2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Eagles vs 49ers NFC Championship Game Preview

January 26, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 76
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Eagles vs 49ers NFC Championship Game Preview
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Drew & Rob preview the Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers matchup in this years NFC Championship game. Can NFC East Champs Philly stop Brock Purdy? Can the NFC West Champions SF control the passing attach of Jalen Hurts? Can the Eagles stop Christian McCaffrey CMC. Will the Eagles pass rush rush cause havoc for the 9ers?


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goofball a New York Giants podcast who loves Giant football if so sit back and relax accept you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excites and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

welcome fellow goofballs to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always bye me Rob let's go Niners

yeah I like to be unbiased where I can but yeah screw you Philly

I think it's safe to say we won't get a lot of Eagles fans watching this one probably not probably not oh yes for someone biased someone biased go 49ers

so yeah we wanted to go ahead and at least give you guys a preview on the games here this weekend I know the Giants are out of it and it sounds weird to say because this is the first week you know and what it feels like forever that the Giants weren't playing but you know if you're like us you're football fans in general and not just giant fans but you love the sport and you want to know what's going on and everything so we're going to give you guys our rundown still of the NFC championship game here today to tonight and then also tomorrow night we're going to go ahead and give you guys the rundown on the the Chiefs and the Bengals as well which what I think would probably be the better of the two matchups there uh so we're saving that one for a second here so before we get too much music listen I I didn't say who was going to win though

so before we get too much into the game one bit of coaching news I want to give you guys here I thought was kind of interesting the Carolina Panthers have announced that Frank Reich will be their head coach the former Colts coach that should have still been the Colts coach and this means there's one less spot to take one of our coaches guys one last spot so there's still hope there's still a chance that we keep both of our assistant coaches especially if Jim irsay is as stupid as I think he is and tries to keep Jeff Saturday

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah no that's that's that's one and seven one and seven I see I see great things for their future yeah who would have thought that picking a guy off ESPN who couldn't even get a winning record of high school sports would be wouldn't be a good coach in the NFL who would have thought oh my gosh so we're gonna do things a little bit different this time for you guys usually since we do a Giants game we want to give you keys for the Giants to do you know to go ahead and win the game the keys to Victory we kind of go over the strong suits of the opponents because you guys probably aren't as familiar with the opponents as you are the Giants well there's no Giants this time so we decided to change things up so we're going to give you guys the keys to victory for both teams separately and then we're going to go ahead and give you guys our our uh you know our outcomes we think will happen there for the game or predictions there so let's start right in with San Francisco because you know they're number one who said that laughs we're so unbiased they're so pretty they're so pretty so the 49ers are writing a 12-game winning streak now 12 games in that 12 games they hire the highest point differential than any other team in the NFL that's pretty damn impressive so they're not just winning winning like they're fueled with tiger Squad and they're slacking the people they're fighting against here every week like don't forget like games like the uh the games against the first game for Purdy against the bucks for example they just totally trashed them I mean this is the team that like I said it hasn't been close they've been embarrassing a lot of the people they've been playing you know I think last weekend with probably the closest game I've seen in the Brock Purdy era against the Dallas Cowboys so you know I I think I think it's definitely an advantage when you're writing that kind of 12-game winning streak because these guys aren't used to losing they don't even think of losing that's not even an option for these guys at this point here they've I mean 31 31 what 16th straight now he won seven games that's great so you did five games in the regular season and then two in the postseason so he said more than half of that winning streak the rest of that was Jimmy G um so let's also get into Brock Purdy because I think that's another reason why the 49ers are looking pretty good this week here with this game because Brock Purdy not only has he played very well but he's played very good Under Pressure dude

am I doing Vanilla Ice am I doing David Bowie who knows or or queen oh yes touche touche somebody so many people have used that same tune now um yeah so here's a good stat for you because I wanted to look at what has Brock Purdy done under pressure because of the fact that we know the Philadelphia Eagles as much as we despise them are very good as far as rushing the passer let's be honest that's their strong suit so in that time frame he started the five games regular season he got sacked four times against Arizona four times that's that's good amount of sex that's what a quarter you know what his rating was that game 141.2

that faced him that seemed to do a lot [Laughter] it's like he played Arizona in a rookie mode yeah I mean don't get me wrong Arizona's not as good a defense obviously as the Arizona Cardinals I'm sorry I'm sorry

