2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Giants vs Eagles Playoff Game - Keys to Victory for the Defense

January 19, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 71
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Giants vs Eagles Playoff Game - Keys to Victory for the Defense
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After giving the keys to victory for the offense yesterday, Rob & Drew now give the keys for the defense. How do we stop their high flying offense? The New York Giants face off against the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday. Subscribe for all the information as it comes out!

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welcome to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax accept you that person driving stood up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excites and frustrates us so much and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob



welcome fellow goofballs to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by me all right we're going to win another playoff game let's win the playoff game playoffs let's go I'm still happy we won one but you know what's better than one playoff win two two playoff wins that is definitely it's twice as good especially because it's the freaking Eagles

uh two is just the saddest one

uh so uh what's wanting to take a quick second to thank everybody who's listening in here who's watching live uh you know whether you guys are are on Facebook on Twitter on YouTube we appreciate you guys taking the time to listen to us there and for those of you who are watching oh sorry listening on the podcast then you know I really appreciate you guys listening in the future as well so So today we're going to go over the keys to victory for the defense but before we do that we always like to give you guys some Giant news some things going on and the man has spoken today the goat and no I don't mean Tom Brady I don't mean Tom Brady I mean the real goat the real goat L LT Lawrence Taylor the only man who wears an earring of his initials for 40 years going straight

yeah so he sums it up pretty simple I think and simple but right he said man Saturday night got me so hyped and I'm telling you guys if you guys aren't hype for this Saturday night matchup check your pulse check your pulse this is yep there you go check it out check it out check it out Rob how's it going throbbing throbbing whoa that's usually not a poster

that's how hard about this game wow so we got another uh big tweet here as well from I won't call him the goat of QBs but I'll say the goat of giant QBs I think that's accurate to say Bill Phil Sims might disagree Eli Manning dude I actually kind of curious if Phil Sims thinks that he is the goat as far as giant QBs because I'm sorry Phil much love to you man and we'd love to have you in the show by the way the email is two giant goofballs on mail.com but Eli is the giant quarterback goat and he tweeted out this week except all eight starting QBs this weekend were counselors at the Manning Passing Academy pretty cool and dude that is freaking awesome that's beyond cool yeah like that's Legacy right there like think about every single guy that's still playing quarterback in the NFL and there's only eight of them left was literally taught by the Mannings yeah that's not legacy I don't know what is seriously that's like an impact that any of us if we have that kind of impact on our career path to other people we'd be like wow we did something right here yeah right so whoever wins the Super Bowl this year will be a counselor from that camp that yeah that's whoever wins both championship games will have been a counselor at that camp that's that's pretty damn impressive that really is so you know kudos to all the Mannings because I don't know if Cooper's involved with that but everybody forgets Cooper okay we like hanging out Mr Cooper okay congrats Cooper by the way in a couple of years good luck with you kid but Arch goes into the traps because people are already talking about tanking for Arch [Laughter] so another bit of a good quote here news that came out I thought Dexter Lawrence told his mama not to attend the playoff game in Philadelphia and people are like like wow is it a far travel for her or like is there a medical issue going on for her no it's to avoid a medical issue yeah he's a good son that's why he's afraid that she's gonna run her mouth against the Eagles fans and get herself into trouble uh first off kudos to Dexter for think of the mama first because that's yeah got to take care of family man but also kudos to his mom for being the kind of mob who would stand up and get into those fights in the stands that's awesome like seriously like okay

is that where Will Smith learned to slap from his mama maybe uh Chris Rock did not like her [Laughter] so we also have an update here for you guys on the uh the coaching search as well uh because we talked about the fact that the uh you know the both our coordinators are being looked at as possible head coaches at various places Indianapolis Carolina um Houston Houston yeah I always forget Houston because you know

oh here we go Sabrina says keep Will Smith's name out your mouth

help ourselves I'm just hoping to get slapped by Will Smith so I can sue him against the money

he does get fined yeah

search here so it looks like both the coaches are at the right mindset and that's one thing to look at going to this game when you got two coordinators that are being looked at at potential head coaches first off as much as I don't want to lose either one we've talked about that or nauseum already I also I'm kind of proud as a giant fan that teams are looking at what we're doing and saying damn we gotta duplicate this how long has it been since we've heard that Giants fans how long has it been since hiring coaches yeah seriously most people are like trying to pick up our head coaches as possible position coaches

that's how bad it's been so we got now guys going hey wait a minute these guys we want to duplicate this like if that's not a good feeling guys then something's wrong check your post again check the post check the post it's still throbbing nurses convulsing

