2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

New York Giants News & Updates Along with our Reactions to the NFC & AFC Championship Games

January 31, 2023 Episode 78
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
New York Giants News & Updates Along with our Reactions to the NFC & AFC Championship Games
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The Arizona Cardinals requested an interview with New York Giants Mike Kafta. He has emerged a major candidate in Denver. Houston is rumored to be hiring Demeco Ryans. ESPN's Jordan Raanan of the Breaking Big Blue Podcast tweeted that Giants believe Wink Martingdale is critical part of what they are building and even mentioned there is no salary cap

Kellen More and the Dallas Cowboys parted ways and the Los Angeles Chargers quickly snatched him up to be their offensive coordinator.

The 2023 Salary Cap is announced.

Ex Giant Geno Smith won the PFWA Comeback Play of the Year. Hopefully Saquon wins NFL comeback player of the year

Sterling Shepard is rumored to be dating Mary J Blige.

Michael Strahan receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

EX RB Tyrone Wheatley hired as Wayne State head coach

Kayvon Thibodeaux has some interesting twitter exchanges.

The Empire State Building lights up green and white to celebrate the Eagles win.

Rob and Drew also go over their reactions to the NFC Championship & AFC Championship games.

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goofballs a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

bie frog hey we're at the Super Bowl

we're not at the Super Bowl I wish we were at this we can't see that word we have to come out with a different word we can't we're not or did not say that word that's for sure we do not want to get sued by the NFL these guys are worse than Disney you ever hear about that every year they like go ahead and uh you know sue people for saying that so some people like to call it the superb owl

the superb owl so I'm going to go ahead and suggest a different name for us because of the fact that it is um you know gonna include the Philadelphia Eagles this year I think we call it the Superbowl okay the Superbowl to the Superbowl super bowel yeah super Val but today guys we got some good Giants updates here for you guys so you know you always think oh it's the off-season what's gonna happen here there's plenty going on still with the New York Giants because for once people actually care about our coordinators I know it's an odd feeling of Giants fans you know it's been a year since anybody's looked at one of our alternators as a head coach I want to say like Steve Spagnola was the last guy that people were like oh maybe he'd be a good coach and obviously he failed miserably and is now going on to continue to be a great defensive coordinator once again in the Super Bowl so so first update we have is on Mike Kafka our offensive coordinator and I gotta say I'm kind of shocked he seems to be the bigger name and the bigger draw in the coaching uh you know Carousel here then Wink Martindale has been and I guess it's because it's an offense driven league but so it's about saying this lease that's about to say this leaves all about the offensive coaches right now look at our head coach right exactly because everybody wants to develop a quarterback develop a quarterback So Daniel Jones had a great year uh you know compared to especially the last couple of years and everybody basically involved is going to get a pace bump and a look up because of that so uh not just not just Daniel Jones oh definitely get a pay bump obviously as a result of this uh so the Cardinals today requested to interview a few names here uh both coordinators for the Bengals both uh Luanne Irma who's our the defensive coordinator again our former defensive backs coach so I guess giant connection there and also the offensive coordinator Bill Callahan that name sounds familiarity guys too it's not the Bill Callahan you're probably thinking of that took the Raiders to the Super Bowl and lost the Bucks many many years ago and was a great offensive line coach for many many years as well this is his son and for some reason they don't call him Juniors I'm guessing they have different middle names I don't know whatever maybe they're bad relationships sure you know maybe he forgot to write a Father's Day card or something I don't get into the family drama so you know the other news came out today is Kafka is also now being rumored to be a top uh candidate in the Denver Bronco job the Denver Bronco job which you haven't even heard him even mention at all he hasn't interviewed and it's weird they're calling him like the second favorite to get the job right now behind the Eagles defensive coordinator uh Jonathan Gannon not to be confused with Rich Gannon we're not going back to the Raider talk again we took a minute ago there yeah but I don't understand how how are you the second leading candidate to get a job you've never interviewed for develop Russell Wilson that's like could you imagine a girl going like look at that guy over there if I can't get this one I'm gonna marry that one we've never talked before but something tells me that man we just met five ten seconds ago at Starbucks