Arizona's not as good a defense as the Philadelphia Eagles but at the same point it still shows that that man can take a hit and still go back in the pocket and do his thing later on it doesn't affect them yeah I mean when you look at it uh

the what's what's Arizona's defense ranked what 30 well we'll give him the advantage of the doubt like they're in the 20s this Eagles defense is Right eighth in the NFL so you're talking about a top tier oh yeah so and that's kind of towards like the second half of the year they kind of fell off the bandwagon because like for the most part of this year they were like a top five defense yeah no and this is this Giants fan between the lines yeah hi Philly yeah moves would be out there

uh so next thing I have here is a key to Victory is we all know that San Francisco is very good at running the ball we got CMC Christian McCaffrey himself one of the best running backs in the league the last 10 years you got Elijah Mitchell who is kind of that you know north-south runner in their system at that point you got Debo Samuel who yes is a wide receiver but does do a few rushes a game easily this is a three-headed rushing attack and guess what guess what the Eagles suck at the one thing they said defense exactly they cannot stop the run last week our own saquon Barkley soon to hopefully be crowned NFL comeback player of the year got 6.8 yards per carry against this team 6.8 yards per carry think about that if you did that every first down like you're got three yards to go you're good to go like yeah that's that's solid this uh Eagles uh defense the tax Rush is uh it's fantastic but it's like they're going for a grand slam every time not to go to a sport but it's all in on the quarterback and when you're talking about they're putting all their chips on the table we're going to Boston we're going all in on the quarterback they're going for the Winner's Circle with the quarterback yeah

but so people could be sitting here watching this going okay so saquon at 6.8 yards against Eagles big whoop to freaking do he's a damn good running back well how great is mapreda not a bad backup running back he's a lower end starter potentially even in this league because he's had some good games 5.8 yards of carry 5.8 yards of carry and you know why this doesn't get talked about more with the Eagles it's because the Philadelphia Eagles are tied for 20th in the NFL and rushing attempts because teams abandoned the Run because they keep on trying to get back into the game when the Eagles have the lead you know it was the one team that didn't do that the Washington commanders and what happened to that game hmm so yeah that's right it's the one game that the Philadelphia Eagles lost when Jalen Hurst started

hmm yeah and someone did call that game I'm still gonna go yep and Pat myself find it back there because I did call that game and I saw that coming a mile away because it's the commanders and the the Eagles don't match up well for that reason so again I'm expecting a big running game from McCaffrey Mitchell and Devo I'm expecting them to run the ball run the ball run the ball so they don't they're morons yeah so the big talk about this game is everyone's talking about the quarterback play and we're talking about Jalen hurts they're talking about Purdy and this is not how this game is going to play out it is going to be a runs back game like yeah they're going to throw the ball that you're in the NFL you're going to throw the ball but the person who runs the ball that oh the team that runs the ball better is a team that's going to win this ball game yep and when you're facing everyone defense that's fantastic against the rush

