2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Joe Schoen & Brian Daboll End of Year Presser Reaction

January 24, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 74
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Joe Schoen & Brian Daboll End of Year Presser Reaction
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New York Giants General Manager Joe Schoen and Head Coach Brian Daboll sat down with the media today for an end of the season press conference. Not a lot was said but a lot was implied. Hear Drew & Rob talk about their takeaways.

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welcome to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road are we muted your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excite and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

welcome fellow goofballs to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by me arrived let's go watch the Super Bowl I guess that's what we have left now watch other teams do we wish we were doing uh we had to live vicariously through 49er fans hopefully the Bangles too well I'm gonna look at the 49ers that's the road we want like they they got to beat Dallas next week hopefully they beat Philadelphia and then they go to go get to go in the into the uh the Super Bowl there that's like a dream scenario for any giant fan I think take those two teams out on the way to the Super Bowl yeah pretty much yeah so today we had a fun day in Giants land here we had the end of the year presser for Joe Shane and Brian dabel and if that's not a you know a great time just to listen to those two and try to pick apart every little thing they say well even every member every member of the media is wrong because that's all they've done all damn day let's let's pick this apart let's pick that apart and I'm seeing so many crazy accusations out there it's not even funny there's a lot there's a lot there's a whole hell of a lot a lot a lot like at the law so much a lot and you know anybody who knows these press conferences know they are trained to tell you nothing absolutely nothing but this regime they don't want to say a word but if you're good at figuring things out by reading between the lines you can pick up on some stuff listen that's the Jersey state bird between the lines I know that one I haven't been gone that long so let's kind of go over topic by topic here some of the stuff they've said because it's it's an interesting thing to see as far as the comments that were made but the comments that kind of gave some things away at the same time period and the biggest topic we've been talking about for the last what four years now Daniel Daniel Jones and I definitely think it's pretty obvious based on that presser that they want him back they plan to have him back and how can he not after this year holy I mean granted look at the last game not so good but he led the team to a lot of wins he did very good things this year but he also didn't do some things that you kind of want out of a star franchise quarterback as well so we're getting left with the question of was it him was it the cast was it something else was it the four horsemen or drawing nine like I don't know and they seem pretty confident that it is you know the system around him as opposed to the actual player himself We Trust yeah I was upset they deal with him a lot more often than we do that's for sure so you know I'll take it and I'll run with it and I'll say you know what let's just continue doing what we're doing then in that case because if they have faith in him and they see him on a daily basis then who might uh you know say otherwise until that is be proved to be wrong once they're pretty wrong I will jump down them like you would not believe and be sure they will Branch his ass if that's the case I'm just saying it was their call so now they even mentioned at one point that if hypothetically they were going to contract negotiations and couldn't come up with an agreement that they had other options

say that man exactly that yeah I didn't say they're going to tag him but they said we have other options other options means just that you're going to tag him in some way whether it's a franchise tag the Lesser used transition tag which I don't see that being the case you'd deal with the full franchise tag I think they even said at one point we're happy he's going to be here Joe Shane said that and then caught himself so that one didn't take much reading Between the Lines no no the lines were taken off oh

which I'm not sure why jaybirds got the reputation for being naked but whatever we stand Hooligans the damn J Birds nothing else to do in Kansas I guess not so yeah I mean that's pretty obvious that you plan on having him back they're gonna have him back no matter what uh the one that was a little more ambiguous was the talk of saquon Barkley now what wasn't ambiguous is the fact that you can tell they like him they trust he's going to work hard they think he's a good guy overall to have on the team that was pretty obvious

