2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

NY Giants Pending Free Agents: Who to Resign & Who to Let Walk

February 03, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 80
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
NY Giants Pending Free Agents: Who to Resign & Who to Let Walk
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The New York  Giants have some key pending free agents. The team has to decide what to do with those free agents quickly. Do we resign them? Do we look improve at their positions? Can we afford to resign them?

Pending Free Agents Discussed

Daniel Jones

Saquon Barkley & Matt Breida


Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton, Richie James & Marcus Johnson

Jon Feliciano & Nick Gates


Justin Ellis & Nick Williams

Jihad Ward & Oshane Ximines

Landon Collins, Jarrad Davis & Jaylon Smith

Fabian Moreau

Julian Love & Tony Jefferson

Jamie Gillan & Casey Kreiter

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welcome to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

welcome fellow goofballs two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always bye me Rob that's all I got for you guys nope I say no Mario today what the hell yeah there we go there we go

it's like a tradition now come on uh it's okay I I'm it's I'm Italian so we're both allowed to do it that's the rule I think I think that's the rule for us

yeah you're co-hosting with an Italian so it's okay

you're like Italian by association now it's the advantage I can do all the accidents gosh

[Laughter] so today folks we're going to go over with you guys all the uh the major free agents that we have pending here from last uh years roster we're going to kind of go over with you what they did during the season what we think going forward as far as whether or not we should keep them on the roster for next year you know as a potential resigning or if we think we should let them walk and see if we can go ahead and get uh you know some better production at that position next year which there'll be a mixture of that in these conversations here with also obviously some some pretty tough decisions as well because people think we have all the money in the world guys I don't know why like I listen to these guys let's go trade for T Higgins and let's go sign every linebacker known to man guys we don't have that much money we don't yeah we have what 45 million dollars basically right now we still have a quarterback and a running back to potentially to sign and we still have a lot of other holes on top of that so we're gonna go over with you guys later on as far as how we can make some cap space we'll do that in the next episode for this as far as who's going to become a capped casualty looking at you Kenny Galla day looking at you

thanks for the one touchdown in two years in a meaningless game

and then we're also gonna go ahead yeah and then we're also going to go over a course for you guys uh you know potential people that we could look to go ahead and uh sign as well uh because we do definitely have some some free agents coming up that are interesting and they're not all the 10 15 million 20 million dollar kind of players guys we have some guys for you listed as well they're going to be you know more at the five million dollar guys which is more I think our price tag okay we we are not at the the Gucci and Coach kind of budget this year guys though people want to stink that we are for some reason we're definitely at the marshals and Ross kind of like uh you know you know we're looking for last year's Fashions okay hopefully no one notices we're wearing last year's Prada yes don't pick it out don't say that so before we get into the pending free agents for this uh you know this upcoming off season here we wanted to give a update on the uh the Wink Martindale Saga or as I'm starting to call it as the eye winks I think that's I think it's a fitting title for this so the Indianapolis Colts are going to do a third round of interviews third round what the hell who does three rounds I haven't done third round of interviews like I think ever for a job Grant I've also never been a head coach for a football team but that's not typical yeah I mean looks like Jeff Saturday's coming back I think that's the move to make I wouldn't go near Wing Martinsville Indiana yeah don't do it don't do it guys don't do it so the second round guys they had besides wink we had obviously as they aforementioned Jeff Saturday who did just a tremendous job guys let's keep him going keep him going um

uh you got the Broncos defensive coordinator uh uh the um uh Ichiro Vero uh you got the Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris who was a former head coach member back in the day with the Bucks as well um you got the uh Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan you got the Green Bay Packers special team coordinator Rich uh michia and I gotta say this great choice special team coordinator let me just tell you that Giants have had a great experience with that okay that's the way to go uh the Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator uh Shane stichum and also the interesting selection I thought the Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn who almost got fired as the defensive coordinator of the Lions this year and yet that's who they brought in for two interviews with the third let's say there's a defense in that team this year and I'm gonna say this as well and I know this question always gets brought up in this scenario yes he is a minority candidate which fits the role of the whole Rooney Rule that they have there but there's other people on this list that also fit that role as well so this is not a let's get the minority candidate in there so the NFL doesn't find us it's not that they're legitimate looking at him which I think is pretty interesting considering he was almost out of a job um but he's also a better candidate than wink guys don't do it don't get the wink yeah don't go with it don't go with it remember the line speed us definitely go with them yep yep definitely definitely go definitely go anywhere with the wink all right so let's get into our pending free agents this off season here and we want to do things a little different we always give you guys the offense first and I think most people do because that's just the natural progression of things offense and defense and special teams so we're gonna mix it up we're going to give you guys the defense first then the Special Teams and then save the offense for last because let's be honest that's the flashy moves the offense that's some of the big ticket items that we're looking to gonna go ahead and potentially resign so um stay tuned for that we are going to talk about it uh make sure the D first yeah and if you're watching live feel free also to share on your page let everybody know what's going on here because this is like the big moves of the off season really for the Giants potentially some of these moves we're about to talk about here so uh one last thing also before we go ahead and get started with this happy anniversary to the 2008 New York Giants 15 years ago today the Giants ended Tom Brady and the Patriots perfect season this is the 15th anniversary of the helmet catch who else feels really old right now who feels really old right now seriously oh my God I was 25 when that happened I'm 40 now yeah oh my God yeah yeah I feel it open now feeling old that was my first giant Super Bowl at a bar where I was able to legally drink I was working at Super Bowl ah behind a bar yep I was working 12 ounce to 20 ounce bottles yeah I was serving those oh yeah so let's get into those defensive players here so starting with the defensive line so we got first Justin Ellis who had four uh four starts this year appeared at every single game there's not a lot of giants we can say literally appeared in every single game for us that's that's a rarity right there uh you know the guy had 22 tackles in one sack in in those appearances he'll be 33 years old next season so not exactly a spring chicken in uh football years even though he's much younger than I am so it begs the question to me of what can you resign this guy for because if you can sign this guy to A Team friendly deal that you can bring him back into camp and let him be competition at the position and then not be out anything basically if you cut him I'm all for it all for it but if we got to pay this guy guaranteed money and that kind of stuff I'm good