I'm sorry

mopes sorry Eagle fans yep I'm not sorry

I also put money on the nighters to make it so also but yeah that didn't work out so well that one so you mentioned as far as the uh the uh 49ers being very good against their run so I'm gonna jump a little bit or stats that we had here so San Francisco was number one against the run this year number one guess what the Eagles Try like crazy okay so what they do what I'm sorry the Eagles but the Eagles try to do like crazy oh they tried running all the time they try to run all the time Philadelphia is 23rd in the league in pass attempts this season they're third in rushes third yeah because they use the rush games to set up the pass game exactly so San Francisco gave up all year 3.3 yards per carrier running backs 3.3 what happens if you do that three times you didn't get 10 yards you get 9.99 not enough not enough so listen that's like Spanish no that's a key thing and beyond that I think the big key also is the fact that the the 49ers are one of the very few teams that have the linebackers to track Jalen hurts and stop him so you know Fred Warner is going to be all over I'm telling a QB spy like you would not believe on jail and hurts I think he's going to stop him but you know the the Eagles I'd have you 49ers also did very good against the pass rush last so the past last week as well they held uh Dak Prescott the 63.6 pastor rating he had his usual two interceptions I won't give him too much credit for that because that's what he's doing he's throwing the wrong team left and right so but a 63.6 passer rating that's bad That's Mike Glennon bad oh I went there I went there I went there oh yes so and part of why they did that so much is they have really good Corners so everybody talked about the receivers for the Eagles we'll get to that in a minute we talk about their keys to Victory but they have a chavardia sport who helped you know uh hold uh quarterbacks when they threw his way to 79.3 past the rating we talked about the 63 for Dak last week 79's also low also very low so you know it should at least be in the 80s uh then we got a um Lenore the other cornerback has got an interception in each game in this postseason so their Corners have held up so far in this this uh you know very competitive for them postseason and what I mean by that is in the secondary think about it they had to go the first round against Seattle you think Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf is a tough battle that's pretty bad combo to go against that's the Giants we didn't do too well against them last time no you know the Cowboys they don't maybe not have the best beyond their number one but CD Lam CD land is pretty damn good he's pretty damn good he's like a soft one he's a solid he's not even a soft one he's a solid one dude he's a solid one no dad on my mind and again I'm trying not to be biased here because I freaking hate the Cowboys as much as I hate the Eagles talk to fancy owners yeah I'm telling you right now it's okay touchdowns I know touchdowns that's why they're talking about no he got the yards look it up he's got the yards man trust me on that this guy is a solid number one and like I said they've held their own they've done their thing so that's one thing that's key as well is they have to continue to go ahead and do their thing and keep in mind AJ Brown didn't look like himself at all last week you know he was the only Eagle basically gets shut down last week against us I mean is that because of Dory Jackson or is that because we don't know here we don't know and that's the thing well since Authority Jackson also shut down just just Jefferson who is also getting voted what offensive player of the year possibly but the fact that Justin Jefferson the last two or three weeks of the Season didn't do much of anything either so I mean last time we played the Viking C exploded which was the last time we did anything yeah so he's also what the first wide receiver to be nominated for offensive player of the year I don't think so or not first but like it's very rare I should put it it's rare it's rare it pretty much always goes to quarterbacks and running backs but no it happens um here's another interesting little tidbit for you and this guy has to have a very big game I think Nick Bosa because he's not just their main pass rusher he's their main and their secondary pass rusher he is the pass rush let's say he is he is the pass rush if you want to talk about a weakness on defense it's a lack of diversity in their pass rush and Nick Bose the last time he faced the Eagles to sex two sex so I'll take that kind of performance again come on Nick yeah you can do it one big old two big old sacks you can suck him all night long that didn't come out as good as I thought yeah uh

[Laughter] uh so here's another good step because we talk about the 49ers defense because you notice the theme I'm talking about the defense the defensive defense because all they have to do is stop the offense for the Eagles and run the ball that's all they have to do it's that simple don't do don't go fancy Don't Go Fancy it's not Applebee's on a date night yeah it's that two dollar Coors Light tonight like no it is not it is not so it's mid Global late night so pick up also so speaking of which of course later micheloblade if you'd like to be a sponsor the email there's two giant goofballs at mail.com uh so San Francisco held other opponents 11 times under 24 points that's pretty damn impressive that's what I'm talking about a defense like this is a defense there's a reason why they're number one yeah like this is sometimes but solid defense guys so yeah that's a lot of things going good for the 49ers along with the fact that we'd even talk about you know their receivers that are very good as well so I mean this is this is a stacked team the best you know left tackle in all of football and I know giant fans will crush me for saying that but I'm sorry Trent Williams is still better than Andrew Thomas for now for now give another year or so I think he'll I think he'll beat him as you know father time starts kicking him more for Trent and experience starts kicking a little more for Andrew but for now he is the best left tackle in all of football and we have number two who does number two work for the Giants [Laughter] so let's get into the Philadelphia Eagles and their keys to Victory what I think they should do is just I think they should take a pic uh take take a page out of the Joe judge notebook and just go into Victory formation on Third and eight when you're on your own 20 yard line I think that's like the key to Victory just near the ball yeah yeah I think they should just punch it on first down every time every time every first down just punted it's definitely

