2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

2022 New York Giants Awards Show: 1st Annual Goof Awards

February 01, 2023 Episode 79
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
2022 New York Giants Awards Show: 1st Annual Goof Awards
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We celebrate the best of the New York Giants season by celebrating with our 1st annual Goof Awards Show. 2022 was a great year for the NY Giants and it is worth celebrating the players and coaches who brought us so much joy.

The Nominees are:

Special Teams Player of the Year
Graham Gano, Jamie Gillan, Gary Brightwell, Carter Coughlin

Offensive Rookie of the Year
Evan Neal, Wandale Robinson, Joshua Ezeudu, Daniel Bellinger

Defensive Rookie of the Year
Kayvon Thibodeaux, Cordale Flott, Dane Belton, Micah McFadden

Offensive Player of the Year
Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, Andrew Thomas, Darius Slayton

Defensive Player of the Year
Dexter Lawrence, Julian Love, Adoree Jackson, Xavier McKinney

Comeback Player of the Year
Saquon Barkley, Nick Gates, Darius Slayton

Assistant Coach of the Year
Shea Tierney - QB Coach, Jerome Henderson - Secondary, Mike Groh - WRs, Andre Patterson - dline

Coordinator of the Year
Mike Kafka, Wink Martindale, Thomas McGaughey

Play of the Year
Going for 2 against the Titans

Most Improved Giant
Daniel Jones, Andrew Thomas, Dexter Lawrence, Julian Love

Best Free Agent of the Offseason
Richie James, Jihad Ward ,Matt Breida, Fabian Moreau

Best Mid Season Pickup of the Year
Isaiah Hodgins, Jaylon Smith, Landon Collins, Lawrence Cager

Most Valuable Player
Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, Dexter Lawrence, Adoree Jackson

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welcome to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

welcome fellow goofballs two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by

e that's all I've got today

so we got a very very special episode for you all today very very special one this is the first annual goof awards show there we we were attempted to to call it something else it kind of sounds like goof but we didn't want to take off Disney

so we thought let's keep Disney the magical happy place it is so we had the first annual goof Awards here and we want to go ahead and go over a quick uh bit of giant news before we do that there but we're excited to do this because we're going to go over as far as you know most valuable player most improved player Defensive Rookie of the Year special teams play of the event all these different categories this is going to be a legit award show keep watching guys because Will Smith just might slap the crap out of someone you never know you never know

probably me because I don't know how to shut up [Laughter] you keep his word you keep his name out of your damn mouth

so first up before we get into the actual Wars I wanted to go over with you guys the update we got today from the Senior Bowl so they're saying that Joe Shane talked to the media and discussed how they're still talking to saquon Barkley about his contract and getting extension for him and they seem really focused on that because that's all you hear about and he even said they haven't talked to Daniel Jones still so people are talking about this but I'll tell you this I think this is a pretty obvious sign of something

tag you're it because everybody's talking about this guy being worth like 40 million dollars now we can't pay him 40 million dollars you can't pay people 40 million dollars a year and still build a team around them and this is not Patrick Mahomes this guy needs a team around him so tag the guy you're paying him 32 million dollars that's what the the franchise tag is in this year's 32.416 still a pretty damn good paycheck how about that Rob oh listen I'll be lucky to make 30 million dollars in my life so seriously like so you're gonna make that you're good for you yeah so let's not cry for him so you go ahead and you you sign him to a franchise tag deal then you go into negotiations and guess what happens the year one year one you say I'm not going over 32 million dollars because I don't have to pay you more than that it's not personal that's business listen after the day you don't want to do what Oakland did yeah you don't want to put uh you know you don't want to put DJ on like a Derek Carr kind of thing yeah well you don't want to do pretty much anything that the Las Vegas Raiders do because they're the Raiders they're just they've been dysfunctional since the day I was born basically maybe it's my fault I don't know Maybe real fast is Derek Carr not only a Vegas Raider was he he was an Oakland Raider yes I think he's the longest he only I should say he still is because they haven't cut him or traded him but he's still the most tenure Raider I believe in the franchise currently yeah he's going on 10 years was he yeah it's been a while he's been a while but wait a way to be nice to him on his way out yeah good job Raiders but I think I think it's telling tell sign that they're still negotiating with saquon and I think what's gonna happen is they're gonna trade they're gonna um tag Jones and then whatever saquon does saquon does I think they've kind of like this is where we're at you take this deal or you go look for a better one elsewhere that's what I think personally based on what I'm seeing yeah yeah so this may vary with the last weeks we've seen of saquon as a giant I think but I mean I mean they have the possibility to tag Barclays as well which is ever no they can't they only tag one only tag one you have to sign Jones to do that there's a wink wink and a nudge nudge that they're going to go ahead and sign Jones and but I don't see that happening you can't take the risk of letting your quarterback hit the open market that's that's stupid that's stupid yes and no so if there's a weekly hush he there also might be talks behind the scenes that we don't oh no it's a weak wig nudge nudge not a hug yeah it's a wink week nush nudge yeah with the hush hush like not to be confused with the wink wink Martindale yeah I mean at the day like like we said prior DJ is probably not going to want to go anywhere else because he finally has a stable good head coach why take the chance anywhere else this is the best he's looked all your all your all his whole career and it's a offense that works for him so if he could make it back you know a hush-hush deal and have the opportunity to see where he can make if they have to tag Barkley does he make a little bit more off the deal you don't think that you don't take that risk though I mean like especially with like he's a Carolina boy Carolina needs to quarterback you know that's been the one rumor I have heard of I mean you don't take that risk you tag him you don't risk losing your quarterback and let me put it this way I appreciate every single thing Shake one has done for this team he is in the face of the franchise the last couple years he's been an absolute Beast this year and his rookie year but in the end you can draft a running back who may not be as good as him but you don't miss out as much as you do by losing your quarterback

