2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Chiefs vs Bengals AFC Championship Game Preview Plus New York Giants Coaching News

January 27, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 77
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Chiefs vs Bengals AFC Championship Game Preview Plus New York Giants Coaching News
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Special Guest Tampa Bay Ray

Drew & Rob preview the Cincinnati Bengals vs Kansas City Chiefs matchup in this year's AFC Championship game. Can AFC North Champs Bengals stop the Chiefs high powered offense? How healthy is Patrick Mahomes? Can the AFC West Champions KC Chiefs stop Joe Burrow and Jamar Chase?

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goofballs a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excites and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

welcome fellow goofballs to two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always bye

me Rob wearing the orange hat tonight

and tonight we also do have a special guest with us here so we always try to bring good guys here the new football into the program here and I thought today be a good day to bring in Tampa Bay Ray Ray Kennedy himself Brothers how are you tonight good how you doing Ray I'm good except uh like I told you and Rob in our pre-show a little production There They Might Get Loud here I'm down here at the world famous for Sports Bar and Grill down here on Central Avenue just below 16th Street and the edge District of St Petersburg sorry I had to put a plug in there

and we got a lot of people from the New York Jersey area too down to Tampa Bay this weekend too for the the world famous Gasparilla Parade here this weekend the third largest parade in the country one of the best reasons to get drunk and act like a pirate for no apparent reason other than the fact that there's a parade going on that's every day in Tampa Bay

I just got finished before we started shooting this year Watching one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie even too so we're we're in the spirit we're in this Spirit there so starting off the show here we do have some updates to give you guys on the NFL coaching situation going on here because we keep on giving you guys all the updates because we are scared to you know what that we're going to lose one of our coordinators here this year and here's an interesting thing we didn't even think about this year that now we have to also be concerned about and and I want to hear uh Ray's thoughts on this here because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set to interview Shea Tierney our quarterback coach who Brian dable brought over from the Buffalo Bills here to be part of the staff and right don't you steal our guy right come on we're friends now brother he's day Ball's right-hand guy and he was every bit involved with the production with the with the production of uh one Mr Josh Allen interesting enough Kyle Trask Josh Allen both six foot five quarterbacks but yeah Josh Allen weighs 237 pounds Kyle trass 232 six I can't make this up

okay yeah

we'll take the Shea tyranny interview brother because I'll tell you what right now there of so many offensive coordinator positions open in the NFL and you know who's going to come in here and coach Tom Brady who's coming back for his 103rd season this season in Tampa Bay or wherever and who you guys else are you interviewing I know I heard uh was it Jim Bob Cooney there you guys are going or what's his name like it sounds like a guy from like an extra from like The Waterboy

I was thinking

you know my son hasn't watched that movie yet I got something wrong with his men doubling

so who else you guys talking to me who's the list uh well you know Monken was Todd Monk and OC they're at Georgia who was the Bucks offensive coordinator in 18 under Dirk Cotter his name's out there but you know the Bucks who the hell who else we interviewing we've got what the thing that scares me we could talk about all the interviews the Bucks are doing for offensive coordinator but tonight I don't have the guy's name but Atlanta Falcons hired a defensive coordinator off of the Dennis Allen uh Saints staff so for us here in the South guys it's like you know divisional foes you want to learn how to beat your division so you hire from within but the Bucks are going to find our offensive coordinator so just don't forget we're not your division don't take from us come on man come on and right so but we talked about this in the last episode so actually it was two episodes ago Davis Webb has been talked about as somebody going into the coaching field and people may remember he was actually offered the QB Coach position at Buffalo this past off season and turned it down because he wanted to continue playing so I mean we're well suited for if you guys do poach from us you poacher we do have an option there at that point by having Davis Webb just step into the QB coach role but I Kai would like him to be a year as an assistant QB coach and kind of like work his way into that a little bit there because it's hard to go from a player to a coach on the same exact team it really is hard to make that transition

yeah so we do have another guy another Giants coach here that we were worried about when we were worried about taking here a job Wink Martindale is set now for his second interview in Indianapolis as well and I thought he was hosting the Joker's Wild there on NBC it's like whatever a name weak Martin yeah listen you just you just interviewed Jim Bob you can't talk

there was a Facebook post yesterday and someone said hey the Bucks a man a few first names

the Bucks hope to get Cooter or no I'm not gonna go there that's just too blue for too early guys uh yeah

okay well you know no I got it we're good guys but I gotta ask you let me transition last night your NFC show you guys both came out on the 49ers before we even dig into the AFC side explain why because we hate the Eagles okay that's enough nfce and now so well it's not it's not just that too like I'm biasing two points in this conversation because one F the Eagles two I also put money after week two for the Niners to win the Super Bowl not realizing how well the Giants are going to play this year third bias oh I'm sorry third third bias is the Niners has the best defense out there and they're great at stopping to run and what do the Eagles do they water run run run run if and if you could stop yeah if you could stop the run against the Eagles you stopped the Eagles offense their run sets up their pass listen we played these guys three times I think we know the Eagles unfortunately all too well yeah they're they're wrong like the run is a great the run is a great offense their pass is a great offense but that pass is a great offense because their run is a great offense yeah they're 22nd in the league in the past attempts

you know but you're not wrong uh I mean the the Niners run the ball more than they pass the ball too yeah but okay we're talking about the Eagles when they run

