2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Giants Lose to Eagles Again & What Now?

January 22, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 73
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Giants Lose to Eagles Again & What Now?
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Such a great season ends with a whimper. Such a great season for Giants fans and this isn't how we wanted it to end. Philadelphia wins big but we still must celebrate the ride this season has been.

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welcome to two Giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excites and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

welcome fellow goofballs to two giant goofballs the New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always bye me a sad rap oh you're like Wario not even Mario today go Mario wow

uh I'll tell you it's hard to smile after a loss like that 38 to 7. wow weekly week 18 gave us a little too much hope I think I I think that was yeah it was a false sense of okayness not even confidence I don't think it was really overly confident but a false sense of hey maybe we can win this because our backups almost beat them or hey this should be a close game yeah yeah and it was nowhere near a close game from start to finish the Eagles controlled the whole thing there's not even a single guy that I could say played very well today except for maybe Barkley and Dory Jackson Dory Jackson is our MVP of this poop hole the game

this is like if we already get based on bathrooms it would have been a porta potty that hasn't been cleaned out after like yeah after like a uh construction dating event with monster trucks yeah uh it would be the porta potty that stayed there at the construction workers worked on the site and then they had their first event yeah that sums up this game it it was a rough one there so or for you Jersey Heights out there the Belmar St Patrick's Patty's Day Parade porta potties outside of Barre oh that's what this looked like that's that's a rough one there that's a rough one there I think any any true Jersey Boy from at least from Central Jersey has gone at least once to a Belmar St Patty's Day Parade that's like a rite of passage right there

thank you uh uh but yeah so as we said 38 to 7 our season ends there and so much for this high-powered offense that Giants all of a sudden were showing because that definitely wasn't the case today one touchdown and that was in garbage time it wasn't like we can sit there and say that was early on we were scrapping and fighting and trying to get back into this thing I mean there was still hope there that was being if you had hope there then you had a lot to drink tonight I had two beers that's it all right I had one after that drive yep yeah it was it's that was that was the only good thing to see pretty much the whole game there I mean Jalen hurts had two touchdowns didn't have a lot of yards but at the same time at the same point there the Eagles didn't really attempt to really run the score up I felt on us either a couple of weird things like putting your you know guys in for as if you're starting a two-point conversion instead of going for the extra point that kind of stuff but you know yeah they're trying to do a lot of trickery like yeah you're weird it's like why were you showing trick plays when this game is over yeah you're miked up I know I'm doing I know I'm doing yeah yeah it was like it's already 28 nothing guys you're 27 that point nothing like we get it yeah so but I mean like I said it hurts he looked good in this game overall it didn't do a lot of yards but didn't really throw it a lot in the second half either because there was just no need to the game was over pretty much already half time unless we pulled some kind of like Jacksonville Jaguar kind of like come back at that point which you know for those who might have been thinking that that was literally the third largest comeback in NFL postseason history so well that score is there at halftime we were done guys we were done especially because yeah we don't have it off 10 seconds who are that kind of points so you know and let's talk about the offense here first we have our first comments here on today we got a sad face here from Jackie sad face a little crying yeah I agree a little crying with the question did this game expose Jones and you know I think you and I Rob will probably disagree on this because we pretty much have all your season there it's that's and that's fine we we can disagree while still being respectful about it and that's what we pretty much always son of a god you son of a gun no you leave my mother out of this stuff right here so I mean Jones completion percentage wasn't bad 15-27 but when you do 15 completions and you have 135 yards that's an issue and I'm going to give him a somewhat pass on this because and this will shock you Rob I'm giving him a somewhat pass but I saw a lot of times when he'd sit there and be you know moving around trying to get something to happen and just nobody got open for him nobody I mean his number one receiver today was Richie James Richie James who we've talked about him in length through the year that guy was borderline about to work at Foot Locker yeah before the Giants pick him up like he was like all right maybe he could sit on our sideline maybe he'd be at the practice squad guy like we don't know and Josh said look he's got it picked him up and he did well for us he ate seven catches 51 yards but nothing spectacular and then after that besides Barkley everyone had one reception so like there was really no one opened for Jones to throw through uh throw two and when you're looking at like the rushes like Jones didn't really have that much of a lane to open to when they designed this place like I felt like he could probably Rush a little bit more in that first half and they they want didn't have the opportunity as much

