it because of the fact that he just wasn't as good as people thought because and we could talk about the talent around him but he was also playing against weaker town as well so that works both ways um had a very disappointing 22 uh when everybody thought he would take a big leap at that point of the final year great acceleration though um has a track background another guy like that that's got that track background so he's a speedy guy um you play the slock and play outside so he's got some versatility uh he's had some trouble though with uh even slightly contested catches so if he's wide open and let's go ahead and catch the ball he's going to catch it every single time if you even put one hand on him he's gonna drop it just based on what I've seen that's what I kept seeing on tape over and over again there um I do think though that someone's gonna hope they can coach him out of that and he's going to be around three targets because of that um I'm really hoping it's not the Giants though yeah because I I it's a 50 50. if you can't if you can't catch when somebody's right next to you that's a problem in the NFL you're going to have someone right next to you maybe got away with that in Maryland you're knocking away with that at the NFL like and like you said someone's around him like he drops a lot of balls it's a big concern he turns out of science as well but I mean he's a fast quick guy off the acceleration he can move over and he could get some separation from Bad coverage but he needs to catch the ball so yeah not that big of a fan alrighty John are you listening are you watching as we lost Rob for a brief second there he is like where'd Rob go peekaboo it's your it's your turn to go up next Tia as we go with number 15. number 15 to John this one's for you yeah John actually we should pop you on here you can tell us all about it

Mississippi Ole Miss Ole Miss sip you guys alma mater yeah senior year six two 220 pounds when the bigger guys in this uh wide receiver class coming out of draft uh it's got a good reach she's got a ten and three eighths hands which is big hands foot you're gonna say about big hands

big gloves big feet big feet you see big feet as well you have to save a big feet big socks big big shoes yes yeah you've ever seen that big shoes big dog John's probably like God damn it guys start talking about the fire

yeah well he's still muscular of dig which is nice so much

he uh it's it's easy to see that you know he recognizes his craft and it shows that he's gonna uh he's got other etiquette footwork uh to slip press uh finds uh speed and uh quickly continues uh to play at speed which is nice yeah I'm trying to do a 15 way too low trying to find new podcasts uh

so he let's ask because he works stacked aggressively to his third so it's like it's another Throne ball or you know it was a misread he comes back and he gets the ball um I understand how high the ceiling is on this guy so here's my biggest concern and you and I talked about this before the before even started this program here and John this is why he's number 15 why he's way too low he has a chance to easily easily recover from that in my mind I cannot tell you how many times I watched footage of him and he had the chance to take the extra five six yards and didn't take it because he was afraid of taking the hit that he does take afterwards he limited his hits and I get it it's a business decision because you want the NFL contract but if that transfers over to the NFL that's an issue we should also mention his brother because his brother is a is a barkevius bingo the nine-year NFL um linebacker who was originally a sixth overall pick as well of the Cleveland Browns kind of a bust but I mean nine years in the league still a decent career but not what you expect out of a sixth overall pick that's for sure um who would have thought that Browns would go ahead and mess it up and Sean says saving it for the NFL baby listen you can save for the NFL all he wants but I need to see it when I'm watching tape I saw him going outside and going out of bounds I saw him when he could have gone ahead and had uh you know five six yards extra but he got hit in the open field though eventually and instead he went right into the guy that was next to him instead and somebody to avoid the big hit so I don't want the guy who's not going to go for every goddamn you already can get his hands on that's important but if we can break him of that habit I'd gladly take him agree yeah

decent ceiling if we can get him if we get them right but he's got a decent four if he can't yes that's a good way to put it so what what round you got him at uh late third early fourth okay see I got to miss a third overall so so John now we need to now you know who your favorites amongst the two of us all righty so number 14 Jaden Reed Michigan State another little smaller guy there 511 so under six foot just barely uh 191 pounds mostly a slot receiver uh played at Western Michigan for a year before going over to Michigan State very good returner uh production dipped some in the last year though um versatile even rushes the ball sometimes like jet sweeps and all which isn't good to see uh very good at the yak so he's a guy that will take that open field unlike Mingo John and we'll go ahead and get the extra yards uh very good with body control very small catch radius though he didn't come in with the biggest uh hands of the biggest uh the longest arms there so uh the biggest issue I saw with him on film is when he was in zone he did very well when you put him in press coverage he had issues he had issues getting off that first couple yards and they're popping him so uh if we could work on that and get that going he could be a pretty decent receiver though so I got a third round great on him uh yeah I have to agree well I said um we don't have to I had to agree with you this time like he gets out really fast he gets his top speed and cranks out and dies out at that um he's a big competitor right and he's got a big guy from Ohio State um clever hands and positioning to help carve out you know separations of the catch which is nice to see

