2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

New York Giants News: New Turf, Awards, Saquon Rumors & Coaching Updates

January 25, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 75
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
New York Giants News: New Turf, Awards, Saquon Rumors & Coaching Updates
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New York Giants News episode. Metlife Stadium is getting new turf. Its also awards season. Head Coach Brian Daboll & pass rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux have won awards while Daboll and Saquon Barkley are nominated for others. We also talk about the recent Saquon Barkley contract rumors. Also an update on head coaching searches that involve Mike Kafka and Wink Martingdale. We also hear above Davis Webb becoming interested in coaching as well.


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welcome fellow goofballs two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always bye me Rob another Giants podcast here we go here we go there's a whole lot of news to go over with you guys here it's been a couple of days and believe it or not the last game has played yet there's still more and more information coming out here it's it's crazy how much is coming out the last couple days so much so much to you so do you want to go right into it do you want to start talking about some Turf do you want to start talking about so do you want to talk Turf you want you want to talk about some non-soil issues so let's go into some turfology here with a terfologist himself Rob

I don't know nothing but I asked the turf but oh don't don't you play koi there you are a turfologist certified turfologist so I guess so after all of this talk all year long I should say all that last couple years it seems like we've been talking about Turf as long as we've been talking about Daniel Jones basically uh just met life will finally get new turf you see we'll get new Turf here so the same Turf they actually use in both New Orleans and in Seattle and you know it's one of the concerns I had going into this off season because our turf has such such a bad reputation for messing up knees that she wondered if it was gonna hurt as the Giants went to go look at getting free agents this off season because I'm telling you this if I was a free agent I'd be looking at that I mean look at our rookie class with all that MCL injuries yeah you don't have to look harder for them they're at the hospital yeah wow it's like every single one of them got injured this year except for one and most of that was pretty much all knee issues mcls ACLS all the ACLS and the CLS well beavers and Asia but majority of our Squad like typical at the beginning of the year MCL like things yeah ACL and then you had Evan Neil MCL yep and you have to wonder how much of this was Joe Shane going to ownership and like you guys are morons maybe not so bluntly but I think the conversation was there ought to be there yeah yeah you don't play on a field where everyone messes up their knees and go I don't know what's happening we've been doing that for years why not yeah they play there's 30 other stadiums to play on there's no issues I I don't understand yeah exactly and it's just it's Insanity at this point that we're still having these kind of conversations but luckily they are now over so this is a direct quote from Jillian love should I also mention pending free agent potentially Julian love because keep in mind guys we have to resign if we want them next year he said right now we can't sustain grass so we're going to the best Turf this surface is good it is the safest out there from a numbers perspective they did all their due diligence Ronnie Barnes looked at everything and Mara was very involved in the negotiations and the talks and keep in mind so you got ownership John R right in there in the mix you got Ronnie Barnes who's been our trainer since before I was born and I'm old

it hurts just to sit here and have this conversation with you so you know it looks like they had the right people involved to go ahead and look at this stuff here uh and you know hopefully for once we don't leave the NFL in injuries that'd be nice yeah yeah I mean look like the only rebuttal I have to it's like how many injuries did the Jets have this year besides the pride thing is you're right on that I don't see that very often follow the Jets as often as I follow the Giants but I mean they did get Bryce Hall

was that an away game I I don't know off top my head to be honest with you the Jets are the little brother that I I don't pay attention to too much got you so like I said though nothing bad income of this only good things guys so it's nice to start this off with some good news and then we continue with more good news which is even better good news sounds weird as a giant fan to keep on saying good news

so we talked about Kayvon Thibodeau being named nfl.com's all rookie team well guess what he got named all rookie team the pfwa which is the professional football writers association for those who are wondering there so even the people that they write about football they write about football for a living they know what the heck they're talking about said he is one of the best rookies this year

yeah I'll take that I'll take that if not the writers are going to be under pressure just gonna say under pressure I mean it's it's also typical Mo everyone's Under Pressure yes and they Crush like a snowflake under the snow angel that is cave on Thibodeau sings queen as he gets in your pressure it's just a real life yeah is it just fancy

