2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Jordan Addison vs Jaxon Smith-Njigba & Deion Jones Visiting

April 03, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 108
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Jordan Addison vs Jaxon Smith-Njigba & Deion Jones Visiting
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Rob & Drew compare Jordan Addison vs Jaxon Smith-Njigba. After Zay Flowers beat Quinten Johnston, this is our second semifinal matchup and the winner faces Zay Flowers for the crown of top wr on our nfl draft board.#nygiants #giants #nfl #newyorkgiants #nyg

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[Music] welcome to two giant goofballs a New York Giant podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob welcome fell goofballs two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by Amit a Rob let's talk about some WIS oh yes happy to see me oh

yeah so uh of course last episode there Friday we had the Battle of Zay flowers versus Quentin Johnson and Zay flowers came out Victorious and I think what was a surprise to some people including myself even and I'm the one who's one of the ones who selected him so it's like I went into that figure there's no way Z flowers winning and sure enough he wins so today we have Jordan Addison versus Jackson Smith the jigma completing the top four receivers in this draft here what's such an important and pivotal potential uh grab for us if we were to go with that position with the first overall pick if we even have the option to depending on how the draft goes who knows these four guys may all be gone before we pick all four maybe sit there with a pick we have no clue that's the fun of being a 25. is it a nice not to be in the top five for once where you go I don't know what's gonna happen in the years past it's like anybody we want pretty much is available because we sucked that badly

uh so I guess it's a good problem to have yeah exactly it's better than doing what we've been doing with the last couple of years that's for damn sure I'll take a you know a playoffs uh you know appearance and a win in the first very first you know playoff game at least you know to have our first playoff victory since Eli Manning's last Super Bowl championship I mean that's how long it's been folks so yeah I'll take that over that any day of the week any day of the week so before we get started there today we do have a little bit of giant snooze to give you guys there in a little bit of NFL news so let's start off of course with it's time for the news

so the big news that came out today is uh linebacker Dion Jones visited with the Giants today you guys may remember him from his ears with the uh the Atlanta Falcons had a lot of good years with them six seasons overall five of those seasons over a hundred tackles so a very productive player uh played with the Cleveland Browns last year and uh yeah it really uh stunk it up a little bit to be honest uh I had about 11 games only 45 tackles there so uh I did see him not getting on the field as often as he did with the Falcons per se but the nice thing is wasn't he injured a little bit last year as well he was yeah but also the nice thing though when you get a guy that's coming off of a not so great year you know what happens to their price mmm it just plummets on down and that's what we're doing right now we're shopping the bargain bins now we've made our couple of big plays we're into that Bargain Bin shopping so not a bad option there for you know

we're at the Dollar Tree almost at this point but I'm not sure where the hierarchy is I think it's like that I think that's where it goes uh but I mean we're talking about uh linebacker core that had you know scrubs scrubs and scrubs to we're talking about getting a couple legitimate linebackers in a one-off season so I'll take it we're moving on up to the east side yeah yes to a deluxe line another apartment in the sky

oh no more jails you know no more of the guys who shouldn't be in the league probably anymore playing and starting for us at that so uh also news at a Giants uh facilities here uh specifically given by ESPN's Jeremy Fowler the Dexter Lawrence extension talks have officially begun let the games begin hahaha

extension extension extension whoa whoa we're not talking about that kind of extension Rob [Laughter] but I still think what do you think I don't know I still caution giant fans though I don't think this is gonna be a very quick deal I don't think this is going to be a deal that's going to be very easy to do because we can't afford to pay more this year to space on how the salary cap is we're paying them right now if I remember correctly about 11 million dollars this season he's going to get over 20 million dollars in extension so I don't see how you get that cap number down unless you're doing it as a true addition onto this contract and if you do that I've said it before guys I'll say it again it scares the crap out of me to play I got a pay guy off of his potential career best season which for all we know that's what we just watched this happened with Dexter Lawrence who paid him after his 10 sack season has he gotten close to that again nope so I don't want to talk down on warrants I'm not down on sexy dexy don't get me wrong I just want to see him prove a second time that he's that valuable that's all I want to say I want to see a second season as John has said I've arrived age at the same shirt from last episode I don't know I don't keep track of what shirts I wear John to be very Frank with you it's a trap LOL he says Roberto how's the cable doing today will you make the whole show that's bad again