um he gets it is over the back throws which is you know which is nice to see um high percentage of his career catches for contestant though a bunch of something you gotta looking for um it doesn't always finishes routes either yeah I don't know what that's about that's why he's number 14. yeah

so yeah I like late third round early fourth yeah alrighty number 13. Trey Palmer this

yeah so from Nebraska to see here he's six foot 192. we're starting to talk some about some bigger receiversary which is nice not the biggest but yeah they're getting bigger as we go yeah kind of like prom night [Laughter] so he's uh fun fact he set the the basket single state record with 237 receiving yards yes for you yeah which is that's awesome to see yeah uh

yeah in high school he actually won some kind of award or Experian Warfare says uh separation uh it shows good fighting battle against uh cleaning Prescott which was the first collaboration was the separation of church and state or I mean he's from La isn't he I don't know I don't know to be honest with you um but I mean it's weird to see a wide receiver out of Nebraska though that's not a usual spot that's for sure yeah you know that's usually we get your running backs your occasional quarterback more like defensive guys and stuff like that you get from there I mean he'll even Scott Frost who was their head coach no recently um was a was a you know a great quarterback of theirs they tried to convert them to Safety in the NFL just tells you what kind of offensive weapons Nebraska has had yeah I mean yeah but also he's got the same problems of a lot of these other guys that we were talking about he drifts off and made into his route he gets a little scary when he hears the footsteps throwing up behind him he's about to get hit and you can drop the ball or not just make the catch here's one thing we should mention though with him he has the fastest 40 time at the Combine at the wide receiver position 4.33 he's speeded speedy

very fast we talked about some guys that we talked about that are going to come even after him that are like four or five guys which sounds crazy two tenths of a second but like you know it goes a long way you know it's like I said it's it's gonna be it's gonna be interesting guy there to see um he's gonna need some work uh what kind of what kind of grade do you got in him third round see same here that are around uh as my dad says or all these wide receivers capable playing on the outside and not the slot some are specifically slot and some are going to play on both um so you know part of the issue you're running to when you watch these guys in colleges like we talked about um you know jsn obviously in the last episode Jackson Smith and jigma he played primarily in the slot Ohio State I fully well think he can and will play outside in the NFL so part of it is people that you see playing Slaughter they're playing because you know it's just where they put them in college or they play that's where they have to go you know you got a guy like uh you know tank Dell obviously he's probably gonna be in put in the slot because he's so tiny that you put him on the outside with the strong man Corner kind of guy he's going to be screwed absolutely um alrighty so next up number 12. rice SMU six foot one 204 pounds so we got somebody with some weight on them finally just say someone finally over 200. yeah I think it's like him and Mingo were the only two that have been so far over 200 pounds there uh you know Jared was just added but uh oh yeah oh yeah yeah nakua was 210 so I mean yeah it's like it's it's it hasn't been a lot of bigger wide receivers in this in this draft here coming out um the guy is great at the jump ball um he's that guy that you're gonna throw up the end zone he's gonna go up and get it he's probably gonna beat the corner to get it he's that good as far as that part um so he's got a good vertical he's got good 10 yard speed as well got ability to react the biggest issues with him are two things one he obviously didn't play at a very big school two ball security whatsoever um so he's got drop issues but he also got fumble issues as well like I've seen a couple of times you saw watching film he's getting that ball punched right out from him at that point so he's gonna need some coaching I think he's gonna need some learn better on ball security but I think he's got some potential I see him like a wait second early third round kind of guy

yeah um kind of feedback off what he said he's a good blend of size length and speed so he's got he's got the length to get out there he's got the vertical engine that Adam Sandler movie I love that movie with Terry Crews we're blending right chips but no that was um what was that one with him in with him and and Drew uh Barrymore where they went off to Africa uh

but yeah uh he lacks commitment to detail on the route uh as a route Runner which yes boss yeah um but yeah I see him won the first uh drafts in the third round uh depending on Nissan team secret the accurate team going late in the second but it's probably an early third Runner

let's see here we've got a couple a couple comments from John he's still a little salty about Mingo this jsn can't be that till you make a huge catch like the diva man OB wait he can begin outside he can do it um and he also says you don't see that in New Jersey Blended dummy wait I I'm confused now John I'm confused clarify let us know later on to the next one number 11. Cedric Tillman so they gave me another easy one I know I love this it's all fantastic Hip-Hop Hip-Hop Anonymous you give the damn get all the easy ones

he's uh from Tennessee yeah

maybe the biggest receiver we've talked about thus far 213 pounds and six three oh that's my dad's chiming in I gotta say my dad has been watching a lot of Tennessee games he's he's a big fan of hooker I think he probably would have preferred if we drafted him and didn't like didn't even keep DJ so he says big with big hands and decent speed he was 10 and hookers go-to guy for 21 but was hurt in 22. yeah he he's yeah go for it Rob yeah almost to your thunder