Mike that's when you run that's when you run away quickly run away run away and then and that's all before Russell Wilson comes out and then you really want to run away you don't want to get stuck with that bride oh my God like that's a job like I said it's one of those jobs that you could easily turn it around if you can get it Russell Wilson backed at all to what he used to be but yeah first time coach as a first time coach I don't think I want that at the end of the day like we're gonna talk more about Kafka and yo wink and all that but they're wink but

as much as I want to see them evolve and move on I don't think it's gonna happen this year I think there's a lot that's come to especially Kafka it's his first year as an OC like you really want to take the first year OC who not to put him down because he's did a lot for us but also use right Abel's play column to call his place he called his place but definitely Brian dabel had a big hand in forming this offense had a big coaching the offense but you know part of it becomes as well is that you don't get many chances in life for that kind of thing you know especially a guy like I don't blame him who worked under who not just Annie to Reed But Eric the enemy who's been trying to get a head coaching job for what it seems like a decade now and if you watch something like that develop for years you're gonna say you know what I got the chance I'm an idiot if I don't take it I don't care if you're actually ready or not you take the chance when you get the chance because those chances don't keep coming you know and sometimes so the problem is you fail once and you're done so it's a calculator risk you got to look at because you know there's plenty of guys that don't even get a second shot in this league to be a head coach so that's what I'm saying like that's not a job I would want as a young coach if now if I was a guy with experience I would want that job all day long the big issue is going to be dealing with the headache that's Russell Wilson basically because it's not just him as a player it's him as a person from some of the stuff you hear about him off the field and everything so you know we'll see the good news is the Houston Texans ain't gotta get em they got uh supposedly uh D'Amico Ryan's the defensive coordinator for the Niners is coming into town and they fully expect him to sign as the new head coach so at least one less team to worry about so we just got two to worry about for my Kafka the Cardinals and the Broncos and we still have obviously the issue of Wink Martindale who is supposedly he was going for a second interview this weekend with the Indianapolis Colts and again I think that Jeff said he's also great

oh 100 but I also goes all day Saturday only person so far not a third Saturday every day yeah that's the only two that I've heard also other people they want to have as well um come in for second interviews but yeah no listen Jim ersei if you're listening just just go ahead and hire Jeff Saturday again that'd be spectacular Joyce I think I think you know what maybe the week Martindale Wink Martindale just make sure you run Johnny Taylor exactly uh so like I said we'll have to see that now the interesting part is Jordan Ron on did say that the Giants believe wink is a crucial part of what they're building and then it goes on to mention the fact that there's no cap for coaches so guys keep in mind we could pay him whatever it takes to keep him and I have said this for years NFL coaches and this is going to sound crazy but I'm saying it right now Point Blank NFL coaches are Under Paid look at how important they are to the team look what the players make look what the owners make and then let's go ahead and look at what the coaches make it's not to say they're underpaid compared to me or you compared to me and you they're making a damn good living

but look at look at what the coach is making College like and that's College what's up that's not the professional football league you know it's it's they're not the NFL they're not the top rank of what they do and they're gonna pay less than a college coach it's like saying yeah I made Varsity doing this I made a D1 but the guy in high school is making more than I am yeah yeah I mean I guess it's just it's Insanity so the average coordinator only makes about a million dollars a year the average head coach makes about seven million dollars a year and that sounds like a lot because it's a hell of a lot foreign like sign me up for that kind of money right now I'll do whatever you want me to do basically but it was a few years ago home yeah but when you look at a guy like Russell Wilson Watson you know some of these guys that just signed these bigger contracts that are making 40 50 million dollars a year yeah and you want somebody who's making getting paid one million dollars to be someone they listen to you think they're gonna listen to the guy making that like listen I make more of one game than you make all year shut up

is when that kind of stuff comes out so depends on the Fire but yes that's why I included a show of Watson and Russell Wilson yeah that was a strategic move but I've been saying like they got to get this thing up and I'm glad that the Giants are willing to say you know what we'll make him the highest paid coordinator base if we have to do to keep him and you know the the Miami Dolphins um literally just made the highest paid defensive coordinator in the league here when they signed dick fancio so you know it's it's one of those things that I can see them doing just to keep them because they do recognize how important it is and I'm glad they do so I mean look what he did with the lack of talent we had this year due to injury seriously so um we'll get into free agents going on to the year but like the amount of people that we signed that they made work yep