so let's go over I guess their keys to Victory I mean you guys talk you gotta talk about the QV right away you do he's healthy it looks like at least at least it looks like it last week against us but we do have a habit of making him look healthy yeah skyly unless it's our third string quarterback and uh yeah our preseason team we should put up we should have put the backup defense in last week they did better yeah yeah uh but yeah I mean he he definitely looked healthy when he looks healthy it's a totally different uh Team not just offense but team because it helps the defense as well as I mentioned before when they go against the pass they do well if you go against the Run they don't do well the way to go after the pass a lot is to be up in the game and force them to play from behind so it helps all around the team so the other because every time they've taken a solid lead every time I'm taking a solid lead this year they've always just ran the clock and ran the ball that's yeah kind of like it was low hanging fruit for a lot of these running backs because yeah look what they need to get uh look what they did last week 28 nothing they just ran the ball in second half yeah burn the clock not that I want to bring that back up yeah what do you want to break up last week too much

uh so he's the victory the big thing is they're receivers so we talked a little bit very briefly about the 49ers receivers because the 49ers don't have receivers like this and they have good receivers don't get me wrong they have what I would consider to you know Robin's basically not a Batman whereas the Eagles have two receivers that could easily be Batman for most teams out there

yeah you got it wrong Batman of the Red Hood maybe or something yeah I mean Devonte Smith yeah I mean 95 yeah it was it 95 receiving yep uh receives right he had a just shy of 1200 yards in a year and seven touchdowns like yeah how many teams wouldn't take that as number one how many teams there's not many that wouldn't there's only a handful that wouldn't take that yeah I mean Jets or die so like that seriously if only the freaking Cowboys and Eagles didn't screw us over by Trading I'll never forget that trade you don't trade with your freaking division rival God damn it cowboys the hell um I will always be pissed about that because that's what got us give me Darius Tony though it also is what got us either Kavon or Evan Neil depending on how that draft would have worked out this year too so you know yeah pros and cons pros and cons uh but yeah I mean AJ Brown they're legit number one is 88 yard 88 receptions 1496 yards 11 touchdowns so like I said two studs at the wide receiver position two absolute studs and you know what the niners did have trouble with last week we talked about some of the receivers they went against cd-lam who I know you just semi bashed we'll say semi-bashed a little bit semi-vash because you said he was like a um a lowercase one okay I'm calling it uppercase one [Laughter] yes

you're like wait a minute there's no uppercase look over case numbers wait a minute there is in my world that's like the alphabet now so my world's a crazy place but a CD lamb 10 catches 117 yards last last week you know at easily the best game of any cowboy on the on the offensive side last week so they did have a little trouble there and AJ Brown is a better receiver than CV lamis not by much in my opinion they're pretty close but CD lamb if you're putting him between the three players here with Smith Brown and lamb it goes Smith lamb Brown I'm sorry sorry Brown Smith limb I messed it up I will get this right the third time's a Charmed God damn it it goes Brown lamb Smith


yeah disagree go for it go for it I will probably put lamb at the bottom of this three but it's okay I did one of my mess ups so the joys of a live show guys [Laughter] oh here's one thing though that the Niners did have trouble with defense all year long the world I was looking for the kink in the armor and it's the tight end position so they love their tight ends I mean

so giggity so the Niners allowed a 98.2 rating to tight ends this season that's pretty damn bad that's like almost New York Giants bad I said it because we suck at that for the last 10 years um here's the interesting part about that though Dalton Schultz who is a pretty dang good tight end he's not a tier but he's a b-tier tight end yeah he's definitely top 10 I don't think he makes top five exactly that's what I'm saying he's not you know he's not on the level of like you know kiddle or you know Kelsey but he's definitely in that second tier so he had five catches 27 yards last week that's nuts it's not good at all because that's also been like that was Dax like scream like here for pretty much all season yeah I mean it's a guy who averaged about twice those kind of yards he usually averaged about 50 55 yards a game so yeah it's like the nine inch drifting off that security blanket off the deck he just sat there colds now Dallas Goddard is also in that b tier of tight ends though he's also a very good tight end I again I hate this this I hate with the segment it's like I have to give kudos to Eagles damn it why did I agree to the show I'm leaving in front of a gun but when you're a Titan and have over 700 yards in a year like here's a not only 700 yards he had 700 yards in 12 games yeah that's impressive that's impressive and if we would have played you know the full year like who knows yeah well we can easily do the math and where they would be and that put them at 992 yards in the season if it had been a full 17. so my quick map saying damn near a thousand it was pretty close it was it was but I wanted to go exact here so it's 91.66666 the number of the Beast about five is going to be released