so you posted 70 cash is for 352 yards and two touchdowns and games against Alabama and Georgia in 2021 just like your old man I was saying uh he comes from NFL Bloodlines so there's been yeah it's in its blood if you will see that Bloodlines um a vaccine or something what was it a bloodline

he plays uh he's got a good body control these focuses down Fields um and he's got really good ball skills pretty good hander I'm not gonna say it this time I'm not gonna say it again it's a goof off podcast he can handle it [Laughter] but he also lacks off just like your dad was saying he lacks off the sudden takeoffs consistently yeah no he's definitely had separation issues when you watch the tape sometimes he gets separation sometimes he doesn't if he gets if he does get it he's gonna get the ball but if he doesn't he's basically useless yeah so I mean that's something you could coach up hopefully um yeah so but a good contestant contested catch guy good good as far as for touchdowns is good for the End Zone uh where do you got him overall what do you think he's gonna get drafted Oh he's gonna go in the second round see I got a wait second maybe even early third potential I got a little higher than I'd probably commit second yeah let's see what is oh we got we got another John here coming in with Reina was banging the other Rhino you don't see that New Jersey funny you saying about blending that didn't know the name of the movie was Blended it's been a rough day John it's a lot of work in the yard earlier today I'm in Florida it's warm

[Laughter] we are halfway done guys on to number 10. Tyler Scott out of Cincinnati 511 171 pounds another little tiny little guy that you're doing for this guy with the receiver with the receiver

blazing speed a true deep threat good Vision in the open field as well uh what was interesting if you watched a lot of tape on him there was a time where basically a lot of the the corners but against him would give him a ton of cushion knowing they had to account for the speed difference because the guys he faced nine times out of ten he was faster than and what he did is he changed up his game and he became very good at the quick reps the five yard hooks that kind of stuff to go ahead and combat that so what does that say coachable brain those kind of things I like that um but he's had some drop issues because mostly because of how he tries to catch the ball he tries to catch it off his chest instead of trusting his hands so I think again if he is coachable and that's where that move came as far as changing what he was doing as far as the quick routes and all then hopefully that's coachable as well I Gotta Wait second round early to turn around great on them gotcha I mean if you didn't bring up it was a Junior Olympic sprinter I'm sorry I was trying we had 20 people to go over Rob I can't get everything he enjoys he enjoys Cheerios in the morning with sliced up bananas okay

this is true 10 of his 14 career touchdowns with for uh 30 plus yards so like he's a fast guy he's also a junior so he also has time to build up and eat some of that Beefcake to get a little bit bigger for the NFL if he doesn't go in this round this year but he's going to go probably somewhere in the second round like you said um he has the facility to drop the ball or not catch the ball because he's a body catcher if not he doesn't trust his hands which is something you can work on the bloody snatcher just to be clear on that he's not from a sci-fi movie yeah body catcher not snatcher exactly or the body snatch or anyway totally different that's not yeah and another thing because of his feet sometimes he drifts in his Rod like he doesn't he's not the quietest the fastest unturned but

he's slowly into turn

yeah actually if anything he would be the Cincinnati's drift the Cincinnati drill they're known for their racing yeah but anyway he's gonna get out of Cincinnati because people didn't realize they're in Ohio and they're terrible drivers out there I've never been to State Ohio it's one of the states I have not been to yet I was in Mason Ohio and the people freaked out about Dustin in November the Dustin of snow I was like oh it's like everyone in my car I'm driving yeah there's a foot at home yeah I would say that must be South Ohio I'm guessing because North Ohio gets that flake effect snow they get stuff there yeah it's enough it's in between Dane and Cincinnati Mason Ohio okay so yes that's South then yeah I flew out of Cincinnati and flew into Dayton all right anyway yeah he's going to the second round all right on to number eight which is probably one of the more interesting people in this entire draft not even just the wide receiver position but literally the entire draft yeah I know I just totally built it up for you you have no choice an excellent news and excellent information on this guy now see what I did thanks buddy yeah Xavier Hutchison uh he's from Ohio State he's a Jacksonville Florida guys so true he's right if you're out eating gators 203 pounds or two uh senior year uh he's consistently approved over the course of every year of Scott's career um he's got foot quick and it's capable of release versus press um if last verse is sudden uh route changes which is nice um he's got an evil he's got the ability to sink his hips in so it just get you know get off the corners Thanksgiving nice and deep uses the size to find additional yards too he's for so he's fighting for those Yaks Yakety Yak don't talk back