yeah I mean it's kind of dry look what he did this year of course they would like it's also his personality his overall Flair he has to himself like this is a face of the franchise running back that most teams wish they can get their hands on because of his personality because of his Persona you know he gets in no trouble whatsoever he signs up for every endorsement thing that possible which not just helps him but helps the Giants get out there in front of the national media as well and he also dubbed DJ dimes it's vanilla Vic vanilla vanilla Vic I thought that was Hammer he's the automated public but yeah but they said they wanted him back they said there's also as they keep saying throughout the entire thing there's this business aspect to it as well there's a business aspect so we need to make sure that basically that it makes sense money-wise and that is obviously with anybody um they also said they weren't worried about the history of some of the past running back deals which is what you always hear when you talk about resigning this guy oh what about Ezekiel Elliott oh what about Todd Gurley you know all these different Deals they didn't seem worried about it they seemed comfortable to him and a person and think he's worth the risk they also said that not all of the second contracts handed to running backs first weren't you know were disasters and they didn't give an example but I'm kind of open ears I can't think of one off top of my head to be honest I mean McCaffrey yeah he got traded but he's in a second contract and that's that's working out pretty well um they're pretty happy with them uh so here's some quotes we had um from uh Joe Shane on this saquan has done everything we've asked him to do and he's a good football player again the positional value we'll get into how we build this team we'll get into how we want to build this team and allocate our resources that's what it comes down to so again not necessarily so difficult to read between the lines sometimes yeah I mean you have to say what I'm like sure he all said I'm not sure about saquon being back yeah I want him back but yeah brought up in a uh up to the cap and allocating resources when uh speaking about zaquan so it's like and like yeah I mean it's pretty awesome how much is going to cost I think exactly that they want him back but they want him back at their price they don't want him back at you know record-setting numbers that you go oh what the hell here we go we're now we're in cap hell again yeah and the rumor is they offered him 12 million dollars a year I never heard of the number of years but 12 million dollars a year was the rumor that was going around that they offered him during the bye week now if you look at the numbers of what a running back's getting the record-setting deal is 16 million to the aforementioned Christian McCaffrey CMC and he said Point Blank I'm not looking to reset the market so it's interesting that he says that because if that's the case and he's looking to go under 16 or at 16 and the Giants are already at 12. they're not that far apart really as crazy as that sounds they're really not so you know I think they'll get it done personally but I think the Giants aren't going to sweat it if they don't because they have their Line in the Sand I think and they're not going to go beyond that whatever that line is I don't think 12 was necessarily the line but I think they have a set number in mind listen uh they if they turn around and say like thirteen five fourteen like if he plays the way he's been playing like I'm okay with that but it's also like one of those deals like all right let's sign him to a set amount of years with an option for a couple more or or maybe sign up for a little less but it's some more bonuses if he hits certain amount of numbers I'm fine with giving him a similar number to McCaffrey I really am here's the only caveat I give to that I want an exit strategy what I mean by that is if he gets hurt or if he slows down we can get the hell out without being stuck in the Ezekiel Elliott kind of situation that's right Saturday yeah let's get to the point like maybe let's not give 16 million guaranteed maybe let's give them 12-5 guaranteed but give him you know 4 million in bonus structure if you hit certain numbers oh no what I mean is like I'm okay with giving him a four-year contract at like 16 million as long as I can get after two with no hit yeah that's what I mean more like I I want to be able to get out of this situation and be not be stuck in cap Hill and I don't mind paying the man 16 million dollars a year as long as he's the productive back he's been but I don't want to go and have the issue that all of a sudden I'm stuck with a 16 million dollar contract for a running back who's a short yardage back like Dallas's that's an issue that's an issue it's a big issue and look at the guys they lost his lawsuit because they paid the running back I mean they also paid a quarterback who sucks haha

but you know I love the game these are the issues we're running into by the way real quick side note yeah giant fans giant fans how much did you freaking love watching Dak Prescott fall on his butt all over again all over again loved it that was I I almost yeah it was like that was my win this weekend since we lost so badly that was my win but they're going now let's do it again [Laughter] but yeah they said um we talked about his negotiations keep in mind that Giants have never disclosed how much they offered him everything you're hearing is conjecture at the 12 million dollar number but the quote that Joe Shane gave was we had productive conversations we were off on the value