ah good old Iron Maiden but yeah so like I said that's one thing I I think that we have to keep an eye on for this game as well because the fact that like I said they've shown a tendency to have an issue in this one area and be very good in a whole bunch of other areas so if I'm the Eagles first off but second off I'm gonna say I'm gonna throw the damn tight end because it's the one spot they can't cover and they've shown they can't cover it all damn year so guys if you're in Philly just load open cheesesteaks you just don't run the ball load up on cheesesteaks because that's the one good thing about Philly the cheesesteaks the scary thing is the more the neighborhood smells like pee the better the cheese steaks are that is actually a true statement and it really is a scary part uh did you know you always you know I always say you find out if somebody's actually from Philly when they say they're from Philly you say pastor genos if they say neither they're actually from Philly yeah that's how you know guys for those who want to know if you need to actually hate someone or not I mean what they're like no you got to go to this Roach Coach down the corner exactly over on this street in that street yeah Health rating the F Health rating rate on the Food Truck Yeah uh guarantee it's Damn Delicious yes oh yes the greasiest along with the pretzel uh soak up the grease exactly so we mentioned before about the Eagles pass rush so let's get into a little bit of that too because that's a big part of their defense it's a huge part of their defense but I mean it was broke NFL history they really did with an extra game two stacks away yeah yeah yeah I have to say it right it's like you remember like back in the day when we were growing up and people talked about Jim Brown and his records oh well yeah this person beat it but they have two more games to do it in and I was like back then I was like shut up old timer shenanigans

um but yeah they're pass rush it's it's it's as a giant fan we can attest to the fact that it's pretty damn good it's pretty damn good and I do think it's aided by the fact that again we talked about this before that teams abandoned the run against the Eagles stats morons run the damn ball like this is what they don't do as well this is what allows them to pin their ears back and go after the quarterback because you guys are abandoning the run and the Giants did it too and it ticked me off every goddamn game that did it so Kyle Shanahan please be smarter don't be a [ __ ] friends don't let friends have been in the Run please don't abandon run don't you don't do it please don't do it do it please don't go

um so for those who may have forgotten the rundown Hassan Reddick 17 and a half sacks on the season Josh swept 12 and a half Brandon Graham 12. Hargrave 11 Cox seven best football and I didn't even mention the fact that they have indomica Sue who even at the rifled age of 47 or whatever he is now 56 whatever like he's still a guy that made his career rushing the passer up the middle same as Fletcher Cox did yeah so really Sue is stopping nuts listener every single occasion whether it be for a play or for a quarter for a game an Old Timer all of a sudden feels a little young again it happens all the time so don't forget to leave yeah don't forget also about Robert Quinn people forget that man they traded for him mid-season with the Bears that gave up draft picks to get the guy and why they get him for the playoffs pass well they said Point Blank they thought he might be the missing piece which is crazy to me why you think this guy's the missing piece when you have all these people I just listed that are freaking killing it in the past rush but they did how many how many Edge rushers are you putting on a field at once all of them just saying there's only so many you can put out there so and last week they had a 43.8 pressure rating against the Giants that's that's a lot that's a lot I mean it's gonna be a little bit different against you know the Niners uh front line but we'll see yeah so next key to Victory for the Eagles sorry every time I say it like throw I throw up a little bit I throw up just a little bit each time I think a little bit cleft here talking about yourselves

um so Brock Purdy is amazing as his ride has been last week was his worst game

and I mean yeah it was also the best defense he played Dallas defense again this is like for the Dallas defense is not a bad defense

so yeah yeah that's that's that's it's a pretty good task for any quarterback let us know the seventh round pick who started you know in the seventh game so it was his first game with a sub 90 Pastor rating it was still like 88 it was still like you know respectable don't get me wrong but it was his first sub 90. and it was his first week with no touchdowns so how does he do against the Eagles which is probably a better defense than the Dallas Cowboys I mean if he does the same thing they could still win this game oh they still can win the game but it's something that like I said it's not S4 going on a conclusion as some of the other team because of the fact that they have a much better uh you know much better defense than some of the teams he's faced so here's another key which is more of a hey note this might help them kind of thing that a key to Victory Debo disappearo