this must be the first time I hear you actually defend DJ over Barkley that whole season in the end quarterback is more important now if we had the number one overall pick I'd be having a different conversation here for the Chicago Bears and DJ DJ was the was the quarterback but who are you getting better than Daniel Jones right now no one there's no one so you're going to have to get him back whether you like it or not and there's people that are like it and people that won't like it and then there's going to be people in the middle like me but when it boils down to it is we have no better option folks you don't let this guy go you get him you hope a second year in the franchise with the same offensive system with a better receiving quarter and hopefully that's what happened I read an article actually today they were saying that the Giants had literally the slowest wide receivers they like track you know track their code their Speedster on the field they have the slowest wide receivers in the entire NFL yeah that's bad imagine you're trying to stay so you're trying to say if Tom Brady comes out of retirement tomorrow again you don't want him as quarterback listen I you I would never have taken Tom Brady to begin with he's just he's done we're rebuilding

you know what I hoped he still played to be honest just because it's like it's a sign that I'm old now that you know a guy that you know another guy that get the last guy I think actually that was getting drafted right as I was getting out of high school is now retiring so I'm just that old now that you know nobody is there for my childhood anymore at all he's the last he's the last man Tom Brady they're all gone they're all gone I saw somebody posting at the end of an era and it was it was um Brady um Breeze Peyton Eli uh rivers and Roethlisberger and it's like that right that was like a group of quarterbacks and I'll even say this is a giant fan it's kind of gracious to include Eli to a certain degree um because I I think all in all those quarterbacks had a little more on their resume minus Super Bowls obviously but I mean that's truly the end of an era it really is so you know but like I said hopefully this is the beginning of a new era for us we signed Daniel Jones to a long-term deal and he keeps improving year after year having the better offense you know with with dable and Kafka hopefully coming back next year having a better uh you know having the better system overall uh that he's had enjoyed this year as well having the better receivers and weapons around him because he still needs those he's not good enough to do it by himself you need weapons so but I think but I I I do get time though oh I think it's a time I think it's that time to start the first annual goof Awards


[Music] uh I'd like to thank the academy for sure thank you they love me they really love me so I I think it's I think it's time to get started with the very first for not just first annual goof awards show but the very first goof handed out at the first annual award show that we're doing here as well so it's just this is a historic moment folks get your cameras ready take it in the very first one Rob why don't you give us the very first category of the very first goof given out at the very first annual goof awards show all right I mean we're going to talk about the Special Teams Player of the Year yes and the nominees are Graham ganoe Jamie Gillen Gary Brightwell Carter Coughlin yes let's see let's see who the winner is

and the winner is

Graham good news

congratulations Graham ganoe there we go no pun intended no rhyming mint Mr special teams player of the week yeah and two yeah and you know I don't honestly if I made this was kind of an easy one because grandma was just an amazing kicker uh you know Jamie gillen's been great as a long punter and what I mean by that is like he can boot the ball but you know I've still had my issues with him and the lack of a of a coffin corner get that corner going come on maybe next year maybe next year you can earn a goof not every boot has to be outside the end zone yeah well Gary Corner in the five yard line does a very good job exactly and you know Gary Brightwell uh great you know uh returner for us never never uh fumble the ball like other returners oh so you never got hurt yeah but he also never did anything amazing either he had some decent returns but he never had those oh my God returns and Carter Coughlin was very good on special teams as far as tackles uh was tied for lead and the the special teams with tackles there but it's hard to make the impact to earn their prestigious goof award just by a few tackles so sorry clutter so congrats Graham Gano was the first ever goof award on the first annual goof award show

and a special tidbit Graham Gino also has the same initials as Giant goofballs he does he does GG gg gg all righty what's our what's our next uh category here Rob