they might draft for his spot so like we'll have to see where it goes I like you said if it makes sense and it's like a low cost to keep them there because he's making like 1.2 right now right yeah it's and it's he's making minimum kind of stuff he's not he's not it wasn't a big signing whatsoever and you know part of the equation too and we'll get into his situation later on so Cliffhanger so we'll talk about this in in next episode it all also depends on what we do at Leonard Williams Because if we end up having to cut Leonard Williams to save some cash that makes the defensive line much more at need than it is currently as it stands right now correct so but like I said I'm all for getting the guy back I just don't want to pay him money but we're hurting even more for a salary cap than we currently are going to be because like I said we have a lot more people here um so next up we have Nick Williams who only played half the season for us so eight games Seven Stars 15 tackles uh he was out most of the season with the biceps injury he's also going to be 33 next season now he's a guy that I want to bring back though because this is a starting caliber defensive lineman and when I say starting caliber I mean Pro Bowl but he's a legitimate guy with experience in the league that can start

oh yeah anytime you can get that kind of guy you go for it you go for it so you know I'm all for it again I don't want to you know spend a lot of money doing it but I don't mind giving this guy some guaranteed money because I do believe that he's a guy that we're gonna go ahead and and keep for the season and he will definitely make it out of Camp that's for sure yeah um so we got then we got we're on to the edge offensive line here so the big one we got here is Jihad Ward so a guy started 11 games for us was I get it all 17 not a lot of guys all 17 games for us uh 43 tackles three sacks was an amazing run stopper amazing run stopper I thought that man set the edge very very well and he was a great guy to have on the team for leadership we talked about that through the day as well uh you know he's a guy who like you know some of the younger guys kind of gravitated towards because he is going to be you know he'll be 29 next year so he's not you know as old as some of these even we talked about yeah but he's still he's still a you know a kg veteran at this point in his career he's at that perfect you know height of his career so to speak so that's the guy you on your team and it also it comes down to like what we're talking about wink before because that's a wink guy he he already came out he already came out and said if yeah pretty much if wink goes to the Colts he will go to the Colts with him yeah I'll follow Inc and wink said that's the guy I want him he will follow wink wherever he may go we turn it into a musical

yeah but yeah like I said I I don't think we need to pay him a ton of money don't get me wrong I don't think he needs to be a high-end guy but if we can get him at at a you know a slightly above minimum deal like a like a two million dollar deal for another year go for it guys because he's a good deaf piece to have at the edge I think I really do and we know azizo jalari had tons of injuries this year we don't know what's gonna happen next year you know plus kayvon's had his share of injuries throughout you know the first year and it was also his college Years as well so you need to have a good solid third Edge rusher at that point and that's what this guy is yeah so on to our first guy that I'm ready to say onara too oh Shane Jimenez oh Shane Simmons

he's taking he's taking the O'Reilly's theme song

oh it's okay it's okay if so YouTube YouTube will take us down we'll be the first though so be the last 15 games for him four stars 24 tackles two sacks I mean he definitely had his better showing that he's had the last couple years this season but at this point he's going to be 27 next year and I think he's shown us what He is yeah I hate to say it nothing special I mean watch us not resign him him be a camp body for somebody else that barely makes a team or ends up on a practice squad that's the kind of guy he is folks let's be honest in what he is I love for every draft pick to pan out this is not one of those it's not it's a bad pick we picked him what third round was it I think I think I threw a round pick so that's not a win that's not a win a third round pick is a guy that should see the field regularly if not start and probably a guy that you're you're confident is going to be one of your guys for years to come and that's not oshane Simmons so bye bye oshane thank you for everything you've done for the team as far as I'm concerned because you know never heard a bad word about the guy but he's just not the guy going forward I want to have on the team that's for sure

so now we are on the linebackers which is like this is like the dreaded position for us oh my gosh like talk about an issue with the position we've had pretty much all it's the linebacker position so let's start with fan favorite for their return of the former All Pro Landon Collins Landing Collins one start six games 15 tackles one sack one int he's gonna be 30 next year