where the hell you been Debo Debo Samuel has been under 60 yards receiving and eight of his last nine games he's played in now he was hurt earlier in the year so you got a question is he actually healthy or to hear rushbacks he wanted to be in the playoffs and that's fine if he did as long as he feels comfortable with it and he's still better than who you got in the bench just saying it's it's it's something for the the Eagles there to look at because if he's not healthy he's a big part of their offense and what would you do in that situation do you do you go lacks Daisy on his coverage or do you pick on him you know I I may treat him as a number two as opposed to number one yeah that's what I'm saying yeah

no I might I might you know but that goes into B is that their number one in number two corner our number one for both teams both of them in slay and Bradbury you know Bradbury's our number one last year obviously so yeah it's it's an interesting it's an interesting uh you know conundrum of what to do overall because they're both really good corners but yeah I would honestly put whoever you think is the better matchup on Brandon IU can put them right on there and go for it and let the second guy go against Devo because he hasn't been as proficient in the passing defense passing offense sorry yeah yeah so but you know as we're talking about their their past defense let's give you guys some stats here their past defense for the year 179.8 yards per game allowed that's the best in the NFL 6.4 yards per attempt tied for second best in the NFL 81.6 Pastor rating third in the NFL 17 interceptions fourth in the NFL pretty damn good I mean their top five in all of those game categories and again teams are abandoning the Run stop it yeah run the goddamn ball they stink against the Run um Daniel Jones last week uh DJ uh 135 yards five yards per pass attempt and one interception coming off the three games that people thought he looked like the second coming of Kerry Collins I won't see Eli I'll say Carrie Collins yeah I'm not I'm not gonna say I told you so when I said he was playing against Bad defenses I'm not I'm thinking it but I'm not oh as you passively aggressively tell everyone I told you so I didn't say it I very clearly said that I was not going to say those words yeah I have not said I'm not saying those words Dirty son of a gun all right those in podcast land that are watching the live video in the or the video later on uh aren't aware of the spout don't give it away yeah they can hear your voice here's another key to Victory for the Eagles it's the last one I got it's the last one I got

they hold tight ends it's an 80.6 rating which is fifth overall in the league that's key when you're aliens team with George Kittle who's probably the one of the most underrated players in the NFL the guy is a stud tight end doesn't get brought up he's not saying he doesn't get brought up with the with with the Kittles and the Kelsey's I feel I'm sorry with the kills he doesn't get brought up he did last year not this year for whatever reason like he started off this I feel like he set off the season a little slow but because he had Trail ants well yeah that's 100 True yes anybody starts off slow with trailing I'm just saying like that is one of the best you hear like Mark Andrews talked about one of the best you hear you still hear about gronky you don't even play this game year but it's like I feel like kiddle for some reason people have kind of forgotten about him a little and not only God damn good player yeah not always he a damn good player but he's a damn good personality for football oh yeah you see that face he's making up the sky cam last week in the game that was freaking awesome uh spectacular dude um but he wasn't playing football he looks like he should be out of Pacific Ocean just surfing up with some waves oh yes he would be or he'd be a great pro wrestler oh yeah he's got that personality that he can do that uh maybe when he quits football he'll do that

so Macho Man so yeah so that's all the uh the keys to Victory there and I do think it's that time talk about some some little Sports bets here I I think you know it no you know what we're gonna we're gonna do it like we usually do it we got to do it like we usually do it it's that time

now it's time for goofballs picking football scores let's see what they think about the games going on this week