so that sounds about right through what we're hearing there I'm again I don't know if it's 12 million dollars per se but it sounds about right so now we also have some decisions at the defensive tackle spot probably our strongest strongest starting Duo on the team in Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams so I don't know about you Rob but I keep on seeing everybody talking about oh we have to resign Dexter Lawrence oh we need to resigned extra Lawrence not yet yeah he signed guys he's signed why are you signing a guy that already is signed for another year we have him signed for one more year and I believe it's about 10 million dollars if you sign him right now to a contract first off you're buying high after one great year that for all you know is his career year you don't know listen we all hope that's a regular thing for Dexter Lawrence we don't know if that's the case all the time if that's the case okay let's buy High next year yeah exactly because he'll still be getting a ton of money next year if he doubles it yeah so I I don't agree with buying him now with the year let's keep that calf space give him give him a second year to prove that wasn't a fluke and you can even look to do a mid-season extension or something like that if you need to at that point but 10 million dollars for what he did last year as a steal if you signed him to a big contract right now that cop number is going to go up that's going to go up yeah look at the money we gave to Leonard Williams we'll get in a minute on that one but Dexter Lawrence played like a 20 million dollar tackle

this year do not F that up nice and simple it's a steal yeah let's let's go with it now now if the Giants have some cap money when this whole thing is done and they say you know what we want to throw Dexter Lawrence some money and you think you're buying low because you think the second time he does it he's going to be more money then I'll trust that but that's not your priority and that's basically what what they alluded to their priority is getting some upgrades in some positions so they wouldn't mention what positions and resigning the guys you have oh why receivers oh it didn't say that well you know I will get into wide receivers in a minute because they did mention a wide receiver during this conversation so but let's get into Dexter's Lawrence's uh co-pilot there Leonard Williams Leo they should be called co-pilots I like that term uh but yet Joe Shane said during the uh the actual uh interview there he said oh I just found out about the quote that he said he would take a pay cut

I knew that if I knew that yeah and most of us out there knew that and I hear Adonis whining Adonis knew yeah the dog does not even damn it that dog knew it don't tell me that the general manager of the New York Giants missed the story about Leonard Williams saying he'd be willing to take a pay cut to play next year don't tell me that that's yes that's just trying to get out of it

you know he might be honest he may not have heard that personally but so someone around him heard that and talked to him about it yeah there's no way there's absolutely no way so the nice thing is as much as it annoys me being BS and as much as it is Adonis as well apparently he is super annoyed about it he is so annoyed by this but at the same point they're not showing their cars to everybody and I like that and at the same point as well if we do reschedule sorry restructure something with Leonard Williams or just even rip up this contract entirely and do something brand new maybe they wait till later on when they can do something as far as like using that money towards a draft uh you know because they're gonna need about 10 million dollars to sign the draft class this year probably probably so maybe that's what their plan is let's just do something later on down the line or like they said their plan is just take care of the actual people that need contracts first before they worry about that I mean that that would be the smart step all right it wouldn't be the contract let's go down the line you need a contract I need a contract we all need a contract here yeah let's get contracts so speaking of people that did need contracts Jillian love they did acknowledge again that they talked about a contract with Jillian love during the bye week we already heard that that's no big story they really didn't give us any information beyond that it's pretty obvious they want him back though because you will you don't discuss an extension with somebody mid-season if you don't want them back I mean he's been a fantastic asset to this team like of course you want that guy back but also at what price so yeah we have a couple comments here real quick before we get into the next topic here we got a sad face from Jackie sad face she's sad about the giant season ending adidonis is also very sad I hear it yeah then we have then we have Danielle saying oh hey guys don't know anything about football but wanted to see how hi Danielle hi Danielle appreciate you [Music] oh love it love it uh so the next topic I wanted to go over is the topic that I feel like we've been talking about all here even though the guy never played a single damn down in the NFL this year o b j Odell Beckham Jr yeah obj so he was asked by a reporter OMG obj

