2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast

Giants vs Eagles Playoff Game - Keys to Victory for the Offense

January 18, 2023 Drew & Rob Episode 70
2 Giant Goofballs: A NY Giants Podcast
Giants vs Eagles Playoff Game - Keys to Victory for the Offense
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Rob & Drew go over the keys to victory for the New York Giants on offense as they face the Philadelphia Eagles for the 3rd time this season. This is also our first live episode. Key an eye for many more live episodes on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and soon even more!

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welcome to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast are you a goofball that loves Giant football if so sit back and relax except you that person driving sit up and keep your eyes on the road your ears though can still listen as we talk about the team that both excites and frustrates us so much and now and now here are your goofball hosts Drew and Rob


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welcome fellow goofballs to two giant goofballs a New York Giants podcast I am Drew joined as always by me Rob let's go win another playoff game well let's win another playoff game at first one felt pretty good we might as well do that again right hell yeah right yeah and what better than beating the Eagles I mean you know one of our probably tied for our most hated rivalry with the Cowboys there so yeah it's right up there I don't know who's who I loathe more you know what I think I hate the Cowboys more but I hate the Eagles fans more if that makes sense it does I mean I'm also one of those weird guys who's a Mets fan and also a Devils fan as long as being a Giants fan and just boo on you Philly Philly boo on you and your cheese steaks [Laughter] real steaks [Laughter] uh but so today folks we're going to talk about the keys to victory for the offense on the uh you know the game here coming up because obviously we play these guys twice already one's for their starters once with our backups um so I don't want to count the second one too much there but it's an interesting thing because I can't remember the last time we faced a team three times in a you know in a season since the dreaded you know post plexigo Burress shooting himself in the foot incident when you know when we when we Face the uh the Eagles ironically again three times so you know it's been a couple times now with the Cowboys and a couple times with the uh the Eagles but you know it's been quite a number of years and partially because we never get to the playoffs lately it seeps yeah what was it 2011 when the Eagles won the wild card and then they beat the Giants who were the divisional winners this is 2008. oh yeah this is right after the first one this was 2008 I mean that's that's like one of the one of the losses that I just hate talking about in the playoffs more than any others it's right up there with I believe 2002 when we lost the San Francisco 49ers and they came back to beat us like that was one of those ones that you know we should have won easily and we just let them back in let them back in and let them back in so uh but let's go over here a little bit as far as the uh the offense key in victories but before we do that I I do want to also go over some Giants news and giant stories we kind of hear over time you know we've given you guys a couple updates as far as some of the Giants coordinators and how some of them may be you know potentially leaving us because they've been offered interview opportunities elsewhere some of the news coming out to the Lions offensive coordinator has come out and said he is not going to leave he's going to stay with Detroit so there takes away one of the candidates also hearing that Jim Harbaugh is going to stay in Michigan so I guess he didn't get in trouble because it's amazing how all of a sudden they're like oh Jim Harbaugh let's look at his program maybe I will go back to the NFL but now that he's out of trouble supposedly one of the other guys that I think was like a co-office coordinator or something like that got in trouble instead he's like oh yeah I guess I'll stay here after all he's just uh it doesn't take him genius to figure out by my tone my thoughts on Jim Harbaugh not too big a fan here um but yeah we're going to kind of keep an eye on that stuff as it goes because you know I think both of us definitely don't want to lose either one of our coordinators that's for sure no definitely not wink I mean yeah neither one of them but yeah no yeah yeah no you and I definitely agreement because Kafka is great at what he's been doing this year but at the same point Brian dabel is an offensive mind so you don't want to lose the defensive mind because then now you have one all to mind and a second offensive mind and now you gotta try to find a defensive mind it's a little it's a little harder to replace a guy like wink yeah yeah definitely yeah especially the way he's played this year Well coach is here he hasn't played yeah so some interesting stats too though as we're going into Philly so the Giants have not won in Philly in nearly a decade the last time we beat them so last first time we lost them in the streak was 2014. so from 2014 all the way now to 2023 our last loss against them we have not won a game that's pretty bad but here's another interesting stat in this line here the Giants are 6-0 undefeated versus number one seeds in the playoffs since 1990 and guess what seed the Philadelphia Eagles are Numero Uno exactly so you know it's an opportunity for us there they only got that spot because they wanna be in our preseason team