our next category over here is the offensive Rookie of the Year ooh the offensive rookie of the year so we have the nominees are David Neil who are the nominees Evan Neal Juan Dale Robinson Joshua azudu and Daniel Bellinger so I think this this award really comes down to two uh you know looking at who is healthy and who wasn't healthy as part of it here so you got Evan Neal who started all 17 so almost all 17. he's up in here for three or four of them um improved as the year went on in some ways had some good games had some bad games but growing yeah Robinson yeah wandel Robinson uh you know obviously got out about halfway through the game happened to the season there had a great game against the Lions and showed some promise yeah he really started turning turning it around and there's a lot of Hope from this uh young guy let's hope he recovers well with with a speedy recovery like because he really start turning on those Jets and that's what they needed oh yeah you got Joshua zoodoo well get another injured guy but I mean this guy showed some promise where he could be a starting guard for us I think next year or you know going forward for a few years at least you know uh that's always good to get of a guy who's a third round pick in the end and then of course he got Daniel Bellinger who was a starting tight end for again same as uh you know same as goes for Neil most of the Season great blocker it was much more dependable as a receiver than I expected him to be so I was gonna say we talked about at the beginning of the year that like his blockability was why he was going to be our tight end over here and we didn't really have any uh reference about how good he was as a receiver and you literally lit up the field and had some great games for us and look what happened to the Run game when he was out the Run game dropped bad when he got out he was a good he's a good run blocker so let's see we have here and the winner of offensive rookie of the year is

Daniel Bellinger oh no he definitely sound like Hollywood

congratulations Daniel Bellinger because and the big thing for me was what he did in the Run game that run game seriously was not the same when he was out that run game was on point whenever he was playing though yeah he changed the wrong game his blocking was great and he also changed the receiving game as well and they had to respect him as a legitimate receiver I feel like he was one of those guys that Jones definitely looked for when he was getting flushed out of the pocket and had nowhere to run but needed at least get a couldn't try to complete something he was that guy yeah he he's he lit up early to the year like once you started you know what's uh when we think it's a better defense and their Corners were covering our lackluster receivers that we had he found Ballinger Bellinger became his I'm not wrong it's just funny it became his uh security blanket if you will a little bit before he got his eye poked roasty toasty War yeah yeah like he got hurt Juan Dallas uh started playing a little bit better and then uh both of them were out and it's a Hodgson just kind of stepped in that shoes over there and belger also never looked back as soon as he came back he started playing well again so let's see this manufacture from the gecko and yeah it's it's been nice so yes so on to our next award what we got Rob oh now we're gonna go on the flip side of the field we're going to talk about the Defensive Rookie of the Year oh yeah who's our nominee defense defense defense

and the nominees are Kayvon Thibodeau cordial flots Dane Belton Makai McFadden and yeah this was a little more difficult category for me I'll say this up front so Kayvon Thibodeau really I think I think turned it on in the second half of the Season as he kind of got healthier got used to the swing of the NFL and had a decent rookie year but I wouldn't say he blew the top off and had this like you know Javon curse kind of rookie year but he showed promise if he can ever shed a block the guy would be amazing but he's yeah I mean the man of Holden that he withheld which is me being the biased Giants fan say that but he got held a lot this year with no cost listen he also was you got to know when to hold him know when to fold them know when to walk away and know when to run and that's what a lot of quarterbacks did with this gentleman because he put a lot of quarterbacks Under Pressure constantly

yeah so yeah he got but he got plot who I gotta say I I had no you know positive thoughts about him coming into the season absolutely whatsoever I I I thought it was a horrible pick I thought we picked it way too early and I still think we picked him too early don't get me wrong on that but he did show some promise I thought at times

yeah and I think he's going to develop into somebody who comes into that second Jurassic nickel you know dime Corner kind of guy that can come in and do some cover and if I'm wrong he's a starting caliber great but I think that's more his role there um Dane Belton you know started a couple couple of uh a little bit of injury there in the beginning there was out the first game played a little bit there had the fumbles very first play ever on the NFL field but never really got a chance I felt to take the field to take the the starting jobs away uh or even the backup job is like a third safety wave from even Jason pinock and uh you know Tony um Jefferson and those guys so but again not a horrible year because there's not times I was watching with the games going oh my God what the hell is this kid doing yeah I have had that before I have had that before no he uh he definitely had um I don't say a shaky start but she falls through it shake it off he he went through a lot of Entry I went he swear I was going it does go different but uh yeah he had a little bit of shaky year he was injury prone well I should have said prone but he he had to fought through a couple injuries uh like you said he he didn't exactly get the this you know starting job he exactly get the the second you know string job yeah but he's still did not he played well for a rookie right now I didn't play horrible didn't play great yeah uh and then he got McFadden who is the only rookie that played every single game this season so first off congrats on that because yes like you're the only guy who played the entire season as a rookie um and you know was on the field quite often for us uh and I think got a little better as the season went on but same as you know some of the guys we talked about never really overly impressed either but had showed some improvement so he definitely had a couple of good games um what game was it week 17 I think he had a pretty pretty good game with 16. yeah well everybody yeah that was the Colts game right I think everybody had a week yeah everybody had a good game that week touche so let's take a look at it oh no oh here we go and the winner of the defensive player of the year is oh

congrats Kayvon congrats congrats the rats I'm just glad I haven't pulled a Steve Harvey yet and said the wrong name you're right

what's the next category we got Rob oh now we're going to straight up at the offensive player of the year oh that's a good one there offensive player of the year and the nominees are Daniel Jones Sequon Barkley Andrew Thomas Darius Slayton and I think these nominees don't even need much introduction here but Daniel Jones obviously starting quarterback has has had his best year this year saquon Barkley Pro Bowl caliber running back coming back after having a couple off seasons Andrew Thomas and stud left tackle one of the best left tackles at all of football after having a very Rocky rookie year with us Darius Laden comes out of the doghouse ends up being in basically our top uh you know uh wide receiver one basically for this whole second half of the season which absolutely that's crazy yeah out of nowhere yeah out of nowhere yes so let's see we got and the winner is