but he only has one touchdown against the big 12. I really think is the most interesting thing about Xavier Hutchinson it's part of why I like this guy so much Ohio state was a run offense they've been a wrong offense basis since the dawn of time always what they've been this guy comes out and all of a sudden they start passing the ball because of how good he is when you are so good that a team changes the entire offense to better suit your needs it says that says something so I I'm a pretty big fan of him for that regard plus he's six foot two he's pretty tall

yeah especially for this class especially in this class Academy imagine him standing next to tank Dell like Mugsy Bogues next to Yao Ming

back in the day so what kind of grade do you get on them I'm giving them uh for like a B minus overall I think he's gonna go ahead and stick around um okay another mid second round guy yeah I got second third I got a lot of second third kind of guys though like it see here's the thing every single draft there's this run on that position where all of a sudden like five receivers Flash and go out of nowhere so it's all a matter of does that happen in the second or the third round of this draft because it's gonna happen and when it does it's probably going to be because this next guy goes and people start getting worried and that run starts happening there um so number eight okay Sean bootay LSU okay oh yes six foot 190 pounds and there's a story here a better man not named Brady um but let's get into his play first incredible athlete this may be one of the most athletic gifted people at this position this entire draft very hard to bring down very fast good at create you're getting separation Off Script capabilities in other words let's say Daniel Jones is being run at by a defensive end or an edge rusher and he has to get out of the pocket this is the guy who's able to go off script and move and get to where he's got to get to to give him an option he's shown that on film that's something you can't teach missed pretty much all of 21 with an ankle injury ankle never quite seemed right this year this is where the issues begin now because if you take this guy you have to trust your medical staff has checked him out in his medical records and you're okay with taking him because of that because that's that's a big key to this thing you're literally drafting a guy who's had an injury issue if you'd get him um now here comes the really weird part so originally he said he's going to play at LSU again next year because like I said he didn't have as good a year this year because of the issues with his ankle still and then all of a sudden he reversed course nobody would say why then the rumor started apparently he got in trouble at a sex party they called it I'm not even sure what a sex party is per se is this like an orgy he went to to swing pretty much like what he go what is a sex party like how do you like how do you dress for a sex party just get back yeah okay so it's a big origin you went to okay sex party like what the hell you could leave your socks and you haven't gone so people don't like that socks and your yamaka yeah it's time to celebrate Hanukkah it is Passover Omar get a harmonica that's the second Adam Sandler referenced this episode already all right so but yeah so apparently something happened he was going to get booted off the team at this sex party but this is all speculation online rumors right now nobody has addressed the rumors in any way shape or form um even his uh head coach was asked about refused to even talk about it um and he was listed as in as unavailable before the bowl game so nobody knows fully what happened there so again if you're gonna draft this guy you better have one heck of a of a record of his medical stuff to know what's going on there and get a chance to look at him you better also have a private eye that finds out exactly what happened to this orgy Fest which should be funny could you imagine being a private eye giving a reporter what happened to the orgy family well she describing it and the fist went in the fist one house

there was these three people in the wheelbarrow position

how do you report it this is a private eye Kylie yeah and they were doing the Jackhammer yeah uh well let me just tell you the guy with the mustache was not too picky he savored all that flavor oh but yeah anyway yeah I got this guy as again round two round three kind of guy but he's so hard to judge because if he's healthy and his medical is good if all the private eyes investigations turn up nothing major at that point there because my biggest concerns all kidding aside would talk about issues at a sex party is was there any like rape or anything that to that extent there I don't know as much as I joke around about the private investigator because I do still want to read that report um whenever that comes out but like I said I think that there's a potential for some serious issue for the team to have said you know he's not going to play in the bowl and then he leaves because he's afraid he's gonna kicked off the team so I think there's more we don't know that is what happened so assuming he's healthy Assuming he's not going to go to jail or anything like that not a horrible person just a sex addict or something I don't know I don't judge people you're a sex addict um round two or three is what I got on him um but honestly I lean much more towards the end of the second round

yeah I I would say mid second round you pretty much snail on the head like he's a good blend of size and strength um but the only one nailed the head apparently allegedly bazinga

um he's got a he's great you know getting the yak yards he's gonna you know if he's not downfield catching the ball he's got the short passes and then going vertical again you know the yards after the play because it goes horizontal he goes on his backs any way he could get it forever [Music]

he's also a body catcher not snatcher catcher again he's the other guy that's he's not going to get the range around he's just and and and he just wants the balls in him around him