I have mixed reviews if we get them on Veterans minimum minimum deal he might stay but if he's asking for anything more like I know he wants to be a giant going forward he's openly said that the mayor family loves this guy but it also has to make fiscal sense for this team to keep him around with the talent that He has with his age so if we get him on like League veterans minimum like I think he stays just out of respect for him but if he's asking for more he's probably gonna be sayonara yeah and I'll say this as well I think the um the big thing is it's same as like Justin Ellis if we can get him for a minimum deal bring him into Camp see what he can do see if he can earn a spot if we have to cut him loose we don't lose anything I'm all for bringing it back but if you got to give this guy anything like you're going to lose money if he doesn't make the team then bye bye because yeah this is a guy to keep in mind we got him off the streets halfway through the season this wasn't the guy that people were like oh my God we need Landon Collins on this team

yeah it just worked out that he was on the streets and we said hey man you used to be here you want to come back home for a little bit he was where the streets have no name yeah so you know again I like having the guy there he's a fan favorite because of what he was in the past you know he did have a great first stint with the Giants there but I think time has sort of passed him by where again if we can get him on a minimum deal bring him into Camp see if he makes his Squad a great but if we gotta promise this guy money I'm good yeah you can say bye-bye bye-bye uh so next block we have Jared Davis who we've resigned at the very last like the 11th Hour basically uh away from the Detroit Lions started the game against the Eagles that last game of the week and then started also in the postseason as well just a true showing of how bad our linebacker position was that we signed somebody off of a practice squad we're talking about practice squad trying the 16th week of the season or actually there'll be the seven too big of the season the six will win 16 game and started it started him the next week when he barely knew the Playbook and it showed he barely knew the Playbook this was not a guy that looked comfortable out there yeah and I feel bad for the guy and because I feel bad that we did that to him let's bring him back so but again this is the same as Collins this is the same as Justin Ellis this is the guy you bring as a camp body you know he's going to be 29 years old uh again he was on the practice squad with the Lions we pucked him so he's not somebody that was even with a guaranteed spot back then and nobody plucked him to us at the very end of the season so if you can bring him in as a camp body at linebacker which has been a position of need and he was good enough for the Giants to say let's start this guy in the postseason what does that tell you that means he's better than the guys we had folks that means as bad as he looked because he didn't know the Playbook and that's not his fault let's be very clear that is not his fault an NFL Playbook is very complicated especially plain linebacker because sometimes your coverage sometimes your run stop sometimes your your uh you're set you're going to rush the quarterback there's a lot of things to do and where you are also depends on where everybody else is that's not an easy job to go into so I want to bring him back I want to go ahead and give him a shot next year to make the roster but again I don't want to pay him where we're going to lose money if we got to cut him I think that's 100 yeah yeah I agree with that but we do have a second sayonara coming up for me sayonara Jalen Smith you gotta go you gots to go oh it's not even the enemy part I can get over the fact that he was a cowboy that's fine though I had some issues last year when he was like congratulating the Cowboys on a win when they beat us last year but he's just not good he's not good there's a reason we've gotten him late in the season twice in a row there's a reason that he looks horrible every single time he plays the man can't he can't replace he doesn't have the physicality he used to have to make up for that and that's the problem when he was young before the major injuries he could mess up and recover just based on you know his pure athleticism his pure speed he doesn't have that anymore and it shows the guy was a large part I think of why our Rush defense was so bad this season and don't get me wrong it's not all in one guy but he's a big part of it so I'm ready to say goodbye to him what about you Rob

no no you're not ready to say goodbye I agree with it we could we could part one okay yeah well there was no at first no I was shocked you'd be saying no to them I expected you to agree with that one 100 because like I said it's just been an issue yeah balance yeah so here's a really interesting okay red like not even in the track Squad

yeah you go good go ahead you're good we got a little delay that's all I don't know it's just okay no I'm saying not even for the practice squad like yeah it's a cyanar goodbye yeah I'm with you like I said I don't want this guy anywhere near Giants uniform let me put it this way if he's a New York Giant next year Joe Shane you left up you left up Point Blank and I'm trying to be nice by saying F instead of the word I want to say guys I'm from Jersey okay I'm trying to be good guys I'm trying to be good I've been in Florida long enough I'm trying to use my manners I'll stick I'll stay away from the bath salts folks don't worry [Laughter] yeah it's like surprising man what are you gonna have to do [Laughter] so we have you know our first interesting one that I can go back and forth on you know most of these guys I have a pretty definitive and you know me I'm pretty much like this is my thought I'm done this is where I'm at this is a guy I can go either way on and I think I'm leaning towards I want to bring him back and that's Fabian Moreau so he was obviously the starting quarterback sorry cornerback for much of the year 11 starts 14 games overall took over for Robinson after he got hurt 66 tackles in the season he's going to be 29 next season so he's kind of getting to the getting a little old to be a corner in the NFL kind of situation there which sounds so weird but that's a young man's game guys when they talk about running back be in a game that you you know you don't get a lot of time in the NFL Corner that's the one as well once you start reaching that 30 Zone you're on borrowed time you are on borrowed time you better switch to safety or you better get into the inside because that's when you start slowing down so uh but like I said he did good for us PFF had a rate it's like one of the top corners in the league remember that in the beginning of the season you know he had some amazing grades

yeah he's definitely stepped up for us yes especially with some of the injuries in the back I would I would like seeing that yeah he works well in Wings he did for us my only thing is that if hypothetically they go to get somebody else to start yeah smaller deal

yeah yeah if they get somebody else to start that's where I'm like wait a minute okay let the guy go because he deserves a starting job probably somewhere in the NFL and it all depends on what we do in the off season there but if he's willing to take a a shot and know I don't have a guarantee of a starting position then yeah let's bring it back guys because he's a good saggy veteran gives you a veteran to have you know um a guy who's been around for you know what six seven years probably in the league now um you know a guy who's played with a few different teams and had his probably his best season with us this last year so I want to keep him I just don't want to pay him through the Wazoo to keep him that's all yeah listen like if he's asking for a big contract after this year