that's true that's true you got to wonder if the Cowboys didn't look past the commanders because you know I've said it on the show before I think that's what happened is the Cowboys just flat out looked past the commanders if that didn't happen and the Eagles you know had somehow lost against our starters we would have the Cowboys number one seed there's no winning for us as giant fans in that scenario though um so another bit of news here so Isaiah Hodgins who's been our surprise you know number two receiver in the latter part of the Season here shared a picture on Instagram of his ankle prior to the Viking game and oh my God this thing is like bad bad like this is like not even like you know here's a little bruise here like it's like someone like cut open his ankle stuck an apple underneath it and then stitched it back up again that's you know minus the stitches part and that's what it looks like it's bad yeah I give credit to that guy because he was on fire all game long and to play with that kind of injury through what's had to be pain I don't care what you're putting yourself on drug-wise and all you're going to get some pain from that so you know kudos to him for be able to get through that I mean good news as well it was uh yesterday I didn't get the report today but yesterday Tuesday he was uh Limited in practice so yes he should be in this game yes no yeah I I fully expect based on what I'm seeing every single giant to play in this game so well as the week you know winds down and we get closer to game time obviously we'll give everybody updates as they come but yeah no this is this is one of those weeks that again same as last week it's the playoffs if you're able to play if you have two arms and two legs and they're both functioning You're Gonna Play that's just the way it goes because you know if you lose this game your season's over and you know the guys care because the guys want to you know want to win because they're competitive but it's also they want their money in every every game they play is another game check yeah every game they play into the contract yes so you know it's gonna be it's gonna be a lot of fun here I think there in this game to see what happens but you know before we get too much into the keys here I do want to give one other side note that I saw because I saw a report here that the coaches got together for Philly and watched the game between us and the Vikings now that's not unusual obviously that's that's typical you know you're not playing whoever wins this game you're going to play against makes sense let's watch the game what was surprising is coach siriani quoted as saying I was kinda craving Pizza Hut stuffed pizza I hadn't had that in a while so that's not something I get to get at home so we had that now I gotta give kudos to Dan Benton of the Giants wire USA Today because that man ripped him a new one for suggesting that that is a delectable treat [Laughter] so here's what Dan Benton said he said it's probably something he doesn't get at home because his family prefers flavor over cardboard but it does seem very on brand for the Eagles as the organization now let's be honest Pizza Hut is likely the best pizza you can get your hands on in Philly I was about to say what he says but he says that the Clincher for me he says maybe as the Giants coaching staff goes over Eagles film this week they can enjoy some Steak-umms with cheese

uh Dan Betten you classic man classical man you could just totally like nailed nail that assessment of that situation

so let's go over those um you know those uh keys to Victory here but before we do this is I gotta welcome anybody who's watching because this is our very first live show so we've been doing a podcast now since about August um you know very early on as the first week of preseason I think is what we started right Rob yeah first week yeah maybe so maybe a week prior yeah yeah so I mean you're talking you know just a few months in but this is our very first live in our video program here on Facebook on YouTube on Twitter and we're gonna be adding more as we go as well so uh if you're tuning in for the first time on video Welcome welcome if you are listening to the podcast because this will also be later on put on the podcast and you want to watch things if you prefer watching take a look plus that just came out really creepy yeah so yeah so let's see we do have our first comment here Anastasia says what a great team full of knowledge and talent oh oh thank you Anastasia you're 20 in the mail yeah ching so anybody that wants to comment as we're going feel free comment along if you have any questions for us put that down in the comments section you know we're happy to answer any questions as we go because chances are if you're thinking it somebody who's listening to the podcast later on as we put it up on you know Apple podcast Spotify and all the other you know available platforms there they may be thinking the same question so go for it if you've got any questions so let's get into those keys to Victory here so very first key I gotta go into it this is going to sound a little weird I think and a little obvious but I'm gonna say it the Giants got to put up points yeah yeah that's 100 and then that's not only just a single key because that's multiple Keys tied into the big heat that's like a master key if you will I know I went right I went right for the customer support right there for the Gusto but here's why I'm saying that because I think we all know that the Eagles have a possibility of putting up a high level of points in some games I mean let's be honest they destroyed us the very first game we played them they put up 48 points on our defense you know we'll get into the next episode as far as what the defense has to do to Victory but the offense is going to have to potentially help the defense out in this one because of the fact that this is a you know a very high flying offense at times at times they've also looked really bad sometimes we don't know which one we're to get till Saturday obviously um but the offense has to be able to put up points to try to keep track of them yeah hopefully those Eagles are full of rest right now yeah I mean well hopefully also Jaylen hurts the shoulder isn't the best still I'll take that kind of Victory still I don't care I'm not above yet