man but that's what I'm sorry Josh no I'm saying I'm sorry guys I'm I'm my Wi-Fi so it might be a little weak over here because we're getting ready to party down here at first party party um you guys we talked about this as the Niners do if the Niners go into Philadelphia to the link you guys the two eyeballs and beat those Philadelphia you know the Philadelphia Eagles you guys Giants you guys know how bad those Eagles fans can be and this guy's a rookie is he not unshakable Rockford uh let me put it this way his only game he gets he got the the pressure that I fully expect the Eagles to put on him was against the Arizona Cardinals he got sacked four times totally ripped up the entire game and he still rocked the Cardinals the guy is unflappable I'm telling you nice yeah and we talked about it before on shows we've been together right it's a third quarterback and no these other two quarterbacks looked nearly as good as he has Rob it's not the system it's the guy yeah but Rob you said you had that future on the Niners to win his Super Bowl early could you imagine if you'd had a parlay or a future a bet that you could lay the odds on this that the Niners would win the Super Bowl and it'd be with it would it would not be with one it would not be with Trey Lance or Jimmy Garoppolo you could have been a millionaire brother

but I didn't think he was the answer for the 49ers I didn't even think Jim G Street was the answer for the 49ers but they played well with him there and Purdy he looks pretty and I know that he's a perfect God okay so party

so let's get into who we think though that the 49ers are going to play we're just calling it right now because we hate the Eagles so much so we have the rematch of last year's AFC Championship I mean that's pretty crazy to go the back-to-back year is the same two teams getting into it you got the fifth straight AFC title game for the Kansas City Chiefs fifth straight that's damn impressive I mean not as impressive as the Buffalo Bills got there since my home's got there that team has been fantastic and like listen the AFC has been a fantastic division the past few years and and since yeah it's also been yeah

yeah they're all so fantastic everybody's fantastic they're all fantastic

it goes back to 2020 and you look at the eagle or the Eagles the Chiefs when they're on that roll and they come in here because I'm a bucks fan I gotta talk bucks and 55 and the Bucks put that beating at 38-3 on that's Andy Reid and that Patrick Mahone's offense and they still had Tyree kill only shows how more impressive it is but you know every coach has their day and it comes down for me with the coaching tomorrow Zach Taylor versus Andy Reed and I don't know Zach Taylor's got the got the cojones but Andy Reid just seems to always find that offense you know what I'm gonna disagree with you slightly on that because I do think the big guy that's going to be here is uh the defensive coordinator for the Bengals Big Lou that man is just dialing up defenses with like average players for the most part and they're people don't even realize how Elite that defense is so we're going to get into that in a little bit here for you guys we got a couple other uh little tidbits here in this game so Joe Burrows I was about to say eight eight and oh under 40 degrees eight and O the guy is 3-0 against Mahomes now yeah now Chiefs remember the the score of the uh the game with the Bengals last year in the AFC Championship Game anybody remembers 27 and 20 27-21 24 27 24. 24 they had that field goal in the Ford what guess what the score was this year that's how they won this year foreign 27-24

oh we're going for the trifecta here we're going for the trifecta [Laughter] like I've been talking all year I've been talking all year about the Bengals coming back yep to this game maybe not against the Chiefs maybe it's against the bills but there are a dirty second half team and how many straight games have they won out Drew they had I thought they got that down

you just want to say nine ten straight wins [Laughter]

it's like Sergeant Schultz over here NF the NFL served up to the Cincinnati Bengals the biggest Locker board material in the history of all team organized Sports when because of the the potential uh game that would have been if it had been the Bills playing the Chiefs and they would have had to have planted a neutral zone neutral you know and they sell 50 000 plus tickets pre-sale before the game even last Sunday the Bengals step right in there and they just ball over those bills can they do it two weeks in a row going in going on the arrowhead

you're going let's say let's start off here going over that a little bit on the Chiefs here I'm sorry I'm getting too deep you're gonna wired up here you're gonna wire it up already we got we got three balls today we got three goofballs listen if I wanted to raise two wimps if I win a race to himself Dr Quinn and Medicine Woman God damn it would have been members of the Legends the Legends for those who aren't aware of the troll 52 Chicago uh over under show watch it we and Ray are on there pretty often and we do call ourselves the legends on there yeah all because of one typo when somebody forgot a d because well I did it on purpose right because we were doing the pre-show the Buccaneers game day with the at the Giants bar their whiskey Wing um and uh we put I left I did left it out at first and I said it to you I said look we should leave it and I think it's a thing right it's not viral yet but we're working on it listen never forget the D the women will tell you it's the best part

unless it's a lowercase D then you might be out alive well it all fairness it was a lowercase d e so wait we didn't lead in capital nowhere so let's go over some of them the Chiefs here and because I mean the big story with them obviously is Mahomes and Reed that's the two big keys to this team overall and Andrea Reed this is his 10th championship game Andrew don't you mean don't you actually mean it's Mahomes ankle because that was a big story right yeah that's the best part of it is definitely listen I'm expecting a vehicle to be 100

then explain to me unless Andrew unless you're gonna get to this too because I'm jumping to gunning I'm jumping the show we're doing gambling at the end right we have to we gotta we had to rein you in right come on how did we do we do our points at the end we do the points in the gambling at the end right but how did this how did this point how did this point spread go from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Bengals by two points now back to the Chiefs again that's Big Rob you're a gambling guy explain that to me well I'll explain that like it's not it's not part of the gambling yet so choose her favorite because Chiefs are always favorite because what like Drew said five straight AFC championships right unbelievable yeah only two Super Bowls who said that yeah

but all right two two out of five that's fantastic good for them but it's 40 that's not so good oh