yeah fantastic so we got comment here from Brianne marks I really hope wink does not take a head coaching job I know he wants one but please God know listen uh we're with you Brianne we are with you 100. we've said it multiple times I'd rather lose Kafka than wink because wink literally is the defense he literally is Kafka leaves listen Shea Turney takes his job and I think does a perfectly fine job with it and Davis Webb becomes the QB coach and I have no issues with that whatsoever that's not to say that Kafka doesn't help and coffee doesn't have a big influence in the offense but it's an easier loss to manage if that makes sense that makes more sense like listen Friday about like he he is an offensive coach like I've heard stories about how this guy literally has his own study just filled with playbooks that he's made and like he gives it to his offense Corners he gives it to his QB coaches like he gives it to like everyone and like you go over to dinner to Brian Abel's house you talk offensive plays what does he have for defense come here yeah well he's not a defense guy and he reckons and I like that he recognizes that and he hired a guy who was well respected in the league that he had no connection to whatsoever he went ahead and said you know what this is not my strong suit let's get the strongest candidate we possibly can and he went out and got him and that's the biggest thing with Dave's is the guy goes ahead and says what can I do what can I not do what can my guys do what can they not do yeah and he picks up on their strong suits yep in the weak suits they don't want utilizes the strong suits and he tries to save you from being able to do your weak suit if you know why he does though what makes him so good think about his introductory press conference what did he say he talked about with Daniel Jones yes he said false huh daddy those two giant goofballs he told Daniel Jones to listen to us that's exactly what he said but what he said was I asked Daniel Jones to give me what is it you like about the Playbook what is it you don't like about the Playbook what would you like to see added give me some plays that you're comfortable with these are things that tell you this is a guy who's asking for input he's not trying to go ahead and be the guy that runs everything yeah and that's a defense so and that's a solid leader when it comes into play it's like else yeah he he takes the good and the bad and he grows from that yep yep so yeah like I said I think I think they'll do whatever they have to do to keep winning they will literally pay him head coaching money if they have to keep him I think personally and and I'll be glad to see it that's for sure yeah all right so we also have some news that's outside of our building here but I want to share it because it affects us at least twice a year the Dallas Cowboys and Kellen Moore parted ways and it's weird because he wasn't fired he didn't quit they parted ways it's a mutual which is kind of a mutual read between the lines yeah that's saying leave or else you're going to be forced out of the building which is crazy because I still say that their perfect head coach they need is in their defensive coordinator position right now and they should just go ahead and fire the fat man and put the right guy in place but you know what I'm glad they don't don't listen to me guys whatever you do don't do anything with Dan Quinn leave him where he's at I know nothing

Jerry Jones do what you do yeah you know better

but yeah so he picked up literally within like 12 hours yeah he got sent over to the Los Angeles Chargers as there are no OC so yeah he he's in a good spot now with Justin Herbert I think he'll be happy with not having a quarterback that you know forgets what team he's on and throws to the wrong wrong uniform all the time

if he's coached right that guy is going to be a stud oh yeah for the next 10 plus years and this is a team that had tons of injuries on offense and did not look right 100 he can look very good very quickly he can look very obviously quickly I think I think like two or three of their offensive line got hurt right away at the beginning of the year like there's a lot of problems plus uh once his face was hurt all the receivers were hurt at one point like every single one they were as bad as we were at basically at some points where they had like all their like three or four receivers out it's like you know you're going to look bad that way you know Justin Herbert had the written as well it doesn't matter how good of a quarterback you are if you're number one is what should be a number five in any other team yep you're not gonna look that great you're gonna you can look good to a point but how can you look great when it yeah yeah number five so you never won yeah it's it's like I said same thing we deal with so on to our TMZ version of the two giant goofballs here because some of this stuff's a little ridiculous to report on but we're gonna do it anyway we're gonna do it anyway who cares so there's a rumor going around about Sterling Shepard and his new love interest and just getting a pump in there they're going Mary J Blige and Sterling Shepard are exposing item and people are going crazy quite frankly I don't give a damn yeah yeah I mean people go crazy to a better age because she's 50. listen if this was reverse and Shepard was 50 and he was dating a woman in her late 20s no one would say a damn thing who cares you know whatever you guys want to do your bull consenting adults screw everybody else um did you want to go over Gino as well uh oh I totally forgot Chino I totally skipped into my episode oh I'm saying oh man myth Gino listen I skipped over Gina like 31 other NFL teams [Laughter] scoring 32 teams yeah so X giant Geno Smith he won the pfwa comeback player of the year which we talked about the coach of the year award that gave out what to Brian dabel so Geno Smith won their comeback player of the year so we'll have to see what that means for the actual NFL award for comeback player of the year that saquon Barkley is in the running for but hopefully sequana wins it also no pun intended when I say he's in the running board oh I see what you did there I I didn't even do I mean to do I just noticed it when I said it so sneaky sneaky not like Sneaky Pete but oh he's in the running to get back into first place oh yes so in other X Giant news here now Michael Strahan received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and who the hell would have thought you know 15 years ago that Michael Strahan will become an absolute like media icon you know after retiring from football that's crazy I'll tell you right now Kayvon we hear about him you know being part of uh you know the inner circle with Strahan and all if you're a young player listen to what Mike says you want to be like Mike okay like this guy he likes it yeah he's probably made more money since he retired oh 100 that's the crazy part I mean more money since he's retired this was a Hall of Fame defensive end in the biggest Market in the entire country and and he he did what uh the live show with uh took a reason spot so he had like a buttload of money with that plus his socks could you imagine like 20 years ago someone told us like hey guess guess what when Regis is done guess who's gonna take his place Michael Strahan I probably laughed at everyone out of the building that would have been like a moment like Back to the Future like who's the President Ronald Reagan the actor like that would have been that kind of moment for us like God damn um so we also got X running back yeah that's bigger and bigger oh listen it's a trademark he's making tons of money on it yeah um

