2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Giants vs Eagles Playoff Game - Injury Report, Predictions & Final Thoughts

January 20, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 72
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Giants vs Eagles Playoff Game - Injury Report, Predictions & Final Thoughts
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Find out who is playing and who isn't. Drew and Rob also discuss our picks for the game including the spread and the over/under. 

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welcome to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving stood up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excites and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob

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welcome fellow goofballs to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by me Rob let's go win another playoff game let's go win let's go oh we're so close guys we are so close we got about you know 24 hours left here basically before the game starts and who I'm telling you guys I am psyched for this one here because if there's a team I want to beat in the NFL it's the damn freaking Philadelphia Eagles like all the time yeah they've broken our hearts so many times whether we talked about it before about you know the uh the 2008 Giants that lost in the very first round to them uh you can go back to the DeSean uh Jackson punt return game you know you can go back to even the first game we played against them this year if there's a team I want to beat in the NFL it's the Eagles probably the Cowboys close seconds probably the Cowboys there it's like one and one b [Laughter] so we're gonna go ahead and give you guys our kind of our final notes Here on the game also go ahead and go over uh the final injury news there for you let you know who's playing who's not playing that way no because there is still one question mark here and go ahead and give you guys our our picks on the game overall uh give you guys the updated over underlines and the spread and all that kind of fun stuff for those who like to make some money money money [Laughter] so first things first we had some Giant news this week as far as an award our first award for the New York Giants this year because I I do think a second one is possibly coming because if saquan Barkley doesn't win comeback player of the year I'm sorry rigged super rigged so Rob why don't you go ahead and give the nuisance you're the one who pointed out to me oh yeah our man cave on uh was uh appointed to uh being the one the rookies of the year on nfl.com they uh all defensive rookie team is what he's doing which is fantastic yeah anytime you get somebody that young to win start winning Awards already that's amazing and how embarrassing must it be for the Jacksonville Jaguars who had the very first pick in the draft the first overall the the exposing guaranteed Hall of Famer kind of guy and they select someone doesn't even make the old rookie team from the NFL and the two defensive ends that did make it were picked second and fifth so it's not like these were like guys that came out of nowhere and you're like wow we all missed that one yeah yeah this isn't a Brady move like we're a six round pick comes you know becomes the goat here this is like and you know guys that we thought were gonna be good and what about you Robin I thought Walker was going to be a bus from the get-go I was raping the gecko going why why would you take this guy number one overall you're taking potential over proven because that's the Jaguars for you yeah I mean there's a reason they're kind of not known as to be the best franchise in football for quite some time now you know um but yeah kudos to Kavon are our snow angel that'll be his nickname with me forever now at that point he's just our little snow angel so I'm gonna get it I'm gonna put on top of my Christmas tree every year there you go if you can get one like battery power that does like a jumping jack motion like it's doing that I'm telling you like we can probably get somebody to make that that'd be amazing maybe next year we're selling that Avon snow angels for your Christmas tree topper if that's not the Ultimate gift for giant fans I don't know what is the cave on cutout cookie cutter cut up yeah yes and so let's get on to our our news on the uh the injuries for this game because we had a lot of people that were like is that guy going to be in is he going to be fully healthy you know there's been a lot of question marks because both teams have dealt with a decent amount of injuries I don't want to make it seem like the Giants the only ones who have the Eagles have definitely had their fair share as well of injuries this season so first up the big one everybody wants to know about Jalen hurts he's not even on the injury report anymore guys this guy is supposedly fully healthy based on that and I question that I don't think he's fully healthy I really doubt that I think it's just a matter of this is the playoffs I don't give a damn you can walk you can throw you're on the field yeah 100 like yeah I feel like that they kind of bought you like well for me saying that he's 100 healthy means he's probably 100 healthy because like if he was 100 if he was so you lied to us you lied to us damn it yeah so if he was 100 healthy it's a smarter move to say he's questionable and then he comes out and plays you know Hall of Fame game yeah but Santa is 100 healthy means he's probably not but we're just trying to put up a bluff yeah exactly and I don't think there's any way you can be healthy when it's that kind of injury and to a shoulder and obviously shoulder I don't care which shoulder you're talking about it moving every time you throw the ball so a lot of people going oh it's not as throwing or you know it doesn't matter what every time you go to throw the ball your shoulders move try doing it real quick try to go like this and like