Andrew Andrew Thomas

congrats Andrew Thomas guy played lights out for us stopped he was like a brick wall he's a brick wow hey it's mathematic did fantastic this year yeah absolutely not the takeaway to any other nominees out there because it was all oh no no no but this guy was like top rated left tackle for the first half of the Season you know had to wait the one game he was sick against the Cowboys it was like against one off game on Thanksgiving um but otherwise I mean this guy was just on point like a hundred percent this was like the kind of tackle we've dreamed about having on this roster for years and I think that's part of why he gets it is we have been wanting this kind of player for how long

yeah and if we if we were playing Madden and he should be the All-Pro ranking on that and yeah Madden hates him for some reason I don't know what it is um yeah so what award we got next there Rob oh we're gonna flip this out of the field go to the thing down flip it in reverse it player of the year oh the defense

the Peroni and the nominees are Dexter Lawrence Julian love Jackson

and Xavier McKinney

um this is this is a difficult one seriously I mean sexy this is another hard one like oh like Pro Bowl year deservedly so I would still say he should be like considered all pro-leveled when he played this year because he may not have many sacks as a guy like Chris Jones has but Hitman was everywhere everywhere it's amazing how good he was it really really was um you know Julian love Swiss Arms and he stepped it up so much with all those injuries in the backfield oh yeah he literally played like a captain back there yep yep I'll let it let the team in tackles I mean just you know for a guy that was rocking the bench for some reason the last couple years he really impressed um you know Dory Jackson I think if anybody doesn't realize how good a player or Dory Jackson is let's look what happened to the defense when he went out all right and let's look what happened to Justin Jefferson when we played him in the playoffs 37 yards compared to what the Hunter and some odd yards he heading it's flat the man the man is a is a shutdown corner and was all year for us there so you know uh definitely definitely appreciate an effort and you know he never should be returning punts I'm just say that yeah last time we said from the get-go yep so Xavier McKinney like that guy too has really I think took a big leap and I think the big part is that he was the one calling the place for the defense I took he I think he really took that leadership role to Heart obviously not always in Cabo but that's yeah but otherwise he really took that to heart and I think I think he saw a big Improvement out of him and a big effort out of him all year long so that was good to see yeah it was a great leader for the team and like I said Julian love stepped up for him when uh he almost uh almost jbp his hands oh yes oh that was oh I still thank God he has fingers still yeah all righty and the winner is let's see open it up Jackson Lawrence AKA sexy decks sexy sexy sexy sexy congrats Dexter yeah what's the next oh that was we're going to talk about the comeback player of the year the comeback player of the year now Kim Kardashian's on this nope because she's not a player she just pressed one foreign so I I think the big thing is I want to real quick give people also that what we mean by that because there's a couple of of categories here that I think needle explanation and this is definitely one so come back means you came back from some kind of adversity whether it be a benching an injury that kind of stuff here because I know people go like like talk about a guy like Gino Smith in the NFL is a comeback player nope he was starting he just stuffed

yeah so Gina Smith's diversity list he was never good yes exactly it's not a diversity you know that's just your talent yeah so the nominees are saquon Barkley um Nick Gates Darius slayden and I mean sequana goes without saying why him you know he's been injured the last couple years came back this year and finally got back to his Elite Form yeah he looks better than his rookie self like people died honestly I think his rookie or he still looks better I still do think that he looked at the movement he did and the way he was he still is better I think but he hit the hole this year and that's what kind of matched that a little bit he hit the hole finally somebody finally listened to it made him listen to him so you know they got Nick Gates who most people thought wouldn't even playing in the NFL anymore he took that good luck break a leg thing a little too serious yeah I mean wow like that injury he had that's like Joe Theisman level injury he had and the man came back the man is an absolute Beast like that uh he's a free agent and I'll just say this is I don't want to get too much into free agency but that man is hopefully a giant for life and I hope to see him back next year that's for sure yeah that's for another episode we'll get into that oh yeah we'll get to that we'll have those episodes coming guys uh Darius Slayton the guy literally was on the bench riding the pine basically all year long and then all of a sudden like halfway through it'll like oh yeah let's play him being our leading receiver for this season took it away from Richie James Richie James never should have been I'm sorry I like Richie don't get me wrong but he never ever should have been you know yeah it didn't take much to get there and because both at week four when no receivers had over 200 yards yeah oh my God it's horrible uh yeah all right and the winner is