uh she didn't know we'd have too much fun with this when we said I mentioned a sex party yeah we'll see uh but yeah I think he's yeah he's probably gonna get drafted by the Raiders in the Ninja oh my God could you imagine he go starts going to to all the the bunny ranches with Jimmy G yeah listen they could have a great time and it's all legal out there it's not legal it's all legal it's okay yeah it'll be all right all righty on to number seven lucky number seven oh yeah lucky number six that's because lucky number seven which is a great movie actually pretty much it was a damn good movie yeah uh Joshua Morgan's bringing me and Ben Kingsley together in a movie it's gonna be good no matter what you throw in Bruce Willis and Josh Hartnett done yeah it was fantastic John comes up with Bunny Ranch when we going guys listen John just [ __ ] us off I I can't go to the Bunny Ranch I'm a taken man okay I'm a taken man I got I can't what happened to Vegas stays in Vegas buddy no it doesn't Jackie if you're listening I'm sorry for saying that he's not good oh bye but yes Josh Downs I I thought about trying to mispronounce that for this one do doons

you get all the easy ones it's crazy it's pretty nice I mean the next one you have is as a hotel named after him so I mean oh yeah John says listen to Roberto he is right you guys are a bad influence I'm telling my wife I'm going to call it right now yeah um yeah he's out of North Carolina he's a junior so he's still a small guy he just just like you said you're a little Wee Man 171 pounds five foot nine uh and his hand reach is nine and a quarter um but he's also extremely confident uh sorry uh he said I said introduction over there the past two years um we should show through his confidence he appears to have both quickness and uh long speed which is good he creates Tempo change as he's run which is fantastic separation uh burst through space and constant turns which is what you like to see out of there excellent footwork uh but he's a blue average but it's below average and it's built like he's a small dude yes I mean again 180 pounds I mean I mean I I saw him on ESPN 171 so he said he's Shifty as all hell though yeah that's the one thing about him though is he is Shifty right but if he gets a press coverage like now John says you're a cheater he says someone's whipped cheap before they cheat LOL just don't get caught he's smart like Roberto's he's insinuating you cheat now we're not cheaters John we're not cheaters yeah yeah when you when you once once you get good ones you don't go anywhere

yeah so but yeah I mean I think the big only issue with him that I saw really on film was just the fact that he can't he is trouble getting release off those press cover guys and you're seeing that much much more in the NFL um but he's he's a he's really like I said really really Shifty gonna be I think a really good punt returner for somebody too as well which adds that value uh what kind of what kind of um rating you got on him what do you think he's gonna go he's probably still stuck around here yeah that's what I have for him too as well he's he's my first guy that I have it's definitely going to be gone by the end of the second round uh like I said we have a run that's going to happen in that second third but he's the first guy that I have outside of that that run that's gonna go just because somebody's gonna need a receiver and he's going to be there he's gonna be the best player on the board yeah all righty so we got number six Marvin Mims Junior Oklahoma

where the wide receivers get drafted uh five eleven 177 pounds moves around the field I mean he's I've seen him coming out of the backfield I've seen him in slot I've seen him on the outside uh uses very quick routes typically to give him the ability to hit the open field because the guy is a yak Beast absolute Yak Beast we talked about Downs with that with the how we shift he is this guy is the king of shift um so he is another guy is going to be probably a very good returner for somebody as well potentially uh very good at the Deep ball again another guy is gonna have issues with press and I I keep on getting back to the fact that we have all these tiny receivers so of course they're all going to be having trouble with that um but I think if he's somebody that can get around that also fixed sometimes the issues you guys with catch is because every so often I'll see him go to catch the ball and make going to make his move before he finishes the catch which is something you do see with some people um but I do think he's gonna be a a second round Talent um and I think even early to mid second round even I think he's going to be that kind of good yeah I mean he averaged this college career in 19.5 yards per catch which is fantastic um Fantastical but once again another small guy but daddy little guys but the run after the catch ability something he's smart with his running as fast for this run um he locks in and focuses and tracks down uh deep throws too which is nice I wonder if the NFL saved money this year when they had to like travel all the wide receivers over the combine because they can get a smaller bus because they're so tiny put an extra seat we don't need the Big Bus guys get the short bus today what do you have to see it in the middle you're right economy bus does anybody have a booster seat for tanktale please just sit in the damn telephone book anymore I can't steal for guys oh my gosh but I mean also another thing too is a lot of his catches he was just wide open so yeah the Press coverage is a big thing yeah that's what I said but he he is uh he will go because they're going to try to teach the the team will try to teach him how to deal with press better and yeah he's going to be another early intimated around uh second rounder yep no definitely all righty you are on with number five we're in the top five guys we're in the top five three quarters of the way down um

uh oh Jaylen harlot

can't see Bon Jovi a little bj at night huh the second of the Tennessee receivers yeah uh he's a junior Sierra six foot now that we got 176 pounds with a hand size of nine inches oh yes nine inches oh yeah yeah

but he's another once again another small guy Shifty Speedy um he's a slot guy we talked about positions before he's a slot guy yeah he's a slot guy he also like he just Rockets fast coverage so yes he's he's one of the guys that's not worried about like if he was the guardian of the galaxy he'd be rocking a raccoon about the same size he's taller a little bit same weight but taller yeah yeah but yeah the I mean sometimes you get off scheme a little bit but he can knock off of course like a smidge with if he's gonna like touch her head like