all right so we also had the NFL actually announced their nominations today for their final end of the Year Awards which they'll be doing in just a couple weeks here so the Giants had a few people being named as nominees ooh again more good news what did the Giants last one award so I wonder where the last one who even won an award is besides Evan Evan Ingram's lone Pro Bowl season it was probably you know the last Super Bowl was like team how the hell do they do this the Giants the Giants so NFL comeback player of the year we've been saying this all year long pretty much since this all got underway and the comeback began saquon Barkley has been nominated he's going against Christian McCaffrey and Geno Smith and honestly all three of those guys are deserving yeah so I mean I can't I can't be mad honestly if one of these guys doesn't get in but I'll tell you this I am gonna say that I'm gonna root for saquon because he's a giant and I'm going to be a little Homer there but all three of those guys deserve it listen all three of them definitely need to be in this category

but there's one that I've picked towards the bottom half compared to the top half of this I was about to say I'm curious now who you're gonna and there's one that should be to the top half to you know the knot in the bottom half and Barkley I'm sorry there's two that should be in the top half of this conversation and there's one should be in the bottom half and no disrespect to anyone that's out there but I mean Barkley he's right there he's up there he's he's done fantastic for us and that's biased from my end but there's also he's also the top five rusher this year but all-purpose yards he's still right after being fantastic you know here's how I look at it saquon's had the best individual year of these three guys he's top five I think in in rushing yards this season obviously he's a big part of the passing game as well I think he actually approved on his pass protection this year which is one of his big knocks he's still not great at it don't get me wrong but he's got better I think then you go to Christian McCaffrey who is obviously traded over to the 49ers and his team had the best year of these three so I think that's part of why he gets that and then you go to Geno Smith who plays the biggest position but here's the thing Geno Smith didn't come back he's been there the whole time he just stops sucking like if there was a stop sucking up the Year award like there we go let's give it the Geno Kudos Gino you got to stop sucking at the Year award but he didn't come back from anything McCaffrey and saquon came back because last year saquon was trying to come back from injuries and this year he finally did and Christian McCaffrey same thing the last couple years those guys came back yeah they're 100 so like you said Gina says Gina Smith never went anywhere he was just a second string quarterback so like his comeback in the third yeah to a starter like a legit starter this year so yeah he's come back but he's also in the lather part I feel like of this conversation Chris McCafferty is still a top five running back and he's also a versatile run back he's not just the guy that just runs he also will catch the ball for you in the backfield

yeah 100 so it's almost unfair to it's almost like I could appreciate a tie if they gave like a tie like a co- comeback Player of the Year to both seek one and Christian McCaffrey I think that's there honestly I think the biggest Kudos this year is hey McCaffrey you didn't get hurt this year comeback flare basically what happened but I mean you can say it was saquon because he didn't get hurt after being hurt the last couple of years he did have the shoulder injury but he never missed any games that he chose to miss because he didn't play the last game but that was that was a resting kind of thing more than anything else yeah it's so different we do got to get into the rumors here of saquon and his contract though too we talked about how he's been rumored he's been offered 12 million dollars a year in the last episode rumor has it he's also command and said I'm not looking to reset the market well now the rumor is yeah he's not going to reset it but he's not going to tie it so he wants us a year which is what ironic Christian McCaffrey's we're talking about him that's what he got yeah he's not looking to reset as I have not heard that room yet but I was going to bring up tonight as a very clever plan words because it doesn't mean you're looking for a 17 million doesn't mean you look over 16.5 what you want with the best running back skin yep I'm Tony he better be careful because if if we resign Daniel Jones before the tag deadline

and I think the tag is under 10 million dollars no it's 10. I think it's 10.1 what okay I thought it was just under but either way it's less money he's being offered at the 12 million dollars so dude I I get it take all the money you can man take all the money you can because it's a rough Sport and especially at that position you never know how longer to get that money for but don't shoot yourself in the foot don't pull a plexigo or in the hamstring the helpful canarius