X running back Tyrone Wheatley we all remember him from the early 90s those of us that are old enough including myself uh the guy who is supposed to be the guy to take over Rodney Hampton uh he was hired as the Wayne State head coach so he's now a college football head coach so good to see that an ex-giant there Kudos so I have no clue what the state is I've never heard of it before but whatever good job you got it further pretty sure I'm pretty sure Wayne is not a state in the United States well Fort Wayne is the capital of Indiana isn't it no no but Indianapolis is but Fort Wayne is in Indiana

Wayne State is in Detroit so okay I'm just saying right now that I'm hoping that part of his you know welcome package includes a bulletproof vest so

uh yes good pizza but good shanking still uh so um the NFL today also released it's new salary cap who wants the money money money it's all about the money money money show me that money Connie so salary cap went up again to its highest point ever remember like two years ago because of covet it would drift it's gonna drop down actually now it's at its highest point ever again so 224.8 million dollars a quarter of a billion dollars basically how come they just couldn't round up to 225 million come on well at 250 would make it a quarter but I'm saying it's almost a quarter of a billion so give it a couple years it'll get there especially these new TV contracts at all so the Giants now they have a update on us we are at 44.7 million dollars in cap space

and we are third behind both um the Chicago Bears and the Atlanta Falcons and you have to wonder looking at the numbers do the Chicago Bears have anybody actually signed because they have 91.8 million dollars think about we're number three at 44. well I mean they also got they have 1.8 they also got a lot a lot of young Talent they also have the number one draft pick

because again they don't need a quarterback and they don't need a quarterback which is crazy into week six everyone's like do they need a quarterback should they draft a quarterback and all of a sudden it feels like exploded yep they don't need it I'm telling you wait this is going to be like another year or two if Justin Fields actually learns to throw the ball besides just run it yeah oh my God this is a guy that that's going to set up on a great team and a Chicago Bears gonna be something to watch it's gonna be fun for a couple years there hopefully so we also have some fun fun Twitter news who doesn't love some good old Twitter opening up Kevon Kayvon Kayvon tibeto the troublemakers

on the two giant goofballs are snow angel so Kayvon literally goes on Twitter during the game with the 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles which we'll give our thoughts on later on Cliffhanger um and he tweets out there way this game look we might be better than the 49ers and a bunch of like smiling laughing cry faces I don't know what you call those emojis I'm not good at the Emoji Nancy but I'm old um yeah so Joe Staley of all people now for those who don't know who Joe Staley is you probably don't know football and are listening to something that's random so welcome so Joe Staley was like an all-decade player in the 2010s I guess if we're calling the tens the teens I don't know whatever I guess so um six-time Pro Bowl tackle sixth Time pro bowler the average length of an NFL career three years he did twice that in just Pro Bowl selections that just tells you what kind of career this man had he sends to him a response and I get it like I'd be pissed if I was a nine or two like that that's kind of a disrespectful cave on stay out of it we got our butt flipped last week stay out of it he posts you are a flash player that gets bodied by average tackles don't let the New York media affect you too much

Kayvon comes back who are you bro now I gotta remember this is the second time that kayvon's got into like a Twitter match but he's just saying I don't know who this person is first was Jeff Saturday the second one is Joe Staley so you gotta Wonder are we just that old that we can't believe that nobody's heard of these people are is Kayvon just not no football players he not know the history of the game is he just one of those guys that just plays it naturally well and just doesn't follow this kind of BS or is he that much of a troll uh yeah so yeah I I definitely think you're strolling I definitely do yeah so then Kayvon comes back with I don't care how famous you think you are if I don't know you I don't know you [Laughter] know he's just messing and I love it and I hate it at the same time I got such mix on that it's not even funny yeah oh yeah