so so why don't you go with another key to Victory Rob I mean obviously we're gonna go talk about DJ he's gonna play Stella like he did in his last game he was darn damn near perfect yes so everyone's given his slots through through the air he went through a little slump but if you look at the way he's played the past month he's been absolutely lights out he once again put 300 yards on the board uh through the air I think it's Minnesota granted it wasn't the best secondary that he was facing against but yeah he needs to play near to Perfection if you if the Giants are going to win this game yeah and you know I'm hearing all kinds of numbers on his salary I remember a couple weeks ago it feels like Elise maybe it was made a month ago or so we were talking about how people are saying he's probably gonna get about 25 million dollars a year or something for three years now the numbers are going up and up because he's played so much better lately but the question still is is he playing better because of who they played or is he actually playing better I think if you look at the way he's actually played he is playing better the stats are always align to how well he's played but his QB IQ has been spot on and he's making great decisions and that's the first thing you need to teach your quarterback or you can't really teach a quarterback that sometimes the intuition of when to run when to throw the ball like what was it they were in Minnesota then the playoff game there were it was fourth and two and our coaching staff went DJ you're going to get the first down like scramble yeah and he made the right play and got what nine yards off that play yeah so like he's doing the right things he's won the first qvs but he's the first QB in Giants history that had as many rushing yards throwing yards and touchdowns ways he's played this year also fun stat is this is the first time in modern super error that two quarterbacks with a uh top five rushing yards are playing each other in the playoffs in the division around and I expect to see them both running like crazy so yeah but I'm gonna spin off your key to Victory here for a second and one of the things I'm going to say is Daniel Jones has to run the entire game and what I mean by that is not that he can't pass the ball I don't want people misunderstanding what I'm suggesting here my issue is when I watch the game I feel like the first half it's Jones running Jones running then pass pass because it opens it up and then Jones running again and then pass past Jones running second half comes they just stop running the ball with him a lot of games and that's the key to Victory right there they have to run the ball because Jones one of the things about him besides the fact that his legs are obviously a great asset to him and the team overall is that him running opens up his passes because now you have guys having to watch him to make sure he doesn't take off because if you cover everybody and he got 10 15 yards of grass in front of him guess what he's doing first down exactly and that changes the way you defend him 100 and he's going to be playing against a pretty good secondary in this game Who their pass rush hasn't been that great and they've let up a lot of yards against running quarterbacks this year so well I'll say this I think their pass rush has been been very good because they actually led the NFL in sex so but what what I think what you mean though and what you're getting that I'll agree with is that they haven't been very good against mobile quarterbacks so they get the quarterback if he sits in in the pocket but if you don't sit in the pocket you move around they have issues 100 they've let up they're what won the highest uh teams that led up rushing yards from a quarterback yes and I think a lot of that is also partially because of the age I mean they have some great pass rushes look at the age of these guys you know Brandon Graham I feel like he played back with Randall Cunningham it feels like um I'm pretty sure he also just applied for his AB AAP card yeah I'm sure he probably got it actually so fun fact you actually don't even need to be a certain age to get that they'll give it to you no matter what um oh good thing yeah yeah yeah you can get all the discounts same as the old people