so like I said well you sit there and watch to see what happens guys but I want to make sure you're aware because that's the latest rumor of what's what he's looking for so we'll see how true or not true that is because you know rumors are rumors uh so we have another war with a giant being nominated and that is NFL coach of the year surprise surprise surprise they've always been talking about this yeah surprise for week five yes I basically yeah basically since the winning streak started I should say since basically the last play by the Giants offense on the Tennessee Titan game because going for that win like set the tone for this whole season it really did that is important play of this entire year so obviously Brian dabel was one of the people that are nominated you also got Nick siriani of the Eagles boo oops that came out sorry I just came out uh Kyle Shanahan Kyle Shanahan of the Super Bowl bound 49ers hopefully uh Sean McDermott of the bills and Doug Peterson of the Jaguars so I mean really you can't say anything bad about any of those guys all of them did an excellent job this year um I will say this when I look at people who are coaches and they go for Coach of the Year I look at two things I look at how much did the team improve and what kind of team does this guy have and what they do with the team so like if you want to start talking about that right Doug Pearson has done a fantastic job as much as I don't give that many credit for anything what he's done he's give him the credit man he deserves it he absolutely deserves it he does obviously he's a former Eagle like it's hard for me bad taste of my mouth okay it's okay it's okay he's not there yeah he's been he's been rinsed he's been rinsed by The Saltwater at Jacksonville beaches okay he's done a great job down in Jacksonville so he needs to be in that conversation yeah he also took a losing team made him into a winning team and got him to the playoffs where they won against chaos playoffs just like the Giants and they want to talk about Charming Durham like you were in the playoffs last year so like yeah if he's the one guy that I'm like you know what they did not do bad but they did what you expected yeah there there was actually if anything they should possibly probably being uh playing this weekend yeah so I'm saying I I could that's the one guy I would say out of that list immediately and no offense to any Bills fans out there because I root for the bills because I got a good friend who's a Bills fan there but in the end I just like say Circle wagon yeah yeah he just did what he's supposed to do yeah I mean like listen what the bills have done since he's got there it's been phenomenal so you can't oh yes that away oh yes and it's the same thing but this year this is a this year award yeah this year you could sit there and say he did what he was supposed to do nothing more nothing less that's not an award that's how you do your job you gotta paycheck that's a yeah that's uh here's your not losing trophy yeah exactly well he did lose eventually but yeah see and where we'll go with Kyle Shanahan I'll say it differently it's not just because he won like he's supposed to he won with all the QB issues they've had going around that takes some coaching you know they went from this is his third starting quarterback he went from Trey Lance to Jimmy Garoppolo to proc birdie and I mean he's really got Brock freaking Purdy this close to one game away from getting to the Super Bowl a starting quarterback that's coaching listen if they win the Super Bowl he's close to the year like I said he's a legitimate candidate to me because of that yeah you know I mean that's just that that takes some coaching like I said to go to a Mr Irrelevant quarterback and not like try to make the scary move of going to get whoever the hell is out there you know he could have called out Cam Newton or somebody like that and like hey just just just be a game manager no he's like I got this guy I think he's their best chance let's go with it yeah he did he did just that so uh so Nick siriani let's talk about him for a moment because I hate to give kudos to any Eagle you know that I I said I can give it to Doug Peterson because of the fact he's gone but Nick siriani as much as if we want to look at this unbiased which I try to do on this program always for you guys he took a team that was horrible two years ago to a playoff team last year playoffs playoffs and then this year to the best record in the NFC that's coaching progression and that's a damn good job

again I hate to give the guy credit because he's an eagle

but also you're right and he's he has done a good job and I don't want to take anything away but he they were also predicting the Eagles will go this far at the beginning of the year so he's also doing what he's supposed to be doing