oh yeah that's a beautiful Bean footage for those who haven't watched the actually listen to the podcast we do that every time we do the uh the uh different lines for the uh the week there but we can't do it like we usually do anymore there's only two more games left for this week or so and we're doing one episode poor but I still feel the need to play the damn clip I like the clip okay this clip made God damn it we're gonna play throwing the Pro Bowl oh we will we oh we will definitely do betting of the Pro Bowl let me assure you that we are definitely team Eli we will not be biased then either okay not at all screw up Peyton and his freaking Mount Everest of a forehead hey that's a six head yeah oh my God I swear that guy must be telekinetic [Laughter] Mega mine was a real person oh yes oh yes all righty so let's let's go over the lines what do you got Rob I think the Eagles negative two and a half for this game so they're they're the favorites but not by much no and you got the over under at 46. even yeah flat flatter Rooney senior Drew how do you feel about this game uh and I again I try to be unbiased so this is not just me hating the Eagles though I do freaking hate the Eagles I got the 49ers to win and I have the under on the points because I think both defenses are very good and if the 49ers do what they got to do which we talked about run the ball run ball run the ball what does that do it takes time off the clock that gives you less opportunity to score points and we talked about before how the you know the Eagles the 49ers have capped opponents under 24 points a game for 11 points 11 games a season so this is this is a prime defensive battle and I'm really hoping it is because I love watching those kind of games they're all scoring over and over and over again at least it makes me feel like I'm watching like peewee football so I'm really hoping that this is the kind of match-up that we deserve a good defensive battle a good old slobber knocker I see like oh Nitty Gritty Nitty Gritty like the Dirt Band and Mr Bojangles no but I agree with you drew like that's been talking about all day at work all week I think we should work some at work too I I tried doing some work but I didn't enjoy it so I just talked about football but I've been telling everyone you want to bet this game bet the Yonder that's your safe bet yeah but yeah and it's not a biased opinion because I'm a Giants fan IX put money that the Niners are going to the Super Bowl I have 100 faith that they will win this game you're investing in this I'm the best it's a bias for my money yeah no but at the end of it like the Niners are the number one defense for a reason yep they can stop the run which is what the eagles need to do to win their defense is phenomenal and they're going against another great defense as much as I don't want to admit it Eagles defense this year has been lights out except we except week 18 against the Giants but that doesn't matter at this point it's irrelevant well they bail out Kenny gallauding a touchdown that just says it all yeah he didn't get those in practice foreign

but yeah I I expect this to be like a at most a 20 to 17 game but you're probably looking at like a 17-14 or like a 17-16 kind of like close nail biting game music to my ears man yeah like me you might see 21-17 but that's still 38 points go with the other this is a high over underfoot these kind of defenses that match well against the other offense see the one thing I'll say is because of the fact that it's the playoffs and things are heightened and you know some guys do come to play their best ever in those uh circumstances I think picking the Niners is something I would do over the over under because I still think there's that chance that either Brock Purdy you know just plays well enough and the 49ers just run the ball like crazy or that the the offense for the the uh the Eagles just passed the ball like crazy that chance you're right there's still a chance but what do these two teams do to win the game they run the ball right yeah and when you run the ball where is that due to the clock it runs the clock down so what's going to happen is going to be a clock management game towards the end and I just it's it obviously the other I said the same thing against Dallas some people looked at me like I was crazy but well that's not because of your prediction as much as your just overall demeanor yeah I'm just

I wasn't over it yeah you were good you were good yeah alrighty guys so place your bets place your bets when you win don't forget to you know donate to the two giant goofballs we need a patreon for these reasons yeah

so thank you though very much guys uh those of you that are watching live thank you for spending the time here and breaking up your day to listen and watch us hear those in podcast land thank you very much for listening at a ride to work wherever you happen to be uh if you are listening to us on podcast land and preferred video hey we're on YouTube We're on Facebook we're on Twitter uh if you are listening to us and watching us on YouTube Twitter or Facebook and prefer the audio version we're available in pretty much every podcast platform known to man so thank you very much guys though for listening we very much appreciate it you have a lot of places to get your football information from especially this week everybody their mother is all of a sudden a football expert and you chose these two goofballs and we appreciate that and you know we hope that we give you guys some good info here today and hopefully helping win some money there towards the end too who doesn't like some money money money money [Music] sorry it's not really yeah no I'm not sorry at all screw you Eagle fans um and as always

you got this

thanks for listening to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast we appreciate your support if you made it this long you must have enjoyed it so I am sure you have followed us on all the social media platforms of course you have subscribed to the show on your favorite app as well and given us a top rating right right right

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