but he was asked by a reporter in all fairness this wasn't Shane bringing it up this wasn't dable bringing it up this wasn't obj looking for attention like usual this was a reporter asking him the question they said you know how did the dinner go with obj and is that something he might revisit this off season he just basically said dinner went well and they would revisit it but I got the vibe from his body language that that's not the way they want to go yeah I mean I had a feeling I had a feeling about that through most of this year about signing obj like he's a talent but how much talent is he actually gonna bring back here plus when he was here with his Antics like yeah maybe he grew up a little bit but yeah otherwise yeah yeah I mean it's not even the situation that happened it's how he handled himself during it that's a bad look and I I I'm okay with what happened as far as him getting booted off the plane um if he was just sleeping and somebody you know some Karen working at the airport went all crazy that's not on him but Todd thinks the old guy as funny as it was this is a bad luck it's a bad look you know making an entire people group of people get off the plane it's a bad luck again it's entertaining I like the entertainment don't get me wrong are you not entertained are you not entertained yeah that man probably drank as much as Russell Crowe the night before hey look like it only Russell could handle himself exactly and his pants were on usually yeah yeah

so yeah like I said I don't see that going that way now here's one thing I didn't hear and this is again me being disappointed with the uh the New York Giants media because this is a question that should have been asked what about Galloway oh well shame on our press because we all know what's gonna happen maybe that's why I asked the question maybe that's why I didn't ask a question because I want to hear it though I want to hear them ask the question and him give a response because this is one of the bigger stories you know failed contract it was but you know what at the end of the day if you're impressed about it you know what he's going to say also we're going to evaluate yeah oh that's what he said everything but you can still you can tell by the body language you can tell by some of the verbs you use how we felt about specific things so yeah on to our next player he did talk about though Xavier McKinney Mickey [Music]

so they asked him but basically what they thought of McKinney and that they were ticked off about everything that happened as far as for those who aren't aware like Danielle hi Danielle again that the uh you know he had the ATV incident obviously in the bye week hurt his hand uh I'd have to guess based on everything we saw that the ATV flipped though that was never confirmed I want to say that to be clear uh well to get that kind of like well you're at the point where you almost lose three fingers you probably flipped it and landed on that hand the only thing that makes sense because he said it literally he almost lost his fingers so they were trying to kind of I feel like they kind of bait Joe Shane into talking bad about McKinney it's like that's not gonna happen like why would you expect anything different and he just said Point Blank he said uh they thought it was just a kid who made a mistake and they're just glad he's okay I mean they gave the perfect answer I'm telling you whoever trained these two with dealing with the media well trained I must say because that's not a skill you had that you just naturally have that's something you like you gain knowledge on you know yeah

okay good show sir good [ __ ] jolly good jolly good are we back in London oh I can break out the top hat again uh so they also did some time talking about the rookies and talking about all the injuries and the rookies uh I thought that was kind of interesting because they acknowledged the fact that everybody basically drafted got hurt except for McFadden the one guy

10 11 picks last year one of them didn't get hurt one yeah it's bad that's bad there's a lot of mcls yeah a lot of mcls ACLS you know all kinds of CLS everywhere hashtag shaver a saver beaver I usually shave our paper wrong hashtag whoops this is the Dr Seuss moment