you've seen your coffees um but yeah I mean you got Fletcher Cox who's been around forever and Dominica Sue Linville Joseph you know I mean the big guy Hassan Reddick who obviously has been their their sack machine all year long is pretty decently young as well but a lot of these guys are you know and it sounds weird to say this I always feel we're saying it a lot of these guys are in their 30s and I say this as the guy I'm you know now 40 but you know when you're in your 30s in football you're older so I think these guys might have trouble running down and chasing after a quarterback and that's why the numbers show what they show yes 100. so we have another comment here Sabrina says I still want the Cowboys to win Sabrina

Sabrina no no we want them to lose and they're going to lose probably sorry but not sorry but yes so I think that's part of the problem but like I said they have to keep going they can't have success rushing the ball with the quarterback and then just stop because that's what they've been doing I feel like yeah I mean DJ also rushed for a lot of yards uh last game and Barkley had had many rushes but nine so yeah Barkley had nine rushes but you say Jones he only had four rushes that game but had a lot of yards and

I'm just saying that Jones running opens up Barclay to run but having Barkley be dynamic which is another key just like we used them and utilized them against Minnesota put them as a uh you know as a receiver put them up you know behind the line and just use it as a blocker just get him in the game and utilize him because yeah him on the field changes the way the defense looks at the fields yeah again that's a key to Victory definitely right there I mean you got to go ahead and use the weapons we got and saquon has been interesting the last couple weeks because he's he's not just been as you said a running back he's been a receiver slash running back he's been the dump you know the the dump down threat when there hasn't been somebody open down the field he's done the things basically that we thought he was going to do most of the year because I don't know about you Rob I don't want to speak for you in this but I didn't expect him to be this guy who's going to rush for you know 16 1700 yards whatever he's on Pace for for the first half of the season that's that's asking too much of a guy who you worry about in getting injured because he's just so important to the team but this is what I expected of him a guy that's going to put up 120 yards a game because he's gonna do you know 80 on the ground and 40 as a receiver yeah we talked about that uh when the Giants played the Texans because he rushed for 22 yards 22 attempts for 152 yards yep so you can't just be doing that to the guy have him run right down the middle all the time just hammering away especially like guy that was injured past few years so this guy who counts on a skill because if he gets a couple more injuries and loses some of that natural ability oh that's not going to be good for us yeah changes the way he plays in his career yeah and our wins yeah which is which is the keyness we're here for Indiana's win I mean we want him to succeed obviously we want to win damn it so I'm going to give you another key to Victory on offense and it's one that I think should be pretty obvious to most people and I think some people might even be sitting around watching this going what the hell why haven't these guys mentioned this yet I'm mentioning it now it's okay and that is the offensive line has to block and that again as it seems obvious some of the things we're saying but this is a team again that passes this good pass rush this is a team that gets the quarterbacks when they sit in the pocket and this is a team that had gave us fits that first you know first game against them I'm going to give you an interesting quote though that I got today on Evan Neal our rookie right tackle there who I I honestly I'm still hoping for great things to this guy I know he's had a bit of a rough season but he's a rookie this is what he said he said I like to play ball talking takes a lot of energy a lot of time on the field you're gasping for air as it is as a big guy offensive lineman on a 1920 play Drive the last thing I'm going to do is talk trash that's valuable air I could be breathing