I'll tell you what I'm not mixed on though oh yes what I'm not mixed on is the goddamn Empire State Building what the hell Empire State Building this is like whoo this guy people riled up including myself we're gonna follow our Twitter shame on you follow our Twitter so

they went ahead and um posted that the Eagles won the NFC and what they did was they went ahead and changed the colors to green and white

enough yeah yeah not for the Jets at all and what they said is because they won the championship it said Fly Eagles Fly we're going green and white in honor of the Eagles NFC Championship Victory and they posted a picture of the green and white on the Empire State Building the Empire State Building like this is New York's like biggest landmark basically besides the Statue of Liberty against the biggest rivals to New York Philadelphia Eagles stop it what's next but baseball season comes around you'll put like red and white out there for the socks yeah we're gonna bless them with Caroline through Times Square it's but it's ridiculous then uh you know the guy who was the Presidente of Barstool there goes ahead and does video and it's fine for him because that's like his his stick is just being like barcel has that mentality of like they're like us they don't care they're gonna say what they want to say and they're gonna they're going to mess with people in the process but then the Empire State Building retweets him retweets him like what the hell do you not know whose team you're on then then they say Empire State Building I'm telling you whoever runs their social media should be fired usually there's no such thing as good as as bad publicity this is bad publicity so the Empire State Building puts up that hurt us more than it hurts you f you it didn't that was my addition we're now lit for the Chiefs in honor of their AFC Championship win and they posted it all red and listen I got no beef with them doing the red for the Chiefs I have no hate for the Chiefs I root for the Chiefs in this game not just because that they're playing the Eagles but because I wrote for spags as a former uh you know Giants coordinator but yeah that's what happened and then so somebody posted to them a whole bunch of you know evil Mean Tweets and everything and they're reposting it saying we'll see you at the big game

like what what the hell what is going on here I would like I don't know let's see what you think about this Rob I would like to start a petition to change the name of the Empire State Building to the Benedict Arnold Building because Traders Traders like are you kidding me I could 100 get behind that that's like are ridiculous I mean some of the comments they got they were pretty funny though like someone put king King Kong should have destroyed you foreign

so now the best of this whole Saga was the New York City Sanitation that post for anyone who finds this as treacherous traitorous and unforgivable as we do just pretend it's green and white for hashtag New York's strongest we take out the trash every day and next year that'll include the Eagles fan freaking tastic guys the heroes in Europe so for those of you guys listening in New York City I want you to remember this tweet that they made and when it comes time to tip your sanitation workers Christmas time coming up tip them well they deserve it for that tweet alone yeah I mean Hallmark holidays around the corner Fountain State get get sanitation worker some chocolates maybe a bottle exactly exactly listen they probably would enjoy a bottle of wine yeah maybe our flowers yeah maybe whiskey give it a bottle of whiskey in a cigar yeah so yeah I'm like I said it's crazy and and if the if the Eagles win the Super Bowl nearly that thing up green again then I'm suggesting a boycott of the building

all giant fans boycott the Empire State Building do not go there feel free to go out there holding signs saying don't visit this um this is the worst place ever to go it's the most overrated tourist site ever and then we're you know give a new building maybe that wouldn't do such a thing as a better alternative five eagles fly away yeah fly away to the off season when you hopefully lose the Super Bowl so we got another comment here [ __ ] calls yesterday Bengals got robbed from Ken Cristiano and Ken we're gonna get into the uh the games right now uh and he also says that one fake City What city's fake Ken which city New York New York is New York fake is that a figment of our imagination all these movies made me think it's real damn you homophone too so first let's go over the Eagles and the the Niners game because I don't want to that game oh ken just said Philadelphia that's the fake City listen I don't want to say it's a fake City but the eagles and their fans are horrible people there's plenty of people I'm sure in the Eagles that in Philadelphia that don't like the eagles and root for other teams and just enjoy a good Cheesesteak I don't know oh plus there was this one guy from West Philadelphia where he was born and raised and on the playground is where he spent most of his days listen it gave us Will Smith okay slap Happy Will Smith that it may have also gave us Bill Cosby so that kind of levels it out but you know that's about to say I don't know if you want to mentioned hour yeah he was a little too much into the Brotherly Love there