get excited take ones and I'm I'm telling you I was this close to picking Nick gates in my vote for this but I couldn't get past the fact that how good saquan was this year and he was from the beginning to the end he was the old saquon again almost too yeah you know that that definitely came into play you play the whole season uh you know Nick Gates amazing story was so close I was so close to like switching it up in that one that I really was I was I was in the air because like he literally like it was a very emotional game when he first came back oh my God his whole family's there and you want to like cry with them he looks so good it's like hey granted he was on you know a snap cap but like he's still like when he was in there he was a play maker and made a difference I think it's safe to say we are both big big fans of Nick Gates that's for sure yeah yeah and we'll talk about his free agency later oh yeah alrighty what we got next there up next is the assistant coach of the year oh the assistant coach here and this is something that never gets enough uh recommendations and talked about with the the fans I feel like is the assistant coaches they all talk about the coordinators they all talk about the head coach no one ever talks about the assistant coaches so I wanted to give them some love here

yeah there's a lot of good assistant uh coaches here there was a lot this was a lot better A lot better uh uh list what we've had yeah in years past yeah it gets yep except the one who who one of the nominees actually is is a uh coach that survived the uh the The Joe judge era actually yeah

so the nominees are Shea Turney quarterback coach

Jerome Henderson secondary Mike grow wide receivers Andre Patterson defensive line and I think all these coaches is pretty obvious did a damn good job just because yeah Turney literally is being looked at as an offensive coordinator elsewhere because of how good it is a quarterback coach and as an assistant quarterback coach back up in Buffalo Josh Allen he helped develop DJ through this year yep if we lose wink Jerome Henderson is the guy to look at because oh yeah he's he's been with us quite a while the guy is well respected the guy's more respected by the team and the players and he's just an amazing job now with two different you know coaching regimes with two different defenses too that's a Graham wanted to do what Wink Martindale did this year but quite frankly didn't have the balls to do it

call what it is he went back to doing uh his own coverage because he said he didn't have the man the the guys to cover yeah well I think it's safe to say he had better Corners those two years then then the fact that kind of the fact that at least six games he was playing it without his number one or two coins Blitz Blitz Blitz Blitz

guys how to get these guys in and get them well going and he did just that so you know good job this year uh Mike Rowe I think it's safe to say had probably the toughest job on this entire coaching staff because every single receiver got injured every single one not every single one but all right four or five bush has been in the air was their number one receiver now to take it away from how well he played this year for what was going on in random slate but Juan Dale Kadarius Tony uh you know Kenny galaday was hurt at one point as well and obviously was you know Kenny Gallade being Kenny Gala day you know in the doghouse for a while Chef being out after what week three was it for or four for him um you know I think it was earlier than that uh yeah probably three probably uh but yeah I mean that that was a very very tough job this year and you know look at how well those receivers started getting towards the end of the year look how good they get against the Vikings in the playoff game playoffs you're saying is Hodgins rushy James who picked these guys up and they were in practice squads and they're starting for us we're talking about practice we're talking about practice and they these guys are pretty pretty good yep pretty damn good and then he got Andre Patterson first your defensive line coach for us coming over with wink and I mean that guy look what he did it for Dexter Lawrence there exact player of the year before Dexter Lawrence who do you think defensive player here yeah who do you think had that influence on him

I mean that front four was pretty tough this year so oh yes one of the best in the game was our strengths but uh yeah it definitely was and the winner is

Shay Tierney

good job Shea you definitely said I can't have it now maybe maybe they'll go ahead and name a baseball stadium after you one day and then tear it down and put up Juanita for a bank laughs

or we see named after the baseball fields oh maybe maybe you know funny story and not even a football story you know Chipper Jones named his daughter Shea right yeah I know I'm a I'm a best fan I know oh that's rough that's rough all right because he hits the liquor all right sorry in our next category the coordinator of the year oh yes and obviously we just have three nominees for this one since there is only three num three people that could be nominated so we have Mike Kafka offensive coordinator Wink Martindale defensive coordinator Thomas McGehee T-Mac the Special Teams coordinator and listen I think offense obviously my Kafka is going to look at as a head coach elsewhere his job speaks for himself right there wink I think we've spoken at nauseam and how much we like wink and respect wink what he's done for this team he's also again second interviews for head coaching jobs yeah exactly and then you got tmac who you know has been with us and survived now with us this is his third or fourth coaching regime he's been with us both now I mean that's just stability and you heard Brittany Middleton talk about him when he was on our show there how good he will Coach he was and how respected he was you know so you know while special teams may not have been the best for us this year I you I think it's to say that roster depth was also an issue so yeah yeah I think I think that's how the players more than him so and the winner is