they predicted it because he hasn't done it before this was this was still a Leap Forward like I'm not trying to take trash McDermott or I'm saying that he didn't leap there was no leap no I'm just trying to say if we were talking you know objective like you also have to put the cards in the basket like you know he was supposed to go back to the playoffs this year he was supposed to happen here granted like he he's literally like what did Eagles win last year uh uh last year was it nine ten wins yeah they they did what we did this year I mean that's what I'm saying don't tell me right now that if we get a couple free agents and we get to the NFC championship game next year you're not going to be screaming for Brian dablo to be Coach of the Year again of course because I'm biased but I'm just saying so let's be unbiased for a second and recognize I am I'm just trying to say I'm just trying to say I know and I'm just trying to say let's be unbiased here we can put our bias caps back on after this after we're done talking about a war people I'm just saying I think any of those guys except for Sean McDermott has a say in saying they deserve that uh that award and I'm going to say Brian dabel only because of the fact he did it with the least amount of talent it's not even trying to be a homer he did it with the least amount of talent possible you know Doug Peterson followed up Urban Meyer I could be look I can look good as a coach after Urban Meyer uh you know Kyle Shanahan had a team that's going to the playoffs multiple years in a row Nick siriani had a team that went to the playoffs last year dable had a worse roster than last year and we had you know one of the top five worst teams in the NFL last year four wins so yeah but if you want to follow up Urban man all you have to do is not go to strip clubs exactly Hey listen Doug Peterson may have it's Jacksonville Duval who knows what goes on there man oh just tell you this you don't want it

yeah that's the trash you go after you win yeah uh but on the positive side Brian dabel did win a coach of the year award this work is very confusing we talked about Kayvon beginning uh all rookie team a couple weeks ago and now he's named to another one now you got Brian davil nominated for an award and then winning another one like get your Awards together people because I saw that myself we talked about this before the show and I was like oh did did Dave will just win coach of the year and then I realized no they had the 53rd annual 101 Awards which is totally different awards show and Ryan dable one is the NFC coach of the year because they do break it up by conference so but he won out of the 16 guys keep in mind that you know you have what uh yeah I'm saying three of those five guys that we just listed were also competing for this and they lost so that that just tells me he's got a good chance of winning the actual NFL one uh past winners this award Bill Parcells in 86 or past giant winners I should say of the awards sells in 86 Dan Reeves in 93. and Jim fossil in 97. I cannot believe well yeah no poorly time joke there he didn't tie this off season oh [ __ ]

um but yeah uh I was surprised that Tom Coughlin never won considering he got us his two Super Bowls and you know none of those teams were dominant teams I'm surprised he didn't win but I mean if you're gonna say I'm a Giants coach my first year I get included with the likes of parcels Reeves and fossil you did something right good you're in good company yeah yeah you did something right so other Awards I'll give you guys real quick the run down even though no giant got nominated for the rest of the award so let's run by it real quick NFL MVP finalist Joe burrow Patrick Mahomes uh Jalen hurts uh Josh Allen and Justin Jefferson and I'm gonna say this again I'm trying to be unbiased guys Jalen hurt she'll win look what happened when he went down that team went to crap it's nvp most valuable players not best player Most Valuable Player if it was best player it's Patrick Mahomes hands down but we also I think you know Chiefs probably crappy at my home still so 100 I mean I don't think it's that kind of dry like yes Jalen hurts like I as much as I don't want to admit it I already admitted it 19 weeks ago Plus see Allen hurts to me last year did not look like the answer for Philadelphia nope when he came back to this preseason you could see the amount of work that man's done the amount of work he's done with the coach's death the amount of work he's done physically no matter where he's done technically he really learned the system the the calls and he made himself develop around those and he has been fantastic for smell it off you this is this hurts now we're losing viewership just talking about Jalen hurts I can see the tickets going down yeah but the live feed I can see they're coming down like no no but I'll be if the finalist sake for me like yeah you should be out there