[Laughter] don't wait to the end they already spilled the beans guys but how many times have other teams have been there oh oh listen yeah it's impressive it's impressive but here's here's why this here's why the line's moving back and forth and I'm gonna arrange you guys back in where to get back on the Chiefs are moving back and forth way to be Mr Andrew off pants yes oh I'm going to be Mr Rough pants they got to Reign you two in software rob you got 30 seconds I'll start a timer I will start a timer there's a timer on this program somewhere


Kansas City AFC champions five years oh not James but to go to the AFC championships five years in a row right you can't count them out fantastic now it's not for the past five years last year Bengals went to the uh the Super Bowl awesome 10 seconds [ __ ] off excuse my language that wasn't that that wasn't French at all the whole kind of show what yeah

him bro yeah my home suffers uh an ankle injury everyone thinks oh my God this injury is going to like sex yeah guess what wine goes back down right then Wednesday Wednesday comes around guess what he does when the me is right there he starts jogging around purposely around every media player like hey look at my ankle guess what it was back up

air cast out of the stadium that night and we figured that was you know Mahomes is showing a good face but you guys know at 50 million dollars 40 million dollars a year for a guy every bone in that kid's body is worth money there's no way that even just to show things they let him walk out of there without being in the cast if there was any question but here's the thing here's what's really going on and we talked about this before Ray me and you earlier today they're hedging their bets they're moving the lines back and forth because they don't want to lose money who's moving the lines it's Vegas actually you know what we have we have an interesting Theory here actually we have an interesting Theory from Jackie the games made up and the points don't matter it's like new times anyway apparently that's what it boils down to they're always in a tie so back to the Chiefs guys back to the Chiefs [Laughter] so Andy Reid and yeah the chefs the shelves the [ __ ] we we messed up one time we set the chefs by accident it's kind of stuck one year that works the chefs I mean if you look that way that's the way Andy a reed though is cooking up cooking up cooking up see I did that cooking up there

a three and six record overall in Conference Championship games not so good not so good yeah yeah see I just bummed you guys out with bad news what now well it's obvious right but you kept losing his losses how many losses are with the Eagles

um well considering they won two and they've gone two and two now with the uh the Chiefs that would put him at uh what one in four with the Eagles

yeah I don't you guys are doing like what this new short math they're doing in schools these days what are we talking about yeah we're doing short math but you said what you said Conference Championship but I don't know man Eagles because AFC NFC is still Conference Championship Game either way she's different conference oh you guys are still making fun of the fact that the Eagles worst conference Championship record

every episode no I get it every episode turns into screw you Eagles or screw you Cowboys basically that's what it is it's all about okay and we do then we put it all together we shake it all about and that's what it's all about so let's talk we talked about Patrick Mahomes at ankle there uh you know he's not even basically a concern at all playing this game they're basically saying 100 he's in he's in he's in but the question is going to be how healthy is he overall and I'm not too worried about him overall I think because he played well last week against Jacksonville I thought overall and he should be better now than he was then at this point you know he's got a week or so to kind of rest to relax and see where things are going this is a guy that is first team All-Pro this year and pretty much has been since his end of the league as a starter you know uh it's a guy that even 90 of him

but I'll tell you what what I see tomorrow when you're talking about all the stats with Mahomes and his ankle and tyrique's not there but they've got Miss Schuster and you know Kadarius Tony is gonna mention him I'm just kidding right I see what you did there I see what you did Staten Island it's Jets over here but it's also it's also Giants okay but Jets pets and then Yankees and Giants were like and then now it's you know raised too I'm kidding but yes Staten Island rap who can guess what the key is though the key to beating Patrick Mahomes I want to see who else happens to notice what the Bengals did in the second half last year and has proven over history the only way to try to stop him no they stopped they didn't Blitz him at all in fact they never ran after it and they closed the exacting Lanes yeah exactly that's what you do you rush four that's it and you even can Rush three against this guy because it's a good offensive line it's hard to get to him the only hole that really got is at right tackle

you got three or four guys at that point rushing that's it everybody else go back and just pass and go ahead and get the liens that's how you stop my homes because if you give them an inch he will take a mile but I'll tell you what so anyway you know what we got this year I don't think Clyde hilarious going to come off iro though he's new to possibly but you also have pachenko and the other receiver or the other running back does Andy Reid is he able to find a rushing game uh and that could help them go a long ways because that's the problem last year they let the Bengals they were up 21 points they let the Bengals and Andy Reid last year made the not not Andy Reid type of error that was the worst coaching at the end of the first half I was over at Harry the Greek's house and I'm like they gave up seven points and then the Bengals had the ball coming out of the tunnel they turned it was a 14 or 10 point turnaround and the Bengals never looked back you know with the interesting advantage to talk about the running attack though they don't need you know Isaiah Pacheco to be this amazing running back this saquon Barclays type of names are up in there see what you did I did yep but they don't need that because part of it is is they also have you know uh McKinnon as part of their passing attack from the running back position acting like that running back though just taking those short routes and running with it I mean that guy has been absolutely on fire so the guy's gonna get 291 rushing guards on the Year got a 500 and 12 receiving yards nine touchdowns the guy has scored six touchdowns in the last seven games you know the Bengals Left Right tag no left guard no Reichard Alex Kappa former Buccaneer pick a position pick a position if the price is right we'll affordable but um you did not stop at a dollar there the fact is