keep your shoulders still it just doesn't work it doesn't work guys try stepping back without moving your shoulders yeah exactly so and imagine dealing with that kind of pain for weeks and then knowing you got cave on uh you know Leonard Williams uh you know big sexy going Dexter Lawrence going after you there on every single play yeah that's gonna make you think twice guys that's going to make you think twice and if it doesn't that's got bigger brass balls and table there okay hey no one has bigger balls at the table no he does that's possible no it isn't the biggest ever the biggest at all the land he needs a wheelbarrow when he walks into the fields uh if I ever see him in the wheelbar I'm gonna laugh thinking that she's going up but yeah that's the big one I said he'll play we'll have to see it how it affects him obviously the second game they played against us the final uh you know regular season game which was his first one back from the injury he didn't quite seem like himself but how funny is this that it's almost like the commanders again like this is the second time we Face the team they had a bye week and then they faced us again yeah that's that's I wonder if that's ever happened to the NFL like that that's weird it's a weird thing that you should look into you know what it's a stat that you probably can't even find anywhere you know uh but but yeah it's it's interesting though like I said you don't see that very often let alone twice in the same season so next up is going to be their tackle Lane Johnson he's been a full participant in practice we expect him to be a full go again I'm not so sure he's gonna be 100 but 90 of Lane Johnson is still better than 90 of the tackles out there in this league and whatever side you know whatever goes on his side there whether it be you know Kayvon or ogilaria if they move people around it's usually ogilari um you know then that's going to be an issue for them because you're facing one of the best in the league and you have to somehow make it happen because the pass rush has to be there guys the secondary needs help if we don't get to Jalen hurts and he is fully healthy it's gonna be a long day for us guys a really long day yeah Sally yeah so we also have a couple of faces on their defensive line with some issues and this is one thing I love because we know we have what kind of issues we've had against strong pass rushing teams all season long said know that they're coming in not fully healthy I'll take the advantage our offensive line needs every Advantage you can get yeah especially against you know the Eagles yeah I mean Brandon Graham just destroyed us basing that first game he just made Evan Neal look like he should have gone back to school basically that's how bad it was if it's let's be honest let's call it what it was uh he was sick this week so he missed a practice because of that um you know on Wednesday he he's made me fully ready to play they say but how bad was his sickness is he still feeling the effects of it because I'll tell you this I go back to work after being sick hell let's be honest if it's not covet I'm going to work no matter what I'm that guy but if he's sick and he's working and he's going back to play that doesn't mean he's fully healthy either it doesn't recovered you know and then he got linfall Joseph giant fans obviously remember him he started off his career as a giant before you know making a big no pun intended with the Vikings because he's he's a big guy um but he's fully practiced the last couple days as well after being injured Robert Quinn you know the big pickup they got for the Bears which was supposed to be their guy to kind of put him over the top so to speak on the defense he really hasn't played much at all with them but he's a full go now and that's a guy that didn't really do much with the Bears and remember we faced him already when he was a bear I don't remember seeing much of him at all in that game he was pretty handily handled handily handles that was a pun and then that was intended oh getting handsy there oh did it again nope so the big one CJ Gardner Johnson who was literally led the league in interceptions even though he missed five games he's like the undocked Prescott you know Dak Prescott misses five games and leads the league interceptions he this guy gets injured from five games and still leads an interceptions caught yeah he's gonna be an interesting one because the one guy that we know is out for sure in this game is Avante Maddox who's usually they're either slot nickel Corner kind of guy and you may very well see Gardner Johnson move into that and if he changes into that role it does change because now you don't have this free safety that's sitting there playing the Ed Reed kind of style waiting for that interception so you know I think it's going to be an interesting thing to see what happens there because if that does change it up like that I am all you know all game there for it um we got our first comment of the night here from Zachary as a true Eagles fan oh Brave man coming on the giant podcast appreciate you to listen and check Zachary there so as a true Eagles fan I honestly think this game is going to be close what do you guys think the outcome will be and do you think the Giants have a shot with the momentum they have we're gonna get to that one later on Zachary there so take a listen keep on because once we're done with the injuries we're going right into the picks and the uh you know what we think will be the outcome of the game there uh appreciate you listen even though you did make the mistake of the Eagles fan keep on listening maybe you'll become a giant fan maybe we'll convert you okay we're like the Jehovah's Witnesses of the giant silver over here we're gonna go door to door to all the Eagles fans hey Zach knock knock you're in New Jersey be a jazz fan remember how like you felt when the Eagles won that one ring imagine filling that four times I'm just saying