yeah don't don't don't grab his running from that man just saying yeah uh so the NFC championship game though I still I feel robbed I feel robbed and I'm not even a Niner I ever imagine um which chem goes now what city closes at 12 a.m Philadelphia to be very Frank with you Ken I don't go anywhere near Philadelphia that late because I know some people that I've actually gotten jumped and hurt in Philadelphia because it's just that nicest City in New York no problem yeah brotherly shanking yeah maybe the Italian Tyrone Wheatley welcome package when you go there [Laughter] so but yeah I guess I feel like the Niners got robbed absolutely freaking Rob so Brock Purdy gets in after the you know the Eagles score in their very first drive on a BS call that should have been a call back and not catch before it's a 40 some odd yards that catch yeah yeah so they got they got a touchdown because of that and it was obviously not a not a touchdown it should have been reviewed and I think the NFL should look at you know beyond just doing reviews for touchdowns maybe anything over 25 yards should be looked at reviewed I think that's fair because a five-yard catch may or may not you know change much but a 45 catch our catch whatever that was that changes the game sometimes

if it doesn't put you in the red zone at least most likely will put you in field goal range so there will be points on the board yeah so I mean I think we have to look at the uh you know the rules for that and I don't want to make it seem like we we start doing every single play becomes a review but that's not every play that's a big play when you get rid of half the fields in one one swing and that's what I should have been looked at and if it had that might have changed that first drive it may have changed some things who knows because what happened to the 49ers wasn't a result of that it was just a result of how many quarterbacks can you lose how many quarterbacks can you lose they got pantsed this is what happened they got pants in that game they got sleeved because elbow injury and a concussion and so you know Brock Purdy and what the third play of his of his game there gets his elbow basically ripped off and then yeah and then you know of course Johnson comes in their backup who remember guys he's Josh Johnson used to play for us he's playing for basically every single team in the NFL because he's just not good that's why he was available so late in the season I mean and let's also remember foreign TS Garoppolo pretty yeah where does Johnson fall in line number four numero Quattro and was he there at the beginning of the year nope exactly and should he be there any part of the Year nope no but when you're starting two quarterbacks go out yep so he gets sacked as well though and his head hits the ground pretty hard and of course now he's in concussion protocol and he's out for the game Christian freaking McCaffrey who's getting his helmet changed in case he had to play quarterback Christian McCaffrey did it didn't he take a snap as quarterback yes and throw it to another uh Divas Anders or uh right Divas Anderson in the backfields so now you're gonna make me have to look at the box score to see that part I I could have scored I remember see him do a pass but I can't remember who to or anything like that um but the whole the whole thing is that once that happened that game was over that game was over like it's not even fair at that point I don't mean like it's not fair wow wow wow I'm just saying I feel bad yeah it was one catch one pass he threw I don't know who two zero for one but I mean Brock Purdy threw four passes in the game four

yeah they can there goes Ken he threw to no one yes he did

but I mean it's just like for to have a season like oh that's right Ken is right because they actually they they re-looked at it to see if it was intentional grounded but he broke the pocket

you know you have this big build up of the season you have the best defense in the NFL you get a rookie quarterback to come out of nowhere and go on a streak like that and then to have it all wasted dude I feel bad and I don't feel bad for many teams ever I feel so bad for 49er fans because Ken this one's for you they lost to the Bears week one

yes they did yes they did

but they also um dominate the rest of the season that was with Trail ants that doesn't count yeah they're number one quarterback you're right so trail dance is is a piece of poop

I'm sorry he's just not good he's not good uh I didn't think he was the answer from the get-go no no and I think they were trying to force him on the team because of the trade-in pulled off and for unfortunately the uh you know the Niners had a deal with that so yeah I mean like I said it's just it's sad it really is there was plenty of plays that I thought also did not go the way that they should have in that game as well I think it was it was hard for the Niners to have a chance with you know their third string quarterback who it was it's only wrong is played better than all their quarterbacks I'm not trying to demean you know uh Brock Purdy after talking so well about him for so long so I still think he did an amazing job this season but he came and throwed the damn ball yeah he literally came in he had his second half just to hand off the ball basically and they announced today what happened so he suffered a complete tear of his UCL that's his throwing elbow well undergo surgery he's getting second opinions but this the initial hope is they can do a repair not a reconstruction now does anyone know what the Reconstruction of the UCL is called Baseball fans will know this very well Tommy John surgery Tommy John surgery that's how bad the injury was folks so you know what as much as I want to say FU Philly and I just did and I meant it I also want to say Brock Purdy you're a freaking Soldier you went in there to play with your freaking ligament torn on your throwing elbow and through granted four times but you still through