how do you know I stopped by a nickel which gets me to 5 000 if I can stay 100 a second roll I would just remember to spay new to your pets does Rob does Rob ever watch what's Rob's 26 years old he's there do you ever watch prices right I'm kidding listen most people most people that are that are in their 20s and all just know Bob Barker from his his small role in Happy Gilmore when they watched the reworks

the price is wrong Bob no The Price is Right see I used to clean I use the clean version of it already aren't you proud yeah no and I tell you what you give me a happy girl you give me a a happy Madison movie Adam Sandler any day of the week and I'm in yeah as long as it's not one of the newer one wasn't one of the newer comedies he does sometimes because some of them are really bad now yeah well I mean he's still he's doing that to keep the chops but then so he can go and he can you know make a Happy Gilmore or he can make a you know so I think it's you see but yeah I mean these guys get in that bag so you know hey hey he's doing it right I think I I think his image is a little bit special I think the ridiculous six or whatever that was he did was awful that's for sure well no no no the Halloween what he did okay that was bad too how's he dropping all these bad movies I didn't even know about this on Netflix that's why I have Netflix but I don't go to it anymore His Image movies are like his Imaging career basically is as as hurt as the chief's uh receivers are you see how I transitioned again oh oh I see that but then he you got Travis Kelsey questionable with the back injury but I fully expect him to play because he's been full of practice there Juju Smith Schuster Limited in practice with a knee injury no injury designation they didn't put him as questionable they're just trying to rest that knee up and you got wide receivers Harvin and Watson both questionable for this game as well there's a lot of injuries to that wide receiver spot but that's a deep position for them you know who's surprisingly not injured Kadarius Tony that man ran out of hand strings that man like he's had seven hamstring injuries uh listen I'm going to give you guys a little rundown on Kadarius tell me what he's done with the Chiefs because this is where we look good and where Joe Shane our GM is a freaking genius seven games he played with him okay 14 receptions 171 yards five rushes 59 yards you guys gave up a third round pick to get 230 yards stop guys let's be honest about this this isn't really the only reason why Kadarius Tony goes in the first round to the New York Giants is because he had Kyle Trask pitching biscuits to him and Kyle Trask can make it anybody look great no dude actually the reason he went to the Giants is because the Cowboys and the Eagles got together went against us and made a first round trade so the Eagles bumped ahead of us and got Devonte Smith dude if you guys get Devonte Smith or you guys can somehow get uh who else did you lose in that draft Devonta Smith and you said who else went it was no no so this was Devonte Smith was going to be our pick so that the Cowboys had the pick they didn't want him the Eagles did so the Eagles went ahead of us by trading with the the Cowboys I think they gave up a third round pick to do it and they took Devante Smith we then traded back with the Bears they got who got fields and then the Cowboys took Micah Parsons isn't that a crazy move Rob for the cat for the to make that deal right but you're you let Devonta Smith go to jail and hurts and those those two had they go back I heard they actually go back and they have that success almost like you have there in Cincinnati with the Joe burrow and a oh my god did you just transition he just transitioned no he did it right he did it right there right to chase man like it's Jamar Chase yeah oh yes yeah he transitioned so let's talk about those ghosts Cincinnati Bengals formerly known as the bungles but now they're they're much better what a difference one quarterback makes really it's amazing you get the right quarterback and all of a sudden you're good so but I'd be remiss real quick if we don't they'll go over one thing before we do that


I've lost you Rob can you still hear me I can still hear you we'll lose Rob we'll get Rob in a minute here he's got internet issues or something get to AOL there you go there he is yes

so before we go into this since then

I transitioned the key is having good firewall like having a good defense so another internet joke hey you know what here we go before before we go ahead before we talk about the uh the Bengals there let's let's run to the the Chiefs defense here so they are defensive defense is giving up a pass uh rating of 95.3 28th in the league but they did hold Trevor Lawrence to 74.4 last week but they also gave up 6.2 uh yards per carry to Travis CTN last week as well the defense is not that good it really isn't and that's the bigger Achilles heel here is that the Bengals have a good defense with a good quarterback the Chiefs just depend on that quarterback that's what I feel like um the Chiefs have what Jones at defensive line I mean they can apply a little pressure to have sex first team All Pro we had a little pressure and they also always have Arrowhead as the home field advantage but I mean we talk about whether a brock Prairie gets shaken up going into the link against the Eagles and I don't think there's no way Joe Burl gets shaken up because they go in the arrowhead he's already done it before he's already practicing the cigar he's practicing that cigar for later on he's got that going but you mentioned the sacks you got Chris Jones like I said 15 and a half Chris Jones what did I say no I think I said Ed Too Tall Jones I have no idea I was like don't tell me I said Osmosis Jones I didn't say Osmosis Jones did I