uh but no no appreciate always an eagle fan that isn't one of the rude ones though um but yeah so like I said Maddox is going to be out we don't know what's gonna happen with Gardner Johnson as far as where he's going to play and that's going to definitely have big you know outcome as far as how the defense is for the Eagles and I fully expect that if he does come down to play the slot throw the damn ball down to Slayton take those shots take the shots you know you get a little more hesitant with a guy who's known for catching interceptions left and right but I still don't think we should be hesitant in that role because Daniel Jones hasn't thrown them all year long basically but even more so if this guy's playing the slot and he's not playing center field go for it guys go for it go for it go for it yeah take advantage of this lane speed up down the fields especially exactly I mean Grant he's going to drop a ball at you but you don't have a guy that's going to be there to pick it up let me admit that I hate the last minute though it's it's bad it is what it is it's the truth though you're not wrong you're not wrong man that's that's the bad part um so the only guy that's we have on our side to talk about as far as injuries go is Aziz surprise surprise it's a week of football we're talking about azizo jewelry being injured I feel bad for the guy it's like every time he steps on the field he's right back off again yeah you know it's like my quad yeah I don't want to be like that because I mean he was perfectly healthy for his whole rookie season he did was pretty good it's just you gotta Wonder because he put on a lot of bulk this off season and you gotta Wonder as much as it helped him because he looked amazing when he plays did he get too much bulk for his frame maybe I could also see him doing um Aleve commercials in the next 10 years [Laughter]


am I the only one kind of curious what Kadarius Tony does in the Chiefs game this week oh we're all watching I'm kind of curious because if he sticks to what he's done so far this season we are definitely the winners of that trip that's for sure so you know let's hope that sticks and continues because I'm sorry but we fleeced the Chiefs fleece them point blank on that trade um but yeah so if ogilari is not able to play here's the one thing I'm going to say that's kind of a beautiful scenario thing this scenario we're used to that we're yes to that that's a typical thing for us you know we've had how many games with ogilari out now it's it's been like on and off on and off and then four games off then on one then off it's you know it's been that way all season long Jihad ward has been one of the best run-stopping Edge guys all season long not just for the Giants but in the NFL that guy's been a freaking Beast against the run and maybe that's what we need against this team so it might be a benefit in the way of having that guy out there not feeling the need to put him out there as often you know July I mean you know having a guy who's a pure run stopper in there against a team that let's be honest runs the ball pretty well against this last time that whole second half that first that first game when I say last time that second game doesn't count that was all backups but that first game the whole second half was run the ball run the ball run the ball and we couldn't stop them we could not stop them that is bad when a team knows you can't stop what they want to do because they're just going to keep on doing it that's the way they're going why wouldn't you yeah I can't believe them I would assume they're both who wouldn't who wouldn't um so we'll have to see what happens there but you know it's you know it's going to be a combination of a few guys obviously if he can play but hopefully he does because like I said when he's done the field he's been a freaking Beast I'm telling you if he was on the field all game long this is a double-digit sack guy all year long there 100 yeah and we don't we don't have one of those all season so he's probably our best pass rusher when he's healthy He's just never healthy let's get it again you know what it is it's the playoffs come on you gotta play it's the playoffs yeah all right we're gonna win a game we are so let's get on to uh a kind of our situation where we think's gonna happen in this game here because I think that's probably more than the injury report most people came here to hear is what's going to happen here in this game what's gonna happen as far as the you know the the the betting lines overall what do we think as far as over under the spread all the kind of fun stuff that people like to do especially those you in Jersey I'm a little jelly at that point that I gotta say that I can't gamble here in Florida I definitely don't Gamble