I don't know if he wins Josh out like

I Won't Go Outlet I think I think it goes my homes or I don't know what I'm saying I don't I don't know if he should be in the top half of this conversation of the guys out there just jumps in like he definitely excelled that offense with Kirk Cousins because Kirk Cousins is oh he'll pop up again in a minute I think yeah most likely I'm just saying but but home's like once again like you said can they run that offense without him probably not well they think their Drive was the last weekend without him touche and to me like bro it's Bobby Boucher Bobby Boucher no I said Burrows has really like

he kind of undergoes he's a good leader don't be surprised if he wins as well yeah I mean honestly I I would say Borough Mahomes or hurts and I take the two hours it's hard either one of those I can be okay with uh let's move on to offensive uh the NFL offensive player of the year offensive player of the year yes you got Tyreke Hill Jalen hurts Patrick Mahomes and Justin Jefferson and I'm going to say this let's I want to spend too much time on each of these Awards here but I'm gonna say my vote would go to our Justin Jefferson because he literally came close to Breaking records at the position

yeah there's no doubt about that I mean Between Heaven and Hell because hell also helped change Miami's the uh offense as well he did but he didn't come close to setting records that's that's my difference right there so yeah NFL Defensive Player of the Year and this one only has three people Micah Parsons Nick Bosa and Chris Jones I was kind of shocked to see Chris Jones on there honestly well he couldn't have between two people I I yeah but I'm saying I was kind of shocked by Chris Jones of all people but I'm gonna say this and I don't actually came out bad I think in the process Chris Jones isn't a bad player he's just not Defensive Player of the Year material in my mind he's still a great time top 20 defensive player all day long this year top three I don't think so um I'm gonna say I'm gonna go with Micah Parsons to win second place oh you guys thought I was gonna do it back to back and I didn't get mad at you I think Nick Bose should get it because of the lack of support he has around him Micah Parsons has four or five other passers around him that have done very good this year it had six or seven sacks at least each Nick Bosa is like a one-man show there in San Francisco yeah I'm gonna give it to him for that reason and like you look at his stats he didn't play every game like he and he wasn't in every quarter when he played the games like he got banged up as well like I don't know if he was an after uh asked her because did he mess up his needs to be in the year uh yeah I mean it's just you know I think he got injured for a little bit there but all both the guys get injured both him and Joey both and they always seem to be still top rushers in the league no matter how many times they get injured so

so we got NFL offensive rookie Player of the Year here so he got Brock Purdy I cannot believe Brock Purdy you got Kenneth Walker III K9 Garrett Wilson so you know I'm I'm one for this one person I really think that I want to bring up in this conversation uh Bernie no no no no no no no no no there it is one player that I really feel was left out of this and should not have been left out of this in any way shape or form whatsoever let me see if you can think who it is


who do you think Damien Pierce Damian freaking pierce the man was a one-man show in Houston he had nothing around us whatsoever and the fact that he was not included in this I just forget about Houston a lot I'm sorry obviously obviously you're not the only one you know he had 939 yards and with that with that offense like literally your whole job was to stop him and they couldn't do it so I think he wouldn't have won don't get me wrong but I think he should have been included in the nomination process yeah no you understand right I'm gonna say that I'm gonna all say Brock Purdy played five games I can't give a guy five games an award so I'm gonna give it to Garrett Wilson in the end I think Garrett Wilson is the guy who who should get it because in the end this man had to get balls thrown to him by the likes of you know Zach Wilson and Mike White go Flacco Joe Flacco and he still put up 1100 yards 1100 yards as a rookie and again this from a lot of this season you knew who you had to stop you know for half the season didn't have a running game because their running back got injured halfway through and this is who got to stop and you knew he had bad quarterbacks throwing the ball so you knew he'd be the guy you're gonna go to because you need you know the bad quarterback has tried to take advantage having a really good receiver and they couldn't stop him just saying like he he this guy should easily win this in my mind personally can't stop pulling stop Dude