uh so yeah they had it had some quotes here so wake Martindale says it's one of those things it's an honor when they put a slip in because I think it's harder to get a head coaching job in this league than being in the Senate and I'm like wow that's kind of sad and I thought of that I'm like yeah you know what though there are a hundred senators in the U.S there's 32 head coaches so one third so you'll have three times the chance to become a senator in this league I'm sorry in this league in this country in the U.S Senate then you do to ever become a head coach yeah then you ever have to become a head coach in the NFL that's kind of sad wow so anything you can run for Senator it takes talent to run for a head coach listen I I think I think everything going on on both sides in Congress tells us that yes anyone can run for Senate um but anyway so wink says um you know he says he says it's an honor but we're interviewing we're not interviewing this week when I came here as a giant it wasn't a stepping stone for me as a destination I love it here in New York I love this city I think it's the greatest city in the world I think it's the greatest fans in the world the ownership the Mayors and the tissues have been great to my family honestly I've been locked in on Philly we're not interviewing this week now he did say after that I think when the time comes if there is still time we can do it I'd love to sit down and talk to them you know it's serious that's a great answer though like like and I think this this man if you guys remember when we did the head coach search for we got Joe judge I made that you know goof there um we also interviewed him so I I think it's kind of interesting that he ended up coming here as a coordinator eventually and I think it shows he really does have an appreciation for the franchise for the city I mean how could you not like being a part of the New York Giants I mean one of the most storied you know franchises in the NFL and you know one that not only because of the fact that it's in New York the largest market in the U.S but we got four rings we have a good history minus the last couple years before this one with that well we're gonna ignore the last six years or so but I mean but you know it's interesting to see that so Kafka said we'll find the appropriate time what's best for myself and the team I like that and the team I know head coach Brian dabel hit on that this week about not doing it this week during the game week so try to keep that as normal as possible and then we'll find a good time when it's right and they're basically repeating everything Dave will say it's not the time let's go ahead and get these interviews done when we have the time when the season's over or maybe during a bye week if we happen to get lucky and get the Super Bowl I want to get ahead of myself because that'd be a pipe dream at this point but listen one can still dream one can control bull interviews yes um but yeah so dable said a responsive you work extremely hard to get to the spot all the work you put in the off season training camps the regular season games obviously obviously the first playoff game as a professional that's where all your attention is so it I think it ends it ends a little Creed and sweat it's Brian dable saying it's because he just became a you know a head coach this is a guy who just even last season was a coordinator in the playoffs in this exact position

so yeah so let's get on to the whole reason we've been having this episode is I go over and rant about our coaches I love our coaches thank you guys we had a good season we like this Drew is here to talk about the D we're so we are here to talk about the D Fence yes yes the big old D and we have a great D Fence

I have to say that front of that D Fence is fantastic listen Rd fence has been ranked very high this entire season that D defense has gone above and beyond oh it's going to stimulate the other team it's just shot up the rankings okay uh uh so you know we I think we we all know what's going on as far as our defense overall you know it's we've had a great year especially against the past we obviously did not have a very good game the first time with the Eagles let's be honest we got we got absolutely freaking crushed absolutely crushed like that that wasn't probably the only embarrassing game that I think we really had you know all season if you want to agree with that or not Rob but that's the only game that I left going this is embarrassing yeah that was the only blow we we had all year like that we were not in it whatsoever every other game up to the halftime and even into the third quarter because the only other time like we kind of lost by a bigger margin was against Dallas but we were in that game right to the end yeah and come the second time around week 18. Philly struggle to beat our preseason team yeah that was kind of fun like Mr Webb through his first yes you call him Mr Webb Mr Webb coach Webb soon enough he will be he will be yeah I mean you get sidetracked but if Kafka leaves watch watch where I become part of the coaching staff I'm not saying it's OC but watch him become part of the coaching staff QB coach hands down yeah yeah so the big thing I think the question for the defense really and we have a comment already here from Jackie asking how healthy is Jalen hurts and that's the big question this week really is we haven't seen Jalen hurts play in two weeks now obviously the Eagles have the the bye week there and you know the the big issue is has he recovered from that shoulder injury and I don't know but so dude he looked bad that last game against us he did not he look like his old self at all he said he's he felt 89 in that game if that's 89 like yeah he's playing like he was 89 not 89 yeah same age as Brady I mean he said he felt good to play this game but it's also the playoffs so everyone's going to play like there's no doubt in my mind like if you're like it's a Hodgins that has a bum ankle he's gonna go out there and run oh yeah same thing for that last episode wow yeah I still can't go over that picture of his ankle how bad that was wow gross I'd be like off it for a week and this guy instead's like let's play football yeah let me run on it yeah yeah but yeah so that shoulder he's probably lying to us and saying how great he feels oh yeah so that it all depends he had two weeks off but no two weeks off also does that one first week off they're they're probably practicing playing Minnesota because everyone counted the Giants out so then they have to read change their game plan and I just gotta figure out how to play against the Giants so it's really not a two-week layoff and how much rust is he gonna pay off oh you should lay off oops Yeah