[Laughter] uh it's okay only John can do that though because he's on he's on every single episode John much appreciated man uh we also got news former giant running back Dion Lewis of course former Patriot as well named assistant coach at the University of Albany so good for him to be able to move on to his next stage in his football career now that he's no longer playing in the league anymore um I gotta dress the elephant in the room as well today and it's the Stefan Diggs elephant because oh my God guys I we talk about this quite often that I hate click bait that I see click bait non-stop so you notice this was nowhere in our title whatsoever we're not the click bait show we're the realists show so what I mean by that is when you see Stefan Diggs tweet out come and Rescue Me We're not gonna go oh my God he's coming to the Giants oh my God oh my God guess what guys warning it's a trap that's the Trap right now because you see that you see his brother Trayvon of course who uh you know is the corner for the the Cowboys saying we could play against each other twice a year and then liking a tweet saying Stefan Diggs the giant question mark and everybody reads into oh my God Stefan Diggs is coming to the Giants first off I don't want Stefan picks talented talented player but he said Diva wide receiver I don't want it in the diva I don't I want a guy who's I hear you

the problem with a lot of these wide ones that are solid wide ones count 13. Divas yeah no I mean they're 100 but it is yeah that's part of the game but also he he enjoys playing with table like oh yeah and he plays ball for him everybody does if you guys you talk to he might be able to tame from that princessness of him you would hope so but I'll always say this with these kind of talented wide receivers that get one Good Year where they're on their best behavior and then after that it's done it's done so you know I just I I don't like I don't want another obj in our hands and having that kind of Diva and that kind of attitude I'd rather have a couple of really good um you know wide receivers like we're doing stack the room and don't have a guy who's gonna be a headache you know that's the way to do it through them let them fight it out exactly that's what we're doing so uh I think it's the right way to go what we're doing right now no more Divas as John comes in with I thought it wasn't just an April Fool's joke didn't think it was real I hadn't heard that but that was I I think done yesterday wasn't it which is the second so they're daily if that's the case um so he also said no Diva's Allowed no more Jerry Rice's of the world listen that's an exception of the rule if you're gonna tell me I'm gonna get the greatest wide receiver of all time I will deal with the headaches I will deal with the headaches but I'm sorry Stefan Diggs good player pro bowler depending on how long his career is depending on how long his career is and how long he keeps up at the pace he's at may eventually turn into a Hall of Fame caliber career never going to be Jerry Rice he's just not Jerry Rice it is what it is guys not many people are Jerry Rice unless they're named Jerry Rice it's just the one and only he's the goat for a reason guys he says yeah no I meant Jerry wasn't a diva oh you said no more Jerry Rice's of the world okay oh I get what he's saying he's saying he misses the olden days when wide receivers just went to work and shut up I think that's what he's meaning John correct me if I'm wrong here but yeah no I mean listen I I I'm with you if that's the case because like I said we're assembling a room right now of guys who are assembling a team and that's what I want I want a team of wide receivers I want a team of people that are going to come together give Jones a lot of options and not cause trouble let the star be the star and Daniel Jones has the 40 million dollar contract he has to be that star if he's not then that whole contract was a mistake and we should have drafted a quarterback this year it's the way it works yeah you're making the money you got to do it all righty so guys we got a little bit here of some news around the lead to give you guys


yeah some news around the league here uh so first we have one thing that I really like seeing here is Lance sirloin of the NFL.com ranked the best positional groups for this draft guess what number one was