suppose you got Purdue rookie uh George colapis with six you got Michael Dana who's five sacks as a backup and keep in mind they got some old guns at a rush the passer too that don't even start to just come into the passing place like that Frank Clark Carlos Dunlop they got 55 total sex second in the league and they only Blitz 25.9 of the time you know why that is the Chiefs Jesus yeah and you know why it's because their secondary sucks and they need all the help they can get ouch okay let's be honest I mean if if the Bengals can hold up and at all in this pass rush it's going to be open season all day long for these guys you know what though and it's they don't even have to because they're even going back to last year when Joe burrow didn't even have a offensive line they have actually applied money to like they did this year uh in the stealing of Alex Kappa I mean signing of them but the fact of the matter is is Joe burrow just seems to be Nails man and that kid doesn't get shook he doesn't get shaken and and he has his way of like he has his Tom Brady sixth eye like pocket sense it's crazy because he take a step to either side while he's watching while he's looking for Jamar Chase running deep and Barry the lead he's going to connect with them he's got a great arm too I mean Burrows the real deal and I'm saying this against Patrick Mahomes the baby goat I mean this is a quarterback game

it comes down to tight end tight ends you got Kelsey over on the Chiefs right and you said he's injured you know that guy's gonna play and you saw Hayden Hurst had that big touchdown catch last week Gets behind the bills defense I like Hayden first there's a reason why the Bengals drafted him as high as they did and he's as talented a tight end um so what you're saying is you're a big fan of tight ends um

[Laughter] [Music] listen Ray left big butts and he cannot lie you other brothers can't deny

I'll say I see a little thing with a little bit of wasting I got nothing these guys fun yes so you know what's an interesting thing here speaking of getting sprung both of the defensive coordinators here sprung from the Giants organization keep in mind in this game yes oh God so obviously spags was our our defensive coordinator twice and interim head coach even for a few games as well at the end of the uh yes at the end of the McAdoo porn mustache stays um and then of course we had uh you know Luan Romo was the um the defensive backs coach for us as well I think just one season again if I'm right yeah 2018. so right before he went to the bank to be their defensive coordinator so it's it's listen giant fans we can hang our hats that we're like we don't produce much but we do produce defensive coordinators apparently and if you said that the DC of the of the Bengals he was the defensive backs coach right there in New York yeah back in 18 just one season but we're still taking credit for it brother and which when I go into last year's AFC Championship game again over at with Harry the Greek I said when the when the Bengals started turning it around and they suddenly stopped my homes down as we know now it's because the way the defense they were playing they weren't trying to put pressure on them but they were playing coverage defense but truth of the matter is being I said that DC the the defensive coordinator is a former giant secondary coach so I expected the Bengals to have a secondary to give them homes uh Fitz and they were able to do that because they took away those passing Lanes yep so let's go over a little on their defense here we'll just switch it up a little talk defense first in the Bengals and then we'll go to their offense because everybody wants to talk about their offense their offense just amazing but Berlin Chase and all the gang uh so as we mentioned before 10 game win streak 18 and a half points they're giving up in those 10 games that's not obviously not all together but you know per game 18 and a half points that's pretty damn impressive yeah that's a good defense there and like I said look at that defensive roster and you don't go oh pro bowler all pro pro bowler All Pro it's all scheme driven guys yeah it's all scheme driven don't get me wrong they got a couple good guys including ex-giant BJ Hill ex-giant BJ Hill I see what you could have been if we had kept him Trey Hendrickson obviously needs to use a stud as well yeah well tight ends and BJ's that's what we're talking about

what happened here I've been here it was just it was this guy swipe right swipe right swipe right

so you liked it then you should have put a ring on it that's my last one sorry oh oh oh so let's go let's go over some of the stats your wives keep on saying they're so good on defense so they hold running backs to 3.9 yards per carry tied for fifth best in the NFL allowed 58.9 completion percentage best in the NFL low has passed the rating in the NFL they held tight ends we're talking Travis Kelsey I know how much you like Ted ends Ray uh they hold tight ends to 79.5 rate third best in the NFL they hold running backs to 86 rating when we talked about McKinnon a minute ago and how good he is at catching the ball they are very good at stopping their running backs they're holding wide receivers to sub 90 ratings in the season Stefan Diggs last week 35 yards against these Bengals 35 yards this is the legit defense guys and they don't get the credit they deserve and isn't the key to that though the fact that they have an offense that puts them out front unless the defense pin their ears back and play that pressure defense which is you know that's the recipe right for championship football 100 and you know unless you're a Giants the crazy thing is though they don't have as we're talking about not having a lot of stars they don't have a lot of sack artists you would think a team like that is gonna be built like the eagles are built like the Chiefs are where you go after the quarterback and that's how you play defense Hendrickson that's a down year for him year

we we talked about earlier in the year like a sack like sack's a great stat but it's also like one of the stats are yeah for now it's not the best ranking for a defense when you stop the ball from going anywhere fastest that you want like yeah negative yards are great but also it's you but chicks dig the sex zero yards is also great too I just man when you put up Andrew I love the big Tech but we're talking about sex tight ends and BJ's here guys hey I you know I've been married 23 years so you know there's not a whole lot of sad is going on I'm kidding I just you know you know fast forward to the meme of being divorce court and for the record if Ray's wife is listening complaints can be sent to two giant goopballs on hill.com