that ain't easy

for him just imagine if he was back there and got hit in that elbow again uh imagine every time he throws a ball how much pain he was in that's like Ronnie lot falzi right there that's what that is that's that's that policy and I don't think he's getting enough credit for what he did because that's that takes some like I said that takes that takes some huevos there to put her nicely that really yeah and let's just talk about like I mean for what he's done what he did like at least we talked about it before like he's been lights out this is his first loss as a starter yep and it took him tearing a ligament in his elbow to his throne elbow trying to lose a game and I'll say this yes yes the Eagles won yes the Eagles going to the Super Bowl but it's like an asterisk win it's like an ass trick win don't be around me I would take it if the Giants had the same scenario happen if we had won the game against the Eagles and we had to play the Niners and this happened with us on the field I would still take it I would not feel bad it's a win it happens that's life sometimes but Eagle fans just floating around they're the greatest thing since sliced bread when they beat you know a a third string quarterback and a four-string quarterback combo with a torn Elmo limit look at me like what are you doing stop uh I mean smash that I say you do still have to give some credit because it was still 31-7 they stopped they stopped it over one defense it's not Wonder Brothers

the defense which was the defense couldn't do that though that's the problem because they couldn't get stay off the field because they're on the field the whole time yeah were you talking about uh Johnson getting 74 yards on the day and you're talking about Purge again 23 yards and McCaffrey those three quarterbacks start for you that collectively put less than 100 yards like you're gonna have a rough day yeah like yeah so I don't think they even put 200 yards of offense on the field no no and it's the whole thing was just insane I mean they literally put up 97 yards passing and 74 of that was from Josh Johnson yeah you know McCaffrey to 84 yards he had a pretty good game but that was it that was it like I said I I feel bad like I said I just feel bad I really do it for them um but now the Eagles go on to face the Kansas City Bengals after their win against the Kansas City Bengals against the Kansas City Bengals the Kansas City Chiefs uh I was thinking about both teams I was thinking about y'all the Kansas City Chiefs who beat the Cincinnati Bengals that we have to say after what happened oh whoa I didn't say that oh sorry oh Bengals Bengals and bungles not bungholes

and also like I I also want to give some kudos to this game too because we thought this is going to be like just a just a throw Fest this is a more defensive game than I thought it was more defensive game than what we saw in the NFC yeah and yeah kudos to both those defense but except for one player okay you know where I'm gonna go with this go on that no you know honestly I feel bad for the kid I really do so you know to go ahead and basically cost your team the the entire you know chance of getting a Super Bowl at that point I mean that's just crazy so Joseph aside the uh uh was he I think it's a second year player I think if I remember correctly out of Texas I think so yeah so the game was basically on the line Patrick Mahomes the freaking Warrior he is and we'll talk about that in a little bit there goes to run the ball for the very first time because he's got his bum ankle runs the ball goes to run out of bound out of bounds and he gets hit when he's like a yard yard and a half out already a bounce that's a 15-yard penalty and a turd what would have been a long field goal into a very manageable field goal and that's how the the Cincinnati achieves one and I felt bad for that man he said and the TV is like showing pictures of him crying the poor guy is like you know trying to go ahead and like block his his face and his eyes with his chin strap and all like I felt bad for that man I really did yeah

49ers fans and Joseph aside but yeah like seriously like we could play Monday Morning Quarterback all we want but oh look we watched it in slow motion it was so easy to stop it's a totally different thing when you're going live yeah have stopped yeah when you're running 15 miles an hour and someone's running at you 15 miles an hour that's a collision waiting to happen like sometimes it's not that easy to flip to the side or do whatever you gotta do not to hit the Sun nope and he's playing for a championship and that's what he was trying to do is dock the quarterback from getting first down stop the quarterback from getting a better field position and he made a mistake it happened like yeah it's not there's not much he could have done otherwise to prevent that nope M1 with you like I said I feel bad for the guy and I'm glad I saw some members of his team going up to him and talking to him and can you know comforting him afterwards because that's one of those things that that's like yeah you know that's like a Bill Buckner kind of thing at that point you know what I mean like that's like that kind of thing that if you're you might be known for that in that City forever like if he doesn't have a good career he may say he's to that he's young he's young he looks like he has a lot of talent

that's for sure yeah so I think he redeems himself next season yeah but like the the bagels this is probably the best theme the Bengals may have ever had going down their ears and it came down that play and you're right that's something they sit with him for quite a while so yeah it would it would me I'd be freaking live with it myself at that point so uh but let's talk a little bit on the the Chiefs because Patrick Mahomes oh my gosh dude like you said we I called him a warrior minute ago we use that term probably too often in sports but you got a guy with a bum ankle with what three out of his you know well actually that's more than three so you had what he was already missing some guys going into this game he had like what three with three more receivers go down during the game he's basically got two receivers less than it left in the roster that are healthy because oh my God Kadarius Tony got hurt oh my God yeah breaking news I'm shocked I am absolutely shocked oh my gosh I can't believe he also had a touchdown or breaking it out we were breaking it out breaking news breaking news