but that's also because the Eagles are on the field the whole time they dominate the the bulb session yeah and I feel like you know we've talked about it before where it's like okay does Jones just need better Talent around him and I think I think this was a game that showed that he needed help today because you know we got away with it having the receivers we had against the Colts against the Vikings the teams with bad secondaries now we talked about this at nausea the last couple of episodes here I kept on saying this was bad defense as we were facing don't expect this yeah and I think I also did expect that I think I really do I think a lot of people like oh my God we've scored 30 some odd points for the last couple of weeks here we're not that kind of offense guys I was that guy two days ago for a 30-point team we're not that team that was also a little bit of sarcasm to do that I mean look at it Isaiah Hodgins was literally came in through this season halfway and he did great for what he was able to do correct not saying he was a great player but he was great in the opportunities that he had and he also what his ankle look like last week it was disgusting so he only had one reception for three yards this game right so if he was healthy could this game been a little different maybe maybe we would have lost you know with 14 points on the board oh yeah got another comment here from Jake Eagles have a very good secondary top five in my opinion and I'm I'm a hundred percent with him at that point and that's where I'm saying you can't win against a very good secondary when you have mediocre skill players yeah when you're number one receiver should be a Y3 maybe wide four anywhere else yeah it's kind of hard I've gained a lot of respect for some of these guys uh Isaiah Hodgins I want him back Richie James I I would not mind having him back either everybody who watches the show knows that I'm a huge Darius Slayton fan but these are guys that should be your three four five six receiver not to one notch or two yeah 100 like yeah if we had just started out there not that I want the guy back or Juju like if we had a healthy Tony all year those guys would have looked way better than what they oh yeah like right now because that's an All-Star player that you could have that would have had a thousand yard uh uh yards for you for the receiving so these guys would have been you know feasting off that so if you come in now let's talk about the draft I mean not let's not now talk about threat but like we get you know a good receiver that could really yep take away corners and safeties to cover them

now you have to you know now you can throw it to these guys but yeah and what people got to realize too is chances are we're gonna draft a receiver chances are we're going to sign a receiver I think both will happen yeah think about that now you draft a receiver you sign a receiver there's two spots right there okay one deal back next year there's three ship let's see if he comes back there's four and I think he will I think he will I really do I would love to see him back I don't think he'll be you know playing the whole season because he's shown us what he does I listen we all know how much respect we all have for Shep but we know what he is now he's a guy who's gonna be in like six games a year look very good those six games then get hurt not even dissident like that just calling it like it is but so we got new guy that he drafted new guy you signed you got wandell you got Shep that's four spots right there so you're gonna have the guys that you saw in the game today literally battling it out for the bottom positions of our wide receiver core and that's the way it should be that's the way those guys are supposed to be imagine how this offense would have looked if we still had some receivers yeah I I really think it would have been different now the question still comes to be is you know to answer the initial question that was posted did this game expose Jones I don't know because I still haven't seen him with the team around him and that's the freaking frustrating part that is the part that ticks us off as giant fans we're now for year four we have to sign the sky now potentially

we're going to sign this guy again I think we're gonna sign him personally so what I'm saying is it's year four and I'm still not confident of what he is if anything as you know being optimistic like you optimistic never this actually exposes him in a in a good light because like look what he did against crappy Corners right look what he did against crappy uh defenses yeah he starts throwing the ball down the field and he started looking well not because he great he looked well but if you need something better does it still look well that's not good but when you have crappy receivers yeah that kind of counters acts what I'm trying to say so you're playing to the same levels of what you're throwing to and then he looks better so if you put out some good receivers for him like if Wanda was healthy all year this offense looks different yeah right Chef is healthy this offense looks different all year so awesome it's uh you know I'm just looking at the bright side like DJ Denny dimes might become Demi Danny dollars