so but they talk about the rookies talk about the their opinions on each of the rookies they made sure to kind of give something positive about each rookie like they even mentioned you know uh you know the fact that Dean Belton had a couple interceptions even though he didn't play nearly the role you would have expected considering the availability for him to be the third safety overall but they were still playing guys like Jason Pinnock they were still playing guys like Tony Jefferson so I wouldn't say he had a great rookie season just by those standards alone but they try to pump him up a little bit so the one guy I really thought they they seemed to pump up who we didn't see all these all year long basically and you just talked about him Gary and beavers what they were talking about by opening their mouth and letting air out yeah emotions that made sounds guess talking is just it's a choir skill yeah but you know they mentioned the fact that he was you know basically in the hunt for a starting position in the preseason before the injury so I thought that was interesting they specifically mentioned that when you know everybody and their mother including us is talking about how we need linebackers we can't deal with the linebackers we had this year they weren't good they weren't fast they weren't good at Gap protection they weren't good at you know rushing down the side of the sideline there's not much I can say they were good at except for getting a really excited vacation that they made it play oh look I've never seen a group of linebackers make like three F UPS back to back to back and then scream like they just won a Super Bowl because they hit a guy at the line of scrimmage like Let's ignore the first three mess-ups you had huh but I said they talked a bit about him to talk about evaniel and his growth overall which you know I think that Jerry's still out and never ever kneel there overall but definitely he's going to have Growing Pains this is fresh he's gonna he's gonna you just want to make sure it progresses past that that's all what I'm saying um you know it's almost to the point where you almost want to make sure you have a good maybe young swing tackle that you can also develop just in case maybe in the draft somewhere like a fourth round pick or fifth round pick somebody that you think has potential you're saying and you have to hedge your bets like that it's the NFL you have to hedge your bets uh but like I said that that seemed to be their big guy they liked is that they also mentioned uh obviously Wanda Robinson and His game against the uh was it the Lions I think there's Alliance was the last game where he had over 100 yards in the third quarter and just kind of lit it up all of a sudden um was was it Texans I want to say it was the Lions I want to say it was the Lions

we'll see we'll see we'll get up for us so do the videotape to the tape but yeah like I said I thought it was interesting I thought it was just an interesting mix there overall to talk about all the players like that and I think they were struggling for some of them to say something nice about it really too to be honest with you like how do you talk nice about a backup guard that got hurt in you know early on the year and you basically didn't see it much you know uh yeah zudo had his Growing Pains we didn't get to see him progress this year who wanted to see you know it's all these different you know players that we talked about you know coming into this year saying we need a big a big role in this guy we need a big role for that guy we didn't get to see it because they didn't get to see the field in general they couldn't stay healthy those damn knees that's like right here right get some breath okay so what's the line I thought so but yeah we need to we need to go ahead and get rid of the turf already I hope to get rid of this year because I really think that's a lot of the problems you don't have all the knee problems with that Turf being at least part of the issue if not the whole thing part of it I mean so yeah here's another interesting tidbit I took from this Philadelphia how much we don't want to talk about that unless we're talking about cream cheese because yum by the way Philadelphia cream cheese if you're interested in sponsorship we are available at two giant goofballs and mail.com please reach out got the picture we'll respond but Joe Shane admitted Point Blank that there's a talent Gap Oh I thought that was interesting because that's admitting I got work to do that's not him sitting there saying oh well you know next time we got them blah blah blah he's like yep there's a gap I mean it's quite obvious it is but you don't see the GM of the team typically admit that typically not but he's taking accountability so I appreciate that that's what I'm saying and I wouldn't say accountability because he had no money last year you know he didn't really have the ability to do whatever he wanted this year you might have the money to do anything he wants but he's got a lot more money to hit it last year that's for damn sure yeah a lot more money I mean it's definitely accountability like you know he's taken away like listen we know we're not the most talented team out there but we will approve and he knows that and if you could admit that that's the first step to recovery multiple multiple starters on your team that just weeks ahead of time were on somebody else's practice squad in the playoffs that's freaking amazing grass playoffs but we were supposed to be here we weren't really um so he also talked about number one receivers and they asked him if number one receiver was a goal you know they talked about you know Stefan Diggs when they got him in Buffalo what that did to Josh Allen they talked about you know what uh AJ Brown did uh in Philadelphia going to jail in hertz he made it a point to say he would love to have one love to have a first you know number one shoe number one receiver and who wouldn't obviously that's just like Durr I'll take three what the hell yeah let me give it away like Oprah what the hell let's go for it um but he you know he made it a point to say two things the money has to make sense and let's be honest these receivers now these top guys are making like 20 25 million dollars a year it's insane what they're making now um he also made it a point to mention that how many the number ones are out of the postseason he didn't mention any names but let's honestly look at the guys who were in you know the uh in the postseason and not in the postseason right now with everything going on so Tyree kill shoot number one it's gone Justin Jefferson gone you know God let's look at yeah I mean um I'm sorry for sure Hopkins and didn't get into postseason you know Jamar Chase he's uh Chase is still in it yeah so chasing AJ Brown yeah he's not wrong