yeah it's like he's almost like the the anti-cavon I can't find just a talking for both first round picks but I I like that mentality because especially we already have our trash talker on the offensive line and Nick Gates you know we've heard before yeah he's he's gotten guys like Micah Parsons into you know penalty situations at all before and you know just by talking the trash he does Evan Neal needs to focus on just being ebeneal and I like that that's what he's doing and for a guy to be able to not talk back like that you know what that tells me he's in a good place mentally he's ready to go things don't affect him and that's key with the season he's having as a rookie because he's having some issues with past coverage yeah but again he's a rookie that's to be expected and with that kind of mindset allows him to go to the oilfield work on what didn't work for him let him be most likely coachable with that kind of mindset and then come back year two way better and more approved yeah and that line was pretty good I thought last week yeah they played greatest unit like once again Neil had some issues but it wasn't yeah in the world no no I mean don't get me wrong it wasn't a perfect game by any means but we don't have the offensive line you'd expect to have a perfect game you know what I'm saying like this is not that team that you go oh my God look at this all pro here all pro there Andrew Thomas is our stud yeah Andrew Thomas is our stud Nick Gates is our fan favorite Evan Neal has got so much potential it's not even funny but there are so many guys out there that needs some work still you know John Feliciano has been averaged to below average for much of the year mark Lewinsky's been a disappointing pickup in free agency overall and as we said Evan Neal has had his struggles at times so it's got to be keyed for them to get this going and keep this going what they did last week because we need a pocket you know we've talked about before we can't beat women's pants we can't be women's pants we need pockets where are the industrial cargo pants that's what we need yeah yeah and it's you know it's going to be fun I think to see this is a challenge for the team because again they didn't do so well the first time I want to see how they react now when they get a second crack since the starters didn't really play it last you know last time against them I want to see what happens here you know yeah up we got the we got the women really commenting now we got them we need pockets we have pockets they're too small they're too tight you know it's a weird thing I never I think guys didn't even realized how little women's pants have pockets that's why they have purses because they can't put anything in their pants so if you have pockets why do I always have to hold your phone

uh you fell for it that's what it is two [ __ ] so there we go see facts we got facts it says facts so so I'm going to give you guys a final uh key for victory on my end here and I'm going to say this point blank it's a risk to do what I'm about to say but I still want us to do it throw the damn ball down the field you know if you look at the numbers we had in the first game you know the uh passing wise Daniel Jones is 18 to 27 not a bad percentage overall but 18 completions he had 169 yards that's it that's not a lot and I understand that between slay and Bradbury they got two great Corners that you worry about you can't win by playing it safe against the Eagles you can't unless they have it off and I like one of the like what they had against the commanders or against the Colts they do do that from time to time but if they're at their game and AJ Brown's doing his thing you have to throw the ball down the field you have to try to compete a little and I'm not saying like you know every single play has to be a 30-yard Chuck down the field but you have to take your shots when you can take your shots I agree they have to utilize the opportunities when they have it like when they played Minnesota and other times they've done it when they throw our first down and set a run their completion rating is almost double compared to that run for a first down so take advantage of that because they know what we have in Barclay they know what they have in DJ they know that we're going to run the ball so you got to mix it up throw the ball get some deep threats in there like we talked about earlier go right back to the Run go back to the pass yeah like let's let's keep this defense on their feet exactly you can do like a you know run for Barclay a uh you know a uh you know QB sneak by Jones uh short pass to Bellinger and then you can just say you know what screw it throw it down to slate and let's see what happens I'm not saying do whatever you play but you got to do it every so often you can't be afraid of this team you don't win by being afraid and that's not the way the Giants have played all season you know start off with that first game going for the victory in the final play of the offense at least for that two-point conversion against the Titans we win this year because we're ballsy we're day ballsy okay yeah like we go after you know we got brass ballsy here at that point from brasted tables here I mean it's like you have to take your shots and I I do think they're gonna do that because I think they're going to realize they have to but I'm hoping it doesn't take them you know halfway to the game to realize that they're not going to win by playing conservative you got to go aggressive you got to go for it and you gotta hope that DJ is legit and what he's done lately is legit and the only way you find it now is going for it yeah 100 and also quarterback uh Avante Maddox for uh Philadelphia did not practice on Tuesday because of the stuff he he also did not play week 18 or he left the game week 18. if he doesn't play we need to take advantage of that yep yep 100 like that's their number one cornerback for the slot yes yes which means college should have a great day Robbie James Richie James yeah so I mean yeah you got to take advantage whenever there's an injury you got to take you got to take full advantage of that so you know go for especially because Richie James you know as much as we all hated him after the Seattle game let's be honest everybody hated him we all wheel went a little Monday Morning Quarterback crazy because he had two fumbles as a receiver he's been very good much more than I think any of us ever expected that's for sure I mean you're talking about a guy who came in out of nowhere basically was like an afterthought in the you know the um you know the during the during the preseason during the uh you know the off season even and he comes in now and he's got a 560 yards on the on the regular season that's very respectful from a guy that you expected to basically ride your bench as a sixth or seventh receiver basically that was more on there for his punt catching abilities ironically and up after his fumbles but you know uh I expect to see him have a good game because of that I really do and because even if you know uh you know even even if Maddox does play he's gonna be he's going to be not fully there because of the fact he's got an injury there you know I don't care what kind of what kind of guy you are you want to play because it's the playoffs you have an injury it's still going to affect you someone to what level who knows that even for 90 I'll take any advantage I can get because it's Eagles I want to beat the crud out of them because I mean it's not like a shoulder Andrew it's a toe injury so it's going to affect his running so take advantage exactly take advantage so any other keys to victory that you want to get for the offense there Rob