but if he wants to go with a comfortable you know deal like folks had then prior maybe you know even a little bit more I'm okay with that but just not a lot more gnome [Laughter] um now we get into our first of the uh the big contracts that we're gonna have to give in um and that's Julian love who I fully fully expect um Tina to come back that's for sure so this guy 16 game 16 starts the only game you didn't play was the Philadelphia game and that was a rest that wasn't a let's you know uh it wasn't a let's go ahead and not keep him you know uh on the field because he's injured or anything like that it was just hey we need to rest some guys because we got the playoffs going uh 109 tackles one sack one inter sorry two interceptions and the guy was the Swiss army knife as he always has been can play in the slack and play in the corner of me be you know been a strong safety most of the Year this is the guy we need back he's a key member of the defense and I think he's gonna cost eight nine ten million dollars to keep a year I hate to say it he's going to be a guy we're going to pay some money to I mean he also stepped up big time too with uh McKinney getting injured calling the plays in the back like he he became like a leader in the back so like he he's gonna he's he's gonna need some money and he deserves it oh yeah oh yeah here we go we got it we got a comment here from a friend of the show here so I gotta share this real quick with everybody Harry the Greek Mr Harry Berg himself oh my God it's the goofballs wait the camera's not that low what's up Harriet how are you doing bud

all righty so yeah like I said I think we definitely keep Julian to love the the next guy though uh I I'm so torn on this one I'm about to say Tony Jefferson nine games in one start 23 tackles guy's gonna be 32 next year folks and he's got an injury history like you would not believe that that man's medical chart is stacked so yeah he's like he's like he's like what's his face what Roadhouse just walked around with his medical records oh yeah here we go Patrick Swayze we're going Patrick sweet yes you know they're gonna remake that movie with Ronda Rousey and they decided not to do it because it's Ronda Rousey well what happened was she lost her match this is why she should have quit while she was still undefeated she was still a big name the second you lose in boxing or MMA you're done that's what happens that's not necessarily true but well at least you lose the Allure of being this this undefeated this Unstoppable Force you know well she pioneered women's fighting oh yeah in May but her problem was not that she lost it's how she reacted to her loss yeah and that's probably why I got pulled like I had a lot of respect for what you did until she lost they even have respect for when she lost but when she started getting Shenanigans blame everyone else

I was like but if I feel sorry for you because you beat the [ __ ] out of 11 other women anyway this is a football podcast back to Tony Jefferson uh so yeah like I said he's in the same boat as some of the guys we talked about earlier if we can bring him back on like a no guaranteed money deal just to bring him as a camp body instead it happens that I'm all for it but if we gotta pay this guy anything I'm good because this is another guy that we shouldn't have to have on the team next year at 32 years old yeah that's not the guy you want on your your roster there um you know not the guy that you should be counting on to be one of your top you know safety and keep in mind still have obviously assuming where you sign Julian love you'll have him you love McKinney you'll have Dean Belton back obviously still in a rookie contract got a lot of rookie deals for the cap um we'll have you know Jason Pinnock as well still in our contract so there's a there's a couple of guys we have that you know or there's four safety is right there how many you need maybe sure that's it I'm sure they might find someone through the draft yeah so now we're on to everybody's favorite special teams everybody loves the Special Teams everybody loves it yes oh yes the special teams Joe judge so we have the uh first we have the punter Jamie Gillen uh going to be 26 next year the Scottish hammer see I can do the Scottish accent too I'm part Scottish I think they should just bring back just because his nickname it's fantastic you know what I'd bring it back into Harpy that the guy can do a goddamn coffin corner why is this man so adverse to hitting the corner or the of the field like like I want him to spend all off season comes from the rugby he wants to contacting that I'm just saying like it's it's it's it's just pivot kick like it's not that much different than what you're doing now that's something we've talked about all year with him it's like he kicks he kicks the ball like you want your field goal kicker to kick the ball like he's right down the middle every time yeah he might be able to punt it through the inside yeah up right yeah he maybe he'd be the first yard line the first proposing punter head and how long so

um again this all boils down to money folks though so you know he's he's not been a bad punter but you don't want to break the bank for a punter sure yeah yeah so uh uh I mean grant our best teams need help but yeah needs help but it needs also help that you know won't break the bank and kill our killer uh you know like I said tap number well everybody loves a name yeah nickname this Scott so Scottish hello we're on though to everybody's we're on to everybody's famous favorite topic here the offense after one more player oh yes the Long Snapper exactly we still have to talk about the fact that Casey Kreider who's going on 33 years old is a free agent and this is a good consistent guy I don't think we've had any issues with him whatsoever the issues with the punt I'm going to say this around Jamie Gillen not being quick enough to punt the ball that's not on the Snapper he's getting the ball back in time it's getting there consistently so bring him back and I don't have to worry about like breaking the bank because you don't ever break the bank for any Long Snapper so you know no it very often snap the ball and move on

let's be honest that's what that's what the role is so yeah so don't fix it yeah as long as it goes back to your punter that Snapper is good oh yeah got a good snapper [Laughter]