I think I think he's gonna find a home in NFL and he's probably gonna go depending on needs of the teams early early second round late first

yeah I mean I think he's going to be I think someone's gonna fall in love with this kid I really do because he's a one-trick pony but it's a hell of a good truck a hell of a good track I really think that he's going to be because somebody's going to want that Speedy guy who can just throw the nine around kind of like a better version of Slayton and that's what he has the potential to be

so I think it's going to be interesting I think I I he's a guy that I could see potentially going in the early second I can see him going in the late first neither one of them would be a surprise to me neither one of them would be uh we got a comment from John here they're getting away from all the tall receivers getting to Speedy elusive receivers if obj was younger Canary's Tony wasn't fragile can you imagine those two on the same team um I oh my God can you imagine the issues that you'd be having with those two headaches and the same exact roster I'm sorry I would want nothing to do with that whatsoever John amazing talent both those guys but you're talking like those are two guys that have tons of issues tons of issues um you know just headaches personalities all that kind of stuff together I mean you have obj you know kicking the net the other side while you know Tony's breaking another hamstring on his own somehow randomly just by stepping uh yeah no I'm good

so now we break into our top four as he says take out the issues it'd be scary yeah sure if the queen had ball she'd be the king I mean it is what it is I get part of it okay like it's part of like part of the equation there um so we got our top four now we've already gone over these top four guys in depth for you guys the last two episodes so if you guys want to hear about those four simply go to the tape go to the previous episodes the last episode we had we had Jackson Smith and the jigba going against Jordan Addison we had the one before that was the flowers going as Quentin Johnston so we had you know those four guys in depth that are for you guys so we're just going to quickly run down the the top four here number four I had Quentin Johnston who I think is going to be a guy who again we've talked about it before in the show highest ceiling in this draft but also has a very little floor he's not a safe pick he's a boomer bus kind of pick and I do think someone's gonna fall in love with his abilities and he's going to be drafted early on but they may regret that or they may say this is the best draft pick we've had in years either one could happen number three number three Jordan Allison this is probably your safe thick guy like he's got a very very high floor I don't think he's gonna fall from grace it's going into NFL but he also the ceiling on him isn't that high we broke down in the last episode why we think he's good wise yeah what it is but he's number three number two is where we say flowers I have oh we disagree here so we do I have to talk about in this order no okay no no you know what I'll do my first two and then you do your first two then well there's only two guys after this class so I think it's quite obvious so okay let's do it this way then okay I have Zay flowers too I have Jackson Smith and the jigba number one you have the reverse then yep I I just I like seeing fires a lot I like what he's got he is the small guy I like dedication uh it brings to the table I mean jsn is also very talented guy and I wouldn't be mad with either one of these guys becoming a giant but I can get around to flowers being the number one if I had the medical info I need to make that final decision because that's the only thing that scares me with Jackson Smith and The Jig but is the you know I need to see jsn's medical files to know if yeah he's gonna be healthy and this is not gonna be a long-standing you know canadarius Tony kind of issue with the hamstring issues you know hamstrings do take a while to get over but especially during the season because like it's one of those things that it could feel better and then soon start running you reactivate it and it's another two to four weeks and exactly doing that exactly but I mean I again I saw him going against Joey Porter Jr and and destroying him I saw the 360 some odd yard performance of the Rose Bowl oh yeah I can't I can't pass up a town like that and I like Zay flowers but the only reason that I didn't have is number one is because where he played he didn't go against the same kind of talent that the SEC guys and the uh you know the the uh you know the guys in these bigger conferences went for even you know you can talk about the talent that you know Ohio State Michigan some of the schools were talking about my hero go against on a regular basis Boston College playing against like Maine I mean

Wicked awesome Wicked awesome you parked the car by the harbor yeah um I got a couple more comments here uh as my dad says it's scary for the team psychiatrist yes the psychologist uh he's definitely not wrong there for damn sure um John says good one lol with the queen with balls damn dude she's not even dead that long LOL listen it's not always the Queen of England there's a queen somewhere else I'm sure I don't know I don't keep track of this it's been a phrase I've said for years I'm not gonna stop and now because one queen died uh my dad says jsn is by far and away the best receiver in this draft uh class if he's healthy

do we really want to draft another flower hey it's a different type of flowers it's a different flower a rose by any other name would smell just as bad

we'll go with tulips this time say tulips yeah like I said I'm good either one because if the Giants hypothetically are available to get any of the big four receivers they're gonna jump at as they should I think personally we'll see um I think Zay is the one most likely the one to be there later on which is interesting because you got him number one I got him number two and he's probably gonna be the fourth one taken