wink week bartendale

uh so let's go over kind of the the spread here we'll go over that so Giants are plus seven and a half points that's not very close of a spread I gotta say this not very close there's not on people having faith in us I mean can you really blame them after I had them at first game win against you know but I think people are forgetting the defense and how injured that defense was for that first matchup yeah no doubt they're they're so banged up and then but look at how the Eagles played our second and third string team so they barely squeaked out that win exactly we we the first game the Eagles faced us when we're at our worst we were in that big you know skid they were still riding High you know still need one loss the entire season the second time we faced them reverse the Eagles were understood playing worse than they had all year long and the Giants started their comebacks so to speak that we now are in where we're kind of back to where we were ever since the defense got healthy look at that who would have thought that having a lockdown corner and a stud safety would change your entire defense oh my God who would have thought it so I personally think that if you're gonna go with the spread go with the Giants because even if you think the Giants are going to lose which is fair if people think that I'll say that even as an honest giant fan it's a fair assessment to say the Giants will lose this game because the Eagles did have the better season they do have the better roster we have the better Coach the deal oh so oh snap and I would definitely if I'm placing money I'm definitely using using the spread at that point I'm picking the Giants with the spread yeah 100. I actually fed it that early today I put the job oh you see he lives in Jersey folks he can do it yeah thank you uh Caesar sportsbooks bloop the location Jersey great so yeah they're gonna definitely beat the spread it's going to be a close game no matter who wins this game it they're going to win by three oh so you think that's going to be the spread no matter what okay okay okay I like that where it's going so we're gonna go over in a minute who we think is going to be the the winner based on this on the points here but let's get over to the over under first so the book has got it anywhere from about 48 and a half to 47 and a half depending on which book you're going with here Sports Illustrated uh sports book is the only one that I see a 47 and a half so if you think the under go to SI apparently because you get the extra point that's let's be honest it's where to go um but so what I you know I'm so torn in this because I really want to say under because the Giants obviously are not usually been the offensive Juggernaut I know they've been decent the last couple weeks when they played the Colts and the Vikings which obviously we've gone over this before I don't have much respect for their defenses I think it was more about bad defense than it was about good offense the key to us winning a game is usually keeping the score low squeaking out somehow a win you know whether it be stopping the Jaguars the one yard line or something along those lines um so I really wanted to be the under but I'm going to go with the over my gut tells me to go over my gut tells me that the Giants are going to score more points than they usually do because they're hyped up Daniel Jones has played better recently and I think they're gonna you know really cut the leash off on them so to speak and let them do what he's got to do because if you are tight let on him and only let him think and dunk we're not going to win guys dude you didn't know you didn't get the memo we're a 30-point team again we're gonna put it up is that what's gonna happen now is that what's gonna happen

yeah I mean I would love to see that happen don't get me wrong but this is a much better defense this isn't the Colts this isn't the Vikings I think the better shot we have is like a mid-20s kind of game at that point the defense can stop them and that still puts us at the over that's a thing so you're talking if you expect about 25 points per team you're already right there at the over yeah you're going to look at like a 28 to 24 27-24 kind of game yeah yeah and and I think what's going to happen is you're going to see the um you know the the Eagles play worse and they've played that first game with us and you see the Giants play better now the question is is it enough the eagles look like they did in week 18. or do they look like the first game that's the question yeah do their injuries make that much a difference for us yep and that's why I'm telling you right now if I was going to bet the winner of the game I wouldn't bet this game at all I'd be holding on money because there's too many question marks we talked about them already how healthy is Jalen hurts how much was the Resurgence of the Giants offense a matter of playing bad defenses how much was it actually them getting better and please let it be they got better because I'm so sick of seeing bad offenses for so many years but we don't know it's an unknown commodity in these in in these this game here we don't know which way to go because of that let's be honest if you guys want to bet so when the win straight up go with the Niners