oh and the same in the same leg

oh like like oh I I just I can't believe I really can't believe still that we got a a draft pick for that guy but whatever so

but yeah I mean the guy literally had like his backup tied in going wired it out because they were out of receivers to throw the ball too and you know what that means they're like triple teaming Travis Kelsey at that point you know it's pretty much Gotta Give the guy credit I've got to give the guy credit like I said he just totally beasts that I got both teams credit because that was a damn good game they both I thought played their hearts out and that was the kind of game that is a football fan you hope to see you hope to see it yeah that was a game I was really looking forward to this weekend and it did not disappoint except the fact that I I was wrong with my dick I would say we we apparently cannot pick the AFC or NFC championship games very well because I guess I guess I guess the other thing I could go for me is that with the spreading like oh no I thought I was surprised too never mind

I'm going to say this though no one could have seen what happened to the Niners quarterbacks no no and if they stayed if Brock party was healthy the whole game I will still say this the Niners would have won the Niners would have won I still think that I still think that's a better team yeah hands out I can't you can't you can't win with a freaking quarterback with the like basically needs a time with John surgery I mean what was the possession of the game uh the ball at that point like how long was that defense on the field yeah it's just you can't expect great play from the players that are playing for majority of the game like it just it's not gonna happen don't get tired yep yeah it's all it's all craziness oh it's all craziness but but I guess that's where we go yeah was it the chico the the running back for the Chiefs Rutgers boy yep

had himself a boogie if and I think it's safe to say that as giant fans we are now officially Kansas City Chiefs fans for the next two weeks yes Kansas City Chiefs all the way so yeah so giant fans we're going to have some more updates on the team and some off you know off-season topics coming up here later in this week uh obviously we got the Pro Bowl this week so there's no really game to go ahead and talk about uh but we will also talk about the Pro Bowl as well uh because it is a new format this year and Eli Manning is a part of it Eli Manning you know so and five his brother five head five head he's that guy is like I told him he's like the evil guy from uh for the Hulk that had the big head I forget his name yeah now he's uh I think he's like his hairline's receding so he might be a six head yes exactly and and I think from what I heard Chad Powers may come into the game

can't stop both stop

um but yeah like I said I'm kind of curious either what it is because let's be honest the uh the entire Pro Bowl has been a joke basically since they started it and I I really want to see what happened now with the new kind of setup and see if it works any better but like I said we're gonna go down some of the stuff for you guys I know a lot of the other you know podcasts have been going over kind of off-season stuff already uh we wanted to go ahead and wait a week and before we started doing that kind of stuff so we are going to have this week an award show for you know our picks for different awards that we've made up for the New York Giants uh if any of those giants that win want to come on to take an acceptance speech afterwards we will certainly allow that so they'll probably worry that we'll cuss too much and get them in trouble it's a fair assessment we have a reputation it is what it is we're from Jersey we cuss goddammit yeah so we're trying to be nice I said God damn it that's much better than what I use that's how I drive yes I don't know how to drive without saying the f word to show off the state bird yeah so like I said we'll have plenty of content for you guys on that as well all week long so keep an eye out and the best hit that subscribe button so keep in mind that there's two ways you could be doing the show because we are now into a second or third week now doing live streaming so we're now on streaming on YouTube We're streaming on Facebook and we're streaming on Twitter we may be adding some more later on if you already have some other social media Pages ready to go in case we decided to do that um we're also of course as always on pretty much every single um you know podcast platform if you prefer an audio version so if you want the video YouTube Facebook Twitter if you want the audio Spotify Apple podcasts Google podcast any kind of podcast platform you could basically think of wherever you get your podcast exactly and we're also on Instagram and Tick Tock but we haven't been using them as much because they won't let us live stream on there through the program we use if you played nice for others who'd be on there more often um but we're still there so if you're on there hit like hit share hit all that stuff there please it helps us grow the show helps us we know that people care about us because we care about you giant fans we care yeah remember sharing Blues you're my boy blue

we have another comment here which is more of a rock on Frankie Curtis rock on Frankie I got Frank Krakow good luck by Jack Black here so again guys we want to thank you very much for for listening in today we appreciate you guys taking the time out to listen to these two goofballs talk about Giants football we could talk about it for hours and hours on end and if you go to any of our podcast platforms or social media Pages you'll see we have talked about it for hours and hours on end and we will continue to do all season because we just we're just fans like you guys we love the team uh we live for Giants football so if you guys are like us and that hit that subscribe button we got plenty more coming and as always giant fans

and Chiefs

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