so let me ask you this because we've talked about him as far as re-signing him and what he's going to get money-wise do you think this hurt him and how much he's gonna get because he let's be honest he didn't look good in this game whether you want to blame the receivers blame him whatever the case may be he did not look good this game and for a guy that's going out there no one wanting top dollar because every free agent does

he gets

maybe minutely minutely my newly like I don't think it's I like like Manute Bowl yeah it's just very a little bit like it might Teeter in that Mark but he he's still gonna get paid a good amount because he was probably gonna get kicked out if he looked like what he did last year yeah he was not going to be a guy

he's looked way better all year he's managed the game better all year and now he had to play against one of the best teams in the NFL yeah and yeah he didn't look good the whole team didn't look good that offensive line didn't look good he was getting battered around and chased around like yeah but it's at what point do you need to see him play well against a good team because that's my big thing I'm waiting for I'm waiting for that signature game for him to do well against a bad team I'm sorry I'm not seeing it I'm seeing him beat up on bad teams so he looked really great against the Texans he looks really greed against the Colts he looks really good against times and I get it Colts defense it still matters yeah oh the Colts defense isn't the worst defense out there it's a good run defense it's a bad pass defense okay yeah you're right so that's the thing he's beating my things right now secondaries so not not to talk about the enemy we just lost to yes this season for the Giants reminds me of a lot of what Philadelphia looked like last year yep oh no 100 so and I talked about how Jan hurts look like a crappy quarterback and shouldn't be getting paid money I know what he did in the off season with their coaching staff that really liked him and wanted to make him look better look how well he's played all year they got him a receiver a star receiver yeah yeah imagine if you know we come over and get Devonte Adams or something granted he's not going to come over here I'm saying you're getting like a star is that an option we can reverse that mistake of last year of last year's draft I'm just saying like if you get him a star receiver like that right AJ Brown how much better has Jalen hurts look like oh you're getting a star receiver like that and he puts in the work with this coaching staff for the first time that he's gonna able to work with a coaching staff that's fantastic for two years in a row yeah how much does that change how he develops in this NFL it's going to be an explosive amount like yeah and that's the problem is the consistency because keep in mind he might have a different offensive coordinator next year depending what happens but now we have to question just how bad the Giants play affect the the coaching prospects for Mike Kafka and for Wink Martindale okay as our next comment says from uh none of guybes we looked horrible and yes we looked horrible Point Blank that pretty much sums up we could probably just put that up and put up like a 20 minute video of that quote and it would sum up this whole entire thing

watch guys still watch still listen they're still actually like taken away from this game there's still a lot of Hope going in for next year listen and that's the thing I I literally want to stress here I'm embarrassed by this game point blank yeah embarrassed we literally did not play well in any aspect we went we went out we got pants not only do we get pants

no we got pants by the pool side where everything came exposed and then we tripped or fell yes the worst yeah yeah not into the water we fell on like the side of the pool yeah and scraped up your jaw but I want to take the time to also to kind of get us into the right mindset here because as frustrating as this is this game look at the season we had if I had told anybody here let's let's let's say anybody's maybe feedback on this if I had told you guys that we're gonna go into the place in the playoffs here we're gonna win a game in the playoffs we're going to have it above 500 record this year I think all you all would have signed up for that at the beginning of the season or if we if we would have told you guys that you're like puff puff off fast yeah and we did say that by the way minus the playoff win we didn't say that because we didn't give you know any kind of predictions of that but we did say nine wins so just saying Kudos on that one to us because uh we were correct but yeah I mean now we have all the questions coming to be now all the questions what do we do with Jones what do we do at Barkley sign how soon can we get rid of Gala day