oh so on to the offense onto the offense before we get to more offensive yeah so on to quarter quarterback I wonder if we have a like a free agent quarterback this off season of any kind should we talk about that we should talk about him at the end no no I won't do that I won't be that mean I won't be that mean all right So Daniel Danny dimes DJ Jones about to become Danny dollars is what he's about to become oh yes he is so we've talked about this previous in the show folks but I'm gonna I'm gonna reiterate for those who may not have listened to Prior episodes we talked about some of this here Joe Shane is already talking to saquon who we'll get into in a minute they have not talked to Danny dimes at all and to people that don't realize me think oh wait maybe they don't want him back no he already let it slip in the press conference and let me be very clear in this he didn't let it slip accidentally he let it slip on purpose he was telling teams stay away from my goddamn quarterback that's what he was telling James there was no accident there's stay away for my quarterback don't plan on getting him because we're not going to give you the chance Point Blank they were saying that but 100. the fact that they haven't talked to him to me tells me that her plan is work on saquon work on saquon work on saquon because they don't want him to hit the market because their plan is they're going to go ahead and tag Daniel Jones and you attack him the number is about 32 million dollars that becomes your starting for the first year on the new contract when you work that into a later on and I'm telling you this giant fans we don't go up from 32. remember we got screwed with the franchise thing with Leonard Williams we had to pay him a ton of money you don't go up that's your Baseline I'm paying you 32 no matter what let's just work it out from there and you know what the cancer the cap number next year is probably going to be a 13 36 and 40 which is probably what he's going to want anyway so they'll come to a decision they'll come to an agreement and figure it out guys I have no doubt in my mind because Daniel Jones wants to be a giant the Giants want him to be a giant it's gonna it's a matter of how much and for how long it is a match made in MetLife that like he does dangerous does not want to go to another team with another coach another offensive coordinator and restart everything he's just done to prove himself in order to get his contract he's going to stay here he's gonna make his money he's going to look that much better and then maybe in a few years from now if it doesn't work out like if he's not tagged then he'll hit the market because then he'll look that much better and get more more bucks more bang for his buck exactly so like I said I expect him to be there it's just a matter whether he gets a long contract or if he signs the franchise but I would be absolutely shocked if he's not a giant next year absolutely shocked and for those who don't like Daniel Jones and Rob will attest to the fact that I'm not a Daniel Jones lover like I'm not sitting there saying this guy's gonna make the Pro Bowl or anything crazy like somebody else in this program but hey he's gone is he here he's going to stick it folks he's still he's still a good quarterback he's still an above average Quarterback now we just got to find out if we get the right Tools around him next year which hopefully we finally can how much above average is he and we don't have the answer to that yet again four years did we still don't know what the hell we got him it's pissing me off but he's going to be there next year let's see what we've got and I'm telling you right now if I know the Giants like I know the Giants and you know 40 years in this earth and I've been a giant fanatic since today I was born the Giants are not going to give this guy the kind of contract they can't get out of if they're wrong they're going to have an escape Clause after a year or two I guarantee oh it's definitely going to be

there's definitely going to be some kind of causes oh yeah I mean like the Santa Claus when they opted out of his 50th year I mean that that might have been their biggest mistake because now now they're gonna have to pay this guy but here's the thing that was not though because maybe that's what he needed maybe that's what he needed Daniel Jones got a chance to be against the ropes so to speak and when they declined his fifth year option it was going to be 30 million dollars the franchise tag is 32 million 34 billion dollars sorry so it's only a four million dollar difference it's not that much different so that's what everybody's looking at oh my God they didn't do it of course they didn't do it because once you do that you're guaranteed you're locked in you have to pay the guy now

they wanted the year to see what he was and it was a good bet because it got them a position to check it out without being stuck paying him 30 million dollars next year if they didn't want him what if it hadn't worked out folks if we picked that up what if he you know just didn't show didn't show gross showed recession you know maybe Brian Davis didn't like the guy who didn't like working with them you got to give a new a new regime a chance to see what they got and that's what they did it was it was worth the risk I think yeah it's definitely outweighed the cost oh yeah so on to our second big name in this here saquon say quad Barkley oh that's the next big name are we gonna keep this guy are we not gonna keep this guy so from everything of our hearing he's already turned down the contract offers at like 12 13 million dollars those kind of deals and I'm gonna say this Joe Shane is not going to break the bank for this guy not going to do it he's going to put his Line in the Sand and say this is our number and if you don't like it go see what else is out there

that's why I think is going to happen and unless the Giants all of a sudden at the 11th Hour start talking to Daniel Jones to get a contract the franchise option is gone

the move they have is they tag Barkley pay him what 10 point bill and then DJ like 34. and that's why I'm saying you've got to get down signed to have that as an option and the way they're working at it right now they're talking they're not even talking to Jones yet so I don't see that happening I think it's going to be well I mean that's what the means I don't know if there's and hope to see no no that's not the media that's Joe Shane reporting it Joe Shane himself has said multiple times I have not talked to Daniel Jones's people yet

he said it loud and clear at the Senior Bowl in front of all the media so like I said the plan is pretty obvious they're not going to overpay saquon they're going to give him a number they think is fair and he's going to take it or leave it they're gonna they're gonna be much more business-like with this transaction and that's fine you should be it's a running back it's a running back with an injury history who's 26 years old which I know is Young but it's not for running back you give him like a five-year deal he's 31 at the end of that what happens the running backs points to get close to 30. I haven't at 30 close to 30. you start the legs aren't giving out guess what you're having two leg injuries yep which is weird because remember growing up we'd have guys to like 32 33 no problem still being running backs I don't know what it is about the game and how it's changed I'd be curious to talk to somebody about you know what is the difference and as far as what's happening to running backs because I definitely don't feel like it was that growing up yeah huh maybe just because you know the talent coming out of school it just keeps evolving faster and faster my personal opinion is I think defenses are faster than they used to be and it requires a certain level of speed that it didn't used to require yeah I mean you think about it like in early 90s as long as you're just a big dude on defense you had a job yeah like it's about agility and speed like could you imagine you know a guy like Fred Warner trying to stop you know Jerome Bettis