we started playing off like 17 times and with this first stop so that's pretty good here we go there we go but the team hasn't played in two weeks so how much Russ are they gonna have like that injured shoulder might have a little extra rust on it that don't stay into a consideration so Miss Miss Jackie out there we're all looking this we don't know yeah and we got Ken here as well saying they need to put some big hits on Hertz all game and yeah that's key when you got a guy who's injured you have to go ahead and get to him because he's worried about hurting the injury even worse so that's our first key I think really for this uh for this defense is we have to rush the passer we have to get to him we have to disrupt his rhythm even if we don't end up getting him to the ground and sacking him we have to disrupt his rhythm we can't let him pass all over the place wherever he wants to do like he did in that first game we have to take faith into our four Fighters on the front line to do all the Russian gets to do it look look at what wink did against the week 18. like the first time they played I think he uh the blitz rate was about 47 and then week 18 women that played them it was about 28 yeah and how much worse did that uh the receiving look how much worse did that run game look so you have to like Rush Jan hurts which will also help him stop running put a spy on him so this way he can't run and then block all his other weapons and then yeah that that's going to be the key to Victory and then throw a couple blitzes in there yeah yeah throw a cup away why not wait go for that's what you do anyway no matter what we say You're Gonna wink you're gonna go and do that week it's non-stop yeah I'm gonna winking so

um yeah I think the big thing's gonna be awesome is how healthy is azizo jalari you know he's the one guy that we're kind of like is he gonna play is he not gonna play um you know they didn't talk much about the quad injury he suffered in the game against the Vikings but I did see some video that license plate guy the Super Fan big fan by the way LPG if you're watching um come on podcast come on the podcast man we're happy to have you um two giant goofballs on mail.com we already did two plugs for that now so um but yeah I I you know they were showing them kind of trying to get going and kind of loosen up and he just couldn't do it so you know that that's a key there but the big thing is if we could even just get him in on third Downs on obvious passing place it makes a huge difference because this guy's been a freaking can Beast all season long when he has played which has not been very often but when he has played he's been an absolute beast and when you have him on one side and you have Kayvon on the other and you have um you know on top of that the up the middle Rush with Leonard Williams with Dexter Lawrence you know that's what it fast forward uh the front four in defense like oh when they're healthy they're fantastic oh yeah oh yeah now we got a comment from Tom saying as the saying goes wink never met a QB he didn't Blitz yeah that's that's pretty true I think I'm pretty much not never going to be a QB he won't Blitz that man is a blitzing machine I don't know if he personally Blitz Blitz all the QBs but listen I think somebody hit the whole thing back from I'm telling you I would have loved to see him play in his day I don't I don't know what you know how much playing he never I never looked into that but I can imagine he was a very aggressive Defender it is it is what is high school or college whatever he played um but yeah it looks like he should be the head coach yeah he looked like he should be the head coach you know what Jaguars and I I wonder you know they talked about this back in the day with Rob Ryan when he played that's when he coached as a you know defensive coordinator for so many years of him having trouble getting a a job because of his look I wonder if wink with like the long hair and hair and the ripped off shirt you know shirt sleeves and all that that kind of her sweater vest listen I'm gonna say this whatever you do guys if you're listening and you're a g am our owner of another team first off thank you for listening second off don't hire this guy he'd be horrible for you okay he's just horrible yes he's just we would love for him to be gone yeah I mean look at Bill Belichick yeah hoodie with no sleeves yeah you would want that on your team oh garbage but yeah so like I said we need we need to see how healthy as he's going to be because if he is healthy it really helps Kavon get going as well because you can't double them both and that's key the other key is going to be that Lane Johnson is going to be playing again you know their their Pro Bowl right tackle so we need somebody good to go against him or basically just killing out any pass rush on that side of the offensive line because Elaine Johnson when healthy will see how healthy he actually is but when healthy he's one of the best in the business so yeah so the big thing also is going to be as Jackie Chimes to another question here can we finally stop the run and that's my next key to Victory here for the defense is we have to find a way to I won't even say stop the run because we've proven we can't do that all year long but we have to find a way to manage the run so what I mean by that is they're going to run the ball they're going to get some yards don't let that be so they can continuously do and just dick and dunk in those five you know yard rushes all day long because if they do that it's gonna be a long game it's going to be a long game guys and Miles Sanders had a great year um you know obviously Jalen hurts has some running abilities also at the QB position he's still one of the top five running quarterbacks in the league as well so it's a dual threat running offense and we've had trouble all year long with that yeah and Scott loves running all over us that's yeah again oh oh my God and you you you saw a wink kind of calling him out a little bit this week as well and said he's not a giant killer he's a good player but he's not a giant killer yeah I'm sorry Luke I'm gonna disagree with you on this one that man scores a touchdown every single time he plays the Giants he never scores a touchdown except every place in New York Giants I don't know why I don't know why so but for whatever reason that's just something we have to kind of like I said not stop we're not going to stop it we don't have a defense that does that we have to try to manage it and the big thing is can our linebackers finally play correctly can they finally stop the run can they go ahead and get their Lanes can they run down if they misread the play these are things they haven't done all year long so I'll say this I don't expect it but I'm hoping to be shocked yeah listen don't expect the Giants to hold the Eagles to 10. 13 17 points both these teams are going to put up in the 20 points most likely the plan is to limit the damage they could do that put more damage up but that's just how it's going to go like it's I I want to say we can stop him 100. you know wink studying the footage now that we got a healthy team you got a Dory that could cover you know AJ Brown probably most of the time