cornerback Corner not quarterback to be clear CB what position do we really need to work on in this draft yeah EB CB exactly so you can see give me a B I don't know if you're about to start a version of Mr Roboto Robert [Laughter] we're losing a little bit there you're about to make John's wish come true to Lucy again [Laughter] all righty so like I said don't do that good thing to keep an eye on guys and we're going to do our Deep dive in more into the corners as well here not too far after this because the big three positions I want to get through in this as we go through our deep Dives is going to be wide receiver which we already started on because let's be honest that's a splash you once everybody wants to talk about those uh we're gonna go ahead and talk about interior offensive line we're talking about Corners as well so next episode guys we're going to go ahead and do our finalists whoever wins in the Jordan Addison and Jackson Smith and the jigma battle here we'll go against a flowers for the top spot on our board and then we'll also complete the rest of our top ten so as John likes to point out he says MinGa will do that for Daniel we're talking earlier John maybe mingle will come up in the top ten maybe he will maybe Wednesday is the day we finally talk about him for you specifically [Laughter] so other news here some NFL teams are starting to think also that apparently DeAndre Hopkins is going to get cut by the Cardinals so again guys what did I tell you we like to be they're realists the guys who give you the real news so I'm telling you right now don't get too excited we're probably not going to get DeAndre Hopkins we can't afford them let's be honest so this is again you're gonna see all kinds of things all over Facebook Twitter Youtube all these things saying do you hungry DeAndre Hopkins make a cut the Giants may be interested either the Giants will be interested but they can't afford them they just can't be the guy I'm interested in the Mansion on the beach can't afford it unless somebody wants to go to buy me a cup of coffee.com giant goofballs [Laughter] yeah I would like

oh we can call you Mr Roberto Dom who aragato Mr Roberto

it's that good old Comcast internet that good old Comcast internet so Comcast if you'd like to sponsor the show or just perhaps give Rob some decent internet feel free to give up just upgrade my cable I know apparently not enough uh

uh good old Comcast alrighty so last news here we got we've talked a little about Jalen Carter and his whole uh experience here in the draft here uh so apparently he's now also refusing to visit any teams outside of the top 10 because he thinks that's a slap in the face to go ahead and and basically visit with anybody else past that top ten so yeah if if I don't have enough information on him already to just cross him off my board entirely there it is gone goodbye toodles yeah bye-bye he'd make a very good Raider very good Raider he's like that kind of mentality like this is the kind of guy that the Raiders like to draft so there's another draft in the top ten we'll see what happens maybe that's who he is

alrighty so let's get into our wide receiver battle here so number one here we're gonna start off with Jordan Addison and interesting because I can't tell you how many people I'm seeing are going so all over the place on where they think he's gonna be I've never seen you know a wide receiver that I've seen some people go oh this is an absolute pro bowl or this is a guy that's going to be all over the place you're going to keep on hearing his name to hearing people say he's just not that good I don't think he's gonna make it I don't know where he fits in this league like that's the kind of spread on stuff I'm hearing on this guy and it's amazing to me because that's a pretty big difference it really is so you got the size issue obviously six foot even 175 pounds so he weighs about the size of one of my leg

but the big problems here with this draft is there's no real big receivers out there no and this is definitely the giraffe the tiny receipt a lot of these guys are in the top like yeah I mean if this song if it's if this NFL draft and this crop of receivers from this NFL draft was an Elton John song it'd be Tiny Dancer

because they're all tiny they're all tiny tiny so what what's I think the big draw for some people on this guy is they're looking at what he did at Pitt as opposed to what he did at USC so for those who aren't aware because I know all the pictures you'll see of him come out of the draft or him at USC he played his first two seasons at Pitt and then just transferred to USC this past season so he transferred because of the changes is what he said so his OC left his wide receiver coach left uh his quarter quarterback Kenny Pickett obviously was had his tiny hands drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers USC comes along gets Lincoln Riley who's like the hot commodity coach that everybody for some reason likes I've got to see the driver with this guy and had Caleb Williams who is an up-and-coming College star at the quarterback position who grew up in the same area as Addison so there was a lot of draws to go to USC there's been a lot of people saying I wonder what kind of money he got to go I'm not saying it I'm just saying he may not be too worried about a turkey contract I'm just saying

uh yeah but yeah so his last season at Pitt he literally won the uh bulletikov award as the top college wide receiver was too young to get drafted kind of like what you're hearing right now of Marvin Harrison uh junior there who's obviously going to fall when his dad's footsteps and get into the NFL so he so he he goes with his first year pit has um 60 catches 666 yards 666. oh no this explains the issues now he's got the number of the Beast

um four touchdowns the next season gets 100 catches that's always an impressive number to say a hundred catches