we're just leaving I'm in Philadelphia maybe like uh he missed his bus ride home yeah you didn't hear that noose would be a bad night for him I don't know if you heard but the the hotel that Giants were staying the head no water I did hear that the pipe burst magically burst and for those listening to the audio version I have quotation marks in my hand because yeah that's uh yeah that's an old tactic that's a little tactic I heard a lot of the Old Timers talking about that like tweeting about like that's what we used to do it back in the day [Laughter] it was a sneaky visiting oh yeah he had the pipes yeah it's but like I said it's just there's so many things now it's like how do we fix the linebackers what's gonna happen later Williams he got a massive massive cap number massive I mean it's like it's it's Insanity how much money that Manchester could have paid next year you know do we how do we fix this secondary rate as far as depth as far as CB2 there are so many questions

a what quarter he was out for the aim of a third yeah honestly I'm saying at that point I've seen a lot of guys get a lot more hopeful on flawed but he he

comes and goes yes and he's played better than I thought he would this year yeah but it was still a bad pick I'm sorry still a bad pick so but yeah like I said a lot of things coming up and you know we I think we need to just kind of move past this game and go you know what great season this happened we're gonna ignore it happen now listen yeah that's all I mean it's over if anyone told me like not only just the Giants making the playoffs that the whole NFC East became the NFC beast and We There is a potential where all four of our teams were about to make the playoffs I'm like what the hell you guys all talking about like so that's very excited for the future just over a division granted as a Giants fan I want to see all those teams tank those other three teams sink but that's gonna be a lot of exciting football to watch going forward you want to hear really scary stat though I yes I like car scare me so we had eight losses this year

five of those eight losses for Cowboys Eagles

we have to find a way to beat those guys if we can't beat the guys in our division that we're guaranteed to see twice a year I guarantee you next year I guarantee you next year more Talent our coaching staff developing our talent it's going to be a different ball game but it's something about a different ball game keep the ball game going but we got to look at why are these teams beating us [ __ ] and you want a different ballgame because you don't want to lose