where's my head now so what do you got who do you got for that one

yeah this is toss-up for me between uh canine and uh Wilson because you're absolutely right you 100 like you had three terrible quarterbacks throwing to a great receiver but I mean Kenneth Kenneth Walker the third canine man he's he also has played fantastic this year and and he literally helped boost Gino's game here's my thing though he still played in the good he would have passing game with two really good receivers and I'm not trying to take that away from him as far as his year overall but when you have an award like this you're cutting hairs just by default you're cutting hairs so I'm going to cut the hairs and that's why that's why I say it I want that to go to Garrett Wilson personally yeah I think you're right I think that's all righty so the last award for the NFL here NFL Defensive Rookie player of the year we have another jet sauce gardener maybe the best game in football yes and honestly I'm still upset the Giants didn't get a chance to draft him out of taking him over cave on the heartbeat I was a big sauce guy coming out um Aiden Hutchinson and Tariq Willen so two corners and a pass rusher and we have Ken chiming in here saying sauce and I gotta say I'm with him on this I'm I'm gonna go with sauce Gardener as well and that's a that's two rookie quarter sorry two rookie award-winning seasons by the Jets here which it just shows you how much they are really just one quarterback away but yeah that's that's my guy I'd go with in that one there that guy was incredible this season not to take away from Tariq he was an amazing season as well Aiden Hutchison great player but he had great games any games I don't want to see it took off but his present wasn't his presence wasn't as felt as much yeah yeah definitely saw us besides his name also played fantastic yeah he had to sell here when he got hurt too he got banged up like you saw a difference in that team oh yeah and that's a rookie so

so before we let you guys go we also have to give you guys some coaching updates here with our staff here because we're all watching intently going are we going to keep Kafka are we going to keep wink so the news coming out actually is very positive as a giant fan so not very positive as far as you know one of our coaches but very positive as far as you know a Giants fan and real quick because Ken just chimed it again says the Jets need to get Rogers so he can get the hell out of my Division come from that movie Bears fan I'll say this real quick Ken to you there I don't think he goes to New York because I don't think he can handle the New York media I don't think he can I think it'd be like when remember when when Randy Johnson that the the amazing pitcher went to the Yankees and got like a fist fight with a camera guy and all it's gonna be like that all over again he would not deal well with that personally though if I'm the Jets and I can get them for the right price I'm taking the shot that's for sure because you're a quarterback away there and the Jets need to get a ring it's been too long so Joe Namath Joe Namath it's been that long guys it's been that long so let's go over those coaching news here so Mike Kafka has his second interview with the Texans coming and I did say good news and there's that's the worst news I'm going to give you guys this segment I promise so you know keep in mind it's just a second interview it doesn't mean anything's finalized but the good news is he completed his interview with the with the Panthers a while ago and they still haven't asked him for a second one the only ones that we have so far with the second interview there Frank Reich who was the coach of the Colts for many years up until Midway through the season and Steve Wilkes who was their interim coach for this you know the the two thirds of the season this time the former coach of the Cardinals and honestly my pick who should get it because the job he did this year with them um especially after they had the fire sale oh yeah well you know fire silver just turned out to be just McCaffrey and you think about it they all got rid of was McCaffrey really yeah they also got to received right uh they talked Robbie Robbie Robbie Anderson got rid of Robbie Anderson oh yeah that's true he was a schmuck and an issue on the sideline same as he was when he was a a jet so they got rid of him I said it boils down to there that wasn't that was gonna happen regardless once he started causing trouble um so both Mike Kafka and Wink Martindale also completed their interview as we mentioned earlier with the Colts the Colts are now doing second round of interviews so they're doing the second interview with Jeff Saturday and the Broncos defensive coordinator Saturday Saturday Vero uh the rumors are there's going to be a second interview for Eric bienemy there as well but no second interview like I said it's been scheduled at our guys so this is like I'm saying that they did have some interviews but there's only one second interview with the three interviews they had so that's that's not bad news for the Giants really it's not because I was expecting to lose one and now I'm thinking we might not so if we do though if we do lose my Kafka let's say for example he does go to the Texans