I'd say that the Niners are the safe bets are the Chiefs right yeah um but yeah I mean if I if my if my gut tells me to pick a winner or loser in this game my gut tells me to go for the Eagles to win this game but you know what my gut's been wrong before maybe you'll have a little yogurt like James Curtis always told us to have maybe my gutter feel a little better about the Giants because I've got biome going on yeah I try to be the real fan and not be the Homer and that's not to say the giant fans I think they're going to win or a homer because listen that's fine it's like I said it's a to me it's a game that I wouldn't put money on a winner but in the end I think the Giants will lose in a very close game and I'm with you on the three points I think it's going to come down like a field goal you know maybe a touchdown worst case scenario I don't see the kind of spread they're talking about that kind of loss I don't see Brian dabel being okay with being embarrassed and not coming back in this game and saying guys they freaking embarrassed us last time do something about it have something in Pride see we differ here I think the Giants take it into three points even though my heart is 100 biased and wants a Giants win I still think John is going to win I just don't want to put my wallet on that game [Laughter] because I feel like exactly either way the momentum the Giants have been so hot right now and the play is hot like Hans so hot but when it comes to playoffs playoffs playoffs it's all about what have you done for me lately and the Giants have been impeccable DJ [Music] DJs what happened you turn for me lately I mean Danny Jones has been everything all the Giants fans have asked for the past few games he's been superb I'm telling you right now the rest of his career there's a statue being made of him right next to Eli because he's been playing that well by the way Eli why doesn't he have a statue give the man a statue God damn it they don't want a big forehead outside the stadium just saying him and LT both should have statues outside you know I don't know the Jets play there too if they want to give Joe Namath one just to try to make it seem equal go for it but maybe it can be doing one of his commercials like where he has like either the stockings on or like the dandruff shampoo or something I don't know he's selling life insurance whatever a man wants to sell [Laughter] but yeah it's let's see guys it's gonna be a close game and Daniel Jones hopefully proves people like me wrong that thought he wasn't legit halfway through the season and wanted pretty sure he's already proven you wrong he hasn't because he's played against Bad defenses I'm sorry again I'm a Giants fan I'm trying to not be a homer when you're scoring 170 you know I'm gonna do 170 yards a game it's not that you're that good you're playing well enough not to lose that's like saying Ryan Tannehill is a great quarterback I said Trent Dilfer was a great quarterback

that doesn't mean they're a mobile quarterback I'm saying they're not bad quarterbacks those guys but they're not the guys who do go let me go steal this guy and build my team around him I hear what you're saying but you also can't put him down listen because he only did 170 yards and he still put up 250 yards overall I want to lift him up I want to lift him up and I want to give him more help but my whole point is that I'm still not sold in the last couple weeks being a product of the bad defenses and I'm hoping that that's not the case and I'm hoping he's turned a corner but I'm not going to sit here and guarantee when he's beating up on bad defenses listen there's plenty of quarterbacks out there that'll throw you 400 yards and still lose your game there's so you can't just go by having that you wearing Rogers looking at you Aaron Rodgers so you can't just go off to 100 yards all right you can't just go off by the Arts no I'm not I'm not saying that's it but what I'm saying is that he if if he was as good as he is now oh he's appears now he would have been throwing the ball more often we wouldn't have been running saquon Barkley basing to the ground the first half of the season because the Giants would have said hold on we got to conserve this guy because it's gonna be a long season so like I said I'm not saying he's not the guy I'm not saying he can't do this against the Eagles what I'm saying is I want to see it I want to see him be that guy that can go into another team stadium and just tear apart a good defense once I see that then I'm sold I'm okay with him throwing 200 yards in this game if we win just listen no I'm okay with them throwing one damn yard if we win I don't care