1593 yards 17 touchdowns

one hell of a season

so yeah yeah top wide receiver in college football that year now goes to the USC Trojans 59 catches 875 yards eight touchdowns so almost half I guess you can say 60 maybe I do I don't have the calculator in front of me feel free someone in the comments section if you got the calculator probably 60 percent of the Yards you know

in all fairness he had about 60 of the catches too yeah he in fact he yeah he almost had exactly he had 59 because I can do the math on that one since he had 100 catches that went down to 59. [Laughter] it's much easier

but yeah I mean you didn't see him being used as much there are USC so I think a lot of things come to mind here that I I question here but uh but Rob since we got a little bit of delay on you here on your voice here I'm Gonna Let You Go first that we were not talking over each other give me I want to hear your thoughts on Jordan Addison and what you think of the player

I like them you hear that he's not very fast he's quick which there's a difference like he's got a good up and going but he's also like a man a truck he's not he's not your poor she's not gonna get you the Tufts speed Porsche he's got really good moves around but Porsche sorry

but he's got good moves and he's got the ability to reach out and get that ball and like he's a fighter for that ball so like I definitely see the upside um

but that's it like he's got I could see the floor in the ceiling kind of go and on it and and it was which is why you get such about like he might make in the NFL he could be a pro bowler like there's there's upsize and downsize because

he got 1600 yards for it pick it yeah and then like we said 59 of that catches later a year later and I think it's safe to say the USC is facing tougher competition typically than pittas

correct so I think that's definitely part of the the equation here so here here's what here's what I think here is is very interesting overall with them so I watched a lot of game tape I watched uh both Pitt and USC because I wanted to see if there's differences in the way he was used so I think it's safe to say and the numbers obviously show it that he was much more featured last year at you know it's not last year but two years ago at Pittsburgh as opposed to last year at USC um he was the top threat so he wasn't necessarily the top third he's like a shared top threat with USC it was more the ball was more spread around but I look at what he what he brings to the table and what I see is a lot of screens a lot of sweeps a lot of reverses a lot of trick plays kind of stuff as opposed to a traditional receiver that's running down the field running routes and doing his thing and that's fine if that's what your game is as long as it's successful and he's had a successful college career you can't say that otherwise when he's you know done when he's done one won the award for top receiver uh you know succeeded at two different schools with multiple quarterbacks I mean that's a good college career I think most guys would take that career on a freaking heartbeat I would um but I look at what he brings to the table and I say is that going to transfer to the NFL and I think some of it will but I mean I saw some of the plays where he'd do a reverse there was one I saw was reverse where the running back um went off to the uh the the left side the whole defense swarmed to the left side like talk about a lack of accountability on the edge and everything and end up being reverse and he just took it out for like 30 yards that won't work in the NFL that's not to say his game won't work in the NFL but what I'm saying is some of what he did in college I don't think is going to transfer over to the NFL so you know I watched the tape and here's what I think I think he's an excellent route Runner excellent route Runner not the biggest hands in the world so I do have some concern with him with contested catches and stuff like that um not the fastest guy in the world either but I think there's a place in the NFL for him it's almost like if you took I know this could I know it's going to be a bad word Giants fans it's like if you took Kadarius Tony and took away some of his speed but upped his dedication that's what I feel about Jordan Addison so I think he also understand he also understands the offensive plays and he knows how to play majority of those positions in the offense which is important so he's like you said he's got the dedication and he's willing to learn which is coachability yeah which is what you want yeah that's why I'm saying I think he's got the flexibility how you use him like a canarius Tony but if you don't have the headache the drama the BS that came with Tony but you also don't have some of the you know the physical ability that Tony had either that's why people put up with a headache that he is because there was so much physical ability there um I do think though that he's going to have a pretty high floor I think he's a legitimate NFL player I'm pretty sure that he's a legitimate NFL player what I'm not sure on is how far he'll go in the NFL and that's where I say I think he has the highest ceiling sorry the highest four and the lowest ceiling I think he's the safest pick in this draft so I I think that's going to be