like he'd be in the hole in two seconds where because Bettis was so slow because he was so big and it's not a knock on Bettis he was great for his time but he wouldn't a guy like that wouldn't succeed in the NFL nowadays as well I should say as well no so like I said I think it's just the difference of the game but it'd be interesting to talk to somebody who was actually in the NFL and see what they think about that you know I'll throw it at there we've had some discussions with the former fullback of the Giants to come on the show well I actually just mentioned again today and he's wanted to come on but been very busy so hopefully we can get him on soon and talk to him about that it kind of cares to hear his thoughts but again like I said yes it form us you know who you are just saying penny for your thoughts penny for your thoughts oh so yeah I think like I said I O yes so like I said I think saquon personally it's 50 50 he's back or not and I'm good either way because as spectacular as he was the first half of the Season he wasn't as spectacular the second half and I think it kind of brought us back down to earth to what he is he's a good running back like 16 mil like he's not looking to nope what do you say he's not looking to redefine the the max doesn't mean he doesn't want what it is he wants the max that's the thing he wants the max he wants that 16 million dollars is everything I'm hearing and again it's all speculation so I don't want to say it's that that's like you know as much as I love

much as I love Barkley

yeah fella Barkley he's not worth 16 mil no he's not he's not I mean there's a lot he's not a single running back who is even McCaffrey who's getting paid that much it's not worth 16 million dollars so you know luckily the Niners don't pay him that because they're paying him just to saddle right now the signing bonus portion since you know Carolina did but yeah like I said we'll see what happens there that's going to be a play it by ear that's going to be I honestly I think when it comes down it's gonna come out of nowhere kind of situation or he'll be going to free agency so we'll see what happens but I do think he wants to be a giant so I do think he'll go back to the Giants saying hey I got this offer will you match it and I'm hoping that's the case because he from all accounts he's a great guy he's been the face of the franchise to a very terrible time for the Giants uh prior to this year at least and you know you can't help a roof of the guy he's always he's always been a nice guy so yeah even though take one make your money we're not we're not hating you make your money who's able to get out there

yeah yeah

so on to his backup that was also a free agent the same opportunity that would be in the same shoes as you man oh yeah I'm taking money taking money uh onto his backup Matt Breda who's also a uh a free agent here and we signed into a one-year deal last year didn't get a lot of chances only 54 rushes all season long but he had 220 yards for a 4.1 yard per carry average this is a guy that especially if saquon's not back I expect him back fully yeah so I mean he's 27 I expect like a I don't expect a big five-year deal out of this guy but expect you know no yeah because he'll be 28 next year so you figure give him one more year and let's see what he does uh I do want to draft somebody as well in the in the draft especially if we don't get um you know to resign Barkley I want a different guy who's a starting caliper guy and keep this guy as the backup and like I said I think it's a good match because he knows the system he knows Dave always been with him for a couple years and like I said he did well in The Limited touches he had so that earns the second contract in my eyes as long as he doesn't want too much money if he wants to go with the minimum kind of deal again then let's bring him on back damn sure that's like he didn't get to like you said he didn't get to play didn't have that much time so it's not like he got to a magician himself or other teams because he was behind Barclay so it's not like he could turn around like exactly look at my stats from this past year when look at my stats is it the knee they're not there don't you think my stat Sheet's incomplete

sequan has just been a bit of Bull Hog

so we're on to the wide receivers though the wide receivers oh yeah and talk about another position along with the linebacker that's the first one is the vet the longest tenured New York Giant and that is Mr Mary J Blige himself

since since the two are apparently dating Sterling Shepard who's gonna go into 30 years old next year can you imagine Sterling Shepard's gonna be his 30s it feels like we just drafted him a couple days ago it really does it looks like he's been on the team that long so but he's been he's been with us quite a while now and I think the big question really comes into it's not will he be back because if he wants to play again he'll be back there's not a doubt on my mind on that not just the giant fans but the coaching staff the team the executives have a lot of positive vibes for him overall because he was with the team the whole season if you guys if you guys don't know what he looks like outside of his helmet look it up and then re-watch the tape you'll see him in every single sideline in every single game that man has been there the whole entire time he's been he's been getting the team going he's been coaching up the young guys the guys that we signed like Isaiah Hodgins and stuff like that like this has been at the ultimate teammate kind of guy and he just loves football the minute loves the sport so I want to bring him back I don't want to pay him a ton of money though obviously because he's probably going to come back get hurt again and then you know it's just what he does well he's already said like he wants to come back as a guy he said he wants to play it's also willing to take less money so I see him taking like the veteran minimum and just speak retires his giant and it'll probably be like an offensive uh he'll probably be like wide receivers coach at one point and I'll say this I have no problem even giving him multi-year deal and I don't want to give him a ton of money when I say that but I want this man to be a New York Giant as long as he wants to be a New York Giant he's earned that yeah at this point heart and soul of the team and he's better than anybody we have in the field for the second half of last year guys he looked good when he was out there before he got hurt again with the second ACL injury ACLs you know hopefully this new Turf helps