the outcome of this game is not to go oh let's see what Daniel Jones can do how many yards can he throw no the outcome of this game is hopefully a win that's what we want to see that's all I care about at the end but it's a plot B what does Daniel Jones now do against a good defense because he didn't play good against him the first time and he also will ran for what 25 yards in the first game expect him to get 80 yards this game listen I'm on his feet I've been saying this and we know we've talked about this we talked about this prior to the Vikings game as well for some reason the Giants just stopped running the ball after the first half with Jones it's like they go into full-on pass mode and Barclay mode let this guy do his design runs because that's what sets up your offense because now you have people going towards the line just in case because they have to respect that option once you stop doing it the respect is gone and it should 100 I I can respect that option I see a similar game plan not exact a similar game style that we had last week all for that but Barclay wherever you got to put them and those two guys one is a ball game my only thing is I'll say this is I'd like to run a little bit less than he did last week because I do worry about him getting injured from it I mean it's not just about this weekend let's say hypothetically if we're playing well and we're up first off yes second of all I don't want to risk getting him hurt because if he does get hurt we're done

no listen I'm I'm with you I'm just saying Tyrod Taylor is not going to help us win against the 49ers next week but we're in the playoffs division playoffs put everything you got push it all in let's go to the next round oh yeah and hopefully that's what we're saying here when we shoot our episode here uh you know either tomorrow night or or Sunday morning depending on our sleep patterns yeah hopefully we can get one in for you guys Sunday night so uh the best way to find out though that one that happens keep in mind is hitting that subscribe button hit that subscribe subscribe


I'm a Scatman so keep let's see if let's see who's right so Rob says they're gonna win Rob says they're gonna they're gonna cover the spread and you said the over correct correct so we're in the same exact boat except for I have the Eagles to win the whole connection cover and I have the over as well same as Rob as well so we're gonna find out who's right tomorrow night but let's put next to 27 24. boom listen I'm all for it and I'll say this as well for you guys that like to do the you know the the atypical type of bets there the second half of this game the over under is 24 right now on FanDuel 24. that makes sense that's well think about that that's still half of the points if hypothetically and listen I'm Really Gonna hope in this outcome I'm just trying to give you guys options for those like to gamble if hypothetically the Giants don't do well and the Eagles are winning we've already seen the Eagles take their foot off the gas twice against us so keep behind the score if the Giants don't do well the first half look at that second half at that point to be one to go ahead and look to go ahead and you know maybe get over under points at that point at least get something out of the game if that scenario happens the Giants lose but you make some money at least but you know like I said hopefully that scenario doesn't pop up hopefully we're winning hopefully we're facing the 49ers next week you know part of me though doesn't even care if we Face the Cowboys because it'd be kind of nice to knock the Cowboys and the Eagles out in the same exact freaking postseason that might be the first time in NFL history yeah like we basically knocked the commanders out of the postseason if we knock out the Eagles and the Cowboys who beat us both twice in regular season not beat them in the playoffs yes that would be like amazing amazing to be Christmas in July January yes and I don't think we've ever done that that I can remember we've been the you know the uh the Cowboys obviously especially in 07 when they won the division on our way to the uh the Super Bowl the first Eli Super Bowl uh we obviously haven't had great luck against the Eagles in the postseason I can't remember a single season where we knocked both those guys out I don't know that's good I don't think it's ever happened so let's go for us knock him out NFL history boom boom so guys again hit that subscribe button we're gonna be going like I said live again after the game hopefully right after depending on how long the game is depending how much sleep we get there uh but definitely hope to be doing that if not definitely Sunday morning uh first thing uh probably very early because I have work Sunday actually for a little bit um so uh again hit that subscribe button hit that like button hit whatever buttons on whatever platform you're on if you're you're listening live thank you very much for for watching us and uh hearing our thoughts here on the game if you're out in podcast land hello from the world of yesterday

yes we have pretty faces so pretty so go ahead go ahead and check us out on social media if you're watching on on the uh out in podcast Lance you can see the live feeds again because if we win and if Rob and I are both happy I think there's probably no doubt we're going to be posting live right after the game is over and you can celebrate with us what's better than winning and that's winning than celebrating with other people let's celebrate together hopefully a win tomorrow night and cheers listen I'm all for that at that point if that happens okay we're gonna pop open the little bubbly that's for sure and by bubbly I mean beer is still carbonated yeah maybe a little whiskey yes a victory whiskey nice so as always giant fans go demon man go G-Man

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