Wing week

we're so awesome yeah congrats wink

what's the next category we got there Rob this was a open and close category it was very easy for you and I to take this one it was very easy the play of the year yes so we we didn't do any nominations on this one because quite frankly there was one play that stood above so far amongst the rest it'd be a disrespect to this play to go ahead and include other people or other people other plays in its same category there was some balls the other place but this one it was some day ballsy played and it set the president for going forward and this Giants what about your picture that's about your body just saying this play set was gonna go forward

with the Giants news regime

do you believe politics out of sports for those not watching live or on the videos this is why we have to watch occasionally the podcasts are great thank you for listening but every so often we do funny things on the camera and the winner is

going for two against

Remember the Titans two-point conversion because that set the whole tone it was not just the first win it was the first ballsy move that a coach I think in a long time said I have faith in you guys let's go win it showed the confidence in DJ pass uh you know convert the ball because it looked like he was going to uh just throw the ball and showed the confidence that Barkley was back and showed the balls of her coach and staff to go for such a big play like they did a wheelbarrow to go to silence for that play oh just the rest of them just dress us goofballs the wheelbarrows yeah exactly and also set up what that season that we went to like were a lot of people were saying we were going to get half the wins we got through the year yeah they four or five wins yeah they play Lights Out for the most of the year with a very understaffed roster if we'll if we will you know it's a very scary thing is I've heard a lot of people talking about the fact that we were one in five against the NFC east and that's not wrong don't leave me wrong that is not wrong we were one in five against the NFC East well hold on nope we were one four and one that's gonna say one four and one one four and one I had to do a little match in my head one we only had one win despite everyone talking you know what the scary thing is is if you take that the opposite way okay we were what eight three against Nani NFC East opponents eight and three yeah which is a great stat to have but also when you play those teams six times a year you're you're gonna want more than one I know I'm trying to be positive it's an award but no but you're not wrong because that's just against other teams outside of divisions is like double of the wins we had last year yep yep so so you know definitely this plays what set the tone this is the play that's at the tone going for two against the Titans there so that's that's an amazing start to the season and it was an amazing season overall and it also may have been the start of the Titans uh decline no no they started good they started good they were they they lost like six or seven games at the end they were good at that point there oh they did that was injury I'm just saying they were they were uh

FC Champions they were coming out expected to dominate us

so on to the next category most improved giant not who grew the most but just in the giant flare yep so this is a guy that didn't necessarily have to overcome anything except for how he was playing on the field basically you know and talk about a tough category this was because we had so many people that I'm like looking at it going we have like yeah we talk about this there's some people that approve this year and you're like okay well this person how about this person how about that person how about this person how about that person we narrowed the field down to four players or it was hard it was I was tempted to put a fifth wheel on it was that hard

what Giants hearts and tights there's a chub there that's for sure no he's in Cleveland so

the nominees are Daniel Jones Andrew Thomas

Dexter Lawrence and Jillian love and I'll tell you I think most people will think a different player than where we're going to go with this one I do think that so you got Daniel Jones who went from basically being a low end starter to a nearly hero average to above average I think is fair to say based in this year would you not say average to above average starting collectible quarterback in this league you got Dexter Lawrence I'm sorry go ahead I was about to say no he he literally went from Zero to Hero he went from you play so bad the past two years that we're gonna you know decline your fifth year contract to hey now we kind of pay you to stay more of a team more of a Teen Titan than a hero he's like Nightwing he's not quite Batman okay uh but he was still a hero so it's still crucial

you know what he may have been a term to listen to that song the whole time he might he might have been he might have been um so we got Andrew Thomas who went from being last year he developed into above average left tackle in this league yeah after having not so good a year the first year obviously now in his third year beast beast mode like talking like the top five left tackle in this league and a guy that we wish we had for years and years there so you got Dexter Lawrence who remember and I'm here and a lot of people say oh I never said that I never heard that but we talked about them not picking up the fifth year option for Daniel Jones they did pick up the fifth year option on Dexter Lawrence and I heard a lot of people talking smack about that oh we're going to pay him all this money oh he's not that good and I said Point blanky was a good move I said it was a good move because even based on how he was playing look at like a contract like Dalvin Thomas and we lost him we got we paid him like what 10 and a half million dollars a year the Vikings so paying you know 11 12 million dollars for a guy like him it's not bad um then he got Jillian love Jillian love the Swiss army knife that basically was riding the pine for a lot of his career went to like oh he's a spot starter oh he's he's a dime package he's a nickel package guy he's one of those kind of guys to being the leading tackler on our team this year and a solid member of the defense who also stepped up and helped play you know call the place first when uh yep and another guy that's a free agent this year and again I hope to see him back we'll get into the free agency later on in a couple episodes but that's it another another guy I want back um and the winner is

Julian love oh yay congrats Julian love and I think a lot of people probably thought we'd go with Daniel Jones with this one but Daniel Jones was a starting quarterback at least