so it's a matter of do you want a Top Flight receiver or do you want a team that's going to win a championship and it's not saying you have to pick and choose but you do have to choose you're a priority I think that's pretty obvious so here I got the whole list up so Justin Jeffrey we're gonna go just on receiving yards Justin Jefferson gone Tyreek Hill John Devante Adams gone AJ Brown still there Stefan Diggs gone CD lamb gone God Jalen waddle John Travis Kelsey still there God oh wait yeah well he's second time Smith still there I'm just talking receiving yards I'm looking at receiving yards overall Terry McLaurin gone I'm on Ross same brown gone Amari Cooper gone Mike Evans gone Christian Kirk gone all these guys not in a lot of them are getting the damn postseason yeah a lot of them did not even make the postseason and I'm saying this as much as we talked about getting a number one receiver if you can get one of the draft go for it but if you got to pay 25 million dollars to a guy who depends on somebody else throwing in the ball somebody else has to throw this guy the ball for him to be effective

that's a waste of money so let's go wandel

well we got wandel maybe we go get somebody in the in the um you know in the draft we got Sterling Shepard coming back I'm not saying to get nobody don't read that wrong I'm not saying I mean this Chef gonna be back or not I think Shep's gonna be back personally in my opinion he'll be back in a one-year Team friendly minimum deal maybe some incentives I think he wants to come back the coaching and the and the you know the management just love him because he's even while he even while he was hurt this year he was a leader for that team they love him that's the culture they want that's the culture they want so I fully fully expect him to be there so you know I think the big thing is is if they can get one for the right price they would take one but they're not going to pay top dollar like they're talking about you know DeAndre Hopkins we talked about him before they talk about DeAndre Hopkins potentially going to another team this off season the Giants will not get him I guarantee that because he wants a brand new contract and Joe Shane's gonna say I'm not going to pay a 30 year old receiver 25 million dollars a year and screw myself down the line he's not gonna do it yeah nope and there's nobody else that I can think of off top of my head that's going to be available as far as a Top Flight receiver so either get one in the draft or you get somebody who's not a Top Flight at a B flight you know I got a Lazar from Green Bay or something like that yeah if you get a couple of bees and you have an A or a c but you study line B's what kind of even exactly Killer Bees they're gonna bees they're Killer Bees listen I'm all for that seriously because if I would rather pay two really good receivers 10 million dollars a year and pay a top play 25 million dollars call me crazy to somewhere I'm some will I'm sure well you got to think about it so you're going to pay Top Flight 25 million dollars right and then you're going to get your second are you gonna pay 10 million dollars on them probably you might pay eight five million dollars then you're gonna get your your y3s ride fours but it if you take that first two and allocate 30 to 35 million dollars and you get three y twos as your one two three you got more of an offense of weapons out there for less money I'm telling you right now wait till a couple years from now when Jalen waddle wants to get paid and see what happens in Miami he'll be gone and be gone you can't pay them both one or the other yeah it's great when it happens when you get two like that but you know what the best thing is is to get a well-rounded room with guys that'll play together that won't be selfish won't be yelling at the quarterback don't make a damn ball look at that you Stefan Diggs don't yell at the man on the sidelines to have a conversation afterwards you know that's that's what you're dealing with there so like I said I'm all four one I don't think where to get one I don't think we're gonna pay the money to get one I just don't see it I just don't I mean I would love to see Devonte Adams catching balls not pushing people around in New York listen yeah that'd be great if I don't want to pay him yeah it's just not going to happen nope so like I said I think it's a pipe during people talking about that like I said unless we draft one unless we draft somebody who turns out exactly you know a stud right off the bat I was about saying for a second round pick guy that just pans out and does great things you've got an off-season they might pay someone maybe 15 million dollars maybe maybe but that's about it otherwise yeah I don't need that to be honest yeah you're probably looking more closer to 12 but as in Max but so to say you go you out you get you know Sonic guy 15 million dollars and then you draft everyone else and then guess what you have them for a super cheap for next five years one deal is one deal is cheap and if he comes back and he's healthy and the way he was picking up the offense right before he went down oh be fantastic put him in the slot but Shep as the bee put whoever else is the A and all of a sudden you know you got Isaiah Hodgkins is your fourth receiver you know James as your fifth receiver you know and if anything what happens with Satan you know what I mean I mean it's like you have options now people forget we have a lot of guys coming back from injury too and don't be wrong I don't expect Shep long term Chef will play five or six games hate to say it and I'd love to be wrong that's what he does I love for you to be wrong too but you're probably right everybody loves Chef he's a he said he's about much a fan favorite as Nick Gates probably if not more uh yeah probably more just because his uh position and it's at the time he's actually the most seasoned Giant on the roster yeah but also I mean you gotta think about too like what is everyone like in a football player touchdowns touchdowns so what do you got to be quarterback running back wide receiver or tight end thanks for nothing but ups and down