that would yeah so the rest of the the rest of the guys though I think it's a little more not so cut and dry so we start off with our Speedy guy Darius slayden no no not rich he's insane oh yeah Darius slayden the speed demon himself the guy who can break open the field at any point but just drop the ball when it hits his hands and this guy now for what three out of the four years he was a New York Giant did over 700 yards this is a guy that we should be looking to keep guys because he should not be in the position he was in this year don't get me wrong he should not be number one but he's been capable he's been healthy and he's been he's been much better than you expect out of a fifth round draft pick this is probably the biggest slam dunk pick of the Dave gettleman era I'm conflicted and all that I I would like to see him back he also might be looking for some money and if that's the case goodbye again you can't blame him it's a business but I'm with you on that I want to pay him a ton of money because the guy does drop the ball left and right but if you can get him as a death piece and you can sign him to a couple million dollars a year kind of thing like a two three million dollars kind of thing then I'm fine with that but I don't want to pay him a ton of money yeah neither do I and I I think he's going to be looking for that money and he's probably gonna get paid somewhere listen it's his only shot he may ever have to get the money so see with Barclay if you get the chance to make money folks listen I don't blame these guys whatsoever it's a business sport it's a business this is taking care of your family and I challenge anybody in whatever position they're in to say if they're a competitor for wherever they were came to them and said hey we're going to give you millions of dollars a year to go to the same thing that these guys don't want to pay you that for you would take it a heartbeat yeah I would we will

double the triple your salary yeah you'd say thank you we're taking it all day long all day long oh do you hear that competitors out there oh no yeah well I don't recognize but if you pay me Millions I'll work overnights even though I freaking hated doing it the little bit of time I did do it once for one job um that's true yeah yeah paid me enough money I'll do it uh even if I do it for like two years then I retire done [Laughter] so on to the guy you thought I was mentioning a minute ago are are slot receiver extraordinaire Richie James Richie James and this is another guy that you know I was thinking about it and I want to bring this to your attention as we talk about these guys here so we got Juan deal coming back next year obviously we know that yes we know Kenny Gallade is not so let's say we got wandel we got we got Shepard we've already said that okay there's two guys right there we go on the road back Isaiah Hodgins who's not a free agent he's one of those guys we can tender a contract to and just get him back so there's three guys right there yes there's only so many receiver spots you got available guys if you want to upgrade receiver you're gonna have to let some people go so like we talked bringing sleeting back that's number four you only have five or six receivers usually on the roster so Richie James I'm gonna put him in the category that we talked some of the guys about if you can give him a small deal and make him earn a spot on the roster next year without giving up a ton of money go for it but if he wants to get paid and again don't blame the man go get paid if you get the chance he wants to get paid let somebody else pay him yeah 100 and I also feel like it depends on what's going on with slaying what's going to go on with uh Rich James because once again there's only so much depth you could have at that field and we picked him off practice squad so if he wants to take yeah he was a free agent we got him as a free agent this year so I'm just saying if you can pay somewhere else go get paid but otherwise you're probably gonna get paid a small deal probably Beyond practice elevated a couple times million million and a half kind of guy yeah I mean that's what he is you know and he is getting to be 28 too as well so he's reached probably his Peak it's not like he's the 22 year old guy that we had that you know maximized his chance and has an upward trajectory in his career like he's he's probably Peak guys um I got bottom level receiver which is not horrible don't get me wrong there's plenty of guys who made a long decent living doing that kind of role so okay

on to our next receiver last receiver we got in the list who I am ready to say onara two again this is our first offensive sayonara I think yeah straight up Marcus Johnson 29 years old it's getting to that point guys like listen you know these guys had you made it 29 years in the league with that kind of talent not to knock the guy but he's not exactly you know screaming Talent there then no you know you've done a good job there for yourself so you know the guy was uh 14 games started seven games Who had who had Marcus Johnson starting seven games for us here no what do you have like overall nine catches nine catches 99 yards I mean that's that's you had some chances there you didn't really do a damn thing no touchdowns even so listen again he's 29 years old folks this is not a guy that we can go oh maybe he'll grow into something we've seen what he is yeah time to go bye-bye Bye Felicia bye yeah so yeah time now time for him to go exactly now we got a couple of guys here on the offensive line to talk about and let's just say this is an offensive offensive life so if they did not so good a job for much of this year in the past protection there minus Andrew Thomas okay a beast as always uh so the first one John Feliciano who I'm still blaming him for that Washington Commander loss a tie we had I still it still gets under my thumb that would have put us at 10 wins for the season by the way folks that'll put us at 10 and 7. there's a difference when you look at it at a season we needed 10 wins and nine wins because double digits is like an accomplishment that's like a hey that's a really good season not to take away from the season we had it's still a damn good season compared to what we've been doing but um well and not even for that reason I'm willing to walk away from John Feliciano if he wants to do the kind of deal we talked about earlier where he's a can't body if he makes a team then great but he doesn't strike me as that person he strikes me as somebody who wants to get paid and again we said it before don't blame people when I get paid but he strikes me as somebody wants to get paid you know he talked about basically the team like the plan was to make him uh a starter for one year and he was going to go sign somewhere else for big money as a center because he thought he was going to do very good as a center well he didn't do that good at the center at least in my eyes he was he was a blow average Center I thought I thought he got blown up pretty good on some passing plays uh I I just don't think he's the guy I want starting and so I'm willing to let him walk unless he's going to take a deal where we can see if he can get him a spot in the roster and maybe be a backup because I wouldn't mind having the guys a backup that I wouldn't mind but I I think he's gonna want more money than we want to give him earthy you're probably right there I usually am oh yeah I'm also modest I'm also very modest yeah it's gonna say super modest there super modest I'm the most modest person you'll ever meet yeah