we do have other interesting news and that is Davis Webb has expressed interest in transitioning to a coach and that's according to Adam schefter I guess he had his one game he started he got his one his one uh again uh what a piece touchdown and I guess he's just done he's just like yeah I'm good I got my TD he's gonna have that ball over his mantle on his fireplace listen I would you kidding me hell yeah give a damn was a worthless game and a worthless uh touchdown when we're already done 30 years he's gonna tell his grandkids hey your grandpappy over here threw that ball into the end zone Believe It or Not Kenny Gallard day caught it

if you told me at the beginning of the Season who was more likely to get a touchdown Davis Webb or Kenny Galilee I probably would have said Dave's web too foreign

but I mean the interesting thing of that is you know he was going to be the QB coach last year for the uh the bills before he decided to go and you know do one more year as a uh you know as a player so it makes you wonder if they go ahead and you know make the Texans go ahead and make an offer to Kafka the Shea tyranny then become the offensive coordinator who is now the quarterbacks coach because let's be honest he I assume he had a hand in the success of uh you know uh Daniel Jones this season so yeah I'd give that guy a shot potentially at the OC I'd still talk to other people don't get me wrong but I would be able to give him a shot for the interview um same as if wink ever was to go I'd give Jerome Henderson a shot at defensive coordinator or uh secondary's coach because he's been amazing with both the last two regimes uh but yeah I'm assuming if Shea Tierney moves up then he got you know Davis Webb becomes a quarterback coach but I think it's pretty obvious that he would be a quarterback coach I mean sorry a coach with us either way maybe an offensive assistant of a random nature maybe uh you know uh offensive you know quality control coach or something yeah I mean it like I said before if we're gonna lose wink or Kafka like I don't want to lose either one of them it'd be very clear about that yeah but majority of the plays and the schemes that came around was developed by our head coach Brian Dibble I will say that Kafka did bring in some of the Casey offense though I don't want to give it all to him he did I'm not trying to say everything but I know you're not saying it I'm just making sure because if anybody's watching or listening for the first time want to make sure they're aware that we are definitely not taking full credit away from Kafka but we're not saying it was a team collaborative effort it was but we also have an offensive hey coach so he will be able to work and help mold with the new offensive coordinator more than he would with a defensive coordinator they can find out so I would be more devastated at least weak than it would be with Kafka exactly that's all I'm trying to get we're yeah we're we're on the same page there that's for sure so that's all the news we got for you guys today though so do keep an eye out because we're going to have some preview episodes for you guys for the upcoming games this weekend so we're gonna do a preview episode both for the upcoming 49ers and Eagles as well as also the Chiefs and the Bengals so tomorrow night we're going to be coming back here live for you guys uh with the the 49ers and the Eagles we know Eagles uh you know aren't exactly a favorite of giant fans and people are anxious to hear our thoughts on the game but also Beyonce we want to give you guys the info and give you a little time to get a little more information on the homes and his injury before we do that episode for you guys as a Kansas City Chiefs returns yeah so if you haven't already if you're watching live first off thank you second off please hit that like that subscribe button please let the you know share it onto your page so everybody can see it there uh if you're listening out there in podcast land hit that subscribe button there and then go to Facebook Twitter Instagram uh YouTube all the different uh things you can do for us at that point to go ahead and like it on there so we're currently streaming on YouTube Facebook and Twitter we're working on more soon Instagram twitch that kind of stuff there so uh keep an eye enough for that kind of stuff being added if you use those platforms as well but in the meantime do please go ahead and like those and like I said we'll be at back with you guys tomorrow night we'll back here for you guys Friday night we want to give you guys the updates even though the Giants are out if you're like us your big football fans in general you still want to watch the games you still want to know what's going on and we feel like you've been loyal to us and listen all year long while we're talking about the Giants games we want to reward that by giving you guys the information on the games when they have the Giants are out too just wait for the Pro Bowl preview show that'll be a doozy my favorite time of the year oh everybody's favorite game that'll be coming next week like football so once again guys thank you very much for watching we do appreciate it we know you guys have plenty of options where to get your news on the New York Giants in the NFL in general we appreciate choosing these two goofballs over here to be the ones to go ahead and do that with so as always go G-men