I think I think he's like

go for it you kind of reminds me Boyd from Cincinnati like he's not he's not going to be he's probably not going to be your solid number one Wild player but he could beat your fantastic Y2 yeah like I said I think that's what he is is and there's nothing wrong with that you need that in the NFL still you need that kind of player so it's not a knock on him to say that 100 but if you're looking at him to be your number one I think you're going to be in trouble I I think that's that's the case but he'll be if you're looking for a member of your receiving Corps that has special talents that aren't exactly found everywhere the versatility the route running abilities those kind of things this is your guy now I'm going to say this for the Giants I don't want him I don't think he fits in with our group and Supply system that we don't already have because we already got a bunch of little Speedy guys here who do those kind of quick routes who can be used and moved all over the field I think he needs to go to a team that needs a true slot receiver and for him to be there and occasionally go in out of the backfield and stuff like that and do the weird kind of routes that you see nowadays in the NFL I think that's where he's better suited so that's not to say that I'm giving him the loss here because we're going to give our rankings overall on how the you know the players are but I do think he's not the best fit for the New York Giants specifically because of the players we already have and him bringing redundant qualities to an already loaded um you know fields of a bunch of basically you know as we talked about tiny receivers that are primarily slot style receivers that's what he is but like I said I do think he'll have a nice successful career in the NFL I do think that he'll find a home somewhere that'll hopefully use him correctly um I do also think he needs to find a Golden Corral and get a little more weight on him because 175 pounds that's going to get you hurt in this league

six foot 175 pounds gonna need some gonna need some uh

who doesn't love a good Golden Corral so all right any last thoughts you got in Jordan Addison here before we move on to Jackson Smith it's gonna need some beefcake beefcake

that really let's talk about jsn oh yes jsn which sounds like a sports network doesn't it uh should we do get one question here um from John I'm all in on Jonathan Mingo but how do you feel about A.T Perry John that's a perfectly excellent question for Wednesday's show

for a Wednesday's show we talk about the guys that aren't in the top four like I said we're gonna put you guys a rundown of that Wednesday you gotta wait till Wednesday John we're going to go over like I said a lot of the other guys that are the the you know day two kind of picks there um that's the guy somewhere to go over those guys for you um but keep that question in mind for Wednesday John I know Lucy Wednesday we appreciate it

as he says LOL all righty then I gotta do like a Jim Carrey oh all right may I ask you

vehicle is Einhorn

Jackson Smith the jigba as you said jsn you're going to see a lot of people here talk about him as well because to be very Frank people are worried about I think mispronouncing his name I think that's why that's why that nickname came to be but it's also it's also a long name as well it's also long name so um so same exact height as um Jordan Addison six foot even

197. that's what I want out of a receiver I want a little more weight so you can take the hits a little more because when you're a wide receiver guess what happens almost every time you catch the ball someone's gonna hit you unless you get a touchdown someone's gonna hit you unless you go out of bounds someone's gonna hit you so two-thirds of the time you touch the ball you're probably gonna get hit okay so yeah let's let's talk about that a little bit of meat on them a little bit of meat um now here's another interesting tale overall with another guy who had an amazing 21. so he goes into a loaded Ohio State Buckeye um you know School overall this just has tons and tons and tons of talent his uh freshman year has only 10 catches 49 yards one touchdown his sophomore year keep in mind this is playing alongside Garrett Wilson who had 1103 yards with the Jets last season Chris olave who had 1042 yards with the Saints last year good Ricky Seasons I'd say right I think it's safe to say that's a good that's a good record season on both those two yeah that's that's good his sophomore year playing with those two guys 95 catches 1606 yards and nine touchdowns and he barely saw the field his freshman year he was getting better as the season progressed that's the scary part his last five games just his last five 60 catches 958 yards six touchdowns it's almost 200 freaking yards a game

that includes his Rose Bowl game 15 catches 47. 347 yards in one game you you're happy if a quarterback gets that many receipt get some of these freaking passing yards he had that as a receiver three touchdowns Rose Bowl record well I said Rose Bowl record was set like back in like the third quarter even it wasn't even close