disagree with some of the draft experts um but yeah I mean what do we know we're just a bunch of goofballs yeah exactly we're goop balls uh my dad says flowers may be the best route Runner he uh he is he's he's Elise when healthy because I think Jaya Sandy that's part of his abilities really is that is there is what he does as far as his route running he's just so crisp in it the way he just changes movement he does a little bit of fakes when he needs beat to go ahead and move the corner off of him like I said I I can't say enough good things about him um John says will it be o-line first or wide receiver uh I'll say I think there's two spots you're gonna have taken if I had to pick my position because yes what Rob said is 100 right take the best player available uh hell I even saw a draft mock draft with with us taking Nolan from Georgia you got a great player available that slips down you get the chance to take him sometimes you gotta take him um but I think if I had to pick by position it's going to be corner or wide receiver I think because I think it's the two big ones we're good on tackles we need interior offensive linemen and there's not really one that I look at and go oh my God this is a can't miss Prospect X Center or at guard there's guys I'd like to have don't get me wrong in a roster I think are better than what we do have but I think CB and wide receiver is going to be where we're going to go and I think that makes sense for us to go to next is our CBS as we got also now uh Chris with CB and my dad with um saying uh could be a CB taken first and yeah like I said I I think who's available yeah exactly but I think that's what we're gonna run through next for you guys is the uh the corners that are be taken so we do the same exact thing we did basically with the wide receivers we'll give you a battle of the top corners uh it'll be a little longer this time because there's more first round Talent corners than there are as far as wide receivers uh and then we'll do the same thing we'll go over the top 20 with the final episode on the corners then we'll move on to your interior offensive lineman obviously we're going to go ahead and change that up if anything major news-wise happens though for the Giants as well so keep track on that but we got a couple more weeks to go guys before the actual draft hits uh remember when the draft happens that Thursday and Friday night we're going to be on here live the entire first three rounds we're going to be on not even just when the Giants are picking we're going to be on the whole damn time okay buckle your seat belts bring a bucket underneath you to have to go to the bathroom in like we're gonna be ready to go the entire time um yeah it's like I said it's it's going to be a fun ride guys and we got a lot of uh other content creators we've talked to as well that are going to be coming on here including a good amount of ones that we've had on here in the past couple of months as well so some returning faces that you guys uh gave us some good feedback on and I like to have it on here if you want to invite them back on again uh have one big show we're able to have up to 10 people on this show at once based on the the program we use so I'm all for filling up all 10 spots even if we've won so like I said guys keep an eye out because we're going to be going to give you guys more and more draft news more more Giant news more and more NFL news as things do progress here oh yes and thank you very much guys um for you know listening in and hearing everything as far as the thoughts and everybody who's been commenting appreciate you guys uh getting involved with the show as well I love it that we have people that are consistently on here almost every single show giving us information and news at that point and giving their thoughts as well because I want this to be an interactive show guys so if you guys are listening live and you're listening live on a regular basis and you don't comment listen we appreciate you watching either way but I encourage you get involved get common along because I have a feeling that probably there's a few of you out there that are in that exact bow so get involved we don't bite I promise John does but he's not actually on the show so he can't bite you back okay plus it's digital like yeah you're either you're just seeing us we're not actually in a room with you and if you're listening you're just hearing us we're actually out of the room with you oh yes we're not gonna bite you so either we see you there with that peanut butter and jelly sandwich I'm hiding in the closet and that Yingling yeah can you make me one of those too thanks was that Robert in the closet sorry yeah I'm not a classic remember the pantry we got a couple more comments here before we end things here I love it keeps going Chris I feel like we should go CB first round don't see any uh the any of the hood ones are I guess good ones are gonna go to last to pick 57. you know what Chris as you look more and more into this giraffe class you'll see it's a heavy press cover CB draft which is crazy because I know the two don't you know intermingle too much per se necessarily but we're talking about small receivers like crazy that have trouble against the press and all the corners coming out are press Corners it's just funny how that worked out really uh but you'll see we're going to Target people in the third round even that I'm telling you right now could be our CB2 they could be our CB2 that's how deep a draft this is for press Corners um but yeah there are some great names out there though in the first round too so like I said we're going to go over all that stuff for you guys there uh as John says Roberto sounds like GM and we'll take available