[Laughter] who's gonna get home

it's like oh man so when you lay that out with that defense and you put that with the offense that they got going on I mean it's like wow no wonder the Bengals you know the Wonder this line moves one way than the other and the other because this really is a great matchup of this game this AFC match it's actually stronger than the NFC side do you see where I'm getting at though in the fact that they both have a good offense the Chiefs have the better offense I think that's fair to say yes but only one of them has a good defense yes and like Dennis Rodman said in that famous Jean-Claude Van Damme movie offense gets the glory but defense wins the game if we as this show degraded to that level we're working for yeah we're talking about he's a double team was that the name of that movie double team with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman yeah it was good actually I mean you know I always remember that show is sucking that low yes yes we have sunk lower don't you worry we will continue to the fans crave it the fans craving

so here's a name I want you guys to remember in this in this matchup here let's see if I'm right because I throw some weird stuff out in the show sometimes and I'm not always right but I feel like I usually am I usually am usually are I want you guys to remember this theme Andrew Wiley so that's the right tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs so the Chiefs on the year have given up 26 secs nine sacks came from right tackle Andrew Wiley does Trey Hendrickson play over Andrew Riley he does not Sam Hubbard does who has played very well against the uh against the Chiefs the last couple games so I'm expecting Sam Hubbard to have a big game and I'm expecting Andrew Wiley to hear a guy you're hearing the announcers going we got to get this kid help we got to get this get help wow because he has struggled this year and that's the position you're not going to go help you know uh on the left side you got a good tackle there the right side that is primed for the taken guys and I'm not taken away from those Chiefs running backs of Pacheco or whatever but that's the reason when you go to off when you go to an offensive or a receiving type of a running back or I want to use the word scat back but a smaller running back they can are you a Scatman scat baby um you give nobody to plug that hole you don't have a big tail you don't have a full bag you know you don't have a wd or a listen you got to plug the hole you got to use the tight end you got to get BJ involved you know swipe right 100 now this this is the most this is the most risque I've gotten this is what happens when you shoot at 10 20. this is what happens with this 10 20 in the evening and you're shooting okay the children the children are in bed it's okay the children are in bed this is like the Howard Stern hour now oh it's 10 20. yeah we're good [ __ ] this thank you sorry Rob

good morning two giant pupils may include explicit Concepts wait he started it first yeah yeah so hey are we gonna talk about the kickers we're gonna talk about the kickers because I got Evan McPherson that kicker for the Bengals former hey you know me I got a thing with kickers man you know what you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna say this do your thing with the kickers then I have a special team stat to give you guys oh let's do this oh special special not Christmas yes special teams go ahead go for your kicker stats go for your kicker stats Ray go for it I kicker stats yeah go for it what you got Thomas dude I have no stats at all he's like you think I came prepared PJs and sacks I can't even think of it is the poke in the hole my God and two goofballs and you guys are both hanging around yep yeah that's what I did there Segway

what's your kicker info you want to give us then I got no info I was just saying Evan McPherson former Gator locked it down last oh yeah it's going back to Florida he's going back to Florida with this that's what he's doing it always does you guys and if we it wasn't for Florida New Yorkers would have no place to spend their couple weeks in the summer so don't even knock it um more than a couple weeks they moved here like crazy okay boom but now yeah Coast though not the West Coast we're good here Ray it's just crazy boys you got to worry about you ready for this there's a lot of New Yorkers to go down there for six months and one day Nate let me tell you and I told you my whole family came down here from Staten Island but now a lot of us we go we vacation in my in-laws own a home in Maggie Valley North Carolina and they actually have a name for Floridians up there they call us halfbacks and they call them well they call them that Mel it's not the sacks and the BJ's again Andrew get your mind I didn't say that I didn't even say this time wow your mind's there but the thing is it's because we all came down from New York all of us came to Florida from New York and now we're kind of moving halfway back we're going back to the mountains there in Western North Carolina it's kind of a popular thing in Florida so here you gave you gave your love for the kicker there I'm going to give you the special team stat that I that I had planned here for us here tonight so the Chiefs let Agnew of the Jags last week average 43.7 yards per kickoff last week what that's pretty damn impressive

yep and travion Williams of the Bengals has averaged over 20 yards per kickoff the last five games in a row watch that to be something that could be a sneaky thing to help with field goal field position in this game because field position is important when you got two amazing offenses I'll throw a little light I'll throw a little Wrinkle in here it's going to be dry Kansas City air in the mid to 20s and then going into the teens by the end of the night but the air is going to be light it's not it's not heavy or humid like the East Coast or a Cincinnati or like that so I think the the kicks the balls are going to naturally go higher and deeper and will that play into this return oh God it really has gone that way