you also got actually you got Xavier McHenry uh back who could either double coverage or be a spy same with Julie love so if you could do like if you could read the way the often sets up your defense could set up how they're going to play and a sneaky coverage do they double up in the the back do they do a spy for the QB sneak or for The Rush if you could limit those rushes that would have been six eight yards on us in week what 15 when we first played him to two to three yards it's a different ball game yeah yeah huge I mean it football is literally one of those games that one or two yards makes all the difference in the world as Kirk Cousins about that right now just saying I asked him because one or two yards you know they weren't that far from the first down they're only a couple yards away so you know it's one of those things so let's get into our next key to Victory and Sabrina chimes in again with a a good question here if they stopped the run with more on the line how will they cover Devonte Smith and the big thing is our secondary is so much healthier than it was the first go-around where the Eagles destroyed us when basically AJ Brown and Devante Smith both were able to do whatever the hell they wanted nobody was going to stop them nobody would even come close to stopping them they only stopped themselves because the Eagles literally I feel like they felt bad and started running the ball and they stopped you know going mercy rule with the you know the 30 40 yard passes they were doing so the big thing is that Dory Jackson is back obviously uh I'll give you guys some stats real quick on the Dory and how well he did last week and how important he is I got him I got him here I got him right here man I got him we both got them so when he aligned opposite Justin Jefferson last week literally the best receiver in the game of football sign language okay okay the best AJ Brown's not the best he's definitely in the probably the top ten maybe even top five but he's not the best so Justin Jefferson he was aligned 85 percent of the time with him his line in those plays six catches 37 yards 37 yards with the best receiver in the game of football this guy's a game changer remind me do you have the stats how many yards did Jeff Jefferson Jefferson put up against us uh the first time we played him uh I do not have that stat in front of me but I know it was over 100 yards that's for damn sure it was like four times that no it wasn't 400 yards that's four times four x four times multiplication yes I said over 100 yards you said four times that it's not 400 yards four times you son of a gun you'll eat my mother out of this I'll get Dexter Lawrence's mother on you