but yeah you're right so he also mentioned the health overall in the team we talked about all the rookies that got hurt uh they also talked about how they need to do a deep dive into how to eliminate injuries as best they can and they talk about having conversation with Ronnie Barnes and you know the the training staff and all I'm kind of curious what happens there because again we talked about the grass Turf thing it's the turf guys Mission saw me it's a turf get rid of it I mean I'm no no specialist in turf or grass or demographics to that but if you look over the timeline since we've got turf

yeah I think I I think you're lying

Something tells me that you are thank you culture

yes I do agriculture something tells me that I'm just saying oh look it's right there at the bottom of the screen Rob is a turfologist turfologist we've created a an actual thing for you here turfologist you went to seven years of turf school yeah it's about it's not the standard or the cleat and the turfness of the turf just saying if you guys are listening on podcast land not watching live you're missing out yeah and so you learned about Rob's passion for Horticulture as a turfologist so

they also did a discussion on their feelings overall on how to build the team and one thing that I thought was kind of interesting was they talked about you know drafting guys you know undrafted free sorry uh unrestricted free agents re-signing Joe Shane seemed to have a love for drafting and I like that but he's like I love it when you draft people because you draft them at a set place there's a set amount you pay them I think it just doesn't want to deal with negotiations which is kind of funny it's like dude that's your job but that's how it kind of came off like I don't really want to negotiate this crap just just let's just call it a day yeah let's see what let's see what's blue guy here and uh let's drop next here yeah that's basically the vibe he gave off like I don't want to deal with this negotiation stuff I will because it's part of the job but I don't have to hey we all got things at our jobs we don't want to do like go to this seems to be his yeah I'm kind of curious here that pans out because of that but you know it's going to be interesting I think to see what he does now that he actually has some money well if he's got that mindset hopefully he's drafting the highest caliber player at the position that he's drafted yeah so this way he doesn't have to worry about that you need all the first round picks all the first round picks basically without that you were done um but yeah I guess I I think there was a lot of good tidbits coming out of this I think there was a lot of good information overall I mean some of it we kind of knew obviously so yeah we kind of knew we we knew that the Giants were going to go ahead and probably resign Daniel Jones obviously I think it was a little bit more about fact than we expected but we kind of knew that was going to happen you know we kind of had um inkling that they wanted to sign Barclay but they didn't want to you know overpay for them but I do think some of what they talked about overall about how this is flat out gonna happen we're going to keep Jones that was interesting they didn't say it that way they kind of stopped themselves just short but it was pretty obvious they're keeping jokes yeah at the end of the day like there's different rumors going around that he might want to go elsewhere rumor has it rumor has it DJ doesn't want to go anywhere else I'm going to tell you oh yeah he wants to go to Carolina that was the rumor he want to go to Carolina because he's from there okay he's not PD pop yeah okay he doesn't want to go to North Carolina money razor yeah listen he's already ahead too many different coaches in his career and his four years there he's finally got a great coaching staff he's starting to come too he's like is going back to Philly I don't want to talk about Philly but Jalen hurts last year everyone had the same question about Jaylen heard so they're talking about DJ now granted he was in the year you know last he got this great coach of staff he put the work in the offices which DJ all year that's all they talk about like how he's the first