domination we were happy we were happy so some games last year that have 350 yards in offense and we we got beef white welcome again beef to the show uh says if the Giants take a wide receiver at the first pick it will be Quinn's uh uh I can quit and Johnson means if not they'll go another way they don't need more small receivers so here's the thing with that and I'm bringing this comment up specifically right now even though you just posted a perfect time and you helped me into a segue here because of the fact that this is a guy who does play the outside he's not a pure slot receiver so if you look at the table where he was he played in a slot quite often because he played in a loaded team but he's not the guy who didn't go on the outside this wasn't you know like we're talking about with um you know Jordan Addison where he was primarily a gadget and the slot receiver so Quentin Johnston you're talking about here 193 pounds

Jason has more weight on him now there's a four inch difference in the height don't get me wrong yeah four pounds I mean I'm not trying to take four inches away from the man but but they're not that different in the weight category if you've ever met four inches they'll be happy so John says Quentin has a lot of drops and that's that's a big thing as well he does have a decent amount of drops so I do think that jsn can play on the outside I think he can have a very successful career on the outside I truly do and I think he was inside in the slot position because of what was around him not because of his limitations

he had one game that he was on the outside he ran past the corner the ball was under thrown he came back to a pass it should have been an interception and said mine and ran for another 15 yards so yeah he can still play the outside yeah and I'll tell you this one thing I look at when I go ahead and compare wide receivers I specifically look for these guys when they're playing against defenses that have good corners so I looked at him against Penn State do you think Penn State might have a good corner you think Joey Porter Jr might be a decent player guy Michael in the top 10 in this draft one or two that's how good he is he had almost 100 yards against them what's the best game don't get me wrong but he wasn't shut down he still had yards you know I look at Utah you know who had Clark Phillips the third who is another first round Corner coming out this year guess who they played in the Rose Bowl when he had 347 yards Utah and I don't mean the Jazz who's set so this is a guy who is dominated when he's played against schools I don't want to make it seem like he's dominated those specific Corners because the way it works in a lot of those games those Corners are moving around from player to player because that's just how talented How deep the roster the Buckeyes have had the last couple years here but this is a guy who's gone up against teams that had Elite corners and still succeeded whereas if you look at the tape of Jordan Addison we talked about a minute ago kind of give away my answer here but if you look away look at the tape of Jordan Addison against Utah his yards were off of trick plays pretty much primarily and he did not do good when he was covered by Clark Phillips III there was some plays that he point blank got knocked into and got the ball knocked out of his hands I want a guy if I'm getting him in the first round who's dominant I want a guy if I'm getting out of the first round who I have a chance of having a number one overall receiver out of that's what I want I don't think it's unreasonable requests and a reason a reasonable assumption when you're drafting somebody in the first round to expect a first round level Talent so he's not perfect though don't get me wrong

he ain't perfect he's got some speed issues he's running four five both these guys I think I think he was clocked at the kind of my life 4.44 that's not he's basically a four five let's let's let's call it what it is because he was clocked at his Pro Dane is a fat guy with a stopwatch it's not a laser like they do with the combine so it's always a little bit off because the guy is obviously the home crowd Advantage there um so you have guys that are drafted at the edge position that are doing sub-4s now so you guys are guys rushing the patches that are faster than this receiver so again he's not perfect but what he is he's an amazing route Runner he's probably one of the best route Runners you'll see in college football ever

I'm telling you right now if he ran especially if he ran a four or three he's a top 10 receiver top 10 draft pick right now that's how close it is it's a matter of 0.2 seconds 0.2 so what he does do well though the man stops in a dime like I literally saw tape of him where he would go ahead and stop to come back to the quarterback stop to shift and the corner was back pedaling at least fall down that's how quick he is yes