yeah I mean these probably want to get like he's if he's going to get paid yeah they don't want to get paid and you can't blame the guy for wanting to get paid because that's that's all about in the end so or the other thing you see is like he stays at Center he does take a a minimum and they draft the center and he's kind of coaches at the Young town so I have a different idea for Center actually oh I know what you're going to say what happens in the draft and my idea for Center as our next guy we have on the list the New York Giants offensive line Nick close the gates

yeah I want him I want him to be our starting center uh I I think you're hard-pressed to find people that root for this man more than the two of us here what he came back from is absolutely amazing and to come back and start the next year and he looked good starting he didn't look tremendous don't get me wrong he's not a pro bowler he probably never will be a pro bowler

he looks like an average starter for us this year I thought and I think next year he'll look even better and probably be an above average starter for us so I want to put him at Center next year I'm okay with putting him at guard if we draft a good Center or something like that because I do think we're going to draft somebody higher up but My Hope My Hope and we'll see how that works out obviously because you know hopes and dreams it always work out yeah my hope is that the line next year is Andrew Thomas Josh azudu at left guard because I'm hoping he wins the job Point Blank the center Nick Gates Right Guard somebody we draft or Nick Gates because we drafted a center and then right tackle obviously Eva Neal and I think you know the big thing is get some deck pieces in there for what injuries happen this is off season on the offensive line but I don't think we have to do tons of movement I think we just need guys to mature and progress that's the big thing if Evan eel takes a big leap if Josh izunu takes a leap you know we get one guy in there to improve the Right Guard or the center position move Mark Lewinsky to a backup roll because we can't cut him because of his contracts on after the next year you know it's not a bad offensive line guys it's been a while since the giant fan we can say it's not a bad offensive line yeah just uh DJ needs some of my protection man he's he got battered oh yeah he deemed he has been battered and bruised and all kinds so yeah like I said I think that's where we're going there so like I said we got some guys to let go we have some guys to keep we have some guys to keep owning if it fits the budget you know kind of kind of I think I I I I think it's kind of interesting that for the most part we're pretty flexible on a few guys we but I think the only ones I've heard us really say we need to keep are Daniel Jones uh Jihad Ward Jillian love Nick Gates and Sterling Shepard everybody else has been kind of either goodbye or it depends on the money

even take one either one of us going oh we have to sign Sequon which just sounds so weird not to hear even myself not to say it but it's a business you guys it's all about the money all about the money money money all about the Big Jim means money money money so we'll see what happens I think it's gonna be interesting off season it for us so I really do I think this is gonna be one of those off Seasons that sets the tone for the next couple of years because we have such big important decisions to make with Daniel Jones with saquon we got it we got what uh like 11 draft picks is something crazy like that this year as well uh you know we even have an extra 30. we have we got some we got some actual money this off season as well again guys we don't have Gucci money but we got some money depending on what we do especially with the contracts that we can make some movement on which will be our next episode we're going to do for you guys so we'll come back after the Pro Bowl guys Pro Bowl doesn't quite sound as yeah by the way do you catch a skills competition with the Pro Bowl no it it was kind of interesting they had defensive lineman with a throwing water balloons back and forth to see who can last the longest this this is where this is where at with a pro bowl okay literally they have defensive lineman sexy dexy was one of them throwing water balloons back and forth to see who can do it and they've moved back further and further to make it more more difficult and see who can not make it burst then they had guys doing um you know that machine they used with the football to do like you know the pass catching machine they have at the practices so they had that and they had linebacker they had linebackers and and Edge rushers and stuff doing it where they catch they had to catch them and then the next round they had to hold one ball and catch one and then they hold two balls and catch one and then they pull three bulls and catch one they had a dodge ball like this is where the pro Bowl's gone down to it's it's it's it's it's got that bad so uh expect a rant on the next episode guys about how bad it is especially when you have a backup quarterback as a Pro Bowl quarterback this year yeah yeah that's how bad it is that's how bad it is folks but like I said next next episode we'll have we'll do the uh you know the uh cap casualties that we expect to see are ones that would make sense to see uh we will also do an episode for you guys here pretty soon also on potential free agent targets as well so after that we're going to start doing our you know our Super Bowl preview show for you guys obviously our post game on the Super Bowl and then we'll start doing positional breakdowns for you guys from the 2022 season so talking about each individual um you know position how it went how we think it went as far as for next year's Outlook do we need to improve this position which players played well which players played bad which ones need to go sayonara you know all that kind of stuff there for you guys and we got some great guests lined up so for anybody else that's like me that she's addicted to Giants information and then this non-stop on YouTube and podcast land and all that stuff there we have some of the biggest names in giant content creators coming with us here on this so everybody if you haven't already hit that subscribe button if you're on Facebook hit the you know hit that hit the like button on the video if you're on YouTube hit the like button if you're on Twitter hit the hit the heart hit the reshare if you're in podcast and hello out there in podcast land go ahead and hit that subscribe hello hello hello it was run by fruiting

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