but it's like how do we go ahead and stop these teams from beating us the way they are because let's be honest even the the two cowboy games I wouldn't say they were close they also I mean they didn't get out of hand to the fourth quarter but they were they weren't Out Of Reach no but well the second Cowboy game the first Cowboy game was pretty much out of reach pretty early on that was the one remember that ebony was getting just yeah yes thanks but yeah he got spanked what was the final score of that game like yeah but that was I think it was like an eight point difference like I don't think it was that Out of Touch compared to the first time when we met Philadelphia when the first time we got bent over old granddad's knee and got spanked 23-16 and it never felt that close yeah that's the thing though it's never felt that close so we have to figure out what do these two teams do the Cowboys and the Eagles that basically destroyed our season like that because as great as this season was if we want to get better and have a better season next year and grow which is the goal the goal is to win championships this is the New York Giants this is not the Cleveland Browns we're not happy with one win we're happy with it this year because it's a step to go to the right direction but we're not happy with that long term six steps in the right direction from they did wins to 10 wins but once again like you're saying three losses to the Eagles yep two losses to the Cowboys and one tie with the Commanders like if you take Hefner's away we got 13 wins we had only one win against our division yeah which is one win what are we Houston no because Houston's really bad we can beat teams that aren't in order to division it's our division that's the problem and obviously part of that is because of the fact that this is the strongest division in football this year but that's still not an excuse you still have to be able to go look at this thing and like hold on a second how do we stop whatever the first time against us to beat them a second time it's much more difficult to beat the same team twice let alone three times well here's the thing with the Eagles though I we you know we talk about being three losses but it's almost like two and a half because we didn't even try that last one but I'm still saying you got these two teams that beat us multiple times this season multiple times and sadly this is not the first time that happened in the NFL this year because look at the Seahawks getting spanked by the Niners three times this year yeah and I think the one goal we have to look at because I think it's a big big problem that we had against both those two teams because both those two teams what do they both have in common they can rush the passer like most teams in the NFL dream about and they have run the crap out of the ball yes so we need to go ahead and screw up the line and Evan Neal will get better I think next year I think that's 100 and I'm not saying he's going to be Andrew Thomas next year but not going to get better that's what happens the second year is usually a jump with the with any kind of tackle especially a right tackle it's his freshman year yes like guys everyone listen out there remember your freshman year no one had confidence going in high school yeah that's really a bullied I'm cocky [Laughter] I'm just saying like you go out there and you realize there's bigger fish in the pond like you got to put your work in and guess what this season is gonna hopefully open his eyes he's gonna go to this coaches and like what do I need to do and he's gonna do it and he's going to come out and play better if he doesn't on to the next yeah but the bigger issue is the middle of the line is going to be gone so Feliciano yeah gotta go um Lewinsky is going to be an issue as well so you know he did not play good at all this entire season I feel like and that was the the signing that we were like oh okay this guy should be pretty good this this guy was really good in Indianapolis and he just wasn't for us and his cap number next year is looked it up 8.6 million if we cut him we lose all that plus an additional 300 000. so he'll probably be a giant next year unless we want to go ahead and cut them post June 1st but even then we save 1.2 million yes so guys Mark Lewinski he'll be back he'll be back but hopefully he's back to the bench where he belongs right the way he's playing this year yeah so the second thing you mentioned run the ball and you're 100 right in that both those teams are very good running the ball we couldn't stop it worth anything we have to get a true middle linebacker who can control that part of the field a guy who can move side to side a guy who can stop a running back and what I mean by stop him I mean when you hit him he doesn't just Barrel through and keep on going yeah because I mean if you looked at majority of those rushes I'm going to say 60 to 70 of those rushes was to the left and little to the left to the left to the left all your arms to the left to the left take it out get your yards to the left to the left uh

yeah but like I said it's bad when you're getting somebody basically off the streets off the practice squad of another team a week or two before The Season's up and he becomes your starting linebacker in the playoffs playoffs playoffs I was just looking to win one game yeah we were looking to win one more yeah but I mean that's that's the situation we were in that's how bad the linebacking position was for us this year we never recovered from the whole dropping of Blake Martinez not that I'm saying Blake Martinez would have covered the scenario because it's not like he just blew it up in Las Vegas either and he retired halfway through the season too so selling Pokemon cards huh didn't he sell Pokemon cards yes legit that's what he's doing now he's at home selling Pokemon cards for a living I'm not gonna CTE sounds that's just crazy that's just you know guys this football thing was fun I got these Japanese trading cards over here yeah