he was a spot starter he was okay I guess we got this guy and now he went to being a stud uh safety for us this year so you know a good job for that kind of improvement great year Jillian thank you for everything you do for us giant fans yeah so we appreciate it we're on to the next category which is the best free agent of the off season oh talk about a rough rough rough one yeah right yeah we didn't get a lot of free agents guys this is a little bit of a rough list and the nominees are Richie James Jihad Ward Matt Breda Fabian Moreau so Richie James we talked about him being basically you know a a Top Flight receiver starting receiver for us because of lack of options but still he had to do a lot more production we expected out of him he was thought to be a punt return guy in a bottom level wide receiver we got him and start to finish he was probably the most consistent wide receiver for us this season you know yeah Austin's had better times than him towards the end as did Slayton but consistency began the end of the season Richie James is probably our most consistent receiver especially for a guy that we thought was going to be like a wide three at best wide four yep he he really stepped up and played very well through the year oh yeah and then he got catch a hot Ward who we thought him as a run specialist ends up with three sacks does a little bit as a pass rusher when he had to because of injuries to azizo jalari and Kayvon Thibodeau uh you know and was an amazing run stopper not just a good run stopper he was probably the best run stopper we had at the edge position this entire season yeah and he floods it and wink also mentioned wherever he goes he wants to hard War to follow him and followed up with whoever Queen goes I will follow him and he was a good leader for defense as well it wasn't just him being a leader on the field though too like even off the field you see a lot of younger guys going out and doing stuff and Jihad Ward was there yes including the Cabo trip I don't want to get too much into that one I'm not going to blame him for McKinney doing what he did but yeah I mean he was I mean I don't know I don't know I wasn't there yes no I wish I wish I was there hey guys next trip doing email us at two giant goofballs at mail.com we're happy to come along and do live shows some macabo we'll love it guys appreciate it seriously especially if you're paying yeah you guys make more than us you're okay so you guys made more last year that I won the next 10. exactly so you got Matt brada who you know as a backup running back he didn't have to do too much I'll say that up front because we really kept going with um saquon Sequon saquon Sequon yeah but he's still averaged over four yards of carry yeah there are some games I think it was a one of his last games right the last actually last games with the Eagles right he had 6.1 on average from Barclay at 6.4 5.8 he had in the The Eagle game in the playoff game he had seven yards per carry in the last Eagle game um he had 59 yards 6.6 average against the Colts again everybody had a good game against the Colts yeah but of course I mean he wasn't called on often but when he was the most most rushes he had was the Colts nine carries and 59 yards yeah and I mean there's a few of those where like they knew it's got like a run where I was in the back and like he got a couple uh negative yards so to get that kind of production with that short of runs you still get that that means he broke out for a few I'm telling you now if if we lose Barclay which I still think is an option I think we may lose them because there's only so much money and you don't want to put so much money into a wide receiver upside to a running back we talked about that before as well I would be comfortable with bringing back brada and Drafting and running back and letting them split it until they figured out who's the better yeah I would have I mean for Barclay don't get me wrong yeah yeah I don't think Brita is the guy that'll do that you know 25 30 carries like Barkley can no but but he's fast and if you can get a guy that is more of a a thunder to his lightning and he had a committee going I think that'd be it'd be interesting to see so um and then of course the last one we had there Fabian Moreau who who would have thought we'd pick up a quarterback that the freaking Houston Texans dropped the Houston Texans and he becomes our starting CB2 yeah dude once again yeah but I I did call up from beginning of the Season we signed him he should be our secondary second corner but he did a good job and even when adoria Jackson was out he still never I feel like he really got embarrassed like there was no guy that really like absolutely embarrassed him except for AJ Brown and Justin Jefferson who let's be very Frank most people have been embarrassed by those two yeah yes there's not many corners that would not be embarrassed by those two guys so I'm not gonna you know I'm not gonna crucify him for that um I think he's better off as a backup corner but he did a very good job for us as a second Corner especially with the limited amount of time he had in Camp because we signed him right before the season started and all so you know definitely good job there and the winner is

Richie James

congrats Richie congrats don't drop the award like you did the pups

oh shots fired I had to slip it in there oh you did well speaking of the best uh you say speaking of slipping it in there I was thinking about slipping it in there whoa that's just about the free agent offseason let's talk about the best mid-season pickup of the year as our next award and we have a lot of pickups yeah we did so it's the best mid-season pickup award so week one this guy could not be on the roster and not because of injury but because he was not signed by the Giants correct that was the rules and the nominees are Isaiah Hodgins Jalen Smith Landon Collins and Lawrence cager and I I I almost don't want to give a rundown with this one because I think it's gonna be pretty obvious where we're gonna go with this yeah I mean pretty obvious it's pretty obvious like listen I'll give a quick rundown of these guys right go for it just because we have to do a little bit right so you know Jaylen Smith if you picked him up from Dallas you know he was inspected to do much he yeah he had a he had some good pass rush on him well we picked him up from if you want to get technical we picked him up off the streets last year he was a cowboy dropped by the Cowboys went to the Packers dropped by the Packers then we picked them up and then we dropped him this offseason then we picked him up

he got slipped in a little bit slip it in we talk about it again yeah like they're saying talk about it again Landon Collins there's really not much we have to talk about this guy as an ex-ji who went to uh Washington and came back to the Giants who was ecstatic who wants to be giant pretty much for us his career but we'll talk about that later in another podcast and we got Lawrence danger who stepped it up this year mid-season but Drew should we talk about the the winner I I think I think it's pretty obvious to the winners yeah but let's go through the record yeah and the winner is the one guy we didn't just talk about yeah Isaiah Hodgins