no but yeah I mean yo here we're just saying four times what he did in that second matchup yeah so yeah so you do like you know I think it was like 128 yards I want to say if I'm remembering off top of my head here correctly yeah now you're gonna have me look it up now you're gonna have me look it up but um but we didn't have him for that first matchup either which is what you're getting to there so it's like you know it's just huge it's huge having a guy who can shut down really the best quarterback let's say the best receiver in all the football and literally when he's healthy he is that good folks he is that good and keep in mind that not only does he help on that end but the Sabrina's original question now javonta Smith is covered by the second best corner that we have not the third best that's a big difference so Fabian Moreau will Now cover Devonte Smith instead of trying to stop AJ Brown which he obviously had no ability to do whatsoever was let's not even kid ourselves here on that one um so the big thing is going to be now you have your number one on their number one are number two on their number two now is there number one better than a number one no I would say they're pretty evenly matched is there number two bed in our number two yes awesome and that's awesome that we've got a healthy a healthy uh McKinney back that's yep that's what I was about to get to by the way I just finished finding the stat for you 133 yards Justin Jefferson put the first time oh look at that Ken just posted in her comment section as well good job Ken we both got the scene so yeah kid appreciate the help though Ken sorry about your Chicago Bears oh wow listen no feel sorry for Chicago Bears they're about to get a ton of draft picks for that first that first overall pick that's that's a rebuild move right there um but yes so you're gonna have the ability now to go ahead and put a guy because Xavier McKinney to look over the top at that point for Devante Smith as well because I tell you I have no problem whatsoever leaving a Dory Jackson on the island with AJ Brown even as good as he is I have not a single worry in the world about doing that and that probably sounds a little crazy here but I just don't I I have all the faith he shut down the best receiver this year already yeah so let him go at it and let's let's worry about that now the big one we really have to worry about though is what is our biggest weakness on defense for the past it feels like 100 years tight ends tight ends those guys just love the Titans they just do they just do so it must be the pants they always wear the stretchy pants yeah like Nacho Libre sometimes when you're with a man you must have had a stretchy pants [Laughter] so you know Dallas gone Eric didn't even play in the first matchup when they spanked us let's be honest they spanked us so and as Sabrina um oh all the ladies are now Sabrina girls love the tight ends all of the ends but yeah so you know he didn't play the first time and look what TJ Hawkins didn't do us last week look what he did a couple of weeks ago we've played him on Christmas Eve he best game ever look at the Ravens game when Mark Andrews just crushed us so we have to figure a way to finally cover a tight end we just do and I don't I don't know what the answer is I feel like we keep on trying it to be honest it may not come with up with the real answer until next year I hate to say this is a PG-13 podcast I can't answer that or how to cover the tight end yeah a pair of pants yeah if that's where you're going a pair of pants okay put your mind out of the gutter Rob such a pervert [Laughter] but yeah like I said I don't know what the answer is for you dude I wish I did I I don't want to say Landon Collins I want to see Landon Collins is the guy to put on him and let him cover him and here's the thing Landon Collins is not the best cover guy in the world we know that we've had him plenty of times you know his second run now with the team he's not the guy you want covering typically but you know what he is he's the guy who wants to be able to smack the crap out of the guy who does catch it so maybe if he gets smacked around a couple of times so think about that as he's you know going for the next better catch the fourth catch and go maybe I don't want to catch this that bad because there's this guy is going to hit me you know you start hearing those footsteps as a receiver you know and whether it's you know a wide-out tight end whatever the case may be you hear footsteps when you get smacked around a couple times so I think that's probably the best bet for us but in wink We Trust in wings and we trust exactly so

so I think here's here's another final key I want to give us here on this game and the final key that I have is stay healthy stay healthy guys because we have had that problem all day I'm here I swear we have more injuries than an episode of rescue 9-1-1 I'm not sure what the hell is going on yeah I brought up the William Shatner episodes back in the day what now all the decorations what are these old guys talking about rescue 9-1-1 it was a TV show with William Shatner before reality show was a thing it was like cops with the EMS people it was awesome I remember there was like one episode they had to come out because somebody got their tongue stuck in the freezer it was spectacular okay people watch it I'm going on Google after this podcast seriously William Shatner would just pop out of an ambulance that I know we're like I see your tongue is stuck in it in the freezer rescue 9-1-1 hot water on it we must send an ambulance could you imagine if he was hold on let's turn on the division around game first could you imagine if you like Turned like if you like went ahead and like called 9-1-1 and somebody was talking like that well are you feeling okay

[Laughter] where's Ashton Kutcher is that still a thing I don't even know I'm so out of touch so I'm so old it's okay better than the alternative