I saw a video he's got like tough like Rubbermaid tubs full of those things too like it's Insanity man absolutely insanity but you know kudos to him man if that's what he wanted to do when he's enjoying it live your life man you made your money you did your time I say he's made his millions he's good yep he's made his million the mayor has gave him quite a few million plus obviously he still made some money in Green Bay so good for him so guys I want to remind you all too the Giants season is over the two giant goofball season is not over they never did for those of you guys who are watching live first off thank you welcome if it's your first one make sure to hit that like subscribe based on whatever platform you're on since we're on multiple platforms here and none of them could of course get their stuff together and use the same damn name go ahead and do that though uh do me a favor also if you can share it onto your pages as well please do we we grow through organic traffic and we definitely appreciate you guys helping us in that regard as well uh you know give us a comment too let us know what you think overall uh you know we're always good good to get feedback from you guys as well uh and also remember if you're watching live we're also on all the different podcast platforms Apple Spotify you pretty much you name it we're on it and if you're listening now I'm one of those platforms that means you missed the live show don't miss the live show by going to one of our social media pages hitting the like hitting the follow so that's the way to do it so right now we're on live on Facebook we're on tick so we're on Twitter and we're on YouTube we will be adding more as we go soon as well uh we also of course do social media on Instagram and Tick Tock as well so anytime anything happens this off season we will be on to let you guys know whether it's giving you guys you know our our thoughts as the seasoned wine as this off season begins I should say uh on all the different players of the team we're also going to have for you guys an awards show as well oh an award show they left me they really left me so that way we can give you guys kind of our thoughts on who was the most important at different things at all biggest play of the year that kind of stuff the stuff that you know you want to look back and think finally upon the season that's going to be the episode that's going to make you do it it really is I mean it's kind of traveling through we're also gonna have an episode where we kind of go through and review our picks from this year that we had um for the Giants because in the beginning of the year for those who have been with us forever and also thank you if you have been uh we're gonna go ahead and review what we thought was gonna happen this season and then what did happen this season because yeah that didn't work out like we planned at all we had the right number of wins but we were pretty much wrong at which ones you'd win and which one we'd lose it's crazy how that worked out so it's gonna be a it's gonna be a fun trip to go down and review that episode that's for sure and kind of go over what we thought and what actually happened there um just because giant season is over doesn't mean we're done talking about this season we are going to break down goofball season never ends and then free agency will start before it even begins I should save and we'll probably be making some decisions on some of our players I'll tell you this giant fans I'll call this out right now expect in the next couple weeks here to have Daniel Jones or saquon Barclay signed one of them will be signed in the next couple weeks because you can't tag them both I think both are going to be done fairly fast listen I'm all for it but I'm telling I'm guaranteeing it right now one of them will be because if you want to keep them both you can only tag one so they're going to pick whichever one they're closer on close the deal tag the other and then they will still try to get that going but this is the kind of stuff that's going to go down for us to talk about here uh you know and obviously any free agency as far as pick we get anybody we lose the free agency we'll give you guys the heads up on that and our thoughts any new players we get and then it's on to the draft the draft and anybody here who's a draft fan yeah we're going to give you guys oh we're sorry sorry sir I said I'm an IPA fan sorry wrong draft I'm more of a vlogger a guy but we're going to give you guys a run down all the different potential players we're gonna go ahead and kind of pick and choose different positions the Giants need help out and kind of run down even some of the latter picks for you guys we want to make it where if you guys watch this show you guys know what's going on fully in that draft because if you're like me I'm a draft guy once the season ends I'm watching college football he wouldn't believe in analyzing the guys and taking a look at them so we're going to go ahead and share all that knowledge with you guys we'll of course give you guys also information on the draft itself once it begins let you guys know what's going on as well with that uh give you guys kind of analysis pick by pick and what the Giants are doing and then of course after that we're gonna have probably round two of the free agency we're gonna have training camps going trust me it never ends it never ends that's part of the fun of football there's always something going on guys so hit that like hit that subscribe hit that subscribe out of the podcast platforms to use all of them hit them all yeah please make sure you hit the Subscribe two or three hit them all if you watch videos on two or three on social media hit them all go for it yeah and like I said last time like I realized that I listened to a lot of podcasts and I don't hit the Subscribe button on too awesome it actually helps you track US and actually helps us in the long run as well so please hit that subscribe button if you enjoy the content yes and like I said guys chin up we have nothing to be embarrassed out besides this game because this season was great seriously and the first time we played the Eagles but yeah this is but it was a great season overall so chin up let's get ready for a great off season we got a ton of big moves to make we got a ton of money we got a ton of picks and we actually have people we believe will make the Right Moves no more we got plenty of jokes about the commanders coming up oh yes oh yes we always do so keep posted there to you guys and see what's going on and as always

thanks for listening to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast we appreciate your support if you made it this long you must have enjoyed it so I am sure you have followed us on all the social media platforms of course you have subscribed to the show on your favorite app as well and given us a top rating right right right