Isaiah Hodgins I mean although he was amazing for us there towards the the second half of the Season what's he got like a little rhythm going with Daniel Jones at all oh I mean so good oh God I mean you got the the the Vikings the first time we played them 89 yards against the um that was that was the second time it was the playoff game 105 five yards against the guards the uh the Vikings the first time we played them and their games if look he was a consistent like 40 yards at that pool point so we ended up with 33 catches 351 using and this is a guy who basically didn't play for us until you know what around like Thanksgiving time basically I think and about yeah it was a proven commodity for us there proven commodity and you know you know I love doing this Rob something even though I know you hate doing this if you do 40 yards a game 17 games in the season that's 680 yards if you pick up a guy off the streets that late in the season budget off the street simply got him off the practice squad from Buffalo but that leads the season that can produce that much for you that's an awesome job that's a great pickup good job Joe Shane especially with the lack of talent we had that receivable core oh yes that was so pretty much an influx of talent needed by getting him

yeah so and I think I don't know if you saw but he was at a basketball again and Joe who's Isaiah Hodgins he went to a basketball game with his girlfriend they took a really cute picture for the story on Instagram I saw that and who accidentally photobombed that picture Aaron judge

he was two rows behind him

behind them behind the judge that's the kind of positive like that's the kind of pulled that the New York Giants have okay he was behind him the guy making freaking what like 400 million dollars a year is behind him

row four

it was fantastic now we do have two unofficial Awards to give out as well head coach of the Year Awards of course go to Brian dabel don't want these no other nominees congrats grass babes oh that's fantastic tough competition you had there executive of the Year award also of course goes to Joe Shane Joe Shane of the Year award oh and and I'll tell you this people are probably like oh well of course you also win listen if we don't like the GM or coach that year we're going to skip the award we're just not gonna have it I'm gonna say nope no one deserves this not gonna do it and we're also stalling so we're yep we're also stalling because this is the moment that you've all been waiting for this is the moment so before we get into this we do have to real quick play the goofball goof award promo again before we get to the nvp this last one [Music]

oh yes it is that time the most oh really hold on you go that part oh yeah I've got ahead of myself I'm so excited I'm so excited you're so excited to start lagging it I was like what's going on oh I know what time it is we're about to talk about the most valuable player of this year most valuable player Drew yes we say MVP when we talk about MVP we're not talking the best player on the team we're using the true term the guy that if we lost him we'd be most screwed

of the most Valuable Player if you do not have this player how does this team work without them and the nominees are Daniel Jones sequan Barkley Dexter Lawrence adori Jackson and I I think all these guys we could all say are very important to the team we saw what happened when adoria Jackson was out so we don't have to guess at how important he is we saw what happened there um you know Dexter Lawrence obviously passed rush like crazy up the middle great run stopper considering how bad our Rush defense was with him imagine how bad it'd be without yeah make holes like Swiss cheese and then obviously saquon Barkley we all know Pro Bowl caliber running back really held the team on his back for a couple of the wins we had there and then Daniel Jones who progressed so much of the season and really made his value felt especially look at that playoff game with the Vikings we don't win that without him we don't win now we don't come anywhere near winning that and it's not just his ability to play the ball that's improved because if you look at his stats his rookie is probably the best on paper yep what he's done but his quarterback IQ his football IQ and his leadership qualities developed phenomenal through the year and that's what was the difference yep and on top of that keep in mind he also was his usual self of taking the hits that most quarterbacks won't take as much as I cringe when he takes him sometimes not only did he take those hits while he was running the ball he sat in the pocket and got beat up like a oh yeah person gets beat up I don't want to fit anyone there and the winner is


Daily Times Daily Times for MVP paid daddy dollars oh yes he is gonna get paid that is that's part of his award you'll be Danny dollars soon enough yes so this concludes the first annual goof Awards and we want to thank everybody oh yes and thank thank everybody for listening in uh we hope you guys enjoyed this as much as we did uh if you're listening in on you know podcast Lynn keep in mind again we are now streaming live on Facebook Twitter and YouTube so you don't gotta wait for the episode to come out you still should hit that subscribe button anyway because you love it when you hit that but like I said we're going to keep on pumping banana theater listening live on Facebook Twitter or YouTube and you go oh this is good I haven't seen this before well first off thank you for the kind words second off make sure to hit subscribe on whatever podcast platform you're using as well because we're on those as well and sometimes you're gonna miss things that are live sometimes you want to listen to things while you're in the car we want both platforms available to you guys to hit the Subscribe hit the like button hit the share button hit all the buttons okay okay one more buttons and a feather down code okay button button button who got the button we got the button hit the button and again guys we're gonna have more content coming to you guys soon we're going to have uh uh it's coming up soon our cap casualty show talking about what Giants we think we might be cutting here to make some more cap space our you know re-sign or don't resign show talking about our impending free agents and we're also going to have of course talking about the uh you know the upcoming free agency talking about different guys you might want to Target to be New York Giants coming up in the near future here because obviously we all know the holes we have they're pretty obvious you know linebacker receiver those kind of spots there so we're going to talk about all that as well so hit that subscribe hit that like hit that share let your friends and family know because sharing is caring guys sharing is caring and as always giant fans go Gmail

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