one in last one out you don't think he's gonna do an off season how much approved do you think he's going to be next year I guarantee you he's going to be big time approved he's already making great decisions so now he's going to start working on improving his running and his throwing to be a better quarterback for us see I think no matter what he'll be better because he'll have better Tools around him and it's let me play when I mean that right now if we started playing right now with the current roster it's still better because wandell comes back Shepard comes back uh get another year of training with Eva Neal you get you know uh Nick Gates coming back a little healthier it's already a better team as it sits now next year plus this draft plus any off-season moves we're doing like there's no way there's no way he wants to go somewhere else especially after what we've done this year nope he's not going anywhere I'm telling you right now guys he's they made it obvious as they possibly can so if you're a Daniel Jones hater or you are hoping that that wouldn't be happening time to get off of that you know sit there and get back to where you should be as rooting for the guy who is the future quarterback of the New York Giants yeah because he's going to be around for a few years

I need this press conference to know that but come from the guy who was a Debbie Downer by DJ listen I'm still I'm still not sold to him but I'm still gonna root for him and I still want to do everything I can to you know to to avoise things that I think will help him because of the fact that I'm still not sold

that doesn't mean I don't want him back he's the best option we got right now unless you think there's somebody in the you know the late first round second round quarterback wise get yourself a little Purdy out there yeah okay what is what does get Mr Irrelevant to be our quarterback we'll be fine yeah

you know who needs who needs a first round pick you got a seventh round pick you're good you can go to the Super Bowl with that hopefully [ __ ] hopefully hopefully this year they can so um speaking of which uh you know people have been asking me what we're planning doing this week now that the Giants are out so Rob and I talked about this as much as we want to just go full fledged into the Giants you know off-season we will still keep you guys up to date and that kind of stuff but we're still gonna also give you guys a heads up on things going on in the playoffs playoffs yes playoffs yeah so later on this week we will do our usual picks episode that we'll give that for you guys here uh we're also going to give you guys a breakdown of the two games that are left here both the NFC Championship Game screw you a Philly and the AFC Championship game as well so you know like I said we still have content for you guys here on what's going on live with the season as well we'll also do stuff like this where we give you guys information going on with the Giants because if you guys are like us you're not just giant fans you're football fans and yeah Rob and I we we live and breathe football we want to see what's going on at all times and that includes the playoffs even though we're not in them anymore because it's still important to us we still love it it's part part of our annual tradition and also blue eagles yes and blue eagles if that's not something to watch for it there to see the Eagles who are just right and so cocky right now they're not even eagles they're they're full on roosters right now those things those guys are running cocky as all hell okay um to see them go down to a seventh round quarterback after watching the the Cowboys how about them boys this year um go down as well because we got our annual tradition of cowboy fans being disappointed and now we got the annual edition of Eagle fans being disappointed so like I said guys we'll be back with more information on the playoffs as things go and progress there uh so if you haven't already hit that subscribe button hit that like button hit that you know uh you know like favorite subscribe whatever platform you're on because we're on some with them platforms now it's I want one word it's follow

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