numerous times he's done that to a lot of the corners like he's very good in that press like he makes the corners second guess and that's what you need in NFL for separation yeah he also goes ahead and switches Direction very quickly which is a dangerous combo you can go ahead and stop and switch directions just like that I mean there's plenty of people who made a freaking amazing career out of it that's amazing skill to get yourself open and create separation that you can't create with your speed or lack thereof now when he gets the ball in the open field I've seen him make amazing decisions as far as with his vision on where to go he's not going to be the fastest guy so like I saw even there's one playing the Rose Bowl but he was he should have had a touchdown and like two or three guys were able to track him down to stop him that stuff's gonna happen because he's not the fastest wide receiver in the world he's not Darius leading but he can do a lot of things that a lot of receivers can and one thing I gotta say too that I saw that I was extremely impressed with extremely impressed with was his stiff arm of all things for a wide receiver his stiff arm I can't tell you how many times I watch tape and all of a sudden he just somebody go to stop him and he just go and just push him right out of the way like he wasn't even there you want to talk about an outside wide receiver and skills

you know he almost reminds me of I'm going to make a very very dangerous comparison when you're not fast you need to do other things yeah I'm gonna make it very dangerous comparison here because I think it's giving this guy too high of an expectation for a guy who's never played in the NFL when I see him when I think of is almost Anquan Bolden not quite as strong as Anquan Bolden but also a better a little bit shiftier than Anquan Bolden is there's differences don't get me wrong but a guy who's a good route Runner a guy who's gonna give you his speed he's not afraid of contact you know what I mean like that kind of player he reminds me a lot of Anquan Bolton and if that's the player you get yeah great great that's a guy who was a true athlete and a true skill player for the NFL for many many years

yeah or who's a receiver over in Pittsburgh um is it Harris he's every time which one are you talking true but there's a lot of receivers out of Pittsburgh here no uh Harris uh talking about Heinz Ward are you talking no not Heinz Ford I have to Google it now but it is gonna drive you nuts he's been out of League yeah it's gonna drive me nuts he was probably drafted like 15 years ago but he was he wasn't a fast guy he was just a strong guy he had great route running and he was physical yeah and that's what this guy is look at I got to see who you're talking about look it up because I'm drawing a blank myself here um while you're looking that up the other question we got as far as jsn is will he be healthy one thing that's going to make giant fans cringe is hearing they couldn't play most of this year because of hamstring issues it's like we're bringing up Tony all over again but he doesn't have that history it was that one year and if you're listening a lot of the guys who played in professional sports that's one of those things that's difficult to go ahead and get rid of and get over once it starts is issues with your ear hamstring so you know it's while it's frustrating as a fan it's one of those things that from everything you see from a lot of the guys who played professional sports dealt with these kind of injuries a lot of them will tell you that it's not that insane for him to have an issue like that linger for the entire season the question is you have to trust your medical staff to be able to look at him review his medical and make sure there's no issues long term and if there isn't any go for it if there is you got to make the decision based on the information you have and that's the one thing why I mention it there now is we're not going to have that information folks so I have to go under the assumption that he's healthy that it was just hamstring issues and he'll be good to go next season but in the back of your mind you got to think is that the case because we don't have the medical files you get the name for us Rob I do not okay well we're gonna go over our votes for fails we're going to go over our votes and who's gonna win if you think of it later you let us know so in the Battle of Jordan Addison versus Jackson Smith in the jigba Rob who you got and why

I'm gonna have to go at Jackie Smith in Namibia that's why I say Jason okay um hold on we're gonna say Jackson

Smith I think it's the last one you're having a little trouble with probably think of it to me no Nintendo jig nah jigs

it just rolls off the tongue once you have it down it's not that difficult it's just got a little bit of different a little bit different letters than a lot of these a lot of the typical American names will say but yeah um I like his eyes I think both these guys are great runners I think both of them have ability to get separation they both aren't the fastest guys in the draft but I just like the talent the only thing that scares me about Jason is his health his hamstring but these guys are soft in the air for stellar and you can't take that away from uh