but yeah like I said guys you gotta stay healthy last week was the first damn I think I want to say the first game all year that nobody who had any injury designation whatsoever you know so Sabrina just called me a boomer Sabrina I'm not a boomer okay I'm a zenial a zenial not quite Gen X not quite Millennial amazonial wow Boomer get off my lawn damn it Hooligans but last week was the first time I think all season long that we didn't have anybody on the injury report going into the game this week we'll go over more of the injuries on the next episode tomorrow Cliffhanger the only one really worried about is azizo jalari so that's that's good but keep in mind Aziz didn't have any injury going into last week we got to stay healthy guys because let's be honest on paper the Eagles are a better team I hate to say that I hate to say that you son of a [ __ ] whoa whoa I'm sorry I called your mom a gun Now call her wow wow sorry Mom if you're watching sorry I'm sorry I apologize wow nothing personal wow wow how about you you jerk he's like where do I go now with this you jerk uh but yeah I mean we have to stay healthy in this game and keep everything going because of the fact like I said I hate to say it but they're a better team than us they are we win because we have better coaching I do think we have a better Coach Nick siriano is not a bad coach I hate to say that but he's not a bad coach look what he's done with this team but I have trust in our coaching staff to get the best out of what is again let's be frank a mediocre roster yeah I mean look at our number two as a hygiens even though we're talking about who does number two work for Brian Day ball [Laughter] but I'm not looking at it that dude was at a practice squad he'd be lucky if he was a white six or seven on a team but he was probably a practice God uh practice squad guy and now he's our number two with great coaching because of great responsibility like winning a division around game Sabrina's still doing it she says oh my God you're so old wow wow here we go we got time Brian for Coach theater he should be Coach of the Year Paul let's go Giants let's go Giants German y

premature until we end the show it's a premature demon yes exactly talking about the D fans and now you're being premature I was throbbing earlier oh my God good thing this show's on late tonight uh people on podcast land don't listen to this in the morning on the way of dropping the kids off at school yeah but that at the beginning of the show

but like I said I think that's the uh the whole thing is we have to go ahead and and stay healthy for this this you know to be a good uh end result for us and we've talked about this before as far as our thoughts on on that and the previous two episodes ago we did our picks now that wasn't on live uh before we started doing that since one of your second live episode so anybody's interested in the picks for all this weekend go over to podcast land hey little podcast land if you're watching live if you're in podcast land just go two episodes ago and you'll see all our picks but we did say that we think the Eagles are are a potential winner uh Rob if Emma correct you picked us to win and I picked the Eagles to win no we both agreed obviously since they're going to win that Giants are going to cover that spread yes so like as a pet in person I'm probably not going to bet that jazz is going to win well hold on hold on we're not going to Betsy that's next episode they're jumping the gun yeah I'm jumping the gun and apparently you told me a son of a gun before yeah that doesn't work out pretty well can I just jump over your mom leap frogging

oh but yeah um again they are the better team in on paper if we stay healthy we have the better coaching staff at that point we have a chance to take this and I really hope we do because I want to stick it to Eagle fans Eagle fans if anybody if you if you guys are watching or listening we hate you we got to meet you first for you yeah we got a couple the New Jersey state bird I can't do it on screen they'll shut us off on YouTube probably yeah uh but yeah I mean it's just four in this vicinity yes right between the lines

like this is one of those things that this is a game changing thing for us if we win this game because let's be honest nobody respected the Vikings people have respect for the Eagles so we're gonna give you guys though our final predictions on everything on the next episode we're going to go over all the injuries as well um that'll be coming up tomorrow night so keep posted if you haven't already get your and video end then hit that like button on the page you're on hit the Subscribe button whichever button applies to the platform you're on it gets very confusing why can't they all have the same name pick a name people like subscribe whatever pick a name also please I also realized because I listened to probably 25 podcasts in a week half them I didn't subscribe to not realizing the importance of what it does for the podcast it's huge so it really it really is huge so please if you enjoyed the show hit the Subscribe button if you enjoyed listening you don't have to listen there if so just hit the Subscribe button because it's really nice if you didn't enjoy tell us we suck by hitting the Subscribe button and putting a comment yes five star review still yeah but yeah and uh like I said so go ahead and follow us up on all the different uh you know uh social media Facebook Tick Tock Twitter Instagram uh we're gonna start streaming to other sites as well soon if you're you know streaming going oh why aren't they on Twitch or why aren't they on I don't know LinkedIn whatever because there's so many different spots we can do it soon we're gonna do it soon we're just this is the second one here so we're gonna be expanding here soon and if you're listening in podcast land hit that subscribe button whether you're on Spotify Apple podcast uh you know any of the platforms I think we're like 30 different platforms it's seeing how many platforms are but we're on a mall we're on a mall we are on the ball here okay so guys again thank you very much for listening to us these two goofballs giving you guys the information on the game coming up here and we appreciate you guys and as always demon

thanks for listening to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast we appreciate your support if you made it this long you must have enjoyed it so I am sure you have followed us on all the social media platforms of course you have subscribed to the show on your favorite app as well and given us a top rating right right right