for the offense we all just got to come play Come Together play as you don't make mistakes that's that's the overall key that's yes one of those master keys that we talked about earlier don't make mistakes exactly I mean the big thing is is you're talking mistakes is the turnovers we can't have turnovers if we have turnovers we're done right then and there we're done so we got to keep the ball secure uh we got to not have a game like we had against the Vikings the first time where we had those couple of turnovers there because this is going to be I think a closer game than some people even think but in the end we got to go ahead and uh you know play smart football game play a game we don't make these kind of mistakes but it's weird because we also have to be aggressive that's a very hard combo to get going

it is but I I have I have trust in our coaching staff to yes be creative

our prior coaches gave us trust issues but now we've gone across them Gable's been patient with us judge my judgment yes and McAdoo with this Maca stash [Laughter] yeah oh my God and then Pat Shermer oh my God that's that was just proof positive he was like the seventh guy we actually wanted for the job nobody wanted it let's be honest nobody wanted the job then so um but yeah so like I said we finally have a good one though and and yeah we have to trust that we're gonna you know see some good stuff from the coaching staff there they're going to be aggressive but they're going to make sure we keep you know uh the ball in our hands at that point and you know put the offense in a spot to go ahead and help the defense exceed it wasn't gonna be a tough for them and that's what we're going to go over with you guys next time is we're going to go over the the keys to victory for the defense and then after that The Following episode after that we're going to give you guys our final predictions we're going to go ahead and give you guys also the uh you know the final injury report as well for the episode that we'll drop here for you guys probably Friday night Saturday morning uh if you want to know more about as far as the the you know the other games that are going on this weekend as well if you go over to the podcast side because like I said guys before this is our very first video so if you're if you're watching this on video go on to Apple uh podcast go on to Spotify go on to you know pretty much any platform you're using subscribe first off because we appreciate that it makes us very very happy um oh nice yes so nice that uh you know go ahead and also give us the uh you know the listen on on the games for the rest of the weekend as well because there's a lot of games this weekend here so there's still four and this is the last week that they'll still be four games keep in mind because we're down to two the following week and then one and then one again if we want to count the Pro Bowl I don't forget that it's a legit game but so like I said make sure you guys if you haven't liked this page whatever page you're watching it on whether it be you know uh Facebook whether it be YouTube whether it be Twitter uh or if you're listening to us on a podcast go ahead and hit that subscribe button on there so like I said it means a lot to us it you know keeps us going fuels the fire so to speak there

oh did we go like Metallica on me there I did I see what you did so

um oh and here's another question we got here from Sabrina are you two going to keep going in the off season yes we are I don't care Win Lose or Draw in this game I guess not draw it's the postseason we can't make that mistake again right commanders uh so we will definitely be keep on going all the time there so I you know this 52 weeks of the year we'll be going there's always stuff to talk about guys so but here's the great thing is hopefully we don't have to worry about that for a couple weeks that'd be nice

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