I would like to see Jason um Giants I don't go to eat the case but I think for our system he beats Addison he's probably gonna become a bear but whatever no don't even say that you know uh I'm with you you play with Fields already yeah um so I got the same vote uh I'm going Jackson spit in The Jig but as well um he's a better fit for us I've already kind of said this much but it's not even that it's who they are as a player overall like I told you guys I think that Jordan Addison is that's probably the highest floor but he's got the lowest ceiling if you want to go with an extremely safe bet for a guy who's probably gonna play in the league for you know a few years and have you know six seven thousand yards in his career that's the kind of guy you're getting with Jordan Addison assuming he stays healthy and has the length of career he should have if you want to get a true number one

he is Jackson Smith and jig best is going to be I think a true number one in this league potentially and I don't think Addison has that potential so I'm gonna go with the guy who has the higher ceiling and I'm gonna understand that he has a potential for a lower floor and I think the big issue the big question you have is again the injuries and I hated the giant fan even suggest to go with the injured player because we've had we've had so many or you know especially at the wide receiver position but the talent is too much to pass up for me the talent is too much for me to sit there and say yeah I don't know if I want this guy because no I want this guy in the team because of the fact that he has a special talent he can play on the outside as well and he has moves that are different than everybody else we pretty much have I think he's a really good fit in the Giants I really do now the question comes to be is do I think he's a better receiver than Zay flowers and that's what we're going to talk about here coming up next on Wednesday we're going to talk about the Battle of Zay flowers versus Jackson Smith the Jacob at the top spot we're also going to go over with you guys a good list of the rest of the wide receivers that we're not going to go as in depth we did with the last four here obviously I wanted to give you guys a kind of a list of thoughts on the guys that are gonna be the first round because let's be honest if you're a casual fan you're gonna watch the first night maybe the second if you're a maniac like Rob and I a goofball you're gonna be glued to the goddamn TV the whole weekend I wanted to be where you guys all get the information you need at that point so like I said we'll give you guys who was going to win the final battle that'd be pretty quick obviously because we've already gone in depth in both those guys and then from there we're going to go into all the rest of the top receivers for the league the guys you need to know about because the guys that are potential day two kind of guys there for us um and then from there we're gonna go into either corner or interior offensive line so I want to hear from you guys which ones you want us to go with next so drop that in the comments there so we have a good idea of who everybody who wants us to go over next as John says I'm a maniac LOL Mingo Mingo Mingo we know John Mingo you keep this up John we're gonna take Mingo out of the list for Wednesday just to just to be that sure

don't put it don't put it past this we'll do it you'll unplug your router what's new Rob yes uh Rob being Rob again [Laughter] so again giant fans like I said we'll have that good one for you guys there on Wednesday and then we'll start the next group up on Friday assuming no big news happens if anything news happens we'll move things around as we need to to get everything going for you guys uh as always giant fans we're available live on Facebook on YouTube on Twitter um we're also available of course on every single podcast platform known to man so if you guys are watching us live thank you very much for doing so feel free to go ahead and Hike us all the other spots as well so you always get notified when we have new content coming out typically we record every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9 00 PM eastern time and of course obviously the replays are available anytime afterwards on those platforms as well we do also record onto uh twitch and also my LinkedIn page of all things but you know uh the big two I always tell people Facebook and YouTube because if you do a comment like you saw you know some of our our regulars here on we'll see it live on the show we can comment on the live in the show we gotta bring your thoughts right into the show we love doing that um if you uh are watching an audio again appreciate you guys as well uh feel free to hit that like hit that subscribe and feel pretty cool also the social media pages so you get to see the live stuff you see the videos get to see our beautiful faces because listen our faces are beautiful I just have to say that and I don't say that just because we have you know very high self-esteem so it's because of the truth and advertising laws we have to say these things so feel free to come on and see the videos as well um and as uh John says as he's getting worried we're not going to talk about mingle on Wednesday don't you dare I won't buy more beer so we have a sponsorship buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two giant goofballs again let's buy me a cup of coffee.com Slash two the number two giant goofballs uh always available there uh gives you a spot to small donations I think five dollars in there so uh you know if you guys feel free feel free if not don't worry the show will still be free uh we are definitely not taking it away from you whatsoever um as always giant fans we appreciate you taking the time to listen in to here with these goofballs have to offer here we know you have plenty of options to get your Giants news from and your draft news from we appreciate that you guys chose us of all people we're questioning your sanity for doing so but we appreciate that you went this route

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