[Laughter] oh those are listed in podcast World later on trust me the live video is worth watching just for the hand signals of Rob they cut us off an hour ago on a second so why are we still even talking [Laughter] oh I forgot what I was gonna say oh I did it you got me speechless you got me speechless uh so you know what you know what's the name we didn't throw around either on the Bengals yet and the reason why I almost hate rooting for the Bengals Apple Eli Apple oh that's right what

come on you you said New York and you don't know what schmuck is come on I know what a schmuck is uh but yeah our Giants fans kind of stepping sticking up for the Bills fans here and the crap that Eli Apple gave to the bills after that Victory Apple has been this way since we drafted him he's an immature child whose Mama couldn't stop hugging him and now we can't deal with anything negative he is the police child for the kid who got the participation trophies he's got that mouth he's got the Deion Sanders mouth he doesn't got that Deion Sanders play but Eli but he's he can cover I mean the guy does got a little bit of game it's just that his mouth gets him in more trouble than his physical skills do he has Antonio he's he is an average at best player really average at best okay trust these giant fans we know him well he is not good for us he was he was not good for uh he was not good for the uh the Saints he is now every single time you hear him you hear about him as far as issues with what he's saying because his mouth keeps walking and yes he was a buckeye Ohio State University well you know the reason why Eli's in the perfect spot now to keep running that mouth because he's playing in that Cincinnati secondary that we already talked about how he's being protected by the system hey but that's the way a team do right I mean I guess like man he did run his mouth after that Bill's game and uh he always does he bashed giant fans we don't forget we hold grudges like you would not believe how the hell do you have Jersey Boys Jersey Boys who's your GM again I'm sorry Shane right Joe Shane yep he wasn't GM when they drafted both Eli apple and then last year nope that was funny nope nope nope there he is Tony was the guy we don't talk about very often because we don't like to Dave gettleman and Eli Apple was was before him even so could you imagine these two on the same team it would be an implosion of magnificent proportions like it was back for us in 2017 when all our issues happen because when you have all these bad people in the same locker room but let's talk about some good people here with the Bengals and their offense because that's the last the last spot we got to go here tonight in this this AFC Championship Train choo choo I got to go bathroom I got a pig oh yeah I got to pay

so we we all know Joe burrow obviously and you mentioned about the weather you mentioned you mentioned about the weather and one of the interesting things is they're talking about snow for this game they are talking snow yeah okay Joe burrow obviously a good quarterback and you wonder how can he throw in the snow the last weekend in Buffalo yeah a little bit of snow that wasn't cocaine in the field LT wasn't coming down with the straw that was that was pure snow right there oh hey nice drop nice transition to what I was asking that is is you need to ask about LT and cocaine is that where you were going for you no but you were sniffing you were sniffing around where I was going uh okay are the Bills missing Brian Dave all that much because oh oh he's going there he's going there he's going there because let's be honest look the bet the bills last week in the snow they were playing like they were a Florida team in the snow for the first time and not having home field advantage and the Bengals were and Joe burrow was just pitching and catching and pitching you want to know who they're missing they're missing two people they are missing brine table you're right on that one but they're also missing Von Miller and that's what killed them on both sides of the ball but he don't throw the ball that offense I said both sides the defense need help too so you got you got a third string quarterback that first playoff game and had trouble beating them oh okay yeah so it's both sides but so Joe burrow last week 245 yards two touchdowns 101.9 Pastor rating in the snow that's impressive that's Buffalo snow ain't no Florida snow there's anything like Jacksonville to get a dusting every 30 years but unlike last week against this uh this Kansas City Chiefs offense it ain't gonna be pitching catch and steak it's gonna so man I think I'm leaning way towards the over in this game and that's just from this conversation with YouTube goofballs tonight because I mean if it goes the way it should it's going to be a high score hold up hold on hold on to your hold on to the predictions here that's coming soon and we can't talk about Affairs we're talking about both deep and tight ends and PJs and all these things you talked about here tonight okay so we gotta talk we got to talk briefly at least about the receivers here because everybody knows how good they are but we got at least mention in Jamar Chase absolute freaking stud only 12 games this year still had over a thousand yards T Higgins really I think came into his own this year uh you know being being that he had a couple games there to start and be the number one also over a thousand yards so and giant fans keep an eye out because T Higgins is talking about being on the move this off season and uh Smith Schuster for the Chiefs is also going to be a free agent so as we're talking about guys you want to pick up in the off season with a trade or signing there's two guys right there to keep an eye on this game for us here oh man I'm Rams but [Laughter]

you were thinking you you were thinking uh T Higgins I know you were going you're good it's Tyler Higby but wait Tyler Boyd 762 yards in the season Joe Mixon over 400 receiving yards Hayden Hurst every so often shows up as big games then disappears for a couple games you just never know with him what you're going to get but hers last year of the last year last game five catches 59 yards and a touchdown so he had a pretty good game does the do the Chiefs have a defense that they can even think about completely shutting down playing you know quarters over the top double triple and shutting down the Chiefs would have trouble shutting down the little giants with radtad okay oh God this is gonna be nasty this weekend this is going to be I'm really thinking this is going to be one of those games where you're going to see the differences in the between the two defenses and that's going to come through and it's going to be a three-nothing game that's what well whenever you say oh Jesus Christ is playing Moses and there's going to be like Miracles and fire and lightning and you know offenses and then the offenses come out and their butts are like this and the defenses show up and it ends up being like a tight ends everywhere tight ends he's back to tight ends again it's always part of what he's talking about now oh tomorrow

he played for tonight

I was watching the Giants I was that wide right brother no I'm kidding that would have been awesome if giant fans don't get that reference shame on you yeah and you're in and I was in the North End Zone just to the left and when I could see it as it was missing Scott Norwood pushes it right I'm like they missed that [ __ ] game oh freaking game did it again see we just lost a viewer as you did that [Laughter]

so hey Rob I think it's that time oh here we go it's that time it's time to roll it roll that beautiful Bean footage I think it is no no he's done for goofballs picking football scores let's see what they think about the games going on this week