my dad says five QBs will be taken before we pick five I see where he's going with this do you see where he's going I told you he's a big he's a big fan of hooker from Tennessee I know it's where he's saying it's the fifth one because you can know you're gonna have obviously the first two picks go you know Levis is gonna go you know um um the kid from Florida gonna go so you're gonna you're gonna have five that's got to be the Tennessee quarterback he's talking about he corrected himself Chris afterwards for the good as we're all confused for a second but yeah good we figured it out Chris uh you've seen me with my typing I skip words all the time what was the one you caught me on this time with the notes in the show notes I said somebody was 22 pounds I think you said Mingo is 22 pounds 22 pounds 22 pounds five ounces as well as we got Mingo here from John That's My Boy Jonathan Mingo is going to be better than all these other wide receivers and it's going to look like rod tilwell and Jerry Maguire's and say Jerry Rice Andre Reed Chris Carter I smoked all these fools there's lots of Mr Mingo I'm just saying John when the season starts if Mingo regardless of who drafts him doesn't do very well or doesn't produce a lot in the field you know you're not going to hear the end of it from us you know it so what are you going to do if he goes to Philly man oh my God uh is my dad tricks in with Minnesota's looking at Hooker yes I've heard that rumor as well and they've talked about they won't even do an extension right now with uh Kirk Cousins since last year I have heard that rumor as well so we'll see how much truth there is into that alrighty guys so again we appreciate everybody listening in uh if you guys like this show and you want to support the show again the website to support us is buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two giant goofballs again buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two the number two giant goofballs uh and of course we are available if you guys are watching us live we are available Facebook YouTube Twitter we're also available on Twitch and Linkedin keep in mind if you comment on either Facebook or YouTube That's when we're gonna see the comments coming up here you see all these nice people commenting here all along as we're going along that's where you go to be able to be alive and have the comments pop up we can go ahead and see them of course the program is available anytime afterwards any of those platforms as well um except for twitch twitch for some reason just not store the live videos you have to watch them live to go ahead and be on Twitch I learned that today twitch is weird I don't know I'm still learning it uh audio version of course available on Apple podcast Spotify uh pretty much every single type of podcast platform you can think of some of them I haven't even heard of but there we are anyway um so actually we got a couple more comments here we got um Chris with honestly hookers qb3 in this draft the injury is the only thing that messed up his draft stock I'll say this I'll take him over 11s in a heartbeat I think he's four to me but I'll take him over 11 heartbeat I'm gonna love his fan um John says uh If he if he I'll die if he goes to Philly or cowgirls or Redskins

they've had two names since that yeah um and then he comes on okay yeah that's your dad I saw a thing yeah I thought it was the other Danny at first I've seen that both dads on here we're gonna have to plan a um okay no we notice Father's Day Father's Day we're inviting both the dads on for Father's Day episode that'd be fun that'd be fun we're doing it whether they want to or not we'll just call them up randomly like you're on the show this son of a [ __ ] easy it up so like I said they won't know we'll just start talking football randomly they wouldn't even know

again guys thank you very much for listening in um do hit the like hit that subscribe hit the Bell the best way to really know we're doing a um we're doing a live show like this is hit the Bell on on YouTube hit the like on Facebook um and if you go onto Facebook go ahead and put that you're interested or going to the events when we do our shows as well because they come up as events uh that's the way to guarantee that you're gonna get a notification that you're gonna have a show coming on it's funny they even give me a notification like hey heads up you guys are recording at nine o'clock like I didn't know [Laughter] I scheduled this oh I've got a couple more comments here as John says Roberto has a daddy I knew it he's not a bastard let's see here we got Chris says I just pray that bejean just enjoying our division I do not want to see him two times a year listen the beautiful thing is you only see him for a couple years if that happens because he's a running back he won't play long

I mean I think the Eagles honestly might have might take them but we'll see um I hope not so again guys thank you very much for listening we know you guys got plenty of options where to go ahead and go your Giants news from uh so very much appreciated that you chose these two goofballs here to go ahead and give us that information there uh as always guys again we will be on again Friday we're going to start running down our corners for this draft here because that's honestly I if I had to put money on it that's where we're gonna go in this draft unless one of the big name receivers we just talked about drops down further we think so keep an eye out there uh well I'm probably going for like probably obviously Friday we'll do that probably all of next week as well I think it's going to take that long to go through all the corners here and then from there we'll start going to the interior offensive lineman so we're going to get you guys all ready to go with all the news you need on all the big name guys we could take earlier on and then the rest of the time we'll go over some late round guys that we think we might look at linebackers Edge guys those kind of maybe a punter I still want a punter I can't help myself I want a punter I want a hunter I hate our punter I can't help myself uh hahaha at least I admitted I have a problem I'll go to East Rutherford John goes Mingo give it up John Give It Up [Music] so as always giant fans thank you very much and Gucci Man hello G-Man G-Man

thanks for listening to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast we appreciate your support if you made it this long you must have enjoyed it so I am sure you have followed us on all the social media platforms of course you have subscribed to the show on your favorite app as well and given us a top rating right right right

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