oh there we go that's the beautiful beam footage there Ray that is beautiful Bean footage so let's get into the line here overall for this this game here rob you got those handy

oh I got some handy I just pull them freshly up oh yes get that get that handy while we're talking about the tight end there you go oh as we're talking listen not not only are we in the VGA in the tight ends we're also getting in handy yeah when Rob says that it sounds so much more legitimate it really does that's Jersey accent it's that Jersey accent it's Jersey I've lost it I've been here in Florida too many years now yeah uh that therefore exit what do we got there what do you think is the favorite in this game uh well you can't tell me that because I have the line in front of me no I don't know it so that's why he asked me then whoa whoa whoa who do you think is fair right now because we talk I think it's still we already talked about it really this game's been flipping and [ __ ] flipping and flopping questions

okay so it moved a little bit back

here yep one and a half points the overall in this game is still at 48. yep so right gives you two cents brother you guys would know a lot better than me but I I've already said it you know Mahomes versus burrow uh the defenses we talk about are great but I'm all over the fence on this one I'm gonna go with the Bengals though because they've done it already and Joe burrow and Jamar Chase are just looking up good oh you want to score we don't give a full score typically just the over under and the and and the point yeah we want to go for it go for it uh you know 44 to 36 and it's just the craziest AFC Championship game in like forever and so we end up with the benches since last week last year I know right it's like what's new like everything's exciting yeah oh it was it well it was a good one but it wasn't that high right it would have been over it was 27-24 remember oh that would be 51. okay yeah it would have been over I'm going over I'm going over Rob then I'm glad you asked I'm going over 100 on this game I'm not giving a score because I'm not that smart so I I'm gonna go for it I'm definitely not smart but I'm gonna give you a score I'm gonna so first off I'm gonna say this the Bengals win I don't even care about the point or point and a half whatever it's going to be at that point I'm just playing the money line straight up because it's it's not going to be a worry for me because the end score on this 27-24 we're going for the trifecta here guys 27 24. and it's going to be obviously then the over 100 Rob I I've been talking about all year how since that is going to go back to the Super Bowl they're going to go back to this game so yeah since he went Joe burrow Jamar Chase they're just too damn hot that defense looks too good and at the end of the day it's a defense that's going to win this game for these two teams because you can't take away homes he and the homes looks great always you can't take that away right oh no oh no so Rob Zombie instead the score is going to be like 77 to like 65. yes

a true slobber knocker a true slobber knocker

uh I'm gonna go what up it's gonna be 30 to 27 and actually feel like 30 to 25 okay there we go all right it's gonna be like yeah yeah it's a close game I think I I think I think the I said I'm pretty positive on the Bengals and for 49ers going in the Super Bowl I really am let me unless let me ask this last question before you let me go for it um so the Eagles the Eagles Niners game is on first right and then the Chiefs in the and then the Chiefs and Bengals are on second are we gonna get are we gonna get like that great first for that great you know first serving and then the the desserts not gonna live up to its you know whatever or are we gonna get like a hum-hum dinner and a great dessert or is it going to be like honestly I think the dirt is going to make the meal

I think nice I think you guys are I think you're saying this because if somehow Philadelphia were to pull out the victory then it would ruin the dessert and a dinner for Giants fans listen

here's my signal here's my thing I'm jealous I'm jealous of the 49ers because they're gonna get into the Super Bowl beating the Cowboys and the Eagles that's every giant Fan's dream right there congratulations to the NFC East putting we're gonna do it once this year yes congratulations to the NFC South and not even having one team over 500. oh okay oh I went there I went there yeah I went there

so we're gonna head on out here in a minute before we go though Ray please do let everybody know where they can find your work uh first of all let me do a shout out oh that look that was pretty good um shout out shout out to the world famous first bar and grill if you're down here if you are oh rob you got skills um you're not watching the live feeder be very upset later on they're on podcasts that poor guy's having a seizure should we help him um he's popping a locking over here I'm on uh I'm on uh usually 12 52 Sports I'm also on a sports web and amped up Sports and uh just having a great time and always talk ball because ball never gets old to talk about and thanks for having me Brothers thank you Ray appreciate man take care

oh he's good all right all righty always good to have a good guest on so especially Ray Ray's good guys so so we got to go ahead and give you guys a shout out for those of listening in for this long because we've been talking for a while now it's been like an hour long show here this is the longest one we've done in a long time I think and listen we got great conversation just keeps on going and going and going so um thank you everybody for listening here uh whether you're listening live on video or later on on video on Facebook Twitter or YouTube or if you're in podcast land because we are available of course on pretty much every podcast app there is on the planet it feels like so um do go ahead and give us a shout out in the comments here let us know what you think of the episode there give us a like on the pages or subscribe whatever page you're on there at that point and go ahead and subscribe on podcast land and listen if you like listening to all those Avenues hit like hit subscribe and I'm all the more you hit the better it is please like playing whack it's like playing whack-a-mole the more you hit the better your score is so

[Music] so thank you very much for listening we appreciate you taking the time to hear with these three goofballs here today we're thinking here um and uh sorry if you had kids in the car [Laughter] whoops they got a little bit a little while this one here uh we like to have a little fun though it's all in good fun all in good jest and as always giant fans

Go San Francisco

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